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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 4:30 this morning on this wednesday december 7th. >> good morning everyone. and developing this morning rescuers are frantically searching for survivors of an earthquake that rocked indonesia. dozens are already dead. >> right in the middle of the day south philadelphia store parking lot a woman is dragged from an suv while trying catch a purse snatcher. >> and a woman steals a baby jesus statue from christmas city itself. bethlehem pennsylvania. >> first up let's get a sense of your accuweather and traffic. we've got dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> as promised there are a
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couple of lingering sprinkles around in yesterday's rain. the steady stuff frankford yesterday is gone. you might get a little mist on the windshield and maybe some drizzle where you don't seat green. awful this is lifting away from us over on the next several hours. there's also some breaks in the clouds out to the west. satellite data actually missing a little bit on the low clouds but we expect cloudy start a little bit of a sprinkle and later in the day perhaps the return some of sunshine and there is still a lingering issue up in the poconos. winter weather advisory extended until 6 o'clock. the snow is over but freezing drizzle possible but that could even be worse that freeze up on the roads with the icy stuff and the snow. 41 degrees currently in philadelphia, 38 in allentown, of course up in the poconos it's still 32 the freezing mark. forty three millville and 46 in cape may. not much wind out there. 41 degrees under the clouds by 7 o'clock. as we go through the day it will stay on the cool side. we'll get to a high of 50 around 3 o'clock this afternoon and hopefully we'll start see a breakup of the
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clouds an little bit more sunshine. looking at a cool down over the next couple days. i'll have those lower temperatures in the accuweather 7-day coming up karen. >> dave a little damp in new jersey. live on route 42 in gloucester city near market street and you can see headed towards the walt whitman bridge little splashing on the roads being a bit wet at this point but moving okay. mercer county new jersey new jersey turnpike northbound we have an accident. approaching exit 7a it's blocking the right lane with crews on the scene. vine street expressway remains closed in both directions. you can see traffic blocked off all the ramps are blocked off. should be clear by 5 o'clock this morning and you can see a little wet out here still on the vine. schuylkill starting to dry out. traffic is moving all right approaching spring garden. your eastbound traffic headed towards the vine with no delay and we can see mlk drive scheduled to close until 5:00 for construction. we're watching for that as well matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. developing this morning a strong under sea earthquake
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has killed at least 97 people in indonesia and another 78 people have been seriously injured. the 6.5 magnitude quake, hundreds of buildings collapsed. there's a frantic rescue effort going on as dozens of villagers soldiers and police try tom reach victims in the hardest hit areas. in a woman loading bags into her car at a south philadelphia shopping center was dragged by an suv just moments after her purse was stolen. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at third and oregon with the surveillance video the police would like you to take a look a good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam l this all happened in the middle of the today. we want to let you know this happened about three weeks ago on november 27th but police want this out there not only to try and catch this person but also because a lot of people are out shopping this time of year because of the holiday season. well, take a look at this surveillance video that was released by south detectives
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and when you're looking at it, watch chose as the woman puts groceries in her trunk after stopping at the supermarket that is here in the 300 block of oregon avenue. now, police think that the thief in this case stalked her as she circled the parking lot then targeted her and watched as she put her purse in the passenger side seat and it's while she's putting groceries in the trunk of her car that that thief then goes into the passenger side grabs her purse. well, she chases the thief and then the victim tries stop him and instead is that dragged several feet before she falls offer the vehicle. now, police describe the suspect's vehicle as having distinctive air vents on the front doors an tail pipe as well. it is a late model to it tap highlander. now back out here live luckily that woman was not seriously injured but police are concerned that this person could strike again. again, targets that are in the parking lot. many people doing that this time of year. if you have any information you are urged to call 686
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tips. for now reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> let's hope they find the person. thank you annie. unclear if the dark and dreary conditions overnight led to a fatal crash involving a pedestrian in camden county. police say it happened as an elderly man was in the middle of the 400 block of south black horse pike in blackwood. the impact left the victim's items scattered. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. falls township police responderd to yet yet heroin overdose death. that many marks five deaths in 11 days in the bucks county community. police say they took two people who are with the victim into custody. >> new on "action news" police are looking for the woman who stole a baby jesus statue from bethlehem northampton county. surveillance video shows the woman taking the statue from the nativity at bethlehem city hall plaza sunday morning. she was also seen walking a dog and driving off in a dark
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car believed to be saturn ion. the statue was found in bethlehem township. police say an incoherent note was left with it. >> president-elect trump wants the federal government top cancel its order for newspaper presidential planes from boeing. the republican says the building costs are out of control. abc's karen travers reports. >> reporter: joining donald trump on his victory lap his choice to lead the pentagon james mattis. >> the american people are fortunate that a man of this character and integrity will now be the civilian leader a top the department of defense. >> reporter: earlier tuesday trump blasted american aircraft manufacturing giant boeing first on twitter. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control more than $4 billion. cancel order. and later at trump tower.
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>> i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. >> reporter: the attack seemed to come out of the blue except trump's tweet came about an hour after boeing ceo was quoted criticizing the president-elect's rhetoric on trade in china. for now there's no $4 billion deal but boeing has been tapped to produce two new planes to replace the aging aircraft. the pentagon projects the cost for the new plane could be upwards of $3 billion and is it too soon to talk about 2020? vice president joe biden getting a lot of questions after indicating this week he will consider a run for the white house. and on the late show with stephen colbert tuesday night biden again refused to completely rule out a bid. >> to never say never. you don't know what's going to happen. i mean, hell, donald trump is going to be 74, i'll be 77 in better day. >> vice president biden says
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he doesn't regret his decision. it was the right one for his family but he also says he thinks he was best prepared to read this country right now. reporting in washington, karen travers channel6 "action news." >> happening today the university of delaware will install its new president and vice president joe biden will be on hand to deliver remarks at that inauguration ceremony. he will officially become the university's 28th president. he has served as the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs since 2011. this morning's ceremony will take place at the roselle center for the arts. i'm sure he's proud to be a blue hens. >> met him app couple times. nice guy. 4:38 now. new on "action news" a new jersey woman whose son was killed in that massive blaze in oakland california talks about dealing with her tragic loss. >> also more than a dozen high school students get sick after eating gummy bears. police say the candy was laced with drugs. david. >> this morning on the bus stop the temps in philadelphia
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ranging around 40 degrees between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and there could be a couple light sprinkles or light showers around. i'd dress the kids mainly in the warm gear this morning and they can ease back with it this afternoon. we'll have your afternoon call from accuweather and that big cooldown coming for the end of the week. >> ♪
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>> drivers were dealings with slush and light covered roads and windshields in randolph morris county. temperatures respect expected to dip below the freese freezing mark in that communities tonight. >> worried about just how cold it's going get around here. >> yes, we're looking at wind chills in the 20's coming up on friday and saturday unfortunately. storm tracker6 live double
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scan shows you the vein out of here. it's on the move over toward the east still bothering folks from malvern philadelphia medford lakes glassboro and even where you don't see the green there could be a little drizzle this morning. we have cloudy skies overhead hadn't you can see how low the clouds are in center city. kind of hard to see some of the tallest skyscraper tops down there. that's from our temple university camera looking south on broad. temperature is 41 degrees in philadelphia, couple of spots still in the 30's. winds out of the north at 9 miles per hour so a little bit of a breeze to add to that chilly feel this morning. future tracker6 shows that you by 8:30 or 9 o'clock most of those precipitation producing light sprinkles and showers are probably moving away from us and later in the day it's possible that we start to see some sun come back. we're hoping for that. here's william temperatures are going to go. 41 degrees by 8 o'clock. still kind of cool by 10 o'clock at 43. then probably still fairly cloudy by noon in most spots, 45 degrees there. there is that chance of some sun coming back later in the day, though and we'll get a high of 50 degrees around 3 o'clock this afternoon before sliding back to the mid 40's as soon as five and
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6 o'clock tonight. high temperatures this afternoon still kind of cool up north in the upper 40's in allentown, reading and trenton. 50 on the nose in philadelphia and wilmington and a little bit milder, 53 in millville and 52 down in cape may, new jersey later today. tomorrow we're looking at a high of just 45 degrees as cooler air starts to come from the west and later in the day and night you're going to feel those winds start to pick up. there could even be an isolated sprinkle shower or flurry later in the day or at night as that front comes through and then behind that system out to the west look out, high pressure building in. we'll probably see a little bit more sunshine toward the end of the week noon saturday but both days wind chills in the 20's and high temperatures in the upper 30's in some cases. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, mostly cloudy today, a high of 50 degrees. we got some of those sprinkles and light showers early this morning but those will die out pretty quickly today. and then thursday clouds, some sun, 45 degrees and again late in the day or at night a spotty shower or maybe even a
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flurry. and then friday blustery and cold, a fair amount of sunshine, a little flurry popping up from whatever cloud cover does manage to pop through. a high of 42 and still brick and cold on saturday with a high of just 38 degrees again wind chills making it feel like the 20's. fair a sunshine on saturday mixing with clouds. on sunday clouds and sun mix, 42. looks like it will probable be dry for the eagles game but later at night there's the chance of a bit of rain arriving and then monday cloudy and rainy, 50 is the high. i will caution that you in the northern and western suburbs early on before dawn you might see a little bit of a wintry mix before a changeover to rain. again that would be monday morning. and then tuesday mostly cloudy 46 is your high. and more rain is possible there. remember when we're not on the air you can always get the very latest weather information by going to and hopefully these rain showers this morning aren't going to that hinder you too much. every now and then your windshield wipers on delay. >> mine do that actually. pretty cool.
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>> okay. >> thank you david. a north jersey mother says she feels outraged and betrayed after losing her son to that massive warehouse fire in oakland california. alex cason who grew up in the poconos was with his feians at a dance party in the building. this is some of the last video shot before the blaze. you can see how much material is in that room, it's dark but you can also see the date and the time in the corner. it was about an hour before the fire. cason's mother is caring for the twin daughters he left behind. >> i don't have time to cry right now. the only thing i can do is really make sure that my granddaughters will be okay. >> investigators now say a refrigerator or another electrical appliance may have that sparked those flames that killed 36 people. >> happening today, jury selection is said to begin in the death penalty trial avenue man accused of killing nine people at a historic black church in south carolina. the judge rejected a request from dylann roof's lawyers yesterday to delay the start.
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his attorneys filed the motion citing the mistrial of michael slager which happened on monday in a nearby courthouse. the former officer was on trial for fatally shooting an unarmed black man. now roof's lawyers argued potential jurors might feel pressure to compensate for the slager mistrial by seeking a harsher punishment against roof. and this is new. students at a suburban chicago high school became sick after eating tainted gummy bears. school officials in naperville say 13 teens were taken to the hospital yesterday. they're all expected to be okay. students tell police the candy may have been laced with pot. police are still investigating who handed out the gummy bears. >> most people expect to pay $40 to $50 for a real christmas tree but in new york city some residents are reaching a lot deeper into their pockets. one tree was that recently sold for a thousand dollars in the posh greenwich village neighborhood. i think they need to start
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selling common sense. the business has trees that sell for about $400 but many less that sell for about 60 bucks and i want to remind you that this is a item that is in your home for a couple of weeks. >> you only wear a wedding dress once. >> that's the biggest day of your life just about. that's a bit different. christmas comes every year. >> i guess off points there. 4:47. we'll get another live look at the roads with karen rogers next. >> meet the contractor who's are fixing up homes while they record a viral hit. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we're looking live with our new sky6 camera in city hall and you can see it's damp out there on the roads. slow it dune little bit. we have a new accident on the schuylkill expressway. the car right here looks like it might have spun out facing in the wrong direction. not seeing emergency workers from this vantage point just yet. you see howett the roads are. you got to take it easy. you don't want to hydro plane. drive safely. this is the schuylkill westbound at south street. a vehicle facing the wrong way. vine street expressway westbound in the process of reopening. eastbound still shut down
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maybe seeing the first car start to move right now eastbound on the vine street expressway. it had been closed overnight for construction so in the process right now of reopening. on the big picture right heat jingle bell doll concert 7:30 at the wells fargo center. mlk drive closed for construction until 5:00 a.m. it will open from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. to try to get you to work there. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. taking a look at business start wind gust at&t. the heads of this company and time warner will try to convince senator as merger of the two companies is a good thing. the ceo's will go before an antitrust panel. the head of the panel has expressed concerns about the deal and the environment may not be so good. president-elect donald trump has promised that he would kill the deal while he was on the campaign trail. alaska airlines won government approval to buy rival airline virgin america. the $2.6 billion deal is expected to close soon. the combined carrier will become the nation's fifth largest.
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the major stock indices closed higher on tuesday t the dow going up 35 points. this morning futures again looking at a higher open. chipotle's turn area sound going a little bit slower than expected. news by the company's co-ceo sent shares down 7 percent. half after country's locations have less than excellent customer service. >> newest duet by two indiana singing contractors is their biggest hit yet. >> ♪ >> aaron gray and josh harn net said they left the message behind the popular mary did you know. it was recorded in a garage last week after singing it together only once. it has 18 million facebook views so far. they think this new song will be their most watched video yet. >> we had one video go viral it was how great thou art and then here about a year later
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we've had this other video go viral and it's just been crazy ever since. >> arnett and gray have performed at the indiana statehouse and the governor's mansion over the past year so they're no slouches when it comes to a capella. >> that's a cool thing. learning more about the new jersey state trooper killed in that head on crash in millville. coming up at 5:00 a childhood friend says goodbye to frankie williams. >> philadelphia's top owl will that officially become a bear today and still people on the temple campus are having a hard time accepting it. that's next. >> ♪
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>> a 19-year-old man has turned himself in in connection with the murder of a 14-year-old in the mayfair section of philadelphia last week. ian wilsey was shot three times while walk weighing friend on the 2900 block of devereaux avenue last monday night. wilsey died at the hospital. the suspect's identity has not been released yet a second suspect is still on the loose. and federal prosecutors are seeking 17 to 21 degrees in jail for former pap congressman chaka fattah. fattah is that scheduled to be sentenced on monday, the 11 term democrat was convicted of racketeering and fraud in june. >> matt rhule temple ago football coach up until yesterday will be introduced as the new head coach at baylor university in texas. the announcement yesterday was a shock to the temple communities. most did not expect rhule to leave especially so soon after saturday's aac conference championship win over navy.
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>> really is a surprise like hearing like he's leaving especially for baylor like come on. >> kind of unfortunate 'cause seemed to be building something special here at temple. >> do you feel like temple will be able to find somebody like him. >> it might be kind of harmed you can't really have one matt rhule. there's only one. >> temple has named assistant ed foley as interim head coach top lead the owls against wake forest. the search for app permanent replacement is under way. great coach, great friend of the station as well. we're going miss matt rhule. >> we l good luck to him. good luck to tell me personal a tennessee police officer really went all out for the battle of the belt challenge. we'll have the details. look at that. >> a white naturalist leader speech at a texas college sparks protest. that story and more when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 7th. here's what's happening. >> a man shake a stalked... stalked a woman at a park doing. >> we're learning more about the new jersey state trooper including that that he was a newlywed. >> accuweather sao s tracking the coldest blast of arctic air. jack frost is creeping towards the delaware and lehigh valley. >> dave murphy will he be nipping at our nose very soo


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