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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. bill cosby tries to limit the number of accusers that can testify in his upcoming sexual assault trial and the surprise appearance of rapper kanye west, kicks off inaugural speculation. and now the details, bill cosby is back in a montgomery county courtroom for more legal wrangling for his upcoming sex assault trial. he arrived on a hearing for what evidence is allowed. if it rests on one woman's charges or those of many. vernon odom is live now in norristown with more details. >> reporter: good afternoon sara, the legal arguments are heated in court this morning, montgomery county da kevin steele and chief defense lawyer several times yelling at each
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other and the judge reprimanding both of them at times and this is one of the critical issues who is allowed to testify for the prosecution. >> the now so familiar video today. bill cosby blind and looking frail for another pretrial hearing for the sext assault charges he faces in norristown. a former temple employee says that cosby drugged and molested her at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. he says the sex was consensual. the prosecution wants to call witnesses, women that say cosby did the same thing to them showing a pattern of behavior. >> they say that they are not valid because the allegations came from is a long ago they are hard to defend. >> he must be convinced that each of the 13 women are
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credible before he allows them to testify against cosby. >> rick, the cosby trial itself is scheduled to begin this spring. live at the county courthouse in norristown. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 28-year-old man in serious condition after being shot in the face outside of a gentlemen's club earlier this morning. two men were getting into their car at german town avenue when a would be robber approached them and fired. the second man returned fire and then drove his beganon to temple university hospital where police impounded the car's evidence. no word on the victim or suspect. detectives in burlington county says that the victims in willingboro last night were teenagers. police investigated the scene, 16-year-old ian perry was killed on the porch and another 16-year-old was wounded at his
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home. there was no weapon found and no suspect in custody and the motive for the shooting is under investigation as well. >> no arrest yet in a triple shooting in west philadelphia. it happened at a convenience store at 15th and delancy streets, a man and another man believed to be in his 20s were shot in the legs, all three victims were taken to the hospital and all are in critical condition. a crash on the schuylkill expressway cautioned headaches well into the morning rush. chopper 6 hd was over the lanes where a crane was working on the jove head signs. traffic backed up to the gladwyne exit. the crane left after 6:00 and the work is expected to resume tonight. in between weather systems and that makes for an average december day.
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>> much colder air on the way, that shot in spring mountain on sky 6 hd looked kind of overcast. over the terrace now we have breaks in the clouds we are managing to see in a little bit of sunshine and there you see that developing on satellite 6 along with action radar on the tail end of this loop you see it there as the clouds thin out a bit. some of you managing to see mid-day sun. temperatures are chilly and grab the coat. 42 in philadelphia, and central park and new york city and down the pike 44. you can see the colder air trying to march into pittsburgh and buffalo, new york and binghamton. that is a sign of things to come. only 6 miles per hour wind today and most of the us up and down the eastern seaboard are experiencing light winds. 44 degrees by 2:00 on this model, we'll actually go for a high of 43 and 44 may be
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possible if we squeeze out additional sun. and 6:00 we are down to 40, and after that down into the 30s, 2:00 in the morning 36. and expected to be closer to the freezing mark tomorrow morning with suburbs outside of philadelphia heading down to the mid to upper 20sover night. and we watch for the cold crush of air wednesday night into thursday and hanging with us through friday. and we'll get strong winds whipping around it and that gives us the windchills making it feel like zero to 10 degrees in philadelphia on thursday and worse than that in the northern suburbs, when i step inside we'll talk about where the temperatures are going. we'll talk about snow mixing with sleet friday into into saturday morning. >> thank you. president-elect donald trump has made his choice for secretary of state. this morning he made it official, he tapped exxon mobil,
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ceo rex tillerson, but it was not tillerson in front of the cameras, this morning the president-elect met with kanye west at trump tower after west asked for a 15 meeting with trump. no word if he will perform at next month's inauguration. and president obama is sounding off on russian hacking of political organizations during the election campaign. in an interview on the daily show, obama wants a report of all the intrusion attempts, so the u.s. can prevent interference in future. he thinks americans miss the point. >> what is it about the state of our democracy where the leaks of what were frankly not very interesting emails that didn't
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have any explosive information in them -- >> it ends up being an obsession and the fact that the russians were doing it -- >> he thinks that president-elect donald trump may think again about not taking security briefings once he gets into office and realizes how complicated the world is, otherwise the president is quote, flying blind. cuisine art is recalling 3,000 of their food processors at a time of year when they are doing a lot of work for the holidays. >> reporter: these food processors are so popular, chances are if you don't own one you probably know someone that does. with millions of these being recalled.
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they are asking consumers to take immediate action. >> they are potentially dangerous. >> imagine having broken mit bits of a metal blade in your mouth. >> these are in millions of american homes including my own and they are really dangerous products. >> so the consumer products administration and conair are asking people to stop using the processors are riveted blades that look like this. they can crack and send small metal pieces into your processed food. >> we see examples of serious cuts to the mouth and damage to people's teeth. >> conair says there are 69 reports of these broken blades and 39 reports of mouth and broken teeth. now 22 models are being recalled. >> i think the injuries came to
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light more recently, we have one of these and it's more in the 20-year-old side. we don't want consumers to be complacent. >> if you own one of these food processors what you need to do is head over to to see if the one you have is recalled and if that is the case the company is offering free replacement blades. channel 6 "action news." >> elizabeth thank you. cyber safety was the topic of discussion in montgomery county. the program focused on internet communications, specifically social media and how to use it safely. officials offered options for internet users to take their own precautions online. texting while driving, of course not good, but the faa says the new system allowing pilots and controllers to text
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is working well. they rolled out data come at o'hare and midway airports in october. it allows the controllers to text a flight plan. in the past they had to read back radio messages causing delays and sometimes mistakes, with data conthey can read it with no read back, they say it should save time and fuel. >> we expect to see more of this, especially into the summer months when there are lot of thunderstorms and things. >> data come requires a lot of retro fitting and testing and only a fraction of the u.s. commercial fleet is equipped with it. it will take time before it goes nationwide. after january 1st, how many you pay for a soda at philadelphia international airport could depend on where you are. it will not apply to the entire airport, but terminals a east and a west are technically in
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delaware county. sweetens beverages there won't be subject to the tax. >> some creative septa drivers transformed their buses into the holiday express. eight drivers took part in the vehicle decoration competition. one comes complete with a running model train and one has a frozen train. you could be lucky and wind up on this one with sweet treats or one with santa himself. >> no word on who took the top prize. >> i like the one with the food. >> right. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a california boy skips his christmas presents to collect food from others. dolly parton raises money to
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help the viction tims of the tennessee wild fires. when "action news" comes right back.
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the united nations say that 30,000 children have fled mosul since the operation to retake it from isis. iraq's prime minister says that troops are operating carefully in an effort to reduce casualties among civilians, they have only captured a handful of neighborhoods. but one general believes that liberation is just days away. and in indonesia, the death toll from the earthquake is up to 85,000. there are several aftershocks, and the ongoing tremors are complicating efforts to clear the debris of the 11,000 buildings destroyed or damaged. clean water is still a top priority because many wells are
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now unuseable. singer, dolly parton is holding a telethon for the victims of the tennessee wild fires. 20 big name entertainers from kenny rogers from cindy lauper to hank williams jr., it will be broadcast on the tv and online. today's proceeds benefit the my people fund and partnership of local businesses and the parton foundation. dolly parton pledged $1,000 per month for six months to the burned out families. a judge in georgia finalized an $11 million plea deal for a legal case against contaminated peanut butter. linked to its peter pan peanut butter a decade ago. it was linked to a conair plant
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in georgia and a massive recall followed . a california boy has a big christmas wish this year for 10,000 canned goods. cameron daks could have for sports or outdoor gear but would like to see people get enough food for people in need to keep them healthy. he is trying to collected cans for cam's awesome food drive. >> if people could do nate it would be fantastic. it makes me feel does g that people get as much food as and i am. >> started as a school project and is growing every year. now the food drive has 13 drop-off locations. he still collects door-to-door because he says there is a need for more. coming up a check of the accuweather forecast. looking live outside as we check out penn's landing from sky 6
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christmas gifts have arrived at the international space station. a japanese supply ship launched of the weekend arrived at the orbiting lap this morning. it includes water and americans and french man on board. it has lithion batteries that they need for next month's space walks with the recent failure of a russian flight. the japanese delivery is especially welcome. time for the accuweather forecast. you talk about the changes, can we see accumulation? >> maybe a little bit. but friday night it will warm up overnight and that should change to a freezing rain, sleet mix. that is worse than snow for
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drivers. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry across the region currently. we have sky 6 hd at the airport so far so good with a little bit of sun breaking through the clouds in the morning and now in the afternoon. it will probably cloud up later in the day but what you see is what are you going to get for the next few hours. 43 is the temperature with the broken sky pattern clouds mixed with sun. winds 6 miles per hour. we expect them to stay on the light side. there are the clouds and you see thinning now to the south and west. at the same time there are snow showers in western pennsylvania and some of this may creep into our area later today and later tonight. in the northern suburbs, i'll show you that again on future tracker 6 in just a second. temperatures in the upper 30s in allentown and up to 40 in reading and low 40s in trenton, philadelphia and wilmington and down to the shore. not much of a divide in allentown and cape may with
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philadelphia right in the middle. 42 by 2:00, your high of 43 at 3:00 and 40 at 4:00, cloud cover again giving way to sunshine breaking through the clouds. and by 6:30 and 9:00 we are down to 36 degrees, winded stay fairly light tonight and we are getting cold again with the number of 33 at day break in philadelphia and some suburbs in the mid to upper 30s. and it looks fairly cloudy and later on this evening, you see a snow shower popping down from the northwest that could get into the northern and western suburbs and some is in north bucks and montco. it doesn't look like it will allow not much more than light snow. but you want to be careful. philadelphia a sprinkle or light shower, all of this will be done before you get up for tomorrow morning's commute. tomorrow a high of 42 breezes have a tendency to build during
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the day and the big feature is the arctic boundary coming through and you'll feel the temperatures drop and the wins pick up and that is a pattern that continues straight through thursday and into thursday night. the windchills on thursday and thursday night are of great concern to us. in philadelphia it feels from 0 to 10 degrees, just outside of philadelphia and most of our northern suburbs, windchills from zero to negative 10 and 10 to 15 below zero in the poconos. that is thursday afternoon and evening especially. what a difference a year makes, today's high 43 and tomorrow 42. and thursday only 25 with the strong winds, remember a year ago people were throwing frisbee on christmas days but not this time. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 43 degrees is the high and clouds mixing with sun that snow or rain shower later today or tonight. clouds and sun on wednesday but
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a fridgity night dropping down into the mid-20s with the winds picking up and bitter winds with the worse windchills on thursday. a high of 25 feeling like 10 at the best of times. cold on friday with highs in the mid-20s but not as windy and friday night late night or overnight into saturday morning we see snow arriving and saturday morning it may mix with ice and freezing rain until it changes over to rain. friday night into saturday morning is the period to watch. >> we will thank you david. eagles quarterback carson wentz went the extra step for a curious young fan. he did not hesitate to answer the boy's question. 7-year-old jude's grandmother post aid question for the rookie quarterback on twitter. his favorite color is red and favorite player is brett favre and favorite animals are dogs and his favorite food is steak and ended the response with
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appreciate the support buddy, god bless.
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australia's zoo is the place to be for mere cats. several litters were born at the zoo and now showing off their biggest litter ever. the normal litter is three or four. the newborns weigh a few ounces but grow fast. and they are now beginning to explore the world outside of their nest box but never far from mom. >> david is here with the final check of the accuweather forecast. >> chilly conditions but nothing like the next couple of days. mostly in the low 40s and upper 30s here and there and low 40s in the i-5-corridor. and mostly cloudy skies with
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sunny breaks down at the shore. >> thank you david. a look at stories coming up this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00. they are arguing if prosecutors can call the women who accuse bill cosby of sexual assault to the stand. we'll have a live report starting at 4:00. and the florida woman accused of trying to hire a hit woman to kill her husband could take the stand today. we'll have the full story on this high-profile case. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for david murphy and sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams we'll see you tonight.
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