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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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through school zones, when "action news" investigation is next. it happened at 63rd and lansdowne in the overbrook section of philadelphia, an eight year-old girl was walking home from school when she was hit by a gray or silver nissan. they rushed her to the hospital, but the best efforts of the doctors could not save
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her life. by the way, the car that struck her did not stop. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is hit and run homicide on the streets of philadelphia. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the scene, dann. >> reporter: jim, we have learned tonight that the child was a student at cassidy elementary around the corner at 65th and land down. tonight the neighborhood is devastated that the little girl has died, and to not make it. >> i'm praying for her family. it is just devastating. i was really praying. i was hoping that she would be okay. >> reporter: reaction among those here in the 700 block of 63rd in the wake of the terrible tragedy. >> wow. you know, that is a hurtful feeling, hurtful situation. >> reporter: police say it was sometime around 3:15 that the eight year-old was walking home from school with friend when she was struck by a driver traveling south on 63rd and landsdowne. she was thrown 90 feet from
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the point of impact. >> she was laid down on the street, coat all ripped up and bloody. >> book baggy figured the child got hit by a car. >> reporter: witnesses say driver in the gray or silver nissan altima or maxima failed to stop and render aid and sped off. two men tried to chase after them but then lost them. >> mother came, somebody got the mother and she came, she was hysterical and everything. >> reporter: tragedy rekindled long running concerns among residents about how fast motorist travel by here. >> like a race track. >> a race track. that is exactly what it is like. it is, all day, every day. >> reporter: tonight police were stopping and ticketing motorist going too fast through here. this is as resident implored motorists to have some respect in the wake of the tragedy. >> if they went in their own neighborhoods, then some of their relatives or their children could be fall victim to the same thing. it is a sad situation. >> reporter: and, tonight police were making an intense effort to locate the driver
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and the car involved in this fatal hit and run. vehicle should have significant front end damage. anyone with any information is asked to call police. we are live from overbrook, i'm dann waste air for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. later in this broadcast an "action news" investigation probes whether philadelphia police are doing enough to stop speeders in school zones. and why so few city drivers get tickets, that is coming up tonight. a philadelphia police officer is on the mend after being shot several times tonight, while shielding his two-year old son from gunfire. officer angelo romero was off-duty the at the time but a gun battle broke out down the street from them on the 1100 block of parish street in north philadelphia. >> he was caught the in the cross fire, immediately covered himself, and which any father would do. he was actually struck at least one time in his thumb, he did take some fragments to both legs, as well as to his
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buttocks. >> commissioner ross says that the officer was then able to get his toddler son to safety at a nearby relative's house, where shooters remain at large. we have breaking news from chester where a two alarm house fire has been brought under control in the past hour. it broke out before 9:00, on the 2,000 block of west second street damaging two adjoining homes, fortunately nobody was hurt. a heart breaking tallies gripping hamilton township, new jersey. a woman shot and killed her boyfriend who had been sneaking in the house late last night to surprise her. she thought he was an intruder. family members of the 50 year-old kelvin watford of willingboro say he was a father of four and grandfather of four, police say that the woman had proper gun permits and is not facing any charges in this tragic case of mistaken identity. police are investigating a deadly double shooting in the hunting park section of philadelphia tonight. at 4:00 o'clock a 30 year-old
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man was killed and a 24 year-old man was critically injured, a at rising sun avenue and marshall street. the delaware valley running community is mourning loss of the well known marathon runner, who was killed last night in new castle county. police say 84 year-old john schultz was running on philadelphia pike and brandywine hundred when he was hit and killed by a pickup truck. schultz is known for competing in more than 60 marathons. >> john always had attitude that even though he may be slow and he may be last but he would get there. >> one of the strongest things he did no matter what he was suffering, he just kept moving. >> friend say schultz was almost always wearing red running shorts, and to honor him many people are also planning to wear red shorts for the philadelphia marathon this weekend. the wheels on the bus will keep going round and rounder, tonight members of the septa's largest union overwhelmingly ratified a new five-year
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contract. terms were negotiated during a six day strike in the beginning of the month. twu local 234's nearly 5,000 workers will get pay and pension increases but will have to contribute more for their health care. president-elect donald trump has agreed to settle the trump university lawsuits for 25 million-dollar. trump insisted during the campaign that he would never settle the fraud case, but that is what he has done. 6,000 students and two lawsuits, in san diego will share 21 million-dollar, and then four held will settle a complaint filed by the new york attorney general. under the terms, trump admits to no wrongdoing. meanwhile trump filled three important jobs today with hardliners. he named alabama senator jeff sessions to be his attorney general, sessions was an early supporter of trump but first in the the senate to endorse trump. former military intelligence chief michael flynn will be national security advisor, and
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trump tapped congressman mike pompeo of kansas to head the cia. he has been a critic of president obama's deal with iran. the trump motorcade arrived at his golf club in bedminster new jersey tonight where trump will meet with mitt romney on sunday. a member of the "action news" team has been induct in the broadcast pioneers hall of fame. david murphy accepted the honor tonight, at the hilton hotel on city avenue. six abc president and general manager bernie prazenica along with members of the "action news" morning team, were there to commend david on this singular achievement. kathy gandolfo also there tonight. still to come on "action news" tonight, we will explain the creeping white blob coming out of an airport hanger and taking over a nearby neighborhood. plus jamie apody on the hurdles eagles will have to overcome to win this weekend in seattle. cecily. here it will be a wild weekend weather-wise, talking
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about near record warmth tomorrow and then, temperatures will crash. i will tell you weather whiplash including some snow nearby in the accu weather seven day forecast. we are joined by "action news" investigative reporter chad pradelli. >> drivers are going too fast outside of school and our investigation found, little to be curb the problem here in philadelphia, we have a gun outside of schools and found drivers flying far faster then the 5 miles an hour speed limit, some municipalities are cracking down but it turns out, in philadelphia, it is not. plus one of the the last high school huddles of the season, that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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well, fire prevention system in san jose international airport is spewing white foam on the surrounding streets, submerging cars under a blob of chemicals. it is so thick it reaches as high as a stop sign, well, almost. fire fighters asked people to stay away, but one bicyclist, just could not resist.
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school zones, they are meant to keep students safe. and each year, thousands of speeding ticket are written across the state. but "action news" investigative reporter chad pradelli has found out that enforcement in philadelphia is rare. >> reporter: you know those school zone flashes, outside of schools. they are things with the blinking lights. police department says there are nearly 1400 in the city of philadelphia. nearly every school has at least one, most two. so you think it would be driver beware here in philadelphia a. our investigation, found that is not the case. >> wow. >> wow. >> reporter: we set up our speed gun outside a school around the city. we have observed vehicle after vehicle flowing through school speed zones in the 15 miles an hour limit. >> wow, wow. is there a cop. >> reporter: we tried to question speeding drivers, most did not want to talk. you are going through the school zone there, 15 miles an hour, you are going 35 miles
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an hour. you were going 35 miles an hour in the student zone here. >> really i didn't see in flashing lights. >> you see right here, you know, to you see that. >> it is constant. >> reporter: lewis jones is principal at richard allen charter school at 58th and lindberg in south philadelphia. he and parents are fed up, they want police to crackdown. >> people think it is not that bad because no one has been hit. >> right. >> but you know, it is only as bad as first person who gets hit. >> reporter: pennsylvania court record reveal 19,000 drivers were cited for speeding in school zones, from 2012 through 2015, around the state. but just 46 of those were drivers in philadelphia. forty-six. and in 2013, police wrote just three. >> administrators say you are not doing enough as a department to enforce speed, in the zone. >> i don't know about the exact stats. >> reporter: lieutenant john stanford says by law only state police are allowed to use radar guns.
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he says his department may in the write speeding tickets but a careless driving citation instead but he didn't have numbers on enforcement in school zones. >> i observed six kid trying to cross a street, this person totally disregarded the traffic control devices or they clearly disregard the instruction by a crossing guard, that is easier to explain. >> he landed up near the school limits sign. >> reporter: martin connor knows importance of 5 miles an hour outside of a school. a driver, hit and killed his son, in front of the archbishop ryan high school five years ago. police determined speed was not a factor but that is because the school flasher had just gone off. speed limit increased to 30 miles an hour. driver hits him as he ran across the street. do you think of it being 15 miles an hour your son would be alive to take. >> yes. >> reporter: only state police could use speed guns it hasn't stopped others for citing
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drivers for speed nothing school zones. allegheny county where pittsburgh is, 4800 speeding tickets were written from 2012, through 2015. montgomery county, more than 2900. delaware county, roughly 2100, and again, philadelphia 46. >> i would submit to you it is not something that we don't address now. >> reporter: philadelphia police said they were curious how many speeding tickets were written in pittsburgh, a city similar to philadelphia in its urban setting. we found a little more than a thousand were written over the four year per. pittsburgh often does initiative at the beginning of each school year, philadelphia police say, that they are now looking into that. by the way pittsburgh is a much smaller city then philadelphia. >> nearly 1100 tickets. >> i had a feeling this report might encourage philadelphia to crackdown on this problem. >> reporter: we will see. >> i know, you will follow-up. >> thanks, jim. with the divided nation after the election new data from the labor department
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today, find a sharp economic difference between red and blue states, lending credence to what some analyst say was donald trump's key to victory. states that had the best job growth in the country over the past year went for hillary clinton. while those that lagged behind, supported trump. florida was the exception, since its economy is doing well, it went for trump. but pennsylvania had one of the weakest job gains in the united states. just .7 percent. and it flipped red for the first time, since the 1980's, since 1988. allentown and scranton lost the most jobs of any cities nationwide. extraordinary information. lets get the accu weather forecast for the weekend, with meet will role goodies cecily tynan. >> big changes this weekend. feeling almost like summer tomorrow, feeling like winter on sunday. storm tracker six live double scan showing we have got dry conditions, tonight, and clouds free as well. storm tracker they will be
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showing some showers, tomorrow night as a cold front moves through but ahead of that front we have wind out of the south. it is pretty mild for november n philadelphia. down from a high of 70. allentown 44. wilmington 47. cape may currently a mild 55. satellite six with action radar showing that this is a system that will bring us big changes, it doesn't look like much but a strong cold front with very powerful low pressure up to the the north. what that will do is open air for cold canadian air to move in for second half of the weekend. but for the the first half of the weekend we have near record warmth. 70 degrees in philadelphia. that is 15 degrees above normal. 5 degrees shy off the record high. allentown and trenton 68. cape may cooler at 63. dover 72 degrees. future tracker showing tomorrow night is when we will have some showers, moving through, and yes, perhaps mixing in with some wet snow flakes, northern lehigh valley, berks county, potential for some light
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accumulating snow in the poconos, good news for philadelphia, marathon runners, it will be out of here when race kicks off sunday morning, it will be dry, but that doesn't mean it will be a nice day. it will be very windy, and very cold, and this is what to expect on sunday. we're talking about wind gusts, 40 to 45 miles an hour, all day long, so the morning wind chills, will be in the upper 20's inn even in the afternoon wind chills stuck in the mid 30's, and the poconos, could actually get a coat to go an inch of snow, from that system. so big changes. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, tomorrow great the day to get outdoors. 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. evening showers. and then behind that system on sunday bitter cold wind, perhaps a few flurries north and west, 48 degrees, it is just as cold on monday, just as windy, 45 degrees, and then, on tuesday, that cold lingers, but the wind will diminish. not as harsh. 48 degrees. wednesday, heading to the big travel day increasing clouds,
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were on is rain arriving wednesday night 53 degrees, at this point thanksgiving is looking cloudy with a possibility of some showers but not that cold, 54 and then black friday for the shoppers should be try partly sun which a high of 56 degrees, warm tomorrow, people heading to the philadelphia marathon on sunday and they will want to dress in layers, it will be cold. >> thanks, cecily. temperatures in the 70's, tomorrow it may not feel like the holiday season just yet but tonight we have found some proof. chopper six flew over peddler's village in lahaska bucks county all lit up for festive display. they flipped the switch tonight on 1 million jeweled colored bulbs for their grand illumination celebration, that is what they are calling it, and that is beautiful. macy's in center city fill gave a preview tonight in this popular holiday attraction. this evening's holiday sweara was complete with the store's holiday light she which is a tradition for more than 50
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play a team 31-five at home since 2012. and, it the might rain. oh, eagles top two pass catching threats jordan matthews and zach ertz are questionable with injuries. a lot of good news tonight. the key especially given success they had with it last week might to be keep the ball on the ground. >> we got to have the ability to run, we have to run this week. you know, it is just taking a little pressure off your quarterback. the last week was, you know, was great to sees our offensive line really took it to heart. our backs played, and ran extremely hard and well. we're going to have to continue to do that going forward. >> and jay wright dressing the part forecast you'll friday, national champs, took on wake forest in the charleston classic. josh hart on fine, hit six, three's, with a career high 30. they win 96-77. they improve to four and zero. dragons fans pumped up, for home opener, drexel and
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hartford. curtly is only 5-foot eight. twenty-four-point for lee. it his him get his very first win, dragons coach. eighty-seven-63. saint jones moves to three-three after beating loyola of chicago. flyers host the lightening tomorrow and shayne gostisbehere will be back in the line up after a one game benching. watching practice today was six year-old shamus ethel, and he sent claude giroux a letter written in crayon asking him to come over to play who can and his mom would make them grilled cheese sandwich. girl right shared his famous sandwich with shamus in the locker room. so what made this fan letter stand out from the rest. >> i don't know, sometimes it just hits you a little bit more. you know, we really have time to to those kind of things after practice. you know, flyers do a good job of helping us doing that too. so anytime we have a chance to meet a kid like that, it is great time. >> it is a great story. at macing thing both shamus
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and claude like their grilled cheese with ketchup. >> same way. just one of those things. >> american cancer society held a dinner tonight in center city ahead of this weekend's marathon. the determination dinner, that is what it is called. it took place at double tree help tell. runners and cancer survivors shared their personal stories on why they run, the event raised money for local cancer patients. hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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high school huddle next on channel six followed by jimmy kimmel live. not again. and then night line "action news" continues at 5:30. now for cecily tynan, jamie apody, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, aim jim gardner, good night. >> ♪
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wow, are you fired up? it is friday night, high school playoff football. here on high school huddle. welcome to high school huddle presented by gmc i'm jeff skversky. win or go home in the district playoffs and we have an upset alert in the perkiomen valley/garnett valley game in the 6a playoff, can tenth seed pull it out on the road, plus a quarterback making history tonight. huddle kicks off, in 60 seconds.


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