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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 30, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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give us a week, and we'll change your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. tense moments in the town of halifax. massachusetts says crews rushed to rescue a worker trapped in a collapsed trenches stuck in an eight-foot deep hole filled with dirt and sand, digging frantically with his hands, he was alert, even communicating with a 911 operator. paramedics managed to provide a heater till he was rescued two hour hours later. >> janice dickinson's defamation lawsuit can proceed. a judge says a jury can decide the credibility of the reality star's claims against the comedian. she is one of dozens of women who say cosby sexually abused him. she sued him after he denied her claims. the judge said she was not ruling on either party's statements only deciding if a trial was worthwhile. >> we are saying good-bye this morning to actress patty duke
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who passed away yesterday from a sepsis at the age of 69. >> she had a remarkable life on and off the screen. and kabc's george pennacchio has a look back on duke's life and care career. >> reporter: after first playing the role of deaf and blind helen keller in the miracle worker on broadway, a teenage patty duke did it again, this time in the 1962 film version. she won an oscar for her performance. a year later, she was starring on television playing identical cousins on "the patty duke show." ♪ ♪ from zanzibar to barclay square but patty's only seen the sites a girl can see from brooklyn heights ♪ >> a year after the show she left squeaky clean behind to play a showbiz hopeful who becomes addicted to drugs in the jacqueline suzanne novel turned
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melodrama ma "valley of the dolls." >> i've got to get up at 5:00 in the morning. and sparkle, sparkle. >> you know it's bad to take that with those pills. >> they work faster. >> reporter: there were flowers today on her her star on the walk of fame. we were there to cover the ceremony in 2004. her actor sons mckenzie and shawn were there to entirety their mom. sean as tin he told me he's now proud to be an ambassador for his mother. >> the overwhelming outpouring of love and support for her from all quarts. for me it's like your life flashes before your eyes. this is exactly what's supposed to happen in this moment. they're remembering the best of her. >> reporter: "the miracle worker" came full circle in 1979 when duke took on the role of and i sullivan with melissa gilbert playing helen keller. she said she had mind boggling
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depth of talent, a fantastic sense of humor and survived being a child actor in the worst of circumstances. she was an extraordinary human being. this is george pennacchio reporting for abc news. >> what a life. ly no idea that apparently her real name was anna marie and her parents sent her off to manhattan to work with a couple who deal with chide actors and they told her your name is patty. anna marie doesn't exist anymore. >> she was relative young. 69. marlee matlin among those on twitter yesterday saying she was brave, outspoken and most of all, a humanitarian. >> back in the days when she is moo movies ran, there was always a moral message. it wasn't just drama. there was a great vibe out of it. we'll miss an incredible actor. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" you can finally break up with bleach.
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the o.j. simpson case is known as the trial of the century but it's already captivating a new generation. >> the popular series "american crime story"" is parking new interest and new key figures from the case finding success again. abc's david wright with more. >> reporter: for a generation too young to remember the slow speed chase. >> tonight o.j. simpson is a fugitive. >> reporter: for the bloody glove or johnny cochran's most
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famous refrain. >> if it doesn't fit you must acquit. >> reporter: there's now a whole new market of fans. now you too can dress like the world's most famous freeloader, kato kaelin marketing his own line of slacker wear. on ebay the vicinity and versace suit he supposedly wore on the witness stand sold for $4,000, two to three times what it was worth brand-new. detective mark furman's book sold more copies in the last few months than in the past five years combined. >> across the board we see that most of these books are selling between eight and ten times what they were selling before the series aired. >> reporter: sales of jeffrey toobin's book on which the series is based are up 900%. >> this story combines everything that obsesses the american people. it has sex. it has race. it has violence. it has sports. it has hollywood. and the only eyewitness is a dog. what more could you ask for in a
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story. >> reporter: the people versus are o.j. simpson harkins back to a name when the name kardashian meant a very different sort of reality tv. >> that's o.j.'s garment bag. >> reporter: that's ross from "friends" playing kim kardashian's dad. he was o.j. simpson's lawyer, part of the dream team. >> i think it's a terrible idea. what if it doesn't work. >> reporter: or the original cast 20 years later, it's deja vu all over again as o.j. prosecutor marcia clark recently told "the view." >> for me it's reliving a nightmare. it's all of. every bit of it is all of, hard for me. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> marcia clark i would think it would be hard. that's why i can't bring myself to go back and watch it. living through it, it wasn't easy. >> it divided the country. >> very much so. >> it's tough to go back to that when the country's so unified now. coming up, maximizing your tax refund. >> testing which method of prepping your return will give you the biggest bang for your
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♪ >> well, the only thing in life that's certain is death. and taxes and don't look now, but one of those deadlines is kind of right around the corner. >> it's coming. yep. but everyone wants to get the most of their refunds. one family tested three popular filing methods to find out which one is the most effective. rebecca jarvis was with them. >> reporter: we asked a new jersey family to go the extra mile. >> hi it, we're doing our taxes three different ways. >> reporter: we're tagging along as they try a store front tax preparer, an accountant recommended by family and friends and turbotax. first up, turbotax. the deluxe program else is for $55. they say it took an evening to
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complete. total refund after fees, $1353. then down the road to the store front. >> she basically promised us within a couple days our taxes would be completed. >> we spent about 90 minutes on our second visit and went back for the third time and things weren't quite finalized yet. >> reporter: it took four visits and a curveball. >> they originally estimated it would cost you between $300 and $400. >> yes. >> reporter: how much did they want to charge you? >> $806, more than double. >> reporter: after some negotiating they came down to $400. that total refund after fees $2434. the family and friends recommended accountantent cost $350. and delivered the biggest refund after fees. $2858. plus, the liaus found out they overlooked something in their turbotax filing. > i made a mistake.
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>> reporter: with that new information, they amended the filing and more than doubled their turbotax refund to $3274. that's the one they're sending to it the irs. >> i should point out there was one other guarantee in life. it's called an end of an era. for that i'll throw it to reena who is not here because she's up there. she's in the control room. and she's speaking. right now, we're saying good-bye to our producer scott.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's campaign manager in trouble. >> the reporter who says she was grabbed at a campaign event. the charges that were filed and how trump is standing by his man. >> iphone hack. the san bernardino terrorist phone unlocked by the fbi. now apple wants to know how it was done. the exclusive developments. air scare, the jet hijacked from egypt to cyprus. what the passengers saw and heard and how the suspect's domestic problem turned into an international affair. and later, life-saving discovery. national guardsman running out of options posts a desperate plea for a donor kidney on facebook. the rest of the story you have to see. it's wednesday, march 30th. from abc news, this is "world news now."
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>> good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the latest controversy surrounding donald trump, his campaign manager now facing a battery charge over an incident with a female reporter >> trump's decision to defend corey lewandowski has sparked outrage from candidates on both sides. in a town hall meeting ahead of the crucial wisconsin primary, trump reskined his pledge to back the eventual gop nominee and his rivals they did the same. more now from abc's lana zak. >> reporter: donald trump on defense showing support for his campaign manager corey lewandowski who has now been charged with battery. >> i stick up for people when people are unjustly accused. and in my opinion, unjustly accused. >> reporter: new footage from trump's own hotel he appears to support michele field's account she was grabbed by lewandowski. >> she's grabbing me. he walks in to stop it.
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>> reporter: trump's challenger ted cruz and john kasich took aim at the billionaire and his campaign culture. >> i think there is no place in politics for insults for personal attacks for going to the gutter and there should be no place for physical violence either. >> we want to give people the benefit of the doubt but when you see things that are pretty clear from what i understand the video is clear, of course i would fire him. >> reporter: even the democrats weighed in, hillary clinton also blaming the gop front run thor. >> i think every candidate has to be responsible for what happens in their campaign you know, utley the responsibility is mr. trump's. >> reporter: and in an interview on cnn, bernie sanders seemed pointed to trump's tone. >> he what has concerned me very much about donald trump is the edginess of violence around his campaign but my campaign manager does not assault female journalists. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news, washington. there was another clash at a
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protest at a rally in which is. before the rally started a teenage girl was pepper sprayed by someone in the crowd as she clashed with trump's supporters. she said someone also groped her. police were looking for two suspects. and bernie sanders is hoping to keep his momentum going whether he wisconsin voters ahead to the polls next week. sanders is attracting thousands of supporters at campaign events across the state criticizing wisconsin's new voter identification law calling it one of the most restrictive in the country. he says we should be making it easier for people to take part in the political process, no the harder. it's official. apple security's showdown with the fbi is now over. a judge vacated the order compelling apple to assist the government. the fbi's break came a week ago when an unidentified company offered to help unlock the san bernardino terrorist's iphone and demonstrated could be done. apple insists it did not help and worried what this means for security of its iphones. >> there's always going to be a
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way to get into any kind of device. the only safe device is turned off, melted down and buried. >> reporter: the fbi won't discuss the method used to hack into the phone. the agency says it has retrieved data from it but not provided the details. authorities say 90 people remain in the hospital, 49 of them in intensive care one week after the terror attacks. the 32 people who died, 17 were from belgium and the rest from other countries. two mormon missionaries hurt in the attack returned to utah to continue their recovery. police still searching for one suspect. we have new details about that bizarre hijacking drama involving an egyptair flight. the suspect was described as psychologically unstable. they say the commandeering of the jetliner was not an act of terrorism but more like a family feud with his former wife. abc's terry moran with more. >> reporter: an airport security checkpoint early this morning in egypt. that red circle identifying the man who would later allegedly hijack the egyptair flight.
3:05 am
it's a thorough screening, he's clean. his real weapon -- determination. 6:36 a.m., the plane takes off from alexandria bound for cairo. an airbus a320 -- 55 passengers, seven crew on board on a 45-minute flight. but the plane diverts, heads north over the mediterranean. passengers are quietly told by crew members -- they're hijacked. farah el-dibany, was sitting near the front of the plane. >> what went through your mind? >> i thought we would either end up in the sea, he would just take the plane and crash it in the sea and we just die or that we would explode. >> reporter: about an hour and 20 minutes later, the plane lands in cyprus. the standoff begins. the suspect -- seif eldin mustafa, and he claims to be wearing an suicide belt packed with explosives. >> we still didn't think that he would leave, that he would let us go. we thought we were going to stay in the plane until they negotiate so we were still terrified. >> reporter: mustafa demands to see his ex-wife, who lives in
3:06 am
cyprus. soon he releases most of the passengers, and they board buses. but he keeps four passengers and seven crew as hostages. as the morning drags on, the president of cyprus briefs reporters on the hijacking, even jokes about it -- >> it's not something which has to do with terrorism. always there is a woman in the room. >> reporter: and then, nearly seven hours after this ordeal began, three more people leave the airplane, dashing away. and one man clambers out of a cockpit window in a daring escape. twenty minutes later, cyprus officials tweet -- it's over. mustafa comes down the stairs and is immediately taken into custody. no explosives. on the front pages of newspapers around the world, a picture of the hijacker next to one of his smiling hostages. authorities quickly determined mustafa didn't have a bomb. the explosives were just cell phone cases with wires sticking out of them. it was a lovelorn bluff and now he faces a long stretch in
3:07 am
prison. an terry moran, abc news, london. will he get to see his wife? that's what i'm curious about. >> i'm not sure she wants to see him. >> a visit? in prison? all right. strange case. terminix has agreed to pay a $10 million fine for using a band pesticide which ended up making a family of four seriously ill. steven and teresa divine and their two teenage sons were exposed to methylbromide a year ago while on vacation in the virgin islands. it's a highly poisonous gas panned since 19484. two airlines reportedly are seeking to buy low fare competitor jury vin america, takeover offers from jetblue and alaska airlines are expected by the end of the week. other airlines may make bids. and virgin america could decide to remain independent. if a deal occurs it would follow the consolidation of the country's major airlines into four companies. why are you sighing? >> it's a great airline. >> this is one of your
3:08 am
favorites. >> a great product. >> you're quite the world traveler and you love yourself a little virgin islands into it will be taken over by the man. attention to sugar. friday apparently is your day. a boston area shop called pitzy farms will be offering a doughnut ice cream cone on opening day of the season. >> it happens to be friday, april 1st but the shop own others say this is no joke. >> are you sure? >> yeah. it's just a chocolate dipped cone doughnut -- shaped doughnut dipped in sugar. chocolate shaped like a cone but it's a doughnut. >> they put the ice cream inside. >> you top it with ice cream. >> apparently this is something they do joef seas quite a bit. >> prague. >> in the czech republic they do it. it's riding around the world. one belt knuckle at a time. buckle at a time. coming up "the mix," your chance to own a car that's truly blessed but you're going to have to pay a heavenly price.
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>> also ahead, the naurdsman in desperate need of a kidney transplant. with options running out, he turned to facebook and the rest of the story we cannot wait to share. >> the woman caught in the middle of the sex scandal that brought down the cia tells her side of the story. what led jill kelley to break her silence. >> check out our surprises on facebook nn and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you are on a fixed income, learn about affordable whole life insurance that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information, call this number now. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. stand by to learn more.
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100 firefighters battling a tremendous fire at a recycling center in birpham, england. anyone nearby urged to stay inside and keep the windows shut because of the toxic fumes. apparently hazardous. now power to nearly 4,000 homes have been disconnected. no injuries have been reported. authorities say the fire started by accident. no criminal charges will be filed after a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, california, last year as 13 people gathered for a birthday party. six students from ireland died and seven others injured. after an extensive nine-month investigation authorities found in sufficient evidence to file charges. dry rot caused the collapse. >> now to the woman caught in a scandal that brought down the head of the cia speaking out for the first time. >> jill kel little is revealing intimate details about the fair that forced general petraeus to
3:14 am
resign. >> it was a shock today. >> general david petraeus resigns. >> reporter: it was a political sex scandal in 2012 that read like a hollywood spy thriller. >> breaking news on the cia sex scandal. >> the new mystery tonight about what really happened and when. >> reporter: the cia director and retired four-star general resigning in disgrace after an fbi investigation into an extramarital affair. and the general's mistress, his by the waygrapher, paula broadwell accused of cyberstalking several of his friends and colleagues. >> describe for us the moment that will general petraeus admitted to you who the stalker was. >> i saw him break down. and he immediately looked at me in the eyes and said, it's paula broadwell. >> reporter: one of broadwell's alleged targets jill kelley, a well connected honorary ambassador for high ranking military generals stationed as the centcom in florida including
3:15 am
the top commander in the war in afghanistan, general john allen. >> how is it that you got so enmeasured in the personal lives of some of the most powerful men in this country? >> i was very close to their wives. they were my best friends. >> you were portrayed as the vixen, the femme fatale. >> right. >> set the record straight. did you have a romantic relationship with general petraeus? >> no. >> did you ever have an affair with general allen. >> never with anybody in my life. i'm so happily married. >> in her newly released back "collateral damage," kelly revealing dozens of e-mails and dismissing claims she inappropriately touched the cia director at an easter dinner 2012. >> it never happened. sadly, nothing was the same after that. that's when the stalking started happening. >> you were in her mind the other woman. >> i don't know why. >> reporter: she says she and her husband scott began receiving threatening e-mails in the spring of 2012 seeming to
3:16 am
pinpoint her location, tracking her meetings with generals, specifically petraeus. >> reporter: where did you think it was coming? >> i didn't know. i thought is it a terror group? organized crime. >> do they want to harm us. >> reporter: you thought you were in danger. >> i was scared for my life. >> reporter: that's when he she says she went to the fbi for help. >> reporter: you describe a pretty harrowing incident of vog fbi officials. >> they told me miss kelly, get in the car immediately. they were trying to make knee say i had an affair with general allen and petraeus. >> reporter: you triggered an investigation that brought down two of the country's top generals. >> general pet trait trayious didn't know his stalker was his mistress. general allen didn't know he was having an affair. i found out when the whole world found out. >> did you feel betrayed? >> i feel sorry for david. in his defense, evers in a difficult situation where he had
3:17 am
a very unhappy ex-girlfriend and the most amazing job in the world and friends who are now being stalked. >> reporter: if you could send a message to paula, wold you say? >> i really have nothing to say to her. i wish she never sent those e-mails. i hope she's in a better place today. >> juju chang, abc news, new york. we should note paula broadwell was never charge and she did not respond to abc's news request for comment. general petraeus also had no comment. >> neither did general john allen who was never accused of wrongdoing. the fbi has previously denied kelly's claim of an suv interrogation. moving on, coming up in our next half hour, new details about the pilot accuses of running a prostitution ring. how he managed to run a dozen brothels while flying for a commercial airliner. >> first a member of the national guard suffering from a life-threatening illness sends a may day message through facebook
3:18 am
and wait till you see who answered the call. you're watching with "world news now." >> announc
3:19 am
♪ quell, social media is used
3:20 am
every day to find furniture, pets, people but a national guard member and his family were looking for something a bit more elewisive. >> yeah, that something a kidney for example. dustin brown needed a life-saving transplant. so he posted a plea to facebook and a fellow soldier came to his aid. abc's steve osunsami with this wonderful story. >> reporter: anyone who's suffered an illness that could take your life understands how grateful dustin brown is . we were with him as he was hoping to leave emory university hospital in a great deal of pain but with a new kidney that he literally found on facebook. a georgia family, organ recipients themselves, posted this photo of the 28-year-old national guardsmen, and his family. "my name is dustin brown," and "i need a kidney." >> how long after you posted it did you hear from temple? >> i think it was the next day. 44-year-old temple jeffords didn't know brown at all, but read his story on facebook, and was willing to give a kidney to a soldier in need. he, too, served his country.
3:21 am
>> one of the things that i noted was that he was a medic. and you know, doc takes care of you, you take care of doc. >> reporter: it was a match, and the surgery was friday. this wife will get her husband back, this son will get his father. >> he asked us if superheroes were real? and he goes, "is temple a superhero?" we said yes. >> steve so sun sammy, abc news, atlanta. >> brothers in arms are always brothers no matter what. >> that certainly was the case with that particular case. the facebook page that matched them is our daddy needs a kidney team calloway. pretty much sums it up. who knew that that would make a difference just putting a posting there on facebook like that. >> it wouldn't have been my first thought to go on to facebook. not conventional. november of 2014, he was preparing to deploy as a medic. that's when the army national guard that he was with, he was diagnosed with end stage of renal failure and managed to turn this around by getting that match. >> yeah. just in time. good deal. coming up "the mix," prop
3:22 am
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...with root touch-up. we're going to start "the mix" with a truly blessed car. a heavenly vehicle you might say. >> okay. >> remember the vehicle that pope francis rode through new york city. >> i do remember this, yeah. >> waving to the crowds? well, it's now up for sale. it's now on the auction block right now pop so there fiat normally goes for 25 grand. guess how much the current bid is for this car that the pope rode in? >> i would pay $100,000 for that car. >> you would really pay 100,000. >> because it had the pope in it, yeah. >> right now it's at $130,000. >> $130,000? >> for this the pope does not come with the car. >> the pope does not come with it. >> i thought the pope was going
3:26 am
to come with it. >> that's one of the options you go the later on. comes with a gps. >> and heated seats probably. >> yes. you want your heated seats. >> i love my heighted seats. i put salt on everything. but there's a new device created in a lab in tokyo. as the a fork and it actually salts itself. it stimulates. it uses electric stimulation to stimulate the taste of salt. so it's electric. and it was used with $1 worth of electronics. it can sort of produce this unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth but the concept is kind of cool, right? >> it should make things a little bit healthier. you don't have to add salt. easter sunday was fun for one guy in the uk. so he was doing some work outside, and he -- this compost bin collapsed on him and he got stuck. >> what? >> so over the course of several minutes, he's there trying to figure out how to get out of
3:27 am
this. and his family members are like, well, we're going to capture it on video and we're going to see if we can help you get out of there. he's walking around. >> how did he get in the bin in the first place? >> he was on top of it. the top. >> came down. >> just crash and collapsed and whoops. >> wow. >> he was using it as leverage to do some work above. >> wow. >> they had to try to pull him out of it. >> how did they get him out? >> it took a village. of elders. >> they had to roll him around. >> that's how he got out? >> uh-huh. he's still stuck in it right now. never been out. oh. sometimes people never want to leave places especially dogs. and this dog refused to leave this gorgeous park. in atlanta. so you know what he did? his tactic was just roll over and play dead. >> doing a very good job at it. >> he's acting so lifeless. eventually they gave him a stick and he jumped u
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this morning on "world news now," facing charges, donald trump's campaign manager accused of battery. how trump and his political challengers are speaking out. >> explosive crash. the collision involving a transit bus and street racers caught on camera. the flames, the amazing rescues, and questions about safety. and new this half hour, winter storm warnings at the end of march. >> from heavy snow to hail storms and waterspouts threatening millions. the forecast shows march for many is going out like a lion. >> and later in "the skinny," a legal drama for william shatner, and this is not part of a hollywood script. the complaint against the actor that could cost him millions of dollars. it's wednesday, march 30th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good wednesday morning, everyone.
3:31 am
i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. we begin with the republican candidates backing down from their promise to support the gop nominee. >> all three candidates refused to stick to their earlier pledge as they appeared separately at a forum in wisconsin, this as donald trump came under fire for defending his campaign manager who is now fighting a charge of battery. abc's jonathan karl has more. >> reporter: donald trump is standing by his embattled campaign manager. >> and i know it would be very easy for me to discard people. i don't discard people. i stay with people. >> reporter: it comes after police released that new video taken from an overhead security camera at trump's own golf club. there's trump, making his way through the crowd. reporter michelle fields by his side, in the light colored jacket. campaign manager corey lewandowski right behind him. now watch as fields tries to ask a question, lewandowski moves forward, appearing to grab her and pull her back, away from trump. look closer as lewandowski reaches for the reporter, gripping her arm. >> i felt someone pull me from behind.
3:32 am
i caught myself and i didn't fall to the floor. i mean it felt like it was a huge force, like the person was trying to get me on the ground. >> reporter: the campaign manager called fields "delusional" and insisted he never touched her, that he never even met her. and shortly after the incident trump himself seemed to agree. >> the secret service was surrounding everybody. they said nothing happened. everybody said nothing happened. perhaps she made the story up, i think that's what happened. >> reporter: that security video led the jupiter, florida police department to charge lewandowski with battery, saying it shows he "grabbed fields left arm" against her will. >> this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. the abusive culture. >> if i was in this circumstance, i would take some sort of action, either suspension or firing. >> reporter: but lewandowski is more than a campaign manager, he is almost always right at trump's side. and shortly after the incident, trump gave him a shoutout as a form of support. >> corey, good job, corey.
3:33 am
good job. >> reporter: he's also been seen going into crowds to shut down protesters. video shot by cnn in tucson appears to show him grabbing a protestor. he denied it. and through it all, trump has stood by him. calling lewandowski, "a very decent man." corey is a very decent man. she was actually, if you look at her, according to a lot of people, she's grabbing at me. and he's acing as an intermediary and trying to block her from doing that. if you look at that tape, he was very, very seriously maligned and i think it's very unfair. >> reporter: corey lewandowski has been ordered to appear in court in florida to answer these charges. the campaign says he will enter a plea of not guilty saying "he is absolutely innocent of this charge and completely confident he will be exonerated." jonathan karl, abc news, janesville, wisconsin. >> there was more violence at a protest outside a trump rally in wisconsin. before the event started, a teenage girl was pepper sprayed by someone in the crowd as she clashed with trump supporters. she said someone groped her sparking the confrontation. janesville police were looking
3:34 am
for two suspects. ted cruz picked up a key endorsement from wisconsin's governor months after dropping out of the race for president, scott walker threw his support behind cruz. saying cruz will not back down when his principles are challenged. walker said cruz is by far in the best position to not only win the party's nomination but to defeat hillary clinton. the battle with the fbi over iphone security is over for now. but apple still has many troubling questions. the government says it got help from a mystery company that volunteered. apple says it didn't help but the tech giant would like to know how the san bernardino terrorist's iphone was hacked and whether that is a flaw that it needs to correct. >> i'd also like to know that one, too. passengers aboard that egyptian airlines flight are describing the moment they learned the plane was being hijacked. authorities are now describing the hijacking suspect as mentally unstable. they say it's clear that family drama not terrorism was the motivation. but passengers did not know that
3:35 am
as the drama unfolded on board. >> well, thought we'll either end up in the sea. he will just take the plane, crash it in the sea and just die or he's going to explode. he's going to bomb it because with these people, you never know when or how. >> reporter: the suspect surrendered after six hours and was arrested. no passengers or crew were harmed. families of american military personnel stationed in southern turkey are expected to begin leaving that country today. the state department and the pentagon are ordering relatives of u.s. diplomats and military personnel to return home. they're citing security concerns. nearly 700 dependents are expected to be evacuated along with hundreds of their pets. street racing is being blamed for a fiery crash caught on camera in los angeles. but when the flames broke out trapping people inside, total strangers risked their own lives and rushed in to help. abc's clayton sandell has the details. >> reporter: look, he's kicking in, there's someone in there! >> reporter: dramatic video taken moments after a car and
3:36 am
bus collide in los angeles. >> back up, back up. >> reporter: the crash sparks a chain reaction, leaving multiple cars mangled. police officers and good samaritans leap into action, prying people out of the wreck. moments later, the car and the bus ignite, now fully engulfed in flames. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: the driver of this mercedes suffering third degree burns. miguel balthazar helped rescue him. >> he was totally unconscious, he wasn't showing no signs of life. >> reporter: although this is a tragedy, it could have been much, much worse. >> reporter: police are now investigating the cause of the crash. some witnesses say a growing problem is to blame, street racing. last year, this car spun out of control, plowing through a crowd of spectators at a drag race, killing two. seven people are recovering. >> everybody in the area stopped what they were doing and ran to help. >> reporter: thanks to the quick actions of heroic strangers. clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> blizzard like conditions
3:37 am
will sweep across the rockies today into wyoming and western nebraska. the storm system already dumped half a foot of snow, wet snow on to reno and other parts of western nevada. dozens of fender-benders reported along with many stuck vehicles. and near san diego, a waterspout reached land and turned into a tornado. there were no reports of damage and to the northeast, a storm brought hail to san bernardino and a dusting of snow in the mountains. a wintry weather advisory is in effect there right now. in the meantime in florida, there was an unusual storm there. watch this time lapse video here. it's taken near fort lauderdale. not far away, three boca raton firefighters were struck by lightning while battling a house fire. although they were knocked to the ground, their injuries we're told were minor mostly affecting their hearing. just north of new york city powerful winds knocked down trees and power lines, gusts
3:38 am
there were as high as 50 miles an hour causing widespread damage. the dangerous winds are also blamed for knocking a man off the roof of a building to his death. he had gone up to check for wind damage. checking the forecast in addition to the western snow storms, heavy rain across a wide area of the country from the gulf coast to the great lakes, arkansas and mississippi could get 4 inches of rain. severe weather in texas and oklahoma. >> if you're in salt lake city, 40s there. and 50s in boston and great falls. 60s in chicago and los angeles. 70s in kansas city and atlanta. 80 talented young golfers are heading to augusta, georgia to play golf next weekend. one of them is this guy. 9-year-old jack st. ledger, a participant in the national drive, chip, and putt competition that's being held before the masters tournament. >> i can never get my club to go back over my back like that. that's what i'm doing wrong. >> but you can always get your balls to sink the hole. >> totally. never a problem. the new jersey boy got in practice yesterday despite the cold and wind. jack wears black and red like his favorite pro golfer tiger
3:39 am
woods and his advice to other duffers, always have fun. i always do that, i always get it in the hole and i always have fun. >> good to know. you're an expert golfer. >> i am. >> jack says, by far, this is his biggest achievement in golf. >> oh, really. >> he's 9 years old. >> it's all heading uphill from there. coming up in "the skinny," your favorite artists from the 1990s making a comeback on a concert is taken near you. >> also aheaded from "star wars" to the new indiana jones movie, harrison ford has plenty to say about the film projects that will not let up. >> first the airline pilot accused of operating an elaborate prostitution business. the new details emerging about a case getting worldwide attention. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group. weather, brought to you by american advisors group. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural
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♪ ♪ >> please say those are dolphins, right? please say they are. >> i don't think so. >> it's a magnificent, magnificent sight in south florida. a school of sharks swimming in the waters off port everglades in fort lauderdale. they're just enjoying the warm shallow waters. a good place to feed. april is one of the busiest months for shark activity in florida. we're a few days from april, but the sharks apparently know it's very near. so they're there. >> it's so beautiful whether he you're like 10,000 feet above them. >> exactly. not when you're down there in the water. >> no, no, no. >> that never happens in california. >> never know. there's always time. >> only in your home state. >> now to shocking charges against a highly regarded united
3:44 am
airlines pilot, prosecutors accusing him of running a string of brothels in houston. >> authorities say he had at least 20 women working for him. abc's gio benitez has the details. >> reporter: he's a respected pilot accused of living a double life. bay day, an bruce wayne wallis is a united airlines pilot recognized with top awards. but by night, court documents allege he goes by bruno and runs a massive brothel operation in texas. >> it is the largest operation of this type that i have been associated with. >> reporter: the alleged high flying criminal appearing in court monday, prosecutors say he acted as a pimp to at least 20 women charging them each $400 a week to use a room in one of the brothels. wallis reportedly running the operation out of his black hummer managing nearly a dozen brothel apartments in the houston area. the alleged evidence? $50,000 in cash that police say they discovered in wallis's home. along with dozens of firearms
3:45 am
and text messages between him and his employees. one saying, it's my job to keep you guys safe. wallis's attorney says he's ready to fight. >> it's hardly the case of the century that the state makes it out to be. >> reporter: his alleged accomplice, this woman, tracey tanner, a suburban mother of five. >> she's in a very, very scary place right now. >> reporter: united airlines telling abc news, we hold our employees to the highest standard. we are assisting the authorities and we have removed this employee from his flying duties. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> well, apparently the pilot's attorney says the whole case is overblown. >> and this may be the newest prosecution of the world's oldest profession. >> that's what the attorney said, right? >> yeah. >> well, coming up, the legal drama in real life for william shatner. >> and how an ultrafamous co-star of meryl streep's taunted her on the movie set. the inside dirt next in "the skinny."
3:46 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc st io
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny
3:48 am
okay. topping the "skinny" this morning, a major lawsuit for a hollywood icon. >> we're talking about william shatner hit with a $170 million paternity suit. the plaintiff it's peter sloan. the man who claims to be shatner's son. sloan says he was given up for adoption as a newborn but after some research and detective work, he found out the 85-year-old actor once had a fling with his biological mother. >> shatner has denied the whole thing even after meeting sloan a number of times. sloan even introducing shatner to his daughter. sloan says he just wants shatner to take a dna test. and next, fascinating new details of how dustin hoffman taunted meryl streep. apparently this happened on the set of ""kramer vs. kramer." >> the film swept at the 1980 academy awards earning oscars for best picture and both actors, but in a new interview from "vanity fair," streep's biographer tells of how hoffman
3:49 am
would use the death of actor john kazale, streep's boyfriend who died an of cancer, as method acting ammunition. >> hoffman would provoke streep by whispering his name before shooting like in this climactic courtroom scene. >> were you a failure at the one most important relationship in your life? were you? >> is that a yes, mrs. kramer? >> you can see how affected she is. i mean now knowing that information, you can see just it's more than just acting. you can see it in her eyes. >> did he go too far? >> that's a good question. she thanked him, right? >> she did. >> it worked out.
3:50 am
michael shulman said hoffman slapped streep on the cheek before filming their first scene together. >> i don't know about that. >> but the film has obviously, it was a hit. to this day, the two have yet to work together on another film. it was such a great movie. >> there are many times you've wanted to hit me on the set. >> and i haven't? >> and you did. got the emotions out. next, lots of excitement over a just announced summer tour that is centered on '90s nostalgia. >> it's called the i love the '90s tour. how creative. here's a taste of who is on the bill. ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby ♪ i want to sex you up ♪ you, you got what i need but you say ♪ >> this is bringing back old memories. >> oh, man, biz marquee and salt-n-pepa. vanilla ice. they will be the headliners. color me badd, b-a-d-d, coolio.
3:51 am
biz marquee, just a few of the other actions set to appear on the nationwide tour. >> kid in play will also be making an appearance. >> then it will be a house party. >> somebody is pretty excited about like this guy. >> we went back to the flattop kid in play days. >> it's you. look at you, kenny g. >> see, that was an improvement from the jheri curl that i had just before that. >> yeah, kendis never told you guys, he was a backup. >> for kid in play. >> finally some exciting news for halle berry. finally entering into the digital age. yesterday the oscar-winning actress delighted fans by signing up for twitter and instagram. >> but the one thing is, we're not really sure if it really is halle berry. the accounts are vary fied. so it should be her. but so far, she's only posted photos of her hair. you can't even see her face. >> her first image was captioned "hi, everyone." but we only get to see the back
3:52 am
of her head. she does have beautiful hair. >> she does have beautiful hair. >> it's halle berry. she looks beautiful from every angle. >> absolutely. . >> absolutely. sweat. it smells worse and it an ordinary can happen anytime to anyone. like when i ran to catch the train to work and a draft blew my skirt up and everybody here saw my unmentionables. yea and they aren't even cute. hello! laundry day. stress sweat can happen to anyone, anytime, and it smells worse than ordinary sweat. get 4 times the protection against stress sweat. with secret clinical strength invisible solid and clear gel. no problem. that's a lot of dishes& i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than
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rid-x. h ♪ >> ah, unless you've been living in a galaxy far, far away, you've probably seen "the force awakens" and the "star wars" icon, harrison ford. he's opening up about reprising the role of hans solo and passing the baton or light saver to the next generation. >> and he's talking about what's next for the other icon, indiana jones. well, ford sat down with abc's nick watt to discuss what's next. >> that's not how the force works. >> reporter: harrison ford doesn't just play hans solo. he is hans solo. >> you've been wanting to do something like this with this character for a while. >> for 30 years. 30 years. he serves the story. he brings emotional weight and
3:56 am
gravitas to the story. >> reporter: which is something you've wanted. >> don't say how. because nobody's seen the movie nobody's seen the movie and you'll spoil it. >> reporter: for the two people -- >> for the three people that have not seen it. >> reporter: how did it feel? >> it felt like a job to be done. it's my job. i love it. >> reporter: there's a quote from six or seven years ago where you said that there's going to be a time when you can't be playing action heros anymore. ♪ you're now coming back as indiana jones. >> did i say that? >> reporter: you don't remember saying that? >> i didn't mean that. >> reporter: clearly you didn't palestinian it. >> i always knew some day you would come walking back through my door. >> reporter: indiana jones 5 slated for 2019. do we know anything about what this movie is going to be about? this would be the wrong place to announce details of the script.
3:57 am
>> reporter: you're probably right. thanks for helping me do my job. >> whatever i can do. >> reporter: will he ever return to a galaxy far, far away? >> you hurt chewy, you're going to deal with me. >> reporter: did it feel like the passing of the baton to the younger ones? >> i don't think so much of it as passing batons as a further development as an enrichment of the experience for the audience. >> reporter: will you be back at all to pick up a baton? >> no. >> reporter: we've moved on from the baton question now. >> we can't talk about that. i'm so sorry. >> i mean, you know, appearing in a shower after it's all been a dream. i'm wondering, maybe something like that? >> there are no showers in space, man. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, hollywood. kind of excited about this one. >> very cute. as you look at the two of them, you can't help but wonder, does nick have good doctors or good genes? >> good genes. the california lifestyle clearly helps him a lot. >> is that what its? that's the question that comes up. >> important message
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, a member of donald trump's team facing charges. the video released by police showing the alleged assault. plus, new video just in. a trump protester getting pepper sprayed. live with the details. hijacking investigation. the hours-long standoff finally coming to an end with people running from the plane and jumping from the cockpit. new details about the man in custody and why investigators say he hijacked the plane. wild weather. blizzard conditions just days from april, plus, severe storms sweeping through the south. the damaging lightning and a palm tree hitting a moving car. the pope's ride up for auction and you won't believe what the bidding is up to this morning.


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