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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning o-it is 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday december 13. >> here's what we're following for you. comedian and actor bill cosby is set to appear in court later today. the key issues the judge is considering in his sex assault case. >> president-elect trump is expected to make an announcement on one of his top cabinet picks and sort through what he'll do with his business while in the white house. >> plus, police are searching for a grinch in new jersey. see what the suspects stole from an important christmas display. >> first up weather and traffic. we have matt pelman in for karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. good morning.
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>> all right, guys, we're off to app partly cloudy start. it looks like there might be some sun peaking through some of these early clouds, maybe, maybe not. in any event the general pattern of the day going to be to increase those clouds and we'll wind up fairly overcast later on. 35 degrees is your currents temperature in philadelphia. we are off to a cold start and i expect that number to dip a little bit over the next hour or two. 30 degrees below freezing in allentown, 32 in reading, run in lancaster, 35 in trenton, 34 in wilmington, 33 in millville and still holding onto 40 degrees in cape may. not a lot of wind out there this morning so you don't have to worry about any big deal wind chill. 7 miles per hour wind in philadelphia currently. here's how it's going to go today. 33 degrees by 7 o'clock, maybe some sun for some of you. and then by noon 40 mostly cloudy skies there. and your high at 3 o'clock is going to be 47 under mainly cloudy skies. 40 by 5 o'clock and by 7 o'clock 38 degrees. looks like it gets a little bit chilly tonight. tomorrow also on the cool side. but then that big crush of cold air comes in wednesday night into thursday.
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i'll have the latest accuweather on that. matt there's also a chance of precipitation later tonight and perhaps more significant stuff coming in friday. we'll talk about that. >> you are just full of all sorts of things this morning. speaking of crush we have something to crush our spirits here on the schuylkill expressway david. unlike yesterday morning not accidents that we're contending with so far this morning, it's a lot of overnight construction. and the work here on 76 between the boulevard and montgomery drive is halting all traffic in both directions. it's sign work, they've got some major equipment out here working on the overhead signs. you can see no traffic getting by in either direction at this hour on the schuylkill expressway between the boulevard and montgomery drive. you really want to stick to the kelly drive. martin luther king drive has inbound construction so that's closed as well. this is the boulevard extension coming southbound passing ridge avenue. there's work just up ahead taking out one lane as you head toward the schuylkill and again if you get on the eastbound schuylkill you won't get by headed towards center city because of that sign work. in center city you're not get
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buying in either direction on the vine street expressway. it's still closed for overnight work for the next half hour between the schuylkill and broad street so yeah, this is two major highways completely out of commission at this hour because of construction and here on 95 it's just a little bit of right lane work on the southbound side by academy. at least in this zone you can get by. but lots of things watch already on this tuesday morning, matt. >> indeed. thank you, matt. happening today, bill cosby will be back in a montgomery county courtroom. a judge could make key decisions ahead of his sexual assault trial. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live tam courthouse in norristown. katherine. >> reporter: matt, at issue is a key issue for both sides. can that 13 past accusers testify at this trial and that'sly what the judge will have to decide. you can see in anticipation of the crowds, the medial expected, there's fencing set up outside the courthouse today. another hearing for bill cosby is that scheduled at montgomery court today and tomorrow. the actor will be back in
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norristown. at issue, whether prosecutors can call 13 other accusers in an effort to show the actor had a pattern of drugging and molesting women. cosby was charged with sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his cheltenham nome 2004. district attorney kevin steele argues 13 women's stories are relevant because they establish a common scheme or plan. some of the women are said to have only known cosby for a few days. others had ongoing relationships with him. but the defense is trying to keep them off the witness stand questioning the relevance and their credibility. they say the commonwealth is trying to use these women to bolster their weak case. the defense had wanted to question the women in person but the jump didn't allow it. again, the hearing begins today here in norristown. it is expected to last until tomorrow. we're live in norristown, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. back to you. >> all right, katherine thank you for that. and three men are recovering after being shot in
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west philadelphia. shots rang out outside a convenience store at 58th and delancey streets at 7 o'clock last night. police say two 24-year-old man and another man believed to be somewhere in his 20's were shot in the legs. >> all we know is that there was some sort of commotion amongst a group outside the convenience store but we don't know if the shooter or shooters were amongst this group. >> all three victims were taken to the hospital and all three are in stable condition. police say they have not made any arrests. they're taking a look at surveillance video there from the convenience store. >> we have new details on a case against the man charged with murdering a lehigh county woman nearly three years ago. michael horvath a coworker of the victim holly grim is charged with kidnapping. remains were found just this past on this investigators reveal they bound to gun
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cartridges a book of notes and pictures of grim's home there. grim disappeared in november of 2013. police say horvath had been on the radar the entire time. >> turning now to the white house chance transition t executive rex sterile son expected to be announced as donald trump's pick for secretary of state. that's generating a lot of conversation and conflict over till tillerson's close deals with russia. >> reporter: senior transition sources tell abc news that president-elect donald trump will announce rex tillerson as secretary of state today. >> it is certainly surprising. usually you look in the secretary of state for someone who has some level of diplomatic experience. >> reporter: as ceo of exxon mobil tillerson has had extensive interaction with russia receiving the order friendship award and the seen here drinking champagne with vladimir putin in the wake of increasingly bipartisan calls for russia to be held to
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account for election related hacking. >> the russians are not our friends. i hope that those who are going to be in positions of responsibility in the new administration share my view. >> reporter: the top senate republican even breaking ranks with the president-elect. mr. trump and his allies nearly alone in disputing the cia's reports of russian hacking. >> russia trying to influence our elections dates back to the soviet union. >> reporter: president obama on the daily show said he hopes this definitive report will help prevents sump actions in the future. >> what they did here hacking some e-mails and releasing them is not a particularly fancy brand of espionage or propagandist meanwhile the president-elect has canceled a news conference scheduled for thursday. in it he was supposed to detail how he plans to separate himself as president from his many business dealings. no new date has been set.
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the transition team sales it will take place before inauguration. lana zak, abc news, washington. >> lawyers for congressman chaka fattah say they will appeal his 10 year federal prison sentence. the judge issued the sentence yesterday. the democrat was convicted of using government and charity money to pay for personal expenses. the sentence is one of the stiffest given to me a congressional official convicted of corruption but falls short as much what prosecutors wanted. still fattah's congressional colleague bob brady is shaken by the fall of his friend. >> chaka did a lot of good for the city of philadelphia but a lot of resources for education and one major mistake, you can't make a mistake in this business. >> the judge ordered fattah to repay the money he took and terrorist prison on january 25. >> four local catholic church are shutting down. their leaders say january 11 will be the close of worship. saint jesus saints augustine's
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in bridgeport assumption of the bless said virgin mayor flee west grove. the diocese cited several reasons including maintenance costs. the first female line of duty death by a philadelphia fire. joyce craig died on december 1991, 2014 while battling a row house in west oak lane. her estate is suing more than 24 defendants. they include the manufacturer of craig's standard prop tickets tiff gear sump as her breathing tank system and the personal alert safety system which allegedly filed notify responders about her location. >> time right now 4:39 and it is not a delivery, it is a package theft. a man dressed up as a pizza delivery guy steals a package right off a front porch. >> skyline major city in the middle east is lit up by fire. we'll tell was fueled that inferno. david. >> cold on the bus stop this morning. going for part to mostly
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cloudy skies, 32 by 6 o'clock in philadelphia, only 33 by 8 o'clock so obviously if you're dressing the kids bundle them up in extra gear this morning and this afternoon they probably want to stay fairly well dressed as we're going stay cool this afternoon t big changes in the accuweather 7-day start on wednesday night. details coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there, the view of the rothman ice rink at city hall. beautiful christmas tree on the sky6 camera. it's not such a bad morning out there. just feels like a typical december morning but i'm bracing myself because i know that's changing. >> polar vortex that everyone is so terrified about. >> i hate that term. >> and i hate going through it. >> look, it's cold air coming, okay. [laughter] >> all these other terms drive me crazy.
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storm tracker6 live double scan, there you see we're dry this morning as we take a look outside we are looking at sky6 and there is center city from our temple university camera atop morgan hall looking south along broad street and a little bit of cloud cover beginning to gather steam across the region this morning and it does look like we're going cloud up today. your temperature currently as tam said it's pretty typical for a december morning, 35 degrees. the winds fortunately not all that strong only at 7 miles per hour so we don't need to worry about a big deal wind chill. dress warmly though. a lot of suburbs down around the freezing mark. there you see the cloud cover a little bit of a break to the north of philadelphia. we might see some sunshine punching in early but we do think in general the clouds are going get thicker today. 33 degrees by 8 o'clock. still pretty cold there. and then 37 by 10 o'clock. by noon, we get to 40 and by 3 o'clock a high of 43 degrees. fairly cloudy by 3 o'clock. might even cloud up pretty good by noon and then by 6 o'clock 39 degrees and getting a bit on the cold side overnight tonight.
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here are your afternoon highs everywhere across the region. allentown might get stuck in the upper 30's today. 40 in reading. 43 in philadelphia. 42 in trenton. 43 in wilmington and millville and cape may. clouding up across the region and winds staying on the light side most of you won't see them in the double digit today's so real light wind. and as we take a look at the cloud increasing -- cloud cover increasing there you see it. by 5 o'clock everybody looking fairly gray. up north of the poconos there might be a little snow shower by 5 o'clock and there could be a little bit of that down through the lehigh valley and in through reading later tonight. this is the 11 o'clock view. adam and cecily tonight will probably have something to show you n philadelphia and most of the immediate suburbs it's just rain. not expecting a lot of impact from this. if you're out driving later tonight you want to slow it down especially in those northern suburbs. tomorrow sun and a few clouds 42 degrees a similar high temperature but this is the feature we have our eyes on. it's an arctic boundary that's going to be coming in. behind it very cold air and overnight wednesday and in through thursday we are really
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going feel a change not only will the temperatures only top out in the mid-20's on thursday, but the wind chills are really going to be a factor as we're going to look at winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour presidential nominee wednesday night in through the day on thursday in philadelphia look for wind chills anywhere from about 10 down to zero in the northern suburbs just outside the city zero down 10 below and up in the poconos 10 to 15 degrees below zero. that's what it will feel like on thursday on account that of wind and that cold combination. your exclusive accuweather 7-day increasing clouds 43 today maybe a little shower around tonight. clouds and sun with a frigid night on wednesday, 42 degrees. could be a little snow shower there. and then thursday we've got the red bar on there, bitter winds and feeling like about 10 degrees in the afternoon with a high of just 24 degrees. and then friday still cold, 23 degrees and there is going to be as much wind but it's still going to be pretty cold. now on friday night into saturday there is the chance of some mixed precipitation
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that could put some ice down on the roads in some places on saturday. it will change over to rain but friday night into saturday is the time period to watch. saturday's high 42. sunday any rain ends, 52 and then back to 34 and cold on monday. remember when we're not here on the air you can always get the latest weather information and lots of weather coming over the next seven days. >> thanks, david. hang today officials may reveal at a news conference what caused that warehouse inferno oakland, california. it killed 36 people who were partying at the building on december 2nd. the atf hm join officials with okay this afternoon brief the media later today a fire official says the warehouse does not appear in a database that fire inspectors used to schedule inspector -- inspections so it may never have been checked for fire hazards. a fire station is right around the corner from that warehouse. and this is brand new video of a highrise burning in the united arab emirates. someone posted the footage on
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social media. flames were shooting from several floors of the residential to your in dubai which is on palm island sort of an art official island area of the city. everyone made it out okay. investigators are now looking for clues as to what sparked it. >> also new on "action news" a new take on a crime that's popular this time of year. take a look at this. video appears to show a man delivering a pizza in that end but after a few curious looks an knock on the door the imposter now a package thief strikes taking off with more than what he came with. leon neto and his wife were out shopping when an app on his phone sandy signal that someone was on his porch. >> when i got the application up and running, i could see a guy getting into his car in our driveway and he had something in his hands. >> the thief may have been pretty disappointed though when he got home and opened the box it just had a pair of slippers. police now looking for the suspect. >> sneaky.
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4:47a lab company where you may have that drawn blood is reporting a hack. ahead what was exposed wean notly. >> watch the calendar. we've got the dates you need to remember for shipping your holiday gifts making sure they'll get there in time. more on that when "action news" comes back. >> ♪
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>> welcomewelcome to the 13th df december. a whole lot of overnight sign work that's going on here. the change from last time around is now they are letting eastbound traffic get by on the shoulder. the bad news is, oh, here come the westbound drivers as we watch they're being let go. these westbound drivers have been stuck here for about a half hour. they haven't let any traffic through but as we watch live, they are starting to allow some westbound traffic to head towards the boulevard. overall though you want to avoid the schuylkill still until they can get this work cleared out. i would use the kelly drive as an alternate. this is the situation on the vine. the westbound side is in the process of reopening, eastbound still shut for the overnight construction but should be reopened in fact there we see the first cars, so this is a changing situation, first car coming from the westbound schuylkill to the eastbound vine. that construction should be gone soon. see the 7 miles per hour through that work zone on the schuylkill. there's still a southbound work zone on 95 by academy taking out the right lanes and
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work as you cross from pa into new jersey or vice versa on the connector bridge. left lane out in both direction there is between bucks and burlington counties. matt. >> thank you, matt. time for your first look at business at the big board. quest diagnostic says a hack has compromised the personal health information of about 34,000 people. medical testing lab says the cyber breach happened back on november 26 and exposed names, birth dates, lab results and in some cases phone numbers. quest says the hacker did not get social security numbers credit card info or insurance details. it will notify affected clients by mail. we're letting you know right now. the reduced production of oil is driving prices at the pump. they're at two dollars run in philadelphia right now but some experts say three dollars could be in store by sometime next year maybe early next year. oil prices jumped over $50 a barrel when opec agreed to cut production. now other countries that are not part of opec have agreed to cut production as well. that will likely keep gas
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prices climbing. the major stock indices mixed on monday and this morning futures are pointing to a higher open. the deadline to get packages to their destinations by christmas through the u.s. postal service office is thursday. that is for all standard post. first class mail needs to be sent by the 19th which is monday. and if you are willing to pay more you can wait until december 21st to send them by priority mail which is much more expensive. >> very expensive. it is 4:53 and next on "action news," see the grandma who was stealing christmas gifts off the front steps of homes. that story at 5:00 a.m. >> up next a car smashes into a police officer hurling him into the air. >> ♪
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>> a suspected drunk driver set off a chain reaction crash that left a police officer hurt. it happened while the officer was conducting a field sobriety test on a nan el paso texas friday morning. investigators say while that was going on, 23-year-old sherri rodriguez lost control of her car and slammed into a police cruiser. the officer was able to push the man out of the way before he, himself, was hit by the patrol car. the officer suffered minor injuries. the man who was performing the sobriety test was not hurt but was still arrested for dui. that is rodriguez. police also arrested her after she failed a field sobriety test.
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>> money phones go top a south jersey food pantry went into a pockets of thief. ron and marie murdez have been collecting money for food pantry. someone managed to friday the collection box off their home and took off with the cash. >> coming up, eagles quarterback carson wentz responds to a twitter fan's long list of questions which i guess might involve the phillies somehow. >> yes. major league baseball creates anti-hazing rituals -- rules for certain rookie rituals. we'll tell you what's changed. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday december 13th. here's what's happening. >> two people are shot in a south jersey community. police find one of the victims dead on a front porch. >> bill cosby is due back in a montgomery county courthouse today for pretrial hearing for his sex assault case. >> and a secret santa surprises families in delaware county paying for their children's christmas gifts. >> nice story. but first up let's talk about your accuweather. dave murphy has that. karen rogers is off. matt pelman is looking at traffic. good morning. >> we're starting out with some clouds across the region. there might be a couple of early sunny breaks. in general we expect the clouds to get thicker today and by this evening there could be a little rain shower, maybe even a snow shower in the northern suburbs. cold this morning, 36 degrees in philadelphia. below freezing in allen


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