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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  December 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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case is now a murder case. they announced that the dismembered human remains found weeks ago are those of a missing abington girl grace packer. she was reported missing from her home last july. her mother said she ran away with $300 angry she could not go a friend's house, but she provided miss information and gave fake information and is charged now with endangerment. >> when someone goes missing don't we expect people are going to work with us to try to identify that person. to try to identify where she is. that didn't happen. authorities are hope that the public can help with information about the mother and daughter in the days before the teen disappeared. >> that is why we put the photos out there and maybe someone has
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recognized them, maybe someone from the school or someone from the community that they have been in, you heard about how this was in abington and quakertown. these are two essential areas that we are looking at and if anyone has information in records to seeing them together, a last point in time. anything that was going on that is helpful to this investigation. >> reporter: we apologize for the sound interference there. in addition to being charged with endangerment and obstruction. the adopt of mother, sara is a person of interest in the homicide investigation, as of noon time she is in custody on the endangerment charms in montgomery county but her bail is lowered significantly and some are afraid she will make bail soon and then become hard to find in the coming days.
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live in bucks county, john rawlins, back to you all. >> thank you. investigators are searching for the person who shot and killed a 34-year-old woman inside of an apartment in camden, the victim was shot in the head at 11:30 last night at the housing village complex. she died shortly after being rushed to cooper university hospital. a man was stabbed to death in the same apartment unit in september. there is no word if there is a connection between the two. meanwhile, two passengers were removed from a jetblue flight after one allegedly harass harassed ivanka trump while traveling with her husband and two children. they saw them at the terminal
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flying commercial in new york. she wrote my husband is chasing them down to harass them. it happened on the flight with the husband telling ivanka that her father is ruining the country and demanding to know why she is not flying on a private plane. all of this happening on a commercial flight and even tweeting a picture of ivanka there in her seat saying they were kicked off the flight after expressing with displeasure of flying with the trumps. they said they had officials on the flight to watch our ivanka and the flight but it was the airline that made the decision to remove the passengers from the plane. it has a lot of people talking today. >> thank you. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump added to his white house team today putting familiar faces in key positions. kellyanne conway, his campaign
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manager will serve as counselor to the press and sean spicher will be white house secretary, the former communications director for the republican party. mayor jim kenney is taking a new step from -- businesses from criminals. after a rash of armed robberies across the city. vernon odom explains the next step. >> reporter: mayor kenney debuts his issue on current affairs, facing the largely immigrant communities. we have responsibility to meet your needs and keep you safe and respect your culture and contribution to the city. >> we have to build bridges across communities of color across the city and black and brown in particular. >> and home invasion robberies
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are plaguing this community. according to police statistics from 2016, 60% of home invasion robberies were committed against asian households. this is due to the widespread knowledge that many of those business owners do not trust banks and other institutions and therefore lug their cash home for safe keeping. >> people think that cash is more solid in comparison to banks and afraid to put money into banks because they have been if countries where their banks have closed. >> this is so prevalent where it is openly discusses and there is even rap music that raps about how easy asian american homes are as targets of burglaries. >> and they launched into their first official session to deal with everything from home invasion and bullying in the public schools.
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i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." a robber in south philadelphia used a knife to hold up a 7-eleven, surveillance video from the store on the 800 block of south eighth street shows the clerk a knife and she hands over cash and he runs from the store. call police if you know anything about this crime. >> i am about admit i was outside doing last minute holiday shopping but a nice day to be outside. >> not too bad. >> lets head outside to meteorologist, cecily tynan in for adam today. >> brian if you have more shopping tomorrow it's a nice day tomorrow as well. so go out and do some shopping, today our first full day of winter, and feeling pretty mild, lots of sunshine and right now philadelphia the temperature 48 degrees and we did climb into the 50s a little earlier. feeling a little bit cooler
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thanks to the winds kicking up and all the wind behind a cold front. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that front moved through with little moisture and just brought us clouds in the morning and the sunshine is out and clear skies tonight and a wind, it's pretty chilly, if you head to the linc as the eagles take on the giants for thursday night football, 8:25 kickoff temperature 38 and fourth quarter 35. windchills will be in the 20s, you will want to bundle up and dress in layers and what is ahead we have a fine friday tomorrow and loads of sunshine and diminishing wind and i am tracking rain on christmas eve and then a walk on the mild side, all the details on that when i come inside for the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. and as cecily mentioned. the eagles are in the spotlight for thursday night football, and of course their playoff hopes are dashed but a chance to spoil the giants post season dreams
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and that wouldn't be so bad. jeff skversky is live in south philadelphia as the birds get ready to take on the division rival and there is something at stake here. >> the eagles are trying to stop the bleeding they haven't won in five and a half weeks and trying to avoid losing their sixth game against the giants, desperate for a win and desperate to keep the giants from clicking a win and into the playoffs on their home turf. eagles quarterback carson wentz, they came so close the last time coming inches away from winning the game but that is the story of the season. the eagles 0-6 in games decided by a touch down or less. the eagles three for their last nine inside of the 20. >> it's red zone football, we struggle down there and we have to keep getting better at that and finishing drives and we
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sustain long drives but learning how to finish, coming away with 3 points and some cases zero points, it's tough. a get big plays and b capitalize on the long drives. >> that is tough guess the giants they have the number one defense inside of the red zone but good news for the eagles, they get lane johnson back and eagles lost eight of the ten without johnson. kickoff eagles giants just over four hours away, jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you jeff. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center on a thursday afternoon. >> i can tell you how the afternoon commute is playing out so far. not well. people are heading towards the birds game tonight and people heading out of town for the holiday weekend if they don't have to work they are headed out shopping and a lot of people are going places and getting stuck in a lot of jams like one here
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on 95, southbound side from bridge street to this point, the off ramp to the vine street expressway and this is a medical emergency and a lot of money crews on the scene taking out the right lane, coming south on 95 speeds of 17 miles per hour because of that medical emergency and because of people headed down early to the linc on the big picture just 11 past girard avenue and a vehicle fire in exton, this cleared out a couple of minutes ago and even side of the bypass approaching 202 and there was a lane blocked for a while and still 19 miles per hour. and the northeast extension you condition exit at landsdale because of a disabled truck on that off ramp and the ramp from 42 southbound to 295 northbound is blocked because of a truck accident and that is out there for a while and causing major delays into new jersey via the
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walt whitman bridge use the commodore barry bridge. lets grab the i'm pad and do the commuter report on this thursday. 3 miles per hour on springfield road in delaware county, because of a crash on state road close to rolling road. lots to check in the next half hour. >> all right matt, thank you. next on "action news," amazon and a number of oefrm retailers have a great way to help you give back this old stay season. details on the charitable use for all the empty shipping boxes. and in vineland a big surprise waiting in the wings, see the emotional family reunion next.
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new jersey's attorney generalal released undercover
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surveillance video. the abuse and neglect of patients by their home health care provider, it showed disturbing instances of them roughing their patients and mistreating patients that collapsed. attorney general, christopher perino announced a safe case scam program. it gives people access to hidden cameras in they suspect abuse. >> it provides people with answers and designed to deter those that think they can get away abusing in private the frail or disabled. the cameras will be given out as a loan and they are hidden in avenue day objects that are normally found in every day houses. city leaders in philadelphia are taking steps to address the led concerns in philadelphia. a $125,000 state grant has been secured for training and resolving led issues, the
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funding is coming from programs for job training and community revitalization, senator vincent hughs led atnounce and and he plans to reintroduce legislation to create a $250 million fund to address led remediation in communities across the state. well, the early numbers from the start of the holiday shopping season. are not what we retailers were hoping to see. consumer spending slows in november and the shopping season has not been as strong as last year but that news is leading to better deals for shoppers especially those that wait. prompting stores to offer better sales and incentives like free shipping and it had an affect on wall street. the dow slipped 23 points, stubbornly refusing to cross the 20,000 milestone. the s&p falling 4.25 on the day.
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goodwill has a good use for all the empty amazon boxes piling up, instead of recycling the boxes you can fill them with items you no longer need and ship them to goodwill for free. amazon and other big name retailers partnered with a website called give back box to make this all possible. all you have to do is go online and print a free shipping label and it gets mail to the nearest goodwill where they are sold. and the profits can be used for the community, for a link go to or use the free 6 abc app. >> what a great, great idea. a lot of boxes will be shipped out with good stuff. it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> something we are liking today. cecily tynan is in for adam with the latest. >> what a beautiful day our first full day of winter and temperatures not feeling that bad. we are live on sky 6 hd this is our city hall camera looking at
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the rothman ice rink at dillworth park, people are out there getting exercise and you don't have to bundle up too much it's not that harsh but the winds are picking up and feeling colder, we have reached the 50s earlier this afternoon and now down to 48 degrees in philadelphia, the same in wilmington and 50 in atlantic city, and 43 in allentown and 44 in trenton but what you really feel is the winds, winds gusting close to 30 miles per hour. out of the northwest so those temperatures are really deceiving, windchills are in the 30s and dropping into the 20s as we head through the evening hours. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we started the day way lot of cloud as head of that front that rolled through around lunch time, behind it lots of sunshine and tonight's skies will be clear. unlike last night when we had the cloud cover and an atmospheric blanket tonight it will be on the chilly side. 30 in philadelphia, and allentown 27 and wilmington 28
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and cape may down to 33 degrees. the day planner for your friday, a big travel day, looking nice eye pressure over us and bringing us lots of sunshine especially early in the day and 32 at 1:00 and 4:00, 44 but as we head through the afternoon and the evening hours we'll see some more clouds building in and this is ahead of a cold front, that puts a damper on part of the holiday weekend not a washout but future tracker 6 showing 7:30 on saturday morning, the rain is here could even start as brief snow or freezing rain in the poconos at the onset before it changes all over to rain. around lunch time still rain but heaviest now in south jerseyth delaware and then as we head through the day it's clearing from the west to the east by 4:00 the rain is out of here and breaks of sunshine and then this is the good news, looks like everything clears out by 10:30
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and the kid goes to bed and santa's sleigh should not have any problems, clear skies and quiet conditions. tomorrow loads of sunshine early and indegreesing clouds and temperatures cooler than today. still this is above normal 46 degrees for saturday. christmas eve the rain in the morning and clearing by the afternoon and dry for santa and dry for the start of hanukkah, 48 degrees and christmas sunday should be beautiful, mostly sunny and 48 degrees, monday as kwanzaa begins, lots of clouds with a high of 50 and a few showers monday night and believe it or not, tuesday is going to be a lot warmer than monday. so definitely taking a walk on the mild side. not as warm as last christmas with temperatures in the 60s and 70s and mid to upper 40s and 50s not too bad. >> clear skies for santa we like that. >> very important. still ahead on "action news" holiday travel is ramping up and we'll check the lines at philadelphia international
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airport with a live report at 4:30. >> but first local police officers spend the day pulling of unsuspecting drivers but they were not handing out tickets. details on their holiday give away next. coming up in big talkers, having family home for the holidays could be amazing but as one dad explains having your college daughter home for the holidays could be annoying.
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? familiar faces donated their athletic skills to help out a school in berwyn. our own matt o'donnell joined forces with the police. they played with the green valley academy. located at the church of saint monica it only has 40 children enrolled and that is not enough to be a part of a sports league so the officers volunteer to
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play against them and today they brought along a few special guests. >> very sweet. in chester pennsylvania today police pulling over drivers. they weren't handing out tickets but turkeys. >> a turkey for you and your family. >> i was scared he said i'm following you to the lane. i thought what did i do? >> it was nice in the holiday spirit they wanted to do something special. for local families that need an extra boost. so city officials and local police bought 100 turkeys and (ed them to random unsuspecting drivers who were obeying the rules of the road. and it brought residents to tears. >> i'm excited because i didn't want to buy one -- so i'm excited and thankful and grateful.
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for the city doing something like this for the people. >> we thought why not give some turkeys away as a sign of some goodwill. hopefully lift the residents' spirits up during the christmas season. >> they supported a local business, fair and square grocery store there in chester where they bought all 100 turkeys and the people they surprised happy to have the help for their holiday meal and happy to have this special interaction with police that did not involve a traffic ticket. because again they were not breaking the rules of the road and just driving and getting pulled of and wondering what is this about? >> you get the lump in your throat. thank you. a local seventh grader thought she was going to her school gym to practice for a local holiday pageant but someone special
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walked in. [ applause ] >> i missed you. did you miss me? >> nick mathis shocked his sister megan by showing up at the sane mary vineland school, he was away since november and was not expected to be back for christmas. >> i was excited to be back to see my sisters. i didn't think i would cry either but i burst out. >> mathis will get the spend the holiday at home now before he heads back to finish up his training and the family no doubt thrilled to have him there on christmas morning. >> great to have a big brother and see him for the holidays. >> still to come on "action news" at 4:00, people are flying out to grandmas big house for the holidays we are live at the philadelphia international airport on one of the busiest
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"action news" continues. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a dad that has some complaints about his college student daughter and she is home for the holidays and apparently wreaking havoc. >> and a man gets the scare of a lifetime when his e-cigarette
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explodes in his pocket and the incident puts him in the hospital. and the parents of an 11-year-old girl fighting cancer made a difficult decision. and at 4:30 more than 1 million people in the philadelphia area will travel for the holidays this year and are either on their way right now or soon will be. the days before christmas eve are said to be the busiest at the philadelphia international airport. that is where we find gray hall. it may be busy but most people are happy to be on the way to loved ones houses. >> you are right brian, get ago way is exciting but it's the get tlg that can cause you some headaches. take a look behind me, i want to set the scene at the philadelphia international airport you know that holiday travel usually means the long lines and waits and crowds. here at phl the lines are steady, one thing to keep in mind is get here early. >> tis the season for holiday
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reunions like we captured of the guillet family we captured at the philadelphia international airport. >> but be warned before the hugs and smiles you have to get to your destination first and if you are flying long lines and delays could turn you into a grinch. >> a love hate and bitter sweet. if you have everything together and know how to do the mobile boarding passes but if you don't it's a mess and traveling with little kids is always unpredictable. >> this holiday season over 103 million people will be traveling, the most on record and 6 million of those will be flying and the travellers have guys. >> this time of year is definitely busier than other times of the year and comes with the territory to be prepared and come early. >> airport employees say it's important to read the tsa rules to know what you can and cannot take on your flight.
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some say that travelers are surprised to learn what can you bring. >> you can bring solid food and grandma's pie and cakes and bread and bring a cooked turkey. >> the peak of the busy holiday period starts on wednesday and runs through thursday and friday and travellers admit it's a hassle but the end result is worth while. >> it's not fun but we do it to see grammy and poppy. >> back out live everyone is expected to see grandma and grandpa, good idea to call ahead and check with your airline and make sure there are no delays or cancellations, if you take a gift with you you may want to wait to get to your destination because the tsa will make you unwrap it. gray hall channel 6 "action news." >> thank you gray. time now to talk about the forecast, we see people about to take off at the airport.
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and a good day to travel. >> very quiet especially along the east coast and it looks mild right through the holiday weekend, next week. we have a hiccup next week christmas morning. taking a look sky 6 hd a nice looking shot at the commodore barry bridge a lot of sunshine out there and temperatures for the first full day of winter not that harsh. 48 degrees and in the 50s earlier, notice the dew point is 25 degrees, temperatures a lot of times can drop close to the dew point temperatures, i think a lot of suburbs are drop foog the 20s overnight and it's chilly without cloud cover and satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have clear conditions out there. you see the clouds advancing from the northwest and once the sunsets they fall apart and i am tracking a system that will be moving in on christmas eve morning. you can see it actually producing snow near denver if are you flying there. but this system is tracking to the west and that means it's
4:34 pm
going to be rain and not snow. it's not a white christmas for us. if you look across the nation there is really no cold air. bismark, north dakota it's like a december heat wave. last week they had 40 below so this put its in per spspectivpe. >> be sure to check back often at for the latest forecast, the latest details are a swipe or mouse click away, follow each of our meteorologists for updates as well. a man got away with smart phones during a grab and go robbery in south philadelphia. you see the man inside of the at&t store on the 500 block of south street. the employees are busy with other customers, the thief picks up several demo phones and taking off out of the store, police would like to hear from you if you know who this suspect
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is. sfwlt search is on for the suspect. he swiped prepaid phones from target on route 33, the phones are worth $500 fun know anything about this crime you are asked to can't police. repairs move into a third day to fix a broken water main in queen village in the southbound lanes of columbus boulevard and queen street. the road had to be closed when the 12 inch main ruptured tuesday night. the crews went home but they say they will be back tomorrow and one lane is open to traffic now and no word when the mess will be completely fixed. >> nearly two dozen children will have presents under their christmas tree thanks to pennsylvania state troopers, they took donations to fill the children's christmas lists, including clothes and
4:36 pm
electronics and athletic gear. it's that time of year to think about resolutions for 2017, if one of those goals is to freshen up your look, there is a new product on the market that may help you out. rick williams is live in the newsroom, the perfect person to tell us about this new product. >> wait, wait. is that a compliment? >> thank you sharrie i think. it's a new filler that could take years off your face, that is right. in health check tonight the local woman that says she was plagued by age lines and how this new technology helped her look younger longer and coming up at 5:00 the details about the youtube star removed from the delta flight in the uk what the passengers are saying about the tense moments and why the youtuber is still calling it discrimination. until 5:00, back to the studio to you. >> looking fresh.
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>> what a plump fresh face, thanks rick. today highway patrol motorcycle offices from the delaware valley delivered christmas dinners to the tamlies of fallen offices. they delivered them to five families they do it owe honor the officers and help their families during the holiday season. >> dozens of people filled up a hot holiday lunch in trenton today. staffers from mayor jackson's office helped to serve the meal at the trenton senior committee. they feasted on turkey and sweet looking desserts as with well. still ahead at 4:00, she is not just the dress creator but a designer of dreams, hear the heart warming story of why a woman is giving dresses to little girls this holiday season. day two was interesting, he
4:38 pm
had friends over late night and 3:00 in the morning decided to bake. >> and it's an experience any dad with a daughter can relate to. the days she is home for holiday break. random baking occurs, we have more of this funny video going viral in big talkers. and cecily tynan is back with the forecast from accuweather.
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80 day steps for smashing a beer mug against his face. he was left with deep cuts and permanent scars, even so she forgave her attackner court. and asked her to choose love and not hate. she said it was an alcohol problem and not racism that got her into trouble. big talkers and a big decision of parents made by a young cancer patient has a lot of people talking. the choice to make sure their little girl has a chance to one day become a mother, they removed and froze one of her ovaries. three years ago kayly was 8
4:42 pm
years old. she was undergoing chemo for a tumor in her head. the doctors suggested an ovary removal and her parents said the decision was easy. >> we found out that the other ovary left in her is damaged. if we wouldn't have done this procedure, there was a good chance she might not be able to have kids. >> doctors have started recommending this as a way to protect the chance of parenthood. and seattle where a viral story embodies the true meaning of the holidays a former orphan donating 600 christmas dresses to help girls everywhere feel beautiful. this is jan she spent her childhood bouncing around between orphanages and foster homes. each year it was her christmas dress that made her feel extra
4:43 pm
special. she goes to consignment stores and fixed them up and gives them a new purpose. she sets up a community store and fits the girls one by one if their fancy new dress. >> this one? twirl around for me? >> how pretty. >> and then i get up christmas morning and i have tears because i think of all of these little girls in their dresses. >> so what more can you ask? >> jan seeing a little of herself in each little girl in each and every dress. that story got me today. >> finally, home for the holidays, it's a dream for many and it's sort of a fight mayor for one dad. he loves having his daughter home from college for the break but it can get annoying. from clothes everywhere to milk left out of the fridge and spoiling and loud friends over, dad's hilarious day by day diary
4:44 pm
of hurricane shannon is going viral. >> day five i actually called the airlines, bus terminals and trains, there is no way to get her back to college. do you think uber? dad being hailed by parents everywhere, good to have them home but nice to send them back to school again to the dorms where the clothes piling up and late night baking doesn't have an audience like mom and dad. >> distance makes the heart grow fonder. thank you. lets get a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman is standing by with an update. things are moving nicely behind you there. >> lets tell you the story. in this exact spot we are moving okay. on this point on 95 southbound it's very busy from cotman into the vine, the medical emergency on the off ramp has cleared and the reason it's moving better here today on the off ramp to
4:45 pm
columbus boulevard because one lane is open on southbound columbus boulevard by the water main break, just one lane even though that is open and the ramp is open, you can expect delays and tomorrow morning at 6:00 they'll block it again entirely southbound columbus boulevard to continue the repairs. 95 northbound locked up from this point at penn's landing and girard. and cotman traffic is moving fine because of the fourth lane open. and finishing an opening at the ac tacony palmyra bridge. if that is your ramp you may want to get off of quakertown. crash at south 309 at hoffman tire giving us delays because a lane is blocked and big delays into new jersey on the walt whitman bridge and the off ramp to 295 northbound is blocked
4:46 pm
forself hours because of a truck accident and now one lane is open there and still jammed solid with speeds like 7 miles per hour coming off 676. lots of issues we'll check them again in the 5:00 hour. >> all right matt we'll see you then. students at isaac shepherd school got a special visit from santa today. santa claus along with volunteers went to the school and delivered gifts and winter coats to 200 students. >> they are singing here i think. >> the students wore reindeer hats while they sang along with the christmas carols and independence donated 500 there's to enhance the teachers lounge.
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. we have been singing rudolph the red nose reindeer a lot in my house and the nose will not be needed on christmas? >> no we have a backup plan, but other places they may need the nose. looking good and we clear out in time for santa. today the action cam is looking in manayunk, because yes it's looking a lot like christmas and beyond the christmas tree look at that sky, bright blue and loads of sunshine and a beautiful day, just a bit of wind to deal with. and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that no rain out there, no snow, and tracking rain for christmas eve and the first half of the day, and dry and mild and 48 degrees in philadelphia. and millville it's 50 the same in atlantic city, and trenton 44 and allentown 43, and wilmington 48 degrees, you factor in the winds there say bit of a windchill, 41 in philadelphia
4:50 pm
and feels like 22 in the poconos and with little cloud cover temperatures fall quickly. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a good amount of sunshine and we have some clouds to the northwest and a lot of this thanks to the wind out of the northwest over the lake. kind of lake-effect clouds, once we get the sunsetting the clouds will erode and mostly clear and seasonably cold. 31 in the suburbs and 30 in center city and the winds diminish in the overnight hours and high pressure develops over us and that brings us a gorgeous friday. good sunshine to start and clouds later in the day. cooler today but temperatures slightly above normal. 46 degrees and this high pressure is not sticking around and it moves out allowing a cold front to move in early on saturday. and that will bring us some rounds of rain, definitely a damp start to the day. future tracker 6 showing as we head through the overnight hours, the wee hours in the
4:51 pm
morning in the poconos and perhaps freezing rain and even in the poconos, this storm system will pull up milder air, all rain by 7:30. it advances in delaware by lunch time and as we head into the afternoon sky conditions really improving and we dry out by 4:00, peeks of sunshine and christmas morning we are looking at loads of sunshine not a cloud in the sky and temperatures again in the upper 40s. it won't be a white christmas but it will be sunny and pretty mild. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast start with sun tomorrow and increasing clouds late in the day and the high is 46 degrees and cooler than today. and again still mild, saturday you'll need the umbrellas for the first two-thirds of the day and then sunshine late in the day but a dry start to hanukkah, and dry for santa and christmas sunday, mostly sunny and beautiful. 48 degrees. heading into next week monday lots of clouds and bump it up to 50 degrees for the start of
4:52 pm
kwanzaa, a few showers monday night in tuesday morning and tuesday look at this high. 55 degrees and breezy and we drop back down to 42 on wednesday and thursday our next system again this will bring us rain not snow with a high of 46 degrees. i know that snow lovers are bummed by the forecast but if you have to do a lot of traveling it looks pretty good. >> we have plenty of time. >> what's the deal is next.
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all right the last minute holiday shopping rush is on and believe it or not. we aren't really that close to being down to the last minute here. first here is a bright spot from those of you waiting to shop and they call this shopping season pretty light and that prompts
4:55 pm
stores to offer better deals and innocecentives so you will save have you been procrastinating. how to tackle the last minute shopping take two approaches here. first, with the shipping deadlines fleeting and pretty much past, can you still shop online and pick up your items in certain stores as late as christmas eve. here are some of the stores that are allowing you more time for wrapping and cooking and carolling. this is a round of stores allowing the shop online and pick up in person. apple, bed bath and beyond and best buy along with macy's pier one imports and nordstrom among some others. make sure you get to the store on saturday and pick up your purchases before the store closes. again, you can do all the pecking online. pretty easy. if you love the thrill of
4:56 pm
searching the store. there are a list of store hours for saturday staying open the latest. bj's wholesale club and kmart and target stores are open until 10:00 on christmas eve. even later than that. like in case santa need a quick stop once he starts his route. babies are us and toys r us are all open until midnight on christmas eve. so no excuses, the stores are open and you can still do online shopping. that is the good news. >> you are a procrastinators angel alicia. the brandywine valley spca has an end of the year promotion making it harder to place dogs in forever homes. called gabriels gifts, the opener decided it would make him feel better to subsidize the adoption fee for an dog older
4:57 pm
than 6 months. >> lets hope they can get a home. for brian taff and alicia vitarelli and cecily tynan and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian and adam and ducis rogers tonight an ever night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is rick williams with a look ahead. >> all right thank you brian see you in a minute, sharrie. >> and a sec murder in a camden neighborhood in as many days, the clues that police have to go on. and a months long investigation into a missing teenager and why the teen's mother is facing charges tonight and the showdown. the eagles and giant li live at the linc. fios in the house!
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xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. camden police are trying to solve a murder mystery tonight match a woman was found shot inside of her own home. she later died marking the
5:00 pm
second homicide of the area in just two days. tonight an entire community is on alert. thursday evening and monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us and the big story on "action news" is the investigation still underway at the housing village complex. jeff spoke to neighbors today and he is live at camden police with the details. >> reporter: sharrie and rick, you feel for the children, we are told that they were home when their mother was shot once in the head. she is the second person to have been killed in that very apartment unit since november. >> detectives were back at the village apartments in camden knocking on doors to get information to find the person that fatally shot a 34-year-old mother. >> i think about the kids, they suffer the most. >> shortly before 11:30 officers responded to a 911 call for the report of a shooting on river avenue near east state street. the


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