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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> now the details, philadelphia police expect to release the name of an officer involved in a shooting. action news has learned that the 19-year-old shooting victim is the shooter's son. annie mccormick has the full details. >> reporter: neighbors on this quiet block say they are surprised. this morning the police commissioner said this is very early in the investigation. 911 calls reporting a shooting started coming in around 6:30 monday evening. police descended upon this home. inside an off-duty philadelphia police officer got into an argument with a 19-year-old man. later identified as the officer's son. >> apparently they got into some type of argument or something. the off-duty accidentally or inadvertently discharged his weapon. we're still trying to figure that out whether it was intentional or not. >> shocked. the guy was usually a laid-back guy. for him to pull something like,
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it would have had to have been really bad. >> reporter: police say the gun fired during the argument was not the officer's police-issued weapon. the officer's younger son and another person were inside at the time of the shooting but uninjured and taken to northeast detectives for questioning. the officer has not been charged and since this is considered a police-involved shooting, the department has a protocol to follow including putting the officer on administrative duty. he was already on medical leave at the time. >> the biggest question after we find out enough information is whether to charge him criminally or not and then he gets questioned. >> reporter: and police say the shooting victim is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. reporting in the northeast, annie mccormick, channel 6 action news. >> a 90-year-old man was killed in a crash in upper darby this morning and police say the driver of the other car involved was wanted for violating probation.
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chopper 6hd was over the scene around 6:30 a.m. officials say the 90-year-old man killed was driving a car and pulled out into the road and that's when he was hit by the driver of a pickup truck. the elderly man died at the scene, the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital. police discovered that that driver was wanted. one firefighter suffered a minor injury while fighting a row home fire in german town overnight. they were called out around 3:00 a.m. the flames were coming out of the back home on the first floor and spread from there. no word yet on what started the blaze. the american red cross is helping the residents who were displaced. >> bill cosby has a pretrial hearing scheduled in less than an hour. his lawyers wanted to suppress a deposition made in the civil suit brought by andrea constand who claims cosby drugged and sexually aconsulted her in 2004.
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he said cosby only testified after being told he would never face charges. he has denied any wrongdoing in the case. the latest for for today's hearing on action news beginning at 4:00. >> we continue to keep an eye on hermine as it lingers off the coast still causing dangerous rip currents in the ocean this afternoon of the a look life from sky 6hd in cape may. the beach patrol there says they have seven guarded beaches, of course way less than normal now that it's after labor day. people who want to swim are encouraged to pick a beach with a lifeguard. let's get the latest on hermine and a possible heat wave heading our way. david murphy with the latest. >> as for swimming down the shore, that's a real important point you made and one that i made a little while ago. we are beyond labor day now and the lifeguard coverage isn't going to be as strong as it was
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over the summer and important to swim near a lifeguard station or don't get into the water at all. the best we were seeing was a few beaches allowing you to go in knee-deep and most had the beaches clouds and you'll probably find some closed beaches. hermine circulating off the coast or so. it is retro grading back towards the west, getting a little bit closer to us as expected but it's going to meander out and eventually by thursday start to push away from us as a cold front gets closer. not a lot of rain coming ashore from that today but we do have some issues with that rough surf and there is still a high risk of rip currents up and down all of the jersey and delaware beaches this afternoon and probably extending in through tomorrow. we also have a minor problem with some coastal flooding that's just popped up. this is going to expire at 4:00 but the national weather service has posted an advisory for minor flooding times of high tide along the ocean front. so if you're someplace along the
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ocean and you're not seeing flooding, you're not going to see it. the back bay will be about 2:00 or 3:00, just those first rows and areas that tend to flood is all we'll be concerned about today. and the wide view on satellite shows you that the cloud cover may try to sneak in but generally speaking most of us are looking at a bright afternoon. by 4:00, 88 degrees that is your high today. humidity probably on the low side, but guys, that all changes when i step inside we'll talk about the heat wave number 7 probably beginning tomorrow and somewhat pretty hot and humid conditions on tap for the workweek and into the first part of the weekend. >> thank you t david. in other news a man has been found safe. he got separated from his friends late sunday as the concert was ending. there was concern because he did not know the area. philadelphia police did ask the
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public for help to find armstrong. we were told he has been find safe and was reunited with his family. >> the presidential candidates and the end is in sight. it's just 62 days now until election day and a new poll shows a tightening race. >> that's right. hillary clinton and donald trump sat down with abc's david muir and both candidates are stepping up their attacks. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick and sarah. labor day is traditionally the official start of the end of the campaign season. this is apparently when voters start to really pay attention, and right now the national polls seem to be tightening. it's already been a marathon election season. but now the sprint to the finish line. and the campaign trail is crowded. on the tarmac in cleveland yesterday, there's hillary clinton's plane. right over there, donald trump's. nbc's david muir with exclusive
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interviews with the candidates and their running mates. clinton blasting trump saying he created a diplomatic incident with mexico, this claim that he didn't discuss payment for his wall. >> he came out saying one thing and the mexican president contradicted him almost immediately. he didn't raise it so he did choke. >> i don't choke, she chokes. i've been given a-pluses for the job i did in mexico. >> reporter: but trump seems to be waffling on what he'll do with the undocumented immigrants here in the u.s. >> i'm going to make a decision, or somebody will, by that time we'll have a secure border. >> reporter: and clinton with a literal choke yesterday, a coughing fit at the rally. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. boy, we have 63 days to go. >> reporter: a new cnn poll out this morning shows a race in a dead heat. >> if hillary clinton thought she could coast in the home
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stretch of this thing, she better tighten up her track shoes and buy a bigger box of cough drops and be prepared for a very, very close race. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in florida where the race is tight. donald trump is in virginia where he's trying to gain ground. reporting from washington, karen travers, channel 6 action news. >> all around the region students are headed back to school today. teachers laid out what to expect in the coming year and it wasn't just the first day for students, chester high welcomed a new principal. she is eager to expand on the school's recent successes in the classroom and in the extracurricular programs. >> we are really excited about this upcoming school year. we are hoping to bring back rotc as well as to bring back our chester high school band in its traditional glory. >> new programs include new
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s.t.e.m. courses and a newly enhanced cyber program. it is the first day of the new school year for students at east landsdown. they had no trouble finding their desks and getting situated with their classmates. >> there's much more ahead. a high-speed on chase caught on camera shows how police officers were able to stop the suspect driving nearly 100 miles an hour to get away. >> why chris brown's lawyer says he was set up. those stories and much more when we return.
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today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families.
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ramming an suv during a high-speed chase in wisconsin. an officer spotted the driver speeding past him in greenville on thursday. an automated camera system alerted the officer that the suv was stolen. speeds at noorly 100 miles per hour during the chase.
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officers stopped the suv using a pit maneuver. they arrested four suspects and they also found cocaine and a gun inside the vehicle. former fox news channel anchor gretchen karls son has settled her lawsuit for a reported $20 million. in a statement the parent company says it regrets that carlson was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve. carlson alleged that she was demoted and let go from fox after she refused sexual advances and complained about harassment. >> singer chris brown's lawyer is sharing what he calls the smoking gun in the latest accusations against his client. he claims the singer was flamed by the woman who is accusing brown of pointing a gun at her. brown was arrested last week following a 9-hour standoff with
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the lapd. >> reporter: new allegations in the chris brown saga, this time the singer claiming he is the victim of a set-up. >> i cannot wait until the truth comes to light about this incident. >> reporter: brown, seen in this video provided exclusively through abc news says he is innocent. >> female crying and asking for help. >> reporter: it was last tuesday morning police responded to a 911 call from a former beauty queen who later told abc news that she was in brown's home with a dozen others when brown suddenly lashed out her. >> and that's when chris came in and said i'm so sick of all of you people, took the gun out like this and put it in my face and said get the eff out. >> reporter: brown's team is disputing that claim. the text reading this week chris
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brown is kicking me out of his house because i called his jewelry fake. i'm going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me and that will teach him a lesson. i'm going to set his spletive up. >> there was a search that was done. they waited and she said there was a gun, as far as i know the gun was not found in the house. >> reporter: brown's accuser is standing by her claim stressing it wouldn't make sense for her to give her phone to police if she had written the text herself. as for brown he hasn't formally been charged and he's due back in court in two weeks. i'm elizabeth herr. >> johnny manziel is reenrolled as texas a&m. he has completed more than 90 hours of class rook. manziel was drafted by the cleveland browns in the first round of the 2014 draft. the team released him after a series of off-field incidents.
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a domestic violence charge is still pending in court. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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america's opioid crisis isn't limited to the younger generation. theneration is caught up in too apparently and older people may be more
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vulnerable. here's tamala edwards. >> reporter: the numbers are staggering. nearly a third of all medicare recipients received prescriptions for opioid painkillers last year and many received refills. older people have more chronic pain so they get more painkillers. but. >> there's always a delicate balance between being appropriately medicated for pain such that you're not suffering and being overmedicated. >> reporter: seniors are especially vulnerable to opioid side effects. first, they risk more drug interactions to begin with because they take more medications and some of those already carry risk of drousyness or confusion. >> adding an opioid on top of that may make them more prone to a fall and a serious injury. >> reporter: because of slowing metabolism or kidney function, it's easy for older people to develop an overdose, but on the
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watch for warning signs. sleepiness, dizziness or nauseousia. >> opioids have the effect of shutting down the bowel. >> reporter: opioids should be taken as directed. new guidelines suggest doctors prescribe them for shorter terms. consider non-drug alternatives such as yoga or meditation. and when a person doesn't use them anymore, get rid of them safely. >> don't pitch them in the trash, don't flush them down the toilet. >> reporter: tamala edwards, channel 6 action news. >> we're warming up out there? >> we are getting warm and getting downright hot over the next couple of days. we are dry with some showers well off the coast. if you're down the shower you might get clipped with that some of that later today. so far so good down the shore. beautiful pictures from chopper 6 as we are taking flight above camden looking across the river
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at center city philadelphia. it is a good-looking day out there. 83 warm degrees, dew point not all that bad, just at that threshold for what we begin to call humid air. it's breezy and it feels kind of good when that breeze kicks up. hermine is still off our coast continuing to meander a little bit closer to us but it does look like it will push away. the winds around the storm are all coming on shore up in new england and you've got coastal flooding problems. we've got a little bit of an issue with minor coastal flooding in the back bays but it's just minor. the big issue from that storm of course is on the shore where you still have heavy surf and rip currents. if you see some, it will likely be over by the coast so expect it to be more of a mix of sun and clouds. the rest of the region is fair weather clouds we're calling it mostly sunny. down the shore we do have an issue with heavy rip currents,
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there are fewer lifeguards than there were over the holiday weekend, i would advise you not to get into the water unless there is a lifeguard present, otherwise it's not worth it with that heavy surf which can pound you down and give you injury or the rip currents wli can take you out to sea. on the beach not too bad, upper 70s or low 80s. 88 degrees in philadelphia today, 89 in allentown. pretty similar numbers in through here with a 90 possible in reading. down the shore 82 in cape may and 78 in atlantic city. in philadelphia here's how it's going to go. by 2:00 we're up to 86, that's your high at about 4:00 this afternoon. 85 degrees by 6:00 with the temperature dipping to 80 by 8:00 and 77 under cool skies by 10:00 tonight. tomorrow things start to change a bit. cold front starts to slowly push at us from the north and eventually we'll start to turn that wind around a bit from the west and southwest. we'll get up into the 90s
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tomorrow and it might feel slightly humid as the day goes on. it gets hotter with mid 90s and also a little bit more humid air. not all the models are going for that oppressive dew point, so thursday could be moderately humid. this is the european and it doesn't look all that bad. if you look at some other models like the gfs, we're popping up to 68 which is closer to humid air and there is a couple of other models have it getting oppressive over the next several days. it gets humid. 88 degrees bright and warm today, today 91 could be a bit more humid. and then near-record heat on thursday, friday and saturday with highs in the mid 90s and it will be on the humid side and we'll see how bad the humidity is. for the weekend, temple and union fans on saturday, definitely want to drink those cool drinks, and a front comes in on sunday, might knock us back down to 88 but there is a chance of an afternoon or shower
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or thunderstorm and eagles fan will want to be drinking the cool fluids and non-alcoholic is better than caffeinated or alcoholic. you want to hydrate yourself in that heat this weekend. >> topping the people scene, actor chevy chase has checked himself into a rehab facility for treatment for an alcohol problem in minnesota for a tune-up in his recovery. chase has had struggles with substances during his career. he checked into the betty ford clinic in the 1980s for treatment to an addiction to prescription painkillers. he has a pair of films coming out. beyonce has postponed her show at metlife stadium until october 7th. a doctor says the singer needs to rest her vocal cords. her world tour is set to resume saturday in missouri. beyonce is set to perform on
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september 29th as scheduled. >> he is a familiar face of good morning america, but now he'll be there every single day. michael strahan made his debut. he left his cohosting job on "live" and you can watch them every week day starting at 7:00 a.m. right here on 6abc. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit forecast. by the way, it's nice to be together again. >> yes. >> on twitter right now nice to see you again together. >> you guys met, right? >> we did. >> she's taking me to lunch. >> take a look, 89, 90 in the northern and western suburbs today, mostly sunny and breezy a little cooler but still pretty warm in the i-95 corridor.
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rip currents are still a big problem today. >> thank you again, david. a look now at some of the stories coming up this afternoon. we do expect the hearing for bill cosby to begin any minute now. we're in the courtroom following every development we will have a full recap and a live report today at 4:00. >> also a new kind of theft is on the rise and it involves your medical insurance and your prescription plan. we'll explain what the thieves are after and what you can to do protect yourself. >> that's going to do it for action news at noon. don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for the entire action news team. i'm rick williams, we'll see you here tomorrow. enjoy the rest of your day. if you have medicare
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