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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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penn state is head today the rose bowl, but they aren't happy. i'll tell you why next on "action news." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with melissa magee, jeff sca vors ski, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ ♪ >> it's a chilly night out there, one we expect for early december. we have escaped the snow and
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sleet so far but for some in the suburbs, may not be so lucky tomorrow. there is a threat of messy weather for tomorrow's commute. mailsz sa has the forecast. melissa? >> walter, it's rain for most locations and snow for some. it's 43, 42 in, in allentown, cape, 46 and 40 in trenton. overnight and the next 12 hour, lots of clouds on the way, rain and snow in the pre dawn hours, 40 in philadelphia for the overnight low. double scan radar 3d, two pieces of energy we are tracking here, energy from the west working its way eastward. this is what we are tracking early tomorrow morning. 4:00 in the morning we have rain for the city areas south and east.
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also, light snow showers allentown, redding and lancaster, and snow, small accumulation in the poconos. we talk about the headlines and what to expect. precipitation arriving between 2:00 and 8:00 in the morning. south jersey, delaware, grassy locations as well in the suburbs. an inch of snow fall in the poconos. coming up, we have another look at future tracker 6 timing out the precipitation. this is the beginning of an unsettled week and sharply colder air on the way. we have those details, walter in the seven day. >> we'll keep our eye on that. thank you, melissa. >> tune in tomorrow at 4:30 for the latest forecast as well as how the forecast may affect your commute. in kensington, six people have
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died as a result of heroin overdoses with the youngest victim a 24-year-old man. bob brooks is live in kensington with the latest. bob? >> walter, good evening. six overdoses report td ied in e kensington area. police tell us it's heroin related. they are investigating a bad batch of the drug. things are getting ugly. we know a 24-year-old man overdosed on broad street. a 32-year-old man on kensington avenue. a man in his 30ths, east indiana avenue, a woman on amber street and a man on the 2800 block of d street. another man in his 40s on kensington avenue. back out live here, the calls for overdose came this in this afternoon, the latest at
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8:00 this evening. police telling us this is all heroin related. they did know of a bad bad batch going around and tonight the results. "action news," walter? >> disturbing story, bob. police in philadelphia investigating a shooting in hunting park. someone opened fire hitting a house and parked car at 6:00 tonight on north darion street. no injuries have been reported. it's not clear what led up to the shooting. >> police in redding have arrested a man that shot at another man in a car with a woman and infant in the backseat. he turned himself in a few hours ago. he shot a 24-year-old man repeatedly facing several charges including a murder.
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>> a death toll during a warehouse party in california climbed to 33 including a 17-year-old. police continue to comb through the building. authorities say most of the victims became trapped on the second floor after the only stairwell was overtaken by flames. the search effort could go on for days. >> today our district attorney nancy o'malley did activate a criminal investigation. that team is on the site and working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. >> meanwhile just last month authorities started an investigation into that building after receiving numerous complaints of trash and people living there illegally. a former tenant describes it as a death trap fraught with electrical wiring. >> the death toll in tennessee
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wildfires has risen to 14. the lathest died in a car crash trying to flee the scene. 1,600 buildings were damaged or destroyed. tomorrow officials in gatlinburg will announce the damage there and there will be a telethon held later to benefit the victims. a huge victory for supporter in north dakota. the army corp. of engineers won't allow a pipeline to be built on the land there. officials will now explore possible alternatives. president elect donald trump supports the pipeline and also owns stock in the company, but his support has nothing to do with his investments. with that said, we move on to the white house transition. it could be a busy week for the
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incoming president. he's already at the center of an international flap after taking a call from the president of taiwan. he ignored four decades of protocol by speaking with the president of taiwan. trump slammed saturday night's parody of him saying it was unwatchable. alec baldwin said if trump releases his tax returns, he will stop with the impressions. >> after winning the title game, penn state the going to the rose ball january 2nd. they finished the season with a nine game winning streak. many fans are upset that the selection committee left the nittany lions out of the four term championship. >> meanwhile they face wake forest december 27th. they had a huge win over navy,
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temple's first conference championship since 1967. they haven't faced wake forest since 1930 when the owls beat the deacon demons. >> we have reaction of fans from both teams. christie? >> walter, depending upon who you ask, penn state fans are feeling snubbed, but both are having great seasons, headed to bowl games and fans are super excited that this is the second year in a row going to a bowl game. >> i'm really excited. what about you? >> fresh off a conference win and top five ranking, they are headed to the military bowl in annapolis. >> we want each week to be the best game we have played. last week was the best, hopefully this is another chance
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to do it. >> you guys are getting better and better every year. >> of course. people act like they didn't do as well but they did. >> fans celebrated in the streets only for the excitement to be eclipsed. >> penn state didn't get into ohio state, i'm all over it. if you beat a team and win a conference, you recollecte you e final four. >> saturday's win wasn't enough to rank them one of the top four college team in the country. >> i'm upset. we should have made it. >> a number five ranking scored them a trip to california. >> i look forward to them playing unc in the rose bowl. >> as for the forest, they'll play wake forest. >> it has to be a win. it's simple. they'll be great. >> hopefully both teams can
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finish the season with bowl game wins and both can be caught on our sister station espn. channel6 "action news." walter? >> thank you, christie. much more to come tonight. a terrifying flight for passengers in texas when a plane is forced to make an emergency landing because of technical problems. we'll show you what happened and vid you from inside the plane during turbulence. >> and the prime minister resigned after a major political fail year. he wasn't the only one to quit today. >> and the eagles suffer another losses. jamie poady has sports when we come back. ♪ ♪
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ceremony in cuba. thousands lined the parade route to the final farewell following a nine day mourning period. >> two leaders are stepping down, first to italy where the prime minister announced he's resigning. he promised if his proposal failed he would quit. that's what he's doing. he took office less than three years ago. the prime minister of newlan new zealand is resigning. he wants to leave while on top of his game. a plane made an emergency landing at san antonio national airport after experiencing
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landing gear issues. the plane was on the way to mexico but divert today san antonio for the emergency landing. the nose collapsed and emergency exits were deployed. one passenger suffered a minor ankle injury. ♪ ♪ ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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>> peco is lighting up the holiday season as "action news" brings you the best programs for the season. there was a tree lighting ceremony. the annual event at the berlin train station. santa and mrs. clause arrived and they had help from "6abc" adam joseph. time for a look at the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. we have potential white stuff coming our way. >> a lot of models have it out 6:00 or 7:00.
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that's an improvement for us. we'll track it for you, in philadelphia, most spots south and west, rain in south jersey and delaware, the atmosphere waiting on moisture to get into our region. it's not working its way down to the surface yet, but that will change overnight. currently in philadelphia, 43. 40 in redding. cape may, 45 and 40 in the 95 corridor in trenton. it's dry and quiet across the mid atlantic region. we are tracking two separate pieces of energy. they'll be working their way from the southwest to northeast direction in our area overnight tonight and even for the first half of the day tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing you 1:00 in the morning, light snow showers, allentown and redding, 3:00 in the morning, rain for
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the area areas to the east. lancaster, chester, montgomery, burkes, lehigh up to the poconos, snow showers. by 6:00 in the morning, some of the models see the forward progression of precipitation by 6:00 in the morning, the roads are wet. the bulk moving to t ahend south jersey, off to delaware but the snow hangs on for the poconos. 2:00 in the afternoon, clouds decreasing and breaking for sunshine. temperatures on the way up as well. of region by region, light morning snow. grassy accumulation expected on the elevated surfaces. the roads stay wet for the i-95 metro area. we have morning rain shower, afternoon sunshine and we are dry midday. here's the set up monday, slippery in the morning, clouds
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to sun, high of 53. area of pressure off to the west tuesday. the pressure from the south works its way into the region giving us periods of rain and the high 47. the morning rush tomorrow, use caution 6789 slippery roads will be there. use extra time as well. morning rape, snow showers north and west, otherwise we dry out early in the day, a fment of 53. cloudy with afternoon rain tuesday, a high of 47. wednesday, 52 and a few showers wednesday, 45. friday, a warmer day at 50 and saturday the much colder day.
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it's coming. >> thank you, melissa. >> no one should spend the holidays alone and that includes rescue pets. there was a huge event today at the armory. >> it's easy to understand why mason can't hold back his kisses. the excited shelter dog found himself a family. he's one of many animals at the adoption event at the armory. >> each event has a different goal but it's our way of trying to cultivate a no kill community through adoption. >> a long line wrapped around the building. volunteers unloaded pets and put them in crates and waited until the right family came looking. >> we are trying to find them a niels home for the holidays. >> i was going to buy one but my
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mom told me about this. i came to adopt one. >> allie found a new best friend named cannon. >> we came from florida this morning, from jacksonville. that's where i'm from. >> organizers from the brandy wine spca and others lowered the adoption fee to $20. if they are not spayed or neutered, will be altered at no cost to the family. >> she was calling me. she started kissing me. >> after greeting the los afterf her previous pup, the time is right to adopt. >> i feel empty. hopefully i won't feel that way anymore. >> by mid afternoon, 800 pets were adopted. advocates point out across the country, millions more are
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waiting for there turn. if you weren't able to make it out today, organizers remind you there are many cats and dogs looking for a good home. you can find them at a shelter near you. "action news." ♪ ♪
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>> jamie apody has sports. a lot of teams doing well. the eagles are not one of them. >> no. what happened since then? doug pederson was asked that. there were injuries, film on carson wentz, whatever the reason they have lost seven of nine. andy dpalten was like the second coming of tom brady. two scores, a passer rating of 130. by halftime leading 19-0. more of the same in the third quarter putting the lead 26-0 as he allowed the bengals to score the first six possessions of the game. wentz and the birds got on the board with a 13-yard touchdown.
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dylan followed that up with the first scrimmage of the season. wentz picked a poor time for the third interception of the game, throwing 60 passes. completed half of them. the eagles called a 5-7, losing 32-14. here's jeff skversky. >> the eagles lost 7 of 9 today beat up by a bad bengal team down 19-0 at one point, a career high of three interceptions for carson wentz, a very disappointing season. >> we didn't mean to go on a skid like this. you don't plan for it. we had a hot start. things were looking optimistic and positive. that's the nature of the league. you have to come out to play
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every sunday and we have struggled. >> i'm disappointed where the players are. i feel we have had the opportunity to winsome of the games and be in a better position down the stretch. i told the guys in the locker room, this can go one of two ways. there is only one way it's going to go. that's up. >> after playing doug pederson told his players to look in the mirror and ask themselves, are you doing enough to help this team win? jeff skversky, "action news." >> we have more on the eagle free fall coming up on "action news" sunday. we discuss the birds and the rest of the sports after this newscast. >> it was a trip from can do to the u.s.
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maybe they should stay because they were good luck. >> fires in a 2-1 lead here. later in the second, a spectacular gear with the flyers on top for good. they beat former head coach 4-2, winning five straight for the first time since march 2014. >> the euphoria last night was a disappointment for penn state fans. here are the lions arriving back in state college today. the selection committee picked alabama, clemson, ohio state and washington over them. they are headed to the rose bowl january 2nd. it's a nice consolation game, one the coach says they'll take. we would have loved to be in the playoffs, but we are honored for the opportunities we have. >> the temple owls are


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