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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  April 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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america runs on dunkin'. good morning, america. happening now, blast of winter. april's cold shoulder. 60-mile-an-hour winds whipping from chicago to boston. this driver's close call. >> the sign fell onto his honda accord smashing it to bits. >> trees down. power out and now the big chill. all you need to know about the wicked weather ahead. campaign countdown, days to go before the next crucial contest in wisconsin. will this be a turning point? donald trump's confession about this photo. >> it's gotten to the point where i could not care less about donald trump. >> as hillary clinton and been bernie sanders trade their own jabs. >> it is just too late for the same old same old establishment politics. plus, does clinton really
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have all of those key superdelegates locked up? crash landing, a two-seater plows into a car full of people on a california highway. >> report of a plane down, an airplane on the freeway. >> at least one person killed. the dramatic rescue to save the pilot. how he was finally pulled to safety, and this morning, the investigation into what went wrong. and basketball blow-outs. the march madness finals are now set. villanova rocked the wildcats, victorious and oklahoma goes down hard. meanwhile, north carolina defeats syracuse, a big win for the tar heels now setting the stage for the final conclusive game as we say -- >> all: hey, good morning, america. we won. and we're going to the national championship. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, everyone. and we are talking about that
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final conclusive game, right? the stage is set. >> it's all right, though. the stage is set for tomorrow's college basketball championship game. it is -- >> 'nova/unc. >> that's right and there was so much anticipation for this weekend's final four matchup. one turned out to be a record blow-out. we'll have more on that in a moment. but we do begin this morning with the weather. >> yeah, for millions of americans this april morning feels more like february. look at this video out of grand rapids, michigan. it is, let me remind you, the second week of spring, and they are dealing with what looks like blizzard conditions. >> here's the map. a clipper system is moving across the northern part of the country bringing snow and high winds to major cities. >> yes, as one of our weather staff said this morning, the winds of change and then behind this clipper system another clipper system, which is going to bring temperatures down into the teens in many spots so out to rob who is covering the story from pittsburgh, p.a. hey, rob. >> hey, dan. what a turn of events for the northeastern third of the country. just two days ago temperatures
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near 80 degrees. now below freezing. it is cold. there is some snow, but it's the wind that's the big story. this morning, the midwest and northeast getting a high wind assault. look at what a 71-mile-per-hour wind gust did to this chipotle sign in indiana taking down this metal sign and all the bricks with it. >> the sign fell onto his honda accord smashing it to bits. >> reporter: in new jersey, wind blowing out windows, sucking a tv right outside. >> i just looked through my window and i run out of the room. >> reporter: take a look in chicago as this american flag flapped heavily in 66-mile-per-hour winds and snow. connecticut, loud hail pounding the ground covering this homeowner's deck almost completely. >> get inside. >> reporter: over 90,000 people in the dark from the midwest to the mid-atlantic including 25,000 in maryland, 20,000 in central indiana and
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7,000 in louisville. and then there's the snow, over 7 inches of snow falling in michigan making for a dicey drive. and there is snow falling now across upstate new york across central new england, certainly cold enough for that, and we'll get to the windchills in a second. take a look at this radar. this low swirling, a very dynamic system. the southeast side, that's the warm side but it's really the winds cranking. high wind watches for the next system out in the midwest. this is what we expect this morning, still gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour. still enough to do damage as it exits through this afternoon and then the winds die down and the next system brings in more winds across the midwest beginning tonight in through tomorrow morning. similar, not quite as potent but enough to do damage and the cold, temperatures feeling like they're in the teens this morning and another blast of cold air coming in with the next system to make it feel even colder. unbelievably cold for that matter. today is opening day for major league baseball. we are inside pnc park. there is some snow on the infield. who would have thought, dan,
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and more on that in just a few minutes. >> i do not approve of this april. i want my money back. rob, thank you. we're going to switch gears to the race to the white house. t-minus two days till a pivotal primary in wisconsin. donald trump out on the turns this weekend trying to right the ship after a very rough week. ted cruz is hoping for a win, which might set the party up for a contested convention. that would be historic. abc's devin dwyer is out on the campaign trail in milwaukee. devin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. after an at times ugly week in the race, the candidates sparring over their wives, tabloid rumors, physical violence, a possible turning here in wisconsin as ted cruz holds the lead and donald trump expresses a regret. >> raise your hands, kids. i promise, donald j. trump. >> reporter: as he courts wisconsin conservatives. >> that i will never take drugs. >> reporter: donald trump is delivering a pledge. >> and you know what else, no cigarettes, right? >> all: no cigarettes. >> all right, kids. come here. come here. they're beautiful kids.
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>> reporter: trump promoting morale as he now tells "the new york times" he has a regret, calling it a mistake for retweeting an unflattering photo of ted cruz's wife, heidi. if i had to do it again, i wouldn't have sent it, trump said. >> it's gotten to the point where i could not care less about donald trump. [ cheers and applause ] if he says it's a mistake, that's fine. >> reporter: but for the second time in a week trump stirring up angst among social conservatives over abortion. in an interview with "face the nation" trump seems to suggest abortion will remain the law of the land. >> at this moment the laws are set, and i think we have to leave it that way. >> reporter: his campaign clarifying that trump wants new laws to protect the unborn but that current policy must remain that way now until he is president. later trump said he stands by his original answer. >> what i said was so good, it was so perfect. >> reporter: overnight "snl" mercilessly mocking trumps treatment of women. >> when i say women, you say suck. women. >> all: suck. >> women. >> all: suck.
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>> reporter: trump tells "the new york times" in an interview he can turn around his ratings among women by being h himself and highlighting the women in his life, his wife melania will campaign here for the first time tomorrow. paula. >> well, "snl" certainly not doing him any favors, devin, thank you. democrats hillary clinton, bernie sanders are not only running neck and neck in wisconsin, they are at each other's throats. they're now debating about debates ahead of the delegate rich new york primary later this month. abc's david wright is focused on that part. of the race for us this morning. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, paula. bernie sanders is on a bit of a roll right now. he has won six out of the last seven contests narrowing the delegate gap with clinton and yet clinton still has an almost insurmountable lead with the so-called superdelegates who overwhelmingly favor her. can he overcome that? in eau claire, wisconsin, saturday, hillary clinton tried to make the case that
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bernie sanders just isn't democrat enough. >> that's kind of important if we're selecting somebody to be the democratic nominee. >> reporter: and yet sanders, the democratic socialist, is having none of it. >> it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics. >> reporter: he's been convincing voters of that beating clinton by huge margins in state after state, and that's helped him to close the gap among pledge delegates, the delegates earned by victories in primaries and caucuses. but the fix is in for clinton when you count the so-called superdelegates, the party insiders who have overwhelmingly pledged support for her. >> the superdelegates are going to have to make a very difficult decision. >> reporter: democrats came up with superdelegates after 1980 when ted kennedy challenged the incumbent president jimmy carter and hurt him at the convention. >> i think i have to plead guilty to being at least one of the creator of unpledged add-on delegates. >> reporter: that's tad devine speaking in 2008.
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devine is now chief strategist for the bernie sanders campaign now hoping to convince those superdelegates to abandon clinton and side with his candidate, the insurgent. there is a precedent for that. it happened eight years ago when hillary clinton was the early front-runner and a guy named barack obama came out of nowhere. bernie sanders not there yet, but you got to figure that the republicans are probably wishing they had a superdelegate system because it might solve some of their problems. >> yes, david. >> i'm kind of wishing i could go back to college and take another political science class. and brush up on this. thank you very much. >> thanks, david. for more on all this let's bring in a guy who understands it quite well, abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos getting ready to host "this week" later this morning. hey, george, good morning. so, what do you think of sanders' chances in wisconsin and if he keeps winning states can he convince these superdelegates to switch? their allegiance? >> he's ared right now. we'll see what happens tuesday. i think the big state to watch for, though, is new york on april 17th. wisconsin alone isn't going to
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make that big of a difference for bernie sanders. likely to basically split the delegates with hillary clinton but if he can beat her in her home state, she's served as senator from new york, big delegate cash there, that could start to shake this race up and maybe start to convince some superdelegates that hillary clinton is not as strong a choice as they believed. >> over on the republican side for so long we've been talking about the contested convention, a long shot but it's looking more and more like a reality and how ugly could things get if that -- >> a lot depends on what happens in wisconsin as well. if ted cruz does win in wisconsin he is now ahead in the polls by some polls by double digits. that dramatically increases the chance of it, making it more difficult for donald trump to get to the 1,237 he needs. kasich, that's his only hope. lots of fun. i'll talk to him on "this week." at the same time, you have an ally of donald trump, roger stone, saying, calling for days of rage protests at the convention if, indeed, donald trump goes into
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the convention with a lead but doesn't get the nomination. it could get ugly. we've seen contested conventions before, not for a long time but this one is completely unpredictable. >> and now trump is saying won't promise to support the nominee if it's not him. >> all the candidates, yeah. >> so, it could get extremely ugly. george, thank you. and i want to remind everybody george has a big show in morning. he's going to go one-on-one with candidates john kasich as he just mentioned and bernie sanders. that's coming up later on "this week" right here on abc. george, thanks again. >> okay, guys. >> thanks, dan. turning now to horror on a california highway. a small plane lost control north of san diego then plowed into the back of a car which had pulled over on the side of the road. this morning one person is dead. several others seriously injured and abc's lauren lyster has more for us from los angeles. >> report of a plane down, an airplane down on the freeway. >> reporter: four victims in this plane ride turned tragedy in the hospital this morning battling their injuries. that small two-seater aircraft running into trouble at around 9:00 a.m. saturday morning.
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>> you could hear him coming real slow, sputtering a little bit. >> reporter: plowing into the back of a sedan on the side of this california highway. dying in the wreck, 38-year-old antoinette isabella of san diego seen here competing with her roller derby league. three other members riding with her in that car. the dramatic rescue caught on cell phone video. bystanders and first responders smashing the windows prying open the door. motorists rushing to help. >> he and two other people are trying to get the doors of the plane open to get the pilot out. >> reporter: the 60-year-old man now facing life-threatening injuries. his female passenger in surgery saturday. >> this aircraft was a home built aircraft. it was built from a kit by somebody in their garage or at an airport. so these kinds of airplanes generally have a much worse safety record than, say, a corporate jet or an airliner would. >> reporter: just before the collision that morning, that car's driver pulling over to connect his cell phone. >> they did everything right. they did it, pulled over and stopped.
8:13 am
this never really happens, and it's amazing that there weren't even more injuries. >> reporter: the three other people in the car were taken to the hospital with injuries. the driver posting on facebook he wishes that day could start over saying he's just working to process it all. meanwhile, we're still waiting to learn exactly what caused that plane's crash landing. dan. >> more questions. lauren, thank you. new video this morning of the moment when a judge made a decision from the bench that has landed him in some serious legal trouble. take a look. he orders his bailiff to deliver an electric shock to a defendant. abc's eva pilgrim has this just released video and the sentence the judge is now facing. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. a maryland judge finding himself on the other side of the bench being charged and punished for what happened in his courtroom this morning. his victim is speaking out. we want to warn you this video is hard to watch. a shocking moment in court. >> aaagh. >> reporter: ending with the
8:14 am
judge taking a plea deal. >> i regret that it ended this way. >> reporter: maryland circuit court judge robert nalley now sentenced to one-year probation for ordering a deputy to deliver a stun gun on then delvon king who was in his court representing himself on a gun charge he later took a deal on. >> it felt like fire went through my back. >> reporter: you can see in this newly released courtroom video from july 2014 judge nalley is running short on patience. >> i didn't ask you what your name was. i asked how you wish to be addressed. >> reporter: king says he was trying to make a legal argument. judge nalley eventually ordered him to quit talking. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: when he refused, judge nalley takes action. >> mr. sheriff, do it. use it. >> reporter: it being a stun cuff. an electronic ankle bracelet that administers a 50,000-volt shock. >> aaagh. >> all right. i'm going to take five. >> reporter: judge robert nalley now taking a permanent break. banned from the bench fined
8:15 am
$5,000 and ordered to take anger management classes. and this wasn't the judge's first run-in with the law. in 2009 he pled guilty to slashing the tires of someone who parked in what he considered be his spot at the courthouse. >> anger management classes. interesting. >> 50,000 volts. >> yeah. >> that's pretty incomprehensible. >> yeah, it sounded really painful, eva, thank you. >> thanks, pimp. let's look at the other top stories and for that we get it over to dr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning, dan and paula. good morning, everyone. we begin with nearly two weeks since the terror attacks at a brussels airport. it is now re-opened with tightened security, as you can imagine. three brussels airlines flights heading to european cities are scheduled to depart from the airport today. airport officials expect to be at 20% flight capacity by tomorrow and back to full service by june but delta air lines says it will not resume flights between atlanta and brussels until march of 2017.
8:16 am
and still in brussels, more than 100 people arrested on saturday for staging a demonstration against islamophobia in defiance of a ban on all rallies, those events prohibited out of concern about violence which happened last sunday a week ago when police had to use a water cannon to break up a rowdy crowd there. and a security scare at one of manhattan's busiest tourists site, new york city's times square, not far from here normally jammed on a saturday night, evacuated when counterterrorism officers spotted a suspicious truck left unattended, the engine running and some wires exposed. it turned out to be a false alarm, though. the driver left the vehicle running while making a delivery. and after successfully hacking into that iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino killers, the fbi is now getting flooded with calls by local law enforcement agencies from across the country asking them to unlock iphones that they have sized in criminal cases. prosecutors in arkansas, in fact, say the fbi has agreed to help them get into a murder suspect's iphone and ipod.
8:17 am
the fbi would not confirm that and the agency did send a letter saying, quote, it will consider any tool that might be helpful to our partners. apple expressed concerned about users' privacy. and finally, who says losing weight cannot be fun? take a look at these moves. this 9-year-old boy in china took up salsa dancing and samba to shed some pounds when he discovered a true talent. some moves that rachel is saying there making him a viral sensation. the kid says he has not lost any weight but he gets to meet a lot of hot girls. >> there you go. >> i guess it's working. >> did he really say that or did you just fabricate -- >> it was in chinese and my mandarin is a little rusty. he said -- he either said that or i love dancing. >> right. if he had said it in szechuan, you would have gotten that. >> i would have gotten that. >> the mandarin part got you. >> a little rough. >> i love that kid. great story. okay, all right. let's send things back to rob in pittsburgh. rob, where it's feeling a little more like football weather than baseball weather. >> it is and, ron, once again
8:18 am
proving that he is the international delight. here we are at pnc park, opening day, pirates and cardinals. check out the windchills and the snow rolling across the parts of the northeast. we have snow across new england area and winds will be whipping until 2:00 p.m. hold on to your hats, it will be cold out there. another clipper coming in tonight and tomorrow with more rain, snow and wind. it will not be at potent. we'll see accumulations one to three inches. could see five or six in spots. unbelievable april weather. that's a look at the national forecast. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. double double scan is clear. we had snow showers early this morning, but the skies are
8:19 am
clear, just a couple of clouds as we look live from our temple university camera. the camera is shaking around, the winds are howling. there's the view in atlantic city. we're seeing gusts a high as 50 miles per hour. it's chilly and bluster today, 47 degrees, windchills stuck in the 30s. more on that in a few minutes, dan, paula, back over to you. >> thank you. it's been pointed out to me that my understanding of chinese language is minimal. i said szechuan. i should have said cantonese. that speaks to the amount of chinese food i've been ordering lately. >> all right. well, lots of excitement at the ncaa final four games overnight. the underdog hoping for a upset that wasn't to be and now time look ahead to tomorrow and espn's tony reali joins us with more. we've been practicing on how to say ryan arcidiacono. >> arcidiacono. let me hear the music in it, paula. good morning, everyone. march madness. dan loves it for the buzzer beaters, the nail biters,
8:20 am
cinderellas. last night, nope. good old fashioned domination. villanova and north carolina one game away from cutting down the nets. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: the stage is set for a slamming showdown in houston. >> wow. >> reporter: this year's championship game between villanova and north carolina. both punching their tickets in blow-out contests. >> this is what we sacrifice and work so hard for and, you know, we're one game away. >> reporter: villanova defeating oklahoma by a record-breaking 44 points for the school's second championship appearance. >> hart who's been the tar of this game to this point. >> reporter: josh hart leading the way scoring 23 points for the wildcats including this first half shot clock stunner. >> i just threw the ball up there, and it went in, and after that it was just like, you know what, i like this feeling. and i hope i have this all the time. >> reporter: and plenty of sooner sadness. villanova shutting out oklahoma's sharpshooter, buddy hield, holding the star senior to nine points.
8:21 am
the clock striking midnight for syracuse. >> oh. >> reporter: north carolina rolling to the big victory winning by double digits. brice johnson playing strong for the tar heels. >> we try to go out there and play the way we know how to play and let everything else take care of itself. >> reporter: monday's matchup a story of sibling rivalry. adopted brothers unc's nate britt and villanova's kris jenkins set to square off in houston. which shade of blue will the family support? >> i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't wear either team's jersey. >> reporter: it's a great story. generalkins' family moving from south carolina to d.c. for a family matter, 10-year-olds meeting, kris and nate on the court. two brothers squaring off in the national championship game. >> i love it. >> love it. >> carolina shirt on ron there. i guess we know who he's supporting. >> tar heels. >> journalistic objectivity right there. >> hey, it's been great having you during the tournament. come back any time. coming up, judge and jury.
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a man accused of killing his wife now on trial for a fourth time. why cal harris' defense team believes new evidence is finally going to clear his name. plus, high-tech home. simple ways to make your house smarter and it might save you money too. and opening day, each just one more reason to go to the ballpark. the teams taking gut-busting ballpark food to a whole new level. >> is that a cheerio hot dog? >> a froot loop hot dog. even better. "good morning america" is brought to you by blue diamond almond breeze. diamond almond breeze. because it's the only almondmilk made with california-grown blue diamond almonds. of course, if you ask one of our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. ♪ almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk.
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it is 8:27 on this sunday morning, i'm gray hall. sky6 live hd giving you a live view of the fration at -- flagst the vietnam war memorial at penns landing. there have been winds gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. winds have knocked out power to thousands of households in the area.
8:28 am
chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: winds are getting better, they are still gusty, but they will diminish a bit. 47 degrees is the forecasted high. windchills in the 30s. 63 tomorrow. rain by afternoon, down to 46 tuesday and finally by wednesday and thursday we pull out of it for good with temperatures back in the 50s and 60s. gray? thanks for the update. for now that's it for us, we'll be back at 9:00 a.m. now back to "good morning america." make it a great day. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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and welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. the candidates are gearing up for a pivotal primary. is wisconsin going to be a game changer on tuesday? donald trump trailing in the polls with ted cruz gaining momentum all while hillary clinton and bernie sanders run neck and neck, not holding back on the punches either. >> yep, and after wisconsin it goes to new york. a family in california, meanwhile, waking up to find this, a car hanging upside down on their home. investigators are trying to figure out what happened here. the driver was found nearby, presumably he or she will have the answers. and seattle opens the world's longest floating bridge. 13,000 runners were the first to make it across this nearly 1 1/2-mile structure that crosses lake washington. >> pretty impressive. also coming up, going way beyond peanuts and cracker jacks. take us out to the ball game.
8:31 am
we're checking out some of the craziest items on the menu at your favorite ballparks. is that sushi? >> and tuna. >> real fancy, so if you don't want to go for the game, you can go for the fare. >> you can. also they have -- what were we showing earlier? froot loops and hot dogs? >> fruit loops hot dogs and also like a pizza burger with a burger sandwich between the pizza. >> so we're going highbrow and lowbrow. >> a little bit. >> and a little bit of truly disgusting. >> sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned hot dog. to the news and we'll talk about that with rob marciano in just a bit. first the millionaire who is going on trial for a fourth time. >> prosecutors are trying to show cal harris killed his wife but the defense is confident that new evidence will finally clear the father of four who has waved his right to a jury meaning that the verdict will be in the hands of the judge this time and abc's matt gutman has more. >> did you kill michelle? >> absolutely not. absolutely not, and the fact that i'm sitting here and having
8:32 am
to go through this is just a horror show. >> reporter: for 15 years cal harris had been adamant he did not kill his wife. >> nobody should have to go through this. nobody. >> reporter: in fact, he has given that same plea not once, not twice, but three times. >> neither a murder weapon nor her body has ever been found. >> reporter: the first two guilty convictions overturned. the third trial ending in a hung jury. through it all his four children supporting their dad. >> it was unfair. we shouldn't have to live at home without both parents, especially because our dad didn't even do anything. >> reporter: his team confident that new information they've obtained will finally prove harris' innocence. harris' defense pointing to evidence found this january in this outdoor fire pit located in the home once owned by stacy stewart, the man the defense suspects was last seen with michelle harris the day she went missing. according to a filed motion, the items found by a forensics team include buttons, a partial
8:33 am
shoulder strap from a bra, a knife blade, a woman's bathing suit, the latch of a woman's handbag and two fragments of charred fabric, one dark blue or black, the other light colored. >> and those colors match the coloring of the clothing that michelle harris was wearing the night she disappeared. >> reporter: and now it's up to the judge to decide if the evidence is allowed to be introduced during the fourth trial. >> unlike with a jury, with a judge, you just need that one person to feel maybe there's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> we need to know what really happened to our mother. we know our dad had nothing to do with her disappearance. >> the fact that all four of his children support him is a very helpful fact, whether it is admissible in evidence or not, and that's something that this judge will certainly know. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, new york. that is quite telling that all of his children are standing by him. >> fascinating case. let's send things back out to rob marciano.
8:34 am
rob, it's still cold in pittsburgh, isn't it or has it warmed up a little bit? >> it is. i wish i had some fur or maybe some feathers. >> someone does. >> like the pirate parrot he opening day at pnc park. there are three other games happening across major league baseballs. let's take a look at the forecast. chilly in pittsburgh, 32 degrees, tampa bay, 70. 74 in anaheim, chicago cubs be there. or the white sox, i'm not sure which. it will be beautiful. 85 degrees in vegas, 72 in port
8:35 am
handle. portland. a low recovery over the next several days. from boston from the 30s to the 40s. new york city to the 50s. chicago from the 30s to the 50s. doesn't feel like april, but it's opening day and we're ready to go at pnc park. that's a look at the national outlook, here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: good morning, i'm meteorologist chris sowers, with this accuweather update. it doesn't feel like baseball. 47 degrees, windchill in the 30s and 20s improving later on. high temperatures in the mid 40s. think we're going to pick up one of those high-fives. >> yeah, absolutely. >> 120 more to go. >> rob will be right back with us after the break. i don't know if he's going to have the weird bird with him but coming up on "gma," as the
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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ it's opening day at a number of ballparks today with fans eager to see their favorite players at the field. we, however, are focused more on the culinary side of things. don't try to talk to rob. his mouth is full. >> there are 162 games. right now let's focus on the food, people. that's just part of the stadium experience but wait until you see some of the gut-busting items on the menu. rob marciano in pittsburgh. he hasn't left. the bird is gone. the bird has left. >> the bird is mad at me. the bird is flying to new york to henpeck me. >> yes. well, you called him a weird bird, but, rob, i understand that pirates, they're offering fans some over-the-top creations this season, right? >> well, they're not the only ones. you know, there's competition now. not only outside of baseball, but inside of baseball. between the parks and really the food, so, you know, your generic hot dog and bag of cracker jack, it's just not the way to go anymore. ♪ cracker jacks >> reporter: this year when you
8:41 am
take me out to the ball game, forget the peanuts and cracker jacks, instead load up on the craziest opening day food ever. first up to the plate, the mets, way out in left field. >> score. >> reporter: with a peanut butter coated bacon on a stick. then there's the braves burgerizza. a 20-ounce burger complete with five slices of cheddar cheese slid between two pepperoni pizzas for buns. in minnesota, the twins bringing the heat with a buffalo chicken bloody mary complete with a chicken wing. if that's not enough, go for the double play, add a bacon cheese burger slider ton an extra 4 bucks. in cleveland, the indians slider dog makes its first appearance at the plate. a hot dog topped with froot loops, mac and cheese and bacon. down south the texas rangers hitting the long ball with their fried chicken and doughnut skewer. and if seafood is more your style -- >> seafood is
8:42 am
always a hard thing to do in the ballpark so we figured how can we do a little seafood action. >> reporter: step up to the plate in cincinnati and get crab dip on your french fries. bringing it home, the cardinals with this sweet sugary skewer strawberries and brownies drizzled with your choice of white or milk chocolate. i mean, this is just mind boggling. i mean, it can be a long game. you need that calorie count which we didn't provide or the fat count but it's all about indulging. the pirate parrot is back. dan, for you, with this concoction from pittsburgh. it is called the cracker jack and mac dog. macaroni and cheese, cracker jacks and jalapeno peppers on a peta bun. >> is it good? the jalapeno peppers? >> yeah. it's spicy, sweet. the cheese, right? >> he's giving a very accurate description for you, rob. he's taking the words out of your mouth. >> oh, wait, the jalapeno is kicking in. >> no. >> rob.
8:43 am
>> i think the dish comes with a defibrillator, it's that good for your arteries. >> i just like a good old classic hotdog. >> happy opening day, everybody. >> happy opening day to you, as well. try to stay warm. coming up on "good morning america," the best way to turn your house into a smart home. what to do first in our "weekend download." can you pass me the cracker jacks? >> oh, yeah, peanuts? >> uh-huh. those two. national carrier rates too. ♪ so, imagine how you'll feel when you get all this and 50% off iphone 6s on the fastest network. plus, try us out for 30 days. if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. lowe's personalized ever slawn care plan, up for i've been up on my hind legs trying to get a better view of his grass. it's so beatif - aghh! cramp! cramp!
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♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. ♪ it used to be that do-it-yourself project on the weekend was all 2x4s. now it's "this hold house." now it's wi-fi controlled thermostats and lighting.
8:47 am
becky worley, whirlybird -- do you remember that? >> i do. >> she's here with our "weekend download" on the smart home. becky, do you have a smart home? >> it's moderately intelligent because as each old dumb appliance sort of dies, you then upgrade it with a new smart appliance if it makes sense. >> okay, so what are the best bang for your buck upgrades you can get? >> you don't need a $700 wi-fi connected blender. you don't need a $700 connected anything, but a blender, you might think about get a thermostat. something like that, 150 bucks more than a standard programmable and saves you 50 bucks a year because it learns your habits and it saves you on your heating and cooling because of that wi-fi connection. it'll earn its keep in three years and then it's gravy after that. >> so, becky, is it all about savings? is that what it is? >> it's a little about headaches and design and savings, so i do -- i did an audit in my house. what are my headaches, sprinklers. i hate programming them. there is one now that does that via app and based on the weather or a friend, her kids always forget the keys to the front door, they now have one
8:48 am
you can punch in the code. >> okay, cool tips from becky worley. just flew in from oakland, california. my hometown also. and we'll be back with "pop news" and the incomparable rachel smith, a tennessee titan herself coming up. titan herself coming up. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox®, an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's shown to prevent headaches and migraines before they start. and it's injected by my doctor once every 12 weeks. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by hewlett-packard enterprise. accelerating next. so, "pop news," but the desk looks a bit like a war zone because we've been destroying it with peanuts and cracker jacks and rachel had a hot dog before "pop news." so let's see how that goes. >> that was a good move on my part. >> dan's going to be in a sugar coma. >> reflux. >> cotton candy. >> you guys just munch. have some snacks. enjoy. first up, dan you'll like this. "game of thrones" fans know that winter is coming but one thing has divided avid binge-watchers
8:53 am
is the debate over who exactly is the main character in the epic fantasy saga. >> i know that. >> jon snow. >> peter dinklage. >> oh. well, okay, so thankfully dan and a bunch of mathematicians figured it out. a professor from mccalister college crunching the numbers on the social networks of westeros and the winner is the character portrayed on screen by peter dinklage. nice work there. >> brilliant. >> he is, indeed. he is officially the most central character followed by jon snow and then -- >> so, as usual, paula, i was right. >> oh. just have more cracker jacks, dan. have some more cracker jacks. >> would you like some? >> as usual you're always humble in victory, as well. >> so humble, right. >> humility is your middle name. and tonight's episode of "the simpsons" confirms one character's worst kept secret. after 27 years in the closet waylon smithers, the executive assistant to mr. burns will come out as gay. the big reveal
8:54 am
gives homer a chance to meddle where he probably shouldn't by playing matchmaker and helping smithers find mr. right. you can see where that is going to be going, right? the episode was inspired by one of the show writers who said there's no better way to tell his gay son he loves him more than to write a cartoon about it and turn it into a story line. it was actually something he pitched three seasons ago. >> really? >> kind of cool to see it come to fruition for him. and, guys, it's pretty hard to upstage taylor swift but it's happened and by none other than her bodyguard which is kind of odd, right? the pop singer, a member of her squad which was victoria secret lily aldridge and the model's daughter were recently spotted clearly enjoying thenselves at the happiest place on earth, but look at the guy sitting behind taylor. see him right there. stone-faced. cool as a cucumber. unfazed by one of the drops on the radiator springs ride, i've ridden it several times.
8:55 am
it is pretty awesome but fans boast taylor and lily are getting a huge kick out of this photo right now because they both -- >> that's epic. >> like really. >> that guy is earning his pay. >> would you really want a bodyguard that is going -- i mean, with these two gals and the little gal. smile, you're at the happiest place on earth. >> serious. i think i know who would totally lose it if they went on a ride like that. >> dan. >> no, rob marciano. >> rob likes that stuff. >> rob in the 'burgh. the bird i don't think would -- the bird has a name, rob. what is it? >> it's the pirate parrot. >> you never know if he'd react differently. >> give me -- >> oh, my gosh. >> he's doing "gangnam style." >> rides the horse. >> can he whip and nae nae? can you whip and nae nae? >> oh, yeah, there we go. >> no way. wow. that was something. >> what is that? >> we were asking the same question, what was that? >> look, you know, cardinals and the pirates right here at pnc park. it feels like it's -- the
8:56 am
windchill is 14 right now. i can't believe it's opening day. stay warm out there. hold on to your hats across the northeast. see you back in studio. >> we appreciate it. see you next weekend. more "gma" tomorrow. >> good morning to you i'm gray hall we're following two breaking news stories, an amtrak train has been involved in a deadly accident in delaware county. a man is hurt in a building collapse in southwest philadelphia. plus, a new jersey church is badly damaged by fire after a tree falls and spark flames. >> reporter: coming up in weather, the high wind warning continues. gusts as high as 45, 46 miles
8:57 am
per hour across the delaware valley. i'll let you know when they relax in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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you, it is 9:00 a.m., sunday, april 3. nydia han is off, i'm gray hall. we're following two breaking news stories, two people are dead after a crash involving an amtrak train in
9:00 am
delaware county. parts of a buildings collapse as brick and mortar fall on top of a man sitting inside his car. high winds hamper firefighter efforts as a fire burns a new jersey church. let's go nova! plus, villanova fans thrilled after the historic win in the final four. but first we want to get you caught up on breaking news coming out of chester delaware county. there's a deadly crash involving an amtrak train. we know two people are deed. we do not know whether the train hit them or if they were on the train. the accident happened before 8:00 a.m. near booth street. details are coming into the newsroom. we know this morning at least two people are dead we'll keep you posted on the breaking news story throughout the morning. amtrak has been updating the passengers on twitter


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