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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 15, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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this was not a kinder and gentler debate. not tonight in brooklyn. with the new york primary next tuesday, and with the stakes as high as they could possibly be, hillary clinton and bernie sanders attacked the issues and each other tonight. it is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the battle of brooklyn. clinton and sanders taking part in the first debate in five weeks, but they hardly seem to be out of practice. with questions tuned to the recent controversy of the campaign, and major issues of income and equality, the gun lobby, fossil fuel industry and america's security in the world, the debate was informative, but also contentious. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> now wait a minute, wait a minute -- >> that's just not accurate. >> i joined on the debate with
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senator sanders -- >> excuse me -- >> oh, boy. sanders asked about his campaign trail comments about clinton's qualifications to be president. >> does second clinton have the experience and intelligence to be a president? of course she does. but i do question -- but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq. >> he had to question my judgment. well, the people of new york voted for me twice to be their senator for new york. and president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary -- >> and it is becoming increasingly bitter, and at one point one will need the other supporters and tonight's debate
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will not make that task any easier. called a day of action in philadelphia. indeed, protesters who railed against economic and racial injustice, and who advocated for a $15 minimum wage and who bashed the idea of a football stadium near the temple campus took to the streets to let everybody know how they feel. "action news" reporter, jeff chirico is live in center city, philadelphia. jeff, police used fotoday as an opportunity. how is it a benefit to them >> it could be seen as a drill for what they face during the upcoming democratic national convention. no arrests, and that bodies well for a department with a lot on its plate. and protesters marched down broad street creating gridlock and delay of septa buses. a strong police presence and no
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reported serious problems. after it they treated grateful for those in the march for expressing cooperatively. and talking about the plan to keep the peace. >> our goal to have a peaceful evening. >> today's march likely good practice for the police force preparing for more and larger protests during the democratic national convention in july. much like today, protesters will push to have their voices heard on a variety of social and economic issues from increasing the minimum wage to prison population. >> we are fighting to raise the minimum wage. >> handling protest isn't anything new, says sullivan, saying the key is the mindset, creating a safe environment for people to demonstrate. >> another reason for success is our consistency in terms of wait we operate our command structure, the way we deploy. >> last year's visit by pope
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francis tested the p.d. like few events have, cooperating with others to protect the hundreds of thousands expected to see the holy father. expecting 50,000, a smaller but more vocal crowd that will test the police, and sullivan says they are prepared for protests. >> we had a lot of practice. we have taken all the best practices that we have learned and it's become part of our standard playbook. we are consistent with the way we approach those things. >> and, of course, the p.d. will not be handling this alone. the federal government has given the city some $50 million for security. we are live in center city, jeff chirico, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, jeff. firefighters pulled a victim from a row home blaze tonight in the west oak lane section of philadelphia. the fire broke out at 8:30 along the 2100 block of 77th avenue. firefighters knocked down the
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flames in just 15 minutes, but it was then that they found the man inside the home. the authority say he suffered smoke inhalation. very are invest gagating the ca. and who murdered a woman in her home. on east cosgrove street where mary morton was shot twice in the chest at 12:30 this afternoon. members of the victim's family tried to console each other outside of the house. morton's husband is in his 90s and has alzheimer's disease. four soldiers, three men and one woman referring from injuries after their humvee overturned on the turnpike. the female soldier has a severe leg injury. the vehicle lost control when a tire broke off. and several rushed to the soldiers' aid, unsuccessfully
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trying to lift the humvee. they are based in an army reserve station in queens, new york. the city of philadelphia held the first public forum tonight on the future of the roosevelt boulevard. residents want to know what a safer, more accessible boulevard would look like. and dann cuellar along the boulevard, and what did the residents learn tonight? >> jim, not so much what they learned but what they could say about fixing the roadways. the answer of fixes it are piecemeal and elusive. and this time they want to get if right. hearing from those who work, live and travel the boulevard. >> ask them to give you their opinions and you get pretty blunt answers. it's dangerous, says one. what do you like about it? nothing says another. >> i like them to slow down. traffic. >> traffic slowing down and hopefully police officers giving tickets.
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>> 12 lanes of high-speed traffic 14 miles from broad to neshaminy mall. and the past years there are over 3,000 reported crashes, and many of the facilities are pedestrians. >> wire barriers only allow pedestrians to cross at the light. that would save so many lights. >> and the first of five public forums, dozens gathered the interactive stakeses to give them input on what they would like to see done. >> i would like to see more pedestrian options on the boulevard. around my neighborhood the sidewalks aren't complete. sometimes i can't walk to where i want to go. >> one of the most important pieces is listening to the community about what are the challenges they have on the boulevard. >> part of a three-year study funded by a $5 million grant. coming up with short-term solutions and what it should look like in 2025 and 2040.
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>> and laying on the improvements to make the vision happen. >> forums the next few days the last april 21. staffers hope to return in the fall with a plan that reflect what is they learned. live along the boulevard, dann cuellar "action news." a south jersey farmer died in a freak accident today. he is a man familiar to "action news." this is 73-year-old anthony russo of tabernacle, burlington county. this is from an interview last year with new jersey correspondent nora muchanic. you might know him as well since he typically sold 100,000 cases of corn a year. this afternoon russo was run over by farming equipment on the 100 block of carranza road during seeding operations. >> following up on the big story of last night at 11:00, we now know the identity of the two people found dead in a home in wilmington under mysterious
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circumstances the. forensic detectives in delaware identity them as 67-year-old maureen daley and 53-year-old jonathan miller of the neighbors on the 300 block of east highland avenue say they had not seen the pair for months. it is unclear when or had you they died. autopsies will be conducted. the first lawsuit has been filed after four people were killed by an apparent leak of carbon monoxide at an apartment complex in wilmington. the family is suing them. they say a faultily pipe caused the leak. the h and i buildings are deemed unsafe and others ordered out. and the apartment building is telling "action news" -- well they are not telling us anything, they will not comment. and the man running a brutal
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dog operation sentenced for animal cruelty. in 2013 he ran dog fights in lawnda lawndale. and they rescued the dogs from a home, and scarred and injured, one emaceated. >> people whose lives affected by violence honored in lehigh valley. the crime victims council held a vigil in the memorial tree of life grove remembering the victims of crimes. family and survivors spoke about how their lives had been affected. others with candles paying tribute to lives lost. a final role call tonight for really a very special philadelphia police officer. corporal william clark retiring from the 12th district in southwest philadelphia after more than 47 years on the job. clark is the longest-serving officer in the entire department. joining the force in july of 1969.
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he didn't take a sick day for 12 years. before leaving tonight he made a point to introduce a young officer, whose grandfather he knew during the police academy all those years ago. corporal clark said tonight was the hardest night of his career. a service man's family from newark, delaware enjoying the night together for the first time in six months after a heart-melting double surprise today. "action news" and monica malpass here with quite a touching story. >> it is. it tugs at your heart strings. john came home a few days from the six-month deployment in the middle east surprising his children at schools. >> can i sit here? >> dad? >> surprising his 15-year-old son, joshua, at newark high school during lunch today. the young man has down syndrome and couldn't stop hugging and
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looking at his dad in disbelief. >> he's here. >> i'm here. >> teachers were in on the surprise and erupted in applause and tears. and his wife, cheryl, arranged it along with the salute out front when they lost. josh and his dad were joyful. >> i missed my dad. >> a whole lot? >> a whole lot. >> i am exstatic. >> and from there they went to his daughter's school, and jessica got a real shock and thrill. >> daddy! >> jessica stunned and elated, knowing her dad was coming back, not just sure when. and couldn't stop hugging and kisses him eitherment and six months is a long time to miss your dad when you are a child.
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>> and the sergeant says he is honored to serve with the guards 166th wing, but thrilled to be back with his loving, dear family tonight. >> dads can be pretty popular. >> i see that. >> thank you, monica. and still to come tonight, destructive and deadly earthquake rocks japan. the 100 aftershocks are not the end of it. a chimp on the land does a bit after high-wire act. how the ape adventure comes to an end. the warming trend, yesterday's high 58, and today 63. this warming trend going on for awhile. letting you know how long and how warm we will get in the "action news" forecast. >> and live in the nation's capital after the first playoff game with the caps. that and more when "action news"
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>> oh -- >> that's what it sounded like when a 6.5 earthquake struck today in japan. nine people confirmed dead, more than 800 injured. but experts say that those numbers will rise. the aftershocks can continue for weeks. and the manhunt for a man shooting a constable four times. and the officer expected to survive thanks to his bullet-proof death. they say that the constable was talking to another deputy and the man walked up behind him and fired. the police questioned a person of interest, no arrests made. secretary of state john kerry says the navy could have shot down these russian planes under rules of engagement. in international waters in the
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baltic sea when the jetses buzzed dangerously close dozens of times monday and tuesday. russian defense officials today mocked the united states saying the pilots used "all measures of precaution" and are baffled by our distressed reactions. and the unemployment raid rising to 4.4%, up a tick from a month before when 4 ho.3%. they say it is because more started looking for work as they added 17,300 jobs. a chimpanzee escape from a zoo on live television in japan. the 24-year-old chimp named chacha climbed a utilities pole and swung from electrical lines of the clearly-agitated animal kept them at bay, one time
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lunging at them with a snarl. and the tranquilizer took effect and he fell hitting wires on the way down. zoo officials say they broke the chimp's fall catching him in a plastic sheet and he is doing ok tonight. >> going to have a hangover tomorrow. >> that and capturing the imagination after lot of people in japan. >> i always find myself rooting for the animal. go, chacha. >> he will be ok. j >> let's get the accuweather forecast. no rain out there, sky 6 looking at penns landing, clear skies, calm winds. the combination bringing us chilly temperatures overnight. not bad, the urban heat island trapping in the heat. allentown around down to 43. lancaster 41. and south jersey, pomona and the
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atlantic airport 38 degrees. and millville already down to 37. and satellite 6, along with action radar showing the hospital -- the high pressure anchored there bringing us sunny days. and the frost advisory for most of the viewing area. except for right along the coast. and once again the temperatures dropping down again close to freezing. there could be frost, a good idea to bring in those potted plants or cover up the plants outside. after a cool start to the day tomorrow, temperatures warm up more than today. reaching the high of 64, 1 degree warmer than today at 5:00. and by 8:00, 60 degrees with clear skies. really, beautiful weather across our viewing area. allentown 64, reading 65, millville 62. the closer to the coast you get, the ocean temperature about 50
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degrees. cooler along the shore points temperatures only in the 50s. that trend continues heading through the weekend. temperatures 10 degrees cooler at the shore. futuretracker showing as far as rainfall, with the high pressure just sitting right over us, it is like a protective dome. what you do, get the heavy rain working along the ridge. houston west of omaha, 4-6 inches of rain. we stay dry. and gradually getting warmer through the weekend and temperatures spike monday. the seven-day forecast, beautiful. more sunshine tomorrow after a chilly morning. seasonable 64. and up to 67 degrees saturday. sunday warm and pleasant. and monday feeling like june with a high up to 80 degrees.
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if that is that little too warm too soon for you, dropping back to 68 degrees on tuesday, just a slight chance of a shower. wednesday back to normal, 64. and on thursday, temperatures trend up again, high of 75 degrees. the only problem with a forecast like this if you have allergies. and taking time to celebrate success at the hotels in malvern, and "action news," vernon odom the emcee of the event of the annual dinner one of the biggest fundraisers of the year helping low-income children and families in chester county. and mayor jim kenney taking part in a long-time fundraiser, siti i dining out for life.
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and t
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this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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>> chopper 6 hd over a fire in t &
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us live in d.c. with post-game reaction, jeff? >> the flyers had shot after shot to set the tone here early on on the road in game one. but they go 0-4 in the power play in the first 30 minutes, and only 8 shots on goal after the first period adding up to a tough shut-out loss. >> we know we can play better. and they are a pretty good team. and we don't think that we played our best and just have to move on here. >> want to play the best game we possibly could. and i don't think we were horrible, but can we do better?
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yeah. >> it would be nice to capitalize but at the end of the day it is a long series and i think we can put this behind us, forget about it getting ready for game two here. >> the last time the flyers were shut-out in a playoff game, five years ago. coincident or not, also the last time they lost game one, only to bounce back and win a series. a lot of hockey left to be played, game two starred night. >> jeff, thank you so much. still ahead in sports, the eagles release the 2016 schedule. and what vince velasquez accomplishes that h
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>> the eagle's 2016 schedule released. four prime time games opening sunday september 11 at home against the browns. the steelers visit week three, bye this week four. traveling to d.c. to face redskins october 16. back-to-back division road games, cowboys and giants october 30 and november 6. the packers come calling monday night football november 28. the eagles wrap up the regular-season with two home divisional games. the finale against dallas on new year's day. if the phillies continue to play this way we start about the 0-4 start to the season. they are rolling now and their pitching, surprise, surprise a big reason why. no score, ryan howard off the
2:09 am
left leftie. the solo homer the third of the year, 1-0 phills. enough for vince velasquez. he has the fastball working. velasquez pitches a complete-game shut-out allowing just three hits. he had nine strikeouts in his debut last week and 16 today and winning 3-0. and velasquez in the two starts as a phillies pitcher, the strikeout the most in the modern era. and "jimmy kimmel live," his guests are chris hemsworth, abbi jacobson, ilana glazer, and music from anderson paak schoolboy q. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night.
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