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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. the devastating and deadly earthquake. the pictures coming in now. the desperate search for the missing. the aftershocks. and now, the warning. more on the way. breaking news tonight on donald trump. the new video of his campaign manager and the prosecutor's decision. plus, hillary clinton tonight. what will her strategy be against bernie sanders on that stage? and just in, the new number on clinton in this battle for new york. also, the images at this hour. the military crash on a highway, right outside new york city. several injuries. we've now learned two in critical condition. traffic backed up for miles. and the rescue effort. the police officer ambushed. a deputy shot in the back. an unprovoked attack. another officer firing back. and america strong tonight.
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the school bus driver and what she did in this moment. teaching us all a lesson, and saving a life. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with the deadly earthquake, and the warning tonight that more aftershocks could be coming. the 6.2 quake striking after dark in japan, and then several violent tremors followed, sending walls crashing down. emergency teams right there running to find those trapped. this scene captured inside a japanese news room. everything shaking there. the death toll expected to rise tonight. the imaujs of the families huddled in the streets, and now the your jet search for the missing. abc's matt gutman with the images coming in tonight from japan. >> reporter: the shaking so violent, it spun this security camera like a top. its footage, a bouncing blur of city lights and fires.
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japanese emergency officials say multiple people were killed, many hundreds wounded when the magnitude 6.2 quake struck at 9:26 p.m. local time, right under the city of kumamoto. firefighters battling multiple blazes. tonight, crews urgently searching for survivors and the injured, going door to door in the dark. bringing fears that the death toll could rise. a cluster of aftershocks. a man's camera rolling as one hits. those windows shaking and people screaming. sending thousands into the streets, huddling against the cold, digging into pre-prepped supplies. the quake buckling roads, derailing this train on the tracks. these office workers ducking under desks. american noel vincent lives there. >> we felt the floor drop beneath us. that's what it felt like.
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>> reporter: this quake as powerful as the last major quake, the monster 9.0 in 2011 that unleashed a deadly tsunami. david, that quake maxing out the intensity scale, because it hit so violently, right beneath an urban area. and now that it is daylight, rescuers are racing to find people still trapped under the rubble. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight. thank you, matt. and breaking developments this evening in the race for the white house, as well. new york city tonight, suddenly at the center of this race. the primary in the state, less than a week away now, and the traffic is gridlocked in the city because they're all right here. we have new numbers on hillary clinton at this hour, and donald trump, blasting the republican establishment. tonight, hiring some new players who know the party to help him navigate what could be a contested convention. as ted cruz is surprised not by the questioner, but by his daughters and their correction. and the prosecutor's decision about whether to go after trump's campaign manager, all
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coming in tonight. abc's tom llamas from a major republican event being held right now in midtown manhattan. >> reporter: tonight, as donald trump takes on his own party, >> we've taken the vote away from great people. we've disenfranchised people. >> reporter: a legal victory for his campaign team. a florida prosecutor dropping a battery charge against campaign manager corey lewandowski for grabbing reporter michelle fields. >> although the facts support the allegation that mr. lewandowski did grab miss fields' arm against her will, mr. lewandowski has a reasonable hypothesis of innocence. >> reporter: the prosecutor saying fields entered a secret service protective bubble around trump, releasing new video they say shows her touching him. trump recoils and lewandowski steps in. the incident highlighting the tense atmosphere at many trump events. in pittsburgh, protesters and trump supporters clashing outside a rally. we're in the middle right now of
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trump supporters. they're literally face to face about to come to blows. but the anti-trump protests not just at rallies. a group of the billionaire's former reality show apprentices now coming forward to speak out against him. >> come on, kwame, time is money. >> reporter: kwame jackson from season one accusing trump of, quote, "stoking the flames of our worst demons." trump firing back -- "how quickly they forget. nobody would know who they are if it weren't for me. six failing wannabes out of hundreds of contestants. so sad!" and as trump battles his former proteges, senator ted cruz showing his softer side in a town hall meeting with wife, heidi, and daughters caroline and catherine. >> and they both have matching karaoke machines and it's a little frightening with the two of them singing taylor swift together. >> we don't sing together. >> that's true. you do sometimes. >> reporter: and david, tonight, all three republican candidates will be here on the east side of manhattan. and tonight, the protests are
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growing. there are hundreds of protesters behind he, blocks long. most of those protesters here, protesting donald trump. david? >> all right, tom llamas for us. tom, thank you. and as the republicans make their case tonight, the two democrats battling one another on stage. less than a week before that pivotal primary here and new numbers just in tonight, showing hillary clinton pulling ahead in the state where she was once senator, 17 points ahead of sanders in the newest poll tonight. but it was bernie sanders who drew a giant crowd overnight, a rally in washington square park. but sanders then in damage control, after a word used on that stage by one of his surrogates. hillary clinton meantime playing to smaller crowds, and the question tonight, what will her strategy be to hold onto that lead? here's abc's cecilia vega from the trail tonight. >> reporter: for both hillary clinton and bernie sanders, new york is a must-win. and tonight, everything is on the line. sanders heading to the debate riding high after one of the
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biggest rallies of his entire campaign. >> there are a lot of people here tonight! >> reporter: more than 27,000 people in manhattan's famous washington square park. pouring into the streets and climbing trees, peering from buildings just to catch a glimpse. >> i love you, bernie sanders! >> reporter: but tonight, it's what a sanders surrogate said that's raising eyebrows. listen to health care activist dr. paul song. >> medicare for all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma. >> reporter: a clinton spokeswoman calling the comments, "very distressing language to say the least." sanders disavowed the statements, calling them "inappropriate and insensitive." tonight, we'll see if the matter is put to rest, because it all comes down to the final showdown. will sanders explain how he'd break up the big banks after recently struggling with that question? a centerpiece of his campaign.
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>> senator sanders has had tlubl answering questions. >> reporter: will clinton go on the attack to defend her double-digit lead here? >> vote for the future of new york. >> reporter: and just how nasty will it get in their battle over who is most qualified for the oval office? >> maybe the american people smigt wonder about your qualificati qualifications. >> reporter: in this subway series, it is brooklyn or bust. >> there will be fireworks tonight. cecilia vega joins me from the debate site in brooklyn. it would seem sanders needs to come out swinging, after the new poll tonight. but cecilia, take us inside the clinton camp. what does she need to do tonight? >> reporter: well, david, with a lead like that, she basically needs to avoid making any big mistakes tonight. we expect her to go after sanders, of course, as a single issue candidate. also, to play up her record here in new york, ahead of that big vote next week, david. >> cecilia vega, thank you. the other breaking story just outside new york city involves a horrific military
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crash on the new jersey turnpike. a military humvee flipping upside down, soldiers trapped inside. several injured. authorities say at least two critically. helicopters and ambulances rushing to the scene, and you can see the traffic there late today, backed up for miles. abc's eva pilgrim is on the scene at this hour. >> reporter: two people fighting for their lives tonight, rescued after this military humvee flipped over, landing upside down on the new jersey turnpike. all four inside rushed to the hospital. witnesses say the humvee lost control when a tire broke off. and eyewitness snapping this photo shortly after the accident, showing fellow drivers unsuccessfully attempting to lift the vehicle off those trapped inside. >> i ran back to my truck, i got my jack, i ran back over, attempted to try and jack the front of the vehicle up. >> reporter: traffic stood still as choppers air lifted two of the passengers to a nearby hospital.
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david, miraculously, the mum vie didn't hit any other vehicle as it flipped upside down. the turnpike, as you can see, is back open tonight. david? >> eva pilgrim with us. thank you. and to another difficult scene on american roadways tonight. this one in seattle. school children injured while simply waiting at a bus stop. a pickup truck went out of control and slammed into the children. the 19-year-old driver with a history of seizures because of a medical condition. authorities say his license had already been suspended. six children injured, one seriously. the driver was found unconscious behind the wheel. next, to houston tonight, where an officer was ambushed. aldon clopton shot multiple times in the back. abc's phillip mena is in houston. >> we think that our officer was ambushed. >> reporter: harris county deputy constable alden clopton just finished assisting another deputy with a traffic stop and was leaning into that
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deputy's patrol vehicle when a man approached from behind, and fired at least six shots, hitting clopton four times in the back. >> shots were fired. units coming up the street. we've got an officer hit. >> reporter: the father of six, an 11-year veteran, and a monitor to younger cops. clopton's son says his father is strong. >> he does recognize us and know who we are. and he can only respond, basically, by blinking or slightly moving his head. >> reporter: nationwide, the killing of police officers is on the rise. 17 officers have been killed by firearms so far this year. twice as many as last year. including 28-year-old ashley guindon, killed in virginia in february, just one day after being sworn in. clopton's wife and his three brothers all work in law enforcement, and tonight, they're all by his side. >> we have faith to believe that he will soon recover and he will be back to work. >> reporter: police have detained one man for questioning, and, tonight,
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they're still searching for a motive. david? >> phillip mena from houston. phillip, thank you. overseas tonight, and the u.s. with a stern message for russia, after that image, that very close call we showed you last night here. the close encounter, captured on camera from the deck of that u.s. warship, right there. u.s. officials calling the action dangerous and deliberate, by russian fighter jets. russian officials tonight saying their pilots took every precaution. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz on their reaction. also tonight, what putin said overnight about the clintons. >> reporter: roaring past a u.s. warship in a simulated attack pattern. more than two dozen times. at one point, a russian jet just 30 feet off the bow of the ship. alarmingly aggressive moves that the russians today claimed were done safe "safely" and "according to international rules." but the u.s. strongly disagrees,
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filing a formal complaint with moscow. and secretary of state john kerry saying today, "under the rules of engagement, that could have been a shoot down." >> he found it unprofessional, needlessly provocative and, indeed, dangerous. >> reporter: the man who did not bring up the simulated attacks today? russia's president vladimir putin. instead, taking a swipe at what he called america's imperial ambitions, and, using a twist on an old russian proverb to describe hillary clinton's desire to follow her husband's path to the white house, "husband and wife are the same satan," putin said, laughing. >> martha raddatz back with us live tonight. martha, a fierce protest there, the message from the u.s., but tonight, the white house wanting to de-escalate tensions, as well? >> reporter: they are, david. there won't be any sort of military response to that flyover, despite speck tear kerry's strong worlds about what could have happened. the white house saying today,
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there would be little value in further inflaming the situation, david. >> all right, martha raddatz, always great to have us with us. martha, thank you. we're going to turn next this evening to the long lines at america's airports. passengers stuck in line, waiting to go through tsa screening. well, it turns out, one major airline is joining the passengers in complaining. abc's david kerley on the sheer number s of passengers who have missed flights because of those long delays and those lines. >> reporter: l.a.x. today, long snaking security lines. spring break travel wait times across the country of one, two, even three hours. >> i don't understand. >> reporter: not only passengers. >> we missed our flight and we're told there's nothing they can do. >> reporter: airports are angry, too. a letter to tsa from charlotte, complaining of a negative economic impact of 600 missed flights. seattle announcing it will hire 90 contractors just to help the tsa officers. and the airlines? american saying nearly 6,800
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passengers missed flights in one week at five airports it serves. the problem? a record number of travelers, no additional tsa officers, terrorist attacks, and new security measures at checkpoints. is a nightmare ahead for summer travelers? >> i don't think a nightmare is ahead. but i think you can expect to see longer wait times simply because of the volume of people moving. >> reporter: it is likely to be a horrible summer to travel. the best tip is sign up for tsa pre-check. that is the fast lane here at security. if not, show up hours early for your flight. you are likely to spend many of them in line. david? >> the pre-check does make a big difference. david kerley tonight, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the new health warning. the popular medicine taken by millions of americans. the alert this evening about possible damage you may be doing to your kidneys. we'll have that story coming up. the real money team is back tonight. if you're traveling with your family this summer by car or by plane, the simple steps that could save you a lot of money. two things we didn't know about.
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out as they tried to recapture him. running and hanging from a power line in a residential neighborhood here. this part, a little hard to watch. he falls from the wires, but caught in a blanket down below, safely returned to the zoo tonight. a new survey showing a new favorite grocery store. wegman's, with stores in six states on the east coast, topping the list now, based on customer satisfaction and loyalty. publix coming in second. trader joe's in third. former wegman's boy right here. when we come back here tonight, look at this. the school bus driver coming to the rescue with a lesson for as all what she does saves a life.
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here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this is the moment her six-year-old big brother may be choking. >> what are you doing? >> he's got a coin. >> he's got a coin? oh, my lordy, are you serious? his sister said, i think he swallowed a coin. >> reporter: that's when school bus driver and teacher's assistant ginger maxwell, just finishing her route last week in objecti oklahoma, jumps into action. >> me was just gasping for air. >> reporter: and for the first time in 17 years, uses the heimlich maneuver she learned in cpr class. okay, got it. i thought, i've got to see if my training, if i was really paying attention when i had my training. >> reporter: in the end, cameron was just fine. that object in his throat, a not so lucky penny. >> ♪ this afternoon at dunkin', sip and save with a freshly brewed favorite for 99 cents.
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