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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 3, 2016 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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places across the city over the coming days. a camden county man who dedicated his life to serving our country was honored in town hall. he was drafted in 1967, served in vietnam and served in korea after being honorably discharged from active duty, he spent decades working with the vfw and helping wounded warriors. tonight, they presented him with a proclamation celebrating his service. still to come tonight, five new laws to cut down on the painkiller crisis. we are learning where a man had been hours before he killed two police officers. cecily? >> we are walking on the mild side. today's high, 70 degrees, nine degrees above normal. warmer air moves in then i'm tracking big changes.
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health reporter, if someone was choking at a restaurant, would you know how to help? a local family is sharing their story and urging more people to learn how to save a life. it's coming up in health check. >> don't call it must win, but jamie apody is hearing from the eagles how big the next game with the giants is. "action news" continues in a moment.
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two iowa police officers were shot and killed while sitting in separate patrol cars this morning. investigators are calling the attacks ambushes. this is the man police say pulled the trigger, 46-year-old scott michael green. he had been in a courtroom hours before facing charges of abusing his mother. green shot and killed
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24-year-old urbandale police officer, justin martin, then 20 minutes later, gunned down des moines sergeant tony. >> these officers were ambushed. doesn't look like there was interaction between the officers and whoever targeted the shots while they sat in their cars. >> green turned himself in this morning flagging down a passer by an a rural road. interest rates are not going up yet. the federal reserve voted to keep rates unchanged with days to go before the election. the feds said the case continues to strengthen. they believe it could come at the next meeting in december. pennsylvania has five new laws meant to deal with the open yoid crisis. limiting the amount of opiods to a seven day supply. they are urging patients to
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safely dispose of unused pills. one of the laws makes police stations, hospitals and pharmacies to become drop-off sites. 3500 deaths in pennsylvania last year to opiod addiction. if someone were choking, would you know what to do? is family in delaware is hoping more people will learn how to help. >> reporter: sympathy cards are still out on display, wishing comfort to miller davis and his family. he lost his wife, kathryn, just six weeks ago. >> kathryn was the most wonderful, kind person i ever knew. >> reporter: they were together 30 years, traveling and spending time with family. they were out celebrating their
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anniversary, an early dinner at a nice restaurant. >> she got quiet. >> then she got up. >> i knew something was wrong. i didn't know what was rong. >> reporter: he didn't grab her throat like this to indicate choking. she was choking. he yelled to minnesota to call 911. then the timing of what happened next is fuzzy. he says a worker came over and tried to do the heimlich maneuver, called the abdominal tlurs. by that time, kathryn passed out. she was unconscious and no one knew what to do. an ambulance arrived. emergency workers tried to save her. too much time had passed. it only takes four to six minutes without oxygen for brain damage to start. she died at the hospital after choking on a piece of lobster. >> we all had the same question, what happened? how did it happen? we came to find out restaurants don't have to have people on
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staff that know cpr or the heimlich. >> all the pictures were taken? >> yep. >> reporter: her daughter is now trying to change that. she has delaware state representative brian short looking into the issue. several states, including new jersey, have laws that require restaurants to display posters like this one on how to help someone choking. a few states go a step further, requiring staff to be trained on how to help. there are no such laws in pennsylvania or delaware. short says he's working with the delaware restaurant association to find a workable solution. >> the more people that we know how to respond in emergency situation like this, the better off we all are. >> i would love to see not only more restaurant workers trained, but our community in general trained and aware that they, too, can make a difference in somebody's life. >> seems like a no brainer that a restaurant would be a place where people are trained in cpr
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and the heimlich. >> reporter: the family will never know if cpr had been started, if it would save kathryn. they want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. i posted these demonstrations on my facebook page to learn how to save a life. channel 6 "action news." let's get the seven day accuweather forecast. >> a surge of near record warmth tomorrow, thunderstorms and showers. the double scan showing tonight no showers or thunderstorms around. a great night for chopper 6 to take flight. really a great looking shot after sunset. the sunsetting at 5:57 daylight saving time on sunday night. the sun will be setting, sunday afternoon at 4:54 eastern standard time. right now, temperatures close to the average high for this time of year, which is 61.
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philadelphia and trenton, 60. wilmingt wilmington, 62. millville, 59. the poconos are mild, 58 degrees. satellite 6, along with action radar showing the surge of mild air all ahead of the cold front. the cold front itself is just to the west of ohio and just a few light showers near cleveland. world series better not go to 16 innings. you could get thunderstorms rolling through. behind that system, we'll have a dose of reality for friday and the weekend. tomorrow, the commuter forecast, a long commute for a lot of people with the septa strike. mother nature is cooperating, not that cold. patchy fog in suburbs of philadelphia. partly sunny at 6:00. 56 by 7:00. by 8:00, 57 degrees. future tracker showing by lunchtime the clouds thicken. showers across the poconos. this line of showers and thunderstorms rolling through
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the i-95 corridor around 3:30. a fast moving system. should move off the coast by 7:00 in the evening. ahead of it, we have pretty warm temperatures. by 2:00 in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-70s in philadelphia. it looks like we will be close to the record high. philadelphia, 80 is the record. i don't think we'll hit that. 79 in allentown, probably not. the best chance of tieing a record high is in wilmington, the record high there, 78. the seven day forecast, very warm temperatures, mid-70s. showers and thunderstorms roll through in the afternoon. behind the system, it's seasonable on friday. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. 61 degrees heading into the weekend. high pressure takes over. a cool breeze on saturday. seasonable, 60. great weather for the unity cup. set the clocks back one hour as we fall back to eastern standard time. drop into the upper 50s on
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monday, then it stays mild for election day. 62 on wednesday. clouds mixed with sun, a high of 62 degrees. some afternoon showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. the rest of the seven day forecast looking nice. >> thank you. this was an evening for inspiration at the union league in center city, philadelphia. this event, hosted by the women's development center honored women business owner. wendy saltzman was on hand to host and help share these stories of success. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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eagles have a problem that has nothing to do with the giants. >> they need to take care of off the field issues. huff will play as the legal process plays out. a huge division match up at the meadowland. they are 4-3, the birds cannot afford to go 0-3. >> it's close.
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it's going to be a big game. i mean it's a huge game for them, too. we are both 4-3. they know the situation and so do we. >> the emphasis is greater. teams that want to make the postseason have to handle their division. joel in, joel out. on the first night of the back-to-back season, they play for the sixers. they did go to charlotte for the fir win. new acquisition looks great. the team high with four points. sixers lead. 39 points. 49 in the third quarter. sixers lose, 109-93. they are
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1997, the last time the red wings beat the flyers in philadelphia. tonight, back-to-back. a little more than a minute to play, 3-2. an extra attacker. knocks it in and up. we go into overtime. let the winning streak continue. the flyers win, 4-3 in overtime in detroit. ironically, 1997, the last time the indians win a world series.
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tonight, for one team the long wait will be over. the indians trailed and down 5-1 in the fifth. davison tied it. we are tied at six, heading into extra innings. they just put the tarp on the field. there's going to be a rain delay. the cubs looking to win the first in 39,466 days. looks like they may have to wait another day. the most hit home runs. nlcs hero is the team's new hitting coach. he was in the broadcast booth. he relaces henderson who is not retained. game seven. >> maybe seven and a half. >> we know what that's like. >> we do. finally, the american cancer society set aside to honor the men and women who give their time to help in the fight against the disease.
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the organization hosted this dinner at the crown plaza in king of prussia to play tribute to volunteers. thousands were honored for their dedication, generosity. jimmy kimmel on next. >> "action news" continues at :00, a half hour early. i'm jim gardner. good night. you out.
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no warning, no hearing. it's a lending practice so outrageous, most states banned it. but at the bank founded by pat toomey it was business as usual. forcing small business owners out of their homes. toomey even used his power in the senate to help himself, voting to gut rules that protect us and crack down on big banks. pat toomey. out for himself, not us.
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"right this minute." a young punk is stopped by a man who -- >> is 84 years old. >> but see why the hero then got read the riot act by his wife. >> looky who popped out of the garbage bin. >> bear is like, huh? >> what happens when a cub strays way off course. in a car parked on a freeway, a cop discovers a strange sight. >> i am mystified. >> the crazy story behind a married couple's standoff. >> i think it's time for a split. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. a dog trying to pick the presidential election with tennis balls. >> why must i be involved with this? >> and a husband in the shower when suddenly -- >> so not civil. >> see the psycho surprise his wife has in store.
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>> so many times we see something happening, we think why doesn't somebody do something? and these videos somebody does. start in chile. here we are in an indoor mall. watch this woman, that kid, he takes something from him. she says, police, police, starts to run away. >> the old cafeteria trick. >> went down, though. >> the man who tripped that robber is 84 years old. he's knocked to the ground and knocked unconscious. >> wow. >> he stuck his leg out and the guy hit it, spun him around, bonked his head on the floor. >> what happened to the young punk, though? >> the young punk did not get away. people jumped in and stopped the kid. 15 years old. he was with his mother. they say his mother has a record. no word on if that 15 year old will face charges, though. >> great tackle. that guy should put that on his scouting tape.
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>> that 84-year-old man was taken to the hospital, has to stay there for two days because he suffered a brain injury. he said his wife, not exactly happy with what he did. she wouldn't talk to him for four hours, she was so upset, saying i need you with me, didn't need you to get hurt. you know what, can't let people come in and bully us. we have to do something. in this next video in russia, that guy right there has a bag, carrying about $6,600. >> boom! cold. >> that man is not letting go. he's holding on to that bag. he's hit upside the head nine times but doesn't let go. that guy runs away, but this poor man, he is able to get to his feet. he's shaky and eventually he can't stay up. >> oh, no. >> i think he's -- >> he falls down. has to be hospitalized for numerous head injuries, but the guy, though he got away, two days later he was arrested.
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if he's convicted, he faces ten years in jail. the dogs are going crazy barking and there's a big raucous coming from outside, so david monty grabs his camera to go investigate. >> look at the bear. >> bear's like, huh? you caught me. >> stuck in my garbage conta container. >> david wasn't surprised here. he had actually seen a bear family out in his yard. the dogs had alerted him, so he grabs what he calls the bear banger, like a loud sound to scare off the rest of the family, but knew there was still something going on outside. >> looks like garbage. >> bears, when they smell food, they are very, very crafty. looks like he's lifted into the garbage box and couldn't quite get out. >> look at that face. >> that nose. >> feed me, please, give me some honey. >> how about just let me out. david does and runs away and
2:38 am
goes right for the tree. see that? mom is waiting off in the woods. everybody camps off into the woods, reunited. now to a different part of the world. this guy is poking around underneath a rock. >> no, dude, you're getting too close to the hole, man. back up. >> let me add, australia, that might clue you in on what's about to happen. now he's really froze. here he comes. that's in eastern brown snake as we've come to know on the show, those are quite venomous, can be dangerous. he was face to face with it. >> that got the heart racing. what do you think couples argue most about in the car? >> directions, yeah. >> directions it is. you see this car kind of parked awkwardly in the emergency lane? a police officer sees it, walks
2:39 am
up on the car, taps the window, tells the people inside, let the window down. they don't do it, so he opens the door and finds this. >> are you kidding? >> like it was put in a corner. >> the couple is sitting back to back, not engaging. they are giving each other the silent treatment. >> on the side of the road on the freeway. >> the wife wanted to visit her family. they couldn't get on the same page, so the husband pulls over and they just sat there. now, here's where it gets good. the police officer is questioning them and they won't even talk to him. >> who's the dude in the back? >> that would be the husband, because the officer finally had enough and put him in the back seat and drove the pair to the police station. >> i am mystified. >> yes, you have officially seen it all. >> i think it's time for a split. got to this point, save your money. >> they are going to need it for the fine the husband received
2:40 am
and he was also docked six points on his driver's license. reports are that after a while they got it together and decided to talk to each other and were allowed to go home. >> six points on his license, she's going to be doing a lot more driving. >> i got an easy way here, let siri do the navigating. >> siri has no clue. >> google has it way better. >> no, no -- >> no! brandon brown who watches in dallas is our latest winner in the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you could win, too. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. these images are going to be way too familiar to you. especially if you are a fan of


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