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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 20, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. monday night jim is off, i'm monica and the big story on
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action news tonight is the late eson the bombing attacks and the quick work of law enforcement to get their man. this is 28-year-oldm ahmad khan rahami a man from afghanistan and police say the prime suspect and bleeding here at the conclusion of a dramatic shoot out with police in linden, new jersey and spotted a man running with a gun and recorded the sound of gunfire strung out over about a minute. [gunfire] from inside a home across the street from where ahmad khan rahami was shot another witness recorded the intense shootout. [gunfire] so far ahmad khan rahami charged with five counts of attempted murder with the gun battle with police and not in planting the bombs even and a bomb blew up in a train fashion in elizabeth as
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bomb squad robots were investigating. as for the explosion in the chelsea tech section of new york city all 29 victims are out of the hospital and no indication other suspects may be involved or other devices are out there, investigators were scouring the home of ahmad khan rahami over a restaurant they own owned of fried chicken and they voted to close the restaurant at 10:00 p.m. at night because of late night nuisance complaints and sued because they said they were muslim and do not know if that became a motive. you will notice a more visible security presence taking mass transit tomorrow and septa stepped up patrols in response to the bombs.
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amtrak says additional plain clothed officers are up and down on 30th station bomb-sniffing dogs are deployed and the chief says don't only rely on law enforcement officers to keep you safe and it's an effort that commuters play a vital role acting as additional eyes and ears. >> there has been great success this weekend with average citizens you know joe citizen calling 911 and saying there is something suspicious here. >> if it wasn't for watchful citizens we may have had different scenarios and the suspect could have escaped. this all started with a scare at the jersey shore when a pipe bomb blew up at ocean side county and no one was nearby when it exploded that is because the charity run benefitting wounded marines which was so
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popular that organizers had to delay the start of the foot race. we knew we would have a big turn out and not as big as we had and the line was so long and could not get them registered and if it had gone off in time the 5k would have been right there where the bomb went off. >> frank costello says this strengthens his resolve and hoping to have a makeup event before the 5k returns next year and the cover coverage is on the news app and will alert you to the developments in the live investigation and bring live updates as it happens and it's a free download for your mobile device. a minnesota police chief says the off duty officer who fatally shot a man stabbing people at a mall is a hero. officer jason falcon was shopping when it happened at a mall in st. cloud and shot the suspect after he lunged at him with a knife and before he
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waskied the somali immigrant was able to stab nine other people. >> given his training and abilities he was the right person at the right place at the right time on saturday night to prevent this incident from getting worse. >> the f.b.i. is investigating the stabs as a potential terrorist act and i.s.i.s. claimed responsibilities but they are working to see if they actually planned the attack. on the campaign trail both presidential candidates responded to today's news arguing they have what it takes to make america safer. >> i am prepared to, ready to actually take on those challenges not engage this a lot of you know real responsible reckless rhetoric but do the hard work to put in place the strategies for local and state law enforcement for an intelligence surge for the kind of preventative actions that we
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need to take care at home. >> hillary clinton then came to philadelphia to try to win back support among millennials in a speech to hundreds of students at temple university today she told them she will never be the showman donald trump is but says her commitment to public service is genuine. mrs. clinton promised to relieve burdensome student loans and create a better job market for graduates and support among the young generation is lagging lately and it is considered an essential demographic for her to get elected. donald trump will be in our area thursday, he is coming to chestertown ship delaware county at a florida rally tonight he reiterated his call for an immigration ban saying terror attacks are a result of an open system. >> so let me say very, very clearly immigration security is national security.
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[cheers and applause] we should temporarily suspect immigration entirely from regions where safe and adequate screening cannot occur. >> trump went on to say no one has a right to imigrate to america and people admitted have to love our country. gunfire in south philadelphia sent three people to the hospital including a mom walking a baby in the stroller. action news reporter dan join us live from police headquarters tonight to tell us about this triple shooting where innocent victims came under attack, dan. >> monica police say this all happened during the bizarre soothing in broad daylight on a south philadelphia intersection right this afternoon, late this afternoon. the scene at 18 and warden with 40 caliber shell casings and by police estimates. >> broad daylight. >> a 32 year old mother carrying
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her ten-month-old baby boy was struck by a stray bullet in her left upper arm close to her shoulder. >> the baby was being carried on the woman's chest so the baby's head and torso was probably just inches from where the bullet struck his mother. >> a few feet away a 62-year-old woman was struck in the leg by another stray bullet, both women are at presbyterian hospital and are bystanders a third person a 40-year-old male shot in the leg and listed stable and unclear if he was the intended target and a 32 year old man suffered a broken tow as he fled and had a broken toe and do not know what the incident was about. >> two of them who are certain are innocent victims struck by stray gunfire. >> now police say they are
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sorting through surveillance footage if all or part of the incident was captured on video and also working to identify the gunman. live here at police headquarters, dan with channel six action news, monica. >> thank you dan. we have updates on the officers and others shot during that chaotic rampage in west philadelphia last friday and sylvia young who was shot six times at presbyterian hospital expected to be released soon and know the lady shot 7 times 25-year-old sarah salee daughter of immigrants and this is officer eddy miller recovering from two gunshots, he is a former philadelphia police officer who retired from the philadelphia police after 33 years. miller by the way was the best of the fraternal order of police at a party and hundreds gathered
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for the tailgate party and donating the proceeds to miller and young and we will go to jeff with more on that. >> hardening for so many here today to see their brother in blue with spirits and miller was smiling and joking and clearly counting his blessings. >> i'm doing fine. presbyterian hospital took good care of me. >> ed miller was in good spirits as he talked for the first time after being wounded in a shoot out in west philadelphia friday night. >> like to forget but it worked to our advantage. >> arrived at afo p fundraiser on crutches and took bull -- bullets and showed surveillance video the moment he was shot. >> the guy rolling around and guess i'm lucky. >> injured responding to philadelphia police sergeant
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sylvia young's calls for help. >> don't expect to run into it but prepared and hope i live up to the standards. >> here and alive and lucky to have them. >> rally around the officers there is concern about anticop sentiment and the second ambush with philadelphia officers this year leaves some at a loss. >> give them a chance to show we are good. >> miller worked for philadelphia police for 33 years before moving to penn police, the superintendent who hired him says he has made the entire department proud. >> protect people and he did a very good job of doing that and thank god he is here to celebrate. >> accompanied by his happy wife and children and miller says protecting the public is in his blood and plans to return to the
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streets once he fully recovers jeff with 6abc monica. >> still to come on action news philadelphia metal liberty ceremony tonight and hear from the civil rights icon as john lewis receives the honor and peanut butter go together like local students and generosity and why they are doing this to set a record. >> needed rainfall and the temperatures and 76 the coolest day in three months and much cooler air moves in tomorrow, stick around for a while and i will have details in the forecast. >> sam bradford and we hear from the eagles qb for a new team when action news
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a civil rights icon is the newest liberty metal winner
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tonight and congressman john lewis of georgia who was a civil rights veteran received the metal before a warm crowd at the action news center and we are here with the ceremony highlights, high christie. >> hey there monica this is an award that goes out every year and at the national constitutional center celebrates the 150th anniversary and who better to receive this than congressman john lewis. >> it's my philosophy very simple if you see something that is not right, not fair, not just you have a moral obligation to do something. >> it's that creed congressman john lewis lived by decades and in the 60s met with violence with peaceful citizens and voting marches across the edmon-petis bridge and from georgia he still what's the heart of an activist.
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♪ a lifetime of work that brings the civil rights titan to the constitution center to receive the prestigious liberty metal. >> there are so many other people that could be receiving such an honor. i feel more than lucky. i feel blessed. >> it honors a lifetime of work and there is nobody that embodies that more than congressman john lewis. >> to me he is the last living vestage of what made the country help live up to its real creed that all men are created equal. >> youngest members of the audience recognized they too must do their part. >> a message a lot of people need to hear you can be successful and still fight for something real. >> now pastor said this award includes the dali-lama and
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mohammed ali and in very good company national constitution center. thank you christie delaware off campus house party led to 180 arrests over the weekend and sent someone to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and busted for under age drinking and it's affiliated with an unsanctioned fraternity and problems for people who provided alcohol to minors. a soldier convicted of murdering his girlfriend's mother will stay behind bars and sentenced caleb barns for killing 54-year-old cheryl of allentown and the judge told the smirking defendant he showed cowardness and lack of decency or empathy and must be removed from society for ever and daughter 14 at the time plead guilty to murdering her mom's murder because she
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demanded she break up with barns. the trial continues tomorrow in the bridge gate scandal and today defense and prosecution presented opening statements and two of chris christie's allies are facing fraud and conspiracy charges. accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013 on purpose to create gridlock and punish the fort lee town mayor for not endorsing christie. the governor has not been charged but could be subpoenaed to testify. the deadly center building collapse trial will continue tomorrow and determine who is negligent and what compensation should be paid to the victims and their families. the lawsuits were filed on behalf of six people killed and 13 injured when a four story brick wall collapsed on the salvation store on 22 and market in 2013. gas prices are on the way up and parts of the south are dealing with a gas shortage.
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it is expected to last until repairs are made to a ruptured pipeline in alabama. colonial pipeline has already started construction on a temporary pipeline to bypass the leaking section. georgia, tennessee and the carolinas have already seen the biggest impact from that spill. concern is growing tonight over a toxic sinkhole in florida. more than 200 million gallons of radioactive water may have leaked into the drinking supply near tampa. the water started leaking three weeks ago from a fertilizer plant in polk county when a massive sinkhole opened under the pond and assured the combination is confined to the waste site and offering water quality testing and time to see out our accuweather week is shaping up. >> started on a wet note and people were happy because they needed the rain. >> and drying things out and storm tracker double scan
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showing nothing more than a few sprinkles mainly along the cost and action cam taking a look at some of the plans benefitting from today's rain. i think these are knock out roses and they are looking much better. i know my lawn is already looking better. we desperately needed the rain and with the rain moving out some breaks in the clouds, did you see the sunset michelle posted this on my facebook page from national park new jersey, a lot of times when you get a lot of clouds it actually makes the sunset more spectacular, kind of captures a longer wave length colors of the oranges and reds and keep sending in those photos i love to share them on the air. as far as the rain tonight 1.29 in philadelphia more rain than we received the past month and some areas in burkes county right along the shore about 4" of rain and a real soccer and right now temperatures definitely on the warm side and philadelphia 71, allentown 70, cape may 72, wilmington 69 and
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trenton 69 degrees and dew points close to air temperature so temperatures really not dropping much. it's very humid out there and satellite 6 along with action radar showing you can see the train of moisture pushed off the coast but the clouds are still in place, the winds are light and with all that moisture on the air and the ground tomorrow morning we could have some problems with fog so good idea to allow extra time for your morning commute, areas of fog, a few sprinkles at 6:00, 70 and by 8:00, 71 degrees and as we head through the day we will see a brightening of the skies northwest of philadelphia if you are closer to the coast the clouds will hang on a lot longer, it will be warm and it will be humid with a high of 84 degrees and then on wednesday this broad area of high pressure rolls in and that will bring us loads of sunshine through the day and temperatures running about 10 degrees above average, 86 could even get warmer than that as we head into friday and friday actually is a full day of fall. so the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast tomorrow some fog in the morning, some sunshine by the afternoon and brightest to the north and west a high of 84 degrees. wednesday sunny and warm, 86, the same on thursday when fall officially arrives and friday very warm and muggy with a high of 88 degrees but heading into the weekend temperatures really begin to step down. saturday for the temple home coming 80 degrees as a cold front clips through behind that system and it feels like fall on sunday for the eagles game and high 72 for most of the the day temperatures in the 60s and monday seasonably cool with a high of 74 degrees so good idea when you wake up tomorrow morning watch action news beginning at 4:30 and see if the fog is causing problems for your morning commute. folk whose took advantage of a second chance were honored for their work and graduate philadelphia celebrated the fact it helped 2200 adults go back to school to earn a college degree and had a party at union trust
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in center city and during is ceremony otis hack any was given the come back award for going back to school and in the record books and more than a thousand volunteers assembled 49100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiched and managed to make them in an hour and guinness world records was there and sandwiches donated to local food banks and jimmy kimmel is here after this and a preview of the show. >> hello philadelphia after the emmy's we are back to work. >> i managed to make 216 episodes of 24 and never watched a single one of them. they were really p?p?o?gv
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jeff is here with the eagles and have not won but looking good. >> carson wentz doing good and not a ton of help from receivers or line men and needed a w carson wentz looked great this his debut but trying to
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duplicate it on monday on the road is a completely different story and one in the last 15 years won on the road in chicago but right now carson wentz taking care of business, one touchdown, 183 yards no interceptions and how about two rushing touchdowns by running back ryan matthews and eagles scored 26 unanswered points at one point and defense three turn overs and limited the bears to 7 on the defensive side of the ball and eagles at 15 right now as we approach the two-minute warning. sam bradford starting for the eagles seems like ancient history believe it or not was only 16 days ago and finally making his debut last night and had identical numbers as wentz in his debut against cleveland last night bradford against green bay and throws 286, 2 touchdowns and the win and listen to what the former eagles quarterback says about playing
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for minnesota fans in their new stadium. >> that is awesome and one of the best atmospheres i ever played in and it's fun when you get to play in atmospheres like that and not an every week thing you don't get to play in front of crowds like that all the time so when you do it's really special. >> what about the links. >> returns to the link
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well all aboard the wentz wagon carson wentz is the fifth
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quarterback to start 2-0 in the last 46 years. the eagles beat up the bears on monday night football the game has just gone final and before the game raising his first for social injustice and thousands it up to matthew and matthew tied for the most drops in the lead and eagles up two at the half and in to the third ryan matthews finally punches it is and the second time around and matthews two touchdown and eagles up 16-7 and the d protects it and nigel and cutler and d forces three turn overs and next play carson wentz to tray burton, you will love this eagles fans, all aboard the wentz wagon eagles scored 26 unanswered points and go on to win 29-14 monica they are 2-0 doug pederson first coach to start 2-0 since 1961. >> oh, my goodness on fire we
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love it. thank you jeff. finally folks enjoyed a 7 course meal and concert all for a good cause, tonight they had eats at the fill more in fishtown and seven chefs prepared the meal and before the courses were live performances and the mc and money raised by the way benefits abundance and the philadelphia music alliance and jimmy kimmel is live followed by night line and the guests are southern and we are on at 4:30 with karen murphy and jeff and i ,$8drw
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