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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this friday night, it will be dry. however, when you wake up around 7 o'clock in the morning we do have this band of precipitation and you can see how north and west of philadelphia it's going to be snow. south and east it will be rain and that really is the main flavor of the entire day. it all depends on where you live. expected accumulations if you are north of the pennsylvania turnpike, this is all going to be snow. it will be wet snow and it will be accumulating on the grassy surfaces. most of that will be melting on the pavement. if you get right along the i-95 corridor, it's going to be a mixture of snow and rain. when it's precipitation heavily rating heavily it will be snow, when it's lighter it will be rain and south and east of i-95 this is mainly going to be a rain event. taking a look at the time line it will be arriving between about 6 o'clock and niney 9 o'clock i9 o'clockin the morn. steadiest between 9:00 and
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five:: 5:00. we could have wind gusts of 45 miles per hour and what that wind will do is pull down some very cold air so a freeze watch has been posted. 11 o'clock saturday until 10 o'clock sunday so you know the drill. if you have any outdoor plants you do want to cover them up on saturday night because it is going to be very cold. i'll talk more specifically about how much snow to expect where you live coming up in there full accuweather forecast. rick. >> all right cecily. thank you. of course with snow in the forecast this weekend, believe it or not, stay with and storm tracker6 live radar for the very latest and be sure to follow the members of our "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter for updates. >> ♪ all right. and now our big story, tens of thousands celebrated the villanova wildcats' historic ncaa championship this afternoon. >> the villanova victory parade ended a few hours ago. thousands of fans wearing blue and white lined market street in center city. the men's basketball team cheerleaders and the band all
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took part. the procession included cardinal o'hara high school marching band and members of the 1985 national champion wildcats team. the winning team rode atop a double decker bus. he took turns holding the trophy he that ended with a big victory rally at dillworth park. >> we take great pride in representing the city of philadelphia. we take great pride in representing philadelphia basketball. and today everybody in philadelphia is a part of the nova nation. [cheers and applause] >> at the end of the rally the crowd celebrated the game winning shot by throwing streamers and confetti and holding their hands up there to form the letter v. >> and we have live team coverage tonight from that victory parade. jeff skversky was on a bus close to the players and matt pelman has the latest traffic conditions as people continue to make their way out of center city tonight. >> but we begin with chad pradelli live in center city
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at 16th and j.f.k. boulevard. hi, chad. >> reporter: hey, monica. what a fantastic parade. when the day began we wondered how many people would show up for this parade. had. the fans were out in full force. it was a great crowd for a great team. >> ♪ >> reporter: the parade route was five blocks and fans lined up 10 to 15 deep to get a glimpse of jay wright and the national champion villanova wildcats. the team showered fans with t-shirts and other gear, a thank you for their support. >> i'm so excited. i don't even know now how i got in the street but i'm so happy i got a t-shirt from the team. >> i love you ryan arc. i love you so much. >> reporter: what did you like most. >> the machine is fabulous. everybody had something like nova on it. it was great. >> reporter: the theme has been party like it's 1985 when nova won its first title and fans got a glimpse of the
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former greats from that team. what do you think about this parade. >> you know what, unbelievable. incredible memories but so happy for the kids and for coach wright. >> oh, for sure. this is fantastic. brings back a lot of good memories. >> reporter: the celebration is now over but the memoriesological last. villanova has made philadelphia and the region proud. >> i'm still pinching myself. it doesn't seem possible. it's been great for the university, great for the whole area. we're very pleased. >> reporter: and at one point some students in the crowd along market street actually stormed a fence to get close to the villanova bus but all in all i'd say the crowd was well behaved and it was a fantastic day like i mentioned before. live in center city, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> thank you, chad. >> thanks chad. >> "action news" jeff skversky joins us as well live from center city right now. >> jeff, you had a unique view during the parade, didn't you? >> reporter: it was
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unbelievable. like the players i was up in one of those double decker buses, flat out incredible rick and monica. look, over the last 31 years there have only been three championship and parades in this city, two of them thanks to villanova of course, 1985 and today. ryan arcidiacono said he snuck out of school to go to the phillies parade in 2008. this one was better because of course he was in it. let's take a look at shots from the parade. down market street, arcidiacono among the players hoisting the 2016 championship trophy. 20 people deep. villanova fans on rooftops inside office buildings looking and watching clearing on villanova as they made their way down market street from 20th all the way to city hall where they addressed the fans. what a day for the national champs. >> i want to thank you guys
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for all the support you've been showing us this whole season, this whole tournament. we love y'all. bring the city a championship back to the city. >> thank you man. go cats. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: jay you grew up in this city. you've seen phillies parades, you've seen flyers parades, you've seen one other villanova parade. where does this rank. >> well, being in it, it ranks far above any i've ever experienced. >> (siren). >> reporter: villanova head coach jay wright says he's flat out humbled by the turnout from villanova fans, the city of philadelphia, nova nation, you name it, out here unbelievable. possibly 50,000 people lining the streets out city hall. jay wright just blown away by the support. villanova, the national champs get today during their parade down market street. we're live in philadelphia, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news." guys. >> all right, very deserving. thank you, jeff. the roads are are back opened from the parade but
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it's slow going in some spots as people try to make their way back home. >> let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center to get an update. >> the good news is we are recovering now that market street and 15th and the entire area around city hall has reopened, rick and monica. just dealing with some of that lingering volume. septa buses getting back to normal. the detours have ended for the most part. expect extra people on the paoli thorndale and norristown high speedline. earlier mechanical problems on the market frankford line. 20 minute delays on the westbound trains. if you're heading home on the schuylkill slow going here on the westbound side from vare through this point at 30th street station. under 30th street station. had a fender-bender off to the side but it's giving us some extra heavy westbound traffic on the schuylkill and it's really slow on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike portion of 76 this afternoon the whole way from valley forge to approaching downingtown where there's a crash taking out one lane.
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if you're using 202 southbound instead that's slow, just normal volume there so 30 might be your best bet. in delco some slow going on 95 southbound side from the airport down to this point at the commodore barry bridge. there's a crash and fuel spill in the right lane. we'll keep watching this and all the other issues, rick, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right. we will see you later. thanks, matt. on we have the current traffic conditions by the way along with dozens of photos from the villanova victory parade today. also hear from players and fans as nova nation celebrates the historic victory. >> the fire marshal investigating a suspicious fire that happened early this morning in philadelphia's germantown section. it broke out about 2:00 a.m. in the 200 block of east church lane. firefighters were able to get that fire under control quickly and fortunately no one was hurt. >> from our new jersey news room, some abandoned warehouses in trenton are getting a face-lift as part of a new multi-million dollar project they'll be transformed into apartments and businesses. "action news" reporter nora muchanic has the details.
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>> reporter: construction workers began transforming the dilapidated old buildings at the former roebling complex on route 129 in trenton into a modern $150 million mixed use development. developers are using the bones of these long abandoned factories and turning them into environmentally friendly loft office space and restaurants. >> old industrial spaces where you can see the trusses and the steel beams and timber floors and you get the big factory win dover. as the developers show me the space now being renovated they talk of lofts that will feature 20-foot ceilings and spiral staircases. they're hoping to at tract singles and couples looking for a vibrant urban atmosphere. >> we're excited because this is a diverse community and we expect to have a very diverse population coming here. >> reporter: developers think it's important to honor the buildings rich industrial history things like this old rusty wire rope testing
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machine will be cleaned up and put on display. >> take advantage of the character of the space, very tall ceilings, the steel structure, there's wonderful pieces of equipment. >> reporter: city officials are thrilled that these old buildings abandoned so long there are trees growing inside are being given new life. >> we'll cultivate new jobs, new activities, the millennial population will come in and create more development within our city. >> reporter: rentals will start at $1,140 monthly. the first phase of the roebling loft project is expected to be completed next spring. eventually this 7-acre site where they once made the wire for aviator charles lindbergh's spirit of saint louis plane will become a booming center for work and play in new jersey's capitol city. in trenton, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> the camden aquarium's newest attraction is opened to the public. "action news" showed you a special sneak peek of the shark bridge yesterday. today the aquarium invited
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second graders if berlin community school to test out the bridge. the suspension bridge goes over a pool that holds nearly 30 sharks giving visitors a unique view. >> pretty neat. much more still to come on "action news" friday night. it's going to cost you less to mail a letter and that change is happening soon. also investigators say they've arrested a terrorist who may have played a role in both the brussels and paris attacks. details coming up. >> and the latest on a deadly shooting at an air force base in texas. those stories and more when "action news" continues in a moment. blanmoment.
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a little child with big dreams. dwight evans. first a community activist. a legislator at 25. always looking out for us. he worked to create a thriving commercial district. and he's brought new grocery stores to underserved areas. dwight evans is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in all of philadelphia. he'll be a block by block congressman for us. i'm dwight evans and i'm proud to approve this message.
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>> french police arrested a man suspected in the november terror attacks in paris and he may also have had a key role in the attacks in brussels. mohammed cabrini is on abrini it identified fugitive in the paris attacks and is believed to be the man seen in a hat leaving the brussels airport last month. 130 people were killed that day. investigators say an airman shot his commander in an apparent murder-suicide today at a u.s. air force base in san antonio texas. two handguns were found near the bodies of those men in a classroom at joint base san antonio lackland.
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investigators stress that the shooting was not an act of terrorism. >> well, the price of mailing a letter is decreasing. starting on sunday, the cost of a first class stamp is dropping to 47 cents. the last time there was a decrease in the price of postage was in 1919 when it dropped from three cents to two cents. philadelphia has a new poster master by the way. jennifer vo was son in today at the postal processing and distribution center and she's been with the post office for 21 years. as post master she's responsible for delivery and retail services in the city of philadelphia. there are more than 50 stations in the area and more than 2500 employees. >> and still to come tonight on "action news" fitness friday is back. >> that's right. health reporter ali gorman will show you a new workout that combines spinning and boxing and napping. no, probably not. when "action news" comes right back. no napping.
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>> just the first two. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> health check tonight fitness fridays are back. it's an "action news" series designed to bring you the late of the in fitness and health trends and help spark
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motivation. >> tonight a new corkout combines spinning and boxing. ali gorman tried it out. hi, ali. >> it's a fun class and a good workout called pedal and punch started by a husband and wife team. they've combined both of their favorite workouts into 160 minute class. jen and jeff swanson have always been athletes. jen is a cycling instructor. before they got married, the couple did boxing fitness together. >> it was something that we did that kind of helped us bond and also get in really great shape for our wedding reporter: after the wedding they chased their dream of opening a fitness studio tomorrow. it's called fuel cycle fitness. i checked out one class. it brings jen's love of indoor cycling and jeff's boxing skills together. welcome to pedal and punch. ly you'll start with spinning and because it's an abbreviated class, jen increases intensity quickly.
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>> we start adding resistance a little bit earlier and do a lot of sprints. >> reporter: on the bike and board you can see how hard you're working and if you're competitive you can also see where you rank in class. after 30 minutes, you're off the bikes and on your way downstairs. for the punch part of pedal and punch. you'll cycle through six stations, two minute intervals and core exercises in between. >> various punching bags as well as some network, some jump rope, two different core exercises. >> reporter: jeff says from beginner to advanced all are welcome. the goal overall is to keep you constantly moving and working. >> we get a really good endurance with the pedal and then the punch works on your upper body and a lot of coordination i feel. >> it's unlike any other workout i've ever done. >> we're doing planks, burps, we're punching, we're jumping, cycling, we're doing the same thing, up-down, up-down.
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>> there's no boredom factor. >> reporter: no time to get bored in that class. jen says you can expect to burn 400 to 650 calories or even more throughout the class and aside from pedal and punch, they also offer each workout separately. we have details about that on check. >> awesome. thank you. the children's miracle network is making dreams come true for one local teen who has been through a lot. 17-year-old ritan. >> reporter: gore was surprised when she was told about a whirlwind new york city adventure. they're set to visit and shop at the american girl store. see matilda on broadway and get a special visit to the statue of liberty. the children's hospital of philadelphia is also sponsoring the crip. she's undergone several craniofacial surgeries there over the years and has more coming. through it all this young lady remains resilient and optimistic. verily. >> good for her. >> much more still to come on
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"action news" tonight. a check of that very interesting maybe wacky forecast. >> dicey. we're going live and checking it out at the "action news" sky6 camera at cape may new jersey where the shore looks beautiful but some snow tomorrow. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather five day next.
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan is going to talk snow now for part of the week. this is crazy. >> you know, one of our facebook fans posted on my page said we should call this part of the season sprinter because it's spring and winter kind of combined. not talking about the runner we're talking about the fact that yes it's cold and snow is on the way. kind of deceiving when you look at sky6 center city. you can see good amount of sunshine out that filtered sunshine but sky6 is shaking a little bit with the winds and the winds have been pulling down some very chilly air. right now philadelphia only 50 degrees. the same in wilmington. the average high for this time of year is 61 so nowhere near that allentown 46, cape may 52. and trenton 47 degrees and it feels colder thanks to the winds. westerly currently at 21 miles per hour. and winds are going to be a big factor as we head through the weekend. now, satellite6 along with action radar showing the system that's going to cause all the trouble tomorrow is
5:26 pm
over the great lakes and this will track right across our region and as it approaches the coast, it will be intensifying and that's going to create a lot of lift and what that does, it creates the heavier precipitation, the snow that could accumulate in parts of our region. so, next 12 hours we're looking at the clouds thickening, the rain and snow will be here by day break. 30 degrees in the cooler suburbs, 38 degrees for center city and then future tracker slowing that this is really an all-day event. 7:30 in the morning we've got the snow west of the city we've got the rain, south and east and as we head through the day that snow actually will be intensifying across the western suburbs. this shows at 11 o'clock and then even into the afternoon we're looking at bands of some snow, heavy at times and then finally everything lifts out. by the evening hours by about 9:30 and this is when the winds are really going to be picking up as well. so, what are we talking about snowfall? you have to remember this is april. this is not february.
5:27 pm
so, most of this will be melting as it falls. so, really south of i-95 just a few flakes, mainly a rain event. the i-95 corridor on the grassy surfaces we're talking about a coating to up to 2-inches. the northwest suburbs this is where we will see the highest amounts basically north of the pennsylvania turnpike expecting two to 4 inches of the heavy wet snow and that does extend into the poconos. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow is going to be nasty day with periods of snow and rain through the day. the high only 43 degrees. then those winds on saturday evening, that freeze warning will go into effect saturday night and sunday much better than saturday but still a chilly day, 50 degrees. it will be breezy with a mix of sun high clouds. monday for the phillies home opener we bump it up to 61 but it comes at a cost with clouds and some showers. tuesday occasional rain with a high of 60 and wednesday finally looking pretty nice, a little bit on the cool side, sun with a few clouds and a high of 57. i'll let you know if we warm up later this week coming up
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in the accuweather 7-day forecast. guys. >> thank you so much. >> quick break. more news coming up in just a few moments. stay with us. katie mcginty knowshool, get the routine. by. her dad was a philly cop. mom worked in a restaurant. then, hard work opened doors. now it's not quite enough. but mcginty's working to change that, helping create thousands of new jobs. she'll always stand up for manufacturing, higher wages, and equal pay for women so opportunity never gets out of reach. katie mcginty for senate. women voters responsible for the content of this advertising.
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. >> ♪
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" friday night. a terrifying crash along columbus boulevard claims the life of two people. what police are saying about the incident. also the boss takes a stand for lgbt rights. we'll tell you what the touring bruce springsteen announced on his web site today. nova nation out in full force and then some in center city today. to honor the national championship villanova wildcats. we've got a complete rundown of today's parade. >> but first we are continuing to track a round of spring snow. it's expected for the first part of your weekend. >> not going to be major event but it will impact any plans you have for outdoors. meteorologist melissa magee is in for adam tonight live at the "action news" big board with the latest if double scan e scan radar. >> hard to believe in the month of february we have -- month of april i should say we've got some snow we're
5:31 pm
tracking. where is my mind today. here's what's going on. we've got this area of low pressure over the great lakes and this will continue to work its way eastward so coming out of the ohio valley tonight and into the midatlantic region as early as tomorrow. we'll talk about what we can expect and time out the precipitation for you region by region. in our northwest suburbs we're dealing with wet snow anywhere from two to 4 inches of snow. the i-95 metro area wet snow and rain a bit of a beautied tell zone for that philadelphia metro zone area, anywhere from a coating to 2-inches sell federal delaware and south jersey it's mostly rain with a few flakes mixing in from time to time. we really have some whacky weather, kind of confused here in philadelphia. this weekend we're dealing with snow in april, temperatures in the 40's and back in march, march 12th and the 13th even march 26th through the 27th it was quite warm with temperatures in the 60's so we are kind of any flopping this weekend. we'll let you know when things get back on track and talk about expected snowfall accumulation with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast
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guys. >> melissa we'll check back in later. it was a celebration fit for champions. tens of thousands of fans lined market street and dillworth park in center city today to cheer the villanova wildcats for their national championship victory. >> an estimated crowd of more than 50,000 people became honorary wildcats today sporting blue and white and cheering as their champs made their way down market street. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney added to their occasion. by declaring a special proclamation. >> roars from fans. at dillworth plaza more people were there to carry on the party. coach jay wright summed up the magnitude of today's celebration. >> we were on the court and kris hit that shot, and the streamers came down, that was a dream come true. something you could never imagine. well, when we came down market street right here and we saw
5:33 pm
all these people, that shocked us more than that shot. this is the biggest thing we've ever seen. >> how about that? the entire team was brought up on stage of course and several players including ryan arcidiacono, daniel ochefu and kris jenkins all spoke to the crowd. they were thrilled. >> and as we said, the wildcats they have a lot of fans in our region and many made it down to center city to congratulate the team in person. young and old villanova alumni and residents jumped on septa regional trains to make the trek. the trains were full but folks didn't seem to mind. >> and "action news" reporter trish hartman live at ban is station right now where thousands of nova fans have been coming and going all day long. >> how is the train moving tonight, trish. >> reporter: rick, the lines are finally starting to lighten up, those lines were wrapped around the concourse inside ban is station all afternoon and fans we spoke to say no matter the wait time, this trip to center city was absolutely worth it. >> one stop, villanova only.
5:34 pm
>> can. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: hundreds of villanova fans packed the concourse at ban is station waiting to get home after an incredible afternoon. >> it was amazing. i told her last time they won i was in first grade and she was in first grade so we're here as a family out celebrating. >> reporter: septa ambassadors in red shirts directed people to where they needed to be and despite the lines fans were still on cloud nine. >> it was great. it was so fun. it's an experience. you had to be down here. >> reporter: were you expecting this line? >> kind of, yeah, we were but now they added another villanova train so we should be quicker i hope. >> reporter: just before the victory parade started at 1:00 p.m. fans streamed from suburban station many of them coming from campus waiting in the element. >> it was insane. i was -- it was snowing when we were walking. we were waiting in line and it was sunny. >> reporter: for many students the wait for a train was more than an hour making them nervous that they would miss the whole thing but most arrived just in time. >> it was wild. everybody was yelling.
5:35 pm
it was packed. like you couldn't move. >> high spirits, high spirits. go cats. >> wayne station dropped people off and said we're express all the way into the city so we went past right through villanova and watched all those unhappy students watch the train go by. >> reporter: now, septa officials say if you can make an evening of it, stick around in the city to avoid all those crowds. the evening commute will be long and crowded especially on the paoli thorndale line and the norristown high speedline, even with extra trains. septa officials are asking for patience as you make your way home this evening. live at ban is station, trish hartman channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, trish. villanova head coach jay wright shared some great moments of today's celebration on his twitter page. he posted this picture saying archie keeping the trophy safe on the way to the parade. next post shows the team gathered on those double decker buses we told you about at 20th and market everybody looking so excited and another photo sums up how proud this region is of the wildcats. we are truly all nova nation
5:36 pm
strong tonight. >> uh-huh. >> roads that were closed for the villanova parade are back opened but there's still that friday night gridlock. >> matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center with the very latest. matt. >> they're trying and the good news for them is things are substantially less wild than they were earlier especially in center city when we had all those street closures. now market and 15th are back in business. septa buses no longer being detoured. but on the highways, it's friday afternoon so yeah a lot of speeds are in the teens on the schuylkill. crash on the westbound side by 30th street station. luckily it's off to the side but still extra backed up from vare out to that point under 30th street. this is an issue in delco, 95 southbound extra jammed from past the airport through this point at the commodore barry bridge. it was a crash and fuel spill. now, the good news is they got it pushed off to the right shoulder a little quicker than expected so all the southbound lanes are opened but it is still definitely a slow go. however, on the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county you still want to steer clear. it's a mess. there's a crash westbound approaching downingtown taking
5:37 pm
out a lane and we have a 14-mile delay the whole way from valley forge on out to downingtown. if you want to use 202 southbound instead, it's slow with normal friday afternoon volume. i think 30, go past villanova, wave hi. i think 30 is going to be your best bet. on the a.c. expressway eastbound approaching the farley service plaza emergency construction because of an earlier crash takes out the left lane but speeds there don't look so bad. rick and monica, have a nice weekend. >> you too. >> thank you. >> you can relive the villanova victory parade on with dozens of photos from the festivities also hear from players and fans as nova nation celebrates the historic win. >> in other news philadelphia police are trying to figure out what throwed a deadly shooting on city avenue. it happened at 11:00 last night behind a pawnshop in the city's wynnefield heights section. there police found a 28-year-old man shot in the torso. he later died at the hospital. a seconds man showed up at a different hospital also shot in the torso. he's listed as serious.
5:38 pm
police said they questioned one man after they shot the car in germantown. in the past 90 minutes philadelphia police identified one victim in an early morning crash. 23-year-old ben jimmy of upper darby died after a car slammed into a south philadelphia building about 2:30 this morning. "action news" reporter katherine scott has more from the scene. >> reporter: this was a violent crash. witnesses and police say it appears that the driver was speeding before the mazda slammed into the peco offices here and then came to a rest on the sidewalk. l and i was here earlier and deemed the building structurally sound. the two women in the front seat survived but the two back seat passengers a woman and a 23-year-old man were pronounced dead. >> she didn't even hit the brakes or nothing. >> reporter: tim was driving behind this 2005 mazda on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia this morning around 2:30 when his dashcam video captured the fatal crash. >> i would say she was doing
5:39 pm
about 70, 80 miles an hour. >> reporter: she says he saw the car speeding and running red lights. then as the mazda neared oregon avenue you can see it happen. the driver clipped a median several times fishtailed. you see sparks then suddenly it cuts across a lane jumps the curb bounces off a building and can comes to a stop on the sidewalk. >> i ran over to their car to look in it and then i ran back to my car grabbed the phone and that's when i called 911. >> reporter: he says the 23-year-old driver was initially unconscious as was the 25-year-old woman in the front seat. a passing taxi driver pulled the driver out. the two back seat passengers were pronounced dead on the scene. right now police don't know if drugs or alcohol were involved. >> normal procedure for a fatal accident, there will be a blood alcohol toxicology test. >> reporter: the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the surviving passenger was in guarded condition. in south philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> and there's much more still
5:40 pm
to come on "action news" tonight. bruce springsteen takes a stands for the lgbt community in the wake of a controversial law just passed in one southern state. we'll tell you what the boss announced today. >> and much morn just peanuts and crackerjacks. the chefs at citizens bank park reveal new treats that will be available to fans this season and they look yummy. >> uh-huh. >> ducis rodgers has more from villanova players about today's big parade coming up in sportsly. >> melissa is back with the latest on saturday's spring snow when "action news" comes right back. stay with us.
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>> new jersey native bruce springsteen announced he's canceled his concert in north carolina because of the state's new law blocking antidiscrimination rules covering the lgbt community. string stein was scheduled to play in greensboro tomorrow. he issued a statement on his web site today saying the law is "an attempt by people who can not stand the progress our can country has made and recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress." springsteen added also that some things are more important than a rock show and this fight against prejudice and
5:44 pm
bigotry which is hag as i write is one of them he says. people who bought tickets to the show will get refunds. >> time for sports. ducis rodgers here and what an incredible day for the villanova wildcats. what a week and how to finish it off. beautiful. >> it was an awesome scene for them to go through center city today. call it acumination of a tremendous three weeks of work, villanova wildcats got to thank the fans while the thousands of fans got to thank them. jaime apody joins us live from center city with more. jamie. >> reporter: hey there ducis. things have died down. you almost would never have guessed that there were all these streamers and confetti on the floor. looks all 13 here in dillworth park. you know, i think philadelphia sports fans needed this. an estimated 60,000 fans will be able to say i was here at the villanova parade in 2016. check it out. what a scene it was. the guys told me earlier in the week they didn't know the what to expect. today they said they never expected this. ryan arcidiacono skipped
5:45 pm
school to go to the phillies parade in 2008. jay wright did the same for a flyers parade in eighth grade and now this one was all their own. >> amazing doing this with my teammates, my coaches. special time for us in the city of philadelphia. go cats. we're number onely we're the champs. let's go. [cheers and applause] >> thank you philadelphia. thank you, nova nation. your support through the whole year ass been unbelievable. >> reporter: one final message for the fans isn't thanks for coming out today. thanks to philadelphia. we've been away for four weeks and to come back here we can feel the love from philadelphia and we appreciate it very much. >> reporter: so humble and so proud jay wright. as for his team they plan on to keep the celebration going. tomorrow they're going to go to the flyers game and hopefully rub some moisture joe off on the -- mojo. monday don't be surprised to see some villanova throwing out the first pitch. jaime apody channel6 "action
5:46 pm
news." >> good stuff jamie. to basketball after being swept out of cincinnati the phillies tried their luck in new york against the nl champion mets this afternoon. the phillies can doolittle with jacobson. phillies strike out 11 time in all three by cameron rough. the phillies lose seven-two. they are now zero and four their worst start a season in 10 years. second round of the masters jordan spieth the reigning masters champion has a two stroke lead. flyers control their own destiny but they're making things harder. wayne simmonds late goal forced overtime so they got a point but they missed out on a crucial second point when they lost in ot. the flyers face the penguins and islanders that you weekend. if they win out they he will make the playoffs. if they don't, they'll be looking for help coming down to the very end. >> okay. >> thank you so much. >> thanks ducis. >> new season for the philadelphia phillies means new menu items at the ballpark
5:47 pm
and new merchandise for fans. they showed off all the latest and greatest of both at citizens bank park today. for the food there will be several new gourmet hot dogs, a double fried korean pork belly sandwich an an eight hour smoked chopped brisket sandwich. yum. as for the team swag they have new phillies hats featuring the logos of drexel penn temple and villanova. you can't forget the best mascot in sports. >> happy to announce the launch of the new phanatic bobble head of the month series. we'll kick off in may with phoebe with baby phanatic and a whole line of 10 months very limited edition they will also sell out very quickly. >> i'm sure. how about this fun fact. the phanatic is the number one selling player on the phillies team. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us
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is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. >> tonight pope francis is calling on catholics to look to that own consciences. the pontiff released a document called the joy of love. it demands the church change its emphasis from doctrine to mercy in confronting some of the most difficult issues facing our world including sex marriage and family life. >> all right. back here melissa is back here in the studio with more on a wintry weekend. boy oh, boy. >> yeah, we are tracking the wet snow showers and even some rain across the region tomorrow guys and a freeze
5:51 pm
watch moves in tomorrow night. a lot to go over. >> freeze watch. >> storm tracker6 live double scan radar. we are dry right now. no issues with precipitation but this time tomorrow we will be tracking some wet snow to the north and west and rain to the south and east. certainly on the cool side today. currently coming in at 50 in philadelphia, 46 in allentown. just 36 up in the poconos. 51 in millville. at the coast in cape may, 50, same thing up the coast into beach haven as well. here's satellite6 along with action radar. you can see what we're tracking as early as tomorrow. it's the clipper system moving across the great lakes and the ohio valley. there's currently snow across chicago and in cincinnati we are dealing with liquid precipitation. this will work its way eastward as early as overnight tonight into saturday morning. future tracker6 showing you allege p.m. tonight it's mostly cloudy, it's dry so if you have any late night plans you should be okay. but it will be on the chilly side with a temperature at that time coming in at 43.
5:52 pm
36 in allentown. here's the precipitation. 9 o'clock in the morning on saturday you notice the snow to the north and west with a temperature of 34 in reading, 33 in lancaster and a mixed line of precipitation right along that 95 corridor. to the south and east and south jersey and delaware this is a mostly rain event for you. we'll go throughout the afternoon hours. you could see 1:30 tomorrow afternoon with some cold air wrapping in on the backside of this. wouldn't be surprised if we had wet snow. still raining for areas east of the city by that time. as we get into the late nighttime hours saturday night the moisture will depart from a west to east direction. so we'll talk about expected snowfall. just a few flakes are possible for south jersey and areas in delaware as this will be mainly rain for you but right along that 95 corridor from trenton down to philadelphia, we could find a coating to 2-inches of snowfall. the roads look to be primarily wet however but two to 4 inches is likely for reading up through allentown and the poconos.
5:53 pm
really that area from the turnpike up through i80 is where we could find a heavier snowfall accumulation. so we'll talk about what we can expect as we track saturday's snow. it is april so the roads look to be mainly wet especially with the higher sun angle this time of year. the elevation is also key. depending on your elevation and the lift you have in the atmosphere you could find higher snowfall accumulations and that's what we are anticipating north and west of philadelphia. strong lift in the atmosphere wouldn't be surprised if we had a rumble of thunder that moved through as the day wears on and evening gusts are possible up top 40 miles per hour in the wake of the disturbance that will depart by nighttime. in the wake of that however that's going to set us up for that freeze watch that will be posted at 11:00 p.m. on saturday right through 10:00 a.m. on sunday and temperatures will be quite frigid as you wake up on sunday morning. future tracker six showing you 7:30 in the morning numbers along the 95 corridor only in the upper 20's to near 30 degrees. the lower 20's north and west and about 32 in wildwood to the south and east of the city. here's the exclusive
5:54 pm
accuweather 7-day forecast. snow to the north and west. rain to the south and east tomorrow. high temperature up to 43. freeze watch saturday night. sun and afternoon high clouds by sunday afternoon and at 50. on monday, it's cloudy with a shower around, up to 61 for the phillies home opener. on tuesday, occasional rain with a high up to 60. the up are 50's next wednesday and thursday and up to 60 near normal as we get into next friday. so definitely a chilly and damp start come tomorrow, guys. >> yes, it is. okay. >> thank you so much. >> thank you melissa. well, with snow in the forecast this weekend stay with and storm tracker6 live radar for the very latest and be sure to follow the members of our "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter for updates.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> educator now have a new tool to help teach young people to stay away from drugs. the fbi created a film in response to the opiate epidemic happening across the u.s. it's called chasing the dragon
5:57 pm
the life of an opiate addict. a small group of local teachers and community leaders watched that 45 minute film in center city today. it's being made available to schools and groups for free. >> and right now the "action news" team is stand by with these stories and much more at 6 o'clock. v is for villanova and v is for victory parade. that's what the national champions got today in center city. live team coverage ahead of all of the festivities. >> an injured eagle flies free today after receiving treatment at a facility in delaware. we'll have those stories and more up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody ducis rodgers rick williams, the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. join me next for "action news" at 6:: >> have a nice weekend. good night. >> ♪ vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage.
5:58 pm
trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night, jim is off, i'm monica malpass. in the news a new endowment honors the legacy of beau biden. nova nation turns out in huge numbers to honor its national championship team. but the big story on "action news" is a weather whiplash that's about to turn our sunny skies into april snow. tomorrow will be a cold nasty day but what you see depends on where you live. let's go live to meteorologist cecily tynan at the big board now with all the details. cecily. >> monica, that's exactly right. tomorrow is all about location. because this storm will bring mainly rain to parts of our region and accumulating wet snow to other parts. now, double scan live showing what i'm tracking. it's low pressure. it's north of chicago and what this low pressure will do, it will track right over the heart of our region and when
6:00 pm
it reaches the coast, it will really intensify and that will create what's known as lift. and that produces more precipitation and the heavier precipitation will be in the form of snow. so, future tracker showing 8 o'clock saturday morning this system is here already and you can see the dividing line. north and west of philadelphia, it's snowing. south and east, it's raining and that will really be the flavor of the entire day. expected precipitation tomorrow, we're looking at north of the pennsylvania turnpike, this is snow. it's a heavy wet snow. where you get along the i-95 corridor when it's heavy, it's snow. when it's lighter it's rain and then south and east of i-95, this is mainly a rain event, could see a few snowflakes mixed in at times. the timing shows that this is really all day long. the light snow and rain arriving between 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock but between 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock this is when we'll get the steadiest and heaviest snow and rain and


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