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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  April 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> i'm brian taff. and the big story is what else? the return of the champs, who are emotionally and literally flying high today. the "action news" team is out covering all the festivities honoring the wildcats. lets bring you back to the airport. sara bloomquist is on wildcat watch. >> reporter: well, that is right the wildcats are touching down here at philadelphia international airport as they make their way back home to villanova. the police are setting the stage on the runway as they prepare for this. we thought it would happen close toward 4:00 now we hear more like 5:00 the planes should arrive and they will taxi out on to the runway and tour buss will pick up the players and the rest of the entourage and the fire department will be doing some type of water arch maybe over the planes or buses. lets go to video from houston, as the team set off for home on
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board these buses with a motorcycle escort. they are expected to get the same treatment on out to the main line. students are assembling to meet with the new national champions. we spoke to natalee, she brought her son mj here, she is a graduate and came to the airport to watch the team's arrival. >> we made the trip we are die hard villanova fans. my whole family are villanova grads, we are jay wright fans and nova fans in every kind of way. >> what did you think with the buzzer beater shot. three points, they won. what did you do? >> we screamed and yells and i think we woke up the entire neighborhood. we were so quited. the chance of the last shot going in it was amazing and we were beyond thrilled. >> yes, go cats and go nova.
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cats win! cats win! >> there it is cats win! cats win! cats win! . we are here at the philadelphia-airport awaiting the arrival of the champions. >> just awesome. we hope the water display doesn't freeze out there. it's so cold. it's going to make it. celebration on campus is going on since the final buzzer. and as soon as the team arrives you better believe that party will kick back into high gear. students have already gathered and the school will hold an official welcome home for the team than is scheduled to start in about an hour. lets go live there now where walter perez is right there with the students. >> reporter: hey guys as you mentioned hundreds of people have already gathered. but before i go further.
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i want to share something. i am involved in sports my whole life. i played sports and covered sports. in case you didn't see last night that was the most jaw dropping thing i have ever seen my whole life in sports and it's so much fun to cover these cats through the post season and through last night's win and coming into the week ahead. a great group of guys. jay wright is such a gentlemen and i have done several interviews with him and i couldn't be happier for him and the area as a whole. they got the win and now you need to get the apparel at the university store. apparently nova nation is the country that doesn't sleep. these villanova fans were waiting in line before the university store opened at 8:00 a.m. >> slept there for two hours this morning. it was really cold. >> all it took to get these fans to forego a good night sleep and
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sleep out in the cold was villanova winning a national championship in great fashion. and she bought her baby wildcat. >> we are so quited. >> ron was there showing off his classic apparel since 1985. >> the bill porter years, the 85 championship and now this. >> not surprisingly the university store national championship gear is selling quickly but store manager ryan schneider says don't worry they are now just getting warmed up. >> the second wave will probably in tomorrow and thursday. a whole bunch of products coming in for the national champ, along with memorabilia like glasses and pendents and pins.
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>> simply put nova nation did not get much sleep last night. once again the big welcome home celebration here at the villanova football field and we'll bring it to you live on 6 abc and on reporting live from the football field at villanova. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right walter you are right about a this team a joy to watch. standup coach and players all the way around. the celebration of the nova national championship is going to continue all week. today the city announced the plans to honor the wildcats. >> including a pared down market street this friday. vernon odom is live at city hall where the parade ends with one huge rally. >> reporter: good evening sharrie and brian, the word from city hall tonight break out the flags and bands and fix a parade. they are anticipating here in just 69 hours, the city will celebrate this victory by
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villanova right here in dillworth park. >> the villanova parade will kick off friday at 20th and market. and then proceed five blocks east down market into dill worth park where the fountains and tulips are flourishing. this has been in the works since friday in case they came through and they did. >> we are happy they won. they are in southeast philadelphia and happy to host it. >> these are scenes from the 85 celebration. they took down georgetown to win the mens title that year. and the tab this time for extra services like police deployment will be picked up by the university. and initial talks and planning began on friday before the reason for the celebration was a real thing. >> we want folks to come into the city whether it's their town or a neighborhood in the city.
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we want them to feel welcome and comfortable to come into philadelphia to help the economy and celebrate big events we are all proud of. >> reporter: well, the added cost to city hall is estimated to be somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. hail to the champions. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right vernon thank you. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report and time to check in with matt pellman. >> lets go it matt. we are not sure which route they will take from the airport to campus, it could cause delays even with a police escort. >> we have the delays already on the route they are likely to take. this is i-95 southbound side come ago way from the airport coming down toward the blue route. they will moek most likely take the blue route to the
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interchange. on the southbound side of 95 we are moving slowly coming away from the airport heading into the sunshine. sun glare delays and afternoon volume contributing and once the police escort rolls through these delays are likely to get even heavier. on the northbound side of 95 they are plenty heavy from task err to cotman this afternoon. it's a stop and go ride with speeds of 10 miles per hour. and slower on the westbound schuylkill from philadelphia to belmont where we had an earlier accident and a crash in middletown township, along 352, the fire and police are there helping you through the accident scene. this is 422, westbound side bumper to bumper from oaks to royersford where there is a crash. and on the eastbound side, a crash on arm and hammer boulevard and royersford police activity for the accidents. 422 is not the best choice,
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ridge pike or 724 are some alternates. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. plank road has a pothole in the road one of many out there right now. we'll keep watching for that bus coming up in a bit. and be back soon. >> thank you. and we are celebrating the wildcats historic win on you can relive the highlights of the game and hear the unforgettable radio call and final moments. and see dozens of nova nation photos and videos from players and fans. >> hundreds and thousands of you shared your celebrations last night on the "action news" facebook page and twitter feed. we invite you to keep sending them in use #6abcaction. and be sure to follow us at 6 abc and like us on facebook just search 6 abc action news.
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>> we were looking at the people outside of the book store this morning because they were contending with snowflakes. lets head to adam joseph tracking the weather. >> this is not the last time this week we'll be bundled up or see the possibility of snowflakes. a live look from temple university and william penn it's sun filled and not a cloud in the sky and it remains chilly. this snapshot from bala cynwyd from the "action news" weather page, from the april snowflakes that accumulated briefly on some of the mulch, it didn't last long and melted quickly but a painful reminder that winter did end a couple of weeks ago. 42 in allentown un42 in reading and 43 dover and millville as well as the shore points, but we continue to feel that wind out
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of the northwesterly direction, it feels like 42 in allentown unfreezing in lancaster and 36 in philadelphia and 36 in millville and atlantic city 37 that is all it feels. but high pressure to the west and north that is what supplied that cold wind during the day but also the brilliant sunshine. this high is going to continue to drift overhead tonight than will relax the wind but that is a bad combination with a clear sky and an arctic type high pressure from canada. because it is going to plummet the temperatures to the north and west. record ties possibly at 18 in allentown and 19 in reading would be record breaking and 26 wilmington and 21 in millville. and this will be a killer for most of those flowers and the fruit trees if they are not protected tonight. tonight will be much colder than it was last night. freeze warnings are up 10:00
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p.m. until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for all the areas where the growing season has begun basically south of the lehigh valley and allentown and reading and lancaster you'll have temperatures in the teens overnight. near 40 today in philadelphia and 37 in allentown and sunshine in the morning and high clouds increase as warmer air starts to push back in. so filtered sun tomorrow afternoon with temperatures right around 50 degrees, the four day at 4:00 forecast, our high tomorrow should hit 54 with the milder afternoon after a bitter cold start and it's rainy, warmer, 61 and even a thunderstorm here on thursday, before it cools back down on friday and breezy and if you are heading down into center city for the parade bundle up, because the winds feel chilly on friday with the windchill and on saturday, another impressive
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cold snap comes in from the north, 45 and 28 again for the low saturday night and we could see a pretty good amounts of rain and snow showers mixing in here for the upcoming weekend. so i tweeted out the snow word is back in our forecast. >> all right. thank you adam. >> you sure? >> i'm just saying that. >> lets go back live along the main line shall we ark live picture here inside of villanova stadium as adam says it's not maybe the warmest day to be outside but the best day to welcome home a champion. we are waiting for villanova to arrive back in the area. we'll continue to keep watch on that. id that. but i'd like to keep being id terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love,
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lancaster avenue, outside villanova university. large crowds again as we await the arrival of the wildcats inside of villanova stadium. >> that of course is where the rally will take place. the unc game barely ended when they call tropical disturbance one of the greatest championship games ever played. lets look back on an instant classic with jeff skversky. you pick the adjective. >> outstanding unbelievable. i can't tell you how much i have seen in my lifetime doing this for a live. this was simply the best. ryan arcidiacono finds kris jenkins that fires up the three at the buzzer. it's what every kid that ever picked up the basketball dreamed of doing, and this for a
4:18 pm
national championship. kris jenkins gave villanova their second national title. >> a kid that moved to d.c. and to have this opportunity to hit the game winning shot from a senior from was unselfish and gave up the ball that could have been the final shot in his career and i'm happy it turned out that way. >> what is going through your mind when that is going through the net. >> did that just happen? >> is this real life? we all piled on him and it was great emotion. >> after the game jenkins also said i think every shot i throw up it going in and that was no different. >> it's great to seem confident but not overconfident. a hungry, humble squad. and they are well coached. jay wright said they were coachable kids and wanted to be coached. a truly likeable squad.
4:19 pm
ryan fanon called the shot during the live radio shot on 610 a.m. listen to this when the ball left jenkins hands. >> two seconds to go and jenkins to win it. he made it! he made the shot at the buzzer! cats win it all! cats win can all! >> our jeff skversky spoke one-on-one with jay wright who had not watched the replay of the famous shot. so jeff took a moment to show it to him. >> great screen by daniel and kris gets into the play and bam wow. >> what is going through your mind watching this. i'm thinking there is going to be time left maybe .7.
4:20 pm
>> you seem so calm -- >> i know it's my job. i have people -- 18 to 22-year-olds out of their minds and i never actually heard that it's over there is no time left. >> i think you won jay. >> i got it now. i got it now. >> said he had to remain the adult on the floor because the team was going crazy. >> he was calm, cool and collected. those word s describe him all season long. >> the party lasted well into the morning and the school canceled classes today perhaps wisely and not many people probably attempted to do their homework last night. jeff is live now. police were also out in full force last night. >> thousands of fans were out on lancaster avenue early this morning after the game and 270 officers took part in this security effort it was led by radnor police who said that villanova students should be
4:21 pm
proud. they were well behaved and only a few incidents. police estimate 10 to 15,000 villanova fans packed lancaster avenue after last night's impressive win. radnor police arrested eight people for minor offenses. >> small fires and shrubbery that was removed and two assaults and one dui. and a couple of things thrown at a fire truck. with villanova winning that made it even better because dealing with people that are celebrating are a lot better than dealing with people that are disappointed. >> a more eye opening number may be the 37 injured but most of those were treated on scene as the university set up its own triage. >> you hear oh, my gosh there was 37 injuries, that is not the case at all. we had physicians on site to avoid a trip to the er. >> students say the celebration
4:22 pm
was a once in a lifetime opportunity and while frigid after the game the adrenalin of a national championship is a moment they will never forget. >> it was insane, i didn't know what to say everyone was screaming and running and i didn't know what to do so i just ran out. >> everybody came out and it was completely breathless, people were screaming and climbing on everything in sight. it was unreal. >> as you can see behind me lancaster avenue is again bustling with activity as people make their way into the stadium for the second celebration. i'm live on the villanova campus, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the wildcats are on this week's cover of "sports illustrated" with the headline, super nova it captures the moment that kris jenkins game winning shot left his fingers. how they rebounded from an early
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tournament loss last year to last night's epic win. "action news" will be right back. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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a nasty crash sent three people to the hospital in buck county. three cars collided in northampton township. first responders directed traffic around the scene. police arecil investigating the cause. the prime minister of iceland resigned today after growing political pressure, it comes two days after 11 million documents about offshore companies and tax shelters were leaked. his name was allegedly linked to an offshore account. other people named in the leak include friends of russian president, vladimir putin and relatives of leaders in china and britain and pakistan.
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a controversial religious freedom bill is now law in mississippi governor bill bryant signed it allowing churches and religious organizations using their beliefs to refuse service to gay couples. it protects anyone opposed to same sex marriage and it has drawn backlash from gay rights group saying it will allow discrimination. police in claymont is alooking for a teenager who tried to rob a bank. tynesia passed a note to the teller to give her cash and they say she tried to rob a pnc on newcastle on friday and a wsf branch in newark. a new donation will make sure more local families have
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access to healthy food. philabundance is receiving a $15,000 feeding america grant through 6 abc and our parent company disney, that money will help distribute fresh and local fruits and vegetables to people in the delaware valley and the donation is part of disney's share the joy campaign to help fight hunger. 6 abc president, and general manager, bernie prazenica stopped by to help make this announcement. back to villanova, they are gearing up once again, we are told that villanova's plane is a half hour from landing, and they will board a bus and ultimate nightly arrive right there on the 50 yard line after winning the ncaa tournament in another stadium where football is played. the party continues on villanova campus just gearing up this
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. "action news" at 4:00 continues and how about this? a live picture at philadelphia international airport where we are of course awaiting the arrival of the ncaa basketball
4:31 pm
champions, the villanova wildcats, we are watching every plane that goes by in the sky, and the word is we are 30 minutes out from landing and we'll bring you live pictures as soon as they are on the ground. meanwhile students are in place at villanova stadium ready to welcome home their players with a pep rally. it should get underway in a half hour or so. dann cuellar is live smack dab in the middle at the 50 yard line. quite a party. >> the stage is set behind me, all set to go for this homecoming victory rally. the fans have already gathered here and we have about 300 to 400 fans that have gathered here -- [ cheers and applause ] -- i'm really surprised they are able to yell after all the yelling and screaming from last night during and after last night's victory.
4:32 pm
here is more -- [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, it's really crazy they deserve it so much they seem like such sweet, humble boys and it's nice to see them get what they wanted. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm on cloud 9 it was a once in a lifetime experience. >> my voice is not here all the way. it was everyone screaming and i was all the way down in bryn mawr and walked all the way back. >> in the cold chill. >> everybody was high fiving each other, you don't even know the people passing you by. >> i went to bed at 6:00 a.m. and woke up around 10:00 so not a lot of sleep. >> you are one of the first in line. >> yes, we wanted to come and try to get a picture with kris jenkins. >> and the villanova flag. >> it feels great yesterday felt like a dream come true. it was amazing, i still can't believe it happened. >> all the analysts were stacked
4:33 pm
up against us and the underdog through almost the whole tournament. through the entire tournament. just saying. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and as you can see here the scoreboard is set to last night's score, 77-74 with kris jenkins making the incredible three-pointer in the last seconds of game. the plane is set to land at 5:05 but we are all set to go. >> all right dann thank you. we tested the limits last night in our house without waking up the kids. there are so many filling up the stadium. jaime apody is in the stadium with another group of fans.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: i'm here with my favorite villanova fans. look at these kids, they are pumped up and i actually have a huge group of cousins here, i'm up here. so one thing i love so much about this whole run is that it has reached fans of all ages, shapes and sizes. you see my group of fans you may say some of them should not have been up until midnight. many told me they stayed up and watched the rest of the game. colin you watched the whole game? >> yes. >> what happens when kris jenkins sunk the winning shot? >> i was a wreck. >> heard colin he was a wreck and he is a huge villanova fan, in fact where do you want to play basketball one day, show them your jumper. we have a whole bunch going on
4:35 pm
here, and matty and everyone made signs, can you hold up your signs. they want to show the players these signs, these are hand made signs, aren't these great? i love these. everybody is pumped up to see the players arrive here from houston victorious, i love that this championship will be remembered by these guys forever, because you know coming from philadelphia you grow up not seeing a championship for a long time. and it may inspire them to be villanova basketball players. here my little friends went to school today because they are good students despite they were tired. what was your reaction when they won? >> my whole family was jumping up and down and screaming. >> give me an example of the scream? >> you hear that? it's a legitimate scream.
4:36 pm
what a fantastic night. i was on social media all last night and this is a cool note. a lot of you know that david, the actor from bones, his dad dave roberts used to be our weather man. he said for his prediction, villanova wins it with a three-pointer at the buzzer. he called it and that is exactly what happened. i'm having a blast with my mini fans, guys get excited. [ cheers and applause ] . live in the football stadium. channel 6 "action news." lets hear a go nova. >> go nova! >> i was also following him on twitter last night and ended up buying drinks for everybody down at kelly's. >> a psychic saying they will win on a three point shot.
4:37 pm
villanova classes are canceled and students have plenty of time to hit the campus book store for brand new champion gear. it's hot off the presses from a nike factory in new jersey. some fans got there before the book store even opened and waited in line outside the cold. as you can see, snow showers there all for a chance to show their wildcat pride. >> it's so worth it, we love our school so much. we are excited. >> it's a mad house but we have enough product and we are ready to go. >> the campus book store manager says a second wave of merchandise will come in to meet the high demand. >> can you still get on the band wagon, come down to the parade center city celebrating nova nation. the parade will kick off 1:00 friday afternoon and start at the intersection of 20th and market street and proceed east
4:38 pm
along dillworth park. villanova worked with city leader to finalize the route this morning. >> and we are celebrating the historic win on relive the highlights of the game and hear the unforgettable radio call of the final moments and see dozens of photos and videos of players and fans. and hundreds of thousands of you shared your celebrations last night on the "action news" facebook page and twitter feeds, we invite you to keep those coming in show your love for nova nation, with #6abcaction we are at 6 abc and like us on facebook we are it's your up to the min update of everything going on. people are ready to get outside for the rally. >> hey it's sunny, that is a positive. but chilly especially in the stadiums, the wind whips in and funneled around but they will be jumping up and down and they
4:39 pm
will warm quickly. for the high in philadelphia, only 44 degrees today. 16 degrees below average and today was a little more typical of what february would bring us. in fact, as we look at other numbers, 42 in new york city and 28 right now in syracuse. and freezing in burlington, vermont and boston they are still digging out from almost a half foot of snow at 36 degrees and windchilled they are pulling in from the north and even worse to look at. 17 in syracuse and 22 in burlington and 29 in boston and for us locally around 36 degrees, high pressure is to the north and west and the high brings in a clear sky overnight tonight and that settles through and relaxes the wind and a freeze warning in effect at 10:00 tonight and lasts until 9:00 tomorrow morning. again, protect the tender vegetation, the tulips and
4:40 pm
daffodils and fruit trees small enough to cover, because those temperatures go to brutal levels killing indeed for the vegetation, because we'll go to record lows, allentown 1 degrees and 19 in reading that would be record breaking and atlantic city airport 24. all of these from 182 and wilmington and philadelphia will be shy of the record but we'll drop back into the 20s and by tomorrow afternoon high clouds coming in a little bit warmer after the cold start with temperatures into the lower and middle 50s. but we are not done with these brutally cold overnight lows or the chance of snow showers we'll talk about that coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you adam. we continue to be on wildcat watch, a live look at philadelphia international airport we are awaiting the team to arrive. and their next mode of transportation is right there on the ground, the buses you see is what they will board, one plane
4:41 pm
has already arrived. that was carrying father peter, the university president and other university officials this afternoon, no doubt they are super excited. his prayers well answered this week.
4:43 pm
turning to the race for the white house now. it is primary day in wisconsin. polls there show both party front runners donald trumpp hillary clinton lagging behind their main challengers trying to close the gap with wins tonight. stephanie ramos has more from the campaign trail in madison, wisconsin. >> reporter: the candidates are crisscrossing the state in wisconsin trying to stir up support while gop insiders say that if donald trump doesn't win wisconsin tonight it will be difficult for him to clinch the nomination. voters at the polls voting
4:44 pm
today. donald trump is not giving up on the badger state. >> people here are amazing and they don't want other countries taking their jobs. >> they say that mexico will pay to build a wall and the president calling it impractical. >> i do have to emphasize it's not just mr. trump's proposals, you are hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals which in some ways are just as draconian. >> if trump wins he has a chance of winning the majority of delegates, if he loses it's likely to be a contested convention. bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton in the polls and he is feeling confident. >> you see this bernie sanders' campaign office you would think it was busy, it's not they are out at the polls trying to get this crucial win for sanders.
4:45 pm
>> it's very important it could make or break somebody. >> and sanders talks to voters in milwaukee, hillary clinton is nowhere near wisconsin instead making an appearance on "the view" hoping to solidify a win in the next primary state, new york. here 3.75 million people are expected to turn out to vote but because wisconsin has some of the strongest voter i.d. laws, some can't get in. >> looks even colder there than its here today. my goodness not as cold as that. >> lets get a check of the roaded now. matt pellman has the update. >> our primary problem at this point is heavy traffic on the highways this afternoon, good thing villanova has the police escort because the way it is going it's pretty congested. most likely they will come down 95 to the northbound side of the blue route, where traffic looks
4:46 pm
like this. moving really slowly off 95 to the route 1 media bypass and southbound you are severely delays and travel time is nearly double what it should be. whether they come north or south, they will see delays and hopefully the police escort will help them get through quickly. >> not far from the old granite run mall, a crash at baltimore pike at middletown road and the fire police helping you through that area. in middletown township bucks county, there was a vehicle fire along 95 southbound side by business 1, just 14 miles per hour there and even though the fire is out. they just towed away the vehicle that was on fire earlier. both lanes just reopened past business 1 and still sluggish with speeds in the teens. just 10 miles per hour on the northbound side of 95 close to washington avenue where there is a crash on the shoulder and that delay extends the whole way
4:47 pm
through the work zone at cotman. a slow go on 95 and slow go on the schuylkill with speeds in the teens and slow go 422, stop and go from royersford and traffic is moving better than the last half hour. but a crash in evesham township on 70 eastbound at elwood road. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. lets go back live now to philadelphia international airport where we are again awaiting the villanova wildcats to land from texas back here in our area to celebrate the big win. they are the last team standing. new vehicles have arrived to help get them to their destination. >> you know it's getting close. that is the motorcade be police are about to escort the players as soon as they arrive. that will happen any minute. live coverage on "action news" as we continue this afternoon. t.
4:48 pm
now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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4:50 pm
spring sunshine is deceiving and it's awfully cold time-out there. >> i wrote on facebook and twitter about the snow showers and freeze warnings. april fools day was a couple of days ago. you shouldn't be tricking us. but there is no trick. we have a winter-like seven-day forecast. but the action cam was capturing some sights of spring with the weeping cherry trees that many of us are weeping if you are a garden lover especially with the overnight lows going to drastic levels even record breaking levels. as we look at double scan live radar a lot of sunshine doing very little to warm us this afternoon and then we kind of bump the numbers up the next couple of days before they slam back down over the weekend. taking a snapshot here, a photo sent into our facebook page. from wynnewood, pennsylvania, you can see the snow lightly
4:51 pm
dusting the tabletops here outside and quickly melts but just a sure sign that winter is trying to hold on. 42 right now allentown as well as trenton and 44 philadelphia and 43 in millville and mid his at the shore and the state of delaware, but that does not tell the entire story. we still have the northwesterly winds some are just above the freezing point on how it feels on exposed skin out of the northwest and mt. pocono it feels like 23 degrees, a lot of clear skies after the clouds this morning and a hit or two from the light snow showers, the high pressure to the north and west. that moves in overnight tonight and with high pressure closer by, that relaxes the wind. with the clear sky that is a perfect recipe for the numbers to really drop off. 18 in allentown could be record tying, 19 record breaking in trenton and 21 in millville and
4:52 pm
the atlantic city airport 24 degrees, so another night with a freeze warning almost area wide. it does not include the far northwest because technically the growing season hasn't begun there but you'll have the freezing temperatures tomorrow morning. tomorrow filtered sunshine and milder afternoon and then a front approaches and rain arrives and even a thunderstorm on thursday, the temperatures go back up to 61 but comes with a half inch to inch of rain before colder air funnels in behind the system. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a cold start but milder afternoon at 54 and warm thursday and rainy and again a thunderstorm at any time during the day. and friday breezy and cooler for the parade, the victory parade for villanova downtown. 53 and dry but bundle up it will be breezy on the shady side of those downtown center city buildings and then rain and snow showers on saturday. a high of 45 and overnight lows go back into the 20s for
4:53 pm
everybody. chilly start sunday and high of only 46 and then finally much milder for the phillies home opener back into the 60s and rain likely on tuesday. so that word snow is back for the weekend with highs only in the 40s and overnight lows again only in the 20s. >> adam thank you. >> we keep saying thank you. we are just being polite. >> lets go live back to villanova's campus and inside of villanova stadium. you can see the fans there gathering for the big rally and the welcome home they will give their winning team. of course when they make their way from the airport to the campus. of course we are waiting for the wildcats to land.
4:54 pm
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now, to a look at how the closing numbers faired on wall street. the dow down 134 points and the nasdaq up 38 points and the s&p
4:56 pm
falling 21 points on the day. facebook debuts a new feature to help visually impaired users, the new artificial intelligence system can describe photos in detail so the blind can enjoy the social network. it will have a limited vocabulary at first but will build it up over time. fight night is coming to villanova campus but all for a good cause. seth williams is putting on boxing gloves for fight night on april 30th at 7:00 p.m. icon bernard hopkins was there to help promote the event and tickets start at $40 and benefits the urban league of philadelphia. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, adam joseph, i'm brian taff. join me tonight at 10:00.
4:57 pm
on phl 17. now, here are rick williams and monica malpass also joined with ducis rogers today with a look ahead at 5:00. >> hi guys thank you. coming up next on "action news" our coverage of villanova's championship continues, we are reporters all over villanova's campus and we have the latest as the homecoming celebration is about to begin. >> the team is about to land and we will welcome them home as the heroes they are in the sports world and beyond. vo: president obama endorses
4:58 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. ryan arcidiacono seconded at mid court. gives it to jenkins for the championship! >> it was truly the call heard around the delaware valley and the world. kris jenkins beat the buzzer in houston to bring home a national title to villanova. >> every time it's definitely going up. >> the wildcats are celebrating
5:00 pm
a championship run. and getting ready to show off their new hardware here at home. [ applause ] >> and that was the thrill reaction that the fans gave when they saw what happened. a buzzer beater to take it all. they are gearing up for the big welcome home. forget partying like it's 1985, they are ready to celebrate like it is, 2016 tonight. the big story on "action news" is the big party at villanova in honor of the 2016 national champion, wildcats. >> i can watch that shot over and over again, the team is about to land from houston at the philadelphia international airport and they will go back to campus where thousands of fans are awaiting their arrival. chopper 6 hd is live of phl right now, we are following the team bus all the way to the stadium. once it leaves the airport and the championship rally will get


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