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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  December 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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philadelphia city hall. john of course with the crowds expected, security is a key concern. >> reporter: that's right, monica. it's a modern fact of life that when you have large gatherings like we're going have this weekend it becomes a security concern for authorities whether it's overseas, whether it's in new york or if it's here in philadelphia. saturday night on the delaware, fireworks, thousands expected to gather and watch. sunday morning, the action and security issues will shift to outside city hall and south along brawled the event, the mummers parade. more shoulder to shoulder crowds expected. a weekend of mass celebration. crowds of people who by definition are soft targets. in europe twice in the last six months terrorists using not bombs but just large commercial trucks were able to kill and maim. in reaction to that, new york announced it will beef up security around times square tomorrow night. in addition to 7,000 officers available and bags checked, more than 100 heavy trucks,
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some loaded with sand will be used as shields to physically block a nice or berlin style truck attack. not going into details a here this weekend. lieutenant john stanford says the city has used truckin the past to provide protection. >> we've used aactics through here just more recently the dnc as well as our celebration that we hay 4thave the same type of tacs in place with barricades that you'll see of various types and various nature. you'll see a lot contingent ofc. >> happy new year. >> reporter: this delaware county family in town today some planning to come back tomorrow night for the fireworks. asked if they had considered the risks of something going wrong in a large public setting, yes, they said, it's a constant. >> i think we all feel the same way. we've thought about it when we went to new york a few weeks ago. we think about. >> reporter: it's always there. >> always, uh-huh. >> reporter: well, a big
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public weekend that's for sure, big public events multiple events we are told expect of expect stepped up security everywhere you go. live at dillworth park john rawlins channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you john. meteorologist adam joseph in for cecily tonight. adam a bit chillier today. what shall we expect for the new year's celebrations. >> it's going to be warmer as we head into the weekend as we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017. the winds that's what drove the chill through your body. philadelphia wind gusts 37 miles an hour, 34 wilmington, close to that in allentown and clocking in at 40 miles an hour for both atlantic city as well as mount pocono keeping those wind chills today in the teens and 20's. in fact right now the wind chill in philadelphia just 29 degrees is how it feels, 28 new york city. they got fresh snow in northern. quebec feels like six above. as we head towards new year's
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eve there will be more clouds coming in very late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and that will hold temperatures from dropping once this sun sets so not too chilly. at 6 o'clock 41 degrees and by midnight, our temperature still sitting right around 40. in fact as we look at the upcoming holiday weekend, 45 degrees for yh tomorrow, sunshine and some high clouds but we'll still have a southwesterly wind between 10 and 20 miles an hour and on sunday, 50 degrees as we say hello to the new year with wall to wall sunshine and less wind. monica, when i come back this beautiful stretch of weather that we'll see over the weekend kind of going to take a turn for the worse as we go into the beginning of next week. details on rain or snow coming up in that seven day. >> thank you adam. while you make plans to usher in the new year check in with action weather on you'll find hourly forecasts and realtime radar for where you live. stay connected with our team of meteorologists. follow each of them on twitter and facebook for updates. police in atlantic county new
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jersey have a suspect in custody following a police chase this afternoon. it started around 12:30 on north albany avenue in atlantic city. when police spotted a pickup truck that was reported stolen. the pursuit went on for 18 miles into port republic lick. the driver finally stopped on the 300 block of clues landing road where police made an arrest. no word what charges the suspect faces. upper darby police are looking for three armed teens they believe are behind several home invasions. the crime spree dates back to october. the most recent last night. "action news" reporter chad pradelli spoke with a relative of the victim live at upper darby police now with more. chad. >> reporter: monica, police say a group of teens was terrorizing here in upper darby in october and the group may have struck again last night. and aunt and three of her nephews and nieces had just walked into the a home on the 100 block of pen knock avenue when the three assailants
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stormed in with guns drawn. the gunmen ransacked the upstairs stole cash and other valuables, then fled except one assailant was left behind. police were on scene within a new minutes and arrested him. this woman who doesn't want to be named is a relative of the victims. >> everybody is fine. we're thankful to god that nobody was hurt and possessions can be replaced. >> reporter: upper darby investigators below the crew may be tied to a group who committed a rash of carjackings and robberiesn october. incljacking atpark view and oake corner from yesterday's home invasion. those teens would target women in the area. the victim from yesterday says the teens demanded her car keys but eventually fled without the car when she didn't produce the keys fast enough. >> i would like to say to them they need to find their saviour jesus christ ton repent and put their faith in him ton stop doing this. >> reporter: and sources tell me in those carjack many
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jackings in october teens would simply go on a joyride and ditch the cars around 34th street near the philadelphia zoo. now, inclothes officers did arrest three juveniles. i am told by sources that the parents of those juveniles have not been cooperating with police so police still have a lot of work to do to see if all these crimes are connected. i'm live in upper darby, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you chad. surveillance video captured a customer being beaten and robbed in front of a gas station in east oak lane. you see three people back there attacking a 19-year-old outside a sunoco on cheltenham avenue last friday. they punched and kicked him repeatedly and they also took his cell phone before he broke free and ran into the store. police are looking for those suspects. philadelphia police searching for suspects hoop robbed wt oak lane drugstore today in broad day.ven stormed the rite-aid here in the 8200 block of stentonavenue. they flashed a gun demanded money and got away with $300.
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fortunately no one was hurt. a south philadelphia business owner rest today, one day after police captured her killer. family and friends gsaint mary n south philadelo say fi goo 81-year-oldarie b killed in her groce storechrist. oday to pay theirst respects for this beloved shop keeper. >>he was wonderful. i miss you marie. >> she just loved everybody. >> it makes you feel a little bit better if justice is serv served. but that doesn't bring her back. >> 31-year-old maurice g buck's. police say he went to the store to confront her grandson about some stolen jewelry but the grandson was. time is running out on your chance to do some good d your the same time. from online to in person, it is crunch time to get your donations in before the end of the year.
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"action news" reporter bob l locati manayunk. bob, today and tomorrow are the busiest days of the year for that organization, aren't they. >> reporter: monica good evening. yes, they are. you only have about an hour or two left today and then the end of the day tomorrow to make a donation in order to write it off on your taxes for next season. you can tell by the looks behind me here just how many people have used this as an opportunity make donations and they're going to take anything . the springs correctly, youe toyd never know you might spark a music careerthere we have the ws sorting through all day. you can see they found jim beam barbecue sets. not the alcohol, the barset. they're taking anything. if you donate at goodwill or the salvation army by the end of the day tomorrow, you win two ways. one you'll feel good.
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>> i know there's times when i needed it so it's nice to give back when you have it. >> reporter: and two, you can write your donation off next taxis son and save some e aregetting in on the last mine donations. just take a look inside the goodwill donation center. same goes for the trucks at salvation army. they were packed. and they love it. >> we need it all but mainly we need clothes. clothing is one of the things that we go through so fast and that most people need. >> if you have old cleaning that you know that you have not worn in six months, donate it. and it's all for a good cause. >> reporter: for some, it's hard to say goodbye to some of your sentimental belongings. >> it's a little sad. it's a little sad. >> reporter: just remember someone in need is getting a huge help from your good deed. >> it's for a good cause so. >> reporter: and another live look out here. they have been working so hard today. they say on average they're going to do about two to three
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more times more donations and process them today than they would on a regular day. now, the salvation army it is opened until 9 o'clock tonight and then 4 o'clock tomorrow. the goodwill here 7 o'clock tonight and 7 o'clock tomorrow. for now reporting live in manayunk, bob brooks channel6 "action news." monica. >> thanks, bob. coming up on "action news" tonight midnight's a bit too late for the younger set of course so a celebration in cherry hill today moved up the clock to let the little ones also ring in the new year. and as the eagles get set to take on the cowboys the team hopes to score a win and build on that in 2017. adam. >> monica, the skiers and snow borders enjoying the winter chilton night live on sky6 at spring mountain. temperatures will be moving up and unfortunately some rain pushing in. details on the timing in that accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> crews in wilmington busy today getting ready for tomorrow night's new year's celebration there. the action cam at the riverfront this morning as they set up parking signs and checked the lights at the ice skating rink. along with the skating, there's live entertainment a beer garden even a fireworks show tomorrow night at 9:00. of coursnight is too late for little children to ring in the new year so teachers and students in cherry hill, new jersey, moved the clock up six hours and partied today. as "action news" new jersey correspondent nora muchanic tells us the little tots are excited for 2017, too. >> three, twoe. >> reporter: the hallway at the katz jewish community center in cherry hill erupted as about a hundred students and teachers celebrated the new year a little early.
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early. >> the little ones are asleep. they love celebrating. we decided why not have it noon years eve when it's their lunchtime middle of the day they're up, they're excited. >> reporter: there were noise makers and the children were sporting fancy 2017 hats they made themselves. >> glitter. >> reporter: it's glitter i see. that what else do you have on there? >> jewels. >> reporter: are you proud that of hat. >> yes. >> reporter: how come. >> 'cause it's pretty. >> reporter: and to make the celebration complete, bottoms up. the new year. >> we used little apple jce for their toasting. they make their hats and they do their own hands made confetti. >> ♪ >> i like it. >> reporter: what did you like about it? >> i liked when we throw stuff in the air. >> they love throwing the confetti. they can get this out and turn it up and the balloons. so, they enjoy it.orter: we adue
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new year's resolutions. like we want to lose weight or be a new person. were do they think about. >> i was looking forward to going to bobby's house. >> going to the zoo. >> reporter: like any party it got a little loud and while it's not quite times square when you see the aftermath, you have to pity the person who does the cleanup. in cherry hill, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> cute. well be sure to ring in the new year with us right here on channel6. ryan seacrest along with others will be hosting the biggest new year's eve party rk's new year'sain. rocking eve starts tomorrow night at 8:00 here on 6abc. >> ♪
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>> jeff is here for ducis. it's carsowentz's birthday. especially againstshing for. the cowboys who have the eagles number near philelthe eagles lost six of thr last seven home games to the cowboys. yeah, dallas has dominated here at the linc lately. eagles looking for their first
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win since has been a toh for the eagles in more ways than one. doug pederson is learning on the fly after that three and oh start they have crumbled losing nine of 12 through the good bad and ugly pederson is taking a positive message into 2017. >> there's no quit. the fight is there. the effort has been there. you know, and that's something that these guys have really bought into these last few weeks and so for me that's been kind of the defining moment, you know, for me this first year of these guys really buying into what i've been saying. >> the eagles may not see many of the cowboys starters for long sunday. dallas will likely rest guys considering they've locked up the top seed in the playoffs. tony romo could even be running the offense for the first time in more than a year but their star rookies they want to play against the eagles. >> no game is meaningless. it's quality reps in this game against a quality team against a quality opponent that's in
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our division that we'll play for years to come that i'll play tough against. any reps i can get against a good team to make myself better get some more minutes going into the playoffs i'll take it. >> you want to continue this momentum we have. you don't want to really take two weeks off and try to come back and play at the highest level of football that you've played your whole career so i mean definitely want to play keep my rhythm going. >> penn state wants to keep their rhythm going in the rose bowl despite a long layoff. the hottest teams in college football go head to head monday. penn state and usc have combined to win 17 straight. winners of nine a row over this span they're averaging more than 40 points per game but coach james franklin well he's on pinses ready for this rose bowl. >> i know a lot of people probably are nervous. i'm a nervous wreck all week long from a preparation standpoint but we do everything we possiblely can too go so the night before the game all
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of our coaches, all of our players should sleep very well because they know we've done everything we possibly could to get prepared and ready for the game. >> the sixers and flyers they are hoping to ring in the new year with wins tonight on the road both playing their final games of 2016. flyers are in san jose sixers in denver both are trying to rebound from ugly finishes last time out. college hoops penn at the palestra looking for their third straight w afairfield. first half max rothschild how about the steal he goes coast to coast for the finish. penn 74-68 freshman a number one ranked villanova take on tenthth ranked both are undefeated. can't wait for that one. >> thank you jeff. african lion at the philadelphia zoo has been euthanized because of recent rapid decline in health. zenda washe oldest african lion in the u.s. lions in zoos typically live about 17 years. she was 25.
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zoo officials say she experienced a severe decline in mobility and behavior. the philadelphia zoo has six other african lions. >> ♪
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>> a snow squall moved over chester county this morning. the action cam along route 841 in west grove as pedestrians and drivers navigated through some light but pretty snow and i saw a little bit of that. >> yeah and i think most kids were like pieing out the whoa. >> fingers crossed. >> finally but didn't really do anything around here. we'll switch those winds to the south and it warms up over the week. as we look right now at storm tracker6 live double scan any of those snow showers or
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flurries they have shut off at the present time and not going to see any snow in the forecast for maybe a week or more. as we take a look at the highlights as we go into the upcoming holiday weekend that fireworks forecast no matter where you are philadelphia penn's landing couple rounds one at 6:00 one at midnight and really temperatures not bad for new year's eve. 44 degrees at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. 41, six to eight clock and still holding near 40 degrees at midnight. there will be a lot of clouds and that will prevent those temperatures from crashing once that sun sets but there will be a breeze tomorrow. despite it's in the 40's it could still only feel like the 30's here on saturday and then the winds are very light on sunday for the mummers parade with a very bright sky wall to wall sunshine, 43 degrees at 9 o'clock in the morning and approaching that 50-degree mark during the afternoon. so, a very mild and above normal start to 2017. right now temperatures are in the lower to mid and a few upper 30's like philadelphia,
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dover and cape may, but again, one of those days you don't pay attention to this number. you factor in the wind and this is how it feels when you step out a good almost 10 degrees cooler than the air temperatures. 29 philadelphia. 24 allentown. 28 in millville. 27 degrees in millville and 17 up in the poconos so poconos did not get out of the teens for wind chills today. as we look at satellite and radar we had sunshine early isorning. then the clouds pushed in with that unstable cold air with the reaction to the sunshineandt once the -- off the great lakes but once the sunset you don't have some combo going on so you don't havinstability so w winds do n to 14 miles an hour, air temperatures between 24 degrees in the suburbs to 28 for center city. new year's eve the setup high pressure to our south returning those winds from the south but again still breezy at times.
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10 to 20 miles per hour. milky white appearance with high clouds 45. front comes through midnight thereafter dry and sets up for high pressure coming in on new year's day so a lot of sun and again milrt for january with a high temperature of 50 degrees which is a good almost 9 degrees or so above normal. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's a quiet weekend which is a good thing for the holiday. that milky sky tomorrow, bright blue sky on sunday and then it's raw damp and drizzly here on monday, 48 degrees. and then a big jump in temperature on tuesday. periods of rain still of 60 degrees. we'll get rid of the rain. we'll grab a littl meore sun coming back onne still well above norm at 55 and then temperatures drop at the end of next week and as that colder air comes in, models trying to indicate some storm developing near the coast so we'll have to see if the two can collide to bringe st of snow around here at the end of next week but that's a long way away.
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enjoy the upcoming weekend. be safe and have fun with the dry weather. >> thank you. former mummers dusted off their old costumes to spread cheer. >> ♪ the retired string band members stopped by the cancer treatment centers of america in juniata park. patients nurses and doctors took time out of their day to enjoy some festive music. how about that? doing a little dancing. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams ducis rodgers and adam joseph. for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night. hope to see you right here tonight at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, president-elect trpraising vladimir putin.uote, smart." this, just one day after president obama sanctioned russia over those election hacks. diplomats expelled. two russian compounds being closed. putin refusing to retaliate. >> missing plane. the private jet vanishing without a trace over lake erie. two families onboard. the frantic search tonight. winter blast. up to two feet of snow. 100,000 customers without power. temperatures dropping. your new year's eve forecast on the way. abc news exclusive. todd fisher speaking out for the
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first time about the private, final moments with sister carr


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