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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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thursday. warm coats and scarves and gloves are all signs that winter is here. with arctic air moving in we get our first taste of bitterly cold temperatures tomorrow morning. i'm sharrie williams. >> and i'm brian taff. frigid changes are creeping in and adam joseph is live now at the "action news" big board with the latest from accuweather today. >> winter is not on the calendar just yet but it feels like it by tomorrow morning. right now the air temperature at 45 degrees, so yes it's chilly but not too bad. 45 new york city and 48 in washington but as you work past the mountain chain of the appalachians it drops into the 20s for pittsburgh, buffalo and binghamton. those are not windchills those are air temperatures. as we widen out the numbers continue to tumble to the north and west. and this cold air is pushing down to the south. dallas, texas, 36 degrees it's
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colder here than it is in philadelphia the same for memphis as 37 degrees. for this evening we don't see a crash in temperature but a slow drop through the evening. 8:00, 38 degrees, mid-30s, 9:00 and 10:00 and the low overnight dropping down to 29 degrees for philadelphia. for the bus stop for tomorrow morning, it's bright and breezy and windchills 15 to 20 degrees, bundle up the kids with air temperatures below freezing and cover all extremities. and as we go into the next three days, temperatures only hold in the 30s with harsh windchills and the coldest air in 10 months. you have to go back to february to find equally cold temperatures as we'll experience the next couple of days and monday and tuesday could see rain and snow. and we'll have the seven day in
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just a little bit. >> thank you. you can count on to keep you up to date on the very cold temperatures. and that possibility for some snow. and be sure to interact with our immediate gives, each and every day on twitter and on facebook. new this afternoon, police have released video of the car that they believe was involved in a hit and run that critically injured a boy in newcastle county. they are looking for this red chrysler 300, it should be missing a drivers side mirror and the driver allegedly hit brian richards as he many crossed the street. he is recould having from broken legs and fractured skull and brain bleed. the car momentarily stopped and then drove away. you are asked to call police if you know anything about this. city council members are
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looking to crack down on bad tow truck companies. it could change when towing is and is not allowed. vernon odom is outside of city hall, you have the details on this. >> reporter: good afternoon brian, this was city council's last regularly scheduled session of the year as they go on holiday high atice until late january. the controversial bill aimed at philadelphia's tow truck industry. they filled a bike line to protest so-called reforms that city council was to approve to crack down on rogue operations that top city officials say steal cars. it would make the vehicle having a parking ticket before they remove it. and there are video of tow truck companies take ago way vehicles that are not even parked in tow
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away zones. >> we have to stop what we blatantly seen, that is some folks stealing car. >> the measure passed 16-1. >> the independent contractors who are tax paying, law abiding, non-predatory, are in business. and as we try to fix something, they are going to put them out of business. >> we do everything we need to do to pay lni for licenses and paying taxes and hiring people in the city of philadelphia. and it's pretty much going against us. we have no say and no options. >> even high-profile long established big money toers were here to protest the reforms. >> how could some do parking lot and driveway enforcement be predatory when it's the owner or management company calling us to
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tow these vehicles. they have us mixed up with another part of the industry. >> the new tow truck regulations will be implemented in 30 days. live in city hall, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a former philadelphia licenses and inspections worker has been acquitted of extortion and fraud charges. this week a jury found dominic verde, a deputy commissioner not guilty. he was indicted in april of 2014. prosecutors had argue that verde used his position to protect businesses that bought from the beer distribution company he owned in south philadelphia. today we hear the frantic emotional 911 calls from other drivers on the road moments before a red toyota slammed into a police cruiser killing 31-year-old new jersey state trooper, frankie williams. >> he almost hit us.
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>> i think there say driver here in front of me swerving on the road. >> as you hear in the calls, the other drivers believed that the other man behind the wheel of the red toyota is drunk as he veered out of control on route 55 in millville and police say that there is no evidence that the driver lloyd ruddly had been drinking. there is no word on what caused him to veer off and hit the trooper killing them. the family's pain is deep. >> was so angry. because he gave so much to me as a mother. and he loved his wife unconditionally. >> frankie gave so much to everyone. he was such a beacon of light and kindness and friendship, his life was compromised in him
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doing something he took some much pride in. it's just, there are just honestly no words. >> a vigil for trooper williams is planned for 7:00 tonight at the lees burg volunteer fire department and the family members are invited to attend. >> no doubt it will be well attended. >> police and the fbi are putting up a new reward in hopes of catching a serial bank robber, the crime spree played out in 2014, each time he targeted the police and federal credit union. he handed the notes to materials and gestures as show he had a gun. there is a $10,000 reward for the suspect's arrest and conviction. >> safety convictions are top of mind for firefighters in trenton. after one of their own fell victim to armed robbery. it happened while he was on
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duty. they are still trying to find the person that did it. nora muchanic is outside now to explain the new safety push. >> reporter: sharrie as if firefighters don't have a dangerous enough job already and you don't expect someone to point a gun at you while you are working. that is what happened here. on tuesday night, james returned to the scene of a call to pick up a piece of equipment. as he walked back to the truck parked around the corner an armed robber struck. he was approached by an individual who actually pulled out a gun and pushed him up against the fence and demanded money. >> it's not clear if he knew his victim was a firefighter. he shouted to stop and he and an accomplice took off. >> it's crazy trying to rob a firefighter while he is out there saving live zbrz the would be thief did not get away with anything but it unnerved the
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city's firefighters. >> it's a scary situation and the fire department is here to help the community and when these incidents happen they hinder our ability to help you. >> his people need to focus on fighting fires and does not have to worry about guns being pulled on them. putting focus on bulletproof vests and emts already have them and they are trying to expedite the vests. firefighters are being remaineding to make use of an emergency button on their uniforms if needed and clearly identifying them as firefighters. it's the first line of defense and they are national heroes and all of the majority of community thinks that way and it's a small percent. >> the fire director tells us that captain hall is okay and undergoing mandatory counseling after a traumatic event and will be back at work soon. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6
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"action news." >> all right nora, thank you. like these guys don't have enough to worry about on a given day. it's time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report, lets go live to matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center. >> look at the sun. >> angelic. we are doing the squint heading home this afternoon. the sun glare is bright as you head south and west. this is 95 the southbound direction all stacked up from 420 to 322, there was also a crash there, so double trouble the sun glare and the early accident giving us extra heavy delays. plent yil of red zones. and by 95 the north street bridge street is blocked off for emergency construction. i would use cotman interchange instead and a crash on the main line lancaster avenue at college
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lane, plenty of slowing on the schuylkill westbound in the normal spot. and bucks county by the dublin inn. a crash there. and a crash at elephant road. and that just cleared out and there is emergency construction just south of there on the northbound side of the concard pike and silver side road. watch for that blocking one of the turn lanes, gloucester county has an accident auburn road at oldman's creek road. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday afternoon reports of an accident here as you travel northbound between mid county and landed dale in whitpain township causing slowing on the northbound side as well. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. up next on "action news" at 4:00, a local animal shelter teams up with a networking site
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to reunite lost pets with their owners and how they plan to better connect with the community. and winter like weather turns deadly in michigan. the latest details about a pileup that involved more than 30 vehicles. manolo!
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three people have died and several others are injured following a 30 vehicle pileup on a michigan interstate. this happened near the state capital of lancing, state police are blaming slippery conditions for the crash and forced the highway to close in both directio directions. the person suspected of killing a florida police officer and wounding another. is now dead. he shot the officers as they responded to a domestic
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disturbance call yesterday that sparked a manhunt and led to a house south of atlanta today. they confirmed he was dead but it's unclear at this point just how he died. >> a federal judge denies a request for a mistrial for accused charleston church shooter, dillon roof. they said he belonged in the pit of hell could improperly influence the jury. the judge disagreed with that and jurors were showed video of roof entering the church and leaving with a gun in his hand. president-elect donald trump plans on visiting ohio state university to meet with victim its of last week's violent attack. they are describing the gathering as a private meeting, mr. trump is scheduled to see the injured as well as the first
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responders. it was three weeks ago when a student drove intoed crowd and stabbed people as random and it ended when a campus officer fatally shot the attacker. after the private meeting mr. trump will continue his thank you tour with a stop in iowa. meanwhile, vice president joe biden, offered a blunt critique calling it ugly and embarrassing much the vice president spoke at a forum in washington, talking about where we are and how we got here. he blasted both sides in the race for focusing on personality and not policy. >> i find myself embarrassed by the nature of the way in which this campaign was conducted. and so much for the shining city on the hill. >> now, biden has been coy in
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recent days of his political future. he says it's not his intense at this point. >> today u.s. is assembly majority leader luis greenwald announced measures to help gold star family. it includes extending the definition to include a spouse, child or legal guardian, and a scholarship program for new jersey colleges and universities. reuniting pets with their owners that is the goal of the animal care and control team. by using new techology. it is the first of its kind on the east coast to use next door. the private network will allow neighbors to communicate about lost or found pets and the animal control organization says it received 15,000 missing pets
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each year. the 15,000 pets are looking for their owners and the owners are looking for them. we are looking for a way to communicate effectively with our community to find their pet. >> so far 300 neighborhoods in philadelphia are using the technology. >> we look at the closing numbers, the dow and the nasdaq and s&p 500 all closing at record new highs today. the dow at one point up 100 points and settled up 65 points to close at 19,614. and the s&p up nearly 5 points today. the temperature is heading in the other direction. i want the up arrows but it's december. adam joseph is here with the forecast. >> temperatures going down and look agent this saying what is the glow in the sky? oh it's the sun. it's been a while when we have
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seen quite a bit of sun. the pagoda in reading westbound here. breaking the clouds apart in the north and west. again we have had some dreary days and as we move forward, clouds really taking over a lot of that seven-day forecast as well. winds right now they are starting to pick up, the cold front arctic front passing through 14 miles per hour and 18 in reading and a little bit less in millville and atlantic city between 7 and 8 miles per hour. factor in how it feels, 39 in philadelphia and 39 in dover, near freezing if not just below in some northwestern suburbs, lancaster at the freezing point and the numbers continue to tumble as we go through the overnight period. you see the clouds, maybe a spinning shower at times early on that pushed to the south and east along the boundary, that is the separation line to arctic air and more seasonable air and the lake-effect snow machine
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kicking up around buffalo. overnight lows tonight drop back into the 20s across most of the area if not just above freezing there. right along the shore line turning windy and brisk and colder. as the cold air arctic air starts to bleed in as we sleep overnight or at least most of us. as we look at the day planner for your friday, a high of 39 degrees, starting at 30 and topping off in the upper 30s the middle part of the tie. it's bright early with the cold air coming in and turn mainly cloudy tomorrow afternoon and throw those number as way for the air temperatures, because you have to factor in the winds, 19 in allentown tomorrow morning and 18 in reading and millville, right around 20 in philadelphia and as we go into the afternoon tomorrow, windchills remain in the 20s even though the air temperature is close to 10 degrees above this. and as we get into saturday, the winds ease a little bit so we gain a degree or two.
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and still chilly saturday afternoon with windchills in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. that four day at 4:00 forecast, 39 for a high tomorrow and blustery with windchills and early sun giving way to clouds and partly sunny on saturday and 38 degrees and clouds are here sunday morning and could be a flurry or two in the afternoon especially north of philadelphia. and sunday night into monday a sizable system comes in and snow in the lehigh valley. and high of 46 on monday and we'll show you a snapshot of monday morning in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> coming up on "action news" at 4:00, a delaware eighth grade erwins a national competition, the app he created that is getting high marks. >> and an unusual christmas bandit why you may want to call
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some more proof that our kids are way more savvy than we are. a 13-year-old student in delaware won a national create the app competition. he won this year's congressional app challenge with his app designed to teach users more about the world. the app properly called geography is featured with other winners in a display in the capitol building. >> i taught myself programming and created an app that combined many different ways of learning geography and in-depth content as well. >> it's no surprise he focused around geography. he is a former delaware state
4:27 pm
geography bee state championship. and his cleats caught eyes during the team's last football game because they look like this. newcastle native eric dorsey designed and painted the cleats as part of the my cleats my cause series, his is the international justice mission to stop sex trafficking. >> it brings awareness whether it's breast cancer or hunger or homelessness or things like that. and allows the athlete to bring that to light. >> dorsey has also done designs for another nfl players and track athletes and collegiate athletes. up next as "action news" at 4:00 continues, atm thefts are on the rise, how police say you should be extra vigilant when getting cash and in other places this holiday season. >> and the purchase of these bracelets for students in delaware can help to change someone's life in south america.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a woman's shopping rant that has gone viral. she was livid by what was happening in front of her while standing in line. >> and said to be locks of love and they will soon be removed.
4:30 pm
what happens if these memories for so many cox to paris. >> and the search is on for someone that put a gun to his head to take his phone and cash. >> new at 4:00, a south jersey man is indicted on charges that he stole more than $50,000 from a youth football league. michael deflorio of williamstown is accused of embezzling $56,000, the former treasurer of the elite invitational youth football league and apparently got a debit card links to the account and use tropical disturbance for personal expenses, if found guilty he faces 3 to 5 years in jail and a hefty fine. it's that time of year where thieves are lurking around every corner and they are targeting customers at atm's. gray hall is live now with this story from cherry hill. >> reporter: police say that the crimes of opportunity always
4:31 pm
increase around the holidays, the victim was targeted at an atm and police say that it's a reminder to never let your guard down. >> when it comes to surveillance pictures you don't get much clearer than this. the snapshot captured 36-year-old eric urso. >> a female victim was utilizing the atm and a struggle ensued. police put the image on his facebook page and reached 45,000 people and several tips led them to the suspect. a reminder to never let your guard down. >> don't count your money in public and go to your car and if you suspect you are following go to a police station or call 911 immediately or if someone comes to the machine and offers to assist you it's best to walk away quickly.
4:32 pm
never put yourself in harms way or give up the money, don't fight back or offer resistance. >> on the same night there was another case this video of a man that robbed a customer using an atm in king of prussia arc the victim waziristaning at the atm and the suspect snuck up behind him and robbed him and nobody was hurt. >> there is an uptick in this type of crime and because of increased usage of atmss and people are making more purchases and need access to funds. >> we are back out live and the suspect in the upper merion case is on the run and as we move into the holiday season don't forget about shopping safety, like not leaving your bags in plain sight in your vehicle. and police will be out at full force in stores and malls and plain clothes police officers will be looking for those
4:33 pm
shoplifters. >> a good reminder to be around of your surroundings, thank you. police are checking surveillance cameras as part of their investigation into a shoot that left a 59-year-old man in critical condition. this happened overnight at 52nd street and haverford avenue in west philadelphia. the victim was standing on the corner when he was shot by someone in a car, the suspect wanted for holding a man at gun point, was captured on the subway camera. police think this man is one of two suspects that went up to a 21-year-old man in a car on the 1100 block of costas place and pointed the gun at the victim's head and told him to hand over his phone and money. the fbi played tribute to team work, the bureau held a ceremony to recognize the contributions of several members of the philadelphia police department. the officers were honored for helpling out investgations of
4:34 pm
the violent crimes task force. they say it's an honor to work hand in hand with members of the philadelphia police department. the deadly building collapse of the salvation army store in center city in 2013 was preventible. the same engineer that investigated the 9/11 trade center collapse. and he said the tragedy could have been avoided if demolition of the building next door had not resume that june today. six people died and 13 others were injured when a four story brick wall collapsed on to the store. adam joseph is joining us now. it's so gray. >> we are looking at some of the sky 6's and the sun is returning north and west and people may want the clouds to come back in because with the clear air means the arctic air is coming with it. >> it's a tradeoff. >> there are tradeoffs this time
4:35 pm
of year. sky 6 hd in center city a break in the clouds in the far distance there but still healthy amount of cloud as above the center city buildings. 45 degrees and the dew point at 18. that is bone dry, winds from the west northwest 14, and they kick up overnight and windchill 39 degrees and easton the lehigh valley and northampton county and the clouds on the right hand side the leading edge passing by and windchill 33 and the winds from the west at 14 and behind this boundary windchills in the 30s across much of our area drop to the 20s in cincinnati and sincele digits in chicago and 13 degrees below zero in bismark, even dallas texas, 26 is the windchill. we'll talk about the first blast of winter like air coming in and rain or snow coming in monday morning in the accuweather forecast. >> we have been warned.
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>> thanks adam. >> the british american council. held their holiday lunch enin ritz carlton in center city philadelphia. they spoke to the group about the uk's investment and the city's commitment to uk business, the number one european market for philadelphia exports. the talker was antonio romeo the british council general in new york. how about these wrist bands, they could help a man from guatemala with an education, they are called uny bands and used at the conrad school of science in wilmington. they cost $7 each and if they sell 600 of them, they can proceed with their education. police are investigating a student brawl at a local high school football game.
4:37 pm
anchor, rick williams, is live in the newsroom with more on the feud that had two students in trouble. >> investigator says that the student fight may have been sparked by a racist video posted on social media. police believe that the 14-year-old boy made the video to make fun of his classmate that later sought revenge, they are calling the video repulsive and that could lead to charges against the boy that created it. we have the full story tonight at 5:00. and tonight we are exploring the benefits of a full body workout to help you stay fit during the holidays. the training program designed to boost your metabolism and strengthen your bones. coming up in just a little bit on "action news" at 5:00. brian -- sharrie -- >> it's me. they were there to entertain and to get people to donate to a worthy cause, members of our
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"action news" team right here alicia vitarelli, monica malpass and matt o'donnell stopped by the broadcast booth in center city. the adopt a family radio-thon benefits the volunteers of the delaware valley. the money raised helps families in shelters have a great holiday season and you can donate until 6:00. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 today. it's the grifrnl who stabbed frosty and hear from the homeowner that caught this man stabbing his giant inflatable snowman, and the message for this creep trying to ruin the christmas spirit. >> and a symbol of true love, putting a padlock on a bridge in paris and now the padlocks have to gone they are making sure they are still put to good use. we'll explain.
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a major display of love is underway in france? but this padded love story has a twist. attaching padlocks with bridges a longstanding of love in paris but stopped the ritual when they started to crumble from the wake. no one wanted to destroy the souvenirs so they decided to sell them. they hope to raise more than $100,000 for refugees, the auction takes place in the spring. rocker mick jagger announced the birth of his only child at 73 years old. the rolling stones front man welcomed their son this morning. jagger's other seven children range in age from teenagers to their 40s and get this he became a great grandfather in may of 2014. and they released an album. mcjagger still has swagger. and the force was felt in
4:42 pm
hollywood when an x wing fighter landed on hollywood boulevard. it was brought in for the star wars movie rogue one. at the theater this saturday. it will be released nationwide december 16th. disney is the parent company of 6 abc. big talkers how we start way story of a big time grinch in st. louis, missouri. and a bigger question who would dare stab frosty the snowman. >> while the knife-wielding criminal was caught on camera stabbing and slashing this giant frosty inflatable and the homeowner devastating and frosty defeated deflating to the ground along with holiday spirit. this is jeff digs house and that was his snowman and put the video on facebook to round up the snowman stabber but to make
4:43 pm
light of the situation he started a go fund me page to cover frosty's medical expenses. >> there say lot of outrage, people are disgusted about what took place. >> still haven't caught the guy but take a look if you know anyone in st. louis, jeff is donating all the money to a charity that helps kids in need. now, to another smaller furrier grinch caught in the act in seattle. one woman says that someone was stealing her christmas lights but never thought it would be a neighborhood squirrel. and this critter was a real thief, taking 150 colorful bulbs in hours. they caught the bandit on camera taking the bulbs one at a time. you see it staring into the camera like it knows it was guilty. the squirrel thinks that the old fashion colorful christmas
4:44 pm
lights are nuts, lets hope he didn't try to eat them. >> i wonder if he got them all back by the way. >> it's no secret that shopping during the holiday season can get stressful. the latest viral video plays out in a michigan cold store, the woman taking to social media to lets say vent over her frustration of a shopper in front of her in line, a shopper with too many questions about her kohls cash. >> making a return -- do i lose all of my kohls cash? or just like some of my kohls cash? >> lady -- >> how much kohls cash? amanda says that the conversation when on for so long, that she was lit picking up her kids and the cashierover w
4:45 pm
-- with the questions on kohls cash she turned the customer over to the manager. it has 6 million views and counting. >> we need a good laugh right? >> we do and that was it. that was good. i don't know what happened to the kohls cash, did she lose it? >> keep listening thanks. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt is here with the update this thursday. >> i like to vent a bit too, i don't want people to think i complain about the snow and rain and sunshine. but the sunshine is giving us problems this afternoon. it's that sun glare that make its tough to see and you come along on 95 southbound and the people in front of you stop and you can't see their brake lights and see them stopped and plow right into the back of them, that is what happened on 95 southbound at 420, and up ahead an earlier crash and disabled vehicle that caused the jam and this is a secondary accident in the backlog and looks like five vehicles involved to me and the police are on the scene and
4:46 pm
everything is off to the side and coming down from the airport. right by 95 in bridesburg, bridge street is blocked off for construction, a mess around there and use the cotman interchange instead. a crash along the boulevard at masher, indrive. the one in haverford by college lane and warning you about the closures at 9:00, mlk drive is closing this week and lincoln drive southbound is going to be blocked between wissahickon and ridge and local through east falls and down the boulevard starting at 7:00. a crash along fort washington at bethlehem pike and lower providence look for one along egypt road. we'll check it again and give you more complaints in the 5:00 hour. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you my friend. adam joseph is standing by with the accuweather forecast.
4:47 pm
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4:49 pm
we are right with it. bam when the cold comes in maybe snow possibly for some of us by the end of the woke. >> salt in the wound. there we go. >> my opportunity as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of clouds today. the arctic front that was passing through is starting to clear the sky personally to the north and west of philadelphia. the edge of the clouds passing through and if you see that that is just the open door to that cold air that will flood in here in the next several hours. right now windchills are below freezing for reading as well as
4:50 pm
lancaster and 21 at the poconos and 39 philadelphia and 39 at the atlantic city airport and one lonely 40 still left on the board there in cape may county. overnight tonight turning colder with the breeze starting to kick up between 12 and 20 miles per hour. air temperatures in the 20s with windchills dropping back into the teens for much of us. overnight tonight early tomorrow morning and in fact as we take a look at the windchill tracker here tomorrow you can just throw the air temperature away tomorrow. this is what you need to look at. 8:00 in the morning 18 and 23 at 10:00 and even in the afternoon only in the upper 20s for the philadelphia region colder than that. especially north and west. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour early morning sun tomorrow. giving way to increasing clouds as the colder air self-destructs the atmosphere and the air is so cold it destabilizes and bubbles up. a decent amount of sun and 38
4:51 pm
degrees and winds relax a bit. and windchills near 30 degrees in the afternoon and a lot of clouds a weak area of energy passes through afternoon flurries breaking owe out on sunday of 39 degrees and then the next storm we have one every week now. it comes in late sunday night into the day on monday. we have the strong high pressure with the cold air in place. you think it's all going to be snow but this low is going to head to our north and west. that is the track and what means warm air will puncture into the region it starts as it looks snow sunday night early monday in the far northwestern suburbs but rain in philadelphia and all points east and south. the forecast, 30s for the next three days, and best day for sun is saturday and cold for the eagles game on sunday and the best chance of seeing the snow
4:52 pm
sunday night into the commute on monday morning is north of the pennsylvania turnpike. we need to follow the track of that storm the next couple of days and monday afternoon it's 46 degrees and then it gets colder behind it tuesday 42 and we drop with an arctic blast as highs go back down to 48 degrees. cold air is in place and the next thing we track is the storm sunday into monday. >> okay. thank you adam. getting busy. what's the deal is coming up next. where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ holiday giving means chipping in for friends for gifts for teachers and coaches.
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pooling money can be a nightmare logistically. now there are websites that promise to take the stress out of group gift giving. holiday stress for organizing for a group gift. she has heard every excuse in the book. when it comes to giving cash. >> i have to run to the bank or i'll give it to you later. >> there are websites designed to make group giving easier, hip chick sells gift cards for dozens of restaurants and retailers and sends reminders to you charging each a 50 cent processing fee and visa contains another fee depending on the nomination, gift starter goes behind gift cards, how about a head set for a gaming co-worker or an apple watch for the recent graduate or a solar bag out to save the planet.
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>> and an 8% fee can boost the ticket quickly. >> the fee can be pricey but people need to decide if the convenience is important to them. >> and some offer no fees and gift cards for retailers and travel partners and restaurants and invite people with text messages or emails and can you record a video message that is sent with the gift. >> happy birthday. >> that means you and your crew can be big spenders with little effort. >> an important thing to know is that they do not offer refunds and remember to read a sites privacy policy before placing an order. and making it easier to do the group gifts that will do for "action news" at 4:00. i'm brian taff, i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. on phl 17.
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>> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is what head at 5:00. >> hi there, coming up next at 5:00, the loss of a legend, we have more on the life and legacy of astronaut john glenn. >> and a fight involving two students and the racest video that may have sparked it. those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. he was an all american hero known for the record setting missions to outerspace. tonight the first american astronaut to orbit the world has died at the age of 95. the big story on "action news" is the death of john glenn. he passed away at the james hospital in columbus, ohio today. karen travers has a look back at glen's famous career that took him from the skies to the senate. >> john glenn had a knack for being at the right place at the right time with the right stuff. >> i guess i have looked at my whole life with being in service to my country.
5:00 pm
the son of a plumber and school teacher glen was born in ohio. where he met and married his sweetheart. a highly flew missions in world war ii c 1959 to buna test pilot of the original seven mercury astronauts and the firsthe eart >> the view is in 1964 glen left the space program for politics, he won a senate bit in 1974. share of political disappoints including a democratic nomination in 1984. and he left the senate but not th >> and lift off of discovery of the crew of six astronaut


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