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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, deadly blast. an explosion at a fireworks market triggering a chain reaction. fire and smoke visible for miles and people scrambling to safety. new details from witnesses on that scene. a massive manhunt is under way in berlin for the killer and christmas market attack. isis is now claiming responsibility. hear why authorities released a man they originally had in custody. >> deadly crash. a plane comes down shortly after takeoff. it is all caught on camera. what went wrong? and yet again it's a busy morning here. good morning. the investigation is under way into what caused that deadly chain reaction explosion that leveled a market in mexico city.
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>> at least 29 people are dead. more than 70 others injured. some with burns on more than 90% of their bodies. the flames sent clouds of smoke over the market that could be seen for miles. >> they scorched the grounds and kiosk in the market. some witnesses said the scene looked like a war zone. abc's maggie rulli with the new information just in. >> reporter: what should be a sign of celebration, turning into tragedy. just outside mexico city, the country's best-known fireworks market crowded with shoppers buying fireworks for the holidays explodes in a massive display of smoke and flames. as the fire spread, the fireworks just kept detonating. this woman even heard the blast in a neighborhood nearby. saying it was loud and there were several explosions. fusion reporter rava fernandez visited the scene. >> it was a big cloud of smoke
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that started to disperse but a lot of people crying and state police and the mexican red cross arrived on the scene and looks like a war zone. reminded me of some of the images i've seen in syria or iraq. >> reporter: in the aftermath confusion and chaos. even the occasional pop from another exploding firework as people look for victims through the rubble. dozens of police secured the market keeping onlookers away. a heavy scent of gunpowder still lingering the in the air. according to fernandez there's been accidents at this market before. >> this happened in 2005 in the same market. 57 people were injured in that incident and, you know, another firework went off in 2006 and 2007 and a lot of the markets were also burned.
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>> reporter: so far no word on what sparked this. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. the morning's other big story. a manhunt is under way in germany after that horrific terror attack in berlin. >> want to show you a live look at the christmas market that is still in shambles after a truck slammed into a crowd there killing 12 people, injuring dozens. security is heightened and abc's molly hunter has the latest. >> reporter: the attacker is on the loose this morning. and isis said the culprit is a soldier of the islamic state. the person is likely armed and has a 36-hour head start. tuesday night german prosecutors released the man due to insufficient evidence. he was an asylum seeker and hours later haven't been able to say what evidence led them to him in the first place. in the back of the truck owned by a polish company a dead
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polish driver but no gun recovered. increased police presence and manhunt heating up but german police don't have enough information to even put out a wanted poster. the investigation is ongoing and police say they've received 508 tips so far of which 80 are serious. police also warning the public to be extra vigilant in berlin across germany and europe where other christmas markets could be targets. the u.s. embassy in berlin has told american citizens to maintain good situational awareness and to keep a low profile. president obama called german chancellor merkel telling her the united states stood by their german allies to defeat terrorism in all forms. with christmas markets set to open up later today under heavy security, germany's interior minister has urged them to go out and purchase a christmas angel. >> our thanks to molly in berlin for us. now authorities are searching for answers in the other attack that stunned europe this week. the assassination, of course, of
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that russian ambassador. this new video shows the moments before the attack at an art gallery. the gunman an off-duty police officer acts as if he's providing security at the event then he starts firing moments later. an associated press photographer kept his composure and his camera going during the entire event. >> he shot again from close rank on the body of ambassador. it was like a movie, like in theater. >> the ambassador's body has now been returned to moscow. his widow was there weeping as the honor guard carried her husband's flag-draped coffin off the plane. new video of an american woman and canadian husband who have been held for seven years hiking in afghanistan. caitlin coleman was seven months pregnant and has since had another child in captivity. this is the first time we're
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seeing those children as coleman makes a plea to president obama. >> we ask quickly in our collective 14th year of prison urge the governments on both sides to reach some agreement to allow us freedom. this is probably important to you and our lives and lives of our children are to us. >> coleman's parents in pennsylvania say they're grateful to see their daughter still alive and to see their grandchildren for the first time. >> the search warrant that gave the fbi permission to take a second look at hillary clinton's e-mails days before the election, well it's now under seal. it was released along with other documents. in them the fbi argued there was probable cause to examine the e-mails found on the computer of former congressman anthony weiner. the estranged husband, of course, of huma abedin but contain no new evidence and show the fbi move was, quote, utterly
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unjustified. president obama has permanently banned future offshore drilling in large parts of the atlantic and arctic oceans. it appears to be an effort to block president-elect trump who has vowed to open up offshore drilling. environmentalists are applauding the move but republicans and oil and gas industry officials are accusing the president of abusing his power. well, today is the shortest day of the year. the first day of winter. but the season is starting with a warm-up. a look at today's highs, above freezing from minneapolis to the east coast, ten degrees above average for some area, actually and it sticks around for the weekend. mild weather for the holiday for a lot of people. we'll take it after being so cold. still ahead, the case of a missing reality show contestant. it is now getting more serious. plus, new this morning, showing an nfl player's arrest after police say he was passed out behind the wheel. a cargo plane overshoots the runway the dramatic crash caught
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on camera.
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we're back with that scene that was caught on camera in colombia as a cargo jet goes down killing five crew members. stage a look. the boeing 727 heading to bogota when it crashed last night shortly after takeoff moments after that video was taken there. it was spotted flying low and skimming a fence before slamming to the ground. the plane broke apart and burst into flames on impact. one crew member survived. the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york has appeared in court for
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the first time. he moved slowly apparently still recovering from injuries after a shoot-out with police and pleaded not guilty to five counts of attempted murder. he also faces a host of federal charges. north carolina lawmakers could soon repeal that so-called bathroom law. debate will happen today after months of protests, lawmakers are holding a special session to discuss the measure. the law requires transgendered people to use restrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate. lgbt advocates say they're cautiously optimistic. they're pressuring lawmakers to keep that in place, says others. in connection with the flint water crisis, two were state emergency managing facing criminal charges. this resulting in pipes corroding from untreated water and lead leaking in. the other two charged are former city officials. the federal government is taking a closer look at a
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potentially deadly problem with 1 million fiat chrysler vehicles. officials say some of them can roll away even with the transmission in park. the issue is similar to the one blamed for the death of "star trek" actor anton yelchin. the probe covers some late model ram 1500 pickups and dodge durango suvs. volkswagen will shell out another billion dollars to settle more claims in its cheating case. it covers 80,000 diesel cars. the owners will be compensated separately. the money is on top of the 15 billion volkswagen previously agreed to pay for nearly half a million cars caught in that scandal. when we come back an airline passenger gets violent and a grammy award winner jumps into action. a fedex truck full of holiday gifts stolen. the manhunt under way right now to find the suspects. dough ice .
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freezing rain and snow made for very dangerous driving in spokane, washington. this semi truck crashed shutting down interstate 90 in both directions. black ice is now a threat for this morning's commute. on the roads this morning wet across the desert southwest. snow in the rockies and slippery conditions from northern minnesota to wisconsin and into the upper peninsula of michigan, as well. a former reality star vanishing in california. police, family and friends were searching frantically for that nursing instructor. >> on tuesday lisa marie naegle's body was discovered in the backyard of her student's home. now, he's now being held for suspicion of murder. abc's mara schiavocampo with more. >> reporter: a missing persons case turned into a murder investigation. police discovering the remains of former reality tv contestant lisa marie naegle in a shallow grave. >> statistically it is usually the last person an individual is
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with that is tied to their disappearance which appears that falls into that category. >> reporter: naegle was a contestant on "bridalplasty" in 2010. competing to are a chance to win a plastic surgery makeover before her wedding to derek. police say they were led to naegle's body after her student, jackie jerome rogers, confessed saying he buried her in the backyard. >> we asked him. he must have told us the story 15 to 20 types. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. overnight singer richard marks tweeting he is not a hero helping to restrain an unruly passenger on board of a flight. he was going from vietnam to korea when a man described as drunk became violence. marx and his wife daisy fuentes posted these images of the ordeal on social media and say they made it home safe and sound. police have released body cam video showing the dui arrest
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of wide receiver michael floyd. officials say they found floyd passed out at the wheel of an confused and his speech was impaired. he was picked up by the patriots two days after he was caught by the cardinals. a tennis superstar side. lined after a vicious attack. police are searching for the suspect who attacked two-time wimbledon champ petra kvitova with a knife at one point he even held that knife to her throat. she was able to escape but is an 82-year-old man was rescued from that vehicle right there. he was backing out of his driveway when he went down an embankment and the car flipped over. and get this, a police officer happened to be driving by, saw
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it all play out. got the man out of the car as it was filling with freezing water. the man is now recovering in the hospital. and surveillance cameras capture the dramatic moment when a fedex truck in arizona, is carjacked. the driver was left clinging to the outside of the vehicle after being ambushed at gun point yesterday. the truck has been recovered and suspects considered armed and dangerous. time now for sports and lebron james is moving up a spot in the nba all-time scoring list. >> yep, he's good. here's neil and stan at espn. >> good morning, entire "sportscenter" set here in bristol, connecticut. >> no matter where we are this segment follows us. we're just blessed. milwaukee. moving ahead of moses malone on the all-time scoring list. that means he's dialed in. when he hits one from way back
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there that means you're in trouble whoever you may be. 34 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists. if dudes go under on the screen he has to be to hit the long shot. cavaliers win by 6. demarcus cousins host the kings. cousins got fined for an altercation with a reporter back on december 12th. had an interesting night. 5 for 8 from three-point range and 55 points. one off his career high and hit 17 in the fourth quarter. gets that to go there and you see his mouthpiece came out of his mouth. originally he got a technical foul because i guess because they thought he spit it out but then they rescinded it and was able to come back and key block late and they win it 126-121. i've never seen that and then they call him back during the game. >> right. i hadn't either. neither had judd.
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>> that's all we got. back to you. >> sorry to interrupt. >> yeah, sorry, fellas, from bristol. up next in "the pulse," a pricey pizza complete with gold leaves. wait till you hear how much it costs. >> the golden state warriors dancing mom makes a return get in formation, lady. give underwear to this holiday.
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for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. when are they leaving? grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup go together like grandchildren and chaos. made for real, real life. ♪ so you're trying to decide what to get the true pizza lover in your life this holiday season. >> how about this $2,000 pizza from new york city's industry kitchen. underneath 24 karat gold leaves from ecuador tilton cheese and from england truffles, from france and caviar from the caspian sea. if you've been working out the math that's $250 a slice or
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about $50 a bite. >> but if you flew to each of those locations to try to get the ingredients, it would be a lot more so makes sense. >> you're saving money. >> you're saving money. you're welcome. so if you want to get a slurpee without leaving home, no problem if you're in reno, nevada. 7-eleven now delivers by drone. the slurpeemaker launched 77 drone deliveries in reno. the first regular commercial drone delivery service in the u.s. even beating amazon and google. >> wow. the items delivered included hot and cold food and over the counter medicines. deliveries on average took less than ten minutes, not bad at all. amazon service in the uk takes 13 minutes. finally the viral dancing mom makes a return. you, of course, remember this. she blasted to fame last month after showing off some serious dance moves at a warriors game and when we say serious moves, just watch. what would you call them?
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>> she is not messing around. well, the warriors loved her dance so much, they got her down on the floor last night performing a routine to the song "let it snow" along with golden state's dance team. check her out. she's in formation. she's coordinated. this is a woman from redwood, california. not bad. >> nailed every move. they might want to recruit her to the dance team. >> actually, yeah. >> but she's got to wear the sweater. >> oh, yeah. more news after this. i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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>> ♪ >> good morning. time to wake up. it's 4:27 on this wednesday. i'm matt o'donnell. winter starts, oh, in about an hour or so o someone fired five shots at a man who was sitting in his car. police are working right now to gather clues on this further west philadelphia. a water main break that happened nearly 24 hours ago on the columbus boulevard might cause some lingering problems for the morning commute. an illinois man is suing mcdonald's over 41 cents. he says one of the chain's extra value meals doesn't offer value at all. meteorologist karen rogers will that celebrate when winter arrives and matt pelman has traffic. >> ♪ anonymous man donated
4:28 am
his winning ticket to a boston church and that church is already paying it forward to the less fortunate. more from renndella richardson from our boston affiliate. >> reporter: it's a ministry for the masses. st. anthony shrine is as in touch with the homeless as it is the business people worshiping at lunchtime. a longtime worshiper, a man in his 60s yesterday donated his winning mass cash lottery ticket. father thomas conway was like a fish out of water at lottery headquarters picking out a whopping $100,000. >> so, i'm standing in my habit in the lottery office and i had to laugh a little bit. >> small bills or -- >> we got it in one check. we got it in one check and will go to the shrine. >> reporter: everyone is giddy with appreciation. >> i'm so happy. they deserve it. >> they do an awful lot of good here. >> we have a health care for the homeless clinic here on thursday mornings. we do groceries for 500 needy
4:29 am
families. >> reporter: here at the food center you're not just given a bag of groceries and get to pick your produce and pick your protein there and always a family-like atmosphere. >> this money is helpful to help pay that christmas meal bill. ♪ holy holy >> reporter: father conway doesn't know the anonymous donor but it's like a down payment on comfort and joy for the holiday and the new year. when the giving is more out of season. >> i think it really makes people reflect a little bit about their own generosity and any kind of cynicism that people have about people not wanting to help each other, i think it kind of speaks to that and says, you know, there are some really, really good people out there. >> reporter: in boston, rondella richardson. >> amazing that not only that person is doing it but without looking for any credit whatsoever. >> not wanting any praise whatsoever. good job there. that's what's making news in america, everyone. >> do stay with us for "good morning america." have a great wednesd
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. wednesday december 21st. >> we're following breaking news. police in west philadelphia find a car still running with a man shot to death inside. >> authorities are promising to find out who's responsible for the deadly blast at a fireworks market outside of mexico city. >> flames in peddler's village. despite that shops vow to be only. >> dave murphy is off. let's head to karen rogers. she has the late in the


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