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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  April 13, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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ras center this weekend! tickets on sale now! >> break now on "action news" thousands of verizon workers are minutes away from walking offer the job this morning. we're live with details on the strike and whether it will impact you the customers. >> carjackers attack a father in west kensington stealing his truck while he waited to pick up his son. >> a philadelphia mother decides to turn a troubling message into a teachable moment sharing with the world someone's mean reaction to her son with autism. >> good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday april 13. david is off. karen and matt join us. for once it's dry out there. >> it is dry but it's cold in some spots. the national weather service continues that freeze warning in effect for your northwest suburbs until 8 o'clock this morning. for the areas in the darker blue it's a frost advisory until 8 o'clock because
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temperatures dipping well below average. satellite6 and action radar showing we have clear skies and that's what's allowed those temperatures to drop, the clouds kind of insulate us from that happening soy clear skies. the temperatures have dropped below average. in fact, we're now at 29 degrees. this is a new number coming in in martins creek. now just sitting at the freezing mark in quakertown. just a bit above that in pottstown. 35 in saint davids. 33 he in warrington. it's a little better in center city as you would expect, 42 degrees. in the suburbs in new jersey with in frost advisory just barely above freezing in ewing and browns mills. a little better in hammonton 35. glassboro 36. in dover delaware 38 degrees so we have a chilly start. we're going sea bright sunshine today and we'll be slow to warm up even in the height of the afternoon temperatures will be several degrees below average. by 9:00 a.m., 45 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., 51. by 1:00 p.m., we're up to 54. by 3:00 p.m., 57. and about 4 o'clock we'll hit our high of 58. we'll be holding at that at 6:00 and even though that's
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below average, 58 degrees, lots of sunshine this time of year with that high sun angle it will feel pretty good, matt. >> sounds good, karen. so far speeds are about average this morning. which we'll take. no delays so far this morning here on the schuylkill expressway. traffic's moving nicely by girard avenue. eastbound come the headlights towards center city. if you want to stay over on the mlk drive right there go ahead and do that. just stopped at the traffic light that's probably a better bet than the can kelly drive where that repaving project continues on a three and a half mile stretch. so, especially until 6:30 each morning you want to avoid the kelly. no need to avoid the vine street expressway. that stayed opened overnight and is staying opened each night this week. they didn't get the beams they need to set into place. that's what necessitate those overnight closures. the vine over but at 60th and local vine in west philadelphia watch out for police activity. we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county. three spate spots between morgantown and valley forge so you're swerving around there. watch out for the crews. in burlington county on north still have construction that's running late on the new jersey
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turnpike northbound. inner drive is still blocked and now you can see speeds are just in the 30's approaching the turnpike connector so they're late. they should be out of there soon but for now watch out for the delays and the construction crews on the new jersey turnpike northbound on this wednesday morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. we're following breaking news. in the next half hour local verizon workers will walk offer the job. contract talks have broken down so now union members are using the pick line to tell management can you hear me now? "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live near that picket line at ninth and race in chinatown. good morning. >> reporter:. >> reporter: good morning, tam. already we're starting to see some people organizing ahead of that strike that is expected to begin at 6:00 a.m. about 40,000 employees and two dozen locations across the east coast are expected to strike. that includes here in philadelphia. they had been working without a contract since august. to give you an idea of what one of those strikes may look like, take a look at this
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video. this is video he from a strike from back in 2011. that lasted two weeks. many were hoping to avoid that. well, the workers at odds with verizon are members of two unions, the communication workers of america and the international brotherhood of electrical workers. they represent installers customer service and repairmen. verizon wireless is not affected by the potential strike. the issues at hand wages, job security and healthcare, also pensions. the head of cwa says retired employees could be in jeopardy. many fear the company will make layoffs easier and instead they'll rely more on contract workers. now verizon said they spent 10 months working to come to an agreement. they do not take strike threats lightly. verizon says they have proposed a 6.5 percent wage increase, affordable healthcare and competitive retirement benefits with a 401k company he match. now, they also said in the event of a strike, that they have nonunion workers trained
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to be on standby during the time of the strike. now, i did just speak with one local cwa representative who says that they definitely are striking today at 6:00, that they have not been back to the negotiation table for some time and they again are expected to be on the picket line very soon this morning. for now reporting live in chinatown, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> we'll check in with in you a lib. thanks annie. two men wanted for a violent carjacking in west kensington. they shot and pistol whipped a father who was waiting for his son and then simply ditched the vehicle a short time later. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at temple university hospital where that victim is being treated. katherine. >> reporter: matt, that's right, this 35-year-old victim was sitting in his pickup truck waiting to pick up his son when it happened. the victim remains here at temple university hospital this morning in critical condition. he was shot in his neck. he has lacerations to his head from being pistol whipped. let's go to video of that stolen pickup truck that was recovered minutes after it was taken in west kensington late
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yesterday afternoon. this happened shortly before 5:00 p.m. police say the victim had been waiting to pick up his 13-year-old son at a home on the 2000 block of north bodine. that's when two men approached him. police say they dragged him from his 2016 dodge ram pickup pistol whipped him and shot him in his neck. they left him lying in the road bleeding and took off in the pickup truck but dumped the vehicle about six blocks away. >> the fact that it's a 2016 high end vehicle it makes sense for carjackers to find this vehicle as an attractive vehicle to steal but what's unusual is within minutes of stealing the vehicle, just about six blocks away, the thieves dumped the vehicle and fled the scene. that's unusual. we don't know why. >> reporter: and police have towed that vehicle. they're dusting for fingerprints. they're looking for other evidence. there's also some private surveillance cameras nearby so they're also checking to see if they can get any footage to give them more details on
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these two men they're looking for. live in north philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thanks. a former camden firefighter convicted of disability fraud. 41-year-old shane streater claimed he suffered back and neck injuries while on duty as a firefighter. youtube video shows otherwise. investigators found the video of streater working as a martial arts instructor and taking part in competitive mma fights. at the same time he was collecting $82,000 in benefits. streater faces up to 10 years in prison. a boil legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania faces one more hurdle. the state senate made minor changes to the legislation and sent it back to the house yesterday. there are no assurances though that the lower chamber will pass the new version today before going on recess. governor tom wolf promised to sign it if it reaches his desk. >> happening today, kobe bryant will play his final game in front of a sellout crowd in l.a. tonight. the l.a. lake serrie tiring after a 20 year career.
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it started here in our local courts as a star for lower merion high school. the los angeles rail stop for the staples center will be called kobe station for the day. good luck if you thought you would get on a flight and try to see the game. ticket prizes have gone crazy on stub hub. according to espn one fan bought a pair of court side seats for $27,000 for each ticket. as for kobe the future hall of famer told reporters it hasn't really hit him yet. probably won't for awhile. >> had his ups and downs throughout his career but overall fantastic basketball player. >> and those prices really going up for those tickets as we were saying. let's take a look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan. we are dry. we've got a good looking start to the day. let's go on outside and see what it looks like out there. and looking pretty as you can see the skies just trying to brighten, the sunrise still a ways away, almost an hour. let's take a look at the numbers for you and what you can expect. we're entering a sunny stretch so it really was nice and sunny yesterday afternoon and
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we're staying that way for much of the seven day period. it is turning warmer slowly but surely. this afternoon, though, it's still cool. so, it's going to be a slow warming trend. beautiful by the weekend so hang in there. we're actually going to see the 70's on the seven day. look at these numbers right now. 42 degrees in philadelphia. but if you're in allentown this morning, it's only 37 in reading 35, atlantic city airport 34. 37 in trenton. and dover. compare this to yesterday morning. it's 19 degrees cooler right now in philadelphia than it was yesterday morning. 22 degrees cooler in trenton and wilmington. so, you get the idea, it's much chillier this morning. got to put on that jacket. let's take a look at satellite6 and action radar. hardly a cloud in the sky. that's what's helped those temperatures to drop. the clouds insulate us with some of the heat we got yesterday. today's afternoon will be even cooler than yesterday afternoon but it will be bright and sunny at least. mostly sunny skies. by 8:00 a.m., 43 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., we'll hit about 51. by lunchtime 52 degrees. if you want to go outside take a walk around it's a good day
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to do that. by 3:00 p.m. 57. it will be a little bit breezy. in the afternoon we'll hit a high of 58 degrees and holding that for a few hours in the evening and then tomorrow this high pressure that's giving us beautiful sunshine today just notches just a little bit farther to the north and east providing us with lots of sunshine, a high of 62 tomorrow so it gets a little bit warmer and then each day we're going to improve that number on the seven-day forecast. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. mostly sunny skies today. it's rather cool. normally we see a high of 63. only topping out at 58 degrees today. really great for the phils, though. any night that you're going it's looking pretty good. tomorrow is a bit milder, 62 with still lots of sunshine. friday's nice and sunny, beautiful sunshine and up to 64 degrees. so, weekend looks great. lots of sun on saturday, 67. last weekend we were talking snow showers. on sunday this weekends is beautiful, warm, 74 degrees. near 80 by monday. which is a great number. even warmer. some sunshine. it's all ahead of a cold front. when that front comes through
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could trigger a little bit of rain monday night into tuesday. tuesday just a passing shower but it's still pretty mild with a high of 70 degrees so what a change we've seen over the past couple weeks when we were talking about so many freeze warnings and snow showers and here we are looking at the 70's. so hang in there. by the weekend looking pretty good but today as you're heading out a chilly start and even in the afternoon a little bit below average. >> but those other days are are coming. >> they're coming. >> okay. it's 5:41. still ahead on "action news," the anonymous letter someone sent top a mayfair mother that's throwed a bit of a public outrage. we'll give you the details. >> the texas teenager who used halaffluenza will face a judge. his court appearance will be a first for him. matt. >> port richmond not facing traffic troubles at aramingo and allegheny. pretty quiet. dealing with traffic lights for now. we'll check the situation in delco and talk about several work zones in chester county after the break. >> also when we come back the
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former nfl player taking fitness to the next level right here in the tri-state area a little later when "action news" comes right back. the world a president has to grapple with.
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blanback. >> ♪ >> 5:44. an update on our breaking news that we're following. the action cam is live in chinatown outside of the verizon building where some picketers are are gathering
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there preparing to strike in about 15 minutes upset that they haven't had a new contract since august of last year. our annie mccormick is following the story. we'll have a live update from her at the top of the hour when they are due to strike at 6:00 a.m. >> also, let's go on over to matt pelman taking a look at your traffic out there. what's it like for people who are commuting matt. >> so far nothing to be too worried about. it is the 13th day of the month. so far this morning we're looking if as we come out of the burbs in delco. busy interchange not too busy so far this morning with traffic in each direction moving fine. those are your southbound headlights coming down toward chester. but in tredyffrin township chester county construction going on this week. restrictions during the middays all week in a couple of spots. i would avoid radnor road at upper gulf, maybe use old eagle school or king of prussia road as some alternates and i would also probably avoid cassatt road from 9:00 until 3:00 between green road and wooded way. 252 or valley forge road some
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alternates around that. speaking of valley forge, we've had so many closures recently in and around the park including the recent closure of 252 through the end of july. that joins yellow springs road which is also blocked until the end of july. now joining the party, starting on friday, in schuylkill township they're going to close pot house road. this is happening during the day time 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. monday to saturday through mid may and again that one starts on friday. so, something to look forward to or maybe not. over in new jersey, we had that late running construction on the northbound turnpike that was blocking the inner drive. that's cleared out of the way so speeds are now back up into the mid 60's. but if you're over near ocean county, brick township watch out for an overturned vehicle crash on the garden state parkway southbound approaching 549. 34 and 70 would be some alternates around that. with the commuter report elsewhere in south jersey if you're coming in, coming up that 42 freeway up to the walt whitman bridge, no problems reported just yet. matt. >> thanks, matt.
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new information here on a carjacking in mercer county, new jersey. police arrested the man who they say attacked a 77-year-old woman. the incident happened in the acme parking lot at the lawrence shopping center on monday afternoon. investigators say the attacker who they say is this guy right here pulled the woman out of her car and drove off. police believe the same person used the victim's credit cards at three convenience stores in mercer county and also robbed a shop rite in east windsor on monday night. the victim is expected to be okay. >> a mother in the mayfair seconds of philadelphia says a neighbor has missed a basic lesson we teach our children, be nice. bonnie moran says someone left a note in her mailbox about her three-year-old son ryan who has autism. it reads in part "the screaming and carrying on needs to stop. no one wants to hear him act like a wild animal. it's utterly nerve wracking not to mention it is scaring my normal children ." >> should have just came and talked to me. they could have came and talked to us at any point if something was wrong about
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anything. >> moran posted the letter on facebook and has received an outpouring of support. she wants to remind people not to judge because you really don't know what someone else is going through. >> pope francis has replaced the vatican ambassador to the u.s. who set up a secret meeting with kim davis. davis is the kentucky clerk who became a conservative christian her win for refusing to sign same-sex marriage certificates. archbishop carlo vigano created an uproar by arranging the meeting last fall. the vatican released a statement distancing the pope from davis. the pope accepted vigano's resignation and replaced him with kristoff pierre. >> melissa magee takes to us a new fitness center just outside of trenton new jersey built by a former nfl player and when you get that you'll feel like a pro. >> ♪ >> reporter: drive up kevin johnson boulevard in bordentown, new jersey, and you will lands on the 32-acre campus of team 85 fitness and
5:49 am
wellness. how big is team 85. >> team 85 is 120,000 square feet of fitness. >> reporter: kevin johnson grew up in the trenton area before playing seven years in the nfl as a wide receiver. he returned to his roots fore this project shortly after his retirement in 2006. >> we just wanted to create an environment literally for a six month old baby until a senior that has something that everyone can can enjoy as a family. >> reporter: the 75,000 square foot main building has two pools and cutting edge equipment. >> we wanted the best technology and the best equipment to put in the facility. >> reporter: this is the turf field. with an 80-yard multi-use turf field two basketball courts and an upstairs viewing area the field house was built based on kevin's experience in college and the pros. >> we needed something to where they can actually train in season, out of season. when people come here they know they're training like a true pro. >> ♪ >> you can see more of kevin johnson's new fitness center and all things happening in and around town on fyi philly
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saturday at 7:00 on 6abc. >> it is 5:49 and still ahead on "action news," a sight to behold. an outdoor basketball court collapses out west. details on what caused that. >> ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> no, this is not the result of an earth shattering play. water basin underneath a california school basketball court has caused that ground to cave in. the collapse happened in l.a. yesterday. no students were in danger. staff members noticed the pavement cracking back in january. that court has been closed since winter. >> would have been a great gem embiid commercial. hey, he dunks so hard he breaks the ground. >> we're trying to be on the ball this morning. we'll keep you updated with
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traffic issues. >> that's good. >> luckily there aren't too many of them. let's do a bridge check on the platt bridge headed towards the airport no problems. zipping along. same with the ben franklin bridge if you're traveling between camden and center city, no delays yet. and she's are our twin bridges along the roosevelt boulevard extension over the schuylkill river. looking good so far this morning. karen. >> but it's chilly. 42 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's just 37 in trenton and dover. allentown 35 degrees this morning in reading and 30 in mount pocono so unusually cool to start. even in the afternoon temperatures are going to be below average. but we'll have bright sunshine. so, it won't feel too bad. 8:00 a.m., 43 degrees. 10:00 a.m., 51. by lunchtime 52 degrees, just a few high clouds around. by 3:00 p.m., 57. we'll hit our high around 4 o'clock. we'll still be sitting at that at 5 o'clock at 58 degrees so a nice afternoon and sunshine but temperatures cool for this time of year, matt. >> thanks karen. the texas teen who used affluenza as a defense in a deadly dui case will be in adult court today.
5:54 am
ethan couch could face more jail time for violating his probation. couch who turned 19 this week was given 10 years probation for a 20's 13 wreck that killed four people. he fled to mexico in december with his mom after video surfaced of couch at a party where alcohol was being served. couch has been in a texas jail since january. ♪ this afternoon at dunkin', sip and save with a freshly brewed favorite for 99 cents. refresh with a medium iced tea or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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like steve santarsiero, harrisburg politicians who will say or do anything to advance his career? he claims he wrote pennsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician. make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $3.99, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles. share some smiles with 6 donuts for $3.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. >> an employee at a five below store in center city was hurt while trying to stop two thieves. authorities say these two
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women were snatching items from the store on the 1500 block of chestnut street on friday. the employee went after them and police say the two women pulled out knives and stabbed the worker in the neck and the back. if you know who these women are, call police. >> a new jersey high school teacher is accused of having inappropriate contact with a female student. 26-year-old edmund harman is charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one counter of criminal sexual contact. prosecutors say the student went to harman at notre dame high school asking about extra credit. that's when authorities say harman fondled the girl and asked her to send him nude photos. bail has been set at $150,000. >> 5:57. we're following breaking news. thousands of verizon workers will walk offer the job in just minutes. we are live near one local picket line. >> those linked in job offers might be a front for scammers. details on the new warning about the popular networking site that's coming up later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morningly we're on a breaking news story. >> the action cam is live where some of the 40,000 verizon workers are walking off the job as we speak to demand a new labor agreement. >> two massive bronze mausoleum doors are are missing from a local historic cemetery. police are asking for your help to chase down the crooks. >> there's a chill in the air this morning but good stuff is coming up later. >> let's talk about that accuweather forecast. looking forward to almost the 80's one of these days soon. karen rogers has that. she's in for dave murphy and matt pelman has traffic. good morning. >> one of these days soon but not this day. this morning temperatures are


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