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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  April 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday april 26th and we are following breaking news. >> a raging inferno engulfs a house in tell wear county leaving it in absolute ruin. the action cam is live on that scene. >> pennsylvania becomes the folk can can you say in the race for the white house today. we are live where voters will choose their party's nominee for president. >> roads are wet after april showers and thunderstorms slammed parts of the delaware valley overnight. accuweather is tracking more
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downpours for later. >> we turn to dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're dry for now. some of your road surfaces or sidewalks might be a little wet from those overnight showers. in some neighborhoods a thunderstorm. there you see that stuff coming through last night. it looks like most of this is passing us off to the north and east now. we'll see clouds mixing with some sunny breaks, more sun the farther south you go and then eventually that next line of showers and thunderstorms arrives. that's later this afternoon. 59 degrees currently in philadelphia. 56 in trenton. 57 degrees in wilmington. 54 in allentown and still in the low 60's in cape may and down in millville. on the bus stop this morning mainly try. mostly cloudy skies with some sunny breaks certainly possible. and 60 degrees by 6 o'clock. 64 degrees by 8:00. so, temperatures cool issuish buish butnot that bad. winds light. aas we go through the day 65 degrees by 8 o'clock and 74 by 11 o'clock. as we pull into the early part of the afternoon most areas still okay.
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81 degrees by 2 o'clock. after about o 2 o'clock in the northern suburbs like the lehigh valley and reading you'll start to see development of showers and maybe a thunderstorm and that stuff rolls down toward philadelphia closer to 4, 5, 6 o'clock right in there so this would be the iffy part of the day near i-95 to vote and then by 8 o'clock 75. it looks like most of that stuff is down by the shore and you're probably okay as we take a look all right pollen count again it's still running a little bit high, probably drops off over the next couple of days. karen rogers what are roads looking like early on. >> well, a little bit wet in spots dealing with those thunderstorms that woke me up overnight. we're looking live in delaware county. this is i-95 northbound at the blue route as you head towards the airport. still construction crews blocking the right lane, blocking the off ramp but expected to rap up any minute now so they're out there currently but shouldn't be outer there too much longer. more on this accident here. there's debris on the roadway. we're seeing restrictions in plymouth township at fayette street at 13th avenue. the accident we had on germantown pike in springfield that has cleared so things looking better there.
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burlington bristol bridge in the process of reopening. it was closed overnight for maintenance and will close again through the week again tonight at 9 o'clock so watch for the closures. i warned you about it yesterday and we're still seeing it now on the burlington bristol. stick to the turnpike connector bridge if you're headed out right this minute as well as later on tonight, matt. >> thanks karen. we begin with breaking news. massive flames destroy a large home in delaware county leaving just portions of the structure still standing and illuminating the dark sky. it broke out at the home on dogwood hill lane in chadds ford at 2:00 a.m. flames fully engulfed the large house. nozzle nut photography provided us with some of these intents images and video from the fire fight. crews were calling a second alarm to get tanker trucks to the scene for more water. i know we're taking a live look at the action cam. they also reported a gas line fire at the scene. now, again, this is the action cam live showing that the
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flames are still emerging from. home and from this structure right now. there is really not much left of it. utility crews were called to the scene to shut off gas lines on the property just in case these flames erupt again through gas leaks. but so far no reports of any injuries. >> and today is a pivotal day in this unpredictable election season. >> voters in five states including pennsylvania and delaware will cast their votes in presidential primaries and several local raises. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott is live a polling station in east falls with all the details. good morning, katherineism good morning, tam and matt. the polls open in pennsylvania and delaware at 7:00 a.m. and the candidates are urging their supporters to get out and vote. it has been a tense season all around so far and every delegate counts. it's been a grueling race so far and it's only april. now primary day has arrived in pennsylvania and delaware. hillary clinton held a rally in front of around 800 people at city hall courtyard
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touching on job creation and raising the minimum wage. over at drexel university long lines stretched outside the athletic center where a crowd of more than 2500 greeted bernie sanders to thunderous applause. both urged supporters to get out vent today. >> iand vote today. >> if we stand together and fight back there is nothing we cannot accomplish. >> there is nothing that will hold us back. we will have the future that we deserve if we work together. >> ♪ >> over at west chester university donald trump revved up his crowd. on the republican side there's been a lot of talk about a deal between ted cruz and john kasich the ladder who enjoyed breakfast in south philadelphia today. the theory is that will give them the best chance of denying donald trump 1237 delegates. >> i've been doing this for 10 months and these two guys they're politicians all their lives, that's all they done
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now they join forces. >> i don't see this as any big deal other than the fact that i'm not going to spend resources in indiana he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> reporter: so whether you're heading to the polls in mifflin or elsewhere in pennsylvania the republican candidates are making sure their supporters know which delegates to vote for. pennsylvania's delegate allocation process is unusual. pennsylvania adds 71 delegates to the convention in cleveland. 17 are bound to the candidate who wins the primary on the first ballot but 54 of them are free agents which means they are not bound to the candidate who wins the state's popular vote so a lot of people are watching pennsylvania on the republican side in particular. the polls close at 8 o'clock tonight. we're live in east falls, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> now those delegates could get split. we'll have to see. thanks katherine. "action news" is watching other races in pennsylvania. congressman chaka fattah is battling to keep his u.s. house seat. he's running against three democratic challengers while
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he himself faces federal corruption charges. three democrats and two republicans are running to succeed kathleen kane as pennsylvania attorney general. kane is embroiled in a perjury scandal. representatives from the league of women voters will be at the 6abc studios today to answer your questions or concerns. you can call (877)940-6222 between 7:00 in the morning when the polls open until they close at 8 o'clock tonight. >> it is 5:07. a two-year-old from bucks county has died and investigators are still trying to figure out if foul play was involved. an autopsy on the child is scheduled for today. the toddler suffered blunt force injury sunday night. she passed away yesterday at children's hospital of philadelphia. we're told her injuries happened at her home not 1400 block of sweetbriar drive in falls township. she lived there with her mother and her mother's boyfriend. and a large crowd gathered in agony and grief at the murder scene in new castle delaware. last night police responded to
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surratte park on the 400 block of anderson drive. there had been a report of a shooting. the victim believed to be in his late teens or early 20's was pronounced dead at that scene. officers have not identified him or a motive and the killer still remains at large. >> a pennsylvania appeals court has rejected bill cosby's efforts to stop a criminal case from moving forward in montgomery county. judges with the court ruled the 2004 and sexual assault case against cosby can proceed. former temple university employee andrea constand says she was drugged and sexually assaulted at cosby's cheltenham nome 2004. cosby can can still appeal to the state supreme court. he remains free on $1 million bail which was posted following his arrest in december. eagles quarterback sam bradford is asking for a trade. bradford's agent says the quarterback is angry because the eagles traded up to the number two. bradford plans to skip the rest of the birds off season
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voluntary workout. the eagles are paying bradford $15 million this year to be their starting quarterback. >> maybe they'll get one of those draft picks back that they gave up to get the second pick. >> maybe. >> if they work out a trade. we'll see. >> we'll see if there is a trade. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that there is no more rain. that is all now off the east. and we have some showers and some of you heard some thunder last night but that's all away from us. as we take a look outside we have the airport and the airport looking dry at this point. some of your road surfaces might still be a little bit damp from that overnight passing shower. as we take a look at temperatures right now, 54 degrees in allentown, 59 in reading, 55 in lancaster. a little bit on the cool side in some spots but these numbers generally aren't too bad. still holding close to 50 in philadelphia or 60 i should say. 57 degrees in wilmington, 63 in millville, 65 mild degrees in dover, delaware. so, here's what happens today with the rain. first of all, the morning stuff is mainly up in the
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poconos and then pushing toward the east and we'll probably see some sunshine mixing with clouds as we go through the morning. as we head later into the afternoon, 2, 3 o'clock you'll start to see some new showers develop in the northern and western suburbs, maybe another rumble of thunder there. better chance of that is after 3:00 as we push down to maybe 5 o'clock the latest model run pushing most of this stuff by the shore by then but i think the i-95 corridor by 5 o'clock has a shot of seeing at least some spotty showers and thunderstorms and where those thunderstorms hit they could be gusty. by 7 o'clock south jersey still seeing some of this and by 9 o'clock it looks like it's mostly off the coast. again the key time for seeing thunderstorms today would be about 2 o'clock in the northern suburbs to about 7 o'clock down the shore. these are going to be scattered but where they hit they could feature gusty winds and maybe small hail. there's a big cooldown coming tonight and through the next couple days following this rain. today's high in the lehigh valley though is pretty good, 76 degrees, mostly cloudy. and earl to midafternoon shower or thunderstorm
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possible. down the shore it looks like most of your rain holds off until later in the evening, 75 is the high. and then 83 degrees, mostly cloudy to dain philadelphia with some sunny breaks, afternoon thunderstorms are possible, and quickly i want to show that you voter's forecast in pennsylvania. it looks like the morning and midday hours are fine. it will get real warm in the early afternoon and again the best chance of showers and storms probably between the hours of about 4:00 and maybe 6 o'clock near the i-95 core do. a little earlier than that up in the northern and western suburbs. 83 is today's high. it's going to be a warm afternoon. we'll have some sun at times. there's the chance of a shower or thunderstorm later in the afternoon and evening. then tomorrow partly sunny but cooler, a high of just 66 degrees and only 59 on thursday and that's a damp day with occasional rain. perhaps a lingering shower on friday, 63. weekend looking pretty good, though. sunshine on saturday, 68 degrees, great for union fans and phillies fans. and then the broad street run on sunday as well as that phillies game. decent weather for that.
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68 degrees, sun giving way to probably some more clouds and the next round of rain arrives sunday night and hangs around until monday, probably tuesday. >> thanks, david. a fire bug on the loose in texas. cameras capture the would be arsonist trying to set a louse on fire while the family is still inside. >> a tennessee man is upset that some of his neighbors want to kill off a piece of art in his front yard. karen. >> well, i can see why. >> seriously. >> we're live in delaware county. this is i-95 northbound. slow right here, right. that's because of construction at this point. own two lanes are getting by on i-95 northbound near 320. we'll take you to that construction scene, see if they're starting to wrap things up coming up. >> and a waiter helps a man with no arms eat his meal. the touching act of kindness is a hit on the internet and it's coming up later in the morning buzz. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. taking a live look there as the commute gets going up and over the platt bridge. it is 5:15, 59 degrees out there right now. >> so, it might be a little damp isn't some spots right now, karen? >> yeah, we had some thunderstorms move through some of the area, kind of briefly, but the roads are a little bit wet so just be careful as you're headed out. the one issue we have is some late running construction. let's look live right here. this is delaware county, i-95 at the blue route and we can see this northbound construction as you head towards the airport. you see how slowly everyone is going. if you're driving to the airport at this hour you don't expect a delay but it's a little slower because this construction was supposed to wrap at 5:00 a.m. they're blocking the off ramp to the blue route and they're blocking the right lane so that's what's causing the problems on i-95 northbound. i see the crews up here.
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unclear if they're maybe starting to back up and pick up some of the cones. construction running late and that's causing a slow go on i-95. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound is opened between willow grove and bensalem. we've been talking about that horrible fatal accident involving a tractor-trailer. happened yesterday afternoon but had closed the turnpike for awhile but everything is opened if you need it for your morning commute. you're not going to see a problem there. also here pennsylvania turnpike westbound past valley forge we had construction out there blocking the right lane. so, look for some slowing in that area. we're dry currently through the area. those storms that had rumbled through in the overnight hours, they're off the coastline at this point and it's mild in its wake. 59 degrees in philadelphia. 54 even in allentown, 63 in millville, new jersey today. we're going to see sunshine and some clouds and chance for some gusty storms later but you can see temperatures 10 to 20 degrees warmer than they were yesterday morning. tam. >> okay, thank you karen. new here on "action news" police in texas are searching for a fire bug caught attempting to set a car and a
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louse on fire while the family was inside. surveillance cameras captured the would be arsonist in the act. you can see that man pouring gasoline on the family's car, mailbox, front door and the side of the home. willingham says his car is a total loss and he says he knows who that man s he sales it happened because of a fight between the man in the video and his niece. no one was hurt. >> personal assistant of kid rock died in an atv crash. police say michael sacha was killed at the singer's property in nashville late sunday. kid rock and another friend found his body monday morning. investigators say they consider the death to be an accident. the sungar released a statement saying that he is beyond devastated. >> the phillies return to action in washington tonight. vincent velasquez who has 29 strikeouts in three games gets the start. espn says villanova head coach jay wright is on the l.a. lakers short list to replace
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byron scott as head coach. wright has said he planned to stay at villanova but was cautious to say to never say never. >> 'cause you never know. it is 5:18. there's a new warning for consumers about brightly colored laundry pods. >> and researchers suggest you might want to pump out the jams to help your baby become smarter. >> ♪
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>> a homeowners association is asking this 10 and the man to get rid of his yard art. jim grimstead call the statue claimed he received a letter ordering had imto move this. he says neighbors have never had an issue with the statue. the letter did not give him a deadline. still he plans to removed claude later this week. >> stunned. >> i don't think everybody enjoys claude as much as he does. >> i don't think i would be stun they had people aren't
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thrilled with that. >> claude looks like this. >> this is northeast philadelphia. woodhaven road over the boulevard we are clear, dry this morning but we still have this water main break out there. shipley road still closed between wilson road and boulder brook drive. stick to silver side road as your alternate dave. >> all right karen we are dressing kids in light gear this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, light wind rain appears to be gone. there is another round of showers and storms coming in later in the afternoon. here's where numbers are going. 62 by 7 o'clock. 68 by 9 o'clock. if you're vote dag no problems into the early afternoon by about 3 o'clock in the northern and western suburbs maybe twoish there could be some showers developing and then down closer to 5 o'clock some spotty thunderstorms in the i-95 corridor eventually disappearing down over south jersey. a quick look at the airport hone for all green aircraft and not a lot of rain in our big travel destinations. boston has rain. everybody else dry. no big delays, tam. >> thank you david. going on to health check,
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a small new study finds listening to music may boost a baby's language skills. researchers studied 39 nine month olds. half of the babies were as signed to listen to a walt and others with nonmusical toys. babies listening to the music had increased activity in the area for processing speech. >> a consumer alert. >> there's a growing danger to children from laundry detergent pods. there's an emergency call to poison control centers about every 45 minutes. >> that's up 17 percent. manufacturers are trying the make the pods less attractive to kids. you soon won't see wild oats organic foods at wal-mart. the retailer started selling the brand two years ago to compete. >> wal-mart will add other organic products to its great value line as well as more fresh organic produce. leave it to the british for the latest culinary innovation a plant that has the basic ingredients for both
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>> in the morning buzz, sportscaster erin andrews settled her lawsuit against the hotel that allowed a stalker to secretly film her in the nude. a national jury awarded andrews $55 million in damages with the hotel responsible paying for nearly half that cash. question how much did they actually give her? well, members of the missouri senate must not be 50-cent fans. they tabled a sales tax proposal after a senator filibustered it by reading a book by the rapper. democratic senator maria chappelle nadal read for almost an hour from the 50th law. maybe they would have liked it better if she red from pieces to wait. that's a self help book by 50-cent. she did that to stop a plan thathat would allow sales tax. >> this is your feel good story of the day. this picture is going viral on social media for all the right reasons.
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it shows 22-year-old waiter alex ruiz, that's him going above and beyond for one of his customers. ruiz is seen helping a man who came into the restaurant with no arms eat his meal. he came in -- the man came into the cinco de mayo restaurant on sunday and when he asked for help with his meal ruiz said i'll help him out. this feel good moment has been shared on social media now over a thousand times. time to go on over to matt. >> great cress cherry. thank you tam. time right now is 5:27. coming up in "action news" the wild ride on a rollercoaster that got a bit too wild for a texas father and his son. new details on the deadly tractor-trailer crash on the turnpike in bucks county. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> happening now on "action news," voters in pennsylvania and delaware are about to head to the polls to pick their party's nominee for president. >> and new this morning, crews make progress to clear that nasty crash that closed the pennsylvania turnpike for
5:30 am
several hours. >> fast moving storms light up the sky overnight and accuweather is tracking another round coming through later this afternoon. >> 5:30 now on this tuesday april 26th. good morning everyone. helping us track those storms dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> all right, everybody, well, those showers from overnight along with some rumbles of thunder are now gone but we have another line coming in from the west and later this afternoon that will be an issue dropping through the region. most of the day ahead of that will be a mix of clouds and sun. 59 degrees in philadelphia currently. some of your road surfaces and sidewalks might still be a little damp from the overnight shower activity. 54 degrees in allentown, 56 in trenton, 59 degrees in reading, 57 currently in wilmington and up into the low 60's in millville on down toward cape may. on the bus stop this morning, we're looking mainly dry. there might be a little bit of a drip coming down off the leaves above you. 60 degrees by 6 o'clock. 64 degrees by 8 o'clock. so, it does look like we are going to be fairly comfortable this morning. and as we roll through the


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