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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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exercise walk today, probably running the car to the gas station getting there stuff like that done you wants to think about optional things you can get done today so you don't have ton stand at the gas pump tomorrow with wind chills in the single digits. we have seen a break up of the clouds, and rain showers came through as expected but that's gone. overall looking at a mix of clouds and sun calling it partly sunny. 35 degrees in that philadelphia, it's cold this morning. not very windy that's good. 31 degrees in trenton, 35 allentown. mid 30's in reading lancaster wilmington millville. 40 in cape may. and for gun measure here are the winds. calm right now in philadelphia, so for the second straight morning we're in the 30's but winds are light and we're not having to worry about a wind chill. today the winds stay on the light side and we overall look at partly sunny skies. stays chilly thirty six by 7 o'clock. 40 by noon. 42 is your high at 3 o'clock this afternoon and then we're very quickly getting down close to the freezing mark probably around seven clock we'll be getting very close to freezing in philadelphia and below freezing in some suburbs
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y ever night tonight we go down into the 20's and then tomorrow we stay in the low 20's for most of the afternoon with strong blustery winds, severe wind chills and then -- isn't it great karen? i'll have details on all of this in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast and the chance of some snow late friday night. >> getting worse. bad and getting worse. let's look outside live at i-95. we've got some volume piing up just a tad here this is i-95 southbound through cottman through the ongoing construction zone. traffic is moving okay. we had that overnight extra construction that cleared on i-95 southbound at academy. no major issues on the blue route or the schuylkill unlike yesterday schuylkill is moving nicely. i-95 all basically looking at speeds in the 50's but we have a couple of accidents coming in. so here's a new one in camden county that popped up on route 30 at stone road. we are hearing there are injuries with this so you'll see ems workers on the scene. serious injuries on park drive near rancocas road. accident in plumstead township
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cleared. 611 bypass northbound all lanes are back opened here at easton road. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. breaking right now on "action news a man is dead dozens of shots fired at him execution style. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at police headquarters she's been following this story this morning. she's got the latest developments in this murder case. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. numerous 911 calls came into police when 15th district police officers arrived they found a 27-year-old man in a vacant lot. they say that he was shot more than two dozen times. >> it doesn't appear to be a robbery at this time. the victim's cell phone we believe it's the victim's cell phone is on the scene and that was struck by gunfire, also. and at this time we're not get anything information that this was a robbery. so we're not sure of the motive. all we know is the fact that there's 28 spent shell casings and many of them are in such close proximity to the body it
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appears that the shooter was standing over the body or very close to the body and fired multiple shots. and the fact that he is hit so many times it clearly appears to be an executiontype homicide. >> reporter: this happened just after 12:30 in the morning in the 1400 block of adams in the frankford section of the city. police do believe that the victim is a 27-year-old man but have not released his name. they say that he was shot numerous times in the face, chest, torso and legs. he was pronounced dead at the scene. now, witnesses could not give a clear description. however, several witnesses were taken down to homicide. back out here live witnesses did say that they saw a person running south through a vacant lot from the 1400 block of adams. of course, if you have any information you are urged to contact police. for now reporting live outside of police headquarters, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." tam, back to you. >> annie, thank you for that. more breaking news this morning. a man has died after he lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a tree. this happened at the
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intersection of 58th street and baltimore avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say the unidentified man is in his 50's. it's unclear what caused that crash. >> friends and family members gather to remember a teenager who was that gunned down in west philadelphia. they released balloons along north dewey street last night in honor of 17-year-old tyhir berry. he was shot and killed at 60th and market streets while visiting his sister just after midnight on monday. tyhir's mother implored those responsible to come forward. >> i'm very heartbroken and i wish whoever did it just come forward because my son was a good boy. >> police have questioned several people in connection with the murder but so far there have been no arrests. comedian bill cosby will be back in montgomery county courtroom today where a shouting match broke out between lawyers on both sides yesterday. tempers flared in the courtroom in norristown on tuesday as lawyers for cosby tried to get more than a dozen accusers' claims thrown out.
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the district attorney argued the claims show a pattern of behavior prior to the 2004 incident involving former temple employee andrea konstand which spawned sexual assault charges against cosby. cosby's lawyers questioned the other ac caress' credibility and relevance. >> new here on "action news," a man accused of stealing credit information from customers at a berks county convenience store is now behind bars. police say roman graduscs1 of many suspects busted in a skimming ring. the 27-year-old was caught on camera placing a skimming device on a gas pump in wyomissing. authorities say he was also running a similar scam in newark, delaware. the search for others in the group is still ongoing. a bank bandit on the run after holding up the royal bank america branch at second and girard in northern liberties. surveillance cameras captured him yesterday morning getting cash from the teller after handing over a demand note. the fbi and philadelphia police consider this man armed and dangerous.
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they're offering a reward for tips. >> allentown's final of financial future up in the air amid a back and forth budget battle that pits the mayor against city council. city council during a special session unanimously overrode mayor ed pawlowski's budget veto. it took them 11 minutes and pawlowski walked out. the mayor accused the council plan of violating allentown city charter by not taking his revision noose account. council cut more than $1 million off the mayor's proposal and reduced his proposed wage tax increase. pawlowski says he will file a lawsuit to block the budget. >> today donald trump will meet with tech leaders from apple facebook google amazon and microsoft as part of his white house transition efforts. last night trump promoted unconventional pick for secretary of state oil exec rex tillerson during his thank you tour visit in wisconsin. >> rex will be a fierce advocate for america's interests around the world. [applause] >> exxon mobil co tillerson
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has no diplomatic experience but has run one of the biggest global companies in the world. some lawmakers include something republicans who are key to the confirmation process are voicing concerns though about his strong ties to russia. trump also named former governor of texas rick perry to be secretary of energy. perry once said he would eliminate the agency and montana congressman ryan zinke is the president-elect's choice to run the department of the interior. >> 5:37. happening today the temple owls will that officially introduce their new football coach. jeff collins will make his appearance at a news conference this morning at 11:00. collins spent the past two seasons with the florida gators as defensive coordinator. the gators d ranked in the top 10 nationally. dr. pat craft temple's athletic director says he knew right away collins is their man. >> all right. hopefully the owls will be happy with this pick. >> he coached app couple of philadelphia eagles who have been interviewed saying he was a great players coach the players are going love him and he's like attack attack on did he first. >> big to get him from
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florida, big school like that. >> storm tracker double scan shows us we're dry this morning. heading outside we have sky6 looking from temple university speaking of alcohol right down delaware -- delaware -- right down broad street top center city and we're probably going see some sunshine this morning and overall get kind of a sun and clouds mix. 35 degrees cold again on broad street and elsewhere area out. winds are calm, though, so like yesterday winds stay light and we won't have to worry about a lot of wind chill. there you see those breaks in the clouds after we had a couple of showers come through overnight. little snow shower up north that really didn't do anything and as we take a look at today's forecast, that partly sunny sky cover is that probably what we're in store for most of the day. 36 degrees by 8 o'clock. 38 by 10 o'clock. still going to be cold during the morning and then chilly this afternoon. by noon, 40 and 42 is your high at 3 o'clock. back down into the low 30's by 6 o'clock but if you have colors or errands or something you've got to get done, today is the day to do it because of the change we'll talk about in a moment coming tonight and tomorrow. 42 is today's high in
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philadelphia. run in wilmington. 40 in trenton. these numbers a little bit below average but pretty much in the ballpark for what you would expect this time of year as we push toward mid-december. tomorrow big change. front comes through. we wind up with winds picking up, temps dropping, a high of 24 but that's going to be in the morning. most of the models i'm looking at are showing temps holding at about 21 through most of the afternoon. and with a strong wind 15 to 25 miles per hour higher gusts it's going to feel much colder than that. we're looking at wind chills tomorrow probably starting out in the low double digit there is the morning. we've got a 12 on this model and then the rest of the day feeling like it's about nine and in the northern suburbs below zero at times so tomorrow a brutal bitterly cold day and something that you do want to try avoid if you can and if you have to be out there, cover up all the extremities and as much as you can. friday night is our next issue. friday is going to be cold highs in the 20's probably not as much wind but in the night and the wee hours of saturday morning some snow starts to
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move in. eventually during saturday morning probably after dawn we'll start to see this change topher rain from the south as a warm front comes through. probably taking into well into the afternoon for that change up in the poconos but as we transition we're going get some of that blue which means we have some freezing rain mixing in during that transitional period so slippery roads overnight friday night into saturday morning. very likely. partly sunny a-frigid night today. or later tonight i should say. today's high frost and then tonight we dip down to 23 with those winds picking up. then tomorrow bitter wind. it will feel like it's about 10 below that that in a lot of part of the day and a high of 24 in the morning but low 20's during the afternoon. maybe a flurry or snow shower at times. then friday still cold with less wind, 26 the high and at night we get that many snow arriving probably late and then that spills into saturday morning when snow eventually changes to ice and then to rain and the afternoon high of 44. couple of more periods of rain possible on sunday particularly in the afternoon
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but we get a lot milder, a high of 57. it stays mild for the rest of the month, right matt and tam? not exactly. back into the 30's on monday and tuesday. probably milder by wednesday and thursday. just a real flip-flop pattern we're in. >> it will get milder by march. >> that's thinking ahead. >> okay. it's 5:41. still to come on "action news" police officials explain why officers gunned down an unarmed grandfather who had dementia. >> new video shows the rescue of a woman as her vehicle was sinking into a frozen pond. >> yesterday we had travel times that were over an hour on the schuylkill expressway. not the case today. easy 14 minute ride between the blue route aren't the vine. looking live at the schuylkill at belmont no construction here so no issues there but i just got off the phone with police in burlington county. getting more details about a really serial ious accident there. we'll have the latest when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> 5:44. good morning everyone, it's wednesday. hey, let's check out philadelphia international airport. looking good, yeah. okay. all systems go. now we can move on. >> okay. well, let's move on with karen rogers who has the latest so you can move on with your commute. on. >> that's right. hopefully all systems go in the suburbs, too. let's hit them one by one. no issues right here in fort washington. this is 309 at the
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pennsylvania turnpike. if you're coming from perkasie or montgomeryville you're about to head on 309 or the turnpike. we could see the good shot of the road surfaces, we're dry and clear and no big problem here but i talked police in burlington county, new jersey, about this accident. we're hearing it's serious. they told me it's involving a box truck and another vehicle and two people were trapped in the vehicle for awhile. they got them out, took them to the hospital but now they're doing an investigation so you'll wants to watch for restrictions on park driver near rancocas road with this accident that that sounds like a serious one. crews are still out there. an accident with injury in laurel springs new jersey, route 30 that's the white horse pike at stone road. taking a live look outside one more time we'll check our area bridges. this is the ben looking good. no big problems on the ben. i was scanning the waze app and found someone talking about an accident on perkiomen avenue in berks county right near the reading country club so watch for a new accident coming in there. checking the temperatures for you. it's cold. not the deep freeze that we're talking about later in the week. 30 in martins creek, 32 quakertown and pottstown, 35
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in center city. 30 degrees in browns mills. 36 in dover delaware. today we're headed up into the 40's. 42 under partly sunny skies. not bad, matt. >> indeed. thank you, karen. new on "action news" here watch this dramatic rescue in minnesota. a woman crashed her car into that frozen pond and became trapped as the vehicle started to sync. several people pulled over and rushed down there to help her. one man says the driver anne lunn crawled to the back of her suv grabbed a fire extinguisher and smashed out the back window. that allowed them to pull her out. lunn is expected to be okay. she told state troopers that her window fogged up so she veered off a ramp and plunged right into that pond. a motorcyclist was riding down a florida highway and rushed to the aid of a driver in the midst of a medical emergency. >> (horns paren again. >> what the -- >> the biker's helmet cam
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captured the motorist. the out of control car kept going like this for several miles eventually landing in a ditch. two nurses at the scene determined the driver was having a stroke. the motorcyclist aren't the nurses cared for the driver until more help arrived. >> there are questions this morning about why police in bakers field california shot and killed an unarmed 73-year-old man who had dementia. fran kiss so serno was killed early monday morning. officers were responding to reports of a man brandishing a gun. dispatch had warned them therethrough man in the neighborhood who had dementia. when officers got to the scene a witness pointed them towards sterna who was in a drive way. an officer fired seven shots killing him. police say serna is danot have a firearm and his family is saying he was murdered. the so far now on leave. we're following breaking news out of syria. within the last hour syrian opposition activists say bombing has resumed over aleppo despite a ceasefire deal this coming one day after
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rebels reached that ceasefire to evacuate the city but there are bleak signs that indeed the ceasefire has filed. wire reports say buses cents to evacuate rebels and civilians have been sent back to the depot empty and there are reports of widespread executions of fleeing civilians by government soldier there is what the u.s. is calling a meltdown of humanity
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>> happening today, nasa is launching a new project to improve hurricane forecasting. if all goes as land the space agency will release micro satellites into that orbit. >> we're actually very excited
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about those things going up. it's going to improve a lot of our forecasting i think even lightning tracking is going to be better with these things so it's a whole new generation of saturdays going up. >> so important to keep people up to date especially with something as important as a hurricane. >> rightly. >> blue route past route one traffic is moving nicely. we are dry, we are clear. we've got fairly light volume for this hour none accidents on the blue route. mass transit is on time, too, dave. >> on the bus stop this morning karen we are cold. 35 degrees by 6 o'clock probably about the same by 8 o'clock. partly cloudy skies. some of you are going to get some sun on your face at the bus stop. not much wind out there which is also nice. as we go through the day, well, you're starting out cold everywhere with mid 30's from allentown, all the way down through the i-95 corridor and millville about 40 degrees in cape may. and if you want to get out there and get errands done fill the cargo shopping today is the day to do it. 42 degrees will be chilly not much wind partly sunny skies and that's not a bad high for this time of year. tonight we dip close to the freezing mark as soon as
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7 o'clock and matt, tomorrow we're looking at highs probably in the low 20's across most of the region during the day and really brutal wind chills. >> thank you david. you can get the hourly forecast any time you want by going to new on "action news" a sea cooper in miami is recovering from being bitten by a tiger. a zoo miami spokesman says the 20-year-old was feeding the tiger through a fence when the animal bit the tip of her finger. the woman is okay but will have a car scar. zoo officials say the keeper was supposed to use a stick to feed the animal but used her hands instead. nothing will happen to the tiger. >> it's 5:52. up next a philadelphia package thief swipes boxes meant for children in need. >> a contestant on "jeopardy" this week who passed away before the tapings had aired had plans for her winnings.
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>> but first jimmy kimmel live. >> i believe -- i think it is official. you have set the world record for moment wrapping paper on a human being. [applause] >> 880 feet and that is a record. >> and if i were to punch you would you feel it at all? >> i don't think so. >> i wonder. >> let me see. >> give it a little shot and see if he can feel anything at all. >> he's good. >> it's incredible.
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>> this morning the search is on for a grinch in northern liberties. not only is the bandit boldly taking box from fronts stops this time he's taken some items known go to needy children. the alleged thief is seen on the 800 block of lawrence street. cases the home and swoops in and takes several boxes in broad daylight. >> it was kind of shocking because it seems like this is someone not afraid of getting caught or doesn't care whether or not they get caught. >> the homeowner hoop you just heard from there danielle says one of those boxes contained coats she had been collecting for children at gw child school in south philadelphia. after posting the video on line she says neighbors came
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forward to say they too have been victimized. >> a contestant on "jeopardy" who died before her episode aired will appear on the show tonight in a taped episode where she defends her championship title. cindy stowell from austin texas won more than $22,000 on her first night on the show. the episode was taped in august and aired eight days after she passed away. towel was diagnosed with stage four cancer and was given just six months to live. her last wish was to give a big boost to cancer research. watch her try continue her winning streak tonight at seven clock on 6abc. >> a phony dentist lied through his teeth when he extracted 10 of somebody else's teeth without a license or even anesthesia. >> taylor swift gets a massive birthday gift that will benefit her fans. "action news" will be right back. ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 6 o'clock on this wednesday december 14th and here is what we're following for you. >> bill cosby should be back in a montgomery county courthouse today. it is day two of what's already been a heated pretrial hearing for his sex assault trial. >> breaking overnight detectives in philadelphia are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man execution style. >> learning more this morning about the sudden death of former "growing pains" star alan thicke. >> and we're awaiting a big chill not just yet. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> right now it's certainly on the cold side out on the terrace but it gets a lot different tomorrow matt. as we take a look at satellite you can see how the clouds have broken up a little bit overnight following that imagery that radar is showing you of a few snow and rain showers popping through


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