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tv   Inside Story  ABC  November 6, 2016 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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>> the final "inside story" before election day starts right now. ♪ good morning, everyone. i'm matt o'donnell. it is sunday, november 6, 2016. two days until election day, and here with us as our newsmaker, g. terry madonna of the franklin & marshall college poll, which was just released this week. terry, are you ready for election day? >> uh, it can't get over soon enough, and, by the way, a substantial number of voters want it over, too. ugly, ugly -- >> are you stressed out? >> no, but look, these are the descriptions -- unbelievable, unpredictable, weird, strange, and crazy, every one of them. i'm talking about big, national reporters who write about it, anchors like you on tv -- that's how everybody's been describing it. >> well, hey, let's get right into it, right? so, we have your poll right
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here. i've been through it. we've talked about it on the news. we want to focus on, obviously, pennsylvania, where hillary clinton, according to your poll, leads donald trump 49% to 38%. >> not anymore. >> yes, and we will get to that. we'll get to that. you see the sampling error there. and we'll just throw out some more information. here are some subgroups of where there's big support between the two candidates. big lead with clinton with white women in pennsylvania, and, after that, we will also see that the unfavorability of both candidates is pretty high, but clinton is 52%. trump is 62%, trump 10 points higher in that. what's the biggest surprise that you've found in all of this? >> well, i think the biggest surprise was that, for the clinton campaign, it's all about
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the southeast. it's all about the four suburban counties and philadelphia. 1/3 of the vote comes out of 5 counties. think about that for a minute. >> and she leads there. >> and she leads there. and the race has narrowed considerably. we can talk about that. and why it's narrowed has been simple. trump is doing better among white women. she still leads. trump is doing better in the philly 'burbs -- bucks, chester, montgomery, and delaware. not saying he's going to win, but he's doing better. and he's doing better among the vote base that mitt romney won last year, but hillary was leading substantially among college-educated voters. >> okay. now, this poll was taken before the fbi announcement on hillary clinton. how do you think that's changed? obviously, things have tightened in a lot of polls nationally. >> there are three things i want to talk about. number one, we've gone to using the internet for about 40% of the poll, and i'm up front about this. this has a democratic leaning
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because it has a disproportionate number of voters -- >> democrats like the internet? >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, no. yeah. they tend to be younger and they tend to be more liberal, so i'm up front about that. this poll shows clinton with a bigger lead. it was about -- the nbc poll was 8. there was another poll at 6. we were at 11. we were above it, and i need to be up front about it. the other point i would make is republicans come home later. >> okay. it tightens up before elections. >> that's exactly right. >> all right. what's your third point? >> the third point is that, among voters that really matter, we're seeing a change having to do with the fbi director's letter to congress that said they've reopened -- it's been drip-drip for a week, and clinton's been on the defensive, and one more point -- trump has not inserted foot in mouth. and so the race has tightened considerably, not just in pennsylvania but in many of the battleground states. >> pa senate race...
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>> yeah. >> ...big race here in pennsylvania. katie mcginty, the democrat, leads pat toomey 43% to 33%. there you see 22%. >> right. that's the key. >> your thing with this race, terry, is that toomey's reluctance -- and there you have it with likely voters -- toomey's reluctance to say whether or not he's gonna vote for donald trump is killing him? >> yeah. well, there isn't any doubt that -- here's toomey's problem. number one, he hasn't endorsed trump. he hasn't said whether he'll vote for him or not. and, number two, he has said he won't vote for hillary. but here's his problem. he wants the white, working-class voters that's trump's biggest base of support out in the southeastern part of our state and up in the northeast. these are white, working-class voters who earned no college educations, earn about 50 grand or less. these are people who are the populist movement that trump leads outraged at the economy. they haven't improved their lives. they're working at minimum-wage jobs. it's very tough. having said that, here's the
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takeaway. for toomey, he needs them, but he also needs the philadelphia suburban vote. he needs the college-educated suburban voters, particularly the women. and he's walking that tightrope. >> terry, we could speak to you for another three hours, but we must go 'cause we're bringing our panel next. thanks for the poll, and good luck on election day. >> my pleasure. >> i know you're not on the ballot, but you'll be working. we'll be right back. >> "inside story" is presented by temple university. remarkable change isn't easy, but for those who take charge, it comes naturally. explore temple's impact. visit ♪
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> [ snaps fingers ] panel, appear before us, and they have. welcome back, everyone. let's introduce our panel of insiders here. george burrell, a nonprofit executive. good morning, george. >> morning, matt. >> dom giordano, radio-talk-show host. >> morning, matt. >> morning, dom. nia meeks, communications executive. >> good morning. >> and christine flowers, attorney and journalist. >> like magic. >> yes. isn't that great? it's the magic of television. all right. so, melania trump gave her first solo speech in berwyn, chester county, this week, saying she wants to make cyberbullying one of her top issues if she becomes first lady. donald trump also held a rally in pennsylvania. hillary clinton has been keeping pennsylvania in focus, as well. planning on holding a pre-election day rally tomorrow night with president obama and
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michelle obama. now that we have the panel here, tell me what you think about this -- the sense of this hidden trump voter, okay? the shadow trump voter. and, george, you remember this back in the days of rizzo, where they would say that, you know, rizzo would be down -- frank rizzo, the former mayor of philadelphia -- he'd be down by 10% to 15% before election day, and all of a sudden, he wins. and it's because people were afraid of telling their neighbors that they supported rizzo, because he was a controversial mayor. do you think that there is a hidden voter out there that's going to support donald trump that's skewing these polls? >> well, i think we have a resurrection of history, and i don't ever remember rizzo being down that far. i mean, most times when he ran for mayor, he was the favorite -- the favorite to win. i mean, he maybe got more votes than he thought. you know, it's interesting. i think that could there be a hidden vote for trump? sure, there could be, but i think that there are many compelling reasons why there's a hidden vote for hillary clinton. both of them have very high negatives, so if you don't want to say you're for donald trump because of the problems, why would you not want to say you're
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for hillary clinton if you've got to deal with the problems of hers? i think there's an issue for both of them, and i don't think -- and i agree with what, i think, terry said. i don't think it's a significant number of people. it's not this hidden vote that's gonna rush donald trump to a major victory in this presidential election. >> things have definitely tightened with this fbi thing with hillary clinton. i mean, that seems to be the direct driver right now. >> yeah, exactly. i think this is a little bit different than the previous corruption stories in that this and then the subsequent things with comey and the clinton foundation and all that -- this has taken it to a new level, and i think republicans are looking to trump again, matt, versus independents, maybe, a little bit. i think it's moving it but not moving it tremendously. >> you know, matt, i think the substance of what -- you know, the bombshell from last friday initially moved it somewhat, but i think hillary's initial reaction to it moved it more in trump's direction in the sense that it appeared as if she was
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attacking james comey and going after his character. that's what happened with a lot of democrats. it was sort of like the mirror image of what happened in july, when you had republicans attacking comey for not indicting, and then you had, this time around, democrats attacking him, saying, "this is timing." you know, you had harry reid walking around, mumbling things about the hatch act, the hatch act, the hatch act, so i think -- i think it's more the optics here that it looked as if the democrats and hillary clinton were going after a man who, most people say, has a lot of integrity and independence, but it definitely has had some impact on the numbers. >> there's an enthusiasm gap, clearly, and what ended up happening with the comey revelation, which didn't reveal anything -- i mean, we're still waiting for the actual revelation -- is that it energized those people who already hate hillary clinton and for those people who are "undecided," and i truly don't believe there's any undecideds in this election. there are just some people who don't want to admit who they're gonna vote for. >> right. >> what it did for them is to
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resurrect maybe the reasons or some part of the hillary narrative. it doesn't help her, but at the end of the day, you have to look at this in a really sober fashion, and at the end of the day, the people who are still even saying, "oh, i'm not excited about hillary clinton" -- theye because the option is not viable or tenable." the same thing's happening on the trump side. however, i think the numbers are still in favor of hillary clinton. it's gonna be a turnout game. >> i also -- i don't -- i think the comey issue was an iue, and i think comey was wrong in what he did, but i think the healthcare costs -- the momentum for donald trump started more with the dramatic increase in healthcare cost. the comey thing was just an add-on. i think voters have discounted the e-mail issue and they are idle where they are. i don't really think the comey thing had a dramatic impact. >> but do you think, george? because, i mean, there was a lot. i mean, the comey issue was the sexy one that you saw all the time on the cable news. i've heard people putting forward and saying, "trump, talk about the increase in the
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healthcare in the premiums" and everything, but i really haven't seen that discussed as much. >> and i think that's a mistake by trump. i think the healthcare costs drive voters much more than the comey drives voters. >> that's policy. who wants to talk about policy? >> that's exactly what i was gonna say. it's shocking. >> pocketbook. it's pocketbook. >> people are opening this -- i think there are more undecideds out there, though. i know in my audience, there's a lot of women, particularly -- college-educated and all. they don't want to vote for either one of them. and they're going through the throes of this almost right up to the last minute, so they're persuadable. >> let's talk about the issues at the polls. philadelphia has found itself in the center of a lot of this argument that there's gonna be some kind of rigged election or it's already been rigged. we know that a federal judge, jerry pappert, who used to be an "inside story" panelist here with us, struck down a state g.o.p. request for trump supporters to serve as poll watchers in the state and particularly in philadelphia, and pappert was quoted as saying, "no need for this judicial fire drill." does anyone think there is
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going to be a significant story when it comes to intimidation at the polls or maybe something even worse, particularly in philadelphia? >> no, and it was unfortunate. and when we go back a few years -- was it about 2004? whenever those ragtag raggedy black folks decided to get up and say, "oh, we're the new black panther party," three or four people came and went on cable news, and then, suddenly, "oh, my gosh! it's voter intimidation! the blacks are coming after the poor white people that are voting!" it did not exist. but that narrative was able to be spun out of control to one, two different voter-i.d. issues, blah, blah, blah. i don't really truly believe that voter intimidation is going to be an issue. i don't know about where you guys vote. where i vote, everybody at my poll knows me. they know all their voters. they're not really gonna stand for any people coming in and acting crazy. they're just not gonna do it. they're far too protective of their polling places. >> i don't think there's gonna be voter intimidation. i absolutely agree with you, and i think that the black panther thing was blown out of proportion. however, in the past couple of days, there's been evidence of
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possible derry-doing in my home county, delaware county, where there has been -- ocratic registy traditionally republican county. now there's information that there may have been -- there was an organization out of norwood in delaware county -- freedom works or -- that seems to have maybe not done their -- you know, followed the rules in getting these registrations, and there's an investigation into that. >> but they're not talking about going to delaware county to "watch the polls." they're talking about going to philadelphia and pittsburgh. i mean, it's a dog whistle. i mean, truly, it was. >> wait a minute. but there are 200 precincts or voting places in philadelphia that will not have a republican poll watcher there. >> by choice. by choice. >> well, i'm not saying anybody stopped them. >> not because they couldn't. >> but they're welcome to be there. >> well, i understand that, but, i mean, this is the reason why people get -- who's watching the process? >> well, if they're concerned, they should be there. >> i get that, but it's hard finding people to go to some of these places. that's why i think the judge was wrong and should have allowed
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people -- they're all citizens of the commonwealth -- to come in and poll-watch. >> but they're not going to luzerne. they're not going to erie. they're not going to "certain counties." why is it that they always have to go to where "those people" are? it's a dog whistle. let's call it what it is. >> well, i think, all four of you, the bottom line here is that you believe that the polls will be safe and there won't be... >> shenanigans. >> well, i think there will be chaos. >> in every tense election, there are problem-makers. there are always problem-- but is that gonna dramatically impact the outcome of this election? no, it is not. >> right, and we always talk about this every presidential year. every presidential election, it's this. and i agree with nia. a lot of times, it is a dog whistle. i don't know if it's a dog whistle in delaware county, though. i mean, this is something that pat meehan indicated. obviously, he's got an interest in it, but he wants an investigation. >> you have a process that's controlled by republicans. i mean, if they can't manage their own house -- i mean, they have to go in and file some piece of paper that says, "i can be registered." >> but, george, the state -- tom wolf's administration --
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they're the ones that raided them. the state police came in. >> whether they attempted to do something or not -- i'm not saying whether they did or didn't. the process by which they have to do registrations goes through a republican-controlled entity. >> let's talk about the senate race -- pennsylvania senate race. democrat katie mcginty leading incumbent republican pat toomey, according to our poll that we had terry with, 43% to 33% among registered voters. and donald trump has been quite an albatross with toomey. as you know, he has refused to say who he's going to vote for, but he says he knows he's not going to vote for hillary clinton. so, dom, i mean, what do you think about this? >> well, hey, i don't think that number, with all due respect -- i love terry madonna. i can't imagine katie mcginty's 10 points ahead. >> there are a lot of other polls that have it very close. you're right. >> i think it's very close, and i think, internally, they think it's very close, and toomey is a guy who's earned this second to none. it's amazing the media has kind of turned on him and endorsed mcginty, like the enquirer. they praised him before, when we
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went against party lines on the gun-control issue. so, i think it's very close. if anybody can get tickets split, i think it'll be pat toomey. my only worry is will the trump voters hold it against him because he hasn't said he's gonna vote for trump or endorse trump? >> there are so many different directions you can go. >> that's where it's a little bit weak, yeah. >> and the thing is that, too, as dom said, the vast majority of the polls show there's no daylight between these two particular candidates. and particularly in pennsylvania, toomey is the perfect candidate because he appeals to so many different demographics. he does appeal to women, despite what those ridiculous campaign ads about katie mcginty say -- he wants to come after your ovaries, you know, trying to -- he appeals to gun owners. he appeals to gun-control advocates, like gabby giffords and michael bloomberg. he is a fiscal conservative, and yet, at the same time, he has that moderation. i mean, i don't want this to sound like a campaign ad for
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toomey. >> it kind of did. >> but -- >> where do we vote? >> but, but, but -- no. the idea that there's a 10-point differential statewide? >> well, do you believe, nia, george? >> i don't think it's 10 points. i think, really, monday night will be the determinant. if monday night comes -- >> it's gonna be really close. >> i was gonna say monday night comes. if the president and first lady, if the former first lady and former president really completely jazz up philadelphia, it could be problematic for pat toomey. i really believe it's more closer to a 2-to-3-point race, but if that turnout comes from philadelphia as it relates to what happens tomorrow night, pat toomey may have a big issue. >> but the fact is that most elections tend to break at some point in time. if katie mcginty -- if she's 2 or 3 points ahead today, it's gonna be really hard for toomey to catch up to her unless there's some republican surge. it's not gonna be a pat toomey surge, and my friend christine conspicuously left out african-americans, latinos, and minorities. >> why would they be negative to toomey? >> but he hasn't alienated them.
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>> because he has. >> how, george? >> he has no re-- let me take a deep breath. he has no record of affirmatively addressing it because he's ignored the community. he has had no record of addressing issues that impact the african-american community or the latino community directly. >> gun control? gun control! crossing the aisle? >> poverty, gentrification, jobs, not gun control. >> what has mcginty done? >> don't talk to me about mcginty. we're talking about toomey. he's done nothing. i've never seen him in an african-american church. i've never seen him in the african-american community. i've never seen him surrounded by african-americans on his staff and in his leadership team. i've never seen him at an event. >> i'm sorry. he's reached out to all demographics. >> maybe one thing that might prevent people from supporting katie mcginty is her inexperience in elective office, and it's a big jump going to the senate. what would you say to that? >> i mean, at this stage, it really is about momentum and it's about tailwind, right? if she gets on the coattails of
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hillary clinton and if hillary clinton really pushes pennsylvania, katie mcginty likely will be elected. >> yeah, but there's a qualification, though. how's she qualify? >> yeah, because she's seen as a shadow. >> i get the ticket-splitting and i get the qualification issues. she's a smart person, and just like before pat toomey went into office, he was a smart person, so the qualification issue -- >> he was a congressman. he had a record. he had something. she's never been elected to anything. >> every single job she's had, she's had handed on a platter. >> right, but she has served a very specific leadership. >> but most people in elective office who go into the next job are not prepared for it, whether they've been a mayor, a council president. each job is different. >> let's talk about the delaware governor's race really quickly, because there's something interesting going on here. university of delaware poll found this race is not a race. >> [ chuckles ] >> the survey had democrat john carney at 57% and republican colin bonini at 25%. the last elected republican governor of delaware -- i know there was one after him, but the last elected republican governor of delaware was michael castle, who served until 1992, which was
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24 years ago. >> right. >> the legislature is run by democrats in delaware. what has happened to republicans in delaware? >> it's a democrat state, and what happened was what's-her-name -- o'donnell, yes. >> well, i was gonna actually bring that up. >> and i'm a tea party guy, but when you put someone in there denying whether she's a witch or not, among other things, i think that's a problem. >> you really think that was what broke the dam? >> i think it did, because they had republicans who could win, like castle. one time he's a congressman. the next time he's a governor. they switched job. and carper -- i don't know what that guy does, but anyhow -- >> he's a senator now. he's a senator now. >> he was a governor, though. >> right? they switched jobs. but i think there was a break there that got them, and a guy like coons is perfect for a delaware. he's liberal enough, but he's a reasonable guy. he's like pat toomey on the other side. that's what he reminds me of. >> okay. any other comments, real quick, on delaware? >> my only focus on delaware is lisa bluntochester, an african-american woman running for united states congress. >> who may end up being governor, the way they switch jobs. >> right. exactly. >> can i say one quick thing about the o'donnell person,
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whose first name was christine? she was actually -- she was palinized. i mean, the way that they treated her -- >> oh, no. we differ on that, christine. >> no. no, no, no. i think she was very unfairly treated. whether or not you agreed with her, whether or not you thought she should have been elected, i mean, she was -- they were doing to her what they did to melania the other day. melania wasn't supposed to talk about online bullying because of her husband. i mean, give me a break. >> that was clearly ironic right there. >> you know, in context. >> but, seriously, i mean, we're gonna talk about online bullying -- "we need to stop this" -- maybe roll over the pillow and maybe you can start there? >> but you know what? the online bullying was crazy because they were saying [slovenian accent] "oh, we cannot understand her. like, listen to her. she not talk right." >> i get you, but, you know, christine o'donnell -- >> i don't have enough time to go around the table, so maybe whoever wants to jump in first -- >> jump ball! >> what -- yeah. here it comes. >> [ laughs ] >> what's gonna happen on november 9th... >> a lot of people are gonna have... >> ...regardless of who wins? >> ...a massive hangover november 9th. >> okay. so, drink water. >> [ laughs ] >> and take an advil. >> yeah, that's gonna work. >> you have a united states congressman who has said, "if
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hillary clinton gets elected president of the united states, i have two years' worth of investigation that i'm going to be doing as a congressman." is that what people want? >> okay. well, that does happen regardless of who wins? is the investigation gonna begin right away? >> yeah, exactly. i mean, i think people will try to impeach trump if he wins. without a doubt, i think you'll see a moment with that. >> they're gonna point out all the trials and the -- >> if trump wins, the senate, the house is probably gonna remain republican. do you think a republican congress would -- >> well, but, i mean, democrats are very good, even when they're a minority, of pushing it. there will be a lawsuit. there will -- yeah. >> plus, have you heard the republicans? they're not particularly thrilled with trump, either. >> i've not heard any jargon in the democratic community about impeaching donald trump if he gets elected president of the united states. >> we'll be right back. ♪ i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war.
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yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> "inside story" is presented by temple university. remarkable change isn't easy, but for those who take charge, it comes naturally. explore temple's impact. visit
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>> round table of "inside stories of the week," starting with george. >> i love my republican fries who talk about politics in terms of values. i remember when chief justice roberts, kind of the strict constructionist, the darling of the republicans, once he decided twice that the constitution protected the affordable care act, he all of a sudden became a villain. >> thank you, george. dom? >> well, my inside story involves something all these wikileaks and all the stuff back and forth to beware of. new york times' big report -- loved it. watch out if you have a smart home -- light bulbs and everything else. they can be hacked into. want to scare people on election eves. >> thank you, dom. nia? >> i'm looking at another really hot senate race -- this one is in california -- where attorney general kamala harris is actually poised to be the next u.s. senator from california, first african-american woman from that state and the second in the senate. that would be powerful. >> thank you, nia. christine? >> matt, in a couple of days, we're gonna be home clear, home free, and all this dissension and hatred's gonna quell down, and i know that because the
11:58 am
other night when i was watching television and the cubs won after 108 years of a drought, there was this ecumenical bipartisan...hurrah! so, congratulations, cubs. >> so, everyone's voting, right? >> of course. >> i'm voting, too. i mean, some people say they don't want to vote, but i think you really should. >> a patriot and a citizen. >> yeah, that's your responsibility. that's "inside story." election day tuesday. we'll see you later. ♪ i'm gray hall, coming up next on "action news," the race for the white house crisscrosses the state. police look for a hit-and-run driver who killed a woman in north philadelphia. those stories and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next on "action news." >> thank so much for joining
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us, sunday, november 6. nydia han is off. here's some of the stories we're working on on "action news," battleground pennsylvania, candidates target the state as latest abc poll shows a very tight race. plus a sleeping woman is injured after she is hit by a stray bullet. and the


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