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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  December 4, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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sunday, temple and penn state find out where they will go bowling after they bring home championship trophies. >> an innocent driver suffers a collision after a police chase on i-95.
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>> foam fills an entire block in center city we'll have detail on what triggered that unusual sight. thank you for waking up with us, 7:00 a.m., looking live over the commodor barry bridge. meteorologist is tracking rain for us. >> reporter: we have temperatures across the area, temperatures are mild considering the time of year. we have an interesting temperature spread this morning. millville is down to the freezing mark of 32. yesterday north and west you're in the 40s. how can that be? part of the reason we're seeing clear skies across south jersey that's allowing radiational cool. that means all the warmth from the sunlight yesterday has escaped under clear skies. the cloud cover to the northwest acts as a blanket so it's keeping you milder. 40 in allentown. 41 in philadelphia. 32 degrees the freezing mark in
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millville. here's storm tracker 6 live double scan, lots of moisture down to the south. a piece of this, actually this right here, will slide through overnight tonight and bring light snow to parts of the area. that's well after midnight. in the meantime for today, let's say increasing clouds, 45 degrees by 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m., 47. by 3:00 p.m., 49, very similar to what we saw yesterday minus the gusty breeze. the weather headlines look like, when i come back we'll talk about the snow chance. it turns unsettled this week and an arctic blast arrives thursday. gray. >> thank you so much. 7:02, new information to tell you about this morning, a man driving a car being chased by police ended up going the wrong way on i-95 eventually crashed into another car. the action cam was at the scene. in ridley township, delaware
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county. the suspect's car was heading south in the northbound lanes around 11:30 p.m. when it smashed into the other car. the suspect jumped into a car and ran into nearby woods. officers use k-9 and thermal imaging cameras, but did not locate the driver. there's no word on the condition of the innocent driver injured in the accident. police have not said why they were pursuing the car. he can vairlts -- excavators and cranes and dump at hers trucks are coming in to help locate people in the warehouse fire in oakland, california. nine people died in the fire. we are learning about the building where the tragedy unfolded. lauren lister has more. >> reporter: crews working through the night trying to recover bodies from the wreckage of the this horrific friday fe. the risk of collapse slowing down efforts.
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overnight police delivering good news. >> we have been able to put some families' fears at ease, by locating loved ones that were believed to be inside that were found to be alive. >> reporter: with dozens ever accounted for, others believe their loved ones may have been in the blaze fearing the worst. >> these were beautiful, inspirational, awesome, intil -- intelligent creative people with great futures ahead of them. >> reporter: officials believe they became trapped on the second floor the on way out a makeshift stairwell made of wooden pallets were overtaken by blaze. pictures from inside show a cluttered studio with mannequins and further inside a tinderbox. >> it is a devastating scene it
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is complicated it will take time to do the methodical and thorough investigation that these families deserve. >> reporter: there are records of a slew of complaints including blight and illegal construction. there was no evidence of sprinklers that may have played a huge role in the loss of life. recovering the bodies will be a slow process going into monday at least. in a big reveal, the green party said it will seek a recount in philadelphia. tomorrow the party is taking the fight to federal court. just yesterday, jill stein's campaign said it dropped the recount effort, but an official with the former campaign said it will seek a federal court order for the recount, because without the order, the campaign cannot afford to pay for the process. stein wants to know if voting machines and systems in pennsylvania were hacked to alter the final tally.
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president-elect donald trump won pennsylvania by less than 100,000 votes. police are looking for a person who shot a man in the stomach inside a mccounty home. the action cam at the scene of the 1200 block of dekalb pike in norristown. the shooter ran from the home and remains on the run this morning. the victim was critically injured and flown to penn presbyterian hospital. police have not said what led to the shooting. >> it was a strange, even scary sight that played out in center city. it's flame retardant foam that's covering a street outside the peco substation looked like snow. this explosion caught on cell phone video got people concerned. "action news" reporter, bob brooks spoke to people amazed by the sight. >> we saw in the backyard the invasion of the foam monster. >> reporter: it looked like snow, some compared it to a monster. a board chopper 6 hd you can see it spewing out of the peco
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substation doors. someplaces of foam would reach 6 to 7 feet tall. >> there was a fire alarm going on. i was chilling in my bed and i heard an explosion. >> then all of a sudden what looked like giant soap bubbles started flowing down in frobility of the house. >> reporter: -- floating down in front of the house. >> reporter: while a neighbor watched he would capture the explosion on the phone. so startled he dropped the phone. the foam system was triggered to prevent further damage inside. the foam filled the entire peco substation. >> there were two holes on the side of the buildings and it was spewing out. >> reporter: another neighbor captured this picture it's taller than the officer standings guard. 2700 customers lost power, but it's been restored. once under control, the piles of foam would be hosed down and
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shoveled into the storm drains. certainly an experience neighbors won't forget, but recognize the stop of a bigger disaster from happening. >> i'm very grateful for foam. >> reporter: the crews were so busy pushing the foam into the storm drain i'm told that it is not toxic, so it poses no threat to the environment. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> can you feel the excitement, temple and penn state are conference champions they will find out their bowl checks. >> temple is hosting their first football conference in school history. it was a big night for penn state. >> fans celebrated a historic victory against wisconsin. it was a giant leap for the
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program that was blemished by the jerry sandusky scandal five years ago. >> 38-30 come back was the biggest in the history of the big ten championship. penn state's coach said this conference championship is helping to make a case to be included. >> if the committee goes by what they said, head to head conference championship we should be in. >> are we going to cotton bowl, florida, where are we going to go? so excite! so excited. >> temple owls was in annapolis and they annihilated navy. >> we were there as they brought back the trophy. >> there you have, the temple
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fight song greeted the owls as they arrived back on campus. the team was all smiles as they added the brand new trophy to their collection. >> the question is where will temple and penn state go bowling. we'll have an update on "action news" at and 6abc news app. >> the eagles hope to turn their road fortunes around as they visit the bengals today. the birds have picked up one win in five road games so far this season. much. blame has been put on the defense that allowed 25 points on the road while giving up 13 a game at home jeff skeverski will have a live report from cincinnati on "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news" this sunday morning. cuba is burying long time leader fedel castro. we'll have a live report as a period of mourning ends for the
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former president. >> temple and penn wins, nora muchanic reports from the campus of temple with more. >> live shot of cape may, amounting, meteorologist chris sowers says parts of the area will get a bit of snow tomorrow, we'll explain.
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prettier and prettier. this is a sharp-looking sunday morning. sky6 live hd looking at the center city skyline this morning. the sun is in a good mood isn't it? >> reporter: take that in, because it's not going to look like that tomorrow. >> what's it going to look like, chris? >> reporter: a little damp and a little white in parts of the area. looking at dilworth park, a beautiful shot from our center
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city camera. all is quiet. very good ice skating day. no blowing flags, they were whipping around in the wind yesterday. we lost the gusty breeze. it will feel better out there. yesterday it was not all that bad. we topped out at 52 degrees. factoring in the winds it felt like the low 40s all day long. 30s and 40s around the delaware and lehigh valleys 40 a popular number to the north, they are freezing in millville. we're watching an area of moisture to the south across the ohio and tennessee valleys. a lot of it will stay to the south. this storm system will make a beeline toward the delaware and the lehigh valleys. that's ultimately what produces the rain and snow overnight tonight. you can see the breaks in this, this is very unorganized a very weak system. it will be enough to produce wet
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weather. paul brown stadium, eagles taking on the bengals, it will be wet. starting out with clouds and shower or two in the first quarter. steady rain by the second half. 44 degrees by the 4th quarter. it looms sloppy in cincinnati -- it looks sloppy in cincinnati. increases clouds, not bad sky conditions. overnight tonight, here comes the moisture. i want to point out how far the rain snow line is up in the lehigh valley. lehigh valley there could be light snow the poconos could see an inch of snow from the system when all is said and done. what you need to know overnight tonight, light rain developing for the immediate philadelphia area. looks like the moisture breaks out between 3 and 8:00 a.m. it will be light snow for the lehigh valley and the poconos. yes, there could be a minor
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accumulation on the grassy surfaces in the lehigh valley. you get into the higher elevations in the poconos, it will stick to the roads and sidewalks, as well. that's getting way up there in the elevations partly sunny in philadelphia, and breezy. 49 degrees that's the forecasted high. winds are light out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. it will feel like 49 today. overnight tonight, here it comes, rain and snow breaking out after midnight. otherwise it's cloudy. 32 degrees north and west, 39 for center city. all right, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, are you ready for this, take a look at the bottom of the screen here. today looks okay, monday, clouds, sun, 49. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, look a little unsettled, clouds and rain. here comes friday and saturday, arctic front plows through, 36 for friday's high. windchills in the mid 20s. alicia. mid 20s! >> bust out the hats and scarves. record setting rainfall has left southern texas under water.
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>> firefighters in cambridge, massachusetts worked through the night to put out hot spots after a ten alarm inferno. high winds caused flames to jump from buildings to building leaving 60 people homeless. two police officers and a firefighter were hurt, their injuries were minor. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. tomorrow is the deadline for protesters to leave the
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dakota pipeline construction site. souix tribe are protesting the pipeline saying it could pollute drinking water and threaten sacred sites. the governor of south dakota is backing the mound evacuation of the site -- mandatory evacuation of the site, but nobody will be forcibly moved. floatation therapy helps to leave post traumatic stress. it is restful and it is helps insomnia and back pain than any other treatment he's had. >> we have dates you will want to remember when mailing gifts and shopping online. if you're thinking about standards post you have to get the things in the mail bee
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single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. single shot zostavax. back everyone, 7:23 sunday morning, i wanted to start you out with this water vapor shot. you don't see this very often, a conveyer belt stretching east of hawaii and mexico into the united states. this will control the weather pattern over the neck few days.
7:24 am
it turns -- next few days. it turns unsettled again. this is philadelphia right here. we have an weak unorganized system that will slide through overnight tonight that will provide parts of the area with rain and snow showers. not a big deal. the story is right here, the moisture off that conveyer belt lifting up the spine of the appalachians. that will bring moisture in from the gulf in the atlantic. expect rain tuesday through thursday. as that storm gets up into canada. there's a lot of cold air building out through here. as that low reaches canada it pulls all the cold air toward the eastern seaboard. it will get very, very cold around here by the end of the week. forecast for today, increasing clouds, similar to yesterday, highs close to 50 degrees, but we lost the gusty breeze today. guys. >> we believe you, the cold is coming. 7:25. in sports this morning it's all
7:25 am
about football, the eagles penn state and temple. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: penn state is going to give the playoff committee a lot of to think about, the largest come back in big ten championship history to win their conference title since 1994. the team is down by 21 in the first half. person e penn -- penn state has been a huge second half team all year. fast forward to the early 4th. barclay, 18 yards, 4th touchdown pass for the game. 384 yards. penn state takes the lead. badgers with the chance. 4th and 1 penn state's 25. they don't get it. in it in it lions with a big ten tidal. 38-31. after all the scandals and sanctions they are back in the big ten picture. >> we just won the toughest
7:26 am
conference in college football! [cheers and applause]. >> we've won nine straight, they also you're allowed to overcome early setbacks, we've done that, it's on you now, the committee. >> reporter: aac championship game temple beats up navy that scored 75 and 66 points their last two games. walker to kirkwood for the score. they held navy to ten points their lowest youngof the season. temple wins 34-10. their first conference title since 67. 10-3 record tied for first in the school history. ducis rogers has more.
7:27 am
>> reporter: first conference championship in almost a half century what's that like? >> unexplainable, i'm happy for the team, the university. it's great, man. i can't describe the feeling right now. >> tremendous honor. i'm so blessed to be able to coach these kids, they are wonderful people. they never fault faltered and they battles through adversity. it was great to watch them play today. >> reporter: eagles hopefully follow their footsteps. they have to right the ship in cincinnati today. carson wentz said he is hanging in there. >> as a team, the record and performances individually, it's never perfect, but i feel like i'm getting better mentally, things are slowing down, i'm playing more confidently, as a record wise we would like to be better, but we feel we're on the right track. >> jordon matthews a game time
7:28 am
decision with the sprained ankle, that's sports, have a great sunday. a woman walking along a cape code beach found a bracelet that had a special meaning to a family in oregon. it belonged to their son who was a soldier killed in the line of duty. john pelham died serving in cfg afghanistan in 2014. >> i picked it up and looked at it and it has a named engraved and i wiped off the sand and yustled -- all of a sudden i noticed kia on the corner of it. >> she got it back to the family who said they are so thankful to have it back just in time for the holidays. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, everyone, it is 7:30 this sunday morning, taking a live look sky6 live hd it's a pretty one, but there's a chilly start to your sunday, in some areas we could be seeing the season's first snowfall or wintry mix. accuweather details coming up. >> trump is moving away from two top choices of secretary of state as he works to fill his cabinet. the temple owls are showing off new hardware, they have m c.
7:31 am
>> much more on the story, but we turn our attention to the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. nydia han is off, alicia is here, and chris sowers tracking the forecast. >> reporter: we're tracking overnight snow mainly for areas north of the lehigh valley in the poconos. it's chilly and we lost the gusty breeze. 41 in philadelphia. millville, 32. trenton, 40, allentown, 40. they are below freezing in the poconos that's why they will see wintry precipitation out of this and not liquid. storm tracker 6 live starting out with sunny skies, this will be a repeat performance of yesterday, m winds. the sun will be fighting off the clouds from time to time. partly sunny and breezy. 49 will feel like 49 today. it won't feel like the low 40s like yesterday. i want to pan out and go wider
7:32 am
and show what's going on out here. much-needed rain is falling in the smoky mountains that's helping that situation down there. the bulk of this will work off the coast of the carolinas. it's this piece of moisture that slides in overnight tonight. notice it is white. yes, temperatures will be cold enough to see light snow in parts of the area. when i come back i'll detail who sees what and when it ends and i have a cold blast to talk about in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in ten minutes. guys. >> look forward to it, it is 7:32 in in cuba this morning a long time salute forecast cast. >> reporter: scott mcclain has the story from cuba as they look ahead to the funeral, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alicia and gray, last night there were thousands of cubans packing the square to say
7:33 am
goodbye to fidel castro one final time this morning. we saw the procession with his ashes go past. this square on route to one of cuba's olds cemetaries where the funeral will be held. it's an invite only affair. it will end with a 21-gun salute signaling the end of nine days of mourning and signaling the end of an era without fedel castro. tens of thousands of cubans and formers showed up for the memorial service. >> free healthcare and free medical care and people are eating and housed those are achievements that their u.s. cousins have not achieved. >> i got very emotional, i have been very emotional since i heard the news. >> a journalist came to
7:34 am
santiago. >> i loved fidel very much. i think nobody can take that away from him. cuba will never forget him. he will always be in our heart. >> reporter: meaning his ideas will live on. the final world on fidel went to his brother, raul castro who talked about his fight against imperialism using a fraidz -- owe a phrase made famous by president obama, yes we can. >> reporter: and raul castro talked about standing up to the united states during the bay of pigs and the cuban missile crisis. there are many passion and
7:35 am
squares named for -- parks and squares named for many giants in cuban history. fidel did not want any public spaces any memorials or statues to be named in his honor. alicia, gray. >> live for us in cuba. thank you for that report. president-elect donald trump is expected to announce the rest of the cabinet picks this week. james matts is expected to be named secretary of defense. secretary of state looms. mitt romeny has talked to trump in person couple of times about the big job. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani has been mentioned for the post, but sources close to the transition team say the prospects of any -- either man getting picked are fading. george stephanopoulos goes
7:36 am
one on one with vice president elect mike pence and general david petraeus on this week at 10:30. >> ash carter said the u.s. military will have to remain in iraq after the defeat of isis. at the reagan library, carter said the u.s. and it's coalition partners must not leave iraq. he added that the obama administration wants to destroy their ability to carry out attacks in the west. a man shot in camden last night has died. someone hot him on the 900 block of north 33rd street. his identity was not been released. the victim is in his 30s, the shooter has not been arrested. have you seen this, folks, a sea of foam filled the streets
7:37 am
of center city. fire supression foam poured out of the juniper street substation yesterday. a viewer sent "action news" a video of a loud pop before it happened that triggered a release of foam. firefighters washed away the foam into the drainage system. 2700 people lost power for two hours. and investigate underway about what caused it. the temple owls have new bragging rights, the newly crowned american athletic conference champions are celebrating a win over navy on the road. nora muchanic has a look at the campus on the win. >> reporter: students erupted cheering the owls win over navy for the aac championship. >> they killed it, i was surprised. i thought it was going fob a
7:38 am
closer game. they were ahead by 24. >> navy is a big run team, they ran the ball and threw the ball, they stuffed it down there throats. >> this is what they worked for. everybody was doubting us, navy has it in the bag. t-u has got it. we held it down. >> reporter: these owl fans react as the team dominated the mid shipman aggressively moving the ball and shutting down navy's impressive offense. >> it was a blowout, navy is a great team. >> reporter: what does it say about you guys. >> we're better. >> we want the football bowl committee to realize this. >> reporter: it capped a giant win for the temple football program for the last several years. >> we've been to every single home game we're going to keep coming and showing support, seeing them win the championship it's everything. >> reporter: it's a celebration on the temple campus as the owls
7:39 am
shut down navy. from the temple campus, i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> that's nora muchanic! >> celebration! >> so excited, i love it. there's so much to come on "action news" sunday morning. >> the philadelphia chamber music society is bringing you songs you may not know. it's a big twist in a holiday show. sky6 live hd look at that sun this sunday morning, we're tracking a little bit of a change in the forecast that could include rain and wintry mix, enjoy this while it lasts. meteorologist chris sowers has the changing details next. fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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staying with us, 7:42, hundreds of friends and families attended a memorial for joe mcknight they are outrage. the man who killed him, has not been charge. the sheriff said the department released the shooter because they wanted to a thorough investigation before they file any charges. witnesses say the man shot and killed unarmed mcknight during a road rage incident. people working to rebuild a church during the devastating tornados, the baptist church was knocked down during tuesday's storm. this is the third time in ten
7:43 am
years, the church was hit by a tornado. tomb tons were tossed around. the christmas tree farm behind the church was destroyed. the pastor said the power is back on, but tough time for folks there. >> 7:43 a.m., get out there and enjoy today. i got saw the week -- i saw the week ahead, got a sneak peek, whew. >> reporter: we have a chance of precipitation almost everyday. >> it's december. >> reporter: enjoy what sunshine you see out there today. let's go live on sky6 live hd from our temple university camera. the sun is fighting the clouds this morning, we have times of more sun than clouds and more clouds than sun. the big difference today we'll lose the gusty breeze. that's what made us feel chilly yesterday. the actual high topped out at 52. with the winds it felt like the low 40s.
7:44 am
today it will feel like the actual air temperatures. millville, 32. atlantic city, 33. you're the exceptions otherwise, 40s across the boards. rain to the south, notice to the north, that snow will be moving on in after midnight tonight mainly north of the pennsylvania turnpike. future tracker 6 showing a gradual increase in clouds today. we'll start out with sunshine and clouds lower and thicken, we'll see moisture after midnight, 3:00 a.m. not doing much in philadelphia. snow showers in the lehigh valley and the poconos. as we progress along we'll see the showers kind of overspread the region. 6:00 a.m., the start of the morning commute we have rain falling in the immediate philadelphia area. let's say north of the pennsylvania turnpike, that's where we could see a little bit of a wintery mix. you get into the lehigh valley, it's snowing and the poconos looks like it will be snowing,
7:45 am
as well. here's the good news for someone who likes to sleep in. you wake up at 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., it's gone pretty much at that point. the roads will be damp and wet. most of the falling precipitation is out of there. it's way gone by 1:12 a.m. tomorrow afternoon we're looking at combination of sun and clouds. that's all the sun you will see all week long. soak it in. impact scale, this is mainly an early-morning event. by 7:00 a.m. things could be slower than normal. you may want to allow yourself extra time getting to work and school. you can see how things clear out as the day wears on. 1, 2:00 p.m., combination of sun and clouds. rain this week, 90%, mainly before 9:00 a.m. most of us tomorrow is dry after that. tuesday is wet, wednesday is wet. thursday is wet. friday there could be snow showers or snow squalls as an
7:46 am
arctic front barrels through. allentown, 46. trenton, 47. not windy, though, breezy. ful winds are light out of the northwest at 5 to 10. low 50s, cape may, millville, atlantic city. 50 degrees. overnight tonight, rain and snow developing after midnight. 32 degrees in allentown. philadelphia, 39. millville, 35. areas south of the pennsylvania turnpike, it's all rain, north of there you could see a wintry mix or snow. accumulations will be light and mainly on grassy surfaces. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 49 degrees for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, all look wet, there's the cold blast alicia was talking about, friday's high of 36 will only feel like the mid 20s. alicia? >> thank you, of course remember you can get the seven day accuweather forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time at we'll be right back. >> philadelphia chamber music
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7:48 am
7:49 am
society is ringing in the holiday season with a spiritual sounds of a [ choir singing ] songs about the nativity. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the crossing is an internal renown choir based in philadelphia. they are known for a sound called angelic and something of a miracle. >> the chamber music society is excited to present the crossing on our series. >> reporter: the philadelphia group was formed in 2005 with an ensemble of 40 members. >> they will give a concert that focuses on the holiday theme. >> reporter: the program is called crossing at christmas. >> specifically the role of the mother something that's very spiritual and hear and go through with the choir. >> reporter: they will perform music that they have commissioned throughout the years including a u.s. and world
7:50 am
premier. >> they chose composers who base their songs on poetry and writing by women. they wanted to focus on music of today. the program is so contemporary and rich in what we'll hear. i think there will be a lot for the audience to hold on to. >> reporter: the ensemble is conducted by bucks county director don o'malley. it's a show the entire family can enjoy. >> the goal is to take music we have not heard and make the audience want to hear it again. >> reporter: the crossing will perform one night only on friday december 16th at the church of holy trinity on rittenhouse square. go to arts in or 6abc loves the arts for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> your time, 7:50 turning to the social corner.
7:51 am
>> i like that song. >> wait until you see that, but first the testtive digs of santa -- festive digs of santa and mrs. claus. zillow came up with a property in the north pole. it's it's nestled on 25 idealic -- idyllic acres. the home is estimated $650,000 built in the 1800s and recently renovated it includes a toy workshop reindeer stables, fireplace perfect for roasting chestnuts and parking garage. gourmet kitchen features an oven with 1 different cookie setting. >> marriage can be a long
7:52 am
winding road as we all know. but for this couple their first dance ended up in the middle of the highway. they got stuck in traffic backed up on the way to the reception saying yes, of course, i do. not to be deterred they turn the highway into a dance floor. the couple eventually made it to the reception, two hours late, they said no more dancing, we're done. >> two hours late to your own reception. >> i heard that traffic on your wedding day is good luck. >> really? >> no, that's what i tell people. >> look at the videos on our facebook and twitter accounts. >> you have to look on the bright side. >> that's true. and more in the crayola aisle.
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each sold separately.
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our troops. military families picked up three -- free christmas trees. for the second year in a row, a dozen christmas trees around new jersey are donating trees. the tree give away is an effort by the state, christmas tree goers and state agricultural society. that's great. >> speaking of christmas it's going to be feeling cold. >> reporter: think of the last couple of decembers outrageously warm. last year, christmas eve was 76. >> 76? >> reporter: yes, regardless it
7:56 am
felt like bermuda. the cold shot gets in here by the end of the week. it will stay cold through the 15th or 20th of this month. in the meantime, partly sunny, 49. light rain and snow develops after midnight. the snow is for the lehigh valley and the poconos. everybody else is rain. there can be a minor accumulation on grassy surfaces. doesdoes not look like a big de, but the system moving in the middle of the week, does. rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> here's a look ahead. >> reporter: gray gray and alicia good morning, dozens missing after rescuers dig through the debris. we have the history on the buildings alleged human construction and habitation, we speak to the people who barely
7:57 am
made it out alive. coming up on "g.m.a." we'll see you soon. >> "good morning america" weekend is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you. need a new wreath for your home, we'll show you how to make one for less than ten bucks. this expert has fabulous ideas you won't want to miss. eagles face cincinnati bengals and chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for alicia vitarelli, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day. >> we'll see you guys at 9:00 a.m.
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say more with kisses deluxe. good morning, america. trapped inside. the oakland concert fire, young lives perishing in the flames. >> this is a devastating scene. >> concertgoers blinded and disoriented by thick, black smoke scrambling for the lone exit. am not finding it. >> at least nine people killed. possibly dozens more missing, the agonizing wait of friends and family praying for word. >> we're all looking for you, your mom, your dad, everybody. >> crews working through the night to carry out a grim search. >> this morning with the smoke cleared, survivors sharing their stories now thankful to be alive. the chaos inside as the flames broke out and the investigation that warehouse turned into a tinderbox.


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