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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. wednesday december 21st. >> we're following breaking news. police in west philadelphia find a car still running with a man shot to death inside. >> authorities are promising to find out who's responsible for the deadly blast at a fireworks market outside of mexico city. >> flames in peddler's village. despite that shops vow to be only. >> dave murphy is off. let's head to karen rogers. she has the late in the
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accuweather and matt pelman has traffic. good morning. >> good morning. satellite6 and action radar showing we've got a few clouds up and about but we're going stay dry today with clouds mixing with sunshine. how about these numbers? we've been talking about how today is going to be a little milder but it starts off cold. right now it's only 19 degrees in reading. that's a little better than yesterday morning but still a cold start. 23 in wilmington, 28 in philadelphia. only 18 degrees right now in millville. when you factor in a light wind, feels like it's 20 in philadelphia, 19 in allentown, feels like fledge millville and in the 20's along the coastline. so o-certainly a cold start but the afternoon is going to be bed. 45 degrees for your high, lots of clouds mixing with sunshine and although it's a chilly start it's a pretty nice finish. temperatures are going to go up from here in that seven day and we're celebrating the winter solstice. lots going on. >> i love it when 19 is an improvement. good morning, everybody. we have a couple things we could improve upon on the traffic front this morning.
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on the vine street expressway all lanes are still blocked in both directions. this of course is overnight construction scheduled until 5 o'clock so for the next half hour avoid the vine. they should be getting it opened by 5 o'clock. here along 95 in the ongoing work zone at cottman avenue extra overnight restrictions. here's the good news. i'm hearing rumblings that later this week we could have a fourth lane knopped each direction here along 95 at cottman. we have been waiting years for this fourth lane so i'm hearing rumors that it could be later this week. of course, we'll keep you posted. on 95 southbound between girard and the vine there's a broken down vehicle sticking out in the right lane and repairs continue on that water main break from yesterday along columbus boulevard. katherine scott is going have more on that in a few minutes. upper gwynedd valley forge road closed again this morning for construction by the northeast extension until 6:00. stick with bustard road or broad street at alternates and in westampton burlington county a crash brought down a bunch of telephone poles so rancocas drive is shut down.
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woodlane road an alternate there early on this wednesday morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. breaking route now in cumberland county three people including a child were flown to hospitals in philadelphia. a fire broke out in their and mobile home in the unit block of clay hill lane in fairfield township. we're told they have burns and they're dealing with smoke inhalation. we have a crew going to that scene. also breaking in west philadelphia someone opened the door of a running car and shot a man several times. this happened just before 1:30 near the intersection of 51st and market. police say several bullets did hit that victim. he was found dead inside the car. police are still working on a suspect and on a motive. >> a water main break led to the closure of the columbus boulevard in queens village for several hours and efforts to fix it are expected to continue through the morning rush. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene watching those repairs. hey, katherine. >> reporter: hey, matt, yeah, it does look like there's been some improvement
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since yesterday but there's still work to be done. we're standing on columbus boulevard near catherine street and you can see that the left lane of track is getting by. the left lane is opened but the right two lanes of traffic are closed right now and you can see that they're still -- there's still work to be done here on columbus boulevard. this started with a water main break and sinkhole yesterday morning around 7:00 a.m. an suv hit the sinkhole partially covered in water and was disabled but no one was injured. as crews worked to repair a broken 12-inch main the southbound lanes of columbus boulevard between fitzwater and christian streets were closed as was the off ramp from 95. this morning so far we have seen several cars come off the exit from 95 and again one lane of traffic is getting by the work site on columbus boulevard. as far as the impact to water service, at least some of the service has been restored to a nearby apartment building but from a traffic standpoint at this point we're not seeing much of an impact yet. of course it's early.
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of course we could start to see traffic build as it gets a little bit later. live in queen village katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt. >> thank you katherine. powerful blasts ripped through a large fireworks market outside mexico city killing at least 29 people. ah and injury more than 70 others. it happened while shoppers were stock up for fireworks for the holidays. authorities are trying to figure out how the explosives went off in the first place. abc's maggie rulli has more. >> reporter: what should be a sign of celebration turning into tragedy. just outside mexico city the country's best known fireworks market crowded with shoppers buying fireworks for the holidays explodes in a massive display of smoke and flames. as the fire spread, the fireworks just kept detonating. this woman even heard the blasts in neighborhood nearby.
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[speaking foreign language] >> reporter: saying it was loud and there were several explosions. rafael fernandez explored the scene. >> a lot of people crying, a lot of state police, firemen, and it really looks like a war zone. it reminded me of some of the images i've seen in iraq. >> reporter: in the aftermath confusion and chaos, even the occasional pop from exploding fireworks as people walked throughout rubble looking for victims. dozens of police secured the market keeping onlookers away. the heavy scent of gun powder still lingering in the air. so far no word on what sparked the explosions. this is the third devastating explosion since 2005. mexican authorities are launching a federal investigation to find out what
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happened who is responsible n washington, maggie rulli for channel6 "action news." >> well, the shops in peddler's village bucks county are very popular this time of year. last night a fire broke out at the nut kettle store around 6:30. fire crews were able to get control of the blaze before anybody got hurt. solebury township police captured photos of the initial scene and look ask that you can see the flames shooting oft building. "action news" viewer brian nugent recorded video of that fire burning. the saint jude's store next door was also damaged as well as two cars parked out front. investigators are are still trying to pinpoint what caused that fire. >> one person was killed in a two car crash in croydon bucks county. one of the cars flipped over. it happened on river road between first and cedar avenues about 8 o'clock last night. police say a white gmc jimmy and a nissan sentra were going in opposite direction when is they collided. the impact sent the nissan into the drive way of a home
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and onto two parked cars. the suv landed upside down. police believe at least one of the drivers was going above the posted 25 miles per hour speed limit. >> people fly up and clown street all night long. i mean, it's just something needs to get done about it. police need to enforce it more i think. >> the woman in the nissan died. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital where he's being treated for multiple injuries. >> philadelphia police are still trying to unravel the mystery of the woman found severely hurt in north philadelphia. yesterday we told you about the woman found on the side of the flowed the 2700 block of north third street. the victim suffered severe head trauma and bruising and later died at the hospital. authorities don't even know her name because she had know identification on her. the only clue right now is a boot that was left behind at the scene. and this is the loaded .40 caliber handgun that t.s.a. officers say a bucks county man tried to take with him onto a plane. it happened at newark liberty international on monday. officers found it in the
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morrisville man's carry on bach during an x-ray. the suspect has been charged but not identified. he said he brought his hunting nap sac with him on the trip and forgot the gun was still inside. >> christmas came early for some families in south jersey. "action news" was there last night as santa mount holly police officers firefighters and volunteers from the local v.f.w. went door to door passing out presents. angela covington is one of 10 area families in need who received wrapped toys, presents and donated holiday dinners. >> all i want is for my children to have a merry christmas and for these people from the community to do this for us is overwhelming. >> this is the mount holly department's fourth year taking part in operation saint nick. the police chief says they actually do this year round but it is more special around the holiday season. >> look at the smiles on those little faces. it is 4:39 and the whos in
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whoville would be found. >> a car plunges into an icy river but fortunately for the driver the right people just happened to be nearby. karen. >> cold outside. it's only 19 degrees right now in philadelphia, one in reading, 28 in the city, 18 cold degrees in millville but we've got a better afternoon ahead. details on that accuweather forecast coming right up. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" an elderly driver backed out of his drive way and accidentally plunged into that icy river just outside detroit. his gold impala landed upside down. a woman saw it happen flagged down a nearby police officer and the officer rushed down
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broke open a window and rescued the 82-year-old. police say the officer and the elderly man were soaked and really cold but are going to be okay. an police officer in kansas was lucky to walk away with minor injuries from this collision over the week. officers in overland park just released the footage of an suv spinning out of control on a snow covered road on saturday, then struck that patrol car that was pulled over at a traffic stop. the officer was inside that patrol car but again, she will be okay. >> very glad in both of those stories that everybody involved is going to be okay. let's talk a little bit about the weather and what we can expect today. >> it's cold out there this morning but by the afternoon it's going get a little better. i know you're checking your watch. you're waiting for the solstice. >> one hour and one flint now. >> what do you do at the solstice. >> what are we going to do. >> what are you going do. >> let's take a look right now -- i hope it's give your local meteorologist a big gift. >> oh, yeah. >> storm tracker6 live double
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scan -- i like this idea now. let's go outside and see what it looks like. looking live with our city hall camera at the christmas tree as we are counting down to the holidays and you can see from that shot we're drive. we've got a fair amount of clouds out there. temperatures cold, though. 28 degrees the current temperature, the dewpoint is 17. the pressure is falling. the winds are out of the west-southwest pretty light today not a big wind. the ocean temperature is 40 degrees right now. let's look at satellite6 and action radar. there you see the clouds have nestled in. we'll see for the most part high clouds so sunshine filtering through them. it's going to be a day that's dry but lots of clouds mixing with some sun. a wider look here along the east coast you can see not a whole lot happening. we have to go well out to the west to find any precipitation and that's associated with a front that's going to sneak through later tomorrow. it is the winter sole stitches we are countering down today at 5:44 this morning and that's when the sun's direct rays will be over the tropic of capricorn and as we can expect from that we'll see less sunlight today but after
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today if you have been missing some of that sunlight you'll get a little more each day. hang in there. the winter solstice is today. today kind of hard to seat sun mixing with some high thin clouds but it's still a nice day, we're dry although it's chill to start with temperatures below average in the afternoon temperatures will be a lot warmer than they were yesterday when we were stuck in the mid 30's so 45 degrees for your high, just a couple degrees above average. winds pretty light seven to 14 miles an hour. tomorrow this front comes through. it's breezy tomorrow. kind of a gusty breeze. ahead of the front we get really mild a-high of 50 degrees tomorrow so nice and mild but we will have the chance for maybe a shower sneaking through with that front. it really comes through mostly dry. onto we look towards the big eagles game. wind chills will be in the 20's. northwest wind 10 to 16 miles an hour kickoff temperature 38. by fourth quarter about 35 degrees but with the winds it will feel colder than that feeling like football weather after all. here's your exclusive
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accuweather 7-day forecast turning milder after a cold start 45 degrees for your high. tomorrow gusty breeze for the eagles game 49. looks like we stay mostly dry maybe an early shower. friday mostly sunny skies 46 a pretty day saturday as we welcome hanukkah we'll see more clouds, just a chance for a shower. santa will come at night. sunday nice and sunny for christmas days, 49 degrees. so pretty mild for christmas. monday clouds and sun for the start of kwanzaa and 50. maybe a shower. by tuesday we're 13 degrees above average. don't forget to go to that's a great place to check the weather where we all update the weather around the clock and give you kind of discussions as to what we think is going to be happening in the near future. so, as for now, we're looking at cold starts, pretty nice finish. >> all right. >> i like that it way. >> good. >> okay. new here on "action news" four suspected burglars were spooked when they came face to face with a florida girl. 11-year-old ashley says she was home by herself when the crooks broke into her home. she called 911 and then ran to
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hide in her closet but the four suspects kicked in that closet door but when they saw little ashley they. >> and got scared because there were so many like one against four that was too much. and when they saw me, they ran out and they left. >> and it was quite a scene from there. department tease say the crooks took off in a stolen suv that crashed a few miles away. three of the suspects were arrested. pleasable that one more suspect could still be out there on the loose. >> this is new an eight-year-old girl was hurt during a suspected road rage shooting in oregon. police say 32-year-old joshua constantine was driving his minivan recklessly and nearly caused the girl's mother to crash on tuesday. the woman then drove past the van and that is when that driver according to police fired a shot into their car. the girl suffered a superficial injury to her foot. another child was in the back seat but was not hurt. police took constantine into custody.
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they believe he may have been involved in a hit-and-run crash right before the shooting. also new something is missing from this scene in california. the town's beloved christmas tree. someone stole it. it was set up right outside the historic building. the town was upset until an anonymous donor surprised residents with a new one. >> customer came in and was like where is the tree? what do you mean where is the tree? so, that was pretty sad. >> i thought if i could get my hands on those little rascals. it's nice. it shows that people real dollar care. >> community members helped decorate the new tree and let's hope no one takes that one. >> that would be g it is 4:48 and up next the navy thinking about changing certain job titles. they said never mind. >> mcdonald's is facing a lawsuit that claims its value meals don't hold much value at all. next in business. >> ♪
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ly. >> ♪ >> we are leses than an hour away from the winter solstice that would be. are you excited? i don't know why i'm acting like i'm excited because of course with winter comes the snow and the ice. they're excited about that at
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spring mountain a water main break in the southbound lanes close to fitzwater. saying hello to katherine scott who is out here this morning covering the story for us but it is a better situation than last evening in that now a slain opened here on columbus boulevard. no word on whether or not they're going have to close it off when the water department crews return to make more repairs but for now one lane is getting by headed southbound on columbus boulevard. getting by on 95 through the work zone. extra overnighter construction gone. broken down vehicle on 95 southbound past girard but that's off to the side and let's check the vine street expressway. just beginning to see one car move on the eastbound side but for the most part it is still blocked off. some better news though in westampton burlington county rancocas road has reopened. overnight accident there is gone. matt. >> thank you, matt. the navy is scrapping a decision to eliminate dozens of sailors' job titles. the move comes after thousands of sailors expressed anger over the decision to drop the long held traditional titles. now a deal was to eliminate
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monikers like chief yo' man or boatswain's mate. the navy called for a review of the titles shortly after the navy revealed all combat jobs would be opened to women. >> taking a look at business walgreens working to complete a takeover by rite-aid by early next year. there's some antitrust concerns so walgreens is going to sell off 865 locations to another pharmacy chain. rite-aid is based in pennsylvania. third largest chain. walgreens already the largest but the deal has to be approved by the ftc. and going on wal-mart employees will get a little bit more time with their families on christmas eve. the retail giant will close at 6:00 on saturday. that's two hours earlier than it closed last year. the company says it's a way of showing workers that they appreciate them. and the stock market indices were all up at the closing bell yesterday. the dow gained. but closed shy of 20,000 and this morning looking like a
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higher open. have you ever wondered is a value meal cheap kerr. a chicago man is suing two mcdonald'ss. he says no it's not. he says that he bought two cheeseburger meals for $5.90 but the suit says it's 41 cents less if you buy it separately. >> i love it when they crack the code on those things. >> wising up. >> new this morning school officials punish a math teacher for using inappropriate content in his math problems. the story is coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> those who think they have a really long christmas card list. this woman sends out 10,000 cards every year. >> ♪
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>> also new a biloxi mississippi woman really takes her seasons greetings very seriously. minister darlene carroll has given our 10,275 christmas cards. she has us all beat put together. she sends cards to first responders military personnel and just about everybody she meets. carroll signs seals and hand delivers many of the cards as a way of letting people know they're not forgotten. >> still ahead a college student way 4.0 goes on a rant explaining why his classes are worthless and why he's dropping out. that's later in the morning buzz. >> the dancing warrior mom whose dance moves went viral is back at it again. this time she's got a little bit of backup. we'll show it to you when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 21st and we're following several breaking stories. >> here's one of them. three people including a child barely escaped a mobile home fire in south jersey. we're live with the developing details. >> berlin's christmas market attacker is still on the loose. meanwhile a major terrorist group has taken responsibility for the massacre. >> winter officially arrives in less than an hour and just to keep you on your toes mother nature will bring more fall-like conditions to the region. >> let's find out more about that. karen rogers is in for dave


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