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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  September 11, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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>> and for walter perez and phl17 phl17 and jeff skversky and the rest of the time i'm sarah bloomquist have a good night and a great week ahead. >> good night. was i nervous? no. >> wentz looks like he belongs. he is not jumping around. he is cool as ice. >> this is who he is. >> the first nfl touchdown pass by carson wentz, what a sport. >> nelson i mean you can't follow it better. >> down the right side with agular and a touchdown. >> comes down to players making plays and what we did today. >> quarter and 40 and 50. >> tremendous game running the ball and credited to the offensive line and how well they played. >> they got him and they got him and placed them. >> take care of business. >> jim obviously had a way to go
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and got after them at a defensive stand point. >> blow and hit by jay lynn mills. >> and the situation like we did something crazy and with a win we got to go back and get another one. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ the carson wentz era has begun, i'm ducis rodgers and impressive 29-10 open season victory over the browns mike are you a believer? >> is he a real deal after one game against the cleveland browns and sure looked like it ducis rodgers and did not expect the play especially on the first drive. he was showing off a little before the game on on the field when they were ready to take the field and throwing passes and high 5ing with doug peterson and
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thought that it would hurt him and came out and did a couple things and the first drive he had a hard count that drove the opponent off side and had a kill call very audible into another play. >> the other coach. >> never would have seen it with carson wentz, he was really poisoned today. >> could you have scripted a better opening game for the rook rookie? >> cleveland browns made it easy and not score a lot of points to necessitate a game plan that may have been more complex. i think it was like milking a cow by hand and easy and drips and the drives and things like that and get the kid off and didn't use the center in the first half and went all outside and ran the football inside so i thought it was a real well called game for them. >> best analogy on this utter. >> unintended. >> get you the full highlights of the game for that we send it over to jeff skversky, jeff.
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>> hey guys it has been a soap opera since the eagles played a meaningful game and pederson hired and traded for carson wentz and traded away bradford caught up to speed and hopefully all of this drama is a thing of the past because the future quarterback looks sharp in the opener carson wentz gets a standing ovation against cleveland the first rookie quarterback to start week one for the eagles since 1939 and wentz looked like a vet. first drive, first completed pass, zach ertz what a catch one handed and wentz four straight on the opening drive and the plays and wentz throws it up for jordan matthews 19 yards perfectly placed ball, wentz for the touchdown, his first and the first of the eagles in their opening drive of the season in eight years wentz gave him and his team confidence eagles up 7-0. second quarter cleveland comes within a few at the end of the half, going to take the lead but how about the deal and griffin
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picked off by new safety rodney mccloud and led the season with turn overs the first of the season and leads to a field goal and eagles up 13-7 at the half and cleveland down three and could take the lead but the browns are the browns and go backwards. the high snap pass rg3 back at the end zone of safety two points and the eagles up five and get the ball back and doug peterson taking the chance on fourth and four would andy reed go for this and sets up this very next play. wentz airs it out nelson agholor and 278 passing the most by an eagles quarterback and eagles win 29-10. cleveland who by the way didn't think wentz was a top 20 quarterback i wonder what they are thinking tonight browns passed on wentz on the draft and
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comes back to haunt them 278 passing the most ever by an eagles rookie in his first game guys unbelievable. >> all right jeff thank you so much, no turn overs what did you think of wentz pois and decision making? >> it was amazing and really expected to turn the ball over early in the first half and thought he would be a little jittery but play calling helped him out throwing to the edges where you know there is very a small risk for interception there and incompletion and held on to the ball today except for jordan matthews but he looked like he had fun playing the game and didn't look nervous at all and one thing i did not expect in the first game. >> more from wentz from jamie apody. >> i realize the browns are not a good football team but could be a dis disaster and said carson wentz will get embarrassed and what happens to rookie quarterback and the this is an indication of his career
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the birds are in good hands with number 11. >> firing to the end zone and touchdown. >> i knew he would get a good release and be his guy and that is what he did and threw it out and gave him a chance and he made a heck of a play. >> maturity about him he always treated like it is. >> carson wentz led the team like a vet and days ago he was a quarterback with broken ribs and 24 pass attempts and inexperience. >> this is who he is, this is his dna and he really handled himself great all week long. he knew what was in front of him and continued to get better. he has not changed who he is and the make is the same. >> he knows the game and came out and had fun today and a great team win. >> a game he appears to be pretty good at and given his debut there is hope he is around for many more. >> dreamed about this since i was a kid but again it's just the first of many and on to next week. his final line 22-37 for 278 yards, two downtown no interceptions 101 pastor rating
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by comparison mcnabb started as an eagles 8 for 21, 60 yards no touchdown pass rating of 46.3 and point this out because donavan was here a decade and successful and basically for wentz the sky is the limit, ducis and mike back to you. >> saying all the right things and stick around doug pederson had a head coaching debut and to give hope on the team. >> on the spot. ♪ action news sports sunday sponsored by audi challenge all givens.
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sunday carson wentz wasn't the only and pederson coaching. >> mvp of the game and we are talking carson wentz ducis but the game plan he put together to protect the kid on the first drive and on the board is brilliant. they didn't want him to do too much for a couple plays were hand offices and wanted to get the offensive line rolling and threw the crosses instead of the tight end and thought he was brilliant. people are expecting they will throw the ball down the field and wanted to get the kid confident before they tried that and made a mistake against the cleveland browns and put them in the game. >> jordan matthews missed the entire preseason with an injury
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and good game 114 and a touchdown, could we be seeing the beginningings of a mcnabb connection between wentz and matthews? >> no. i don't know if it's to mcnabb but yes and jordan matthews and the good thing is they are close and friends when he had the broken rib they still workout together and have a certain chemistry to each other ch the thing i thought was great is he put air on the ball under the touchdown passes and out to jordan matthews and did the same thing for agholor and young quarterback have the right trajectory and a line drive and this kid is amazing how he has the way the ball comes out of his hands it's pretty interesting. >> caught up with jordan matthews after the game and asked him about his carson with carson wentz. >> not down play, this is one game and not going oh, my
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goodness, no it's one game. we got to go back and correct the mistakes and i got to try and carson is hard on himself and needs to go back and correct some things and this is not superbowl and put it behind us and get ready for chicago. >> not to. >> to pump the brakes. >> go to antonio for insight for the man of the hour, the man of the day, the man of the week carson wentz. ♪ [whistle] let's remember something carson wentz was given the starting job six days ago and he did not turn the football over in his debut and he threw two perfect geo drop touchdown passes one for 19 yards and one for 35 yards. that shows that carson wentz was ready as doug pederson said after the game he prepared like he was a five or six year vet.
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[whistle] the touchdown passes were impressive but the most impressive play according to players in the locker room and the coaches after the game was carson wentz converting on a fourth and four from the cleveland 40-yard line. first of all doug pederson to have the confidence to go for it on fourth down with a rookie quarterback is amazing and carson wentz gets to the line of scrimmage and sees the cleveland browns have an all out blitz with a linebacker screaming in his face 58 for the browns and throws a perfect strike to ertz to convert and jason told me after the game that is poise. so i had a one on one conversation with doug pederson before the game and i asked him what was his father gordon who passed away on labor day weekend and he said being an aggressive and be aggressive and what is
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what pederson was throughout the football game and after the game i asked carson wentz what did you learn and wentz looked at me and he said it's just football. ducis and mike back to you. >> all right thank you so much. this week on the radio what kind of calls do you expect? >> at least one or two we are going to the superbowl. city over reacts better than any city in america, we will have the calls tomorrow because we will go through the schedule and say we should beat the bears next week and the vikings are not that special. they won today but they are not that special and go 3-0 up to a 3-0 start and then we can win the division and in the playoffs that will happen tomorrow ducis. >> it's a good feeling. >> it is the moon in the delaware valley is decidedly better on a monday when they win. >> absolutely when we return on sports sunday we give the defense its due and hear how the unit grades itself after today's
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victory over the browns and should have dominated cleveland more. >> scored ten points but the browns are a dreadful team so i think the answer to that might be yes. they didn't get pressure on the quarterback from the front floor early in the game. later in the game they pinned their ears back and went after rg3 but one pass was a great catch and the other one they lost coverage on the other default and that got them their points but you know i thought it was fine. it wasn't a great defensive effort where they had the quarterback on their back the whole time but i thought it was good enough. >> eagles defense says it was generally pleased with itself today. >> over all i think we hung in there, we stayed strong and we never wavered so i think we can
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only get better from here. i thought we did well and ten points is always good and rg out of the pocket probably one too many times and, you know, besides a couple of plays here or there i thought we played pretty solid. >> check on the nfl for that we head back over to jeff. >> hey guys despite what happened today mike you will be getting some of these calls tomorrow about the superbowl but not many are giving the eagles a shot, and the odds of eagles winning the superbowl 75-1 the odds among the worst in nfl but tony romo out with a back injury could the regions eagles and the first half and brian and looks like a touchdown but it's overturned. two drops today, only one catch for eight years as we see this again. fourth quarter giants down six, don't drop the ball here ely
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manning to victor cruz and one of mannings three touchdowns and giants up one, cow boys last shot and range and a few seconds and terrance williams and time runs out mistake and cost the cow boys a win giants 20-19, next up for the eagles monday night football in chicago and the bears look in the opener against houston former roman high school score beats up the bears and maybe agholor or matth matthmatt thous and chicago going down 23-14 and our old friendship kellie will make the bay debut for the 49s and the over all pick will be sitting on the bench and baseball and phillies and roman quinn a top prospects making debut this center 0-3.
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tommy joseph having a pop and down the 7th and bomb over 400 feet and phillies tie at one and doesn't last long bottom 7 and anthony the two run double phillies lose 3-2 and have lost three of four to the nats this weekend, thankfully they do not have to face this team the rest of the season. ducis, mike back to you guys. >> all right jeff when mike and i come back we will talk about carson playing underneath the lights on monday night. third president?
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play ball and ducis and mike back to you. >> carson worried at all? >> big spot with tape on him ducis and see whether the defense will bother in the next week and may have to take shots down the field and thanks for watching sports sunday, see you next week.
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i'm karen rogers. and i'm alicia vitarelli. tonight on fyi philly... to ocotberfest. labor day is behind us, time to gear up for fall! mad for plaid, with some seasonal fashion trends. wow. the perfect autumn getaway in the brandywine valley. we take a stab at some entertaining indoor sports. ms. new jersey plus meet the local girls trying to become the next miss america. hi every


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