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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 29, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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♪ "action news," delaware imer leading nero it happened again. a death toll, 36, with more than
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140 people injured. terrorists hit the airport in turkey late today with devastating results. three suicide bombers launched their own assault on the internation terminal. turkish officials say this looks like the work of isis. it is tuesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the ataturk airport in istanbul has become the latest ground zero for terror. authorities are recounting what happenedhis way. three ters at the international buil at the world's 11th busiest airport. coming in taxis and two detonate at the entrance of the building d have video of the other terrorists who go inside holding, and the authorities think firing his gun. then he was apparently shot by a police officer. you can see him fall to the ground and lose his gun, which skids away on the floor. he raises his arm, apparently
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moving to detonate his explosive vest and sets off a massive blast. hae a difrexplosion jus outside of the terminal buildi a causes chaos inside and outside of the airport. emergency personnel, police, military and medical vehicles conn what is the third largest airpo in all of europe. theepts that isis may be launching a series of terror attacks before the end of ram raadans eni of july 5. and wendy saltzman is live under the turkish flag. and there is a turkish-american commun in philadelphiawhich means there are some very anxious people righw. >> well jim as you just said, right now it is ramadan. and here in philadelphia, turkish americans are joining together in prayer and awaiting on word from the injed
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e co -- cultural center olida the news hit hard. just returning from istanbul 10 y ago, he says the attacks have become too common and deadly. thr kids, my wife and mys mysf, it cou have happened atnd could have lo m family. >> attacks in turkey according to a terrorism experts surged in recent months, because of turkey's involvement in the fight against isis. >> it makes all the sentences in th world for isis to have struck at turkey given that they have allowed it to be used to push back against isis. >> and a typical baseprint. >> the coordinated nature of using machine guns, bombs, setting the bombs off almost
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lts for wide-sead panic. >> the u.s. on alert with aviation and airports, too. >> there's not a day that goes by where we do not, in some form, recording from acrosses country. l the violence to end. >> it is unbelievable. un. istanbul airport is the 11th busiest in the world and the third busy evidence in the region. a they are attacking turkey trying to destroy their terrorism industry. wendy saltzman for channel 6 "action news." > coming up at night line right after "jimmy kimmel live."
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and the "action news" moream are following development from turkey overnight asking you to join th for the latest updates. spokedy showers giving way to release from the thick, muggy heat from today. bid tracking a change in humidity. >>o we out the humidity, some of us are getting a torrential rain in some parts of thron. a broken line continues to much in. you can see a few developing to ouwest. throughout the overnight hours anyone fair game for flare ups in cot hunterton county, bucks and montgomery county, philadelia county. all of this is moving slowly from t southwest to the north and east. some areas between a half inch and inch of rain especially south of doylestown. you and see the pocket popping
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up here, one near berwyn and devin. a conshohocken curve and willow grove. and jifrng -- >> and we make humid overnight, but again hit or miss, not everyo getting one of these pop-ups to occur. the dewpoint 70 degrees in philadelphia, i very humid air in place. and 50th to the north, it is coming in here and talking about the seven-day forecast. > the philadelphia house passed $31.6 billion budget, 5% spending, but it is getting creditism from wolf.
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earlier us house approved online betting,&expandg e slot machines is one way to balance it. and they will take two days to go until the deadline. the new jersey senate will vohur eth to follow th assembly and approach a big boost in the gas tax. it would be used to build new roads and bridges. christie, folks in left side alwayr throw prices at the bump but it looks like it could end. >> that's right, gym. this could be the last time we see gas price this is low here in new jersey for awhile. the possibility of 23 cents more per gallon is all they are talking about. > prey mad. i amy mad. >> paying at the pump is about to get real. >> it is awful. >> it could increase 24 cents a
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gallon as early as friday. and the days ever new jersey kn for cheap prices at the mp. >> come friday -- >> and the same as pennsylvania. ih pump it for me, i will still come. >> adrian lives in old city and fills up across the bridge. >> it is not going to be saving yomoney, it is the same price. >> i know, but they pump it for us. if e didn't pump it for me, i couldn't woman. >> and the money is earmarked for the fund about to run dry for t end of the month. and the state lawmakers link the tax hike to a break dropping from 7% to 6%. some taxpayers are not sold. >> and eventually we are going down 1% on sales tax. but they all said it doesn't k s to me. it doesn't add up.
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the math doesn't really add up. >> and the motorists are braising to have the steeper pre this is summer. >> it is prrough, when people a ready to travel. >> the last gas tax increase was in 1988, around 2.5 cents. reporting live, christie ileto fo channel 6 "action news." the head of atlantic city's major casino union, a strike could be friday again at least one. at caesars, balis and they are committed to a deal fair to both sides. and leaders in atlantic city
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arek looking to come up with a way for them to take over their finances. an disssing options, saying the city will hire a financial advisor in the coming days. the city has until move to draft a five-year fiscal plan that includes a balanced budget in 2015. a 50-year-old teacher in wilmington arrested for downloading and share child porn online. william herki in iv had them on their lines. >> and eagles' former coach buddy ryan died today at 85. he coached the eagles at five seasons in the second half of the 1980s despite three trips to the postseason, they never con a playoff game. ryan came to philadelphia hoping
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mayt him as loyal and beloved. >> i think he was a great coach, a phenomenal coach, but i deep down believe that he was a better man. >> arrive ryan leaves behind three children including more. and the sports world is also mourning the death of legendary .omen's basket coach, pa the 64-year-old died today after battli tt . and she coached 38 seasons and won eight national championships. > coming up tonights, a medical group counsels tough love to the teens in the
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doctor's offe to save life. payment, a half million car owners might pocket stemming from a settlement in the b.w. candle. and what the republicans determin a the investigation into the it. and a bring change in accuweather. and more on who knew him the best and the winning numbers in the mega millions jackpot when
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>> volkswagen paying billion to
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settle the emissions cheating scanning, the biggest fine for pan automaker for wrongdoing in the united states. vmw plans to battle back. model years 2009-2016. v.w.'s and audis often pay each owner up to $10,000 additional. fedel officials say that voeks wag -- volkswagen. >> they turned a half million drivers into unwhited accomplices d assault on our country's environment. >> volkswagen has not announced how they plan to fix the cars, if they can. a criminal investigation is still underway. this does not include what will happen th other diesel
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vehicles. ikea recalling 29 million chestsnd dressers in the united states follg the deaths of sixed to -- toddlers. and one victim was curran collas inn 2014 when he was pinned under addresser. >> send it back, get rid of it, it's dangerous. it a real highway drous o. and i don't warrant to see it in any homes. i d't want this to happen to any other family. >> the consumer products safety commission says people can cont ia for either a full refund or wan. campaign news. donald trump promised to install
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and he said that bill and hillary clinton were blamed for terrible trade deals that affected the u.s. economy. and the chambers of commerce said that trump's plans bring in. and the deadly attacked in benghazi. a fou americans killed. it detailed mistakes by the obama operation but no smokiing gun. and wanting to respond at a trip to denver saying they found nothing different than the previous organization. no one has lost more sheet than she had throh the attack. but said it was partisan and i will leave it togoers to characterize t report but it iseo move on.
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>> we are about to set philadelphia down. we're gog to take every block, going to take every street. >> calling it a protest for the right to row -- protest. and they were commanding the right to demonstra during the celebration. and last week the criminalized dedefenses such as disorderly couct, and failure to disperse. >> the concept for the rnc display in cleveland. a scale bottle of the stage today. t process of building it inside of the quicken loans arena and the republican convenegins july 18. health check at 11:00. urging they to ask the doctors
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tough quest in an he have property to prevent suicide. adolescent suicide is down it is stil second leading cause of death among teenagers. bullying, access to guns at home andood changes are the known risk factors and researchers now add what had is called path lot call internet use, which is spending more than five hours online the king of prussia mall expansion conduct. linking the court and the plaza with new stores, dining pavilion and state-of-the-art parking guj and the connector officially opens in a >> more stories, more stopping, the king of prussia mall. >> and a night like today, it would be perfect so you don't have to walk in the smoking
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storms. >> iis hit or miss across much of the area, but generally in area. and trenton, mercer county, and seeing rainfall rates here about a half machi io an inch an hour. much of the areas getting rain. this extends south and either. it was originally pass through central montgomery county near lansdale and war rochester. heavy rain along the pennsylvania turnpike as you pa bucs county, that extends even down into on in the on in the on in a fill found tee, the m mayunk sec an t player ups continue over the area, even south of the
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area. everyone down for a downpour or quick thunderstorm. it is still very warm and muggy with temperaturn the 70s. upper 60s, north and west. lancaster 69 degrees. loff to the north, a front that will wring through to boost the high humidity off the coast. st a little bit of time. 1:orning you can see the downpour around north of philadelphia. b3:00, 3:30 in the morning you may hear news. the atmosphere is so humid and juiced up. by 8:00 a.m. everythg should be t coast in time for the mornin rush. an folks are dry, mixture of sun and clouds, slightly humidity wi temperatures on either side of 70 degrees between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. th will be a big change coming tomorr with respect to the dewpoints. remehey were in the 70s.
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65 the dewpoint, in the morning. and then by the afternoon the dewpoints are dropping into the 50s and you notice a big half. >> improvements. she les to run it, 87 before a warm front kings from the north on friday to bringing the humidity back up and also the chance of some pup-ups kfrm the exclusive accuweather forecast less humidity tomorrow at 58. the last place to see the drop in humidity will be the shore. still a descent day to sit the sand and church. thursday sunshine and a few clouds, 84 spikes on friday. unsettled at times. it is not a wash out but your typical summer-ups in the afternoon and then we take them in time for the weekend. low humidity sunday and the 4th. upper 80s.
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tuesday, really not much change muches. d phis that will be back in down and let's just hope that weekend stays the way supposed to. >> why wouldn't it? >> there is a situation tell to the south. i amee it away. >> oh, so you say. 85 grabbed waiting home runs and former graduates received help paying for their education. and handing out awards tonight totaling more than $140,000. over the past 60 years this horgs -- organizations billions in schols.
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>> he became legend, an institution, onlye fe years. i never met buddy ryan, but i think what stand out about him is how much his players loved him. you don't hear that about many coaches these days. ryan battled cancer in recent years, but a legacy he will
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leave on this town. born and raised in oklahoma, buddy ryan might be the most philadelphia of any coach whv t team in the city. he w tough, brash, outspoken, hard-nose and hard working. he had a style philadelphia through and throu. [ce >> ryan made his name in the nfl with the chicago bears, creating the feared 46 defense, the innovative and aggressive style leading the bears to a super bowl win in '85. and the next year the eagles hired him as their head coach. five years leading the eagles, guiding them to postseason appearances and 43 wins, 38 losses and 1 tie. it wasn't the record that made him special, it was the reputation, built on a bruising defensive attack and electric offense led by randle cunningham. eagles' football. and his swagger made this city love him.
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buddy ryan dead at the age of . >> we have a rich legacy that buddy ryan left the game. not just the philadelphia eagles and his time in philadelphia, b i tnk his stamp on the game is something that will live on f a long time. >> and you knew that he stood behind you 100%, therefore you would run through a brick wall, do anything for him because you know he w do anything for ne of the great defensive coordinators and a defensive innovator. ts a leader of men, he was unsurpassed. >> i gss heaven needed a couple of great coaches, losing another coach in pat summitt going down with john wooden as the greatest college coach in history. ano coach in division i ever had more wins. winning eightation championships,ent to 18 final
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fours. evelayer that played for her went at least one. and 1,098 wins to 208 losses. she was battling alzheimer's. and will the phillies bats stay hot in the desert?
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>>th had 16 hits and 8 runs, and today the phillies hope the bats still sizzling in the desert. and you know what you need in
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the 109-degree heat? and the run off the bat of the pitcher, jerad eickhoff. always a gift when that happens. and the d'backs get one off the back of the pitcher, zach greinke. he have injured himself, he took himself out of the game after that. and to the fifth inning, franco, a huge solo shot. 13th of the year. that put the phillies up 2-1 and that's where it stands right now in bottomfi let's hope it syswa "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." suests tonight are margot robbi jim jefferies, music from flo ri "a" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphyge with
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traffic. f t entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.


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