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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled by the winds. families racing to get out. breaking developments in the plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his silence right here.
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revealing what happened to her. good evening on this wednesday night. and we begin with those tornado sirens ringing out across several states. real concerns late today we would see even more. and difficult weather into the night. these twisters have been deadly. more than two dozen reported tornadoes from louisiana to tennessee. many striking as people slept. those who were awake sharing their stories now of racing into shelters. one of those tornadoes leveling parts of rosalie, alabama, including a daycare center. tonight, this system reaching all the way up to the northeast, and we begin here with abc's phillip mena in alabama. >> tornado warning. >> reporter: tonight, a full-on tornado outbreak is hammering the south. this massive funnel cloud caught north of miramar beach, florida. water spouting crashing ashore. in atlanta, tornado sirens sound the alarm, as residents shelter
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in place. >> you need to seek shelter immediately. >> reporter: this, after more than two dozen reported twisters overnight. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> reporter: residents emerged from storm shelters to utter destruction. >> the damage here is absolutely awful. >> reporter: at least three killed in the town of rosalie, alabama. a tornado, a massive ef-2. wind speeds over 110 miles an hour. this daycare in flat rock, flattened. you can see the toys among the wreckage. three adults and three children who took shelter here seriously injured. the storms cutting a deadly path from mississippi -- >> we're really lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. >> reporter: -- to tennessee, where two more people were killed in the storm, as they still deal with raging wildfires. david, this debris, and the foundation, is all that is left of this daycare center. neighbors telling us, this was one of the few places they could take shelter when the storm hit. tonight, residents here are still shell shocked.
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david? >> phillip mena leading us off. phillip, thank you. as the deadly tornadoes move through, another disaster playing out at incredible speed tonight. several major wildfires out of control. the death toll late today rising to seven now. thousands of families and tourists racing to get out. but these fires have been moving so fast that families found themselves surrounded by flames. abc's linzie janis now from tennessee. >> reporter: tonight, those heavy rains are helping, but high winds sparked at least eight new fires in the great smoky mountains. these firefighters taking their first break in 30 hours. >> they've not wavered. even the ones that's lost everything. >> why is every cabin on fire? >> reporter: the death toll rising. now at least seven killed since the fires exploded sunday night, forcing thousands to flee for their lives. >> go, go, go. >> it appears to be human caused. >> reporter: several still missing. michael reed is searching for his wife and daughter. >> i told her to call 911 and i haven't heard from her since.
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>> reporter: reality setting in, as displaced residents survey the damage. >> everything's gone. >> reporter: we went with travis cogdil as he got a look at his parents' home of 43-year-olds. >> the kitchen table was right there. >> reporter: the rubble still too hot to search for his father's purple heart. >> fire can't take memories. and, so, we still got those. >> reporter: david, more than 700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. all that's left of this home is the chimney. and many of those homeowners don't have fire insurance. this could not have happened at a worse time with the holidays just weeks away. david? >> all right, linzie janis, thank you, on the fires, the tornadoes. and this system reaching all the way up to the northeast. difficult driving along the i-95 corridor, right at the rush hour tonight. so, let's get right to rob marciano, tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. another day here in the northeast of soaking rain. but the rough stuff is in the south. so, we begin there. severe line of thunderstorms rolling across into the kaur lie
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thats. a tornado warning out right now for charlotte, north carolina, a dangerous situation there. you certainly want to be taking cover. and these storms roll all the way down to florida. with the bad has come the good. five inches of record-breaking rain in knoxville. some of that getting into the fire zone, helping that situation for sure. tomorrow morning, the heavy rain moving into the northeast. wintry precip in through maine and heavy rain through boston. by tomorrow, it moves offshore, and finally, some quiet weather for two days. that will be good. david? >> rob marciano, thank you. we also have new reporting tonight after that deadly plane crash. the horrific scene, that team celebrating a cinderella season, then almost every one of them dying on that flight. the charter flight going down in bad weather in colombia, with that brazilian soccer team on-board. this video from their score knee before that flight. and tonight, we are now hearing recordings of the pilot's desperate words in the final moments. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: tonight, the clues to this crash that killed 71, including that brazilian soccer
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team, come from the last words of the pilots. their short-haul jet had flown nearly 1,900 miles, right at its maximum range. but it was put into a holding pattern above medellin. the pilots radio the tower, asking for "priority landing, we're having a fuel problem." a little more than seven minutes later, the pilot calling out, "total failure, electric, total and fuel." the jet is now apparently gliding, on battery power. >> then they didn't have any navigation system. so, they had no way to point themselves at the airport, they had no way to intercept a safe glide path, mountains all around, very hilly. >> reporter: the pilots desperately calling out for directions, "vectors." a minute later, the final plea for help. while investigators examine the black boxes, an outpouring of grief and love for the cinderella soccer team from brazil, which was headed to its
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first finals tournament ever. three of the players survived. and so did two crew members. one told a south american sports network he tucked luggage between his legs, assumed the fetal position and says that is the reason he survived. >> incredible. and david kerley, who covers aviation, let's go back to the fuel question for just a moment. all passenger jets are supposed to fly with plenty in reserve, as you've reported before. so, how did this happen? >> reporter: it's unknown, how did these pilots not plan to have 45 minutes of extra fuel. putting them in that holding pattern could have caused a problem, but this will be a focus of the investigation, david. >> david kerley with us again tonight. next this evening, to an explosive case that made national headlines. tonight, the d.a. in charlotte has now revealed there will be no charges in the police shooting of keith lamont scott. prosecutors concluding the officers acted lawfully. abc's eva pilgrim with their reason why. >> don't you do it! >> reporter: tonight, no charges for that officer who fired the fatal shot, sparking days of unrest in charlotte.
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>> it is my opinion that officer vincent acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> reporter: the district attorney today saying all credible evidence uncovered points to scott being armed, something scott's family had disputed at the shooting scene. his wife saying he wasn't armed. >> drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. >> reporter: the d.a. now presenting this radio call before the shooting. >> there was a guy parked next to us, rolling a joint who had a gun. >> reporter: and releasing this very say lens video from a nearby 7-e leleven. an empty holster revealed. but in that police video, you can never clearly see scott holding the weapon sparking the controversy. now, the d.a. concluding scott failed to comply with commands to drop his gun. the family disagreeing, asking why a father, waiting to pick up his kid, ended up dead. >> we still have real questions
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about the decisions that were made that day in terms of how they confronted keith and whether they used appropriate december escalate techniques to end this situation in a way that didn't result in the loss of keith's life. >> reporter: david, the family says it is still not clear if scott was holding a gun, and they are profoundly disappointed with the d.a.'s decision not to press charges. they are now considering pursuing a civil case. david? >> eva pilgrim, thank you. we turn next tonight to president-elect donald trump, and that dinner with mitt romney. their second very public meeting. so, is mitt romney going to get the job as secretary of state or is this just a very public effort before he's passed over? also tonight, we've learned sarah palin could be up for a major role. abc's david wright on that. and mr. trump's new promise to separate his business from the white house. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is vowing to quit the trump organization in order to fully focus on running the country.
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trump tweeted today, "the presidency is a far more important task." that sounds more like the donald trump from the campaign trail. >> if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. it's peanuts. >> reporter: recently, he suggested he could do both, telling "the new york times, "the president can't have a con flekt of interest. >> nothing is written. in other words, in theory, i can be president of the united states and run my business 100%. >> reporter: since then, he's been besieged by headlines raising concerns about his ongoing business deals. today, trump tweeted, "while i'm not mandated to do this under the law, i feel it is visually important, as president, to in no way have a conflict of interest." he now says he is leaving his business in total, promising details in a press conference with his kids next month. but having his children take over the business may not be enough to avoid conflicts of interest. one piece of america's business trump claims to have already accomplished -- keeping close to
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1,000 jobs at this carrier factory in indianapolis. workers were outraged when company officials first outlined their plan. >> to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> reporter: candidate trump threatened to call the ceo personally. >> it's not presidential for the president of the united states to call up the head of carrier, "hello, this is the president." but i don't care, it's so much fun for me. i love doing it. >> reporter: president-elect trump did call, and worked out some sort of deal. the details still unclear. but the workers are thrilled. >> this is a victory for us little people. >> reporter: trump plans to celebrate with them tomorrow. the president-elect is not yet ready to celebrate his choice of secretary of state. last night, a second audition for mitt romney over frog legs at a fancy restaurant in one of trump's hotels. >> he did something i tried to do and was unsuccessful in accomplishing.
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>> reporter: never mind what romney said back in the primaries. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: but even after these two very public getting to know you sessions no deal yet. >> we'll wait and see. david wright joins us live from trump tower. and david, we're learning that sarah palin is now under consideration for a spot in the trump cabinet? >> reporter: she could be our next secretary of veterans affairs, david. palin has not yet been here to trump tower for a meeting, be you the two obviously know each other well. and she said she would love to use the megaphone she's been given to help veterans. david? >> david wright, thank you. outgoing cia director john brennan with strong advise about the president-elect, involving iran, telling the bbc it would be, quote, disastrous to pull the plug on the nuclear deal with iran, because he says it would empower tehran's hardliners and trigger a nuclear arm's race in the region. brennan also warning trump to be wary of russia's promises.
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next tonight, an exclusive interview on abc with the husband of that california woman, a mother that vanished while jogging, find by the side of the road weeks later. abc's matt gutman tonight with the husband, now describing what happened to his wife. >> reporter: tonight, sherri papini's husband keith is speaking out, sitting down for an exclusive interswview with "20/20." in chifling detail, describing aspects of his wife's captivity. >> she was bound. she had a chain around her waist waste. she had a bag over her head. that is correct. >> her left hand was in the vehicle, chained to something. >> reporter: to make sure she didn't jump out of the car? >> she was chained any time she was in a vehicle. they opened the door, she doesn't know, because she had a bag over her head. they cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle, and then kind of pushed her out of the
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vehicle. >> reporter: until now, police only giving this description of her abductors, two hispanic women, armed with a gun, driving a dark suv. but today, after another round of interviews with sherri papini, the sheriff revealing new details about those suspects. >> suspect number one was the younger of the two suspects. she had long, curly hair. she had a thick accent. she had pierced ears. suspect number two. she had straight black hair with some graying color. she had thick eyebrows. >> reporter: police artists now working on a composite sketch. >> she was held against her will and was isolated. and at times, sherri's head was covered. >> reporter: david, in the four hours i spent with keith papini, he revealed details about sherri's abduction, but also, about the harrowing moments just after her release. but he expressed most emotion about seeing her for the first time after 22 days.
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david? >> matt gutman, our thanks to you tonight. and much more of matt's exclusive interview with keith papini on a special edition of abc's news "20/20," that's this friday night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. matt will take us step by step through this ordeal. in the meantime, there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight." the massive home explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. firefighters investigating the cause. also, new developments in the urgent manhunt for two escaped prisoners. the dramatic capture of one of them, and where police are still searching tonight. and you have to see this. the thief stealing a pot of gold, right out of an armor's truck. you heard me right. the container so heavy, he had to keep putting it down. the reward tonight to find the gold now worth more than $1.5 million. we'll be right back. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital...
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than $1.5 million. taking it from an armored truck and then disappearing down a crowded street in broad daylight. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: an investigation tonight police are calling operation lucky charms. detectives say this man actually stole a pot of gold worth more than $1.5 million. do you think he knew it was a bucket of gold at the time? >> i believe he believed it was of value. it was in an armored truck. >> reporter: take a look at this newly released video of the incident from late september. it happened in new york city's diamond district. the barrel taken right out of the back of an armored vehicle at the precise moment when one of the armed guards turned his back. so, what would somebody do with that? >> gold flakes could be melted down and put into cubes and sold. >> reporter: the barrel of gold flakes nearly 90 pounds. so heavy, the thief had to keep putting it down. police say so far, they believe the end of the rainbow for this real-life leprechaun may be florida. tonight, the armored car company
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is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the stolen merchandise. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> linsey, thank you. when we come back, major developments tonight, after thousands of american soldiers were ordered to repay their bonuses. what we've learned. the house exploding into flames. the mother and the family dog escaping from the rubble. and do you remember this? can you recite the rest of the jingle? anybody that's ever had a big mac will want to know why this sandwich is back in the news sandwich is back in the news tonight. get moving. ep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have
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6:53 pm
california national guard members forced to repay enlistment bonuses that authorities later said they wrongly received. now, those bonuses, between $15,000 and $50,000, congress reaching a tentative deal to end that recollection program. most outstanding debts will be forgiven and soldiers paid it back will get refunds. and new developments in the your jet manhunt in the west. police capturing one of two escaped prisoners in antioch, california. the inmates broke out of jail last week. police believe they just missed the other fugitive at a nearby hotel. when we come back tonight, america strong. the grandfather who invented the big mac. and can you recite every word of that jingle? ♪
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finally tonight, remembering an american original. the grandfather behind the big mac. >> this is the sandwich. mcdonald's new big mac sandwich. for the bigger than average appetite. >> reporter: 1967, the first big mac. seven ingredients. and do you remember the jingle? ♪ two all beef patties ♪ on a sesame seed bun >> reporter: long before the jingle, jim created the big mac at his uniontown, pennsylvania, restaurant. here's the ad he ran, announcing the big mac when it was just 45 cents. he and his wife had two sons, five grandsons, eight great-grandchildren. >> this is my dad jim. >> this is my dad. >> he created the world's greatest burger. >> reporter: here is one of his grandsons telling us something you may not have known. >> one of the tricky parts of
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the sandwich is, when he meat the two beef patties and the cheese and with the lettuce and everything, it would slide off the sandwich. so, he put that bread in the middle and it became the big mac. >> reporter: when the burger turned 40, mcdonald's estimated it was selling 550 million a year. that's roughly 17macs every second. tonight, mcdonald's tweeting out their gratitude to that american grandfather, and quoting him. jim once saying, "i would never have dreamed that my creation would turn into a piece of americana." jim was 98. and i want a big mac. i'll see you back here tomorrow. good night.
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