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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 5, 2016 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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it's an all new show today, "right this minute." a winding road and a dash cam prove -- >> there is no remorse for something. >> especially around a blind curve. >> no! >> a trapped animal fights to free itself. >> the deer is caught in an electrical rope. >> see why speed counts in one dicey rescue. a man with no arms decides that is no obstacle. >> if he doesn't inspire you, i don't know who or what will. >> a story behind a life being well lived. plus, bonus give away day means the buzz word for your
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chance to win a new ipad mini or flat screen tv. and they are taking a bow -- >> into the world of karate. >> see the kids with the moves making them a western sensation. >> he's built for the wwe. make you never want to ride or walk across the street ever again. the first video takes place, the car has been driving along the road for quite some time and you see several pedestrian crossing signs. here's another one right ahead. >> oh! >> why would that person do that? >> not paying attention. >> you see cars in one lane have stopped, but the other car continues going, hit those people, and slams right into the car we're riding in. >> did he hit the people or just miss them? >> no, he hit those people. takes them right out. the camera slips and now we see inside of the car, where it comes to a stop. >> i'm not sure that was somebody not paying attention. it looked more like somebody who didn't want to slow down.
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>> either way, didn't have to happen. fortunately, seems everybody is okay. well, the family of the people in the next video say there is no room for assumption, and that the responsibility is on the truck driver. you see several trucks coming the opposite direction. >> no! >> should have known better. >> completely overtakes the lane and goes right into this man and his friend and check out the damages. >> what kind of irresponsible truck driver is going to try and pass on a blind corner? >> how could anybody think that would be okay? especially when you're in a big truck. unfortunately, the men inside of this car were trapped inside the car. once they were free, they were taken to the hospital. they suffered multiple fractures, bruised limbs. no report on the truck driver's condition. the family posted the video because they said the company of the truck driver still hasn't reached out to them and they want everybody to know they are involved.
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it's clearly obvious the deer here needs a knight in shining armor. somebody is a night demander in the uk who is helping with this animal rescue, actually, or people from east ethics wildlife rescue have been called in because the deer is caught in electrical rope and these people have a giant net that they are slowly going over, because they need to trap it very quickly because they say they need to get the rope on, because they don't want it to have a heart attack. look right here when you get a closer look. look at those antlers. >> whoa! >> what a tangled mess that is. >> a scout couldn't undo those kn knots. >> that woman's hands are moving quickly and they work on this for several minutes. that guy is sitting on it, trying to keep it still so they can work, but once they get it all off -- clearly obvious why this deer was running.
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it was at the holy accept ul kre cemetery at night. once it stands up and starts moving around, you can see how it injured itself. >> probably clawing at the ground there, poor thing. >> these guys used big tools. once they widened it, oh, i can go now? then it almost gets stuck again. >> genius. >> in this world, those types of things push out of the way. >> exactly. like a bunch of tree branches. you can see this is a bit discombobulated before it's able to make its way without too much of a problem. you see them actually fixing a fence with a heavy tool, putting it back into place, so this doesn't happen again. if you need a little inspiration for today, i've got you covered. if he doesn't inspire you, i don't know who or what will.
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>> focus on the positive side of the issues. probably there's still a lot of things i can't do, but if i focus on the things that i can, they are much more. >> he's a man living in india, he's learned how to do everything for himself using only his feet, his legs, whatever is available to him. he runs a business like this, and he's very successful at it. >> you know, it's interesting, this car didn't even look modified. it was like a regular car. >> it is incredible. he just uses his feet to maneuver in the vehicle. >> pretty incredible. all the different sports that he's playing, as well. it looks like this hasn't slowed him down at all. >> not one single bit. in fact, since this accident happened when he was 7 years old, due to an accident with an electrical cable that severely burned his arms so they had to be amputated, he learned how to swim and realized, you know, i got this. he decided he wasn't going to
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let this stop him from achieving his goals. >> i was playing football, doing all the activities like any other child would. >> he has also taken this as an opportunity to motivate others, so now he actually works as a motivational speaker and he travels around speaking about his condition, but also telling people, you know what, it's all right, you've got this. >> limits are what you set them yourself. >> biggest challenge for any challenged person is to accept what has happened. most have accepted yourself, you will see everything else becomes very, very sort of minuscule, very small. diana who watches us on new mexico cw is the latest winner of the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> keep watching and you could win, too. plus, today is bonus day, where we'll be giving away a flat screen tv and ipad mini. >> two winners today. to enter you'll need friday's buzz word, be 21 years old, and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada.
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>> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> "right this minute," we bring some beauty to the air waves where there's been a lot of ugly lately on tv. i was actually talking about this video from the brothers from voyagers national park in northern minnesota. my buddies will and jim have been traveling the country, trying to document all of the national parks. this is their latest one, done in 8k, they've been at the prompt for a couple years and every video they put out for each individual park they've done to this point is wow. i think this one could be their best yet. i probably say it after every video they put out, but this really is stunning. we know about 4k, this has gone past and gone to 8k. >> you see more than just the beautiful purples and reds of the sun set. i mean, they even have the fall colors. you get a variety from one park. >> got goose bumps on my legs
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and arms. >> best buy ought to be saying, hey, can we use that video in store? >> on the big tvs. i love what these guys are doing. i love this project and i love every time you bring us one of these videos. it makes me feel bad because i haven't been here. my list is getting longer. >> thankfully they are doing this to document the national parks for many of us who may not get a chance to travel to all of them, but every time i see them, i think at least i got to see it. man do i want to go. >> gets better and better. how are they going to shoot it? >> if you want to see the entire video, go to they have all their other videos there, as well. a new challenge amongst teens. >> run up to a car, jump up. >> why being destructive is a new appalling trend. >> you know what i'm ready for? the let's go to work challenge. let's try that. and he doesn't have a sense of smell. ♪ hear his story through this
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closed captioning provided by --di keeping your skin hydrated. gold bond diabetics' dry skin relief. 9 out of 10 saw noticeable improvement in one hour. gold bond really works. this video, shocking as it is, is mostly just going to annoy you. happens in the uk. apparently this has become a thing. suddenly, boing! comes running into shot, jumps up and lands flat, bang, smack into that wind screen, crushing and caving it in on one side. you see a bunch of other people running by, as well. just the latest thing to entertain the teams in leeds.
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there was the duct tape challenge, there was a choking game challenge. now it's this one. run up to a car, jump up, and smash into its wind screen. this was one of 20, apparently, that had happened in leeds. >> the problem is, one of them is going to get hurt doing that because they are not going to be able to bounce back so quickly, slamming themselves into the glass and cracking it like that. >> i'm ready for the let's go to work challenge. let's do that. >> not be a doofus challenge. absolutely in tears watching this happen because it's just so disrespectful. so, come on, leeds, pull it together. ♪ woke up this morning didn't have a sense of smell ♪ ♪ it was the same as yesterday ♪ i've never had a sense of smell at all ♪ ♪ i don't have a sense of smell ♪
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♪ never had one in my life >> by the way, he doesn't have a sense of smell. >> bit on the nose, then. ♪ i don't have a sense of smell and i don't know what it's like ♪ ♪ when the darkness comes i'm not going to smell the light ♪ ♪ simple bit of sweet salty sour ♪ ♪ never going to notice the subtly ♪ ♪ ♪ >> is this true, does he legitimately not have a sense of smell? >> he does not have a sense of smell. he makes light of it in this video, but he says he's learned to cope and go throughout life without his sense of smell. >> did he make this video in 1986?
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>> no. >> he's got to make sure his smoke detectors work in the house. >> that's a really good point. ♪ >> he's made a song of it, weirdly stuck in my head right now. he's getting people to talk about it and raising awareness. >> the irony is, the song does not stink. it's tough to remember sometimes that red bull is an energy drink company. >> wait, what? >> yeah, seems red bull is the name for anything that's cool. this videoocuments the red bull fox hunt. what they do is take a professional mountain biker, put him at the back of the pack of
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400 other riders, as they roll down here. rafts, marshy waters, rocks, all kinds of other obstacles as everybody is trying to funnel down to this single track mountain bike trail. the fox in this race, he needs to catch up and pass all the other riders on this three and a half mile downhill mountain biking course in northern ireland. check out this angle as he hunts down and passes people. >> this is a fox hunt that i can support, as well. what classic idea. >> wow! >> assuming the rest of the riders are amateurs and that guy at the back is a red bull star. >> yeah. not completely amateurs. some of these guys, many of them, have a lot of skills. you have to. g placed second in this race. he was beaten by colin ross. that guy came in first for the third year in a row. >> that guy must have had wings.
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this octopus has found its better half. >> it was a full-on. >> but the feeling isn't mutual. plus, don't miss the buzz word, it's bonus give away day, means you could win an ipad mini or flat screen tv.
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and decided to be playful. >> ahh! >> that's the way people responded to drones when they first came out. >> i love this moment right here. that's when it gets really close. i'm going to play for you, give you a show. >> they did put on quite the show. >> so does this octopus. i think it's can't i go by mariah carey? this guy lives in greece, this octopus swims up to him. >> so he goes back under the water. he's finally able to pull it off, but it does take a bit of effort, because he's trying to be gentle. >> i thought that only happened in cartoons. >> yes. it was crazy. he was remarkably calm. honestly, i would have freaked out. >> like a clingy girlfriend. >> yeah. >> stage five. >> at least you can shake her off. gets it off his hand. then it's going to move to other body parts. >> that was his thigh. >> wow.
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>> then he finally pulls it off. makes a beeline. >> excuse me! >> makes a beeline towards the nether region, but he's able to gently float away. >> was it attacking him or making sweet, sweet love to him? >> i think it was sweet, sweet love, because after all, it is greece. football! not the american one, but that one the rest of the world plays with, you know, their feet. this first video brings us to the knockout stages in chile, it's a penalty shootout, and this is it. it all rides on this goal. >> this is perhaps the most tense moment of any soccer game, because it's life and death. >> somebody might actually score. >> yeah! i have won the game! but watch what happens afterwards. >> ain't over. >> no, it's not. watch it go into the net. the other guy is like --
2:32 am
celebrating their victory. >> oh! >> got to finish the play. >> play the whistle. that's what they always say. now, this next one comes from the lower leagues in russia. if you're a keeper, those are the kinds of things you dream about. >> that was so bad. see him leaning on the back of the net like, no, they are going to hate me! it's time to give away another ipad mini. and today is bonus day. we're going to give away an ipad mini and a flat screen tv. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years of age and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> head over to
2:33 am, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both, and you can do on each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word. it is zinger. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button, and enter the buzz word, zinger. >> if you want to enter today, this is bonus give away day. two winners, one gets an ipad mini and the other winner a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. they are taking their stance. >> they bow like you're supposed to before you take on your challenger. >> see the most charming match ever. >> appears katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with.
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in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. my eyes. >> if you practice, you may be perfect one day. this dog loves window washing. ♪ these two children have gone viral, because this is wonderful. >> i remember these little girls, she's the one that got
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mad at her brother because she took the microphone away from her. >> you are right, christian. >> wow! >> i recognize her. >> she had just the best there i've ever seen. >> this is little diva right there. her brother pushes the mike stand down to let her know what he thinks of her sings. >> wait for it. >> that's it right there. >> well, these two are now done with music and have moved into the world of karate. >> oh, great. >> ahh! >> they bow like you're supposed to. >> oh, my gosh. >> she's going to be a really good stunt man when he grows up. >> i'm looking at her face, appears she's showing so much restraint. >> she hasn't forgotten about that interruption. looking at him like, oh, man, give me a clear shot. >> look. >> well, i love how big sister
2:38 am
is taking her role very well by not exacting her revenge, because he does it for her. she punches or pretends to punch. he falls dramatically. >> he's great. or he's going to grow up and be a soccer player. >> yes. thanks for hanging out with us today. we appreciate it. has lots more. or catch us on the next episode of "right this minute". okay, back off, back off. i can smell celery's patchouli from here. you know what? that is the smell of earthy moss mixed with love and is wicked. more like a dark, moist basement. that is an expensive piece of equipment pack. no. [ laughs ] ew. gail: i'm gonna go on a little adventure. hey, is that a bodycam? you have jam on your cheek. cool! [ laughter ] [ indistinct conversation ] sam: it's court day. but you know what? you and me, dinner, at a restaurant.
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i'm making a reservation. at, like, a real restaurant? gail: you guys are so boring. shut up. is that thing on? what are you doing? don't. that is exactly how these body-mounted cameras are not to be used today. you made a reservation yet? i'm on it. i'm on it. our agenda -- today is moving day. the municipality called. the management at a subsidized-housing complex needs our help. the complex is being torn down, and the residents are being moved to a neighboring building. there are going to be stragglers, so our job is to make sure that everybody is out by the end of the day. great. so we get to be the bad guys. hey, sir, i'm requesting desk duty, 'cause i'd rather mop the floor with my tongue. thank you for volunteering. peck, you're gonna ride with collins today. i, for one, am happy to be back out there, you know, digging through garbage, relocation duty, whatever it takes. okay. now, i appreciate your enthusiasm. mcnally, it's you and price. we're testing out these babies in three different divisions. are those mandatory? today they are.
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don't worry. none of this footage is gonna make it out of the division. i.t. never made it down here. epstein, you gonna hang back and show me the techie ropes? remember to hit record when you're in public. turn it off when you go to the bathroom. good advice. pants off, camera off, okay? other than that, you must keep it on when you're on the street, okay? serve, protect, and keep it pg. ♪ green light means it's buffering, red light means it's recording, and, uh, no light means it's off. that makes no sense. green should be on, red should be off, right? you know what? the eggs benedict came with hashbrowns. the eggs florentine came with salad. eggs benedict should come with salad because it already has the bacon. eggs florentine should come with hashbrowns because she can handle it. somebody in reception for you. thank you. sometimes, you just got to let her talk it out. i was with her until she referred to eggs florentine as a "she." let's roll, peck.


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