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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday december 20th and we're working on a number of breaking stories right now. >> a driver finds an injured woman on the side of a north philadelphia road. police are trying to figure out what happened to her. >> and a tragic story out of new jersey. police say a man is on the run after murdering his estranged wife in front of their children. we are live with the latest. >> a chill in the air might stick around for a little bit but when that winter comes, it's going to warm up of course. >> and that's okay. >> that's the way sometimes it works. >> i'll take it. let's go to dave murphy. he's got more and karen rogers is taking a look at your commute. >> it's certainly winter coat weather this morning. take a look at satellite. we had some clouds but those are dishing down towards the shore and looks like we'll be in for lot of bright sunshine early. but it's cold. 22 degrees in philadelphia and just 12 degrees now in allentown.
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now we talked yesterday about how the numbers were going to be pretty cold this morning. there's not a whole lot of wind so the wind chills really aren't that much different than the temperature but of course when you start out so far below freezing, it's easy to get those wind chills with some pretty eye popping numbers. feels lycopene philadelphia currently and just 8 degrees in trenton and wilmington, 12 in allentown. again reinforcing the idea that you need the extra layers and the extra gear. 22 by 7 o'clock. by noon we will improve to 30 and this afternoon we expect to be slightly milder than yesterday. yesterday we got a high of 34. today we'll go 37 at 3 o'clock but back down below freezing as soon as dinnertime or so. it does look like milder air is gradually pushing back into play went might even see a high in the 50's before the end of the seven day. i'll have details on that and a couple of positive changes for the holiday weekend. karen that's coming up. >> flies to see an improving forecast and the traffic is not bad either. as we look live in new jersey that's 42 northbound traffic at creek road heading up towards the walt whitman bridge really moving nicely. the roads today are clear and
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dry. were don't have any weather related issues and it's just cold. you're going warm up the car. looking at the big picture, that's the blue route schuylkill i-95 mostly moving well. 95 the first spot to slow at cottman now 32 miles an hour. let's take a live look at 422. i know it's a dark shot but that's your eastbound traffic you could see those taillights there head towards king of prussia. really moving nicely at this point with an easy five minute ride eastbound much we had an accident this morning in limerick township on lewis road and it just cleared. traffic moving better. i suspect we may have some issues with disabled vehicles. it's colder this morning than yesterday. here's weren't on cowpath road. poor guy stuck at line lexington road blocking a lane tam. >> thank you, karen. this is breaking overnight. a driver passing a vacant lot in north philadelphia made a discovery finding a woman on the ground with a severe head wound. police say the woman was found lying on the side of the road near the 2700 block of north third street around 11:30 last night. officers rushed her to temple university hospital much she's currently in critical
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condition. police say it appears that the victim is in her 40's but that's all they know so far since they did not find an i.d. on her. we'll continue to have more on this story coming up in a live report. and a mother in new jersey is dead this morning, her friends say she spent her life constantly trying to get away from her estranged husband. the same man who police now believe to be responsible for her murder. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the state police barracks in bellmawr camden county. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. and state police have issued an arrest warrant for the man that they believe is responsible for this crime. we're about to show you his picture. they're hoping that the public recognizes this photo and are able to help them lead to his arrest. police are looking for this man, 32-year-old jeremiah monell. he's wanted for the murder of his estranged wife. friends of the victim, 36-year-old tara o'shea say for years she suffered abuse at the hands of monell and filed for restraining orders.
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>> you don't know how many times that she came to my house beat up. >> reporter: it was just after 8:00 yesterday morning that police say they responded to a home on raymond drive in commercial township cumberland county. there they found the victim unresponsive. according to friends monell slit o'shea's throat in front of their 12-year-old son. state police released information about monell late last night but before that, those close to o'shea were looking for him. they say they want justice for their friend. they describe o'shea as a fighter. >> for her to get that final restraining order, say enough is enough, she'd had enough and that's what i praise her for 'cause she had had enough. >> he needs to be caught. he needs to be punished for what he did to these kids and to her and her family. >> reporter: and if you have information you are urged to call new jersey state police. he is 5-foot nine, 140 pounds last seen driving a chevy s-10 pickup. you can head to our web site to see more
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information and also to get another look at that photo as well. there are also ways on our web site that you can reach out to new jersey state police including text message. you can remain anonymous. for that now reporting live in bellmawr, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you annie. developing overnight authorities in berlin have been interrogating the man who they say rammed a truck into a crowded christmas market. >> 12 people were killed dozen more injured and investigators confirmed overnight that the crash was intentional and is being considered a terrorist attack. >> now that christmas market was packed with people. their holiday gaiety transformed into a crime scene as that tractor-trailer slammed into the crowd of shoppers yesterday. witnesses say the truck sped into the market and just showed no signs of slowing down. the owner of the truck company says the vehicle may have been highjacked from a building site in poland and indeed police say a man a-polish national was that found dead in the passenger seat inside that truck. >> philadelphia police have increased their presence in center city in the wake of a terror attack in berlin. the action cam was at the
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christmas market outside city hall last night where thoughts were with the people of germany. >> it's really s it's a great time of year for families and it's just sad to see something like that happening. >> very unfortunate. i feel very bad. again my prayers and condolences go tout to the family and friends of the people who were affected by that tragedy. >> it is very sad. it makes you want to squeeze your little one a little bit tighter. >> organizers of similar outdoor markets across the country are also stepping up security. >> it is 6:06. the electoral college has officially made donald trump the next president of the united states with well over the 270 electoral votes that he needed and despite some last ditch protests efforts to change that outcome. the process marks the end of the traditional election cycle. trump passed the needed threshold when electors in texas voted but there were protests and even a few electors who defected or cast votes for colin powell instead as a last minute swipe at trump. but in the end trump did prevail ensuring that he will become america's 45th
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president. congress still needs to officially count and certify the electoral votes. vice president joe biden as president of the senate will supervise that on january 6th. >> a major american industrial power with a presence in the delaware valley says it might have to cut jobs next year. maribel aber has our market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning maribel. >> reporter: good morning matt. boeing tells its employees more job cuts will be coming in the new year. cuts will sum cum from boeing's commercial airplane unit which faces fierce competition with rival airbusly boeing hit by a drop in new orders. the company will start reducing head counter by leaving open positions unfilled. it will then offer voluntary buyouts. it will turn to layoffs only as a last resort. boeing operates a large plant in delaware county. stocks managed minor gains yesterday in a quiet kickoff to the preholiday trading week. right now futures pointing to a higher open. no major economic reports scheduled for today. janet yellen says the u.s. job market is the strongest it's been in nearly a decade. the federal reserve chair told graduates that the university
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of maryland that the prospects for college grads are particularly good. yellen said jobs created by globalization will be filled by people with college educations. while the unemployment rate has fallen to four pinterest 6 percent it's just 2.6 percent for college grads. optimistic news for college grads. >> after so many years of them being told good luck it's nice they'll be hearing instead. >> it is nice. my kid graduates in three years so let's keep it going. [laughter] >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we are dry and as we take a look outside, we have sky6 and there is dillworth park looking across the street to what will be crowded sidewalks before too much longer and i bet you're going see a lot of people wearing the heavy gear and the hats and gloves and all of that too. 22 degrees currently in philadelphia. not a lot of wind out there but it's cold and just 12 degrees currently in allentown, 15 in reading, 17 trenton, 17 wilmington and 20 in millville so this morning a very cold start. there's just a slight wind. your wind chill in philadelphia is actually down
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in the mid teens. satellite though shows you how the cloud cover has really swept through overnight and we are going to wound up with lots of sunshine this morning and probably maintaining fairly sunny skies throughout the day. unfortunately it stays combed up in the lehigh valley a high of 36 degrees. mostly sunny, still chilly. winds probably in the single digits today. and as we head down to the shore, a little bit milder. a high of 41 degrees, lots of sun but still on the cool side with just a slight breeze every now and then and in philadelphia 37 degrees, mostly sunny, still chilly. the winds running eventually out of the southwest at about four to 8 miles per hour. we do have a front out to the west of us that's going to be getting a little bit close earl later today. it won't produce much cloud cover but it will turn the winds out of the south and that's going to bump our numbers up. overnight still cold but not as cold as this morning. looks like you'll wake up to about 28 degrees instead of low 20's today and again winds are light overnight. then tomorrow morning winter arrives at 5:44 in the morning. it's the winter solstice.
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the few west hours of daylight will be tomorrow but then on thursday we start to extend those daylight hours a little bit and that will continue straight through the rest of the winter. 43 is tomorrow's high so the first afternoon of winter is slightly milder than most of our recent days or at least the last couple of days where we've been stuck in the 30's. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 37 today mostly sunny still chilly not that that windy. winter arrives tomorrow morning with a high of 43 in the afternoon. then on thursday with a front coming at us we'll see more clouds probably staying dry now on thursday though. that includes for the eagles game and the afternoon high is a little bit milder 47 degrees. then sunny with a gusty breeze behind that system, 46 degrees feeling bit chilly on friday and then for the weekend back up to 48 on saturday with more clouds gathering. we're going to allow the chance for a shower to build in later saturday afternoon and saturday evening. not enough to hinder saturday and get in the way of folks traveling around as hanukkah arrives but maybe a little bit damp saturday night. an end prompt for sunday
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christmas day though all the way up to 51 degrees now. we'll call eight clouds and sun mix with just a stray shower around here or there so an improving christmas day forecast. and then kwanzaa arrives on monday. it looks like 53. maybe a little better chance of a period or two of rain on monday. >> we can deal. thank you david. 6:11. the trip of a lifetime takes a terrible turn. a man visits new york city to pop the question and gets attacked during his visit. getting more careless with your iphone right before the new version comes out turns out it's not a coincidence. karen. >> we have a major car fire blocking all lanes on the blue route southbound at route one. as penndot moves over a little bit you can really see those flames shooting up right now. i've got a live facebook post showing all of this as it's happening now. you see fire crews have come on the scene. they're trying to put that fire out. they've shut down all traffic on the blue route southbound, breaking news. we'll be right back with more on this car fire. >> ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> 6:14. karen rogers is following breaking news on the blue route. karen. >> we're really watching flames just shoot up here with this scene on the blue route southbound approaching route three and you kind of look a little tighter right now and you can see this fully engulfed car fire. look at the flames just shooting right up into the sky. they have been at times blocking all lanes here on the blue route southbound. this is right near route
6:15 am
three. actually have a live facebook feed where we have been showing this as it develops and you can go on and watch that live. they're letting the left lane get by. they had been at times blocking ought lanes but they really haven't been able to put that that fire out. i'm still watching the flames shoot right up here on the blue route southbound near route three. we have a lot of emergency workers on the southeastern. they had been at times blocking all lanes. this is breaking news on the blue route. this is southbound approaching route three. watching those flames kind of shoot right up into the sky. i'm going to leave that kind of in the corner of the screen as i show you just a couple of other things right now. also here we've got our travel times on i-95 and southbound. you can see from woodhaven to the vine it's a 19 minute ride on schuylkill eastbound and westbound an easy 14, 15 minute ride. no problem there. on route 42 an easy nine minute ride so no other major travel issues other than looking at this big problem right now with this car fire
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and the flames just shooting and right up live on the blue route on such a cold morning, too, as you look at these temperatures it's 10 degrees in quakertown, 10 pottstown, 22 a little better in center city right now as you look at the temperatures in new jersey, it's 16 in ewing, 16 in browns mills, 819 glassboro and 20 smyrna, delaware so a day this morning that's even colder than yesterday morning. looks like on the blue route we're still seeing those flames shoot right up here with a lot of emergency workers on the scene but not quite as much fire and flames as we saw just a few minutes ago so they are trying to deal with this. we'll be on top of this one and i have a facebook live post so you can see what happens with that car fire matt. >> keep us posted. thanks karen. a perfect marriage proposal in new york city had a scary ending. connor rasmussen new from washington state to nyc to propose to jordan asher. he popped the question on friday night in central park. then this happened to rasmussen in manhattan early sunday morning.
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>> dropped me off. they were walking back to their hotel then wanted to get some pizza next to it. as he was walking back a man just came up from behind them and litterly rally stabbed him in the back of his head. >> rasmussen removed the knife himself and handed it over to police. he was not seriously hurt. police believe the at tacker who was not caught was hurt. they say the attack appears random. >> north carolina's bathroom bill could be repealed in a matter of days. state lawmakers will meet tomorrow to consider eliminating house bill two. it requires transgender citizens to use the bathroom of the gender they were assigned at birth. yesterday the charlotte city council voted to repeal the biffle house bill two was passed earlier this year and then resulted in high profile business and entertainment boycotts of north carolina. >> 6:17. the binge eating burglar. surveillance cameras catch a crook with a huge craving for bananas.
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david. >> all right, guys, we have extra gear on the kids this morning because temperatures are in the low 20's in a lot of neighborhoods. couple of spots in the teens and this afternoon in the 30's in most neighborhoods so keep the coats handy. i'll have your 12-hour forecast just ahead. >> ♪ >> in today's tech bytes new platform for the video game minecraft. >> now available on apple tv. you can get the new version of minecraft for $19.99 and it comes with seven pieces of downloadable contender so you can customize your creation. >> if you're looking to grab nintendo's nes classic edition before the holidays today is the day. it comes preloaded with 30 classic games. >> today it's available forly $60 in limited supplies at best buy only in store not online. a study finds it's no accident that the number of iphones that are dropped smashed or otherwise broken goes up sharply when there's a new model available. >> it's called the upgrade effect. iphone users apparently subconsciously need to justify getting the new version so they just get more careless with the old one.
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>> so there's an excuse. >> you need to buy the new one if your old one is broken. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. more on our breaking news right now and we're live on the scene of the blue route southbound approaching route three. as we watch that car fire and still at this point, and this car fire has been going on a good 10 minutes and we see the flames shoot up into the sky. they had been at times allowing traffic to get by in the left lane but you can currently see traffic is blocked and at the top of your screen do you see how you have other vehicles facing the wrong way, other emergency vehicles. they came down the opposite way on the blue route to get to the scene so they don't have to sit in the backlog to deal with this fire right now. fully engulfed fire and police are telling us they're not sure if it's a tractor-trailer or like a commercial truck but we're still seeing the vehicle
6:22 am
shoot up here. it was a fully engulfed fire and we've got all but one lane at times has been getting through currently. all lanes blocked on the blue route southbound approaching route three. still doesn't seem to be under control as we're watching those flames shoot up from that vehicle here. breaking news dave we've been watching this car fire and imagining everybody kind of stuck in traffic behind the scene thinking they're not going anywhere any time quick. >> 476 southbound to route three oh my. all right karen we're off to a cold start this morning. we're in the low 20's in philadelphia, teens in some suburbs and plenty of sun on the way but cold. 22 by 7 o'clock. by noon we'll still be below freezing at 30. expecting a slightly better high today of 37 degrees around 3 o'clock but we're back close to the freezing mark as soon as 5:00. checking the airport all green aircraft to the big board so far so good new york. that means no major delays. no sign of precipitation currently in any of our big travel destinations, tam. >> okay, thank you david. in health check a new study suggests your doctor's gender could have a slight impact on your survival
6:23 am
chances. a new study out of harvard's th chan school of public health found hospital patients treated by female doctors were less likely to die or end up back in the hospital. why? well, they don't really know but previous studies found female doctors are more likely to do prevention counseling and order preventive tests but don't get rid of your male doc because the differences here are pretty small and having a good relationship with your specific doctor outstretches the generalization. >> flyers trying get back on track at home. they had won 10 straight until losing to the dallas stars saturday night. last night andrew mcdonald got the flyers on the board in the first period against the predators. that lead held until midway through the third they lost it and then the flyers lost in a shootout two to one dropping their second straight. they host the capitals tomorrow night. >> ♪ hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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...non-drowsy, coughing, aching, fever, sore throat, stuffy... ...head, no sick days medicine. >> the california judge in a high profile sexual assault case has been cleared of misconduct. thousands of complaints poured in earlier this year about judge aaron perskie. he oversaw the case of brock turn are. turner is the swimmer convicted of raping an unconscious woman outside of a party. perskie sparked outrage when he sentenced turner to six months in jail. many felt it was too lenient. others defended perskie saying he was just following guidelines. in yesterday's ruling the panel said there was not clear evidence or anything convincing that there had been bias or abuse of authority. >> police on new york's long
6:27 am
island are looking for man who broke into a restaurant and went bananas. surveillance video from inside the business called the sexy salad shows the intruder helping himself to 11 bananas a few muffins and some chips. the burglar's binge seemed to tire him out. he took a nap on the floor. then the man left bite time the owner arrived. however he left behind very nice clue for police. his driver's license. a journalist with epilepsy is threatening legal action against twitter user. he claims a post caused him to sufferzure. curt eichenwald had aggressively covered donald trump's campaign for "newsweek." since then the reporter said he has received two tweets with flashing images which have triggered seizures. eichenwald plans to subpoena twitter to release the identity of the most recent user who sent the message. that person's account has already been suspended from the site. eichenwald will appear on "good morning america" this morning. >> it is 6:27 and winter
6:28 am
officially starts tomorrow and it will come in with a bit of a warmup. dave murphy will have your accuweather update. >> dirty conditions at a dentist's office in berks county might have exposed patients to serious diseases. the health alert is next. >> ♪
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>> braking now on "action news," an injured woman is left on the side of a road in north philadelphia. police want to know who she is, how she got there and why she was hurt. >> developing overnight german police update their investigation into that deadly christmas market crash in berlin closing in on a motive. >> and breaking right now a car fire is still raging along major highway in delaware county. we are watch and the building backup. >> good morning. 6:30 on this tuesday december 20. we'll get that bitter forecast in a minute with david but we want to go back to that backup and go over to karen rogers. good morning. >> breaking news right now. this car fire a fully engulfed
6:31 am
fire we've been watching this unfold live before us so sky6 looking live at the scene right now. this is the blue route southbound approaching route three. the car fire itself is right here. what you're seeing currently more smoke than flames but i'm going to pull in a tighter shot of this, too, right here because we were seeing some flames shoot up right now on the blue route southbound approaching route three. so, still right now with some flames shooting up but a lot of smoke currently right now and penndot just kind of moved their shot over a little bit but they've been blocking all lanes. we were watching live and actually i have a facebook live video where you can see all of this happening that's still going on. but we were watching live as they let some of the vehicles through because they were trying to get fire crews to the scene. even the fire crews weren't able to get to the scene in the backlog of this so just a mess of a scene and state police and i know penndot is kind of zooming around i'm going to stick with it to see if they can maybe get back to the scene but state police were telling us that they were concerned that there was something explosive in there or diesel fuel and they were
6:32 am
really keeping the distance so blocking all lanes on the blue route southbound approaching route three. we'll keep an eye on that shot in the corner while we look at some of the other things. we're seeing right now speeds of about 4 miles an hour as all lanes have been blocked on the blue route southbound approaching route three so really watching that backlog as you're heading southbound towards i-95 if you're driving through this area, all traffic blocked right now. emergency workers on the scene and now penndot has in and out with that scene as they try to zoom in and try to get a better idea of what's happening here. so here is what we can tell you. fire crews arrived on the scene right now. they had to block traffic and find a way to get these crews to come here. now they have got their hoses trained on this and state police are telling us they weren't sure if it was a commercial truck or a tractor-trailer but they were concerned about diesel fuel and that it might be explosive so that's why there were so many crews. look at all of the crews that had to come on the scene and they were all stuck in the backlog here on the blue route southbound so it was hard just even getting them there. we
6:33 am
were watching live as some people were trying to come from this end but now we have fire crews on the scene currently seeing more smoke than flames at this point but a big fire that's causing huge concerns blocking all traffic, blue route southbound approaching route three. if you go to our facebook page you can watch all of this unfold live because we kept a video on the whole thing. one more thing i just want to mention as we look at this. we also have an accident on the schuylkill eastbound at south street involving a tractor-trailer. so now that's a big accident on the blue route and car fire and an accident on the schuylkill eastbound as well but we'll be following this one, dave, as you are stuck out in the cold this morning. >> yeah, no kidding. bad morning to be fighting a fire out there or to be doing anything else, karen. take a look at satellite first of all. we have cloud cover now pushing to the south of the region so we are expecting plenty of sunshine. it's cold outside, though, as you step out in philadelphia, 22 degrees currently. 17 in wilmington and trenton. 12 degrees in allentown. 15 in reading. and there's not much wind but just enough to give you wind chills making it feel like it's in the teens and in some cases the single digits so do bundle up with all the extra
6:34 am
gear. as we roll through the day it stays chilly. 22 degrees by 7 o'clock. 30 by noon and then we get a little bit better this afternoon than yesterday. yesterday's high was 34. today we'll go 37. winds very light. but it doesn't last long as we're back below freezing probably by six or 7 o'clock this evening. when i step inside temperatures are getting better through the seven-day forecast. we might even hit 50 by christmas day. details on that coming up matt. >> all right, thank you david. breaking news here. a driver alerts police to an injured woman in need of help late last night. several hours later, police still cannot tell us who she is, how she was injured or how it might have happened. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at east detectives where they're trying to sort this all out. katherine. >> reporter: matt, police say this woman is in critical condition. she underwent surgery overnight. she has massive head trauma. she has bruising to her body and police are still trying to determine how exactly she got like this. they're also trying to determine who she is. she has no identification on her.
6:35 am
they just say she's a woman who appears to be in her 40's. let's go video from north philadelphia overnight where you can see police are on the scene investigating. she was found on the 2700 block of north third street. shortly before 11:30 last night philadelphia housing police officers were patrolling when a woman flagged them down. she told them she had found an unconscious woman lying in the street. when they went to check, they saw that the woman was unresponsive. she had head trauma and other injuries including bruising to her body indicating that she was assaulted. housing police officers rushed her to temple university hospital where she went into surgery. the area where she was found is pretty desolate. there are vacant lots on both sides of the street and so far police have not found any witnesses. >> fortunately we did find about three or four businesses in the area about a block away that do have exterior cameras. so, hopefully these cameras recorded something that could help us with this
6:36 am
investigation. >> reporter: east detectives investigating this case and they want to hear from you if you have any information. we're live at east detectives katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> katherine thank you. develop overnight police in berlin say the deadly truck crash into a christmas market was carried out on purpose most likely as an act of terror. police tweeted this out overnight that someone deliberately drove into the crowd killing at least 12 people and injuring from it others. a suspect was arrested after the incident and police are confirming that he's the driver. a polish national in the passenger seat was found dead and a trucking cole that owns that truck is saying they think that it was stolen in poland a building site. this morning we're hearing more from people who watched as the attack happened. >> it had just passed me past my girlfriend. it missed me by 3 meters missed her by five. it came into the entrance, hit the sides of the barriers and then carried on past us.
6:37 am
>> the u.s. offered the aid germany in the investigation. president-elect donald trump also released a statement about the incident calling it horrifying. >> and new this morning, the chinese government has returned the u.s. under water drone that it seized last week in the south china sea. the pentagon says the drone was being operated by civilian contractors collecting unclassified scientific data in international waters. the department defense plans to continue the investigation into the taking of the unmanned device. >> 6:37 now and new on "action news," the pennsylvania health department is warning nearly 1,000 people that a trip to a berks county dentist may have exposed them to hiv and other diseases. it happened at the center for family and specialty dentistry on route 183 in bern township. an investigation revealed that the dental practice did not follow appropriate procedures to properly clean disinfect or sterilize devices. the health department sent a letter to all patients urging them to be tested for hepatitis and hiv.
6:38 am
philadelphia mayor jim kenney is leading the charge to protect children from lead exposure. the initiative calls for stronger enforcement of a 2012 law that requires landlords to certify rentals as lead free. old paint continues to be the biggest problem in homes built before 1978. the campaign will also provide more opportunities for health screenings. >> time now to talk about accuweather. it actually will be colder today than it will be on christmas day. >> that's the way it's looking a milder trend coming but this morning as we check out the great outdoors not so great. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us we're dry and as we take a look outside there is sun coming up over the horizon but it's very cold and certainly cold enough to just turn off the freezers on the ice rink down there by penn's landing as we're well below freezing this morning. currently in philadelphia, 22 degrees. there's not a lot of wind. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour but of course it's not hard to get wind chills in the teens and even the mid teens and below with that cold air in place and that's what we've got this morning. in fact, wind chills in some spots like trenton and
6:39 am
wilmington have been in the single digits at times this morning. so, do bundle up with all that extra gear even though there isn't a real strong wind smacking you in the face. you can see the cloud cover is receding off the coast of south jersey and delaware and so we are looking at plenty of sunshine today. but it's still going to be plenty cold. 22 degrees by 8 o'clock. 25 by 10 o'clock. 30 by noon. we'll get a little bit better than yesterday this afternoon with a high of 37 degrees but then by 6:00 all the way back down to the freezing mark so a day for winter coats and extra gear from start to finish. 36 is your high in allentown, 37 in reading and really there's not much of a range between allentown all the way down millville. in cape may 39 and we might hit the low 40's in places like atlantic city this afternoon. tomorrow morning the winter solstice arrives at 5:44 in the morning. that's the exact moment that the sun's direct rays are focused right on the tropic of capricorn. the farthest south across the face of the earth they'll be. on thursday we start to see that sun moving back up toward us and the days are --
6:40 am
daylight hours anyway start becoming a little bit longer. tomorrow will be the shortest of that daylight hour period though. and then in the afternoon the first afternoon of winter as matt suggested we do get a little bit milder up to 43 degrees and you're going to see even milder air coming in toward the end of the week and in through the holiday weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 37 degrees is today's high mostly sunny and chilly not all that much wind. tomorrow winter arrive in the morning. in the afternoon sun and clouds, 43. then we go up to 47 on thursday with clouds, some sun. we're take, out the chance of a shower on thursday and that means the eagles game at night will be chilly but probably dry. and then friday sunny but with a gusty breeze and a high of 46 it will feel a little bit cooler. for the weekend saturday more clouds roll in on christmas eve and with the arrival of hanukkah at sundown 48 is your high and there now is the chance of late day or evening shower around on saturday. not a lot of rain but the chance is out there. change for sunday though. we're now going for a mix of clouds and sun and we do feel that with the sun breaking through we'll probably get up
6:41 am
to about 51 for a high. first time in awhile we've been that mild. there is the chance of a stray shower on sunday but certainly not a washout. hopefully a lot of you will be able to travel around without much trouble. 53 on monday for the arrival of kwanzaa. >> okay. got it. thank you david. 6:41. those yellow lines are there for a reason. a driver defies parking rules and learn the hard way why you cannot block a fire hydrant. >> later a man locks horns with maine state dmv and wins. karen. >> this car fire has been going on for almost 40 minutes. still all lanes blocked on the blue route southbound approaching route three. you can see fire crews on the scene. a lot of smoke still coming up. not a whole lot of flames but watch as they spray more water on the fire right now. we're going have more details. completely blocked traffic and wait until you see the travel advertisements it is -- times. it is a mess. we'll have that when that "action news" returns.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> 6:44. continuing to follow some big traffic breaking news karen. >> that's right. breaking news on the blue route southbound approaching route three. we have a car fire. this has been going on for 40 minutes as we look live on the scene right now. we do have more emergency workers on the scene than the last time that i showed you this. the actual car fire -- let me take a tighter shot right here so you can get a sense. so here are all the emergency workers right here. this is a lot of smoke that's pouring out at this point. we're not seeing a lot of flames. when i first showed you this you saw the flames shooting right up into the sky. so at this point seeing mostly just smoke, not a lot of flames but this has been going on for 40 minutes and state police are saying they think it's a commercial truck or a tractor-trailer and they're concerned about diesel fuel or something that would make it explosive and the reason it's
6:45 am
been burning so much. we really watched this unfold. we have a facebook live still trained right on the scene. the trouble was that it was so backed up on the blue route even the fire trucks couldn't get there so we're watching them try to like navigate to get these fire trucks to come to the scene. they're still blocking all lanes right now and chopper6 over the scene showing as you different vantage point and you can really see that right now, that major truck that was completely on fire. looks like a fire truck that was on fire right now. the blue route southbound at route three. the exit for broomall. and you can see right now that they've got their hoses trained on it, the ladder truck up and they've been doing this for 40 minutes. look at all the emergency workers. you can kind of see that the trucks you're looking at are all facing the wrong way. that's because they had to drive on the blue route the wrong way just to get to the scene because it was so backed up. we're watching this right now and they have all those emergency workers still after all this time dealing with it. and as chopper pans back you just get a sense of the delay. people have been stuck here
6:46 am
for over a half an hour. and as we have been talking about this, it's a holiday week, they're leaving early, you're thinking i've got a good commute and you are stuck in this traffic and it's not moving on the blue route. that is your southbound traffic heading towards route three. it's a total mess because of this fire that's been causing huge problems this morning and look at that, just headlights, nobody budging. you're just sitting on the blue route going stop and go at best because all lanes still blocked blue route southbound approaching route lehigh valley it iroute73. a 72 minute ride. at one point it was 112 minutes so i wonder if people on the ott back end are turn argue round but a mess of a scene on the blue route southbound. they're blocking all lanes and we can see it looked like a fire truck that had caught on fire there and a number of emergency work, on the scene still dealing with this. not seeing flames as we saw from that chopper shot. we're seeing mostly smoke at
6:47 am
this point but traffic at a standstill. a 72 minute ride from the schuylkill to i-95. i'll show you a couple other things. here we are looking at the travel times 4 miles an hour here on the blue route. so you can take 320 instead, you can take route 30 to route one to deal with that. one other thing i just want to mention schuylkill eastbound at south street another accident there but of course the big story is that traffic is not moving on the blue route matt. >> all right thank you, karen. a key meeting about syria will go on as scheduled in moscow today a day after the russian ambassador to turkey was killed. the gunman shot and killed andrei karlov as karlov spoke at a photography exhibition in ankara turkey. the assassin screamed don't forget aleppo don't forget syria as he popped fire on the diplomat. turkey has supported the rebels in the syrian civil war while russia backed the government of president bashar al-assad. the gunman was later killed by police.
6:48 am
>> what some are calling her exit interview michelle obama opens up to oprah winfrey. she sat down for the last time in her capacity as first lady and talked about her experience in the white house. first lady reflected on her time in the public eye and the miss conceptions that she faced during the president's eight years in office. >> you were labeled that angry black woman. was that one of the things that knocked you back a bit. >> that was one of the things that you just sort of think dag, don't even know me. i thought okay, well, let me live my life out loud so that people can then see and then judge for themselves. >> the first lady says she plans to continue her public service involvement with issues like girls' education and promoting healthy eating but first up a little enjoyment. the president promised to take her on a long vacation. >> ♪
6:49 am
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> we've got a mess on the blue route southbound. for almost 50 minutes now. let's go to the chopper shot live on the scene. looked like a fire truck. it's a crane that caught on fire here and police said they were word about diesel fuel or something close sieve. they kept everyone away from it. it took forever to put this out. we just saw those flames that were shooting up live on the scene. now you see the flames are out. they still have their ladders out and still have the hoses trained on this. this is the blue route southbound at route three.
6:52 am
the exit for broomall. look at all the emergency workers. you've got ambulance workers police and a number o number ofe police. it goes on forever. blue route southbound approaching route three traffic has not been moving for more than a half an hour. they were at times letting one lane get by but look at that traffic. it's just a sea of headlights. you are stuck out there with nothing moving. now that they have the fire out i think they might let some traffic soon. i want to show you a different shot of this as we switch to our traffic shot much it's just a ground view of this. i want to show that you travel time. 80 minutes to get on the blue route southbound from the schuylkill to i-95 a mess david. >> bad morning to be an emergency worker down there at that scene or anywhere else, too. >> yeah. >> we're in the 20's and teens across the region probably about 21 degrees on the blue route currently. dress the kids warmly and then this afternoon keep them bundled up 'cause we're going to stay in the 30's. here's how it's going to go today. accuweather says first of all you're starting out with those severe temperatures.
6:53 am
we're in the teens in wilmington trenton, only 12 degrees in allentown. not much wind chill with the winds being relatively light this morning. if you're headed out later on though to the market or wherever, do bundle up. 22 by 7 o'clock. by noon still below freezing at 30 and then by 3 o'clock 37. that's your high. and we're back below the freezing mark by around dinnertime. tam. >> okay, thank you david. a driver in nebraska took a risk and decided to park illegally but the gamble didn't pay off. omaha firefighters had to break this car's window to battle a house fire on sunday night. the owner says her son parked in front of the hydrant because it was closest spot on their crowded street. the car has been towed away and the owner is now facing a fine. >> one word to describe a man's driver's license in maine should be unique. phalen moonsong a pagan priest had to file an appeal to win the right to sport goat horns in the license photo. he says they serve as his spiritual antenna. the main secretary of state's office says it allowed the horns because the priest cited their religious purpose then
6:54 am
also do not cover his face. >> ♪ hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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but when we brought our daughter home, that was it.
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now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. >> ♪ >> breaking news. chopper6 live on the scene of the blue route southbound at route three. this car fire started almost an hour ago. you can see it's a crane that caught on fire. fire crews still out there on the scene and all traffic
6:57 am
blocked blue route southbound at route three dave. >> what a mess karen. all right, we're in the 20's this morning. low 20's in fact. upper teens in some neighborhoods. not much wind but a high of just 37. it's a winter coat day from start to punish. >> updates on the blue route throughout the morning. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
6:58 am
6:59 am
mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
7:00 am
good morning, america. holiday terror attack. at least 12 killed. dozens more injured after a truck plows into a christmas market in the heart of germany's capital. >> i think it misses immediate by three meters. >> learning more about the suspect in custody seen in this new video and only on "gma," the woman at the heart of the terrifying attack, how she survived with just moments to spare. in cold blood. a gunman assassinates the russian ambassador in turkey in front of a terrified crowd. with cameras rolling. the killer shouting about the war in syria. the latest on who was behind the brazen attack as russia vows to crack down on terrorism. abc news exclusive. the "newsweek" political reporter who says he was the target of a malicious attack on twitter that used


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