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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 8, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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for monday's crash that killed a new jersey state trooper and a social media post at a lehigh valley high school draw as tension from the district attorney. now, the latest details on the trump transition. the president-elect is drawing criticism over his appointments, his controversial pick for the environmental protection industry drawing angry from environmentalist and members of congress. like putting an arsonist in charge of firefighting. and in a twitter war from the carrier plan that planned to
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leave the u.s. lana zach is live with all the latest on the trump controversies actually. >> there is one of those every week and today the president-elect continues his victory tour or thank you tour rather, through ohio and iowa and we'll lift tonight hear if he talks about those controversies, particularly the the pick for the epa. he picked scott pruit. his own bio claims he is a leading activist against the epa agenda and knoxnating a climate denier is offensive. >> and more controversy for the president-elect, a new fight with the union leader at carrier. >> we are saving the jobs at the carrier plant from going to mexico. >> 1,100 jobs.
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>> but chuck jones representing the workers disputed the claim of 1100 job says it's really 800. >> when the word came out of 1100, they thought that they would have a job. then they find out the next day, on friday they more likely they weren't. 550 were losing their job. >> he wrote chuck jones did a terrible job representing workers and the potential conflicts of interest are less certain today. he tweeted i feel is important that in no way to have a conflict of interest with my various businesses be now he may turn to his sons to take over the reins of his company while refusing to completely separate himself. >> and a far less controversial announcement may be coming soon, trump's transition team plans to
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announce john kelly to head the department of homeland security. he is well respected and a gold star father himself. >> reporting live from washington, lana zach, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and there is more on the trump family businesses, "the new york times" is now report that under a plan being considered by the trump family, ivanka trump would take a leave from the organization to take a lead on chings like child care. but has not taken away from her clothing and fashion brands. and from the pacific northwest people get a dose of winter from an arctic blast there. it snows all night law in the higher elevations, 10 inches were expected before it was all over. and further north they were spreading brine ahead of a rare snow there. and forecasters are expecting ice and freezing rain into the
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mix and dallas, texas, they expect a possible freeze today and that could create havoc on all the elevated highways in the state. and crew his 36 tons of material on hand to pretreat the roadways, we won't get much move sfoe or ice and temperatures head down while the winds pick up. sky 6 hd looking live at the ben franklin bridge in penn's landing and as we are mentioning we are getting some of the coldest temperatures of the season the next couple of days, david murphy has the timetable on the change. >> it's certainly chilly as we set the table for the onslaught of cold air. fortunately temperatures locally are in the 40s across the region. that is nice because there say light sprinkle that kins to work its way east of the i-95 into central and southern newcastle county, delaware and some of that is crossing the bay in south jersey and rain and light and not much more than a nuisance right now. cloud cover you see is fairly thick at this hour across the
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region. there is thinning of the cloud cover north of baltimore, and we are hoping that some of that works its way east and we'll get late sun. 44 in philadelphia right now and the temperatures are all chilly. throughout the mid-atlantic, 45 in central park new york and 47 in washington and the same story down the pike in richmond, the cooler air is out to the west. and winds continue to pick up and you look out to the north and west they are higher as the front comes through the higher, stronger winds work their way in here as well. we expect to get breezy through the afternoon and down right windy tonight and tomorrow. temperatures dip from the mid-40s to the 30s by 7:00 or 8:00 and down below freezing tomorrow. and tomorrow morning's rush hour will be one to compare to recent days in a negative way. temperatures below freezing and wind gusts could go as high as
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30 power and windchills to make it feel like 20 or below that in areas. we'll maintain similar numbers and feel on saturday. i'll have all of that as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coat weather out here today though. in other news we hear the 911 calls from the minutes before a red toyota slammed into a police cruiser killing a new jersey state trooper monday night. >> a drunk driver is all over the road and almost hit us. >> 911 emergency -- >> a driver in front of me swerving on the road. >> others believe the man was drunk as he veered off the road in millville but police say there is no evidence that the driver had been drinking and still investigating what caused 61-year-old lloyd ruddily to cross the median, he crashed
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head-on into a police vehicle. both ruddily and trooper williams was killed. a 59-year-old man remains in the hospital after a drive-by shooting overnight in west philadelphia. the man was on the could have beener of west 52nd street at midnight when he was shot in the hip. a dark colored car fled the scene and was admitted in critical condition. they hope to get clues from the many surveillance cameras in that busy location. wilmington police are trying to solve the murder of a 35-year-old man last night. officers were flagged down on north market street and found a man bleeding heavily from a neck wound and he died later at the hospital. video posted on social media may have sparked a fight between two northampton high school
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students. it happened at saucon valley high school. they recorded video while a black student was eating and shouted racial slurs and insu insults, the 16-year-old student faces charges while the other student was reprimanded. the attorney general is launching an investigation. >> it's not a crime to be a racist but when you tape them and post them on the internet, that crosses it's line. >> morgan says that the teen that posted the video may be charged with ethnic intimidation or harassment. and 16-year-old tara smith
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vanished in 1998, this is smith next to her and they both vanished and both went to the same high school at the same time in the 1990s and they auditioned for the same role in a fifth grade play. and her husband reached out to the smith family for advice. >> he wanted to know how to get by day to day. and also dealings with law enforcement. >> tara smith has never been found and no one was named in her disappearance. smith's father has long suspected a local man. a western pennsylvania gas driller paid the state $3.5 million for violations at pipeline locations. for improperly constructing wells violating rules on pollution control.
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officials now say that careless smoking is to blame for the fire in allentown that damaged an entire city block. it started in an enclosed porch area of a row home on north fulton last friday. 23 people were displaced. a northeastern pennsylvania town temporarily lost a landmark last night in a dramatic fashion. a driver jumped the curb and hit the george washington statue. the statue came down on the back of the car smashing the back window, the solid marble statue was not damaged and officials plan to put it back up one the fence is repaired. still to come on "action news" at 12:30, a wrong way intoxicated driver leave a trail of wreckage on an interstate but it's not his first offense this week. >> and alicia vitarelli introduces us to one of the
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xarelto. drivers in seattle washington describe him as a maniac behind the wheel. a 22-year-old driver is behind bars this afternoon for creating his own demolition derby on a busy freeway. a driver suspected of being under the influence of methamphetamine hit five cars and then drove the wrong way down a ramp. >> driving erratically and in and out of traffic at high speeds, we were not the only car to be hit. >> the suspect ditched the car and took off on foot but authorities captured him and the same driver was arrested yesterday morning for dui. a multibillion dollar measure to boost federal spending for cancer, alzheimer's and other research is heading to
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president obama's desk. >> the motion is agreed to. >> the senate last overwhelmingly approving what is called the 21st century cures act. it provides $5 billion for research and half a billion dollar to speed up drug appro l approvals by the fda. and an artist in indiana is fighting a rise in racist graffiti with stones. sydney is carving positive messages into the stones and leaving them in public spaces. she has left some works on the streets of blooming to this week. several racist scrawlings were found there of late. and along with the carvings she leaves a personal note asking that the finer keeps the random acts of kindness going. pay it forward. between the election and holidays there is more than enough stress to go around and this weekend a funny four some
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comes to our area to lighten things up a bit. alicia vitarelli is here with more. >> if you have ever seen impractical jokers you are in for a tear jerking laugh. the four very funny friends from new york city are here in our area for a live show at the pavilion saturday night and i had a chance to chat with joe gato for a sneak peek. the impractical jokers are going on their sixth season of off the cuff crazy dares caught on camera. >> it wasn't me. >> watching the four of them it's not surprising to know they have been friends since she were 14 years old. >> you all met in high school. >> we when to monsignor high school in staten island. there was nothing to do but prank each other because there was no girls around and the lifelong friends take their show
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on the roadway live performance with just as many improv pranks. >> we are on stage telling stories about our lives. and joe says it's not really about making fun about anyone other than themselves and with 26 years of experience they have gotten good at it. >> it's lifetime of being fools and laughing, sal would never take an elevator with me he would wait for the next one. >> every now and then they get the crowd involved. >> you ever pulled pranks on the people in philadelphia. let me tell you something -- >> no, we know. with we are not going to do it. >> but the impractical jokers, you never know. >> we pull people on stage and go with whatever the crowd. and philadelphia always has a good crowd zbrn joe says around the holidays there is cooking and shopping and all the running
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around who doesn't need a good laugh around now. they will be at the pavilion in camden friday night. >> he has a dangerous job. all of those practical jokes. and another check of the forecast for you as we look outside sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport the gray skies over the airport, and chilly conditions moving in. meteorologist david murphy has your update from accuweather. ♪
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not a big deal. stepping outside there are the clouds over the christmas village in and around city hall. the nice way they did that this year considering that love park is one of the usual locations. and that is under construction, they did a good job squeezing everything in there. wow your forecast high today breezy and chilly today. maybe some sun coming up later on and either way it's uncomfortable and coat weather, tomorrow windy and down right cold especially in the morning when we have windchills down at the 20 degree mark in the morning and upper 20s in the afternoon, saturday and sunday still cold although gradually the winds ease back over the weekend. temperature now 44 degrees and winds from the southwest at 10 and stronger winds in the western suburbs building in the city and expect them to rise over the next several hours, they are thinning out to the west and hopefully we can grab
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late day sunshine like we did yesterday. 4-in allentown today and 457 in philadelphia. the farther south the best chance of upper 40s and generally speaking chilly. 45 in philadelphia by 2:00 and holding on or about that by 3:00 and the same story by 4:00 and by 6:00 the sun is down and the temperatures are down and mid-30s by 8:00 and the freezing mark as soon as 10:00 and fort fatally there is no precipitation. and we'll head down to the freezing mark. and again we have the arctic high pressure center bringing us windchills and low temperatures. it's going to be cold up there today, and as it comes in our direction it moderates a bit and friday, saturday and sun we have a shot of it getting into the upper 30s and 40s on the map and it's going to be close and either way it's chilly. cold conditions too, we manage
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highs in the 30s any three days, the first time we have seen that in philadelphia. since way back on february 18th. injure exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 44 is today's high and clouds mixing with sun and coat weather. and tomorrow blustery and cold, a misleading high of 40 it will feel like the 20s. late in the day or at night a shower around and brisk and cold on saturday and 38 degrees and windchills in the 20s most of the day. sunday sun in the morning gives way to cloud cover and we'll struggle to get to 40 for a high again and dry for the eagles game and in the 30s for most of the contest. and then we get into sun night and things get interesting and a feature comes in and temperatures are falling and in the northern and western suburbs in particular there is a chance of mixed precipitation, maybe wet snow and sleet and rain. late sunday night into monmorning. at some point warm air takes over and we change everything to
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rain and for now we condition say if that will happen for the rush. sunday night into monday morning is the time period to watch. and the rest of the day rainy and cloudy and more rain possible on tuesday afternoon. >> thank you again. the space battles from star wars have landed on earth. hollywood boulevard in los angeles to be expect and next week star fighter is on the street for the saturday night premier of rogue one a star wars story, one replica of an item from the premier. disney the parent company of 6 abc.
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david murphy has one final check of the forecast for. >> you hoping for sunny breaks and some sun in the northern and
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western suburbs and highs only in the low his and breezier and breezier as the day goes on winds 8 to 16 miles per hour and upper 40s in south jersey and delaware season clouds and sun and breezy and still chilly. definitely an afternoon the coats. finally this noon, you know it's a blowout when lebron james is sitting on the bench looking board. he and his team were on the sidelines trying to master the water bottle challenge it happened while their game was still going on. cleveland had a 30 point lead over the knicks. the trick is to land the bottle standing up. a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. a local animal shelter teams up with a networking website to reunite lost pets and their owners, hear how they plan to better connect with the community and what is the deal
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has how to take the stress away from organizing the group gifts simply by using your smart phone. and don't forget to join us four "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon we'll see you later. this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient.
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