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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 28, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, days before another crucial primary, with hopes of winning the nomination, now fading, ted cruz announces his running mate, carly fiorina. overnight donald trump responding. >> what's he doing picking vice presidents? >> the reaction coming in. could the move backfire and another candidate announcing massive campaign layoffs. >> severe storms erupting overnight dropping more hail and creating dangerous conditions. we're tracking it all. >> midair collision. an airliner forced to turn around after hitting a bird, rattling nerves and putting a big depth in the plane's nose. hissing, thrashing and not leaving without a fight, see what happens when an alligator wanders into a home.
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good thursday morning, everyone. we're going to get started with the latest twists and turns on the road to the white house as ted cruz looks to give his campaign a much needed jolt. >> cruz announced former rival carly fiorina as his running mate after getting crushed by donald trump in the northeast. trump delivered a script on foreign policy but later at a rally he ripped into cruz. it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest from abc's kenneth moton. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz fresh off his tuesday night losing streak made a bold and unprecedented move, today he will hit the trail with his new running mate, who i can tell you she says she's ready to take on donald trump again. the political surprises just keep coming. >> a new relationship has started. cruz and carly. cruz can't win. what's he doing picking vice
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presidents? >> reporter: overnight donald trump was quick to respond to ted cruz's unusual move. >> my vice presidential nominee, carly fiorina. >> reporter: if he gets the gop nomination at a contested convention. >> i am prepared to stand by his dieing he went from criticizing president obama to standing with bobby knight. >> if we win indiana, it's over. i'm not playing games with indiana. >> reporter: after indiana votes hillary clinton is hoping it's also over for bernie sanders. the delegate math is not with sanders who rallied thousands of screaming fans at indiana university hours after he announced the layoffs of hundreds of campaign staffers. >> next tuesday let us have the highest voter turnout in indiana
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history. >> reporter: cruz is 400 delegates behind trump and mathematically out but hoping his vp pick and even his shaky alliance with rival john kasich will give him some momentum in these remaining primaries. kendis and diane. >> all right, we'll see how it plays out. kenneth moton love in washington, thank you. that severe weather that's been hammering nearly a dozen states from texas to west virginia. >> some 15 million americans were in the path of a massive storm system that's finally moving out of the plains and heading east, but not before spawning at least six reported tornadoes. >> in omaha, nebraska, a funnel cloud caught on camera followed by a large hail blanketing roads, some of those hailstones as big as tennis balls. >> where is the danger now? accuweather's justin povick joins us with the latest. good morning, justin. >> thanks, good morning to you. looks like our wet weather chances are ramping up again for
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the northeast later on in the afternoon. eventually edging toward new york city, philadelphia and d.c. the dry air will hold, though, into north of new england. thunderstorm chance returning to the south plains later on this afternoon into tonight, again, that's from dallas on westbound, large hail, damaging winds and very heavy rain possible. diane, kendis, back to you. >> we have breaking news from north korea now. what's believed to be a missile could one day reach u.s. bases in asia. has crashed during a test launch. it's the second failure of this kind in the last few days. an american flight had to make an emergency landing after a midair collision with the bird. strong enough to leave a crater on the jet's nose. that measured two feet across. bird strikes as you know fairly common. this one seemed more serious than usual, so the pilot decided to warn air traffic controllers. >> it looks like we sit some birds after takeoff. >> the damage to the airbus a321
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was limited to that depth on the nose but a new plane was brought in to resume the flight carrying 150 passengers and 6 crew members none of whom were injured with the strike. on the ground the agency charged with teaming airline passengers safe is being accused of waging an internal campaign of fear and intimidation. three employees told a house committee about poor leadership, ignored security warnings and retaliation against employees who speak up. they also accuse tsa top brass of discrimination and racial profiling. >> we have low morale, a lack of trust, and field leaders who are fearful to speak out and for good reason. >> if you tell the truth in tsa, you will be targeted. i call it the lord of the applies. you either attack or be attacked. >> the tsa can't comment on many of the specific allegations because of the pending litigation but did defend itself against some of the complaints saying that it encourages employees to speak up if they see evidence of security
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failures. >> the man once second in line for the u.s. presidency is now heading to prison for 15 months. forger house speaker dennis hastert was sentenced in a hush money case in which he tried to cover up his sexual abuse of at least four teenagers who he was a high school wrestling coach before impoising the stifrer than expected prison term he was called a serial child molester. the president is visiting flint, michigan, at the request of an 8-year-old. she is nicknamed little miss flint for speaking out about the lead tainted water. i am one of the children affected by this water, i know this is probably an odd request but i would love for a chance to meet you or your wife, she wrote. the president wrote back saying he was proud of her for using her voice. >> she was clearly excited there. a u.s. army captain is making military history today. >> kristen griest has become the
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first army infantry officer commanding units made up of 300 soldiers and organizing combat missions. she broke a barrier of one of only two women to graduate from army ranger school. how one minute of exercise can be good. >> survival story. a pilot crashes his plane and it bursts into flames. his lucky escape kath caught on camera. hero dad grabs his son when a seat belt fails on a roller coaster.
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well, this dramatic scene caught on camera, a bolt of lightning appearing to strike a british airways jet over west
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london. a passenger on board that plane claims to have heard a sudden loud noise followed by a bright light. the plane landed safely. the legal battle is heating up over the disappearance of two florida boys who vanished during a fishing trip nine months ago. the parents of 14-year-olds perry cohen and austin stefanos could head to court over stefanos' recently recovered iphone. the cohen family wants experts to examine the phone before it's turned over. their attorney says there's evidence that the boat was disabled before the storm hit and they wanted to make sure there's no foul play. meanwhile, off the coast of texas, the coast guard rescued two boaters who had been missing in galveston bay. the two were out at sea for three days after their boat capsized. they were finally spotted clinging to an oil platform. neither man had been wearing a life jacket. scientists at nasa helping public health officials pinpoint the spread of the zika virus and came up with a map of the u.s. tracking the likely movements of mosquitoes carrying the virus
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using factors like temperature, rainfall amounts and poverty level and found the risk of zika will likely increase in the south and east over the next few months as the temperatures warm up. with zika fears overshadowing the upcoming olympics, south korea's olympic committee is showing off its zikaproof uniform for its athletes. infused with mosquitoproof repel apartment includes long pants, sleeved shirts and jackets. the athletes won't be able to wear them during the competitions, though, because of strict olympic rules but will however be allowed to use bug spray. >> interesting to see what they would have used during the swimming competition if they did have that. when we come back, the break in a murder case gone cold. a woman identified after decades and possibly connected to the manson murders. he gained fame while playing george w. bush on "saturday night live." now will ferrell will play a different president on the big screen.
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica. you're looking at a rare funnel cloud forming over northern california just east of modesto. the clout reportedly did not touch down however damage was reported in the area from dime-sized hail. for a look at your morning road conditions wet roads will stretch from the gulf coast up the east coast and into the great lakes region. flooding conditions into the central plains and mountain snow over the rockies. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in dallas, atlanta, charlotte, and chicago.
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a jetblue pilot is out on bail after being charged with flying while intoxicated. >> we're talking about dennis murphy accused of being under the influence while operating a passenger jet from new york to orlando then serving as a co-pilot on the return trip when he was randomly tested his blood alcohol level was allegedly nearly three times the limit for pilots. the incident took place a year ago but was only now arrested. if convicted he could face up to 15 years in prison. a fiery plane crash was caught on camera in alabama. but the pilot lived to tell about it. the twin engine cessna fell from the sky and crashed through a tree. everyone assumed the pilot didn't make it but rescuers pushed through the smoke and found him alive. amazingly he walked away with just a few minor burns on his hands. jane dough from a 47-year-old cold case has been identified. investigators are now looking into whether her murder may be connected to charles manson. she was 19 when she moved from montreal to los angeles.
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her body was discovered in november 1969, a few miles away from one of the manson murder scenes and like other manson murders, she was savaged stabbed 150 times. now to the investigation into prince's sudden death. law enforcement sources tell abc news that prescription drugs were found in prince's possession and at his home. the sheriff's office says if the medication played a part in the singer's death, the dea may get involved. prince was reportedly in an outpatient program to help him deal with chronic hip pain and move away from prescription painkillers. a health crisis unfolding on harvard university. there are now 40 confirmed cases of the muches and many of those infected were vaccinated. students are being urged to use common sense to prevent spreading the infection including keeping their hands clean, covering their mouths when coughing and sneezing and not sharing cups or utensils. a new study finds spanking is harmful to children causing
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them a potential lifetime of mental problems. experts now say the more children are spanked, the more likely they are to defy their parents and experience increased anti-social behavior. well, they also say children who were spanked are more likely to inflict physical punishment on their own children. it wasn't from spanking but a look of terror, you could see it on one little boy's face. it happened the moment the boy's seat belt failed on a roller coaster at wonderland park. after the park end -- after the ride ended the park employees admitted they had had trouble with that seat belt before. wonderland park says it's removed that seat car all together and ensure all belts are working. >> what a horrifying experience that must have been for that kid. >> and dad. >> is that dad's phone? did dad do that and not drop his phone? >> and save the kid. hero dad. time for sports and time for
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us to start talking about football again. that's right. nfl draft is tonight. >> and the golden state warriors are moving on with last night's nba playoff highlights. let's go over to our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. riley curry texted me an said she wanted stan to do her highlight. >> rockets and warriors, no, her daddy is steph curry out of this one. the rockets weren't in it for very long either. klay thompson knocking down the three over james harden, harden, 35. there's curry on the bench. got a knee problem. ankle problem. he'll be back hopefully in a couple of weeks. >> thompson knocking down another three. he had 27 for the game. that's way out there in curryland. hit seven triples in the game and warriors win and get the series and get the winner of clippers/blazers. everybody would dr. thought the clippers didn't stand a chance without chris paul and blake griffin.
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you were wrong. even though portland won this game by ten, the clippers were in it until the fourth quarter when damian lillard apparently thought the game started late. because he didn't start playing till way late. doc rivers and the clippers did a good job bottling him up for the first three quarters but in the fourth quarter, lil went off and the blazers are one game from sending the clippers off. >> the hornets with a third straight win over the heat so they lead that series, 3-2. that's it. back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. up next in "the pulse," get fit in just 60 seconds? experts are revealing the one-minute workout that's as good as 45 minutes of exercise. >> and surprise guest. a massive alligator makes himself at home. for something utterly unique... ...go to your jewelry wardrobe.
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♪ time to check "the pulse" now after nailing george bush on "snl," will ferrell is going to be presidential once again. >> yes, he will. and this time he is set to be in line to play ronald reagan according to "variety." an intern is tasked with the duty. >> he's won rave reviews in the past for his portrayal of george w. bush on "saturday night live" and on broadway. this one seems like a sensitive topic. curious to see how they handle it. >> doing it as a comedy. will be pretty funny. next, some good news for those of us trying to minimize our workouts. >> researchers in canada have found that ten minutes of exercise with just 60 seconds of
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all-out exertion are just as good as 45 minutes of exercise. >> it involves interval training. intense burst for 20 second, slow down and repeat four times. >> researchers say, however, this is for general health only. for weight loss you still need to change your eating habits. >> no doing interval training then hitting the buffet. the sacramento kings basketball team doesn't have much to celebrate after a miserable showing this season. so they're looking forward. >> as they should. the team unveiled its new logo this week and as a promotion offering free or discounted tattoos of that logo, well, that brought out dozens of fans lining up early in the morning, not surprisingly, though, most of those taking up the kings on their offer were young men. >> yeah, i think i'll skip the kings tattoo for now. >> or the ankle tattoo. finally in case you didn't realize it, we are right now in the midst of alligator mating
4:24 am
season and that is a beautiful graphic. >> i did not realize that. hello, mr. gator. it could have been love for this guy that he was looking for when he made his way inside a home in louisiana that was under construction. eventually an alligator hunter cornered him outside. >> never, never in a house. never. i've never seen one that big or matter of fact in a house at all. >> alligator mating season looking for a companion. he can't stay where he is because there's probably a bigger boy alligator that drove him out. he has to find his own girlfriends. >> find his own girlfriend. he's got to feist behind own apartment. they taped up the gator's mouth because it's safer to handle them. think. took him back to a more >> i do love that. >> looking for some company. maybe they can hang out. >> is that a rubber ducky? >> more news after this.
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good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell 4:27 thursday morning, here's what's happening on "action news." three counselors will be at a delaware school after a traffic tragedy claimed the life of a student. following the latest from the campaign trail including the vice presidential announcement by ted cruz who is trailing donald trump. you've seen gators in pools, this one was lurking inside a home under construction. we have those stories, plus the wet accuweather forecast. and traffic at this early hour next on "action news." woman to infantry officer in the army. >> but there's another woman breaking down barriers and she's not even a woman yet.
4:28 am
just 17 years old from washington state, she says she is ready to fight. gabe cohen from our station in seattle has that story. >> reporter: a longtime dog trainer laurenne ross knows discipline. >> you got to know how to put your personal life away. >> reporter: qualities she'll need for her next tralg. >> should be the army. >> reporter: training for battle. >> i am the second woman in the infantry enlisted in the infantry. >> ever? >> ever. >> reporter: the u.s. army announced they would open all combat positions to women. around the time this 17-year-old arrived at their office. >> the second i told lauren she was all over it. >> he was like, you sure? oh, yeah, i'm sure. he's like okay. >> it's one of the toughest jobs in the army. that is the bottom line >> i'm not worried at all because i can do it. >> reporter: she's never been one to shy away from a fight and earned her black belt at 10 years old. >> i definitely am a girl at times but you know other times i can be a total dude. >> reporter: she knew service lay ahead when the military
4:29 am
family and a father who retired from the army. now she becomes just the second woman ever enlisted in the infantry and the first from washington. >> people started sharing things on facebook. they're like you're a big deal now and i was like, oh okay. i was like, right. cool. >> reporter: but there's also been backlash. >> basically that i'm a woman that i can't do it. i will make america proud. >> reporter: by making history on the front lines. >> it's time. it's time. and i think she'll do really well. >> it's a big job. you know, it's definitely groundbreaking because i can do it. >> reporter: gabe cohen, como news. >> she can. >> inspiring, isn't it? the fact that both of these are going on at the same time is really interesting that you have one woman, one of only two to be an army ranger and now in the infantry. >> and her so young. 17 years old. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stick around for "good
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good morning, it is 4:30, thursday, april 28. here's what we're following omg "action news," a s.w.a.t team raise a home in the middle of the night and it's the wrong house. a man is behind bars accused of trying to kill his girl friend with fabric so


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