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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 22, 2016 2:10am-2:41am EST

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time for an all new show, "right this minute." it's a death defying climb, all in search of a selfie. >> even though that was scary, just getting started. >> how scaling a shear cliff has him one step away from disaster. >> adventure and then there's the psycho. >> hallways of the schools are lined, the story mind the sendoff for an amazing professor. the herd is on the move but under mom -- >> there is a newborn. >> the sweet sight of a baby just trying to keep. >> how special is that? >> dearly beloved -- >> the perfect wedding ceremony until the minister --
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>> steps into n between the bride and fwroom. >> the moment he pulls something we've never seen before. talk about stealing the bride's thunder. >> exactly. >> some people like to live life on the edge and 9% of the time that means figuratively. he likes to live life literally on the edge. >> oh. >> yeah. that's the exact thought that went through my head. this guy just hanging out right on the edge of the world. >> dude. >> there's adventure and then there's just psycho. >> whoa, wow! >> hey mom. >> but that's not it. even though that was scary, just getting started. he starts running around and just for fun, whoops. just put my foot over the edge right there. we've seen people making these videos slip. we've seen people making the videos almost send themselves off the edge of the cliff but to him right now it's a selfie opportunity. >> and people have died doing
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this, taking that like epic insta gram selfie. >> okay, all right, we've done our due diligence and let america know this is stupid but check out some of the imagery of this one. this selfie, the waterfall in the background. >> you've got it, that's great for a cool picture. it's beautiful. >> that is not yosemite. looks like he's been all over, a few by the ocean, in the tezert. no matter where he is, he's on a bridge, trying to find a way that he can be quite literally be on the edge of whatever he's on. >> i love the way this guy lives. >> stay safe, jordan. we'll see some more of these in the future. the hallways of this school in france just packed tightly with roughly 700 students, and you see them here, they're
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cheering. they're smiling. some of them are crying. >> beyonce is there? >> no, even better than beyonce actually. i rewind to the very combinatbe of this video. they have created somewhat of a walkway for one of their professors, the 64-year-old walks toward the exit, they're all there to cheer him on. this is his last day at school. he's retiring. he's done. he's been doing it for 38 years but obviously made an impact. >> 38 years old at one school? think about it, he could have taught the grandparents, the parents and these kids. >> they made an impact on him. you can see that. obviously after that long teaching he wasn't just skipping out the door going bye! >> the professor says he was overcome with emotion when he walked out of the office and saw what was going on. he just started crying, and motioning to everybody his appreciation.
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>> he's going to make this big time. i'm noticing a shocking lack of cell phone cameras going. >> look, people looking at something happening. >> i love the fact that so many people love this guy. that means he's touched so many lies. >> i don't know this professor and i want to give him a hug good-bye. >> he said he was wondering, wait, do i really need to go? can i stay? do i have to stay? do i have to go? maybe i should stay. >> au revoir. >> this is not the scene citizens in this indianville ranlg wanted to watch. >> holy! >> announcer: that lioness just had a meal of that cow. after she feasted she laid on the ground napping like a house cat. the big cat didn't move until the truck showed up. >> this is six miles from the
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sanctuary. they believe she wandered off the sanctuary and into the town. >> you can see people still hiding from her. >> did they ever resolve the issues? >> forestry officials safely captured the cat without tranquilizing her and returned her to the sanctuary. nobody was probably in real danger pause she's used to seeing humans. a completely different experience for people checking this out. >> look at that brand new youngster. >> this is in south africa and as you can see here, there is a little newborn. >> it is tiny, guys. >> you can tell it's a newborn because you could still see the umbilical cord still attached. sticking close to mom. >> seems they just missed the birth. that would have been awesome to see as well. >> imagine that you are on a safari and that's the view of a baby elephant. >> how special is that? >> bumper to bumper traffic in
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russia, there's snow all over the ground. it's like gridlock and it's frigid, about 12 degrees. however, this is not one of these crazy russian road rage videos although it may not look like it, is full of holiday cheer. we see happy, smiling faces of people stuck in traffic. once this drone goes up high to get a bird's-eye view of truly realizing the beauty of the christmas season. >> oh this is good. >> this is a tree created out of cars. the cars were all set and organized and arranged, the tree is flashing, let's light up the star. >> no way. this is so clever. >> huh? >> yes! >> guys at the international space station are like oh! >> let's move over to china. did you see that white car that pulled out of that spot? right here you see some people on the ground, they're painting over those markers, painting it
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black. >> why? >> why? >> well because that isn't a real parking spot. the woman who pulled out of that spot painted her own lines, so she was so frustrated with circling her building round and round and round and not finding a parking spot. but then felt guilty. what she had done. next day she pulled out thought okay, nobody will know better. we'll paint over the white lines with black paint. the traffic nannies picked her up and she could have faced as much as 15 days in jail and a fine, but police after they heard her story and realizing that it was her first offense let her off with just a warning. he loves cats and rapping. >> this video features him and his cat taking a bath. >> hear his freestyle rap next. >> you often hear rappers in their songs talking about cats. >> yes. plus casey set out to build
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>> this video features him and his cat ravioli taking a bath, a 24 carat by bruno mars and several videos featuring cats. he created an adopt-a-cat video for the oregon humane society. ♪ i'm about to dot the cat, got a bunch of cat love, no stopping that ♪ >> he has thousands of insta gram followers and folks are clicking away on his youtube videos and also got an commercial with the company brick. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, we got that flavor and we're going to save her ♪ ♪ better love your cat, told me do yourself a favor ♪ >> i can't knock the brother's hustle. if it works for you and getting checks keep it coming. ♪ everybody knows cat ladies drive my crazy ♪ ♪ and you're climbing on my hat, don't be lucky like that ♪ drones have turned our world
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upside down and luke bannister takes that and shows us how upside down it is actually be. >> now i am dizzy. >> if you ever wanted to know what it felt like to be a starling or a very swift bird, this is it. >> "star wars" pilot. >> yes. >> or game of quidditch. >> yes. >> is it moving that quickly or is the film sped up? >> good question. this is moving as quickly as you see it. luke is using fpv goggles or first person view goggles. he's seeing what the drone is seeing, right through that gateway there, flips up and around. >> the thing about this is, he could be in the cast until his bedroom lying in bed with his pajamas with his vr doing this, outside playing but at the same time being inside, lazy and playing computer games. everything a child does. >> that's a small, very capable drone. let's move on to something a bit larger. so far there hasn't been a drone commercially capable of carrying
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a human being so popular youtube blogger casey set out to build one of his own. >> oh [ bleep ]! >> oh, hey, i was wondering what he was going to do. do you know what? wouldn't you like to go to work that way? >> this is like santa's sleigh modern style. this is unreal. this is not fake. this hasn't been special effected in any way. that drone is huge and capable of lifting casey, pretty cool. >> heather rooney is known on youtube for her amazing artistic talent and in this case she was incredibly bored by this simple
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red cup. >> they have to keep it simple. any time they do anything with it, everybody loses their mind. >> well in this case, look at this. he decided to take a white marker and she is going to make it a little more christmas festive, by adding a sleigh with santa, the reindeer. >> oh, no, stop the press. this is cool, though. they should hire her to do some artwo artwork. >> she's creating a cool christmas scene on this cup. they're switching things up a little bit this year featuring the artwork of 13 different contests. heather took it and started creating her own with snowflakes, just a little village at the bottom, santa claus flying above. i think she did a pretty good job. >> not pretty good, she did a great job. what's up with the white pen penn and creativity? >> nice and festive. it will make your coffee taste that much better >> another cool creation by heather here.
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he's a passionate surfer and not letting winter stop him from having fun. >> it was roughly 15 degrees out. >> watch him hit the freezing cold waves. >> i just want to go sit in front of my fire and have a hot chocolate. watching this video, you've made me cold. >> and beck ka's man has a big surprise. >> sneaky thing, not getting proposed to but -- >> see what it is, next. >> she doesn't really know how to use it. which means, you're controlling your cough on your morning commute. and later when you're joking with beth... even when most cough medicines stop, delsym is still working. ♪ and when your days' over, your cough is still under control. thanks to the #1 12-hour cough medicine. delsym. the cough controller.
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i got something for our trip. >> oh, yeah? >> ooh, he got something for becca for their trip. could it be one of the nice travel pillows, perhaps a good book to read on the trip? no. no, no, no, no. >> yes. >> what did you get for our trip? i'm kind of scared. no, you didn't. >> what? what is it? >> is it a puppy? no. >> go on. >> if you're wondering why it's sneaky we come around the corner not getting proposed to but -- >> stop, stop, no. >> oh yes. there we go. we got a quick glimpse of it as we went by because her man went out and decided to surprise becca, got himself a spanking new toyota. >> no, you just brought it home to show me. >> the reason being they do have a car. the same '94 civic she was driving in high school. it has, however, been dying a slow death as many old vehicles do, much like my truck is going through now but there's only so
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long that can survive and that's why he decided to get this new car, so new in fact that she's almost confused about i it. >> no. is this for real? >> and while she's all giggly and gooey, he's like get in the car. >> open it up. >> i don't know how the keys, i don't know how to do it. >> obviously she's been driving a '94 civic quite a long time. >> the new keys she doesn't know how to use it. >> imagine all the technology inside. is it push start? does it have satellite radio? there's all these things. >> that's the joy. one day, one day my wife will buy me a new car. ♪ tuba sing along. ♪
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♪ >> this, my friends, might look like the face of misery, but it's not. this is the face of passion. painful passion. steve is a passionate surfer but even in this frigid cold weather he hit the water on this day in ontario. he was wearing a wet suit. >> a little bit crazy especially when it comes to the cold. >> this the video they say it was roughly 15 degrees out but with the windchill it felt like 3 degrees. winds are roughly 28 miles an hour. >> he's got other crazies out there with him. >> wet suits or dry suits?
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>> those are wet suits. >> then they're crazy. i wouldn't go out there in a dry suit. >> all enjoying it, too. >> he's like -- >> no, because he's frozen in that position. >> when you love the sport so much and you've got waves out there, oh! why not? >> i just want to go sit in front of my fire and have a hot chocolate. just watching this video you've made me cold. >> all you got to do is really bundle up and aunt boo has got some advice for you all. >> is that my breath? >> it is cold out there but she's got to make sure you're not forgetting about some important parts that also need to be covered up during this weather. >> i ain't gonna be cold. >> do not forget about those. >> means cover up your smoke sausage, women, cover up your grits. >> we can always depend on aunt boo. >> so in case you're wondering, there you go.
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it's a sunset wedding. >> we're here to celebrate terry and jason's love. >> or are we? talk about stealing the bride's it look easy but
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there's a lot that goes into this. time to model. ♪
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>> it's a beautiful day for a wedding. ♪ da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da ♪ >> ooh they went big. they went all out. >> um-hum, paid for life music. there you see sophia here in the green, looks like she's walked the bride down the aisle. >> dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to -- >> you know how it goes, dearly beloved we are gathered here to celebrate the union of -- >> yeah and you're waiting for the bar to open. >> today out of a 1 in 6 billion chance, two people will become one but what does that really mean? >> respect, love, joy, caring, sickness and health, better or worse. >> yada yada yada. >> which is why, sophia, i would like to ask you


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