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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  April 4, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30. an investigation is underway into the deadly amtrak train derailment in chester. ntsb is working to find out why a backhoe is on the tracks. former judge learns his fate after ordering a defendant be tazed in court. we're hours away from the big game, villanova versus north carolina. the national transportation safety board is working to find out whether a caused an amtrak train to derail killing two people. amtrak is back running on schedule today. the train going from new york to savannah, georgia hit a piece of equipment on the tracks in chester 8:00 a.m. there were 300 people on board at the time. john rawlins is live outside chester city hall now where the
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mayor spoke about the incident a short time ago. john? >> reporter: that's correct, the mayor said the thoughts and prayers of the city officials go out to the family and co-workers of the two dead men. once the safety investigators are done with their job it is hoped that the there will be lessons learned and the rails will be safer in the future. northeast corridor runs through chester. first responders study and train about what could go wrong on the tracks. a lot of is still unknown. how did a regularly schedule southbound train end up striking a right of away construction vehicle a backhoe on a clear, sunny morning. they have the locomotive recording device that will supply the train speed and what the career saw and did approaching the backhoe. we're gathering the facts at this time. we have recovered the event data
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recorder and forward facing video and inward facing video from the locomotive to send to the laboratory in washington, d.c. >> reporter: there are four sets of tracks where the collision occurred. other critical evidence the investigators need what kind of work was being done by maintenance crews at 6th and booth in chester. were they doing the tracks that the palmetto was signed -- signed to or the adjacent tracks. this morning chester officials and public safety officers thanked responders from nearby communities to help with survivors. the train hit the backhoe and work he is in chester momentum carried it into nearby trainer. we received the initial dispatch at 7:54. a vehicle accident on amtrak rail lines and we understood that a passing train hit a backhoe.
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>> reporter: well, as we say still a lot unknown, no word when the ntsb will update their facts. what we know two people are dead they were outside the train working on the track. 341 passengers on the 8-car train 37 injured all with non-life threatening injuries. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." our coverage. deadly train derailment continues at with the latest on the investigation. we posted photos from the crash site and videos of passengers describing the chaotic moments at the scene. turning now to the forecast and accuweather says the chilly temperatures are sticking around a bit. in fact temperatures are expected to dropped tonight a freeze warning is in effect for most of the region. sky6 live hd it's cloudy over penns landing and there's rain coming, as well. meteorologist, david murphy is outside on the terrace with all
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the chilly details. >> reporter: everything, but the kitchen sink. you can get stuff done in mild weather. there's satellite and radar, fairly cloudy, the farther south you go the better chance you have of seeing a break in the clouds. the farther north you go the better chance you have of getting wet. storm tracker 6 live showing you it's lighter precipitation in flemmington, new jersey. and doylestown and allentown and easton you have a break, but you'll be getting wet shortly. there's steadier stuff near reading, the darker shade of green followed by the yellow. you're too far ahead of the cold front and forcing mechanism is in play to keep the steady rain farther east than where you see it right now. the line will be coming closer to philadelphia later this afternoon in time for the evening rush. 59 degrees in philadelphia.
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i'm standing out here without anything other than a suit jacket. it feels okay. 69 degrees down south. up in new york, they are in the 40s and philadelphia close to that line between cooler air to the north an milder air to the south and places that are cooler are probably staying that way the rest of the afternoon. gusty out there, especially down south of the region. temperatures will be mild this afternoon, 66 around 3:00 p.m. staying in the mid 60s through 4:00 p.m. and down 50s and eventually in the 40s and overnight toward morning we get down to the freezing mark. that's why a freeze warning in effect at 1:00 a.m. ends at 10:00 a.m. on tuesday, we are encouraging you to get pot the plants indoors and keep them inside tomorrow because on tuesday into wednesday we do it all over again, temperatures around the freezing mark for two nights in a row, a freeze watch in effect that will no doubt become a warning when we get
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closer to tomorrow night. two real cold ones, that means winter coats tomorrow morning and the morning after. things get better in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. there's another chance of rain coming, i'll have details on that all coming up in the seven day. for now, ahead of the rain not too bad on the terrace. see you back inside. as the rain moves in and the temperatures drop stay with double scan live has you covered with the ups and downs of the forecast. tonight is the night, the villanova wildcats take on north carolina in the ncaa championship game. today on campus the excitement continues to build. that's right a watch party will be held at the pavilion at 8:00. search asked to celebrate responsibly. there will be extra police in and around campus just in case. the cats have not won a championship since 1985.
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jay wright said now it's time. in the houston, where the game is being played, villanova pride can be seen anywhere. our alicia vitarelli a villanova alum herself, great time to be a wild cat. >> reporter: great time fob in houston, it's -- to be in houston it's 80 degrees. while the wildcats get their game faces on many are getting ready for the championship game that means bringing something along, a token a good luck charm they say will insure a wildcats win. we have the villanova dog bandana on the dog, she wears it when we watch the game. >> reporter: everybody has a good luck charm. i've warn the sthing --
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same thing for every game. i wear jay wright's attitude bracelet. so far it's worked out. >> reporter: there's the villa, gnome. he hadn't missed at game. angela has the original hat from the 835 win in lexington kentucky. jay wright know it's a good luck charm. >> reporter: jerry has been following his wildcats for 65 years, his bracelet is his accessory for success. >> reporter: you don't take this thing off? never. he turns 82 this week, he told coach wright time is of the he is scenes. i said coach, this is the one, 81, nothing rhymes with 82.
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>> reporter: villanova president said there's no power greater than prayer. i say a lot of prayers during this. my clothes are all the same away, black and white. >> reporter: he is a funny guy, today it is about blue and white, father peter was my professor and theater director when i was a student at villanova and president of the school. you did notice i picked up a cowboy hat in houston. this is the hat i wore for the win organ saturday night. this is the one i'll be wearing tonight. charlie donly class of 85 we're hoping. we got to do this. i was there in 1985 and this has the same feeling. it does. >> reporter: it feels like -- great bunch of guys, team effort, jay wright is a great coach. one more win, go villanova go
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wildcats wildcats live in houston. >> reporter: brings us home souvenirs, alicia. let's go over to the "action news" big board a look at the photos you our viewers have sent in to show off your villanova team spirit. share your best wildcats pictures and videos on social media using the #6abc action. our live coverage from houston will continue today starting on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. cherry hill police are hoping you can identify a female suspect accused of committing fraud at several td banks in cherry hill. the photos were taken back on march 23. a stolen purse report from the day before is related to the bank incidents. the suspect was seen driving a black chrysler 200 and another vehicle, as well. anyone with information contact
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cherry hill police. next on "action news" at 12:30, tickets to the olympics in rio are not selling like they hoped. alan iverson is getting a huge honor for his time in the nba. details on the announcement for the 11 time all star. details when we come right back.
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in washington state the coast guard came to the rescue of a man who severely injured his leg and got stuck on the jetty. they repelled down to the rocks in the harbor. the 41-year-old victim was flown to seattle for treatment. annual ex-judge in maryland was fined and banned from the event forever. the judge just learned his fate after ordering a defendant to be shocked. it's literally a shocking moment in court. maryland judge robert signally
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caught on camera -- nalley ordering a defendant to stun a defendant in the courtroom. that's dellvon king on the grounds. at at some point during the hearing, he ran out of patients in the newly released video king rights to make a legal argument, but the judge orders him to zip it up. but king keeps talking that's when the judge takes action. use it. >> reporter: the deputy using a stun cuff, sending a 50,000-volt shock through the body. it felt like fire went through my back. >> reporter: the judge taking a permanent break after the incident, maryland's highest court banning him from the bench for life. nally pleading guilty to a
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misdemeanor civil rights violence. the court fined him $5,000 and ordering him to take anger management classes. eva pilgrim abc news new york. brazil is struggling to sell tickets for this summer's olympics. government is considering buying them and giving them to public schools. construction on some olympic facilities are not done. the government is mired in a recession. some are trying to impeach the president, the zika virus, crime and fears of terrorism are problems in brazil. sixers lend alan iverson will be enshrined in the basketball hall of fame. the 6'" tall pick won the league in 2001 when the 6 sixers lost to the lakers in the nba final.
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iverson's 48 point performance is among the sixers greatest prsmances iverson will be enshrined in the hall in september.
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meteorologist dearve dave dave -- david murphy is back with the prum -- plummeting temperatures. >> reporter: repeat tomorrow, too. future tracker 6 shows we have steadier cells pushing north an east of reading. looks like it may pop into areas below allentown and clip allentown and quakertown. there's heavier stuff out to the other side of hamburg and lebanon. most of that will not be as intense as it moves toward the east. ease ton picking up -- easton picking up those sprinkles. as we go out wider the areas
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that are getting rain, that will push toward philadelphia and the evening commute in the i-95 corridor looks wet. sky6 live hd camera bouncing down the shore. the farther south you go from philadelphia, the better chance you have of seeing lingering sunshine. the rain won't make it to the coast until tonight. the winds are building in the south, you can see the gusts in atlantic city. the winds up in the city only running at 7 miles per hour right now. the farther south you go, the blustery it gets. 59 in philadelphia. 66 in millville. 68 very mild in cape may. that southerly push of air bumping into the cooler stuff off to the north with the frontal boundary coming down. that's the demarkation zone where you're getting the rain. you get the warm air is a littling up to colder error different pressures. most of the time is that change
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in temperature. you can clearly see not only where the meeting of the minds is up there, but the related rain. future tracker 6 showing you between now and 3:00 p.m. we'll keep the frontal boundary off to the north. it will be raining mainly in the northern and western suburbs. finally the cold air does crush down to the i-95 corridor. with it we wind up with rain probably during the evening commute. that's the 6:00 p.m. view. looks like at 11:00 p.m., the rain is down the coast and getting away from us. the i-95 corridor we're getting a surge from the south and getting into the mid 60s. farther south you'll get closer to 70 degrees. in allentown and reading and northern bucks and montgomery county you're in the mid 50s. in philadelphia we'll see the temperatures drop, we'll be in the mid 50s at 4 anne 50 degrees by 8:00 p.m. and 44 by 10:00 p.m. tonight.
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from there we see the numbers drop. the 11:00 a.m. temperatures watch what happens by 6:00 a.m. below freezing, below freezing, below freezing. some spots in the 20s. that means you want to get the potted plants in because we have the freezing warning tonight. behind that 46 degrees under the sun. we bounce back a bit. another crush of cold air after that. 66 degrees, clouds, rain moving down from the northern and western suburbs in time for the evening commute. sunny and cold tonight freezing warning tonight. tuesday into wednesday morning, another freeze warning likely. we bounce back to 56 degrees. wednesday will be better. thursday, 63 degrees, shower or thunderstorm. friday, 50 degrees, chance of a spotty shower. 48 on saturday, 54 on sunday and chance of a spotty shower. "dancing with the stars,"
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philadelphia native has approven he has -- proven he has skills on the dance floor. he said he lost 15 pounds. right behind him is male model and meteorologist ginger zee. watch two hours of live dancing tonight right here on 6abc. the curtis symphony orchestra is preparing for its final concert of the season. karen rogers tells us in 6abc loves the arts the student musicians plan to go out with a bang. curtis institute of music is one of the nation's top music conserve to -- conserve
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conservatory. this year's concert is a piece inspired by the sounds of new york city in the early 20th industry. perez is taking you into the heart of the city where you feel like you're on the subway with all the screeches and halts and starts and stops. >> reporter: it is the french composer's tribute to his newly adopted homeland. there's an expanded orchestra and it's full of sound effects from the roar of a lion to a police siren. the orchestra will perform a piece by fellow french composer, clawed debouse. it's fun and clear big beat. for the students the final concert can be emotional.
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a lot of kids will be graduating and this will be their final orchestra concert that's a big deal. thnch perform sunday evening april 17 in the kimmel center verizon hall. go to arts in or go to 6abc loves the arts. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers.
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i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message. temperatures before we go. >> reporter: the temperatures are treating us fairly well this afternoon. mid 50s in the no longer and western suburbs. we are experiencing rain up there right now. in the center city area and i-95 corridor, more like the mid 60s, cloudy and windy we'll get rain later around the evening rush hour. down the shore, it's cooler
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again, inland, millville, dover, 70 degrees. we've got the rain out there that would be descending in through the region and winding up by the coast later tonight. here's a look at the stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. princeton university makes a decision on whether they will keep president woodrow wilson's name on several buildings after complaints from several students. that's coming up on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. don't forget to join us later for "action news" at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. for sarah bloomquist, david murphy, i'm rick williams. have a nice afternoon we'll see you later. go nova! go nova!
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