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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  March 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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of route 130 in pennsauken last night. the suspect remains in the pennsauken jail at this hour. bail set at $200,000. >> this is 16-year-old turner a students at pennsauken high school. he perished last night in a hit and run along 130 last night after jumping over a barrier in the southbound lanes. there was enormous grief at his home last night. >> i want him to be here. i loved my brother. >> how do you hit someone like that, and leave them there like they are an animal or trash or whatever. >> the suspect is beverly highland. the car with a garaged front end was located in front of the house they say. highland police say she was driving her niece's car when is the accident took place.
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the niece police say felt guilty and made a clandestine phone call to police. >> brianna folk of pennsylvania felt guilty and place aid 911 call to central communications. the driver was unaware she was placing this call. >> turner's family says he was killed returning home from his job at cherry hill mall but stopped first on his way home to see his girlfriend. >> he was amazing. always happy. never a disappointment. brought joy to everyone. >> reporter: susan highland faces multiple charges including leave of the scene of a fatal accident and driving with a suspended license. this happened when people try to jump over the jersey barriers, police say it's a constant
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problem. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news.". >> heart breaking all around. and police are trying to identify children seen cursing at people on a train. septa call its frightening behavior that took place on the frankford el. septa police want to identify them. >> here are tiny, little people that are acting violently on a train at age what? 5, 6, 7? they need help. we want to get them help. >> officials are not yet sure who was traveling with the children but it's apparent that some adult was with them at the time and dann cuellar will have more on that part of the story tonight at 5:00. police charged donald trump's campaign manager with assaulting a reporter and
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authorities in jupiter, florida, released new information. they say he grabbed reporter kim fields, and the video shows fields walking with trump when she is pulled back by another person. he went on twitter to deny the accusation and called fields delusional. . >> and ted cruz picked up a big endorsement by the governor of wisconsin, scott walker. here at home attorney general, kathleen kane has created a new post. a former montgomery county prosecutor to fill the job. bruce caster will serve as solicitor general. she says he will strengthen the leadership of the office and
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serve as a check and balance. caster just lost to kevin steel the same county will kane was indicted for allegedly leaking grand jury information. two bald eagles were found near dags borough. a shird is still rereceiving treatment. it appears that the bird came in contact with high volt an lines and they are trying to determine if that is what caused the illness. john rawlins will have an update at 5:00. and in delaware the fbi is serving search warrants in newcastle county, but they won't say why. agents were in newark today and the fbi and u.s. attorneys are both involved in this investigation and they say that the two locations are connected
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but have not said what it is they are looking for or what any of this is about. they will only say it's being run out of baltimore and it is still on going. >> to be determined. time now for the check of accuweather forecast. the cold wind blowing all day. >> and it was an awfully windy night and adam joseph is outside with the accuweather forecast. >> the winds are really wound up and taking time to relax them and that will happen overnight. as we look at the current wind gusts, this time yesterday they were between 45 and 50 miles per hour. right now gusting to 29 in allentown as well address allentown and 36 at the atlantic city airport and high pressure is on the way to rescue us from these strong winds. the high over the great lakes will not only provide a clear sky but once it moves overhead it will really pull the winds way down and that is the way it will stay into the middle of your week.
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your evening planner, 51 degrees at 7:00, dropping to 44 at 9:00 and 42 at 11:00. and the low don't goes down to 33 degrees, a little bit on the chilly side but a clear sky. the accuweather forecast coming up we'll talk about the clear, chilly night and 70s are making a return for the end of march and the beginning of april but over the weekend winter's bite will return. we'll talk about a big change coming up in the accuweather forecast. coming up in just a bit. >> it just won't let go. thank you adam. as the work week continues, keep close by. storm tracker radar will show you the changes coming and follow the members of our "action news" team on facebook and twitter. it's the calm before the storm for the villanova wild catses, the team has one more day before heading to houston and the bright lights of the final four, and fans are already
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whipped up in a frenzy. walter perez is live on campus with quite a lot of excitement. and jerseys flying off the shelv shelves. >> reporter: absolutely. you can see a lot of them were here but the nova nation was getting restless because it's final four apparel did not arrive until a few hours ago. but the reason why is kind of funny. we are four days away from villanova's appearance in the final four and nova nation is psyched. >> i'm sure you are busy? >> it's been non-stop and i'm ready for a break. >> the only glitch is that the final four apparel did not arrive until this afternoon. the store placed the order saturday night after villanova
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beat kansas, but the manufacturers were closed on sunday because it was easter and they did not given to fill the orders until monday and one vendor shipped the wrong amount of merchandise. >> one shipped up four out of five cartons, we hope the fifth carton appears tomorrow. >> but what they got was quickly put on display and sold. >> i talked to some people yesterday and they said it would not be here until this afternoon and i ran over from my dorm. >> and you got it. >> yes. >> whether it's final four or garden variety villanova gear, they are ready to take on oklahoma. >> we are rooting for them and hope that they win. i don't want to say hope. i think they will are going rock it. >> reporter: all right now, if you order your final four
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apparel through the store's website, they will put it aside before the rest of it goes on display, if you want to do it that way a link can be found for the store on and you can party like it's 1985. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> grab me one of those if you don't mind. thank you. "action news" will be in houston with the cats as they kin their push for a national championship. jeff skversky and alicia vitarelli will have live reports starting thursday and follow both of them on facebook and twitter. forrer real time updates. time to check the "action news" traffic report to see what is going on on the roads. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> things were wild in 1985, we hope things are not too wild on the roads. we hope the winds are a little bit calmer than yesterday when they brought down the trees and wires and created an afternoon mess for us. not a lot of that yet but throughout the day we have a
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major issue on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound coming in from new jersey, there was an accident that sparked a vehicle fire this morning and they closed the westbound turnpike just off the connecter bridge for much of the afternoon. the good news as we start the commute is everything is open and they want trucks and buss to use lane three because of the damage from the fire. but everything is open for your afternoon road and police activity past florence, columbus but that is off to the side. in bensalem, watch out for a crash at dunks berry road at knights road. and delays on 95 northbound with speeds in the teens and the schuylkill a broken down truck in the westbound lanes. just by the exit for lincoln drive and kelly drive. people are swerving either way to get around that. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this tuesday afternoon. in delco one friend is talking about an october in the road on the blue route at woodland and
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the delay is forming as you come off i-95. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> still ahead here on a tuesday afternoon, a major blow to a controversial bill involving the lgbt community. plus, he hijacked the plane with dozens on board, but the faa says he is no terrorists. why he took hostages today. and campbell soup is making changes to its can but not something you find on the label. when "action news" comes right back. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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that's why you drink ensure you don't let anything keep you sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! for the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. ensure. always stay you. we are getting you details now about the man accused of hijacking an egyptian plane and holding dozens of people hostage for hours. it was landed in cypress. elizabeth her r is live in new york. for a time today this caused everyone to fear the worst?
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>> reporter: absolutely brian we finally heard from one of the passengers on the plane and she told abc news that the drew did everything to keep everyone on the plane calm but she was absolutely terrified. >> the man seen here casually walking through the metal detector and then patted down and picking up his bag and walk ago way from airport security. caught on video just before boarding this plane he is accused of hijacking. >> the motive is something we will have to investigate. >> mustafa was later caught on camera with heavily armed police taking him in custody right on the tarmac ending the standoff that lasted for hours. the suspect who is egyptian made no specific demands but asked to speak to his former wife who lives in cypress. this after releasing most of the
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55 passengers but holding several others and crew hostage claiming he was wearing a suicide belt that was later determined to be cell phone cases. >> regardless of what this is a real device there are concerns of security there. >> authorities are adamant this was not terrorism. security experts fine this alarming it was just four months ago 224 people were killed when a bomb took down their plane leaving egypt. as far as this case is concerned. officials vow to conduct a thorough investigation, they believe they are dealing with a suspect that is mentally unstable. >> thank you elizabeth. north carolina's attorney general says he will not defendant a controversial new state law concerning
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discrimination and the lgbt community. roy cooper made the announcement that the law would protect the businesses -- and they approved the law and the governor pat mcrory signed it. cooper's statements come one day after gay rights advocates sued the state for discrimination. the supreme court today says they are evenly divided on a case involving public unions. the 4-4 vote means the lower court's ruling stays in place and they were expected to rule against organized labor but the death of antonin scalia led to a deadlock and president obama nominated merrick garland and senator kirk was the first
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republican to meet with the nominee. patty duke died today after winning an academy award in 1962 for her portrayal of helen keller. she was just 16 when she won the oscar. in 163 came the patty duke show. she battled manic depression in the past 30 years and she wrote a book about the struggles and she died ofinfection. and they are suing because of false advertising that volkswagon sold their vehicles as clean vehicles because they faked the emission tests. campbell soup will stop using a controversial chemical in its cans, the new jersey based company says she will
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remove the chemical b px a by next year to reassure customers that are worried it could harm their house. the fda says the chemical is safe at certain levels. the change will affect all campbell products. all right time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. sunny but a little nippy. >> adam joseph is back inside. it's one of those extra hair spray days. >> especially with the winds, they will ease overnight when have the brilliant blue sky as the camera shakes a bit here over sky 6 hd over the commodore barry bridge. the winds will ease overnight. as we look at the month so far, even though today felt cool, this month is so exceptionally warm today was above normal temperature-wise for a high this afternoon and in fact most of the month you can see in red there was only eight days with afternoon highs below normal and we are running 7.3 degrees above
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average and the month will end in two days and so far this is the fourth warmest march in philadelphia's history. as we take a look at numbers, when you compare it to march last year, there is no comparison. we were 4.4 degrees below normal last march and an inch of snow so far this month. in total for philadelphia last march we had a foot of snow and it was our snowiest month last winter season. 54 in allentown and 59 in philadelphia and 58 in millville. those numbers are above average but it's the wind out of the northwest that doesn't make it feel all that warm outside. high pressure over the great lakes right now, that high will settle in overnight tonight and it will keep the clear sky and as you can see the storm taking shape in the midsection of the country and that low pulls its way over the great lakes thursday into friday. tonight diminishing winds and
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clear and chilly and 26 to 33 degrees. there is the wind much lighter. 60 reading and 59 allentown and 60 in philadelphia and 56 in millville and 58 in dover. so similar temperatures to today but it will feel warmer given a light wind and sunshine staying in control. the four day at 4:00 forecast, after a beautiful day tomorrow, warmer on thursday ahead of the next system clouds build in the afternoon and rain arrives. now it doesn't look like until nighttime. we are bumping the high to 72. and mild on friday 72 degrees and periods of rain throughout the day but does move out in time for the weekend and sun for saturday and a bit cooler like today temperatures sitting around 60 degrees and then a major change comes in here on sunday. we'll talk about the return of a winter feeling in that seven-day forecast in the next half hour.
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>> up next a fire at an historic mill how the farmer risks his own life to save his animals inside of a barn. >> bruce springsteen is known for his live performances going viral for a whole different reason why this dance with that woman had so many people smiling. find fantasy shows.
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investigators are trying to figure out what start aid fire at a mill in delaware. a fartherer noticed the flame at the historic green bank mills. he called 911 and went into the building and rescued about a dozen sheep. firefighters are to call help from six different fire departments to get this one under control. the diocese of trenton held a special mass to pray for police officers. saint mary's cathedral in trenton held their traditional
4:26 pm
blue mass. bishop david o'connell celebrated mass and asked god to keep them safe and those in attendance prayed for officers killed in the line of duty. this is the 17th year for this event. a pre-k school finally opened its doors in philadelphia after it was delayed because of the budget delay. it's in the annex at saint anthem church. the school was suppose to open seven months ago and more than 60 families in the neighborhood have enrolled in the program. franklin square quicked off their tenth festival. the lantern festival will run for seventh weeks and the square burger is run by the cooperige. and there is mini golf and other fun and games.
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a great place. >> and a great day to be out there. coming up fake traffic tickets are turning up in chester county, they have so many specific details they seem real. now to keep yourself from becoming a victim next. and she is overcoming physical obstacles that many adults can't handle.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph,
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alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello it is 4:30 and i'm monica malpass sharrie is off tonight. we start with new developments in a hit and run crash. and the boss dazzle a crowd during his latest concert with help from his mom. video of the duo is going viral and wait until you see how that performance ended. and first a traffic ticket scam is making the rounds. it has accurate details and personal information making people think they have to pay up. >> but not so fast. chad pradelli is live now telling us what to look out for. >> reporter: yes, the main thing people need to look out for is an email. it's not like police department's email parking or speeding tickets or any other
4:30 pm
citation, it's not like they have a data base of emails, if you get one that should be a red flag. >> police say that three residents had emails similar to this, it looks like a speeding citation with date, time and speed and township road and of course a fine. and it reported to have a photo of the license plate, when they clicked on the attachment, instead of a photo malware began to download on the computer. >> i heard about it on the news, it's crazy. a whole different world we live in today. >> much of the information details in the email is accurate. which has police suspecting that the criminals hacked in some sort of mobile tracking app. the scam is the latest using our digital footprint to get our personal information or steal money. the hyper data world in which we
4:31 pm
live, it's difficult to decipher which emails to trust. >> it's very scary actually. >> reporter: and police have not said which traffic app they believe was hacked into or may have provided the information, we should also point out that no money was stolen only malware was installed on the three computers. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two people are under arrest for a hit and run that badly injured a man in new jersey. the truck hit the victim on north pearl street on monday. and natasha pits was the driver and the owner was in the passenger seat and he is facing charges for evidence tampering. and the victim is upgraded from critical to stable condition. and police are investigating something that happened at the
4:32 pm
shell gas station. multiple victims ran into the gas station to get away and ask for help and the asail an left the scene. police are still trying to piece together what happened here. police are looking for the gunman that shot one three times in north philadelphia. investigators say that the 25-year-old man was hit three times in the leg and is recovering in the hospital and apparently not cooperating with police and the shooting happened at the intersection of broad and west moreland streets. no word on a motive in this case. part of a building came tumbling to the ground in camden. the action cam was there as fire crews looked at the damage. bricks from the upper level fell on the sidewalk below and no reported injuries. amazingly nobody was injured in this fiery crash along the pennsylvania turnpike, a tractor trailer carrying multiple items crashed into a safety bumper in
4:33 pm
buck county and the truck was carrying electrical supplies and immediately burst into flames. crews worked to put out the hot spots in the fire and the truck driver escaped without injuries. i heeded your warning and brought in some of the lawn furniture but left a couple of things out and they were all over the backyard. >> i woke up this morning and half of my stuff was across the back of my lawn. i didn't even take my own advice. i don't have heavy furniture. it's windy this afternoon and we have the gusts out there. as we look live at sky 6 hd, center city temperature is 59 degrees and very dry air with a dew point of 15 and sustained north wind at 21 and pressure 30.03 inches. 37 miles per hour winds in
4:34 pm
allentown and clocking in at 40 to 41 in wilmington and with the drive air and strong winds it's circulating the pollen everywhere. mainly the trees, they are high. and weeds and grass are low, but you'll probably notice that the grass has started to turn green so that won't be much longer until we see that spike. and the mold is on the moderate levels. we are looking for rain to cleanse the atmosphere this week and perhaps a winter chill into april with the seven-day forecast. >> it gets turned around in the spring. >> it happens. >> thanks adam. students will soon be able to live at penn state brandywine. the campus broke ground today on the first residence hall, and a student union with a rec area and book store. and the nittany lion was on hand
4:35 pm
to help. the two new buildings are expected to open of august of 2016. mayor jim kenney stopped by the paceville library. people can get one-on-one help with their resumes and job prep. it's a vital resource for that neighborhood where unemployment topped 18.1%. bank of america gave $75 now is to the food bank of delaware today and that check presentation coincided with the and they got to talk to financial providers and consultants. still ahead "action news" talks about major misconceptions when it comes to the zika virus.
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and wait until you hear what this mini iron woman has accomplished and why. her inspirational story in big talkers. and adam joseph back with the accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues after this. he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series.
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underground rail service resumed under heavily guarded brussels a week after the terrorist attacks at the airport and subway station and the station hit by the suicide bomber remains closed as does the airport. 90 people remain hospitalized and the death toll stands at 32. meanwhile the u.s. is updating the travel alert, warning people of terrorist attacks in turkey and the state department and pentagon are ordering military families and diplomats to leave the country this as the turkish
4:39 pm
president is coming to the u.s. to speak with president obama. and the fbi is not saying who helped them hack into the iphone of syed farook. apple could ask who helped and that could set up a legal problem and potential legislation would require companies help the fbi read incrypted information. and the manhattan district attorney's office wants to hack 175 cell phones. and charges are filed in the balcony collapse in california. civil suits could still be coming. in health check at 4:00, americans have a lot of misconceptions about the zika
4:40 pm
variety. 42% don't know it can be transmitted sexually and some believe it can be caught by sneezing. a minneapolis federal court has unsealed emails between top national hockey league executives admitting concussions from fighting could leave to long-term problems, the admissions came in the wake of 2011 deaths from nhl enforcers. they want to eliminate the role of the fighter and they are fighting a class action suit by former players that the nhl did not warn them of the dangers of concussions. over at the big board now with big talkers, we start with a tough young girl that is accomplishing feats that many adults cannot tackle.
4:41 pm
earlier this month she completed the challenge designed by navy seals. the fourth grader from miami is making headlines to complete the 24 hour 36 mile battle frog race that has 25 obstacles, this is video of milla training with her dad. he has taught milla that live is filled with obstacle, they could be on the course or the training facility or a relationship or at school. bullies are just one more obstacles, milla is not done climbing the obstacles, she is training for mr. races with her dad by her side. now this, a hollywood actress had the internet buzzing when she announced her engagement on social media. former 90210 star teases
4:42 pm
followers with cryptic posts showing a massive engagement ring and then a visibly older hands-on the leg and haters going to hate. who is the lucky fiance. and she said it was john lovitz and people went nuts because he is 30 years older than she is. it was a publicity stunt and april fools. it turns out she was promoting new music videos starring, you guessed it? john lovitz. finally he was born in the usa to that woman right there. this is cell phone video showing a tender moment between new jersey's own bruce springsteen and his mom dancing last night at the boss's madison square garden concert. ♪ ♪
4:43 pm
the crowd roared to the sight of springsteen tearing it up with his mom adele. and she shook her backside before he gave her a hug and kiss and she enjoyed the rest of the concert. is that awesome or what? >> what a proud mom she must be. >> lets get another check of the roads tonight. matt pellman is in the traffic center and your mom watches you with pride every day. she watches which is fun. we compare notes after the shows. good afternoon brian and monica, the streets were born to run smoothly but how often does that happen? not often on the schuylkill expressway, our broken down truck is pushed off by the exit for lincoln drive and kelly drive and police out and helping. it got us off to a bad start
4:44 pm
because it was blocking a lane for a while. a stop and go ride from the vine on to this points at gladwyne right now. if are you traveling westbound past pottstown and past route 100 there is a crash and at this point it's not impacting speeds a lot in the mid-50s as you head towards berks county and watch for a crash at burnt road and just down county line road we lost a short chunk of it yesterday until next friday. it's construction work on the bridge at little neshaminy creek. stick with street road or horsham road and not far off in northampton township, willow road is closed that is the bridge at iron works creek. in bensalem township by bensalem square shopping center, a crash at knights road and the crash westbound in bucks county is long gone. and everything is reopen there. we'll check it again coming up
4:45 pm
at 5:00. >> sounds good. see you then. what's the deal? is coming up next. a fix if you lock your keys in the car. and looking live from penn's landing, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and this reminder "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the latest headlines and accuweather and breaking news. we are on facebook at 6 abc "action news" and twitter #6abcaction.
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4:47 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph is joining us now. sunshine is back before the temperatures go down.
4:48 pm
>> we are so spoiled. temperatures are above average, you think today is chilly wait until the second half of the weekend. a lot of sunshine today and the clouds are gone so as we scan around with our two radar beams, not finding anything this afternoon. as we take a look at some of the numbers over the last few days, we have kind of been up and down and all around and the spring seesaw, each of these days even today are above normal. we were 73 on friday and we bounced down to 60 on friday and saturday for the weekend, and back up to 70 yesterday and 59 today and back up into the 70s as we get towards the end of the week. 54 in allentown and 55 in trenton and 57 in dover and even at the shore we have the northwesterly wind and equally mild and cool as it feels to you at the shore points. winds still kind of an issue.
4:49 pm
31 miles per hour in reading and 33 in lancaster and 36 at the atlantic city airport and 31 in trenton and they will ease overnight tonight. high pressure is in the eastern break right now, and sending the wind out of the northwest but when you get near or beneath the high it settles in overnight tonight and clouds build on the western side of the high and that doesn't arrive here until thursday half noon. clear and chilly tonight and6 degrees. we'll be watching low pressure that will be a great lakes cutter moving over the great lakes meaning a southerly wind ain warm push of air on thursday, 72 degrees and the day is dry and sunshine giving way to clouds as they increase and then rain arrives in the nighttime hours of thursday. in fact, 8:00 on thursday evening, it's still dry despite a lot of clouds and a few
4:50 pm
sprinkles near the poconos or west of lancaster. as we go deeper into thursday night and especially friday morning, that is when we get hit by a good slug of rain here. this is friday at 7:00 a.m. and the end of the week will end wet but the rain moves out in time for the upcoming weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 60 and mostly sunny on wednesday and 70s here thursday and friday, again rain at night thursday and pers of rain during the day on friday and cooler with sun on saturday and 60 and then a really strong front comes in from the great lakes dropping the high to 47 on sunday windchills in the 30s the entire day and then morning sun on monday gives way to increasing clouds and 50 for a high on monday and monday night into tuesday, cloudy and rain is possible and it could mix with a little wet snow in the higher terrain up towards the lehigh valley and poconos on monday night itself.
4:51 pm
and those numbers sunday and beyond are more than 10 degrees below normal. imagine windchills back into the 20s in the morning and 30s in the afternoon. >> lets not backup. >> unfortunately we are. rapper and businessman sean diddy combs is opening a charter school in harlem, the preparatory school will be at 5th and 104th street. it will be 5th and sixth graders and students will be admitted by lottery and the deadline is this friday april 1st. >> lots of us at one point or another in our lives have locked our keys in the car and felt that moment of sheer panic. something is that happening more and more and we'll detail basic and high tech ways to get you back on the roads. next.
4:52 pm
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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if you have ever locked yourself out of your car obviously are you not alone. aaa says it's more and more frequent, they get called from 4 million motorists a year, a half million more than a few years ago. so consumer reports has tips on how to quickly and safely get back on the road. >> being in a hurry is one of the most common reasons that car keys end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> in a panic or rush and not wanting to be late and lock my keys in the car. >> my car was running and i blocked my keys in by mistake. as alex fernandez does he inflates a balloon and slips it in to unlock it. he has a good record of rescuing
4:55 pm
keys. >> but what if are you locked out with no gas station nearby. first think about your safety. >> if you think you are in danger call 911, police may be able to unlock your door themselves. or call roadside assistance, or a tow but you will probably have to pay for it yourself. >> it cost me $125 be i was an hour and a half late for work. there are lockout services like gm's on star that costs $200 a year and can you call a 1-800-number and a technician opens the door. and there are apps that can open your door but that doesn't work if your phone is in the car with the keys. >> and having an extra key may
4:56 pm
sound old school, you can get a discrete metal box to attach to your car underneath. >> don't try to steal it because the alarm will still go off. a lucky traveler won near a million dollars waiting to board a flight at the las vegas airport. officials made the announcement on twitter, an unidentified local residence won more than $933,000 playing the "wheel of fortune" slot machine. two other airport visitors won big jackpots last year. >> a visit to the airport they will never forget. >> no. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, i hope you'll join me for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
4:57 pm
at 5:00, septa officials need your help tracking down the children seen on this video wreaking havoc on the market frank ford l. and the release of a bald eagle found sick in delaware and the investigation is still underway into how it fell sick in the first place. and the final four frenzy is taking place at villanova. how to get your gear.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. [ bleep ] the search is on for these children after they were caught on camera acting out on septa's market frankford line. now officials want your help tracking these kids down. rick is off and brian taff joins us in the effort to find the children that hit, cursed at and spit on septa riders today. dann cuellar is live with more on this investigation.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: brian and monica the video was posted on social media by a rider on the septa l, it's so disturbing the foul language the young children are using and the way they are behaving. they hope to identify the children and get them professional help. the video shows five children with a woman on the market frank ford l on march 24, four boys and a young girl ages 5-7 use foul language. [ bleep ]. >> the boys were very vocal and very physical. and it's frightening to see something that young act in that manner to an adult. >> police say the children and woman got on the train at second and market and got off at the mark dolphin station. police have no idea what relationship the children has to the children. not to jump to conclusions about the woman with the children, she


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