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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  December 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, december 29 i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han, matt o'donnell has the morning off. >> we're following a developing story. the search for a missing new jersey woman and her great granddaughter is over, we're live from the satellite center with the details. >> a man leads berks county deputies on three county pursuit
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with two children and woman inside the car. >> chilly rain arrives in time for the morning commute. accuweather is tracking snow in the lehigh valley. >> well, that means we better get over to david murphy he has more on that outside, and matt pellman is in for karen rogers with the morning commute. >> reporter: good morning, everyone we're dry on the at terrace, but not so much out to the west. we're looking at rain getting close to wilmington. looks like mainly snow and sleet mixed in, i've been doing analysis with our double scan live technology a little sleet in parts of chester county, as well as the snow, that's extra stuff we have on our radar gives you. up in reading it's mainly snow. allentown getting close to the snowflakes, a little sleet mixing in, not out of the question. the change to the south is in the process of pushing north. by the time this pushes to philadelphia perhaps over the neck hour there's a decent chance we're seeing rain at the surface, if you see wet snow it
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shouldn't be too much longer before it changes over. the best chance of issues on roads in chester county and berks county and the lehigh valley where the temperatures are cooler. we have a winter weather advisory up in the poconos until 4:00 p.m. that's where the snow will pile up one to three inches, some spots going as high as 4 from mount pocono and pottstown and jim thorpe, and sleet there, as well. 35 degrees in philadelphia. if you see wet snow falling, the surface temperatures should be enough to sustain wet roads. reading, 34, hopelely you're seeing -- hopefully you're see wet roads there as the snow moves in. 45 by noon, i expect it to be raining by noon in philadelphia. it knocks off around 2:00 p.m. 9 somewhere in the 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. west to east. 46 degrees is the high at 3:00 p.m. matt pellman when i step inside we'll do tracking of the snow.
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i'll show you future tracker 6 showing how the evolution from snow to rain occurs the whole thing gets out out of her. >> reporter: good morning to you david, good morning everybody, dry in maple shade burlington county, the action cam is on the scene where a truck mowed down a pole and wires on 73. southbound lanes are blocked from route 90 as you come away from the betsy ross bridge and the tacony-palmyra bridge through this point near high street, american auto group. utility crews on the screen. they are putting sand down right now. southbound lanes of 73 completely blocked off away from the bridges away from the river you want to take alternates like church street or nolola road or 38. 673 southbound is blocked.
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this lovely shade of blue means bad things, this is frozen precipitation move into the area. there's a crash big road close to short road. 30 bypass near thorndale close to 340. headlights are coming eastbound, looks like the roads are damp. we've seen penndot trucks come through. they have not put anything down, but they are ready if the frozen precipitation starts to fall if it does in chester county. only the big picture, no problems on the schuylkill expressway, boulevard, or i-95. columbus boulevard has one lane, but in the city we're dry at this point on this thursday morning. tam. >> thank you matt. there are growing concerns and fears over a new jersey woman and her great granddaughter they never showed up to see relatives on christmas eve. they have been found in rural
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virginia. annie mccormick is live for us in the satellite center going through everything and getting us the latest. good morning, tam, both were found alive, like you said there's a lot of questions about how they ended up there, authorities think maybe they got lost and had car trouble, but they are grateful to a man who happened to be walking by on this rural road and then called 911 after spotting them. >> reporter: miss briley and her granddaughter were outside the vehicle at a tree. >> reporter: happy ending to a terrifying search for family and friends of this great grandmother and her granddaughter. when authorities airvedle, -- arrive, the 71-year-old was airlifted to are a nearby hospital. the two were with the vehicle so many have been searching for. >> there were apples and use
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boxes, other items they were eating and drinking several things during the time period. >> reporter: they embarked on their christmas jewish neon -- christmas eve surveillance video shows briley. "action news" spoke to them minutes before they packed up to new jersey, they spoke to family via skype who said briley made the drive often and was a new jersey transit driver for years. now they are thankful for the man who found the two. >> he took a path back in the woods, that's when he came across the vehicle. >> reporter: the little girl did get a medical valuation before she was released to her family, her great grandmother was helicoptered to a nearby hospital in virginia, we are
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told she is in serious condition. reporting live from the satellite center, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. new on "action news," several residents were forced out into the cold after hour broke out inside a hookah bar in philadelphia. fire crews responded to 3600 block of lancaster avenue around 2:30 a.m. fire and smoke was billowing from the restaurant. nobody was hurt, no word on what sparked that fire. 6:07. philadelphia police arrested a woman accused of shooting aman to death while he was driving. family and friends gathered at a makeshift memorial to remember terrell bruce who was shot in the head while driving tuesday by his estranged ex-girlfriend. the pair were arguing in the car moments before she pulled the
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trigger. >> she took away an amazing man. she took away, you know a brother, uncle, a friend. >> homicide charges are pending against wett. >> we go live to the nasdaq in time square, changes are coming. >> yes, they are and good morning, gmc closed 4400 stores for a day, they closed for the day to install new cash registers and synchronize and launch a loyalty program. it comes after the intern said the business model was grown. gnc had 6700 retail locations in the u.s.
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the dow lost grounds before reaching the 20,000 point milestone. future are pointing to a lower open. jobs report is due out later today. back to you guys. >> looking over your shoulder, i can see white at the top for snow and green at the bottom for rain, it is all coming this way. >> reporter: it is and there's a little bit of mixed precipitation and we'll show you that with double scan technology, the basic radar imagery shows you there's rain wilmington south and snow to the north, this is pushing closer and closer to philadelphia hoping for a changeover to all rain by the time it gets to the city, say by 7:00 or so. as i go in closer on storm tracker 6 live, again it looks like rain south of wilmington. this is looking like snow, ahead own call -- if i go ahead and call up the storm tracker 6 live
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for you, it will show us in pink, it's the pixilation here, double scan technology is showing there's different types of things falling in the atmosphere. what this means there's sleet mixing in. from pottstown to coatsville there's sleet falling. in the transition zone in wilmington, a little bit more of that, as well. as i go back to the radar, you're looking at frozen precipitation from areas north of wilmington and all the way up into pottstown, just so you get the idea there might be sleet mixed in there, as well which could give us a little bit of a concern of potentially having some problems sleet pellets icing up on it is roads. all this is pushing east. delaware county is picking up that mixed precipitation and wet
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snowflakes, as well. that change over to rain trying to punch it up to the north over the neck couple of hours. sky6 live hd still dry at the airport, it won't be too much longer before you get precipitation at the airport outside of the station here. 33 degrees in allentown. 33 in reading. we're above the freezing mark in wilmington and philadelphia, even if you do manage to get the wet snowflake activity in through here at the on set of this precipitation, it likely changes over to rain quickly and probably melts on the road surface, anyway. different story in allentown, where we'll be stuck with the snow a bit longer. all rain in northern best of your recollection -- northern bucks and montgomery county. all this gets out of here at 2:00 p.m. a coating to an inch before it changes over to rain.
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1 to 3 in the poconos where we have the winter weather advisory. in allentown, 43 degrees, snow to rain changeover 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. down the shore, 50, cloudy and rainy in the morning and afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high in philadelphia, 46 degrees, we have rain in the city and wet snow in the outset and the snow linking later on in the lehigh valley and points north. the whole thing dries out after 2:00 p.m. if you're in an area where you see the snow, slow down it should be a light impact events if you take it slow. 43 degrees is the high. tomorrow, blustery, pop up snow shower, 39 degrees. windchills in the 20s tomorrow. for new year's eve we'll go up to 41 in the afternoon. hanging on or about 40 when you go out at midnight to bang the pots and pans. not bad for new year's day, clouds and sun, 50 degrees, 40
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for the start of the mummers parade, 50 in the afternoon, rain at night, monday and tuesday a little bit wet. >> 61:00, search for victims -- 61:34 a.m., -- 6:13 a.m., a chopper crashes into the sea off mexico. no crashes here so far this morning, things are looking slightly damp in chadds ford, delaware county along route 1 baltimore pike creek road. you'll have to drop as you head up to 22. we have more accidents and we'll run them down for you when "action news" continues on this thursday morning. >> welcome back on this
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thursday morning, 6:16 a.m., 35 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the commodor barry bridge. be careful when you're on the roads today, rain and snow in the lehigh valley. >> let's go over to matt pellman it's been a busy morning on the roads. rmts today is tick tock day, when you think about we have two more days in 2016.
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i don't think you want to spend the remaining two days stuck in traffic jams. let's talk about the some of the spots you don't want to head this morning. maple shade, 73 southbound is closed there. early this morning a truck came along and mowed down a pole there were wires down and utility crews on the scene. there was a pill of some sort, they are putting sand on the road right now. southbound lanes of 73 are blocked coming away from the betsy ross bridge and high street by american auto group. church street, church road to the south or 38. 73 southbound coming away from the tacony-palmyra bridge is blocked because of the early morning accident. the other big story this frozen precipitation moving into the area. on the berks county and montgomery county border we're seeing crashes. douglass township 100 northbound at jackson road busy spot this
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time 689 year. hanover township, there's an accident along big road 73 close to short road. this is 422 z -- as you head west you'll see frozen precipitation. in oaks, it's dry with no delay heading toward king of prussia. columbus boulevard southbound one lane open because of the water main break over a week ago. they hope to have everything fixed tomorrow. everything is ready for the new year's eve celebrations on saturday. right now it's still one lane. however, no delays this morning on the blue route, the schuylkill expressway or i-95. tam? >> thank you matt. there's no definitive word on why an helicopter crashed flipping upside leaving on the tires poking out of the water.
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witnesses believe it broke a part in the midair during a routine training flight. soldier's bodies have been located and drivers are trying to recover them. >> berks county man who led police on a flee county chase is behind bars, police arrested john michael soto in union township. an officered attempted to stop 78 for having a brake light that wasn't working. he sped off and rammed the patrol vehicle. the pursuit ended when he abandoned the car and ran away leaving behind his two children and a woman. nobody was injured. we have details about the system sung phones that can catch fire. t-mobile customers who have them are out of luck, the carrier i should a softwareup date that prevents them from -- updates that events them from charging. new video shows a tesla
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for kids. he visited taylor austin decker in an atlanta children's hospital on tuesday, taylor was ready, he was wearing his number two all -- auburn number. >> reporter: i have a soft spot for cam. >> reporter: let's check our cam, dry in conshohocken, trafficking moving fine heading -- traffic moving fine heading toward the schuylkill expressway. we have construction near st. joes, a lane blocked from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. modified weekday schedule on septa buses and trolleys all week this week and delays on regional rails ten minutes on the nor town line. >> reporter: snow to the north rain to the south.
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the rain will push farther and farther north. it's going to be a close call for philadelphia, you might see snow before the changeover. we're picking up snow on double scan technology. be careful where there's white and the blue occurring. there may be wet snow or sleet at the on set of precipitation in parts of south jersey. temperatures are over freezing across the immediate region where the precip is moving in. 35 in wilmington and philadelphia, hoping for roads to hold up well here. a little bit more of problem in reading or allentown where temperatures are closer to the freezing mark. nydia. >> the flyers are trying to shake off the holiday blues they faced the blues in saint thatcher. they lost.
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they head to san jose next to face the sharks.
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>> amazon's echo, the personal assistant device is at the center of the a murder investigation in arkansas. police want to know what it heard the night the man was killed in his home. it is always on. the homeowner james bates is the main suspect. amazon will not turnover the data citing privacy concerns. we are hearing about the
6:28 am
moment three teens were rescued a top a capsized boat in the florida keys. they were 2 1/2 miles off the coast when the rented boat took on water. they could not get a life jakdz, but -- jackets, but climbed on the turnover hull and called 911. rescue crews helped them back to shore. >> it's going to be a messy morning commute. david murphy is tracking rain to the north an snow, as well. >> later a thief with a sledge hammer pulls off a six first thing heist. we'll show you the surveillance of this brazen burglary in bucks county. about bassett.
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you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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>> developing now on "action news," a new jersey family's prayers have been answered, a missing woman is and her 5-year-old great granddaughter
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have been found alive. heartbreak in hollywood, debby reynolds dies one day after losing her daughter. storm tracker 6 live is busy a wintry mix is moving across the region. when you'll see rain or snow, it's going to be a messy commute. good morning, 6:30, matt o'donnell is off, we're lucky, nydia han is joining us, matt pellman is in for karen rogers taking a look at the commute. let's go over to david murphy with the latest call from accuweather. >> reporter: it's dry, but not for long, rain is pulling up the i-95 corridor and it is snow west of philadelphia and points north. there might be sleet mixed in, even parts of south jersey, right before the rain gets in you might see wet snow or sleet briefly before a changeover to rain. wilmington looks like it has changed over to rain. we're seeing the rain line push into southern chester county that's a change in the last 15 minutes, be careful on the roads this morning, even if it is just wet and in places where you have
6:32 am
wet snow or sleet. we'll take a look at this in 6 minutes. as i take a look at temperatures, first of all, we'll have the winter weather advisory in the poconos. kicked in and extends to 4:00 p.m. it's mainly snow and sleet in the poconos. the rest of the us we're looking at rising temperatures. philadelphia up to 35 degrees we're hoping if we get wet snow in philadelphia, briefly before the changeover to rain, it won't stick to anything with the temperature above the freezing mark. pushing into chester county and berks county you can see temperatures are at freezing or below. those are areas we would expect more slick spots on the roads, matt will tell you in a moment where we haved problems in the western ascertain northern where we have had problems in the western and northern areas. 35 degrees by noon, still raining and change over to rain in the lehigh valley by 10:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., the rain is shutting
6:33 am
off. it will gradually taper off by 3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. we're under the clouds at 46 that's the high. 43 with breaks at 5:00 p.m. future tracker 6 we'll look at the arrival and departure of the precipitation and analysis of the neighborhoods that's being affected by the snow. we have a plethora of traffic troubles this morning, david, including this in maple shade, but i'm hearing we may be seeing movement the action cam on the scene of an earlier truck accident. the truck brought down wires. here the headlights southbound on 673 at -- 73 at high. looks like southbound traffic is getting through. utility crews are off to the side. i appears that 73 southbound has reopened as you can away -- as you come away from betsy ross bridge at high street.
6:34 am
we've been talking about an accidents on the new jersey turnpike southbound in piles grove township salem county. it was off to the side, now the emergency repairs crews are out there. we're hearing they could be there for several hours and they are blocking the right lane. that means speeds are in the 20s as you come south of exit 2 on the new jersey turnpike southbound. i would start heading for 295 southbound instead. in salem and gloucester counties, you see the green and yellow colors indicating wet precipitation, on the berks county/montgomery county border it's blue indicating frozen precipitation. an accident 100 douglass road. boyertown along big road near new hanover township. 30 bypass is very wet. you can see the spray coming off the eastbound vehicles as they pass 322. we're not jammed, but you have
6:35 am
to keep the speeds down because it is wet at best and slippery and slick at worst. >> breaking news, it's just coming in, a nasty rollover crash injuries two people in delaware county. the driver of an suv lost control on colonial road near glendale road in havertown around 3:30 a.m. the vehicle rolled down an embankment and wrapped around a tree and landed on its roof. the driver and passenger suffered multiple injuries they are in the hospital in stable condition. a new jersey woman and her great granddaughter have been found safe. they disappeared christmas eve not turning up at a relative's house the way they were supposed to in north carolina. there's questions why they went off the road and ended up in the woods. annie mccormick is gathering information. >> reporter: authorities have a lot of the questions, at this
6:36 am
point they don't think any foul play was involved they think they got lost and had car trouble. a happy ending to a terrifying search for family and friends of 71-year-old barbara briley and her great granddaughter. they were missing from christmas eve now safe and sound. >> they were outside the vehicle at a tree. medics choppered elder briley to a nearby hospital. they embarked on their journey on christmas eve. over the course of the days during the search they spoke to family members who packed up to look for them. briley had no known million
6:37 am
conditions and drove for new jersey transit for years and made the trek often. >> if she is going to do something she is going to do something, she is very smart. >> reporter: authorities are baffled how they ended up in the is spot but thankful that he found them. that man who found them was walking on the rural road and called 911. the little girl was checked out medical personnel before she was released to family. her great grandmother is in the hospital in virginia in serious condition. reporting live from the sat center, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> back to you, nydia. >> thank you. developing now, philadelphia police are trying to figure out what happened to a woman who was rushed to the hospital by temple university police. officers say the victim claimed
6:38 am
she was shot twice during a robbery attempt at 1:00 a.m. at north 10th street. officers say the story keeps changing. officers cannot find a crime scene in philadelphia. she is not a student at temple. a collision injured two drivers, one is under arrest. a speeding car t-boned a car sending the car into several parked cars. nobody else was hurt, the driver is being tested for driving under the influence. the death of carrie fisher is just sinking in a and now holy wood is -- hollywood is findings that debby reynolds has
6:39 am
died. she was 19 when she made that movie, the debby reynolds a true lifetime. great entertaining. she gathered with family to grief the loss of carrie fisher her daughter when she was rushed to the hospital. her son tells abc news, the only good thing about this is in a my mom wanted to be with my sister. debby remember noldz was 84 years old. >> i got 6abc news app alert about that, she had gone to the hospital. i was look are you kidding me? it is sad. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing there's precipitation moving into a good chunk of the area. south philadelphia is getting the first of what may be freezing rain out there. let's go in tighter and take a closer look, the radar showing rain pushing past wilmington up the i-95 corridor there is blue showing up on it is radar every now and then, there's a concern
6:40 am
just released a couple of minutes ago by the weather service, in some of the areas you can see rain testers in -- temperatures in the 20s you could see freezing rain until 7:30 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. you see the blue popping in, over the last couple of hours i've been analyzing there, there's an indication on double scan live technology there may be mixed precipitation, because of the pixilation you see, i know it looks funny with the pinks and the oranges. storm tracker 6 live double scan there's precipitation falling, i know it looks like snow on traditional radar, but sleet is falling. i'll take you back to the traditional view, be careful up and down the i-95 corridor
6:41 am
particularly as you push north towards the ac expressway early on, a little bit of icing possible. in the lehigh valley, we're looking at mainly snow, but sleet mixing in here, as well. bark in reading we're getting the blue on traditional radar, as well some of it west of norristown. it's a multifaceted problem where one of rain to the south and freezing rain in philadelphia and immediate suburbs and the snow and sleet farther up to the north. the warm air by the way is pushing to the north and you'll change over to rain even as far as the lehigh valley this morning. it's icy out there. matt pellman will tell you about all the problems we're having on the roads. let's get you outside, sky6 live hd looking wet in chester along the delaware river near the commodor barry bridge. do be careful especially on overpasses and untreated surfaces, because you might have a freeze upearly. the temperature in philadelphia
6:42 am
35. winds out of the east at 35 miles per hour. the rural areas could be a different story. in terms of how this will go between now and 7:00 a.m. you see how that change to rain wants to push up north, we continue to see that up until 10:00 where allentown is changing over to rainfall all this precipitation will get out of here probably around 2:00 p.m. in most neighborhoods, maybe before then in the western areas. 46 is the high, rain and snow, maybe icy patches on roads this morning. do be careful particularly on the rural air side roads mainlts have been treated -- maintain have been treated. -- may not have been treated. a brief snow shower can't be ruled out. saturday, 41 when you ring in
6:43 am
the new year's. new year's, the mummers will start marching at 40 degrees, 50 later. rain at night. mild 49 degrees tuesday, rain 58 degrees. >> the search is on for a smash and grab suspect, his sledge hammer does serious damage to a khol's store in bucks county. a close call for a massive sinkhole. >> reporter: i-95 by 452, a flat tire on the northbound side. that's cleared out of the way. we have icy conditions elsewhere and number of new accidents we'll talk about the mess when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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>> let's go over to matt pellman, yesterday it was a dream, today, welcome to the nightmare. >> reporter: kind of the polar opposite, peeking of polar we're seeing frozen precipitation in spots. we liked yesterday morning better that's the bottom line. 422 that's a different scene from a half-hour ago. now as the headlights come eastbound you can see spray coming off the vehicles, the road is very wet. once you get on the secondary roads looks like there was slush and iciness on that. on the highway it is wet, but it's been treated they were brining last night. you can see the spray and wet conditions east of oaks.
6:47 am
north of pottstown we have a number of accidents, new ones one along swamp pike at new hanover square road and big root, 73 the one on big rode cleared out. we're looking at the purple shades across the maps, indicating frozen precipitation. as we look at the big picture, our map makes the cutoff between the frozen and wet precipitation, around newtown square, the main line and cheltenham. once in the city it's wet, and it's rain there. we have water main break on columbus boulevard, one lane open. they are making repires piles grove -- repairs, piles grove township. one lane is blocked, come down
6:48 am
295 southbound, avoid the turnpike in gloucester and salem counties this morning. nydia. >> police in bucks county say the suspect in this surveillance video got away with as much as $100,000 in expensive watches and jewelry from a khol's store in lower makefield township. the smash-and-grab burglar broke into the store around 3:00 a.m. the detectives are checking with other police departments. retaliation against russia for hacks against a president election could be announced as early as today. president obama could steps such as economic actions, and covert operations by intelligence agencies. russia is threatening to responds and denies any meddling. most of the lehigh valley residents forced to flee a sinkhole are back home after
6:49 am
natural gas was found leaking from under grounder in elm street. a newspaper delivery man noticed an odor anding sounds coming from a crack in the road. one worker was injured after he fell into the sinkhole. he is doing fine this morning. ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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morning america." >> paula ferris is joining us with a look at what's coming.
6:52 am
ub -- you know, paula, the line no parent should have to bury a child, that proved to be too much for debby reynolds. her son speaking to abc news about his mother's final moments. we'll look at the intense and complicated relationship between mother and daughter. the new lawsuit over the jonbenet ramsey documentty. documentary, the brother is suing nbc for claiming he had a part in the case. >> thanks paula. >> reporter: we have and accident out wees because of icy conditions. in king of prussia it's wet, i would watch it on the ramp. on mass transit, a modified
6:53 am
weekday schedule on the buses and trolleys. >> reporter: radar showing the rain pushing in, there is blue highlighted it changes every time we look at it. up into reading an indication of sleet up here, that's mixing into allentown, as well. be careful heading out, even if it looks like rain, a concern for freezing rain in urban centers, i-95 north, the farther north you go you have sleet and snow. the temperatures are pushing above freezing up north, in rural areas in between the airports, a concern for freeze-up on roads this morning. we'll we'll be back would your top stories.
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>> welcome back here the top stories, a missing new jersey woman and her 5-year-old granddaughter have been found alive in rural virginia. a man walking in the woods found them near their car yesterday. they left mays landing saturday morning to driving to see family in north carolina. >> reporter: we're seeing icing at berks county montgomery county border. an accident on southbound new jersey turnpike using 295 instead. >> reporter: we have a concern while it is rain around philadelphia and wilmington, everywhere you see the blue there could freeze ups with
6:57 am
freezing rain and sleet. a little more snow the farther north you go. take it slow on the roads. >> the kind of day you want to be with us every half-hour, for cut-ins, because it's going to change. format, matt, karen, nydia, dave, i'm tam. have a great day.
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good morning to you ♪ good morning, america. ♪ good morning, good morning >> she was america's sweetheart, debbie reynolds, passing away just one day after losing her daughter carrie fisher. she dazzled the world in the golden age of hollywood from "singin' in the rain" to "the unsinkable molly brown." >> i'm unsinkable. >> hollywood in shock after the loss of mother and daughter and a new interview overnight with her son. a hacking payback. russia facing imminent retaliation for those cyberattacks that plagued hillary clinton and the dnc and helped donald trump. the obama administration set to announce new punishments for russia, why intelligence officials are so sure the kremlin, in fact, meddled in the american presidential election.


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