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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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is killing crops around the region. a big shake up tonight in the sixers front office, "action news" is next. thank you, philadelphia. >> bernie sanders, barn storming in the city of brotherly love tonight. and thousands upon thousands turnout to hear him speak. but democratic front runner
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hillary clinton was also rallying support in philadelphia today, pennsylvania is the new battle ground, in the latest race for president. wednesday night, jim's off, i'm's rick williams. the big story on "action news" is democratic dual as they both hope to return to philadelphia at the convention this summer as nominee. a "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at temple university's liacouras center tonight the where bernie sanders just addressed thousands of supporters, dann? >> reporter: rick, bernie sanders electrified a crowd of over 11,000, who stood in line for hours, outside, waiting to get in. he also spoke with us on a one on one interview about the campaign and his chances of beating hillary clinton which pundits say his chances are slim despite recent string of victories. >> thank you, philadelphia. >> reporter: it was a standing only crowd at liacouras center
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to sianni hear bernie sanders but lines outside stretched almost a mile, several blocks long and number of people wide after winning the last seven of eight contests, sanders believes he has momentum in the campaign for democratic nomination is heading for a contested convention despite those who say the numbers just don't add up. >> i think we have a real hot shot to win this. i think we have momentum. i think we have the energy. i think we have the idea that are resonating a cross this country. >> reporter: in an interview before his rally, he tells me he is not concerned that the clinton campaign has had enough and plans press him hard to stop his momentum. >> i'm not intimidated by them at all. i guess they are getting nervous. they are getting nervous because they are, sensing that the american people are not the supportive of the candidate who receives millions of dollars, from wall street. >> reporter: he says he believes his message is resonating particularly among young people because he advocates for things they believe in like making public college and universities tuition free. as far as free college tuition
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how do we pay for that. >> we pay for that for a tax on free wall street speculation. it is free tuition at public colleges and universities. >> reporter: his support are point to a number of reasons why they support sanders over hillary clinton. >> i'm african-american. i feel like bernie is more for the community then hillary really is. >> i think bernie sanders stand for women's rights better than hillary does which is saying a lot because hillary is a woman. >> hillary clinton, you know, her views on gay rights, we don't, i can trust her to a point but not fully. >> reporter: indicative of how this race is heating up, hillary clinton now saying that the sanders camp has not been qualified to be president and tonight sanders responded by saying hillary is not qualified because she's taking millions have of dollars from her super packs and special interests groups. live outside the liacouras center, dann cuellar for channel six "action news". meanwhile, hillary clinton came out swing to go day,
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against his democratic rival saying he is making unrealistic promises without a plan on how to deliver if he wins. >> every candidate asking for your vote owes it to you to be clear about how we are actually going to keep our promises. the former secretary of state today also lashed out at republican, donald trump and ted cruz, and saying they are looking to gut union and promote corporate interest over working class americans. mrs. clinton also spoke at a round table a long side mayor jim kenney today at a philadelphia agency dedicated to helping unemployment residents, find jobs. the top two republicans were focused on a a single state the today. donald trump and ted cruz both campaigned in new york ahead of that state's primary two weeks from now. trump holds a wide lead there right now but still he lashed out on what he calls the republican establishment, blaming it in part for his big loss to ted cruz, in wisconsin
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last night. now, to a developing story, from the sixers front office. the president and general manager, is out. sam hinkie resigned tonight, and for all of the developing details on this innings isers shake up, we will turn to jamie apody, hi. >> hi rick not the good when your record as gm is 47 wins and 195 losses. sam hinkie, didn't last three years after sending a 13 page resignation letter to the team owner ship group. hinkie was one who spearheaded dismantling of the roster. his attempts to rebuild team through high draft picks have not worked. the last straw came when team brought on jerry colangelo to be chairman of the basketball operations. reports are sixers were in negotiation toss add colangelo's son brian to the front office which prompted hinkie's resignation. in his letter he wrote given all of the changes to our organization i no longer have the confidence that i can make good decisions on behalf of investors in the sixers... you.
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i should step down and i have have. brian colangelo is expect to be hinkie's replacement. we will have a statement from managing partner josh harris later in sports. >> okay, see you then, thank you, jamie. villanova students... villanova students are getting another day off this week to celebrate the national champions. university and law school canceled classes on friday, so people can attend the parade. the ad minute straightors are encouraging everyone to use the time to join in the festivities, and the school is working with septa to sell one day passes to get down to center city. parade kicks off from 20th and mark at 1:00 o'clock sharp and heads east to market to dilworth park in front of the city hall. the parade will impact drivers in center city. we have these closures to tell you b market street from 15th to 23rd, will be block off getting and beginning at 11:00 . the as well as 15th street from jfk boulevard to chestnut. cross traffic will dependent
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on whether the parade has moved past the intersection yet. if you cannot get down to the parade we have the best seat in the house right here. "action news" will broadcast villanova's victory parade in its entirety, our special coverage starts friday at 1:00 r "action news" at the noon. we will stream the parade on line at six in other news tonight, a atlantic city is taking steps to avert a threatened shut down this friday. city council unanimously approved a measure that changes payroll for city workers from a two week cycle will to every four weeks. they are hoping that will buy them sometime and sure to shut down non-essential services for about two months. but it is not a long term solution. today governor chris christie came to ac to blast mayor don guardian as a liar who has quote, zero idea what he has been talking b mayor guardian no longer supports a state take over because he does not believe the bill will protect city workers. all right.
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talking temperatures tonight. we are looking at much milder a air moving in compared to near record lows from this morning. pack the umbrella tomorrow and soggy weather is also on the way. meteorologist cecily tynan is live outside otter ace with the preview of that accu weather forecast and also has some snow this weekend, cecily. >> possibility of some snow showers over the weekend, a blast of winter this weekend, but tomorrow, will be dealing with some rain. storm tracker six live double scan is showing that there is a a low pressure north of detroit that will pull up into canada but we have a trailing cold front through ohio valley, tennessee valley, deep south and that is what will be swinging through, during the day tomorrow. so future tracker is showing those showers will start to get a little bit closer earlier in the morning around 9:00 o'clock. then that system will intensify by the middle of the day. this is what to expect? take the umbrella, you will need it. light showers for morning rush. heaviest band of rain between 9:00 in the morning and 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, also, there is
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enough instability we can even get some thunderstorms and then another wave, of energy, moving through in the evening and that will bring us some showers. the good news is there is not all bad news, it is pretty mild ahead of the system. temperatures right the new close to 50 degrees. they will be a actually rising overnight and tomorrow we're looking at temperatures around 60 degrees, despite the rain, but yes, there is a blast of winter on the way this weekend. we will have a all of the details on that coming up with the full accu weather seven day forecast, rick. >> cecily, we will see new a few minutes, thank you. unseasonably cold weather has created a number of casualties as far as crops are concerned. local farmers say some of their springtime fruits and veggies are in jeopardy. "action news" reporter christie ileto has the store friday sewell, new jersey tonight. >> we have berries ruin. that berry is ruin. >> reporter: few nights of tumbling temperatures are crippling david duffield sweet charlie strawberries. >> i believe 50 to 60 percent at this point are damaged, maybe more.
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the other stages may not be hurt at all because they are not even blooming. >> reporter: same store which some of the peach trees. >> it is browner. grayer. and it is not right. see we're losing what we work so hard to take care of. >> as temperatures go below 20's, the loss is substantial. >> reporter: doctor gohill says area farmers are reporting some crop damage because of the unseasonable cold but says it is still too early to tell how severe. still last month's random warm up didn't help. >> the flowers started, or buds started to push much earlier then they normally would and as a reason, you know, when we have cold temperatures now, and the flowers are opened, they tend to get damaged. >> reporter: how much damage do you think this is costing. >> thousands of dollars for us. >> reporter: fortunately he grows a variety of vegetables and some of which are not even
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in bloom which means a portion of the crop is impacted by the roller coaster weather. can any of these be salvaged at all. >> yes, we have strawberries along here and these yellow flowers that i show you here, they will be doing fine as long as we make it through next cold spell. >> reporter: farmers must do what they can to protect what is left of the crop. it is not over yet especially as we hit another cold dip later in the week. in sewell, new jersey, christie ileto, channel six a "action news". septa police are looking for the man who punched an unsuspecting trolley driver, on his way out the door. here's the video from monday, march 29th from the route 101 trolley. man in the blue camouflage coat ace parentally upset that he missed his stop and as he exits, right there he throws a punch at trolley operator. it a peers the suspect was sleeping, missed his stop and demanded that the driver dropped him off in an unauthorized area. in gloucester county investigation continues into this nasty one vehicle
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accident that sent six people to the hospital earlier this evening. chopper six was over the scene here on route 295 near the route 322 exit in logan township. for some reason the driver lost control and then the van crashed and overturn. some of the victims were thrown from the vehicle, two of them were seriously hurt. still no word on what sparked a deadly shooting in delaware county. a man shot and killed here on the 700 block of atlantic avenue in upper darby. it happen late this afternoon. upper darby police have yet to identify the victim as the search continues for his killer. investigators in new jersey have busted child pornography ring that netted 16 suspects, including a bus driver, factory worker, insurance company employee and even a teenager. but what many considered most disturbing is that one of those arrested is this man, a local elementary schoolteacher, identified as 36 year-old thomas guzzi, junior a fifth grade teacher at winslow elementary in wine land. authorities say he and other suspects were sharing videos
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that were more than disturbing. >> these videos show very young children being coerced into performing sexual acts on themselves or others, including child rape. >> some of the victims in the the videos were infant and toddlers. guzzi has been on unpaid leave since being arrested in february. and still to come on "action news" tonight, alcohol induced turbulence. we will show you surveillance video of that co pilot who was allegedly drunk before getting on a flight before philadelphia a. also danger on roosevelt boulevard, the city's new plan to make it safer. cecily. it is anywhere from 11 to 23 degrees warmer then this time last night but i'm tracking more cold air for the weekend along with the chance of snow. i will have more details on the rain tomorrow coming up with the full accu weather seven day forecast. and jamie apody is back with the president's congratulations call to jay wright, that and much more when "action news" comes right
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video of the american airlines co pilot, who was arrested for allegedly trying to fly to philadelphia while under the influence. the surveillance video of the detroit metropolitan airport shows john maguire going through security last month. later chad forward man is seen handcuffed before being taken into custody, just before take off. authorities say maguire registered blood alcohol level of .081, which is twice the legal limit for flying. work is underway on the memorial for the victims of that center city building collapse. officials broke ground today at the site of the 22nd and market. six people were killed back in june of 2013. when the building under demolition toppled on to the ad jays event salvation army store. the contractor and the excavator operator are both serving prison time for their involvement. a victim's mother hopes the memorial send a message that safety should always take precedence over development. >> by remembering those who
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died here, the memorial will serve as an enduring reminder, that no land development plan, no parking lot, no office tower, and profits that they may generate is more precious, then a human being. >> new memorial park is said said to be finished sometime in the fall. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney announced a plan to make big safety changes to roosevelt boulevard. kenney says 14-mile stretch of roads that runs from broad street to bucks county is too dangerous. there have been more than 3,000 crashes reported in the past five years, many of which were fatal. so the city is launching a three-year, five million-dollar traffic study, residents will have a chance to suggest improvements at five public forums, this month. temple university has a enlisted its graduate students to crackdown on under grad partying. the test run of the new program begins tomorrow. officials say that it is in response to complaints of the
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drinking, and parties at apartment off campus. a team of three to six grad students will patrol off campus housing, thursday through saturday night. they will tell police about trouble spots. fines for under aged drinking will increase for well from $500 to $750 for a second offense. it was a packed house at beaumont elementary school in devon for hearing of the construction of the retail project. the the site on lancaster avenue would house several shops as well as restaurants and a residential building. it would be built with water lou gardens won stood. opponents are concerned about noise, parking and height of the residential buildings. the white house says it decided to move money from ebola a treatment and prevention to the battle against the zik a a virus. just under 600 million-dollar from the ebola a fund will be devoted to battling zika in puerto rico and fit moves in the united states. the funds will go towards
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research and development of a vaccine and toward controlling mosquitoes. president obama has requested $1.9 billion to fight z ika. white house says that full amount is still needed. ♪ >> country music has lost a legend, merrill haggard died at his home in california. the country music hall of famer was a a true musician who released dozens of number one hits. his life was the stump of his songs. he was son of the oklahoma migrants, grew up in a boxcar, did a stint in prison and lived his life on the road. today was haggard's seventh ninth birthday. he died surrounded by family. and cecily is back with the closer look at that forecast. >> yes, you know, it has been a crazy month so far and that continues. rapist the way. storm tracker six live double scan showing that it has not arrived just yet. kind of the calm before the storm but the a action cam,
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taking a look by city hall which is pretty quiet tonight, but, of course, dilworth park is going to be just mobbed with people on friday afternoon for the victory parade and fortunately weather will be dry. we will get rid of the rain on the cool side. but right now, temperatures not bad. 49 degrees. made it up in the lower 50's today. temperatures essentially holding steady. allentown is 46. cape may 50. wilmington 49. trenton 43 degrees. part of the reason why it is so much warmer then last night is fact that we have cloud cover insulating the earth. we have those wind out of the south pulling up that warmer air, that southerly flow ahead of the storm system that is moving in. this cold front will cross our region during the day tomorrow and that will bring us, period of rain. so the morning commute, lots of clouds, there will be a few showers around. i think showers will be on the right side. temperatures rising overnight. it is not a cold morning. 6:00 o'clock 54 degrees.
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by 8:00 o'clock 55. future tracker timing out showers. a around 9:00 o'clock philadelphia probably not a lot of action but could see showers in the western suburbs. a a few more along the coast. it really fills in as we get closer to lunchtime. 11:30, a band of heavy rain, perhaps even some embedded thunderstorms will be moving west of philadelphia. it intensifies and crosses philadelphia around 1:00 o'clock and then really confined to south jersey by 3:30. we will get a break in the action before another piece of energy rolls rolls through around 8:00 o'clock. that will bring us a few more showers and another rum rumble of thunder and then everything dries out by friday. once we get behind a cold system like this we get a sinking air. so that really dries out the atmosphere. so it will be sunny, at least part thely sunny for victory parade on friday with the cool breeze. definitely bundle up. at 11:00 o'clock, 48 degrees. noon, 49 when parade kicks
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off. temperatures about 50 degrees. by 3:00 he clock 52 but we will have wind up to 20 miles an hour. this is center city. wind can funnel through those buildings. so you do want to bundle up. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow period of rain. high of 63. perhaps a thunderstorm. dry, partly sunny, breezy and cool on friday. 54 degrees. look at what happens over the weekend. saturday the high only 43 degrees, as a clipper rolls rolls through. could bring us some rain or snow showers. it wouldn't be surprised if some areas see a grass accumulation. overnight low, dropping below freezing, saturday night, the high on sunday, 48 but feeling cool ever with the wind, and then on monday, for the phillies home opener, we will warm it up to 59 degrees but mostly cloudy with a possibility of some showers. tuesday another rainy day, 66. finally by wednesday, a weather settle down and mixture of sun and clouds and high of 60. it takes about a week before we get a nice, quiet weather
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day. >> so much for that groundhog punxsutawney phil. >> he should be fired. >> i didn't say that. >> he heard you. >> he did. >> if you cannot wait for next installment of star wars we have great news, disney, parent company of six abc. tomorrow on good morning america you can see a exclusive first look at teaser trailer for upcoming film, rogue1 a star wars story. film is not a sequel to the force awakens but whole new story set in the star wars universe. you can only see it tomorrow morning right here on six a abc.
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the sudden sixers shake up tonight. >> yes, this whole organization having some tough times this year. sam hinkie said sixers losing was so stressful he lost 20 pounds in two months. tonight stress got to him and he resigned. a "action news" has learned hinkie was not happy to learn jerry colangelo was planning to add his son brian to the front office. in a 13 page letter he sent to the team's ownership group, hinkie said, i know longer have confidence that i can make good decisions on behalf of investors in the sixers, you. so i should step down and i have. hinkie has been at helm since 2013 when he dismantled the roster and rebuild through high draft picks. that obviously has not worked. flyers hadn't lost back to back games in february. they pick a bad time to change. that they don't get any bigger then this game and flyers didn't play like they understood. first period in detroit in, front of the steve mason. darren helms knocks it in. one to nothing red wings.
11:29 pm
puck gets pass jay voracek and, then, the red wings with the break away shorthanded goal. flyers shut out three to nothing. they hold on to a second wild cart spot. they must go two-zero and one to guarantee a trip without help. doesn't matter if you are chris jenkins, philadelphia a hero, you have to get back to class. back to business as usual for champion wildcats today. jay wright took phone calls like any other normal day, one of which happened to be from president barack obama a. >> your team showed grit, and, you know, really high character team, throughout this thing. it was a pleasure to watch. >> obama said he can't wait to meet the team. that will be last college hoops team he gets to have in the white house at the office and jay, how did that go. >> president obama was cool, as usual, very, he talked about the game and about it was the best college ncaa
11:30 pm
final ever. he talked about chris jenkins, he said tell chris jenkins he was really cool. >> did jay tell thaw obama said thaw are pretty cool too? >> he did tell me that and that is cool. that is real cool. actually cool good i love that kid. >> you can have the best seat in the house right here, we will have live coverage friday at 1:00 p.m. on six abc. we will be streaming live on six we will have more right after this.
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well, the phillies bull pen did his not appear to be a strong suit this year. first inning continuing where his hot spring led off miguel franco despite cold night, hit a two run home run in the win. two to nothing phillies. aaron nola, only allowed four hits in seven innings and
11:34 pm
matched career high with eight strike outs. unfortunately he could not pitch the whole game. the bull pen blew it again. he gave up three singles in this walk off rbi double. phillies fall three-two. they had an eighth inning lead in both games and they have not a win to show for it. >> good thing it is a long season. >> only two games. >> jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy, karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, jamie apody, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. we will see you right back here, tomorrow. good night. >> ♪
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