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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 6, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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state of emergency, a look at preparations that are underway. now the details, there is another chance of snowfall for parts of our area this weekend. after much of the delaware valley got at least a coating overnight and the flurries stuck to the ground and trees but did not cause a lot of problems on the roadways. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge where there was speed reductions this morning because of the snowy conditions but things are back to normal at this hour. melissa magee is keeping an eye on another chance of snow this weekend. >> reporter: rick, we have changes on the way into the weekend, we had snow early this morning, it has since moved out and temperatures are certainly cold in the wake of that activity. 32 in the city and 29 in allentown and 19 in the poconos and 32 at the coast of cape may. and we picked up an ink to 3 inches of snow across the region and 6 in the poconos and feeling
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like 23 in philadelphia and current windchill in atlantic city 24. the winter storm watch from lakehurst to atlantic city and millville and dover for saturday. and winter storm warning in cape may county and rehoboth beach we are expecting snowfall in higher amounts to the south of philadelphia and the i-95 corridor. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, showing you an area of low pressure out across the northern gulf and see the rain and mixed precip and the snow is starting to gather and works its way up the eastern seaboard but mainly stays offshore. future tracker 6 showing you tomorrow morning, 9:00 in south jersey and delaware we have the snow that is already starting to form and gather. so what we can expect tomorrow is the start time between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. ends quickly by. and 3:00 as well ending at 3:00 and the heaviest snow is at the coast less inland.
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we'll check the totals if the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. there was only a light accumulation of snow in south jersey, however it did create slick spots on the roadways there. annie mccormick talked to drivers in pennsauken this morning. >> here in south jersey people woke up to the first snow of 2017, it was a nuisance meaning you had to leave a couple extra minutes to wipe off your car or shovel the driveway. >> the glen family needs extra time and extra layers. >> my husband had to clear off the walkway and warm the cars up for a few minutes. >> it dashed hopes for little noah, i was hoping it would snow. it left enough to settle on bushes and trees and fire hydrants and enough to clear and plow and salt on major roadways
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like 73 and route 38. causing a headache for commuters. >> a shuttle to the airport. >> you have a lot of driving to do? >> i do. >> what have you seen on the roads? >> not bad. more so in pennsylvania zpli don't like driving in it, i like it in the house, it's pretty when it first comes down. >> hot cocoa. >> and watching tv or sleeping. >> there were cars with snow on top. but it was pretty good. >> besides the inventions of the winter weather there was a snowy glow, this neighborhood at berwyn looked like a white christmas just a few days two late. >> most of the smaller roadways with were clear. reporting in pennsauken, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> we are expecting a minimal amount of snow this weekend but
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millions of other americans are bracing for extreme weather, a state of emergency is declared in alabama, georgia and north carolina. we are in new york with more. >> reporter: rick, good afternoon. where we are we are not talking about a lot of snow just a coating here but even with this, we are talking driving conditions treacherous and salt trucks are out working overnight and not just here but across most of the country. winter weather watches and warnings from new york to california. and in areas not used to snow. >> north carolina forces are being mobilized the state highway patrol has been mobilized. >> it's all hands on deck in north carolina. preparations also well underway in alabama and georgia. >> our goal including the goal of the state is to have everyone off the metropolitan atlanta roadways by 4:00 p.m.
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>> road crews out ahead of the the storm, their goal is to prevent a repeat of this nightmare from three years ago when an ice storm shut down metro atlanta. >> i remember cars being everywhere and my parents got stuck. >> one of the strangest things i have ever seen. >> and out west winter storms are wreaking havoc and workers de-icining planes in denver and two people rescued from an avalanche. in new york some residents are digging out from two feet of snow. some roads in west seneca impassable for school buses forcing children to spend the night in their classroom. >> it was scary but good to know they were in safe hans at school. rather than here than on the roads somewhere. >> and forecasters say this is just round one, there is another
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storm brewing that could dump up to a foot of snow in charlotte and atlanta. than could affect us here and all the way up in new england this weekend. reporting from new york, i'm elizabeth herer for channel 6 "action news." back here police are looking for a pair of man who tried to steal a 15-year-old girl's purse. the incident happened on walnut street monday night in center city. the victim was injured but managed to hold on to her purse. police in burging ton county, new jersey released this sketch of a man involved in a violent road rage incident. the man was injured when the man punched him in the face, the driver followed the teenager into a local neighborhood and a fight ensued and police were called after neighbors heard the noise. a truck ended up on its side following a crash in center
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city, it happened at 4:45 on the 1500 block of arch street. the driver lost control and became trapped in the vehicle, a pastor was also hurt in the crash. the body of a 17-year-old girl that went missing in levittown in october was found. her body was found at green lane wednesday afternoon at 3:30. a homeless man found her body and put her in a shopping cart and brought her to the location for help. >> no word on the cause of death. a toxicology test will be performed . montgomery county district attorney says that bill cosby's trial should remain in the county. however, is he not opposed to having an outside jury being brought in to hear the case. cosby's lawyers says that the
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news conference made juror bias inevitable. he is charged with sexual assaulting a former temple employee in 2004. well, you'll need extra money if you plan to use the pennsylvania turnpike this weekend. a new toll increase goes into effect on sunday. the 6% increase impacts drivers who use cash and the easy pass. the money will help fund projects to rebuild and widen the turnpike. all right and two weeks from now president-elect donald trump will become our country's next president and the inauguration is friday, january 20th, as we look at the downtown -- countdown. today the president-elect will receive a briefing on the hacking of the election and the
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intelligence agencies unanimously concluded that russia is responsible for the hack. >> he is getting the briefing today and we just were very concerned about all the leaks that happened and people running to the media rather than running to house intelligence meetings. >> and in addition to the hacking, officials say that russian state propaganda outlets were behind fake and misleading news reports during the presidential campaign. as hollywood says good-bye to debbie reynolds and carrie fisher fans get a look inside of their relationship. the preview of a new documentary. and how the queen of england was almost shot by her own security.
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there is sat news to report about one of the red panda triplets at the zoo in norristown, a second one has
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died. 12-year-old shredder died on wednesday and they found he had an enlarged heart and thickened heart walls a sign of heart disease. another sibling died of a parasite and a checkup of the third panda shows he is in good health. they came to the zoo in 2015. a rabieses alert is issued in southern florida after a bobcat attacked there. kevin morris says that the bobcat made its way inside of her north port home and scratched her 13-year-old grandson's leg before they could chase it out of the house. a wildlife officer was called to capture the animal. all six people inside of the home received rabies shots as a recaution. debbie reynolds and her daughter carrie fisher will be
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laid to rest today and a new documentary about their life will be aired this weekend. >> an exclusive excerpt from the forthcoming hbo documentary, carrie and debbie singing on the porch with debbie's dog dwight. >> i think i am my mom's best friend more than a daughter. my mother wants me to be an extension of her wishes and an extension of her and to a great degree far more than i ever would want to, i know what my mother feels and wants. and there is a lot of it. >> the hbo documentary bright lights starring debry reynolds and carrie fisher said to be an intimate chronicle of their mother daughter bond. the first airing moved up from march in the wake of their deaths on successive days last
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month. >> people want to see them now. to understand the relationship better. on a misty thursday in the hollywood hills, a private memorial. meg ryan, who acted with carrie in when harry met sally. someone is staring at you in personal growth. >> and ellen barkin and meryl streep. they sang when happy days are here again. the same song they sang in april. >> happy days are here again. stars above are clear again -- >> later today the lights on broadway will be dimmed at 7:45 p.m. in tribute as they are laid to rest at forest lawn, at a site picked out by debbie's son and todd fisher. >> as i'm standing there the humming birds come. to where we were standing and i knew that was the right spot for her and carrie and i called
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billy carrie's daughter and told her what i just observed and she said done. so they will be there together. >> their uncommon closeness formed through decaded of turbulence and tenderness. chris connelly, abc news los angeles. it was a close call for queen elizabeth, she nearly got herself killed going for an early morning walk and her majesty was walking around the buckingham palace and a guards man mistook her for an intruder and she will call down next time so she isn't shot and the guard was interviewed about the incident but did not say how long ago the incident had happened.
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still to come another check of the forecast as we look live from sky 6 hd showing you the shore in atlantic city. the shore could get 6 inches of snow this weekend and melissa magee has an update from accuweather. (sfx: rain and thunder) says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $439 per month, or purchase with 1.9% apr financing. we are a military family. they travel a lot. every four years when we got re-stationed you think it's going to be the biggest change in your life
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meteorologist, melissa magee is back now with a closer look at the weekend forecast of accuweather and a little more snow. >> we are tracking more snow into the weekend and more at the coast and brushed inland. and into tomorrow, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see it's dry and no issues with precipitation and we picked up some snow earlier this morning. picks up anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow and we'll check out the totals in a moment and the picture outside sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge on this friday afternoon. we have clouds and peeks of sun, that is the name of the game as we go through the rest of our afternoon and things will cloud up as we go through the rest of
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tonight. snow totals in wayne we picked up 3 inches of snow and ambler pennsylvania 3 inks and 2.3 in cherry hill, new jersey. and philadelphia international airport reporting 1.9 inches of snow and that is off the coast now. philadelphia 32 in the city and 29 in allentown and 19 in the poconos and 27 in lancaster and 32 in dover. windchills in the low 20s and also in the teens. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's dry and quiet across our region and the next storm we are tracking as early as overnight tonight into tomorrow is out across the northern gulf coast states, you see the rain and mixed precip and snow gathering across the southeast. there are winter storm warnings and watches stretched out from the southeast extending as far north as our region as well. clouds and sun and cold, maxing out close to 35 degrees in philadelphia. and then overnight tonight
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mostly cloudy and colder and down to 23 and there is an issue with refreezing on some of the untreat surfaces because of the snow we picked up today. in south jersey a winner storm warning for cape may and sussex and delaware. 5:00 in the morning we have the snow breaking out in wildwood and south of dover, delaware. 11:00 in the morning the snow is pressing inland across knowledge, from ocean county down to burlington and salem and kent down there in delaware. by 1:30 that snow brushing up along the i-95 corridor and a sharp cutoff to the north and west and the poconos and allentown and reading and missed out on the bulk of the precipitation, by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon the snow is exiting the coast from a west-east direction, expected snowfall totals, the heaviest looks to be to the south down along extreme
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south jersey, 1 to 3 inches of snow expected for immediate northwest suburbs in new jersey. from salem to gloucester and camden and even burlington and northern ocean county and coating to an inch for points north and west and if there a change we'll update it later this afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast clouds and sun and cold today and a high close to 34, and brisk and more snow to the east tomorrow on saturday a high of just 29. and on sunday brisk and temperatures feeling like the teens, a high of 28, very cold on monday and only in at 31, below freezing, 40 on tuesday. and 52 on wednesday with rain possible and partly sunny and nice rick. we'll check the track of the snow tomorrow. >> thank you. >> a new auto body shop is changing the way you think about repairs, the you shop is not
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only learning the know how, they are doing it with style. alicia vitarelli is here now with a preview. >> hey rick they are doing it in heels a full service shop maintain your car and yourself. run by women breaking stereotypes and making a little history. welcome to girls auto clinic, a full service garage. everything from oil changes to repairs -- >> yes and rear end overhauls, bring it to us for state inspections. >> and all the mechanics are women? >> yes, the she cannics maintain your vehicle and on the other side is the nail bar. >> i would rather get my nails done. at clutch beauty bar you can get your nails done with a vintage vibe. >> mechanic chic with the
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fenanyone touches. >> comfortable but girl power. >> yes girl power. as for the head girl, patrice banks, the combination garage-salon is a dream more than a decade in the making. >> you were an engineer? >> yes a great year with dupont i worked there for 12 years and she went back to school to become a mechanic. >> i was an auto air head, i was tired of being taken advantage of and now on a mission to share the knowledge with her fellow females. and you can learn about cars and we'll educate you, shecaters to the ladies, men are more than welcome. >> yes, come on guys we want to see you too. >> they can belly up to the bar for a manicure. while a she canic fixes their car. >> i consider myself making history here. >> so great we love it and you
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can catch fyi philly saturday night at 7:30 right here on 6 abc. got to go in rick. >> is there food there? >> i think maybe byo. >> thanks alicia. turning to our people scene this afternoon. four time olympic gold medalist simone biles is in philadelphia today promoting her new book at the free library of philadelphia. her new book encouraged to soar, she talked about the obstacles she had to overcome while living in foster care. she will also be on hand to sign copies of her book and take pictures with her fans. the event is free.
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we are getting one last check of the forecast with
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melissa magee. >> the snow has moved out and clouds and sun today and a high of 34 in the city and feeling much colder when you factor in the wind. 37 in cape may for a high today and 36 in toms river and the sun moves in overnight into saturday. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, a local nonprofit is in dire need of volunteers this winter find out how you can lend a helping hand. and the selfless act that has gone viral. the giving is spirit is alive and well even though the holidays are however. >> now for meteorologist, melissa magee, david murphy, sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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