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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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driven in near post up towards -- it looked dangerous. the ball was cut off there and knocked out of play by salinas. yaro warren creavalle pass 0 covers, rosenberry, vincent nogueira. looks, passes, great ball whipped in by fabian herbers. not much he can do with it. he was hoping for redirection of goal. good ball first time. union have three rookies out there right now in this group of 11.
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all three drafted high by the team in the super draft. rosenberry, yaro, chase by adam jahn. fernandes touched tapped in by simon dawkins. moving it right, sarkodie it goes out of play. better than halfway through the stoppage time. union 1, earthquakes 1. jahn went after it, sapong will chase it. aback to bingham.
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jahn bumped up the ball. recovers it. there's simon dawkins, his goal tied it. better than a half minute to go. referee salazar four minutes to stoppage. just the minimum. final seconds, rosenberry, fabian herbers taken down twice. it's clearly off san jose, or first look clearly off san jose. there's the touch right there, off francis.
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that's it. final whistle this game is over. san jose will be pleased with the point and i would think disappointment on the the part of the philadelphia union because this was a game they thought with a 1-0 lead they could close out. being home, being up a man for more than 30 minutes a game, you should win. they will be very disappointed that didn't happen and you have to look at why they gave up so much time and space to san jose in the second half. hard-fought game for 90 minutes, ends up in a 1-1 draw. union are off next weekend. we invite vitamin you to join us on -- invite you to join us on may 11 at 7:00 p.m. it will be the second straight game against the western conference. when we come back we'll wrap
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things up. philadelphia union 1, san jose earthquakes 1 on 6abc. we'll be right back. his find fantasy shows.
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philadelphia union, it ends up as a 1-1 draw against the san jose earthquakes. here's a look at the first goal by the union ball swung in beautifully by barnetta. pontius gets up keeps the man to it, a little separation, timing perfectly. union pick up one point as san jose, you get the sense peter they feel as a team it was a loss. even though it wasn't. full credit to is an show say,
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salinas came in and changed the game in my opinion. union had chances. they had one earlier in the second, first off the foot of le toux he couldn't convert. leads like this against quality opponents will come back to haunt you. defensive players of the game. barn warn -- barnetta was very good creating good service getting people involved a great first touch putting through to sapong. his coming into form will be key. this ball is world class this is the ball that led to the corner kick that led to their first goal. he is so important to the team and getting him 90 minutes fit will be integral. barnetta our defensive player of the game who is your pick? richie marquez, he has been
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solid. he is the veteran leader out there in the middle, but he wins balls in the air, he is matched up against their top players, richie had another solid game. the negative they don't get all three points at home, but what do you take from a positive standpoint. you're getting guys who are fit. raymon gaddis, joshua yaro progressing. the product on the field is better, they get to the 1-0 lead. they had trouble scoring goals and getting leads last year. that's a positive. jim curtin will give them a little bit of time off before he works them again for their next game which will be against the l.a. galaxy. that's it for us here, from talen energy stadium. final score, 1-1. thanks for watching us today,
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for peter pappas and dave leno and our entire crew, thanks for joining us. join us may 11, 7:00 p.m. union versus the galaxy. now stay tuned for "action news." enjoy your weekend. tonight on "action news," thousands get ready for the broad street run. a bitter sweet rescue in delaware as firefighters save a group of ducklings as their mother was killed. i'm walter perez "action news" is next. saturday nigr
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perez, police charge a mantua stabbing inside a hotel in center city. plus a world class athlete 100
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years young. we'll introduce you to an amazing contestant at the penn relayses who set a record in the 100-meter dash. the countdown to the broad street run. preparation have been underway in and around center city for the thousands of runners expected to show up tomorrow morning. jeff chirico is live at broad and olney with a preview. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey walter as you can imagine when you shut down a major artery like broad street it's bound to cause a few inconveniences. so organizers and police are asking people to be patient and prepared. in just hours broad street will go from lanes of backed up cars to lanes ever runners, more than 30,000 of them, covering ten miles through the heart of the city expected to create transit detours and traffic tieups. i know it's going to be
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crazy. >> reporter: are you going to stay away. i live right there. >> reporter: fences and tents are in position near the starting line. the run begins at sommerville avenue and ends at the navy yard. cars must be move by midnight or risk being towed. broad street will be closed shortly before 8:00 a.m. dozens of bus routes will be detoured because of it. it's difficult, but for one day of having all the people come together and everybody enjoy themselves it's worth it. runners can take the broad street line to the transportation center which is a walk to the start line. police will reopen portions of broad street as the last runners pass. there will be traffic backups and frustrations and philadelphians have learned this tradition is not worth griping about. are you going to run the race? i don't want to deal with
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the traffic. so i will run the race instead. ha ha ha. philadelphia police just advised us that this portion of broad near olney will shut down near 4:00 a.m. the rest of the route around 8:00 a.m. when the race starts. some alternatives i-95 and the boulevard wherever you're going leave plenty of extra time. not only will there will be extra traffic, but it's expected to rain. we're live in north philadelphia. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." thank you jeff. those runners will need to plan for the conditions because it does not seem like mother nature is cooperating. melissa magee is at the big board with the first check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: hi walter, unfortunately you cannot run an umbrella. make sure you have on the proper weather gear if you're participating in the broad street run, because it will be on the soggy side, especially early tomorrow morning. early outside in philadelphia. not bad a dry start to the
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weekend, temperatures 60 degrees, 58 in reading. 54 in the poconos. cape may, 52, 50 the low in beach haven. if you're stepping out tonight, cloudy, 59 at 7:00 p.m. 54 at 9:00 p.m. 52 at 10:00 p.m. 351 is the number at 11:00 p.m. we'll get into the day on sunday. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar showing you this is the moisture that we are tracking for broad street. you see all this rain across the ohio valley this will be working east ward as early as overnight tonight and throughout the day on sunday, so the broad street run in the forecast looks like. periods of rain anne it's raw and chilly day, 8:00 a.m., 49 degrees, 9:30, 50:11 a.m., 51 degrees, coming up, walter we'll look at the future tracker 6 time out precipitation, and look at the arrival of the rain
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and how much moisture is coming in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. sounds messy. a dispute involving neighbors in kensington ended in a standoff early this morning. it was before 3:00 a.m. when a woman heard gunshots. moments later her door was forced open. her neighbor burst into the kitchen. the woman's husband chased him and shots were fired. he ran back to his own home where he held police at bay. he was taken into custody and facing a string of charges. a man was slashed with a razor inside a center city hotel because he said he wasn't getting ready fast enough to go to club. this happened at the embassy suites on the benjamin franklin parkway. he was stabbed in the next by an acquaintance inside the hotel room during an argue. the acquaintance from the bronx was arrested. investigators are trying to find out what started an early-morning house fire in port
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richmond. crews were called to tulip street before 6:00 a.m. where they found flames shooting from the second floor of the home. medics transported two people to the hospital, an adult for smokey and a child for a cut to his head. while others are looking for another place to stay. the delaware republican party is holding its convention in dewey beach this weekend. members are electing their delegates. "world news" saturday will have more on the presidential campaign coming up after "action news." we are only four months into 2016 and it's already been a violent year in the city of camden. that's why hundreds of people took to the streets to rally for an end to the bloodshed. peace in the streets was the name of the march.
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in addition to holding signs and chanting, some participants carried a casket to symbolize the murder victims. a month alone seven people were killed. thousands gathered this morning to bring attention to the heroin epidemic in delaware county. they took part in the overdose memorial walk at the eddystone white house hall. some wore shirts honoring love ones. michael chitwood did not expect to see such a huge turnout. i'm blown away by three thousand-plus people here. everybody is here because of the addiction problem we fails day in and day out in our different -- face day in and day out. people were asked to bring donations. everything collected is being donated to the recovery home for women in glenolden. today was the final day of this year's penn relays and
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spectators were treated to something special. a woman 100 years old set a new world record for the 100-meter dash, trish hartman joins us live from franklin field with the full story. hi, trish. >> reporter: hi, walter, most of the events featured athletes in high school or college or the elite men and women. there was a race in particular that captured the hearts of the crowd peru -- approving it's never too late to make your mark at the penn relay. keep your eye on number 19 in lane 3. the oldest competitor in the 100-meter dash. 100-year-old ida finish understand one minute 17 seconds setting a new world record for her 100-plus age group. she felt so good she did pushups after her age. i'm an example what you can do for yourself, i thank god
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everyday for my blessings. >> reporter: her daughter and trainer said she works hard to stay in shape. >> reporter: she does 17 minutes on the bike and she has weights in the house and she has a matt and scwats and pushups. it was many of the highlights for the final day of the penn relay. penn men's team won on their home turf. i never thought i would come to penn or be back here. so it's been an honor. elite athletes ran the track many gauging their competitions for the summer olympic games in rio. you get a little taste of your competition and bringing rights and you go forward with the training and you get the ultimate prize. for competitors and fans they say the amazeing environment
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can't be beat. it's amazing to watch my teammates and the young ones in high school who are doing exceptionally well. organizers say rain hurt attendance on thursday and friday and so they were grateful to see sun on final day. one hundred thousand spectators came to watch the games over the three games. i'd did a -- ida is my new hero. firefighters were called out to the cranston highlights to help a family of ducks. 8 ducklings fell into a sewer and got stuck. two passer byes called for help they saw the mom frantically pacing back and forth. the mama duck was hit by a car and killed. the baby ducks were okay and taken to the tri state bird sanctuary in newark. much more to come on "action news," there were shoes as far as the eye could see in
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north philadelphia. a shopping spree for lucky young ladies. it was not a good day to be a trash can in penn's lang. lang -- penns landing. today is day three of the nfl draft, ducis rogers is in for jeff skeverski, he will has word on who the birds picked up.
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> shoes for life community service project put on by teen shop. organizers invited families in need to pick out new shoes. next generation of leaders spent saturday tackling tough topics they face in school everyday. hundreds ever students from
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philadelphia participated in the neck level leaders youth engagement conference. they learned about bullying an self-esteem and juvenile justice system. it was a day to learn about the wonder of science in penns landing. one of the most popular exhibits featured exploding trash cans that shot green powder into the air entertaining fans of all ages. cystic fibroses foundation held their annual walk down the shore at 6th street and the boardwalk in ocean city. they work to cure the disease and help patients live full productive lives of they raised 43,000-dollar today to reach the goals.
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okay ducis rogers in for
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jeff, like the old saying goes ducis we won't know how well the eagles did in the draft until a year or two. >> reporter: the eagles pick up a few more players and more today on the final day of the nfl draft, the highest that they picked today was a running back out of small wood west virginia university he was taken in the 5th round. he is a shiftier type back, but he comes with baggage, he was arrested on charge that he intimidated a witness in a murder case. the eagles said they did do their homework on small wood. we do research on guys, we don't want to throw away guys because they had an incident, in this case five or six years ago and asked what wasn't he do well. the test numbers are good, he can run and catch and pass
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protect, i'm sitting up there saying this is a little shawn mccoy, but this is a good player. >> reporter: later in the 5th round they go to the offensive line. 6'6", 320 pounds. offense line was an area of need for the birds entering the draft. from there the ee-a-g-l-e-s focus on defense. they say he can play outside and inside, mills was a four year starter at lsu. fans at the linc this afternoon were celebrating at least one pick by the birds. the eagles hosted a draft party there. brandon gram and jordon hicks made an appearance. gram said he is excited to see the draft class. eagles do a great job, i think they do a g


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