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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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4:30 a.m. on this thursday, december 8. >> here's what we're following for you. a drive-by shooting in west philadelphia sends a man to the hospital overnight. >> the mother of a hit-and-run victim in delaware pleads for help in finding a driver. the crash left her 12-year-old son injured. >> a young man suffers you burns and smoke inhalation in a fire. >> it's chilly out there, let's go over to david murphy and matt pellman, good morning. >> reporter: you're correct, there's a little bit of cloud
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cover leftover from yesterday. we'll transition to clouds and sun. this morning you'll see the gray stuff at least in the immediate future. 37 in philadelphia. 33 in allentown. down around the freezing mark in trenton, reading, lancaster and 27 in millville. 44 in cape may. everybody chilly to start out. there's a light wind so we don't have to deal with super severe windchills, nonetheless it is cold, grab the heavier coat. 36 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 43 by noon. high of 45 degrees, cooler than yesterday. after the noon hour and up toward 3:00 p.m., the breezes will pick up. 41 degrees by 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., 37 degrees, windchills going toward the 20s as we head into the evening and overnight. tam is not happy about this. when i come back we'll talk about that, the dissension in
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temperatures and low windchills, matt. >> reporter: you might havecent. >> reporter: construction crews are hard at work on southbound side by academy, traffic volume is light, but everybody is squeezing by without much of a problem. there's work northbound in bucks county by 413 blocking a lane there. no construction by the boulevard or the schuylkill expressway. however coming off the schuylkill expressway, right here, of course, the vine is closed for overnight work, should reopen for in the next half-hour. for now, all lanes are blocked in both directions. inbound side of mlk drive is closed until 5:00. it will open and close during the midday. lincoln drive is closing overnight tonight at 7:00 p.m.
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problems early in salem county, downed requires from 295 to route 40 that's exit 1. you can get by in the main lanes. a delaware mother is pleading for help to find the driver who struck her 12-year-old son and took off. it happened monday evening. the boy is expected to be in the hospital through christmas. annie mccormick is live at new castle county police with the story, annie. >> reporter: matt, that young boy is in guarded, but stable condition with fear injuries. his mother spoke to "action news" reminding people that there is a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. this is 12-year-old brian richards a 7th grader who is active in sports. new castle county police say
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around 5:40 p.m. monday he was struck by a hit-and-run driver in minquadale. yesterday police released the photo of the chrysler they are looking for. the driver side mirror should be missing. the passenger side mirror should have yellow tinted glass with chrome back. brian's mom spoke about his injuries last night. >> he has a brain bleed. it's christmastime, i have a 12-year-old boy in the hospital at christmastime. that's going to be hard. >> reporter: he could be in the hospital through january, his mother saying he several surgeries ahead. reporting live in new castle, delaware. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> new this morning, a drive-by
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shooting sent a 59-year-old man to the hospital. police say the victim was standing on the corner of 52nd and haverford avenue west philadelphia at midnight. a gunman fired a gun from the car shooting the victim in the hip. tonight a vigil will honor new jersey state trooper frankie williams, his mother ask dealing with bottomless grief. katherine scott is live in the satellite center and she has more on the sad interview, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, chalk it up to a mother's intuition, victoria williams said she knew something was wrong. >> my recipe for my son was love.
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>> reporter: new jersey state trooper, frankie williams was 31 years old, the only child of a single mother, he lost his life in a horrific on duty crash on route 55 in millville. it's unfair, it's selfish, it's cruel. a driver crossed the median and hit the rookie trooper head on. that driver perished. an unimaginable loss for the trooper's mother, victoria mother. >> the phone rang, i was saying to my fee fiance, victor, sometg is wrong. >> reporter: williams spoke about her son, he was mothered two months ago, he grew up across the street from the woman who would be his bride. >> she always came back and forth to see my son. >> reporter: frankie new he wanted to be in law enforcement,
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and became a state trooper less than a year ago. he had his dream job and the love of his childhood sweetheart. the grief is raw and deep. >> he gave so much to me as a mother, and he loved his wife unconditionally. >> reporter: the candle light vigil is planned this evening, at the leesburg fire department. the community is welcome to attend. >> thank you for that. a pitbull attacked a teen in wilmington and injured both of his legs. the boy was rushed to ai dupont hospital. the responding police officer shot and killed the dog, afternoon annual welfare officer was called into the investigation. a young man suffered burns and smoke inhalation in a house fire in northeast philadelphia. the action cam was along cottman
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avenue before 8:30. firefighters were able to douse the flames inside the two story twin home in ten minutes. the victim is in the hospital, there's no word on what caused the fire. two election recount efforts have been derailed. a federal judged stopped the recoincident in this state. philadelphia, the judge rejected the green party's effort to dismp -- inspect the voting machine. stein said hacking could have affected the vote in pennsylvania. joe biden spent 36 years as a senator before being tapped as veep. his colleagues touted the strength of his friendship and character. >> obviously i don't always agree with him, i do trust him. >> i genuinely listened to
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people. we know when you give your word as a biden, you will keep it. >> biden mentioned that he might run in 20/20, but yesterday he clarified he has no intention to do it at this point. >> 4:39 a.m., a police say an officer in nevada was forced to fire at a knife wielding high school student. >> reporter: investigators have released the cause of the blaze that ripped through an entire block in allentown. david. >> reporter: cold morning on the bus stop, we have clouds and occasional breaks getting breezier later in the day and temperature in the mid 30s, bundle the kids up. i've got the extra gear on, i'll add a hat on the girl this
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>> you're taking a live look here, sky6 live hd, city hall camera, taking a look at the christmas tree. the bright blue lights, 442, 37 degrees. david is going to start talking, i don't want to hear about the cold. >> we want to see your holidays lights on social media. or join the action at >> winter is less than three weeks away. >> reporter: it's getting colder over the next several days.
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storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry. taking a look outside, we've got sky6 live hd there's the commodor barry bridge on sky6 live hd chester, pennsylvania, it does look like we'll see clouds and sun as we go through the morning and most of the day, we're starting out on the cold side. 37 degrees currently in philadelphia. definitely on the cold side here. a little bit colder than that in a lot of our suburbs. winds, west/southwest at 6 miles per hour. satellite and radar shows you there's a fair amount of cloud cover over a good portion the area early on. we expect a mix of clouds and sun, maybe a flurry here or there out of the clouds. today's high, 45 degrees, we're in the 30s by 8:00 a.m. so-- 10:00 a.m., 41 degrees. 45 around 3:00 p.m. 39 degrees by 6:00 p.m. notice how we do get some sun in play today, the change will occur in the afternoon where you start to see the wind pick up.
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it will get breezy this afternoon and later tonight down right windy with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 42 in allentown. 43 in reading. 45 in trenton. not much different between the suburbs and i-95 corridor. you slide south you get into the 40s, millville, 48, dover, 49. everybody dealing with the increasing wind. we have an area of high pressure with a dome of cold air up in the northern and western areas of canada and into minneapolis and shifting toward us. tomorrow it will be chillier, and saturday you'll see temperatures in the 30s and brisk and cold out there. so things get better sunday, but friday, saturday, definitely on the cold side. we're looking at highs close to the 30s, friday i think we might briefly hit 40s. you'll be in the 30s most of
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the time. the same story on sunday. this is the coldest air of the season so far. the last time we were in the 30s was february 18. it's been a while, but it's coming back. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mix of clouds and sun, breezy in the afternoon and windier later tonight. tomorrow, blustery and cold, fair amount of sunshine. clouds north and west of philadelphia. high of 40, but that will be briefly. in the 30s most of the day and windchills in the 20s. brisk and chilly on saturday, highs of 30s and windchills in the 20s. sunday, you're in the 30s most of the day and rain or wintry mixed precipitation. monday, mixed precipitation north of philadelphia. it may changeover to range in time for the morning rush.
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46 is the afternoon high. tuesday, 42 degrees the high there. wednesday, windy and colder, high of 38. when we're not on the air you can get the latest information at the cold is a coming. authorities say a high school police officer in nevada was forced to shoot a teenager because the teen threatened his classmates with the knife. investigators are reviewing dozens of cell phone videos from the shooting in reno. the fight started with students when the 14-year-old pulled out the weapon. the teen was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. classes at that high school are scheduled to resume today. the search continues for the two suspects wanted in connection with the shooting inside a walmart in suburban phoenix. two men were shot at the store
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in glendale yesterday morning. the shooting was not random that the shooter and the victim know each other. witnesses say it was over as fast as it started. >> i just heard gunshots, i was like oh, my god. >> i seen the guy on the ground, i'm like oh, my god he has a gun. >> police are searching for the shooter and another suspect described as a teenager. two teens were charged with starting the fire in tennessee. the authorities charged the pair with the fire, the fire spread to gatlinburg. it disanld -- damaged and destroyed 1700 building. smoke be is it a blame -- smoking is the blame for a multi-alarm fire that ripped through an entire block in
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allentown. someone are accident discarded g material. >> a recall is coming due to a fire hazard. pennsylvania ski resorts are looking forward to the chilly temperatures. one is planning to open. we'll have that when "action news" continues. >> reporter: live look from the
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owl's nest at temple university, the center city skyline, looking good this morning, quiet, a lot of people yet to get up, not us, we're wide a wake. i brought in reinforcements to help with the traffic report. >> they need a new football coach at temple. >> reporter: that was shocking news in temple, he will be missed. how is the vine looking? meanwhile, the vine street expressway eastbound side blocked off with overnight construction, overnight work in bucks county northbound on 413. right lane out of commission, overnight work between lehigh valley and the quakertown has cleared. they are working on the
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southbound off ramp to quakertown. they are working on the ramp there, as well. the work continues on the other ramps. meanwhile, on the turnpike past downingtown right lane construction you're getting at theme a lot of roadwork so far this morning. tam. >> ski resorts in northeastern pennsylvania are getting ready to open and with colder weather in the forecast they are hoping for a better season this year than last career. bear creek mountain resorts plans to be open in december and plans to make snow as early as this week. workers and visitors want to see the mountain transformed into a winter wonderland. >> yearly basis we could have 200,000 people, on a day, we could get 4 to 5,000 people. there's an appetite for the winter sports. >> last year most resorts could not open until early january because it was so warm late in
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the season. >> the donald trump rally continues, wall street had another big day with good signs for the economy. investors were more excited at the closing bell because the gains were driven by stocks that tend to do well when the economy is growing. the dow sunday at 295. closed 19,000. the nasdaq gained 60. futures pointing to a slightly higher open. target issued a major recall of a holiday item that could be a firehouse, hanukkah menorah in a pyramid design. people are urged to return the item to target for a refund. we're getting a look inside the vertical neighborhood. the luxury suites are located on
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in the cirrus center south. aka university city will open its doors in january. prosecutors are investigating a video taken of the lehigh valley insulting a another student with racial slurs. a driver crashes into a pennsylvania town causing a large statue of columbus to topple over, that story is next. e
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toppling of a giant marble statue drew a crowd in northeast pennsylvania town. a driver jumped a curb and smashed into a fence and crashed into the christopher columbus statue. the driver was taken to the hospital. get this, the solid marble statue was not even damaged. officials plan to put it back up, once the fence is repaired. >> don't make them the way they used to. cell phone video shows police trying to capture a man at a busy airport. he breached a secure area and ran on the tarmac and leading police on a foot chase. social media helped arrest a man accused of an atm robbery in south jersey. "action news" will be right
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is 5:00 a.m., thursday, december 8. here's what's happening. >> here the emotional plea from a delaware mother whose son was hit by a driver who sped away from the scene. police are looking at a dispute with racial overtones that spilled on to social media. >> bundle up and get ready for an arctic blast over the


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