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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  April 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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rocking him, tossing him over, inside of capela. mcdaniels. harden, five to shoot. a couple of jab steps, puts up the three. beverley knocked it loose, picked up by adams. 1:30 remaining. westbrook, fouled by capela. they had a foul to give. four-point game, with 1:27 remaining. there's what you were talking about, jeff. that really is inexplicable, for an elite team. durant wants it. ariza, denying. three to shoot. ibaka, waiters. waiters, not going to get it off in time. a 24-second violation. that's the 20th turnover of the game for okc.
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four of them here in the fourth. >> mark: we can fall in love with what james harden is doing in the fourth quarter but coach said, it's the bench guys. with their energy level on the offensive end. >> mike: 1:00 remaining. waiters, back on harden. harden, the drive. waiters pokes it away, but called for a reach-in. they had a foul to give. >> mark: if i'm okc, i'm not having james harden playing one-on-one with waiters. good job by waiters, but i need to find a way to get the ball out of his hands. >> mike: durant, switching out on harden. capela. inside. lays it in.
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>> jeff: you have to foul him. he's one of the worst free throw shooters in the league. you can't just let him lay it up. >> mike: a six-point lead, time-out, okc. >> jeff: what a great play by harden. good attack by capela. but ibaka has to take that or block the shot. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ you've got a 1 in 4 chance ofame winningnald's, from over 100 million food and cash prizes. it's hard to find better odds. the odds of winning from items like this big mac? sfx: ding!
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the odds of scoring a hole-in-one? sfx: clank! the odds of winning from items like these chicken mcnuggets? sfx: ding! the odds of your taxes being audited? sfx: clank! the odds of your auditor winning from delicious items like these. sfx: ding! there's a 1 in 4 chance of winning with all these items. so hurry in to mcdonald's and play today! ♪ >> mike: thunder with a bit of a problem right now. as they trail by six, with 42.2 remaining. look at the rockets in the fourth quarter. throwing up 30 points on the board, 10 of 17 from the field. and harden, with 14 of those 30 points in the period. harden, with 38 points, 8 assists. okc down to one time-out remaining. it's a 13-2 run in the last 5:00
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for the rockets. both teams, no foul to give. durant, ariza on his trail. pass stolen by harden. beverley throws it down! a huge fourth-quarter comeback for houston. such an important game, as they fight for a playoff spot in the west. and okc calls their final time-out. >> mark: we talked about taking the challenge defensively. that's harden reading and reacting. and to beverley, he does the rest. but it started on the defensive end. harden has been spectacular, offensively, and on that trip, defensively.
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>> mike: beverley, all fired up. a couple of big buckets here in the fourth. as you said earlier, mark, you look at capela. and goudelock, mcdaniels. the young guys, they were down by 12 in the third quarter, looked like they weren't ready for a comeback. the youth and energy got them right back in the game. anthony morrow will inbound. the referee checks, says, let's go. dallas on the verge of a victory this afternoon. so this win, even more important. adams, rebound. morrow, fouled by capela. on a three-point attempt. capela has just fouled out.
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capela, an excellent game. his stats, nine points, four rebounds. and six blocked shots. >> jeff: he was terrific. if i'm oklahoma city, i'm going to make all three, and grab howard as the third free throw is in the air, to make him shoot the free throws at the other end. >> mark: it's called taking advantage of the rules. >> mike: morrow, not taking advantage of the free-throw line opportunity. capela fouls out for the third time this season. capela, only 21 years old. >> jeff: he's come so far. they've done a great job here with him in houston. >> mike: capela, whose parents
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are from angola and the congo. but he was born in switzerland. high school years in paris and france. now, in his second year in the nba in houston. morrow hits 2 of 3. and j.b. bickerstaff is going to use one of his time-outs. six-point game, 25.1 remaining. it's usually a lot of time. but the thunder, out of time-outs. >> mark: imagine if capela talked about getting the basketball. no, he's impacting the basketball game. and the ball is finding him. off the stellar play making ability of harden, but not just that. defending, finishing, crashing the defensive boards. energy, enthusiasm, and execution. he's had an impact on the basketball game, and kept his team's playoff hopes alive.
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>> mike: howard, getting in some foul trouble in the fourth, but capela accesteps in and does th job. there are stretches where they look so good, and could beat anybody. but stretches where the energy isn't there, and the body language is not right. it's been a strange season for them. >> jeff: yes. but j.b. bickerstaff going deep into his bench to find mcdaniels, goudelock, finding energy. they were just playing ball versus worrying about who has the ball. >> mark: and deserves a lot of credit. he could have stayed with the older guys, but he made the right changes, and it gave them a chance to win the ball game. >> mike: mcdaniels' defense, a part of it as well down the
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stretch. michael beasley comes back in. mcdaniels now sitting down. terry is as well. getting some free throw shooters in there. ibaka will guard the inbound. thunder, going for the steal. and durant, called for the foul. >> mark: tough call. looked like james harden, using that wisdom again to grab kevin durant. >> mike: and it's away from the play foul. >> jeff: one shot, and the ball out of bounds. >> mike: yup. >> mark: really, that's harden grabbing the arm of kevin durant. >> mike: he's so good at that. that's what kevin durant was trying to say. so, it will be the one free throw, and then possession again. >> mark: the toughest guy, maybe in the history of the game, to referee. with the contact that happens,
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isolation, pick and roll in the seams. a lot of times, he gets fouled, no question. but there are a lot of times where he creates the contact. >> mike: harden, now with 39. gets it. and roberson, grabs him. that's after the inbound. that's why it was away from the play, because the ball hadn't been inbounded. now, harden, with a chance to get to the 40-point mark. >> mark: people say it works for him. but it also works against him. i guarantee referees look at the film, and say, i missed that call. and they're going to look at the film, and say, i didn't give them that call, the same amount of times. >> jeff: i think there's no doubt that despite his high free throw attempt numbers, they could be higher. >> mike: well, he's got 40 today. 11 of 13 from the free-throw line. 9 assists. >> jeff: and some knucklehead
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will post on youtube when he doesn't guard one time. no, seriously. instead of posting every spectacular play the guy makes. >> mike: you admit, sometimes his defense is poor. >> mark: he's a great player, and he can play for me any day of the week. >> mike: morrow, in and out. westbrook banks in the follow. seven-point game, with 11.3 remaining. and the thunder, still battling. more free throws to wrap it up. howard, engaging some of the fans. j.b. bickerstaff, urging his team all afternoon. play better defense. boy, he got it in the fourth.
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>> mark: one thing you need to look at if you're okc, it's a pattern of losing ball games when you have the lead going into the fourth quarter. you need to find a way to fix it. >> jeff: and despite the individual confidence in themselves, the team confidence, to be able to execute under pressure, it can take a hit when you continually lose leads. >> mike: westbrook trying to draw the foul. gets it to waiters. waiters throws it down. six-point game, 5.7 remaining. thunder not giving up. and a foul on beasley. you would think the thunder, the way they're playing, this game is meaningless to them. they're going to be the third spot in the west. but still fighting. >> jeff: but the chance to improve, the chance to grow.
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into being what, they're feeling good about their chances to win it all. and tonight, the turnovers, to me, are the big problem. when they play with high turnovers, they have 20 tonight so far. no team can withstand that against the great teams in the west. >> mike: beasley hits those. this is james harden. with another huge game against his former team. westbrook lost it. that will do it. a much-needed victory. fourth-quarter come back for harden and the rockets. harden, 41 points, 9 assists. continues to put up staggering numbers. and j.b. bickerstaff's team, able to get the win. kevin durant had 33. westbrook, an assist shy of a triple-double. dallas winning. and houston winning. utah, right now, 38-38.
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so, the rockets, right now, a half-game back of the final playoff spot in the east. harden is with lisa. >> lisa: james, you guys went on a run in the last 6:00 that really sealed it. what sparked it? >> it's win or go home. literally. we're fighting for a playoff spot, so every game and every minute and every possession counts. we need a win every game, and tonight was big. >> lisa: how were you able to keep kevin and russell from damaging you? >> well, it's a team effort and our guys did great. >> lisa: what impressed you about capela today? >> he comes off the bench, brings excitement to the game. it's his first year, all he knows is play hard.
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and that's what we need. a really good game tonight. >> lisa: congratulations. mike? >> mike: 41 points in 43 minutes for harden. such an important game for the houston rockets. there's the final score, rockets, 118, the thunder, 110. abc world news tonight coming up next except on the west coast. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, lisa salters, our director and crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching here on abc. home of the nba finals.
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coming up on "action news" two people are dead after an amtrak train, slammed into a backhoe. and nova a fans are still basking in the glow of victory with one more to go, "action news" is up next. anked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can.
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valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa a magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez.
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sunday night, survivors of the holocaust shared their stories during a special sadder. >> high wind result in serious damage throughout the region. >> but the big story on "action news" is the deadly amtrak derailment in delaware county. >> more than 300 passengers and seven crew members were on board when the train collided with a backhoe at 8:00 o'clock this morning near booth street in chester. two were killed, more than 60 others were injured. we have an update from the ntsb at the scene of the derailment. "action news" reporter christie ileto joins us live with the very latest, christie? >> reporter: well, walter ntsb is trying to piece together what went wrong. moments ago they gave us an update saying exactly what they are looking at, and that includes speed, mechanical operations and signaling on the track. >> as of right now we have recovered the event data reporter, and forward facing video, and, end ward facing video to send to the lab in
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washington d.c. >> reporter: they did confirm that one of the two that are deceased is the operator of that backhoe. we did speak to panicked passengers off loading from the train. they described, the moment impact, and it is described aster filing. it happened in seconds. >> the the car started to shake on the track. >> i was, thrown about the front of the seat, you know, the ceta head of me. >> we hit something. it was pretty, you could feel impact, it was a big bang. >> reporter: for 341 passenger on on the train, train barreling in the backhoe in the track in chester just south of philadelphia the early morning collision caused the georgia bound train's lead engine to derail, and kill two people. >> we know that there were at least two fatalities. the backhoe operator and his supervisor, both amtrak employees. >> reporter: amtrak would only say deceased were found near backhoe but impact was so
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powerful, that it mangled the front of the train and injured dozens on board. photos obtained by w cag illustrate the chaos inside the court. >> it was a big explosion, and it was a fire and then window burst out. >> what happened is a lot of shaking. kid were crying. so yeah, that scared me a the lot. >> wrapped deceleration, screaming, shouting, and the car filled up with smoke and came to a stop. >> reporter: now about 30 passengers were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. amtrak is operating on limited services between philadelphia and wilmington delaware but there are still so many unanswered questions tonight including why was this heavy piece of equipment on a active track this morning. reporting live from trainer, christie ileto for channel six "action news". >> all right, thanks christie. moving on to the accu weather forecast, it was cold and wind toy day, taking a live look at sky six over atlantic city, wind are still kicking and it all serves as a
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first turn in what is shaping up to be a roller coaster ride in the weather department. meteorologist melissa a magee joins us with the first check of the accu weather forecast. >> hi there walter. the wind we had were quite brutal gusting to 50 in some spots near 71 miles per hour. with winds like that we will find a lot of damage across the region. this is what we had overnight and earlier this morning. storm reports in west chester pennsylvania, reports of the transformer explode nothing new port, new jersey, large trees were knocked down, and dennisville, new jersey, and cape may county, we had wind close to hurricane force wind at 71 miles an hour. also a camper was flipped over because of the gusty wind and in newark, delaware we had trees that hit home. now, the wind right now certainly are as bad as they were earlier today but they are still quite blustery out of the northwest gusting to as high as 26 miles an hour in philadelphia. gusts of 26 miles an hour in the poconos and we're gusting to 23 miles an hour at the coast in beach haven. temperatures right now are in the 40's but factor in those
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northwesterly wind, feels like 39 in the city. twenty in the poconos. thirty-six in trenton. thirty-nine at the coast in atlantic city. talk about what we can expect, less wind on the way tonight, and milder for us as we go throughout the day on monday but with that comes the threat the of some rain. we will go over details with the full and exclusive a accu weather forecast. now back over your way, sarah. >> thanks, melissa. those high wind caused a lot of damage around our area from falling trees to down power lines. it sparked a few fires as melissa mentioned. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live in bala cynwyd with more, jeff? >> reporter: hi, sarah take a look at this tree. this tree is absolutely huge. the it is simply snapped, from its trunk, right over here. now fortunately, this tree avoided hitting any homes but did take out several fences, as it fell across three backyards. this is just some of the damage cause by last night's storms and this morning's high winds. last night's severe storms lit
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up the sky over this shopping mall in cherry hill, new jersey. it seems only, geese didn't mind high wind which blew a way anything not strapped down. around midnight this large tree fell into a home in the 200 block of kingsly road in cherry hill, new jersey. it caused substantial roof damage but the couple inside was not hurt. strong gusts also knock over several treason park avenue in nearby collinswood. it was a close call for this pet rabbit who narrowly missed a falling tree in pennsauken. "action news" viewer cindy clark sent us this video. wind left their calling card in pennsylvania too, horsham police closed part of the route 611 for hours today after a down utility pole snapped power lines n southwest philadelphia l and i inspectors are investigating a partial building collapse during this morning's high win. brick and mortar rained down on a occupied car near 51st and warrington. the man inside was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. in claymont, delaware no one was hurt when bricks crumbled
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from the side of this apartment building. >> all of our kid were baptized in the church. >> unaudible. >> reporter: storm left heartache as life long members of the the historic mount pleasant united methodist church in millville, cumberland county, watched it reduced to ruble. action cam shows a tree had collapsed on nearby wires, which sparked a fire, that destroyed the wood framed building. one resident says that it stood for 150 years and will be missed. >> i guess fortunate thing if there is such, no one got injured and that is very important, that no one was injured and i'm sure that they will be rebuilding. >> reporter: back out here live, while neighbors here dodged a bull wet this fallen tree, they say they have their eyes to the sky, for those other old trees, and, fear may fall in the next form. live, jeff chirico channel six
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a "action news". investigators are trying to determine why a building collapsed this morning in camden, new jersey. action cam on the scene at corner of third and kane, where we're told that building was the site of a local auto body shop. no injuries have been reported. it was a day of prayer and gratitude for the villanova a wildcats and their fans. they attended mass today where they had a lot to be thankful for. "action news" reporter alycia a vitarelli joins us live from houston with more, hi there, a leash a. >> reporter: hey, guys. tons to be thankful for, this morning. they prayed, and this afternoon, they are partying here at discovery green. this is a massive outdoor park, a public park here in downtown houston. we have been following the wildcats around all day to day but as you mentioned they started their morning in prayer. >> message they got from the father, is, we have to win, we can do this. >> we're all praying. >> yes, we were too.
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>> a hotel ballroom became a house of worship, and father peter donahue villanova's president presiding over sunday mass. >> what did you have a thousand people in there. >> we had over a thousand people in there with us. >> reporter: and inside the halls of the team hotel, it was standing room only, as nova nation received communions and prayed out loud. >> overall, yes. >> i got chills in there. >> reporter: with faith abe emotion running high. >> it what's motional. they earned it. they have earned it. the team has earned it. we're just happy to be here. >> reporter: now i'm crying. happy tears and wildcats ride stronger then ever. >> yes. that v. >> reporter: that v serving two purposes today. >> we did v for villanova a and v for peace. >> reporter: father peter had quite the fan club.
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>> he is a villanova celebrity. he is awesome. we flew out from california. >> reporter: some wildcats even showed up at the final four with a cut out of his face and while he is known for his loving humor, he had a few word for his students, back home. >> celebrate the right way, do you hear me villanova students. >> reporter: for every student, parent and former, he ended today's services with the school song. >> ♪ >> applause. >> reporter: and for all of the alumni like myself that was such a special moment, so like i said, right now, behind me, at discovery green they are partying, right here, in houston. on tonight's agenda there is pit bull, maroon five,
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florida, all performing at this outdoor music festival. we will catch action there coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 i will only say this, this is what we have been doing all day, it is houston, after all. we are live, right here at discovery green in downtown houston a leash a vitarelli for channel six "action news", when in texas. >> the looks good, i like it. we will see you later. thank you. we want to see how you have been cheering on those wildcats. please share your favorite photos and videos with us using the #six abc action. much more to come on "action news" tonight, volunteers spent their sunday sprucing up their homes of more than a dozen people in northeast philadelphia. but plus new jersey lawmakers make another push for state take over of atlantic city. we have details. fresh off their big semi final win, villanova wildcats turn their attention to the one thing that stand in their way of a national title will, the tar heels of north carolina jamie apody has sports when we come right back.
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