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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 13, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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charity. it's december 13th. time for great viral videos, "right this minute." >> what will you doing? >> a motorcyclist spots a cad e cadillac wildly out of control. >> what the -- >> the car takes out a lamp post, but still going. >> see where the dangerous ride finally ends. >> you need to stop. you can't tell by looking at this fearless lady now but -- >> when she was 12, she had to have spinal fusion surgery. >> now she shares her inspiring story of living life without boundaries. >> it's that feeling of being free. >> rescuers save an elephant who's had -- >> a really, really rough life. >> see the journey to give the beast of burden a retirement she deserves. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web.
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including a dude who -- >> takes himself on a date for a week. >> why a lot of people can identify with dinner and a movie for one. >> single for a long time. >> so was i. >> am. if you operate a motorcycle blogging channel on youtube you can't ask for much better video than what jim asked for on this day. the car in front of him has his flashers on. once he moves past you will see why the truck had the flashers on. >> what are you doing, guy? >> in front a cadillac with a blown tire weaving all over the road. that cadillac seems way out of control going far right off the road. now jim here on his motorcycle kind of just observing what's happening when suddenly -- >> what the -- >> oh! >> the car takes out a lamp post, but still going. >> still going. >> still going. jim gets in front of the guy in the car, starts to wave him
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over. >> pull over, pull over. >> oh. you should be careful on your bike, mate. >> what are you doing? pull over. >> and they pull over? >> think like medical emergency. at this point. >> you need to stop. >> more weaving, more swerving coming from the driver in this cadillac, smashing into guardrails. jim and the rest of the traffic are keeping their distance. they're basically forming like a rolling road block so nobody gets too close to this car that's out of control. >> dude, this guy is going to go into the bank. >> once the guardrails are gone, again, the car dips down off the road into this grassy hill area. and finally gets stuck and examines to a rest. the driver still on the gas. >> stop. >> that's when jim finally approaches, opens the door and the driver, seems cat ta tonic. >> yeah. >> shock. >> his airbags deployed. >> yep. clearly some sort of medical condition going on. the folks around start to
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speculate -- >> probably diabetic. >> might be having a stroke. >> i feel so bad for this guy. it's amazing that he survived and that he didn't injure anyone else. >> didn't have his seat belt on. not a mark on him despite the things that he crashed into. a number of people gathered together here, they pull him out of the car. >> i'm a nurse. >> you're a nurse. >> one other person tests the man's sugar levels. the lady in the pink shirt claims she's a trauma nurse and begins to help. >> all the right people in the right place to help this man. >> eventually police and first responders begin administering first aid to the guy and taken to the hospital and according to jim in the comment section of his youtube channel he says the man is now at home and recovering. we have put in phone calls to the local police department but we haven't heard a response in time our or deadline. >> crazy. we've seen a ton of skydiving videos on the show. in this one, relatively similar. you see a group of people in the plane. this skydiver right in the
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middle is kirsten. they jump out and in this case a diving instructor holding her, guiding, because she is working on her accelerated freefall certification known as aff. she wants to be a skydiver to be able to do it by agagaining her license. it looks like many we have seen. here's the special thing about this particular video. skydiving became an interest of hers when she was 12 years old. when she was 11 she was diagnosed with moderate to severe scoliosis. when she was 12 she had to have spinal fusion surgery and get this, while she was in the hospital, she saw a documentary about skydiving, became fascinated, and eventually while a student at ucla, she did her first tandem jump and as you can see, she's hooked. to tell us more about that and how close she is to getting her certification, we have kirsten via skype right this minute.
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welcome to the show. >> hey, guys. thank you for having me? >> do you have your certification or are you almost there? >> i finished my aff, so i'm now on solo skydiving status. i'm still a student but about five jumps away from getting my a license. >> what does that mean. >> that means i can go to any drop zone in the country and jump on my own with friends and have a go ahead time. >> can you explain what the surgery did to your back and what limitations you had, if any. >> i don't have any limitations. at all. i can sky dive as you can see, i paraglide, i high altitude hikes. i surf. i paddleboard. there are no restrictions. the only restrictions were, you know, the first couple years after the surgery, i had to be in a brace and i couldn't do any contact sport, which for me, was just such a hindrance. during that time it really made me think like this isn't what i want to do. i want to go out there and
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explore and get active and do everything in life. it's that feeling of being free that i wanted. it makes you want to inspire other people to do that as well. you can overcome it and i think it's actually in itself a positive experience because it makes you a much stronger person and makes you want to live that life so much more. >> [ inaudible ] has had a rough life. >> both of her eyes are blind and hasn't gotten any vision in either of them at all. everything is by touch. >> since she was very, very young, she worked at a logging camp in southern thailand and then she changed to elephant riding for tourists. but now she's got a life of freedom ahead of her. and i think she knows what's up because they had to get her into this truck, do you think it was a hard job? oh, no. this elephant was like, let's get the heck out of here. >> we loaded her about half an
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hour ago and we weren't quite sure whether she was going to go on the truck straightaway or not and she walked so smoothly on to the truck. >> i think the elephant knew these people meant something well for her. >> she's going to need a lot more help and guidance, but she is the most beautiful, gentle elephant. absolutely gorgeous. >> she's about to take a journey from southern phuket to northern phuket. it is very hot so they had to make sure she had lots of cool water and watermelon and the sanctuary is just what this p k pachyderm needs it's trees and leaves and open areas and here she is, just walking to her new home. >> she gets around well, doesn't she? there's a group of people surrounding a blind elephant that could take a step any which way and weighs tons, but she's very gentle and constant. >> they will make sure her freedom is forever.
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the tlc from here. >> exactly, charity. police in england are looking for these three men and say they are responsible for the kidnapping of this woman. they believe she was walking alone when the three men jumped out and nabbed her and brought her to the boat house. you see her in the middle. put something over her head and believe she tossed her in the van and punched her several times and now here they are trying to get her into this location. >> now she's blinded, overpowered. the odds are against her. >> who is this woman? does she have something to do with the boat house? trying to get money out of this place? >> no reports if she was targeted or a random act. here there's interior footage and them walking her inside. reports say they threatened to throw her in a nearby canal. after a while they let her go and took off. >> what were they after? you have to wonder. it's good they released her without severely harming her. what a bizarre situation.
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>> it did happen in september, but again, they're still looking for these men. this next video takes place in china where the girls spotted this man down below their dormitory where they hang all their laundry and he's snatching their panties. >> that is weird. not only is he doing that, but he's on campus, like this guy, needs to be removed. >> and the video went viral once it was posted on-line, nick, and people are saying exactly what you're saying. >> he was noticed and caught on camera so hopefully they find this creep and he doesn't choose to do something worse than steal panties. >> mark is trying the charcoal mask. >> this is an activated charcoal mask that people have been putting on their faces. they put it on, let it dry, and you peel it off. >> you better shave first, buddy. >> how bad could this possibly be? >> oh!
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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tweet us @right this minute and follow the show all day long. you're probably wondering what i'm doing right now? i'm wondering the same thing. >> mark from mark my world, is trying the charcoal mask. now this is something we've seen a lot lately for some reason. >> they said not to do it with any hair. >> this is an activated charcoal mask people have been putting on their faces and put it on and let it dry and peel it off. >> better shave first, buddy. >> famous last words. >> it can't hurt that bad. >> we have that video and that girl was like in tears. >> yes. it really sticks to your skin. goining to make it himself usin elmer's glue. put it on, let it dry, peel it off. >> is that what they're supposed to use or just -- >> different formula s he's with this one. >> i don't believe beauty products require you to put glue on your face.
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>> whatever benefit charcoal is doing glue is going to undue. >> hopefully peels off like dead skin. >> almost there. >> now this is one of those things you use to get rid of the blackheads too, right, and probably to remove the first two layers of skin. >> oh, my gosh. my freakin' hairs. >> oh. >> you know, i was ready to not believe him. i thought he was hamming it up. look at his eyes and how red they're getting, i believe him. >> i was so hopeful that when they created the internet we would all get smarter. >> instead it had the opposite effect. >> yeah. >> enables us to feel superior. >> one, two, three. >> oh! oh, my gosh. >> two alaskans in this video knows something is going on. something that hasn't been there
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before. or in a while. is back. >> this is a beautiful example of trying to get there. a smell, a scent of something here. >> exactly, oli. they jump on the furniture, start sniffing the ottoman. >> where is it? >> it's in the house with them. they have to be guided. when they open the door and the rest of the house is open to him. >> it's grandma. >> oh. >> grandmas has come to town. >> that one is the size of a grizzly bear. look at the size of that thing. >> can you imagine both of those sleeping in your bed if you were the spouse. >> no. >> going crazy downstairs. >> they were happy to see grandma, but this dog, a husky p pup, happy to see snow. this dog having a wonderful time outside. >> this is where i'm supposed to be! this is me! >> the dog disappears in the snowp at some point. you can see the owner is skiing. let's just say the dog is like, i give up.
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>> that is a cool day out for the dog. especially a husky. >> to go out and have him running beside you it's so cool. >> some dogs are like -- like i don't want to go outside. this dog is like, let's dive in. >> he scares his wife all the time. >> some of us can't help it. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- they document their travels together. >> and here they are at the top of a volcano. >> find out why she feels on top of the world. >> that's crazy. look at that. that's a postcard. that's one of the best shots we've ever seen. >> plus -- >> my sense of humor can be warped sometimes. i like to see sale videos. i find them funny but it's hard to laugh at this sail video. >> you be the judge on this one. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®,
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like us on facebo stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. my sense of humor can be warped. i really like to see fail videos. i find them funny. it's hard to laugh at this fail video. it's kind of hard to even call it a fail video. ♪ >> ouch. ow, ow, ow. >> this put together by free skier and level one. they call it their pleasure crash edit. what they are showing here it's not so easy to pull off some of these incredible ski flicks and people love to watch. these guys work hard to pull off the tricks and sometimes it
2:51 pm
doesn't always work. >> what they should have called it if at first you don't succeed. >> when you see how hard some of these guys fall it makes you wonder how they look and think. yeah, i get it. >> one of these clips is me going, you know what, skiing is not for me. >> all the way down this railing and then -- >> oh! >> at the last one. >> this guy, he tries again and again and again just getting cheese sliced against that. >> i think his man bits felt the third one. >> next time you watch the incredible ski and snowboard videos and wow these guys make it look so easy, remember these guys who are putting their limbs on the line to go out and make wild videos. >> this is the week and you notice what he has in his hand, it's sparkinging with the light hitting it in the dark.
2:52 pm
that's an engagement ring. he and his girlfriend have a blog, banana and they document their travels together. they were in bali and had to get up before dawn to start the hike to get up there to be there at sunrise. here they are at the top of a volcano. he hid a gopro among some rocks and she had no idea this was about to happen. >> she feels on top of the world. >> technically she is. i hope there's not an eruption right here because you can see he drops to one knee, he has the ring, and i'm happy to announce, that she didn't fall out when she collapsed like that. >> she didn't fall off and he didn't drop it. >> he said he's been carrying that ring around and didn't know exactly what to do but when he got to this spot he was like, yeah, this is the place to do it. >> that's crazy. look at that. >> that's a postcard. one of the best shots we've seen, the way they've lined up the horizon where the hands are. >> best engagement photo right there.
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a single dude takes himself on a date for a week. >> eli here says he's never really done a whole lot of stuff by himself. >> why dating yourself cap be a lot of fun. >> that is a a oli b. has more talent than
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the three of us put together. laziest dog ever. ♪ ♪ ♪ being single and being alone, doesn't necessarily mean that one is lonely. in fact, several of us do things for ourselves and take ourselves on dates. but eli here says he's never really done a whole lot of stuff by himself. >> i don't go out alone by myself. i think it's awkward.
2:56 pm
>> i go all the time. >> that's a different kind of date. >> didn't even by yourself dinner first. >> how do you know? >> i was single for a long time. >> so was i. >> am. >> the date portion where i eat dinner by myself. >> so this must-see video eli takes himself on a date for a week. >> i do it all the time, especially the movies. i love it. it's awesome. >> there was a family there. we started talking and got to know them. >> yeah. end up making friends. sit at the bar and by the time i have left i know everybody. >> the wait staffs were similar to me like buying [ inaudible ] at the store. hide it. here you go. >> got him right in the forehead. ♪ >> hello, how is everybody doing today? >> and ended up going into the movie theater and my seat was seat 20 and there was a girl sitting at 21. and i assumed someone was going to meet her, probably get
2:57 pm
popcorn for her or something. the movie starts and she's by herself. >> that was christian. you were sitting next to christian. >> he probably was. >> so i didn't sit next to you because i assumed someone was coming to sit next to you. >> no one was coming. >> a whole video going to take a with. now he's not by himself and they have chemistry and the universe has put them together. >> and they make a cute cupel. >> they do. >> they do but he has to continue his solo trek, guys. >> doesn't he? >> get her number. >> the world sets it up so if you're alone you look sad or something. >> i find that stupid. >> next he takes himself on a picnic. >> a beautiful thing. >> i'm a simple goy. all i want is mac and cheese. >> glass of wine and nice book. >> there you go. >> nailed it. >> eli is cute so if you don't want to be single you don't have to. >> or charity. >> >> dinner for one. >> we're so glad you joined us today
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you can't keep me in here forever. no, of course not. that would be barbaric. no dog should be in his cage for his whole life. so you gonna let me out? well, what purpose would that serve? you taught me a lesson. and that lesson would be? don't mess with you. no, tom. you're not in there because of what you've done to me. you're in there because of what you've done to elizabeth. and i know you've been to prison, but i can see pretty clearly that you have not been rehabilitated. so i'm gonna make sure that you never hurt elizabeth or anyone else ever again. how are you feeling? i don't know why we had to leave the promenade. i feel like i could land a triple axle easy. i'm sorry you didn't make it on the ice as you would have liked. i'd have paid good money to see you do your best nancy kerrigan.


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