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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the race for president. and donald trump says he is ready to go after her next on "action news." ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and donald trump. they are all making news at this hour on this the last major primary night in the 2016 presidential campaign. it is a night where there is no
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shortage of drama. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight begins with hillary clinton for a couple of reasons much she has won the new jersey primary, and she has become the first woman to clinch the nomination of a major political party. this was the scene as clinton came out to a thunderous reaction from supporters at the brooklyn navy yard tonight. "the associated press" reported last night that clinton had collected enough delegates to clinch the nomination, but the clinton campaign wanted this -- tonight to be the victory speech and she went right after her opponent. >> it's a simple, but powerful idea. we believe that we are stronger together and the stakes in this election are high, and the choice is clear. donald trump is tempermentally
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unfit to be president. >> and these are the numbers so far in the democratic new jersey primary with 93% of the votes counted. clinton with 64% of the votes to bernie sanders 36%. it is a rout in new jersey of the race was called early in the night. remember, the democrats distribute new jersey's 142 delegates proportionately. this is the way it looked at camden county headquarters in cherry hill where hillary clinton supporters were at a watch party. and discussing her mission and what they believe is a need to beat donald trump. and trump wonvery with no active opposition. over 80% of the vote in the garden state. of course, the big election story in california where the polls closed just two minutes
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ago -- make it three minutes ago. 546 delegates available on the democratic side. what is more at stake, if bernie sanders win california, some think he will try to get super delegates to change their mind. but he is getting pressure from the democratic leaders and perhaps the president to end the race and unify the party around hillary clinton. he is scheduled to speak in los angeles at any moment. there are other primaries and caucuses tonight. sanders the winner the north dakota caucus. clinton winning the south dakota primary. has just been declared the winner in the new mexico primary. very early numbers from montana where clinton has a slight lead. and the republican side donald
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trump the winner everywhere. and he gave a speech where he followed the script instead of speaking off the cuff after a couple of weeks of controversial that started with the off-hand comments about the judge in his trump university case. tonight there was none of that, but assurances that he will be good for america and he said this -- >> some people say i am too much of a fighter. my preference is always peace, however. and i have shown that. my goal is always again to bring people together. but if enforced to fight for something, i really care about, i will never ever back down. >> trump also announced that he will get a major speech next week attacking hillary and bill clinton. earlier today trump said his comments about the judge have been misconstrued. i do not feel one's heritage
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makes them incapable of being partial. and leaders of his party criticized him calling the statements about the judge racist. you can download the 6abc news app this election season to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail, and of course results as they happen. the 6abc news app is a free download for your mobile device. the pennsylvania police search for the person that fired on a vehicle this northern. in winfield heights, what are the police saying about this tonight? >> jim, the police say the gunman was driving erratically, tailing the victim before he took it too far and opened fire. the new sketch of the man the state police say was aggressively tailing another driver before opening fire into the car on i-95 at the peak of rush hour. >> the suspect entered the right
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lane, drew a black semi-automatic pistol and fired one round at the victim's vehicle. >> the 38-year-old victim was not hit but the rear tire blew out near the girard point bridge. he was able to safely pull over and the suspect speeding off towards the broad street exit. >> it's crazy. >> the morning rush getting to work can be crazy. >> on that stretch of road? >> on that stretch of road. on 95 in general. >> and andrew drives that stretch every day. >> scared and i think it's crazy to be honest with you. i see a lot of people speeding and driving erratic highway all the time. >> the brazen shooting comes a month after the state police arrested this man for allegedly shooting into a car on the blue route. a sign that the acts of road rage may becoming too common on the roads. >> you are trying to take someone's live here and we need to get this person off the road.
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>> again the gunman last seen exiting on to broad street. anyone with information about the suspect behind the wheel of that to contact the state police. reporting live at the belmont barracks christie ileto for channel 6 "action news." a 5-year-old boy remains at at the medical center, and he was at his home and he was struck. the bullet traveled into his chest under his arm and they are investigating who is the cause of the violence. and looking for the person setting off fireworks at the station. and tweeting at this picture, the suspect threw the fire into the cashier's booth and ran off. thankfully the cashier was not hurt. once wolf signs into law consumers have more choice where
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they can buy beer and wine in pennsylvania. and live tonight, dann it doesn't appear that pennsylvania will privatize the state system soon but it is a dramatic change in the liquor laws. >> that's right, jim. lawmakers overwhelmingly approved the changes and the governor is expected to sign them into law. just about everyone that we spoke with tonight says they are long overdue. >> under historic new law expected to be signed by the governor, restaurants, bars, hotel, supermarkets and delis will be allowed to sell wine and convenience stores can sell beer, much the same as many states in the south allow. >> i think it is a wonderful idea. >> i think it is a good idea. they do it in virginia and so forth, one-stop shopping. >> i heard of the beer sales. i think it makes sense. a lot of my friends from jersey get beer. i didn't hear about the wine. i like wine. >> the pennsylvania house measure passed mirror as similar
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effort in the state senate. >> this is outstanding. and it is a historic opportunity today, it really is. i think the governor will sign it i have been pleased with the discussions we had with the governor on many fronts. and i am quite positive that the governor will sign this bill that will provide revenue from a budgetary perspective and the convenience that consumers are looking for for years. >> and governor wolf calls the measures a historic liquor monitorization effort and he will conduct a final review ever the legislation to ensure that it meets his goals. and jack moore, moving here from down south, thinks it is a good idea. >> i think it is, yes. not that i don't want to see the state stories close because people are working there, but i think it will make it a lot more convenient. i am in favor of it. >> i think it is a good idea. i don't see a problem with it. >> all the people are responsible. i think it will be fine. >> the proposal drew strong objections from the head of the
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union representing the state liquor store clerks. however this change will not affect the sale of hard liquor or result in thes closure of the 600 state-owned stores. a frightening look the moment a tractor-trailer sideswiped a bus carrying high school students today. [screaming] >> a student from wayne valley high school captured it on her cell phone earlier today. they were on the way to dorney park and the bus involved in an accident with two trucks. happening in i-78 in lower saucon township. students were taken to the hospital, a school employee, bus driver and two truck drivers also treated and fortunate think no one suffered serious injuries. the providence animal shelter in media looking for the
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person who apparently threw a kitten out in the trash. a 3 week old female was found in upper darby when they emptied a can in the truck. the animal can barely eat on its own. the staffers named her grungetta, after the girlfriend of oscar the grouch. still to come, protest continue tonight after a controversial sentence for a stanford university student convicted of rape. and plans are announced to sell the property where the pope stayed during his visit to philadelphia. after two weeks of warmth we can finally turn off the air conditioning units. cool weather is moving in. but also, another round of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. and the details in the timing in the accuweather forecast. and the results in the new jersey congressional primary contest tonight when "action news" continues.
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we have primary congressional results from the state of new jersey. in the first district, incumbent
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democrat norcross defeated alex law. and he will face republican patterson in november. in the second direct, david cole defeated tino rozzo. and in the third district, cormier city councilman jim keady loses to lavergne who will face the republican in the general election. and turning to the 12th district, bonnie watson coleman staved off a primary challenge easily i might add. and tropical storm colin moved off the north carolina coast today, but it was in florida where many people are drying out, trying to anyway, from the flooding left behind. some cities, like here in cedar key upwards of 10 inches of rain. high winds knocked down trees. and the florida governor scott is concerned about the standing
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water. he says that can attract more mosquitos and potentially cause for cases of zika virus. and contention against the judge who sentenced brock turner to only six months in game for sexual assault. the petition to recall aaron persky picked up nearly 400,000 signatures in one day. outrage through social media. the prosecutor asked for six years, but the judge said a prison term would severely impact turner. turner has withdrawn from stanford and his hopes of getting into the olympic games are now over. the gorilla exhibit back open at the cincinnati zoo with a higher, re-enforced barrier. the zoo director said the previous barrier passed inspections, but they decided to upgrade the barrier to keep both visitors and animals safe. of course, this is 10 days after a 3-year-old boy got inside. workers had to kill an
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endangered silver back named harambe to protect the child. and congress sent obama a sweeping bill regarding chemicals in every day product. and the senate approved the measure on a voice vote. and standards for formaldehyde, bpa and other chemicals. and it is named for a senator who worked years to fix the toxic substances law. officials announce the seminary is relocating and the property going up for sale. and the bishop says it can be a year or more before they find a new location and possibly at villanova or st. joseph's university. some neighbors worry about what might become of the property once it is sold. the seminary has been at this location for more than 140 years. as you know, the pope stayed there during his visit in september.
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[applause] a lot of applause and fanfare, the class of 2016 graduated tonight from conestoga high school. this is the 108th graduating class of the high school. more than 500 students received diplomas, and con stag -- con and father judge high school, the academic achieve. awards also handed out. and james dudley, the young man we told you about last night who never missed a day of school in 13 years. pop-up storms dropped hail on parts of the delaware valley this afternoon. and from pottstown and reminding you, you can join the action by sending your video to t
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jointheaction. and we had hail also in collegeville, hamburg, and tomorrow with some fast-moving storms, the colder atmosphere we could have another round of hail. a little hail. it won't cause too many problems. and double scan showing the showers and storms from earlier this afternoon cleared out very nicely and i got a lot of great sunsets. this is the winner though. nicole posted this on my facebook page from margate, new jersey. gorgeous. seeing the clouds clearing enough to give a beautiful sunset photo. keep the photos coming. sky 6 earlier this evening also captured it looks like a postcard. you see the crescent moon, the clear skies earlier this evening. and dry conditions, very dry air mass and really not a cloud in
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the sky. very comfortable conditions. 71 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 83. many areas dropping well down into the 60s already. allentown 64. trenton 66. atlantic city airport 67, reading 66. the poconos with the winds out of the northwest, it is pulling down the cool, dry air. you and see how everything cleared out very quickly. however, if you look up across the great lakes, you see there is a little bundle of energy. this is what will be passing through in the mid-day hours tomorrow. that is what will likely bring us another round of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. the bus stop forecast looks dry, but a little bit of a chill in the air. i know my kids are wearing shorts and t-shirts the past two weeks. sweatshirts maybe a good idea tomorrow. at 6:00, a chilly 59 degrees. by 8:00, 61 degrees. and futuretracker showing around 9:00 is when things get active in the far northwest suburbs.
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some showers and thunderstorms developing. it is a fast-moving system. it moves into philadelphia right around lunchtime, around 11:30 across the i-95 corridor. and then sweeps out to sea by about 1:30. and look at those temperatures. really only in the upper 60s at that point. so the next three days we get to give our air conditioners a break. a big dip in the jet stream, so our air coming straight down from canada. that will bring us unseasonably cool weather. and the building heat and humidity across the plains and the midwest, the deep south, that will stay there. that really just can't get in, so getting a break from the heat that is more typical of june for the next several days. so enjoy it if you don't like the heat and humidity. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow it is going to be windy. it will be cool. not a wash-out but the mid-day showers and thunderstorms between about 9:00 in the morning and 1:00 in the afternoon, we could have wind gusts up to about 30 miles per hour.
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that 70 degrees is 10 degrees below normal and going to feel even cool irther than that with winds. and thursday the wind dies down. and put the umbrella away, high 75 degrees. and friday should be spectacular. mostly sunny with a high of 78 degrees. and temperatures do rebound back into the low 80s over the weekend. the weekend look nice. saturday warmer up to 82 degrees. could have a few evening thunderstorms. it doesn't mean that everyone will see them. it will not be a wash-out. sunday waking up with lingering clouds and sunshine back with a high of 81 degrees. monday we drop back down to 77 degrees, mostly sunny. and tuesday partly sunny high of 80 degrees. and no big rain storms on the way. no oppressive heat and humidity except a few hours in the afternoon and late in the morning. that's a really nice-looking
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seven-day forecast. >> it sure is, thank you. and local healthcare workers getting a big salute. kenny on the hand as at the graduated from a training program helping thousands of workers keep skills sharp and up-to-date in their latest fields.
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kenneth, are they closing the stage this afternoon for auditions? what's on that piece of paper? oh, miss maroney, your forehead! should not be doing anything. i just had botox. i know exactly what's happening! ah! whoa! this is a bad streaming experience. the girlie show is a real fun lady show. (vo) don't let bad streaming ruin a good show. don't look at me! (vo) only verizon has the largest, most reliable 4g lte network. can your network say that? switch now, buy two samsung phones, and get a free 50" smart tv. only on america's best network. >> phillies in a tight game, and guess who is a hero? >> the guy who has been a
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vilified all season long. ryan howard has been criticized this season. his poor back cost him the starting job the past week. today against the cubs the big piece is back. howard bats fifth in the fourth inning, a hanging curveball from hendricks is tattooed. and a solo homer, phillies lead 2-0. and jerad eickhoff pitches well. seven innings, strikes out eight batters. and the 3-2 phillies lead in the eighth. and gomez in a jam. and a double play from jason heyward and the phillies win 3-2. and gomez getting the 19th save of the season. >> wow. you know that was just a little loss for the cubs, but it was a huge morale booster for us. that was really nice to win. >> that's a championship-caliber team. to be able to be in a tight game and a tight situation and have guys stay calm and making plays
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speaks volumes for a team like this that is young and still growing and still learning. royals and orioles, kansas city pitcher punches manny machado in the back. and machado, the benches clear. both players ejected and you better believe a suspension or two will soon follow. the eagles' mini camp underway and darren sproles and fletcher cox no longer missing. they are participating in the workout. and cox was m.i.a. he did not speak to reporters but he added a statement that any actions in the contract will be dealt with privately. coach pederson not worried that batter's box mixed some time. >> we didn't get into it. just happy he was back and visited with him yesterday, and to tell him how excited i am.
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i understand the voluntary process in the whole off-season but we are he can sige -- excio get him here this week. >> and nobody is hindering what we are trying to do, i think everyone is fine. and major championship golf hits our area. too close for comfort and why this college coach goes bonkers. ♪ roll all summer with a classic -- dunkin's savory pork roll breakfast sandwich is back. crave it while you can. america runs on dunkin'.
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this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. tiger woods pulled out of next week's u.s. open missing it the third time in the past six years. woods still rehabbing a back. and the senior's championship set to begin
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thursday in our area. and the cricket club will host it, $400,000 to the winner. game three of the nba finals, tomorrow the warriors lead 2-0. coverage here on 6abc begins at 9:00 p.m. u.s. and costa rica. the americans on the rush and dempsey finds jones and the u.s. wins 4-0. the americans next facing paraguay. and would have a future as a running back. arguing balls and strikes, giving the umpire a piece of his mind and perhaps a wiff of his breath. watch the moves to avoid the other umpires, the spin move. >> whoa! >> to go back at the umpire. look at the size of the umpire. if i am that coach i would probably back off a little bit. that's sports. >> thank you. >> celebrating student-athletes tonight in abington.
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recognizing seniors moving on to continue their athletic careers in college. the schools include la salle, wagner, westchester, the u.s. military academy and more than a dozen others. and, of course, we wish all of them our good luck and congratulations. we wanted to show you this before we leave you tonight. as you can see, early, early on in the voting count in california, and this is going to end up a lot tighter than it is now. at this moment hillary clinton out in front substantially. bernie sanders, it is going to be much tighter than that. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live". tonight -- megan fox. from "silicon valley", thomas middleditch. and music from josh abbott band. and now, here's jimmy kimmel. [ applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hope you had a great weekend.


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