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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m., tuesday, december 20. >> and we're following some breaking news. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who shot a woman in the head. a passerby found this woman lying on the side of the road overnight. >> authorities in germany now say the driver who rammed a truck into a crowded christmas market killing 12 people did so intentionally. >> and health officials accuse a berks county dental office of putting patients at risk for contracting hepatitis or hiv. >> first up weather and traffic with meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> and it is another cold start. good morning, matt, tam,
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karen. we've got sunshine on the way though. you can see how clouds have been pushing toward the east down the shore and southern delaware still a little bit of morning cloud cover but that should clear out. cold though. 22 degrees in philadelphia and how about allentown just 14 degrees. these ooh not wind chills. these are your temperatures. 16 reading, 17 trenton, 19 wilmington, 23 millville and 25 degrees in cape may. winds are a little less than yesterday overall but a wind chill of 14 degrees in philadelphia and more of the same from north to south so another winter coat morning. as we roll through the today might get a couple degrees milder than yesterday. 22 degrees by 7 o'clock, 30 by noon and by 3 o'clock going for a high of about 37 degrees. again winds lighter than yesterday so not a whole big factor with the wind chill. but still pretty cold and by 5 o'clock we'll be zipping back to 33,. we are looking at temperatures topping out in the 40's starting tomorrow though and karen we might be able to give
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you some highs in the 50's before the end of the seven day. there's also a positive change for the christmas forecast. that's all coming up. >> finally you're doing something right. >> yes, took awhile. >> let's start with the vine street expressway. looking live westbound and eastbound shut down with that construction that's got us closed both directions so watch for that. it should be lifted by 5:00 a.m. like always. a couple issues in collingdale delaware county. we have that fire location broad street at montgomery avenue. avoid the area and you can stick to woodlawn avenue as your alternate. also some construction i-95 northbound and southbound taking a live look , who this is southbound as you head towards center city and we see the crews out there blocking the left lane really in both directions you can see but we've got light volume. roads are dry out there so it's not causing too much of a problem just they arely morning construction on i-95. one more issue burlington bristol bridge, the bridge opening scheduled for any minute now. stick to the betsy ross bridge as traffic is stopped in both directions hat. >> thank you, karen.
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breaking overnight, an injured woman lying on the side of the road unsure what had happened to her and police are trying to sort it out as well. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at east detectives with more on this investigation. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened to this woman. initially when she was found they didn't flo what had happened. then they thought she was shot. this remains under investigation. they're still trying to figure out who this woman is. she had no identification on her. they just believe she is a woman in her 40's. let's go to video from that scene overnight in north philadelphia. this all started just before 11:30. she was found in the 2700 block of north third street. shortly before 11:30. philadelphia housing police officers were patrolling when a woman flagged them down. she told them she had found a unconscious woman lying in the street. when they went to check they
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saw the woman was unresponsive. she had head trauma and other injuries. housing police officers rushed her to temple university hospital where she went into surgery and police are still trying to determine what happened to her. she has massive head trauma. she hasbrouck on her body. the area where she was found is pretty desolate. there are vacant lots on both sides of the street and so far police have not found any witnesses. >> fortunately we did find about three or four businesses in the area about a block away that do have exterior cameras. so, hopefully these cameras recorded something that can help us with this investigation. >> reporter: east detectives are on this case. if you have any tips they want to hear from you. live at east detectives katherine scott, channel6 "action news. tam. >> thank you katherine. new jersey state police are searching for a cumberland county man charged with the murder of his estranged wife. police say 32-year-old
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jeremiah monell killed the woman who friends identified as tara o'shea. her friends say her murder happened in front of her 12-year-old son. o'shea's body was found yesterday morning in her commercial township home and coming up at 5:00 a.m. we'll have a live report and hear from friends who say o'shea spent years running from abuse. >> we have new information this morning on a deadly crash along the new jersey turnpike. state police now say a tractor-trailer driver was killed in westampton township burlington county last night. he had stepped out of his disabled big rig which was parked on the side of the road between exits four and five and then that is when a pickup truck struck him and rear-ended the trailer. there's no word on that driver's condition. >> developing this morning, investigators in berlin say the driver who rammed a truck into a crowded christmas market did so intentionally. 12 people were killed and nearly 50 people hurt in what is now being investigated as a possible terror attack. abc's angelica spanos now
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reports. >> reporter: thousands were enjoying the open air christmas market in berlin when the festivities turned a horror scene. >> it went just past me, past my girlfriend. >> reporter: monday night a truck barreled into shoppers just a few days before christmas. >> it missed me by 3-meter, missed her by five. it came into the open, hit the sides of the barriers and then carried on past us. >> reporter: police say the driver of this delivery truck filled with steel supports jumped the curb at a high speed and ripped through kiosks, crowds and pop-up shops. a path of destruction left behind first responders captured by video. there were two people in the truck, one died in the crash and another fled the scene but was later captured. berlin police think he was driving the truck. no word yet on their identity. >> i think where large numbers of people gather you certainly have the potential for one of these types of acts.
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that's what concerns law enforcement officials. the ease with which something like this can be done. >> reporter: this is the second time this year a truck has become a weapon of destruction. in july an isis follow are rammed through a crowd at a bastille celebration in nice france. here at home homeland security officials issuing a warning that holiday celebrations lasting through the inauguration could be targeted. and in new york city the nypd on alert at holiday markets with armed guards. the white house is condemning the rampage as an apparent terror terrorist attack and president-elect donald trump is blaming it on islamic extremists angelica spanos channel6 "action news." ly. >> turkish police detained man overnight who fired shots in front of the u.s. embassy in ankara. no one was hurt but the incident comes just hours after russian ambassador to turkey was killed in an attack across the street. an off duty policeman shot and killed the ambassador just as
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the diplomat was introducing an art exhibit of russian photographs. during the attack the assassin screamed don't forget aleppo, don't forget syria. turkey has supported the rebels in the syrian civil war while russia has backed the syrian government of president bashar al-assad. the gunman an off duty member of the turkish riot police was later killed by police. >> new on "action news" a trip to the dentist may have exposed near al thousand people in berks down hiv and other diseases. it happened at the center for family and specialty dentistry on route 183 in that burn township. the investigation revealed the dental practice did not follow appropriate procedures to properly clean disinfect or sterilize devices. the pennsylvania department of health sent letter top patients urging them to be tested for hepatitis and hiv. mayor jim kenney announce add new effort to protect philadelphia churn from lead exposure.
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the initiative calls for stronger enforcement of a 2012 law which requires landlords to certify rentals as lead free. old paint continues to be the big of the problem in homes built before 1978. the campaign will also expand neighborhood outreach and get more children tested for lead levels in their blood. >> mower:39 is the time and new this morning a drone that was seized by china is back in u.s. hands this morning. plus, the first lady talks about her time in the white house in an interview with oprah winfrey. >> new video shows what happens when you park in front of a fire hydrant and then firefighters need to get to that hydrant. david. >> wow. all right, very cold on the bus stop this morning. 21 degrees by 6 o'clock. 22 by 8 o'clock. not all that much wind out there but obviously it's winter coat weather and it looks like it's a good idea to keep them fairly bundled up this afternoon as we're likely staying in the 30's later on. things do get better temperature-wise and we're beginning to ease back on the chance of precipitation over the next several days. i'll have all those details coming up in the seven day.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here, the blowing snow up at spring mountain. wondering what you might be able to do after christmas, you can go there on monday. they're hoping to open on that day and i'm sure they'd love to see you. >> david it might be trouble later in the week to make some snow because it's going to warm up a bit, right. >> yeah, actually. we might even get some 50's before the end of our seven-day forecast which is nice. i've been waiting for that to happen for awhile. we're dry this morning. as we take a look outside we have the stars out over center city as our temple university camera looking south along broad street at our beautiful city hall, one of the most really cool looking city halls in america i think but in any event, we are going to get some sun on the side of
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william penn a little bit later on. temperature 22 degrees right now though so do bundle up once again as you head out. winds north-northeast at just 6 miles per hour society wind chill sure it's in the teens but it's not that all strong of a wind that we have to deal with overall today. the clouds have continued to push away from the i-95 corridor. looks like down the shore and in southern delaware you might get a little early cloud cover but that's in the process of leaving town and i do think overall we'll see a fair amount of sunshine. by 8 o'clock 22, by 10 o'clock, 25. and unfortunately the sun isn't going to help warm us up much. by noon probably still about 30. then we'll shoot up to about 37 at 3 o'clock for a high and by 6 o'clock back down close to the freezing mark so a little milder for a short period today, probably not quite as windy as yesterday but still on the cold side. high temperatures today 36 in allentown, 35 in trenton, 37 in reading, 36 in philadelphia and wilmington and very similar numbers in millville, dover, down in cape may we might get 39 and the airport in atlantic city actually have a shot at about 41 degrees. and then tomorrow morning the
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winter solstice arrives at 5:44 in the morning. this is the exact moment when the sun's direct rays are to the tropic of capricorn. farthest south from us they'll get and then start on thursday you start to get a little bit more daylight hours. tomorrow will be the day where you have the few west daylight hours although sunset technically has already started to push a little bit later because of our position on the surface of the globe. then on wednesday the first afternoon of winter look for a mix of sun and clouds and it won't be quite as cold. doesn't that figure. 43 degrees. we'll get up into the 40's for several hours in the afternoon, light winds with high pressure in control and even milder air coming in later in the seven day. so here it is, your seven-day from accuweather mostly sunny today, still on the chilly side with that high of 37. and then on wednesday winter arrive in the morning. in the afternoon we'll see sun mixing with a few clouds, 43 is the high and then on thursday clouds mixing with some sun, a high of 47. we're now going take out the chance of a shower or sprinkle on thursday. then means we're very likely
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dry for the eagles game at night. it will be chilly. then on friday sunny with some gusty winds, 46 degrees is the high. and a big weekend on the way. more clouds building in on saturday a-high of 48 degrees for christmas eve and the arrival of hanukkah. the chance of a late day or evening shower. sunday christmas day we're improving things a little bit. yesterday the chance of rain was out there but it didn't look like a whole lot and by noon yesterday i was really kind of backing off on that. clouds and sun now on sunday, a-51 and we'll still allow for a pop-up shower but i think most of you probably stay dry or at least if you do see rain it's not that much. then on monday, mostly cloudy kwanzaa arriving 53 degrees an shower there. when we're not on the air you can always get the latest weather information by going to and isn't it nice that we are improving temperatures a little bit now as we head into winter. >> if it's any other going to be a white christmas it might as welly. >> a warm christmas. >> thanks, david. new this morning the
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pentagon says chin in a has returned an unmanned under water drone that the china navy seized last week international waters. the public of defense says vessel returned it near the location where 93 took it. the incident occurred in the south china sea near the philippines. u.s. officials say civilian contractors were operating the drone to collect scientific data. >> in what some are calling her exit interview michelle obama opened up to oprah winfrey. she sat down for the last time in her capacity as first lady and talked about her experience in the white house. she reflected on her time in the public eye and the misconceptions she faced during the president's eight years in office. >> you were labeled that angry black woman. is that one of the things that knocked you back a bit. >> that's one of the things that you sort of just think dag, you don't even know me. i thought okay, well, let me live my life out loud so that people can then see and then judge for themselvesly. >> the first lady says she plans to continue her public service involvement with issues like girls' education
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and promoting healthy eating but first a little enjoyment. the president has promised to take her on a long vacation. >> investigators have released a 911 mall are a road rage shooting that killed a three-year-old boy in arkansa arkansas. >> the reward for information leading to the shooter 's arrest has doubled to $40,000. he was killed while riding in his grandmother's car in little rock over the weekend. police say a man shot at the vehicle because the boy's grandmother paused too long at an intersection. police are looking for the driver and a 2003 black chevy impala. >> new on "action news" a driver in nebraska took a risk and decided to park illegal and the gamble did not pay off. omaha firefighters had to break this car's window to battle a house fire on sunday night. the owner says her son parked in front of the hydrant because it was closest to their home on the crowded street. the car will to be towed away and the owner now faces a fine. >> now you know, right.
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>> now you know don't do it. >> 4:47. up next the federal reserve has good news for recent college grads and new jersey lawmakers vote on a bill officially allowing ride hailing services to operate in the state. >> billionaire carl icahn could face a penalty for closing the trump taj mal had a casino. details coming up in business. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we're looking live on our city hall cameras looking festive, isn't it? as we take a live look there and you see the roads are dry. it's cold out there but dry. let's take a live look and see what's going on on the schuylkill expressway approaching spring garden. nothing happening. light volume. eastbound traffic just a few cars headed towards the vine. the action cam was on the scene of an issue in lower merion. take a look at this. this is sprogg road at hollow road. they're doing suer repairs and sprague road is shut down in lower merion so expect delays through the morning commute. you can see they've got the big road closed sign in lower merion causing a problem there on sprague road. the bridge opening and the burlington bristol bridge still expected to happen so stick to the betsy ross bridge instead of the burlington bristol as you're headed out. just some construction on the
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turnpike. this is westbound between downingtown and valley forge. the right lane is blocked in this area and was not far from the area where we had the turnpike shut down for awhile yesterday with that big tanker truck fire. today it's just construction causing an issue. northeast extension southbound construction between lehigh valley and quakertown as you're headed out tam. >> thank you, karen. new jersey lawmakers have given their okay to ride sharing services like uber and lyft. they approved that measure yesterday. though republican governor chris christie would still need to sign off on it. the law would allow the state attorney general to decide whether the criminal background checks now used by the crows sufficient. >> ♪ >> time for your first look at business at the big board. boeing warning employees there could be layoffs next year. the industrial giant which has a large factory in delaware county says open positions will not be filled and buyouts will be offered but layoffs would be a last resort. boeing has already cut its workforce by 8 percent this year. new jersey lawmakers want to
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punish billionaire carl icahn for closing the trump taj mahal casino. nearly 3,000 jobs were lost. the state assembly approved the bill that imposes a five year casino license suspension on anyone shutting down a casino this year or in the future. the dow gained 39 points still well below that 20,000 mark. futures point to more gains at the opening bell at 9:30. the head of the federal reserve says college graduates will enter the strongest job market the country has seen in a decade. janet yellen stressed the importance of getting a college degree. she said that earnings for college grads were about 70 percent higher than those with just a high school diploma. >> all right. it is 4:53. new here a tourist is attacked in new york city just a day after his romantic proposal. more coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> up next, a thief steals a van with a very expensive santa suit inside. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> new on "action news," the man who because the christmas cheer to a kansas community for decades is hoping for his own christmas miracle. someone stole gary center's van from a gestation parking lot. inside the van was his handmade european santa suit worth as much as $1,000. he is hoping the suit will be returned. >> not the importance of it, it's really a very, very connected to me p-, i'm devastated.
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it's an heirloom for me. >> community members have created a fundraiser on his behalf. >> also new a-five-year-old cancer survivor in ohio is doing all she can to make sure her sick friend has the best christmas ever. kendall evans' friend bailey beck lee is sick with an inoperable brain tumor and her prognosis is not g beck lee's death is likely. last week kendall and her mother discovered bailey loves to receive mail so they decided to invite people on social media to send the sick girl something for what may be her last christmas and as you can see there the cards have been rolling owe in. i'm going tweet out that address if you would also like to send her something special. >> i'll retweet it. >> there sounds like a plan. >> 4:57. more news stories you didn't see last night a new study suggests that female doctors may have an edge on male doctors when it comes to treating their patients. >> driver's license video. that's a little bizarre but we'll explain it to you a little bit later on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday december 20th and we're working on several breaking stories. >> a driver finds an injured woman on the side of a north philadelphia road. police are trying to figure out what happened to her. >> an tragic story out of new jersey. police say a man is on the run after murdering his estranged wife in front of their children. we're live with the latest. >> the chill in the air will stick around for a few more days but accuweather is tracking milder temperatures later this week just in tim


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