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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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monday october 10. >> here's what we're following on "action news" she has tremendous hate in her heart. >> when they go low you go high. >> donald trump and hillary clinton square off in their second presidential debate. >> new this morning, fire scarce dozens of residents out of their residences in burlington county. >> we're in for a breezy start to the workweek. >> let's talk about that and go over to david murphy and karen rogers who has traffic, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you
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can see the camera shot behind karen shaking in the breeze. it is definitely windy out there. we have clouds streaking down from the north. there's a lot of dry air coming down from the north. we expect it to evaporate very quickly. 47 degrees in allentown. 49 in reading, 51 in philadelphia. and 48 in millville. 53 in cape may, new jersey, there's the wind. 17 miles per hour in philadelphia. that is adding to a chilly feel. in some places, the numbers are similar like in allentown to where you've been recently, this is the first time we've combined the cooler temperature with the wind. 51 by 10:00 a.m. 56 by noon. today will be cooler, 63 degrees is the high, sunny and breezy. 6:00 p.m., we're down to 60 degrees. there's a frost advisory tonight this is the first time we talked about this in a while northern
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bucks, northern montgomery county and northern chester. much of south jersey covered by this, as well. winds will die down tonight and the temperatures will dip into the 30s in some outlying areas. karen rogers i'll talk about that and get you set for the workweek. we have good weather he is that's coming up. >> reporter: on this columbus day you expect a good ride in, but we have problems at this early hour, an accident at i-95, we can see police and emergency workers on the scene. there you can see northbound traffic moving slowly around this accident scene that's blocking two lanes. this morning, a water main break out on 60th at landsdown avenue in carroll park. this is 60th and landsdown. it's affecting the route 15 trolley it's shuttle busing because of the water main break
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at this early hour. more flashing lights southbound approaching the blue route an accident blocking an e-z pass toll lane. we have police and emergency workers. we have penndot out there with the accident scene. construction blocking the left lane on the turnpike westbound between valley forge and downingtown, watch watch for ths well. >> the home stretch has arrived, election day is one month away. the st. louis i say. both candidates did not shake handle. the galoshes came off. the debate was personal between trump and clinton. katherine scott is live in the satellite center with more. >> reporter: matt, it did get ugly at times, some said it was hard to watch. with a month to go until election day the second presidential debate is on the
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books. the second presidential debate was heated and intense. wikileaks released transcripts that clinton made several years ago. she favored open trade and open borders and 2005 recording of donald trump boasting with billy bush about sexually charged remarks. >> i think it's clear to anybody who heard it, represents who he is. >> he brought up the past sex assaults against bill clinton and said hillary clinton attacked those women. the fireworks came early and overnight over the 90 minutes,
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both candidates demanded apologies from each other for the birther >> it's good someone with the temperament of trump is not in charge of the law and order. >> because you would be in jail. >> i think he has been direct and honest all along, at least he seems to be, i would like to hear honest on the other side. >> mike pence sent out a tweet congratulating trump saying he was proud to stand by him, after saying on saturday he could not defend or deny the comments trump made in 2005. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> abc news is offering a fact
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check of the statements made by clinton and trump you can view it at, the link is on my twitter feed. >> donald trump brings the campaign back to pennsylvania today, he has a rally scheduled this afternoon in western p-a and another one in scranton. he is closing in on hillary clinton in some polls for p-a voters with 20 electoral votes up for grabs. the deadline to vote in pennsylvania that's what you want top stay in november's election. in delaware the deadline is saturday, in new jersey, it's october 18. hillary clinton is spending the day campaigning in battleground states leading a voter registration event in michigan and courting voters in ohio. clinton is leading in michigan, but it's too close to call in ohio. >> fire forced 34 people out of their homes in south jersey
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overnight it broke out on west hampton street in pemberton. nobody was in the fire where the fire originated. the flames spread to other units. no reports of injuries. a driver struck a pedestrian in the kensington section of the city and kept going. it happened at east lehigh and b street at 6:30. no word on the victim's condition. the driver was last seen heading down east lehigh. starting this morning, new jersey transit will provide more service to the hoboken station the site of the recent deadly train accident. 8 of the 17 tracks are available. the crash on september 29 killed a woman and jirld 100 people -- injured 100 people. hurricane matthew is gone, but it still stairs many in the
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face down south. the hurricane killed almost 1,000 people from its march from the carribean up the eastern seaboard. hundreds of thousand are without power and roads are smashed in places, making it hard to get help. marcy gonzalez filed this report from saint augustine, florida. >> reporter: in the aftermath of matthew, lingering concerns in the carolinas. >> matthew is off the shore into the ocean, but in our mind, the impact is still here and extremely dangerous. warnings about more possible flooding following scenes like this. more than one thousand rescues in north carolina alone. >> we're going to attempt to save these people. >> reporter: first responders unable to save others. 20 people killed by hurricane matt that you in the u.s., while in haiti, the estimate is 900.
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in florida, homeowners including tom smith, this is amazing, all this -- returning for the first time finding his historic house went from this. >> these are article also of coastal living -- >> to this. >> a little lesses optimistic outlook. >> you have to get up and build it again. a little rain must fall in the cape literally. >> rain and powerful crashing waves, you can see washed away the entire road leading to his house, so a big clean up ahead for this and so many communities up the coast. marcy gonzalez abc news, saint augustine, florida. >> bear hunting season starts today in new jersey, what you need to know about the first three days. >> the eagles were in a giving
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mood in detroit as they recorded their first loss of the season, david. >> we have jackets on the kids on the way to school and the way home, as well. we have temperatures in the low 60s in a lot of neighborhoods, what about a cool breeze? temperatures in the 067s ahead. -- 70s. ♪
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trees crashing down on top of power lanes, this fell in lower merion. the wind and rain from hurricane matthew kept chain sauce and power crews busy. >> it's gone. >> reporter: now we're looking at nicole maybe a problem for bermuda later this week. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry, breezy and cool out there, though, let's take a look outside and see if we can pick a
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sky6 live hd camera that's shaking a little bit. this one looking at center city is wobbling. we have decent sustained wind and higher gusts. it's cool this morning, we're at 51 degrees in philadelphia. if we manage to dip into the 40s over the next couple of hours it will be the first time since may 16th we've been in the 40s in philadelphia. tonight is cooler, there could outlying frost. satellite showing you how any cloud cover digging out of the north is caught up in dry flow of air and it is evaporating. we expect sunshine overall. it will be chilly and breezy. 49 degrees by 8:00 a.m. noon, mid 50s. 3:00 p.m., 63 degrees that's going to be the high. 5:00 p.m., heading back to the 50s, probably holding on to 61 degrees by 5:00 p.m. high temperatures this afternoon cool just about everywhere. 62 in allentown. 62 in trenton. 63 in lancaster and reading and wilmington and philadelphia and
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millville. down the shore, somewhere in the 63 to 64-degree range, as well. very even numbers across the region today. satellite, the wider view shows you that the rain that bothered us earlier in the forecast period is pushing up the coast and getting out of here, tomorrow we're looking at sun and seasonable conditions with high pressure building in, 66 degrees will be the forecast high tomorrow a little bit better today and not as breezy tomorrow with the high moving in. here's tropical storm nicole. it a hurricane dipping to the south, still with a little bit of sheer it's starting to turn toward the north. as that happens it will strengthen into a category one and a two as it passes near bermuda. this is talking about wednesday night into thursday. we expect thursday and friday period that storm to be going through bermuda. that's not going to affect us, a little bit of heavier surf down
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the shore. if you have travel plans for bermuda that's something to keep your eyes on. sunny, cool breeze blowing today, 63 degrees arc good looking day, breezy and chilly, you'll need a jacket if you're heading out for festivities of any sort. tuesday, less wind, 66 degrees, yom kippur arrive. wednesday, partly sunny, 68 that's better. thursday, a weak front comes through, probably dry, 72 degrees. friday, 65. the weekend, partly sunny i skis in the mid 60s. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information by going to nice not to be talking about matthew, it was thought it would be toward the bermuda, it ended up scooting out to the east.
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>> the eagles have the week to prepare for the redskins. they suffered their first loss on the road in the season yesterday. in the closing minutes while holding on to a slim lead, ryan matthew, fumbled, carson wentz threw his first interception, that sealed the lions 24-23 win. >> so close, but so far. new jersey bear hunting season was approved by environmental officials. the first days are bow hunting, officials say more than 500 bears were killed during the annual bear hunt held last december. >> protesters held the animal pride flag raising ceremony.
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the ceremony was moved inside city hall because of the weather. the protesters called for the mayor to address claims that some businesses in the lgbt community are racist. kenny said the community will overcome the hate and encourage people to attend a hearing later this month headed by the philadelphia commission of human relations. concerns about samsung galaxy 7's phones, two carriers are not giving out any more replacements. >> reporter: welcome back we're
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looking live on sky6 live hd, philadelphia international we're looking good, but kind of chilly out there this morning. the wind whipping a little bit. let's take a look at an accident scene involving two trucks smashed into a barrier here on the northeast extension southbound and we can see we've got a lot of emergency workers on the scene with this. it happened over an hour ago, they are still out hear arena blocking one of one of one of ts
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toll lanes. construction crews blocking the left lane westbound between valley forge and downingtown. an accident blocking two lanes on i-95 has cleared. you can see the southbound traffic heading toward center city moving nicely at this point. the accident was near girard no longer impacting traffic at this point. if you're coming down from langhorne or bensalem you're looking good. we'll hop into new jersey, it's a cold, chilly dark ride in. 42 northbound moving at this point. >> samsung was mysterious how it was going to handle reports that the replacement phone galaxy 7 note are catching fire. south korea news agency said samsung was stopping production because of the reports. scam sung would not confirm a halt in production. they said it's being adjusted
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for safety. wall street will rebound from a dip on friday. futures point to a higher open. japanese and hong kong markets are closed. gas prices continue to rise, it has increased 4 cents over the past two weeks to 2.99. new jersey's prices will climb sharply later this month when a state gas tax hike takes effect. >> a bike race put on by the philadelphia police department end with a surprise for a lucky young rider. >> here you go, buddy. oh, my god, thank you. >> reporter: during the annual ride, narcotics noticed a boy riding on a bike that had single gear and bad tire so they want to a nearby target and bought him a bike and helmet. he surprised each officer by
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giving them a hug. >> nice wheels. >> really nice. >> 4:53. coming up on "action news," the end of the line for yet another casino in atlantic city. we'll have a live report. >> next a home is badly daniel by fire, a household fixture sparked it. >> the trump taj man
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atlantic city will close its door this morning 3,000 workers
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will lose their jobs becoming casualties as ac struggles. annie mccormick is in atlantic city. >> reporter: we're hours away from the taj mahal closes. these workers want to make sure their voices are heard up to the last second. 3,000 people are losing their job suffering a total job locals of atlantic city casinos to 11,000 by 2014. donald trump opened the taj 26 years ago, carl carl icahn is closing it because the workers striking. many people will be here when the taj closes at 5:59 a.m. atlantic city only has seven casinos left. the goal is to stay up to the
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last second they want to make sure their voices are heard. the taj is expected to close at 559. reporting live in atlantic city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> 4:57 a.m., happening today, jurors will be selected in a whistle blower lawsuit set for trial details on that case coming up. >> federal health report compares the vaccination rate of children to the national average coming up in "healthcheck."
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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., monday, october 10. here's what's happening. >> the presidential candidates face off in a debate filled with text and insults. >> police are looking for a suspect and victim in reported abduction. >> it's been a while since we've seen the 40s, accuweather says we're nipping at that this morning. >> let's find out if we're going to get close to it with david murphy and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we're close to it, but not yet. we have clouds coming down from the north, they are eroding because dry air is culling -- coming down from the north and it is evaporating the clouds. the temperatures are holding on to the 50s, if we get into the 40s, it will be the first time since may 16th. we've been in the 40s in


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