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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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route 72 south of browns mills and 206 and gusty winds with this. as we move farther to the west, over it's blue route now getting heavy downpours and lightning, a cluster moving through honey brook, chester county and the cells are moving southeast at 40 miles per hour. the national weather service has posted a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00, what this means is every storm has the potential to have damaging winds and small hail, especially since it's warm and humid out there. 85 in philadelphia right now and the average tie for this time of year only 6. here is what to expect into the early evening, a threat of scattered thunderstorms a lot of areas will stay dry, this is a system where one neighborhood gets heavy downpours and another neighborhood doesn't get a drop of rain and that could be briefly heavy and there is
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potential for small hail, pea to quarter size. >> we'll check back in later thank you. philadelphia police say they have solve aid cold case that dates back to 2003. five people were killed in a fire in the city's olney section and 13 years later police figured out who started on purpose. chad pradelli is live at police headquarters tonight with the details. >> reporter: yes rick, a 13-year-old cold case but police did not give up and yesterday they picked up their man. he is 31-year-old abdu rivera, they say he is a career criminal now facing life behind bars. they say rivera fire bombed a home in 2003. killing santiago his wife and daughter and mother-in-law.
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and police could not nail down the case and it went cold. >> in july of 2014, two of my best detectives reopened the case and followed leads and found witnesses. >> homicide captain james clark says that john santiago got into a fight with rivera and two of his friends at a club earlier in the night and santiago an experienced boxer got the best of the group. and rivera looking for revenge went to widener street and threw molotov cocktails into the house, the door was bolted and the family was trapped. >> very sad. we were happy to make an arrest. >> police tell me they reach aid relative of the santiago family living in florida and that family member is ecstatic about
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the arrest. now to the race for the white house. right now voters are heading to the polls in five states, and in less than three hours, the first results will start to come in. >> pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut and rhode island are all in the political spotlight tonight and presidential candidates on both sides spend the day campaigning up and down the east coast looking to get more delegates tonight. >> lets look at the pennsylvania convention center in philadelphia. that is where frontrunner hillary clinton is watching the results come in tonight. polls say she is leading by double digits. but that did not stop rival, bernie sanders from campaigning. sanders tried to gather some last minute support. >> and local races, in pennsylvania, four democrats are seeking the nomination for a u.s. senate seat and the chance to face off against pat toomey
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in november. and in philadelphia congressman, chaka fattah facing tough competition for the first time in decades. brian gordon and attorney dan muroff are all running for the second congressional district. chaka fattah was indicted on racketeering charges last year. with local races so close and the primary so high-profile many people came out to vote. mayor jim kenney cast his vote. more more on voter turnout we turn to vernon odom live in southeast philadelphia. >> reporter: hi rick and monica, good evening. let me say up front it was difficult if not impossible to find any republicans that wanted to speak on camera in the heavy turnout sections of the city we visited today. brisk, that is the word being used to describe the turnout
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across town today, the president primary the major engine for that in this town that is very much dominated by the democratic party. >> the school in the bustleton section, was teeming with election activity. restrictions for six divisions into this building. a judge says that the presidential primary is what is turning so many out to vote. >> by the end of the day we break 200. >> this remains a largely democratic area, like so much of philadelphia, and the epic hillary-bernie battle goes on. >> i liked hillary all along. but as far as the candidates are concerned she has the most experience and i think she will do the best job. >> voted for sanders. >> because -- >> he has some kind of grit, i'm not sure what it is, i think he would be good in the white house.
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not that i'm bashing hillary in any way. >> the turnout is strong since the polls opened up this morning. some folks never miss voting presidential year or not. >> vote every time. >> because? >> because i exercise my right as a citizen. >> everybody figured 35-40 but it's pretty heavy, and now they talk rain and that doesn't help anything. >> the heat generated by the hillary and bernie battle even has couples at logger head. >> clinton. >> why? >> she knows what she is doing. >> bernie will do a good job. i think he is for the poor people and the unfortunate. >> monica the question, how many former democrats switched parties this spring to vote for donald trump, one lady over 70 years old with whom i came in
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contact, she said for 50 years she was a democrat, and switched to the gop so she could vote for donald trump. she says she can trust his word and keep his promises to shake things up in washington. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon polling workers in places across the area saw steady crowds all day and voters didn't have to stand in line at lunch time at drexel nissan, there was a spready stream at springfield methodist. >> i want to participate and didn't want to be one of those armchair people -- >> this person is a lockin and this person is going to win -- and you want to come in and have a say in that. and the tiny state of
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delaware is getting its shot at having a big say in the race for the white house. since no presidential candidate has clinched the nomination, their vote matters. olga is happy to have a say in democracy. >> i'm just so proud to be an american. and i'm just happy to vote to be part of it. and freedom is so important. this country is the greatest. >> so far brisk turnout is reported in spots, the polls are open until 8:00 this evening in the diamond state. >> today's voting has not been without problems, a number of voters called "action news" to report issues at this precincts but we are here to help you. the volunteers from the league of women voters are here in the action center to take your calls and hear about any problems you may have. the hot line number is on your
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screen. it's 877-940-6222. and those lines stay open until 8:00 tonight when the polls close. and stay with "action news" and abc news as returns come in from around the state and country. we'll post updates on our social media platforms including 6 abc page and all right speaking of returns, some folks trying to return home tonight. and they are meeting traffic situations this hour. >> lets check in with matt pellman in the traffic center. >> the downpours and a handful of accidents as well. we just saw a downpour roll through delco by the route 1 media bypass. the sun is starting to come out again, and the northbound traffic is slowing down from 95 to route 1, and the northbound travel time is bubble.
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we have a crash in new town township, at 322 and state street, and slowing with speeds in the 30s and the crash on woodhaven road eastbound coming away from mills and 295, approaching route 13 it's in the left lane. a crash by the martin luther king boulevard, you start to hit the traffic and stay on 475 instead. in winslow township a fire is closing piney hallow road. 13th street is an alternate there. >> all right thank you matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. students in los angeles got quite the scare on the way to school. the bizarre crash that sent an object clear through a school bus. and a meeting for the pair that have a rare place in medical history.
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when "action news" comes right back.
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>> a school bus was involved in a bizarre accident in los angeles. a railroad crossing arm malfunctioned and smashed through windows on both sides of
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the bus. special needs students on board were not injured. federal officials say that 50 million people across the heartland can be affected by severe weather today. yesterday storms dropped hail on areas in texas to illinois and today the danger is center in texas as well as kansas and oklahoma. and significant tornadoes are possible. today marked 30 years since the world's worst nuclear disaster at chernobyl in the ukraine. 1500 people died and workers that survived the exposure joined services in kiev today and now they are working to complete a multibillion dollars over the building that contained the exploded reactor. they will begin to remove the reactor and all the radioactive waste. there is more evidence that working night shifts can take a toll on your health.
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>> about 15 million americans including health caring workers do some kind of rotating shifts. researchers followed nurses for 25 years and those working night shifts for five days a week had a higher risk of heart disease, once they stopped the night shift the risks went down, now the next job is to find out which levels of service carry the highest risk. and a woman has a place in medical history and she is both a heart transplant donor and recipient. she needed new lungs because her diseased lungs pushed her heart out of position, doctors had to do a heart and lung transplant but tammy's heart was still good and offered to donate it. it was a match for lynn carr whose heart was failing and she
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got to hear her own heartbeating in linda. >> how many people can say that. >> i will be forever grateful and i'm so happy it worked out. >> how about that? sanford university says this type of domino transplant is rare and have not done one in 22 years, the women said it was a second chance they were not sure they would get again. more ahead on "action news" tonight. the big story for officials in california after an unexpected sight washed up on a beach. and how kelly ripa addressed the controversy after her sudden leave of absence.
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it is a 40 foot long 60,000 pound dilemma, a dead gray whale washed ashore in san diego and authorities are deciding how to get it out of there. it could be towed away and people are trying to get pictures of it. a mission in mount laurel, new jersey aimed to help military veterans. at rowan college in burlington
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county. the goal to end stereotypes our troops face when they look for a job. a way to end obstacles and give them a chance. michael strahan is leaving live with kelly and michael in less than three weeks. ripa was abcents from live for nearly a week after abc announced that strahan was leaving for a full-time job with "good morning america." they walked out hand in hand, and she gained a standing ovation. time off helped her gain perspective on the situation. >> i needed a day to get my thoughts together. i didn't want to come out here and just like say something i might regret. >> michael strahan was slated to leave live in except for gma well today his last day was pushed up to may 13th. live with kelly and michael is produced by disney, the parent
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here with more on the pop-up thunderstorms. are they done yet? >> they are not done yet we have a pepper of downpours and thunderstorms. one cluster moving through lancaster and northern montgomery county but the biggest cluster is moving through camden and gloucester county. this just clips south philadelphia and now moving through the new jersey turnpike across route 30, state highway 42 heading towards gibbsboro and it's just a heavy downpour and a pretty intense cell moving through northern yardley and buck county crossing 95 into mercer county. this has lightning, 14 lightning strikes. if you are out and about, and you hear the thunder get inside immediately. lightning can strike 10 mile as head of a storm. this is not severe but moving
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across the garden state parkway from burlington county to ocean county. two lightning strikes associated with that. all with a cold front pressing through the region, ahead of that front it felt like summer, philadelphia reporting a high of 85 degrees, 17 degrees above average. the record high for this date was 95 degrees and now the rain rolled through and a rain cooled 72 degrees, you see the area that got the rain, allentown down to 73 and trenton 75 and dover is holding at 85 and millville 84 and the atlantic city airport currently 85 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing that front that is pressing through the region, the lehigh valley, are you done with the rain and the poconos you are done. and we have the severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 and any storm could produce damaging winds and brief hail, once the storm rolled through its cloudy overnight.
5:26 pm
52 in philadelphia and 44 in allentown and cape may 51, and this cold front pressing through stalls to the south, future tracker showing showing scattered showers by 7:30 and tomorrow plenty of clouds and the latest models are showing scattered showers south of philadelphia, through the morning hours and into the afternoon. and what you see depends on the location. northern berks it's sunny and philadelphia areas south you'll have plenty of clouds. tomorrow at 5:00 a transition day, a high of 66 and rain moves into the afternoon and evening hours, 61 and dreary on friday and things clear out for the weekend and adam has the details in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. police in used to hot pursuits but officers never expected a run-in with a bear.
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and a tribute from one artist to another, how they are honoring music legend prince in new jersey tonight. and we continue to monitor the weather situation.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tuesday night. it's primary day in pennsylvania and delaware. voters are heading to the polls and coming out with questions. we'll explain. the hunt is on for two armed thieves that targeted a local pizza place, police need your help finding them again. and a package thief tried to
5:30 pm
pull a bait and switch. and first we have storms coming through our region tonight. adam joseph is at the big board with the latest. >> reporter: we look at double scan live radar presently, they are scattered and it's hilt or miss as they go through the rest of the afternoon and evening hours and the severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9:00 tonight for the entire viewing area. a watch meaning any of these storms that pop up could turn to the severe side. as we look at one particular cluster, not severe at the present time but a decent amount of lightning, 62 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. right along 322 heading towards honey brook and sinking to the south and east at 20 miles per hour. and mortonville at 5:46, we'll
5:31 pm
watch to see if it turns severe and a lot of heavy lightning into chester county. 84 for a high in philadelphia today. but look to the north, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, it was just 60 in new york city. the warm air is pushing to the south and the cooler air will win out as we go through the rest of the week, we'll talk about the drop in temperature and a couple more days of rain on the way and it could be a good soaking for us and we'll talk about that and take a look at double scan guys in a couple of minutes. with a thunderstorm or two possible on this election day, keep 6 abc open on all of your devices, rely on double scan live radar for changes before you head out. in other news, philadelphia investigators released video of an arsonist targeting a business in may fair. take a close look at the man in this video walking through a gas
5:32 pm
station parking lot. the suspect walked into the back of the old owens cafe on to cotman with a bag in his hand and then flames began shooting from the back of the building. if you have information about that suspect police want to hear from you. two men who held up a north philadelphia pizzeria are on the run tonight. this was taken in the pizza hut on north broad street on april 12th, the duo pulled out guns and demanded money and stood by as employees opened the cash registers and as soon as they had the money they ran. this is 49-year-old resident comeco washington, police say he is responsible for burglaries last month. that he took computers and will electronics from hamilton street
5:33 pm
and the 1200 block of arch street. officers working off a suspect trips spotted him yesterday and took washington into custody. detectives are looking for the woman in this video from south philadelphia. they say she swiped a package from a front door step a home on south street earlier this month. to cover tup she left an another package in its place and returned later to with the stolen items to get her package back but was scared off. the political season is officially underway, and these voters got an early start in wilmington this morning. millions of voters across pennsylvania and delaware are casting ballots today. >> the presidental race is not the only game in town, there are hotly contested races for u.s. senate and attorney general. today's primaries are known as
5:34 pm
closed. if you are registered republican you can only vote for republicans and if you are registered democrat you can only vote tore democrats. and registered independent you can only vote for ballot questions. >> sara bloomquist is live in the call for action center with more tonight. >> reporter: rick and monica busy here our league of women voters taking calls throughout the afternoon and calls from independent voters wanting to know why they could not vote today. have you to vote with a party before you could vote today. now, mostst ballot is pretty self explanatory, u.s. senate and u.s. attorney general but the section that you are asked to vote for delegates going to the national conventions. for the democrats you see the
5:35 pm
name of the delegate and the presidential candidate they committed to vote for. if you vote republican you see a delegate name and the preferential candidate is not listed on the ballot and have you to do your research ahead of time. if you want to know which will vote for your republican candidate at the national convention. in the city there are scattered problems at polling places, for example, there are two precincts that vote in the bustleton section. they each have a judge but one did not show up. and the other judge agreed to take both places. lets bring in laura from the league of women voters. you are taking calls, what is the majority of people calling? >> it's people trying to figure out where they can vote and if
5:36 pm
they can vote. if their registration status is active and if they may be voting for the first time at a new address or perhaps their polling place as moved. they are wondering where to go to cast their vote. >> you told people where they went and they thought they were registered as a democrat and the book said republican. >> we had a handful of calls from people in pennsylvania and delaware that felt they were registered with a certain party affiliation, and then said they were on the rolls as independent or other and were unable to cast a vote of their choice. because delaware and pennsylvania are closed primary states. >> what can people do to rectify that before the general election. >> it's too late to do anything about it today, but have plenty of time, make sure you are registered 30 days before election day, november 8th of 2016. a full month before that go
5:37 pm
online or to your board of election in your municipality to rectify your status and do that by going online to vote and you'll be directed to the appropriate place for your state. >> thank you laura, get back there. and keep answering the phones. we have posted the number on, polls close at 8:00 p.m. back to you. >> thank you sara. as we said pennsylvania and delaware are big prizes in the presidential race, what is at stake? for republicans in pennsylvania, there are 71 pledged delegates in pennsylvania and delaware 16 and the democratic candidates are eager to win here in pennsylvania, there are 189 pledged delegates and delaware 21 pledged delegates and 10 superdelegates. 6 abc is your source for all the
5:38 pm
primary results tonight. we'll have updates when the results come in and we'll post them on our social media platformed including the "action news" facebook page and jim gardner will have a full wrap up and the results on "action news" at 11:00. going to be busy. >> yes it is. in the meantime lets get an update on the highways. matt pellman. >> no rain coming down in this portion of the schuylkill but the speeds are coming down especially as you head westbound. 48 minutes to get out of town and the number should be 14, not even close at 14, and it's not helping out that the mlk remains blocked for police activity. a lot of extra activity is on the westbound schuylkill getting out of town. it's bumpy with the resurfacing work. a crash on lincoln drive by gypsy drive, and in darby watching for a crash on chester pike near new walnut street near
5:39 pm
the savings bank. and a motorcycle in upper pottsgrove, by route 100. in worchester a wreck on 653. we have the garage fire on west fallowfield. i think fernwood road would be a better bet. from you using the burlington bristol bridge, that is closing during the overnight hours each night this week, they are shutting it down for maintenance week, head to the turnpike corrector instead of bbb. more to come on "action news," a wayward bear takes a wrong turn and end you up in a major u.s. city. and the eagles saga continues, will sam bradford stick around. >> and stormed continue to pop up in the region, another
5:40 pm
cluster moving into northern chester county and we'll track them on double scan live radar and we'll let you know about the big cool down for the rest of the week.
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a black bear's hour long scamper put areaed of los angeles on lockdown. residents were told to stay indoors until they could tranquilize the bear. johnny manziel is planning a not guilty plea to a domestic violence charge. the former nfl quarterback was dieted in texas, and faces a misdemeanor charge for abuse of his girlfriend in january. he could get a year in jail if convicted. the former heisman winner is not on any nfl roster and lost several endorsements. >> time to get the latest on the eagles. quarterback controversy. >> the consensus i get on the facebook pages is see you sam
5:44 pm
bradford. >> eagles quarterback sam bradford being angry that eagles traded up for number two. this means if he doesn't play well he'll hear it from the teammates and the fans. sam bradford will sit out offseason workouts until he gets what he wants. and that is out. >> it's just business, from my perspective, sam wants the opportunity to try and go someplace and not only be the starter but starter there long-term. >> this will be an interesting week. do i smell a draft night deal? we'll find out soon. the guy in green here will likely be holding up a different shade coming up. carson wents believed to be the choice at number two. everything is concerning after all he didn't play d one
5:45 pm
football and only started 13 games. ron jaworsky loves wents but doesn't want to see him play this year. >> you have 20 hours devoted to football in college, and three are the games, 17 hours are devoted to football. when you come to the nfl it's 14 hours a day devoted to football. be i would prefer the quarterbacks coming from college, sit that year and sit behind a veteran and understand what it takes to play at a consistent level in the nfl. and the phillies are in d.c. for three and the nationals have a home oning streak. meantime, the phil counter with vince valesquez from the last start. despite that he still has an era
5:46 pm
under one, his previous start he had 16 strikeouts. it's been a few days before we saw the flyers walking off the ice, falling in game six. they cleaned out their lockers, ryan white says he can't even bring himself to watch the rest of the playoffs. >> you know what i mean, i haven't really turned on the tv since, it's tough losing any time and tougher losing after being in the playoffs and having a shot at it. it's tougher, last year you had time you knew you weren't going, it's tough. i think just have to deal with it and use the motivation for the summer. >> they have to be proud the way they finished. >> thank you jaime. it's an incredible milestone for a charity that builds home and hope. "habitat for humanity" hosted their charity luncheon at the convention center in
5:47 pm
philadelphia. jim kenney and others were there as they praised the group that builds homes. >> quite a legacy for this incredible group of hard working volunteers. and again "action news" news is here to help you on this delaware and pennsylvania primary day, the league of women voters are answering your questions now at the 6 abc studios. 877-940-6222. the polls close in pennsylvania and delaware at 8:00 p.m. tonight. you still have time to get out and cast a vote.
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less than a week after prince died. his sister is taking legal action over his estate. tica nelson is filing for his assist because he doesn't appear to have a will. some estimate his fortune at $350 million. the 57-year-old died on thursday at his estate in minneapolis. the cause of death is not yet released. fans continued to honor the music icon and fans in trenton painted a mural as part of the sage coalition annual soul mission event this weekend. time for the accuweather word and adam joseph here with
5:51 pm
the thunderstorms and some warnings. >> we have warnings, my producer paul just told me that two warnings just popped up as we look at double scan live radar we have scattered downpours and now a couple of severe thunderstorms on live double scan live radar. we go into the lehigh sally, this is not severe but something we have to watch. you see the bright colors here on the radar overall entown, 15 lightning strikes and hail likely with this storm. just by the color of the radar, and some sinking south of the new jersey turnpike -- yes this is severe, it's now moving out of mercer county east of trenton as it moves into new jersey, this is allentown in new jersey along the turnpike south of 13 , sinking south and east. this storm is not severe east of media but now pushing over the
5:52 pm
philadelphia international airport with some very heavy rain, we have had one ground stop for departing flights over the last half hour. and now a new storm passing over the airport heading into new jersey heading into gloucester city in new jersey, a couple of lightning strikes with that and another storm in chester county that has turned severe as well. and coatesville and heist of honey brook sinking to the south and east and watch malvern and chadds ford as it pushes into central and southern chester county. a downpour north of norristown splitting landsdale, and you can see a lot going on at the present time. a high of 86 degrees, at 52 p.m., well above the normal we flip the number, nowhere near the record of 93 degrees. numbers cool off we see the rain 64 in trenton, 73 in the lehigh
5:53 pm
valley and we are very warm and southern new jersey, delaware with temperatures in the mid-80s, severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire viewing area. meaning any storm could turn severe and more of that is happening here in the last 15 minutes, the line stretches in central part of pennsylvania and this extends all wait into the midsection of the country where they are dealing with severe tornadoes and destructive tornados from northern texas and omaha, nebraska and a piece of this pushes in thursday and thankfully when that moves in here it's no longer going to be severe. location is key as to what to experience. north of philadelphia sunny and mid-60s, south of the city, a lot of clouds lingering and shower early in the morning in southern new jersey and delaware. and the system in the midwest, thursday again no severe weather and the good soaking of rain which we need thursday afternoon
5:54 pm
a .25 to .50 inch of rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 66 degrees for the city of philadelphia tomorrow and sun to the north and clouds to the south for your wednesday, afternoon rain develops for all here wednesday at 61 and we only stay in the low 60s on friday and a lot of clouds dreary and left over showers and we kick it out in time for the weekend and sunshine returning on saturday and 68 looks dry for the broad street run and temperatures in the 50s for the morning and 68 and clouds and rain and stays unsettled and more rain likely on monday and tuesday of next week. >> thank you sir. a zoo in the czech republic is showing off two rare tigers, enjoyed a feast with their mom and dad nearby, only 200 of the rare tigers exist in the world, because their fur makes it too obvious to predators. the baby cubs could be getting their names soon.
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5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and it's "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the primary polls close in two hours and we'll take you live to an event in philadelphia where democratic candidate, hillary clinton, expects to be celebrating a win tonight. and they traveled a million miles delivering mail. the milestone they are
5:58 pm
developbrating tonight.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. tuesday night and a preliminary hearing is scheduled in bill cosby's criminal case and philadelphia police investigate the shooting of a man by his father. but the big story on "action news" is stormy weather and a severe thunderstorm watch is currently in effect. this is the way it looked at the shopping center in bala cynwyd late this afternoon and these kinds of rainfalls are popping
6:00 pm
up in the tri-state area. cecily tynan is live at the big board. what about dangerous winds and damaging hail. >> they are scattered storm and any storm has the potential of wind gusts of 60 miles per hour and small hail, double scan live radar is showing we have a peppering of storms coming up and some are severe. the national weather posted a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of chester county into delaware county and even clipping southern montgomery county through ardmore and chester and coatesville, this is until 6:30 tonight, because this cell has been producing some hail, deb posted a picture -- actually video of hail through honey brook. this is moving to the east at 40 miles per hour. crossing route 100 and 34 lightning strikes in this view alone. but it's beginning to weaken as it moves through. but you wants to get the kids inside and off the plea gro


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