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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. >> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., monday, january 9. we're following a breaking news story. a road in northeast philadelphia is shut down where a septa bus crashed this morning, we're live.
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we're getting you ready for another bitter blast of arctic air in the tri state region as we deal with ice and snow on the sidewalks and roads which can make it a hazardous start to the day. award winning actress meryl streep gives a golden globe speech that has everyone silent in the audience and her words were directed to the president-elect. >> let's go over to david murphy talking about this cold and karen rogers talking about the bit of an icy commute. good morning. >> reporter: it's definitely a cold start if you were out yesterday you noticed the cold and the wind not as windy this morning, as you take a look at cloud cover it's out to the west. we'll start out with early sunshine, i think the clouds streak in pretty quick, we wind up with a clouds and sun mix through the day. temperatures are on the cold side. 15 degrees in philadelphia. that's a three degree improvement over the last hour. 12 in wilmington, and allentown. 11 in trenton. 1 in millville. the windchills even though the winds are not that strong, are a
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factor in some neighborhoods. the winds are calm at times they pick up until 9 or 10 miles per hour currently it feels like five degrees in philadelphia. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high today of just 27 degrees we'll see that at 3:00 p.m., 12 degrees by 7. 27 by 3:00 p.m. we drop back to the low 20s by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, 38 with freezing rain possible in the northern suburbs, after that it gets milder. i'll have the seven day in a couple of minutes. karen rogers you see problems on the roads this morning maybe icy patches out there. >> reporter: you have to watch for that, big problems with the breaking news, overturned septa bus blocked woodhaven road. septa bus is flipped over in the median. they have dragged it and getting it upright. we have tow trucks on the scene. you can't get by at woodhaven
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road. they are directing all traffic off at knights road. you can take knights road to millbrook back to woodhaven. water main break kendall boulevard, washington avenue, chopper 6 hd is live on the scene, that's okalyn, new jersey, they are shutting down the school in okalyn. chopper went out, we'll bring that to you when we come. we have temperatures in the single digits near that area. obviously you're getting ice quickly. they have the salt trucks on the scene, meantime, stick to manner avenue instead of kendall boulevard. oakland school is shut down. sinkhole on boston and tulip that's out there. stick to york street instead. the platt bridge has been shut down for an hour with an accident westbound platt
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bridge is shut down. you have to watch for ice and snow on slick spot or two on residential streets. let's get back to our breaking story, a septa bus crashed and overturned on a busy northeast highway. annie mccormick is live at the scene woodhaven and knights road. we have an update about the situation the driver was in, originally we were told he was thrown from the bus, we have learned he crawled through the windshield which was knocked out. still he escaped with minor injuries. one minor detail we wanted to change. behind you i want to show you the progress that septa has made so far. two septa trucks right there. they are at the end rear of the bus, you can see that two tow chains -- tow hooks, rather have a chain around the bumper.
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you can seem the lights flashing on the back of the bus. they have pulled that up. the other septa vehicle is about to do the same thing to the front of the bus, because as you can see from where we're standing you're seeing the under carriage of the bus. the goal is to bring ity upright. we saw a -- the goal is to bring it upright. we saw a flat bed they will roll the bus down to that. this bus is not normally in service going from backup bus stop to bus stop. this is a shut bus that's used for corn well heights. it's a train station with a large parking lot. there's 1500 cars that can park in the parking lot. it's the shuttle bus that takes people to the train. however, this bus was under
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maintenance, the driver, 28-year-old driver is a mechanic he was testing out the vehicle. this is not too far from where the cornwall highlights station is. they believe it happened around 3:45 a.m. that's when the bus was traveling in the eastbound lanes and flipped over the guardrail into the median. we're told the front windshield did crack. the driver was able to get out and sitting out front of the bus waiting for police to arrive when this all happened. now, we want to tell i that the bus -- tell you that the mechanic was taken to hospital with minor injuries. at this time they are working on remove this. we're not sure how long it could take, it could take up to an hour, for now, you want to listen to karen. you're hearing traffic whiz by me that is on-ramp on woodhaven on to millbrook road. eastbound lanes are not moving until they get the bus out of
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here. reporting live in the northeast, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you annie. 6:07 a woman and her boyfriend are charged with the murder of her 14-year-old adopted daughter. sara packer said nothing after her arraignment in newtown, yesterday. they cooled -- accused of kidnapping and raping and strangling grace packer. her dismembered remains were found in october. the couple killed the girl as part of a rape murder fantasy. >> unspeakable, when i leave here today i'm going home and i am going to hug and kiss my two daughters and tell them how much i love them because i feel like that's one of the only ways i can redeem my belief in humanity. sullivan and packer confessed to the crime after attempting to commit suicide. president-elect trump has
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scalded an auto company going to mexico and not putting their money back home. maribel a about themmer has -- aber has more. >> reporter: fiat will in vest $1 billion in ohio. dow came within a point of 20,000 mark but fell short at the closing. i know because i was here. futures are pointing to a mixed open, reporting on credit and retails sales among the economic data due out this week. retailer cut 4,000 jobs, retailer feeling the impact of online shopping and fashion chains such as as h and m. limited will continue to sell
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online, but the company is likely heading tore liquidation. we had snow and ice and waking up in the deep freeze, the uncomfortable cold has several districts opening on a delay, one with a water main break and won't open at all. it's going to be an icy and slippery commute for many. katherine scott joins us with more on the commute at dobson elementary. >> reporter: philadelphia schools are opening on time, but schools in delaware or new jersey are delayed or canceled. you want to check on that before you head out the door. outside dobson they need salting and the sidewalks look good, the main streets look okay. but on the walk to school whether it's manayunk or
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elsewhere around the area you might run into slippery spots. these are the side streets off washington avenue. the action cam was in south alder street and clifton street there's snow on them, as well. the side streets and sidewalks you want to watch out for. the air is very cold, the action cam was out in center city you can see folks bundled up as they made their way around town, many are not letting the temperatures keep them in doors. >> it's not too bad, it's kind of beautiful and it is are not very crowded. >> i want to cry. we bundled up. >> yeah, everything looks beautiful. >> reporter: back here live outside dobson elementary where you can see, the sidewalks looks good. it's the untreated surfaces around the area you do want to look out for. live in manayunk, channel 6 "action news." >> david it's not going to get
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much better today. >> reporter: not today, soon, though, a lot of better soon. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry, it is bone-chillingly cold always katherine scott was telling us. there's penns landing, winds not as strong as yesterday, that's good. temperatures are down there, we do have a bit of a wind giving us a windchill. 15 degrees in philadelphia. we're up to 15 we were at 12 a half-hour or so ago. 12 in allentown. 9 in reading. 12 in wilmington. and 11 in trenton. 1 degree in millville. up to 19 in cape may. the windchills when the winds picks up, 8, 9 miles per hour have been dropping to 3 to 6 degrees in philadelphia. the bottom line you definitely want to bundle up, not only with the heavy coats and hat gloves and scarves all that stuff a good idea. you can see the clouds streaking in from the west i was hoping for sunshine, but in general clouds will be moving in and
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we'll wind up with a clouds and sun mix. in the lehigh valley, 26 degrees, clouds and sun, very cold, not as wind as yesterday. -- windy as yesterday. at the shore, cold and breeze kicking up. in philadelphia, 27 is the high, that's three degrees better than yesterday. with less winds it will feel comfortable, but still uncomfortable with the 27-degree reading and windchills around 20 even at the best of times. speaking of 20 that's the overnight low. it will not be as cold as tomorrow, but raw. winds dieing down. the components of the wind turning out of the south. that's why it won't be as cold it is also a good deal of the reason we get milder. tomorrow we get up to 38 for the high. there's a warm front coming through that will raise temperatures later in the day and at night it could trigger precipitation in the northern and western suburbs. unfortunately in these areas it will be cold enough at the outset to give us frozen
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precipitation. what kind? let's take a look. between 4 and 6:00 p.m. you'll see blue on the radar. we'll see freezing precipitation that's the worst for drivers. looks like rain on the windshield and falling on the sidewalk and it freezes up and becomes ice. it's worse than snow. 8:00 p.m., spreading across allentown, northern bucks and montco, what's the other one, chester county may be seeing that way up in the northern tier. notice how the warm front gets past us later tomorrow night it changes over to rain. we'll see improvement later tomorrow night and it will be rain into wednesday morning. recap today, cold and dry, 27 degrees is the high. tomorrow, cloudy, 38 degrees, dry most of the way. late in the day and evening you have freezing rain changing to rain in the northern suburbs. after that, nice stuff, 50 degrees, cloudy on wednesday, maybe morning rain.
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60 is the high on thursday, i'm surprised there is as much snow left after that. 60 degrees maybe a shower, showers and 57 on friday. for the weekend, 40s. not too bad. >> when we come back, conflict confrontation, there's new information about the suspect gunman who injured an american diplomat in mexico. french police make an arrest in connection with the multimillion dollar robbery of kim kardashian in paris. >> reporter: traffic is moving fine on the blue route approaching the schuylkill expressway. we'll check the problem on woodhaven road and the accident shutting down the platt bridge, when we come right back. by peggy lee playing ]
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live over our breaking story for us this morning. you're taking a look at a septa bus on its side here on woodhaven road, eastbound. it's been a mess since 3:45 a.m. there has been a driver on the bus, the good news he's got minor injuries. it could have been worse, there could have been passengers on the bus, there were, just minor injuries. look at that scene, and it is causing traffic troubles. >> karen, any idea how long it will take to clean this up. >> reporter: the roadway itself,
6:18 am
doesn't look like any debris or fuel spill. i think the trouble is uprighting this large septa bus, as annie mccormick has been telling us, they have special tow trucks to with that. it's unclear how long it will take to answer your question. there's the septa bus, they need need -- they have been dragging it trying to upright it. they are diverting traffic off at knights road, once you get on to knights road fake it to fairdale road to millbrook instead of woodhaven road eastbound. it's shut down with the overturned septa bus. here's another problem, a water main break, we've been talking about the freezing temperatures. overhead, chopper 6 hd was on the scene kendall boulevard near washington lane you can see the ice all over the roadway shutting it down, stick to
6:19 am
manner avenue it's closing the okalyn public school they had to shut down the school while they have the salt trucks out there and dealing with the water main break on kendall boulevard. overhead lots of problems, this one just cleared, platt bridge westbound was shut down for an hour and a half because of an accident. it just cleared and traffic is moving again on the platt bridge. how about the majors not in bad shape. i-95 a 19 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. no major delays on the schuylkill expressway or 42. you want to watch for slick spots, the highways are looking good. look at the temperatures, in the sickle digits in the northwest -- single digits in the northwest suburbs, 70 in quaker. 15 in center city. in new jersey, one degree in vineland, and two in glassboro. it's cold out there. >> police in france have arrested 16 people in connection with the robbery of of it reality star kim kardashian in
6:20 am
paris last october. police say several masked men forced their way into her luxury hotel room tieing her up and locking her in a bathroom. the made off with $10 million in jewelry. "good morning america" will have more coming up in 45 minutes. mexican authorities say the man accused of shooting a american diplomat is from the united states. he goes from the parking garage and fires into the wind healed as he leaves the garage. they called a shooting a direct attack, but stressed they do not know the motive.
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>> reporter: we have blocked traffic in spots, let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like on woodhaven road, eastbound past knights
6:23 am
road, you see the overturned septa bus trying to upright it and get it out of here, in the meantime, stick to nielts road and millbrook road instead. mass transit, norristown, 16 minute delay, it's cold to be waiting for a train. market frankford line, 15 minute. patco high speed line on a snow schedule. >> reporter: we're bundlerring bundlerring -- bundling the kids up in the extra gear. we have temperatures in the 20s. we're at 12 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 23. we'll had it a high of 27 around 3:00 p.m. 23 by 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., all the way back to 21 degrees, at the airport this morning hoping for all green aircraft with so few flights in the air that's what we have. there's no sign of precipitation in any of our travel cities. the winner at the golden
6:24 am
globes was the dance and musical extravaganza at la la land. meryl streep took on president-elect donald trump who has responded. the room was still as she accepted her award. she took several shots at trump even though she did not mention him by name. >> so hollywood is crawling with our siders and foreigners if you kick them out you will have nothing to watch by football and mix martial arts. they are not the arts. streep blasted president-elect for mocking a disabled reporter in 2015. a new york times reporter got trump on the phone he dismissed her marks and called her a hillary lover. he said he is not surprised that he came under attack from quote liberal movie people.
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>> new from the overnight israeli police made nine arrests in connection with a truck attack on israeli soldiers. a palestinian rammed a truck into a israeli soldiers, 4 people were killed, and 17 others injured. the attacker was a supporter of isis. three of the four soldiers killed were women. it is 6:27 it is frigidly cold morning with slick spots
6:28 am
from the weekend snow. karen and david are here to help you get through it. >> new video of the airport shooting in florida showing the frantic moments during the a a a -- attack. my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly-made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham, and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'. news," chopper 6 hd is live over the scene in northeast philadelphia where little overturned septa bus leaves traffic headaches on a popular road in the northeast. >> a kensington street opens up with a sinkhole swallowing two vehicles, many on the block don't have water service and some don't have heat. >> the bitter blast continues you can't hide from the cold, the weekend is over, time to bundle up and hit the car and go to school, time to face the frozen tundra. >> that's the bottom line. good morning, everyone, 6:30,
6:31 am
january 9, here's david and karen. >> reporter: it's a cold start, not as windy as yesterday, but uncomfortable. satellite showing you how clouds are filtering in from the west. we might get early sunshine and transition to clouds and sun. temperatures are the story, though, 15 in philadelphia. 12 in allentown and wilmington. 11 in trenton. 9 in reading. 1 in millville. even though there's not a lot of wind every now and then it kicks up, it's enough to get the windchills in the single digits. 5 windchill in philadelphia. the numbers have not changed between temperature and windchill is where we have calm winds. 12 degrees at 7:00 a.m. with sun clouds scooting in from the west. the high today 27 degrees by 3:00 p.m. back in the low 20s by 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. it gets better tomorrow
6:32 am
afternoon, although late in the day there could be a period of freezing rain in the northern suburbs. i'll have the details on that and big time warmup in the workweek. karen you have issues on the roads? >> reporter: woodhaven road eastbound has been shut down for three hours, here's why, the septa bus has flipped on its side in the median. they are working to get it out of here are they have a heavy-duty tow truck on the scene. all lanes blocked woodhaven eastbound heading toward i-95. you have to get off at knights road. everybody is on millbrook trying to take millbrook to get on woodhaven road. a traffic mess on woodhaven road. we're live on the scene. kendall boulevard we have a water main break in camden county closing down the okalyn public school. you see the crews on the scene, anytime you have water and
6:33 am
single degree temperatures you know you'll have ice quickly. instead of kendall stick to manner instead. they say closing the okalyn school that's a problem there, as well. looking at the big picture, a lot of people are worried about ice. the main highways are in good shape. blue route, no problems, schuylkill expressway normal slowing starting there, westbound near the boulevard. i-95 also a trouble spot 18 miles per hour southbound near girard, starting to slow down there. the platt bridge that was shut down because of an accident, that's cleared in kensington we have that giant sinkhole on boston street. i want to take you to the atlantic city expressway, though, this doesn't involving a dump truck is still out there eastbound approaching route 54. traffic on 42 looking okay. be careful on the ramps and overpasses, tam. >> will do. let's go to woodhaven road where a septa driver lost control and
6:34 am
overturned on the busy road in the middle of the night. he had to crawl out of a smashed out window. that wreck is creating problems in a popular area of the northeast. annie mccormick is live on the scene at woodhaven road and she brings us the latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, he is a lucky guy first responders saying they are surprised he escaped with minor injuries. i want to give you a look behind me, look at the significant amount of progress they have made considering what they are dealing with. they have used this septa vehicle to pull out the bus from the median which dips down, it's pretty deep, actually. now they have another truck they have brought on the scene. they are putting trains underneath the undercarriage of the septa bus, they will attach the chains to the septa vehicle that arrived on the scene they will pull are the bus out of the
6:35 am
median an take it on its way. that's the goal. we know that the 28-year-old driver was able to get himself out and crawled out through the windshield of the bus after it crashed when he was traveling on the eastbound lanes of woodhaven around 3:45 a.m. when police arrived he was sitting on the guardrail waiting next to the bus. it is a septa bus, but specifically it's a shuttle bus used to shuttle drivers from their vehicle to the train at the corn wells height train station. the driver is a mechanic, he was testing it. he went to the hospital with minor injuries. they don't know what caused the crash. there is ice and snow on the lane closer to the median, that could be a factor, but that's something too early in the investigation for them to know. again you can see there right there working with the second truck hopefully it's taken three hours they need out here, they
6:36 am
are optimistic, it could be out of here within an hour and all the traffic will go back to normal. stay with karen for the updates. annie mccormick in the northeast back to you. >> an apartment fire has forced residents out in the frigid cold. the fire broke out on the 5500 block of hill creek place in lawncrest section at 4:45 a.m. crews found thick smoke and flames pouring from the second floor. there are no reports of injuries. the combination of dangerous cold and cleanup from the snowstorm have led to several schools and closing at most of us them in delaware and south jersey, it could be icy anywhere. katherine scott is live outside dobson school in plane i couldn't -- in manayunk.
6:37 am
>> reporter: yeah, matt, outside dobson, sidewalks look good they were salting over the weekend and today making sure there were not any slick spots. your approach to the school you might find untreated areas, not just here in manayunk, but around the area. let's go to video in south philadelphia where you can see the side streets off washington avenue need work. the action cam is on south alder street and clifton street. they were not clear, you can see snow and ice. for kids walking to class expect to see untreated surfaces, but the main roads look okay. bundle up, it's a fridge one today. the action cam was out in center city a lot of people had on a lot of layers. temperatures are expected to remain below freezing, some say they are putting on the warm cloths and making the most of it. >> i'm embracing. it's nice to have snow, strap your boots on and gloves and
6:38 am
scarf and bandana sometimes, nice. >> reporter: back here live in manayunk outside dobson elementary where philadelphia school kids are expecting an on-time start. there are delays and cancellations in new jersey and delaware. check the website before you head out the door this morning. live in manayunk katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> you too. residents in kensington section do not have any heat with temperatures in the teens. a water main break along boston street and the street collapsed yesterday morning. the hole swallowed a car anne suv. multiple homes are without water and gas service right now. crews say repairs are likely to take a week. >> someone tweeted and said where are you doing wearing a sleeveless dress? i wore ski pants and turtle neck to the studio. >> reporter: i cannot get my
6:39 am
hands to warm up and i had gloves on. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have cold conditions out there, but at least dry conditions, take a look outside, sky6 live hd and there is sunshine coming up over the horizon, you can see the clouds beginning to streak in from behind the camera, though, we are going to end up with a mix of clouds and sun. hopefully all day, occasionally clouds might win out. you can tell from the picture, the clouds are of the high and thin variety. i think sunshine breaks through most of the day. here the numbers, 15 degrees currently in philadelphia. the winds out of the west/northwest at 7 miles per hour. when they kick up you wind up with windchills in the single digits. right now it feels like 6 degrees in the city. there come the clouds hopefully thin enough to allow sunshine through today. looks like we'll start out with lots of sun by the coast. 12 degrees by 8:00, still chilly despite the fact you may have a lot of sunshine.
6:40 am
it's the clouds and sun mix, 17 degrees by 10:00. 23 by noon, we'll be slightly milder today than yesterday, yesterday's high was 24. today we'll get 27 around 3:00 p.m. and less wind will make it feel comparatively more comfortable. that's still raw. light winds will make it feel like the low 20s at the best of times today. not much of a range in high temperatures, 26 in allentown, 28 in cape may. everybody else somewhere in between. tomorrow, we get a warm front that pushes past us, that gets our high temperature up to 38. late in the day and evening there could precipitation forced by the front in the northern suburbs. it looks like it could be icy precipitation. after 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. we see this pushing into the northern and western suburbs. after that 7:30 p.m. or 8:00 p.m. across the northern swath. notice how it's highlighted in
6:41 am
blue, we anticipate the precipitation is freezing rain. it looks like rain and it freezes up on the surfaces, you get the black ice where you can't stop or stay or your feet. be careful in the northern areas in the evening hours. by 11:00 p.m. we're changing this over to straight rain and melting the ice on the surface, because the warm air is surging in from the south. wednesday morning it could be wet as the rain tries to get out of town. today, dry, high of 27 bundle up with the extra gear. tomorrow, cloudy skies for the most part, reaching a better high of 38. late in the afternoon and evening we have the freezing rain for a while up north before a changeover to rain. wednesday, mostly cloudy, a spotty shower, but we finally do get milder with the continue southerly flow. high of 50 degrees on wednesday. 60 on thursday, clouds and sun, a spotty shower, close to 60 on
6:42 am
friday with more showers ahead of an approaching frontal boundary. that front comes through and it is cooler for the weekend. we're not talking 20s and 30s next weekend. 40 on saturday, 43 sunday. if we get rain and drizzle it will be rain and drizzle and not likely frozen precip. under fire, video shows the moment the fort lauderdale airport came under attack by an crazed gunman. an abc star takes her police in the golden globe history as she talks about diversity. >> reporter: look at the heavy traffic everyone is seeing diverted off on knights road because of an overturned septa bus, we'll have that accident and dump truck in new jersey when we come right back. >> 6:45 a.m., scene of the
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
septa bus crash in northeast philadelphia. the crews have managed to get it back on its wheels. it was on its side. the driver lost control and crashed. he had to break a window to get out. he is in stable condition. no passengers on the bus, but progress made at the scene on woodhaven road. >> let's see what it means for commuters and go over to karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: you can see the number of people they have on the scene including a couple of heavy-duty tow trucks they used. this happened three hours ago. wood haven eastbound shut down with traffic being diverted at knights road. now that they have the septa bus upright, they are getting ready to tow it out of here, maybe they can open woodhaven road. in the meantime you're getting
6:46 am
off at nights roads and taking it to fairdale and to millbrook. you can take that to woodhaven road and on to i-95. it's been a tough morning with that shut down. we have a water main break kendall boulevard washington avenue closing the okalyn public school in camden county. stick to manor road. i just got off the phone with state police, a dump truck accident on atlantic city eastbound approaching 54. boulevard extension heading toward the schuylkill expressway moving nicely. people are worried about ice on the roads, the highways are in good shape. we're nonetheless jammed on i-95 from woodhaven to the vine, 34 minute ride. schuylkill expressway eastbound is not bad, westbound a little
6:47 am
slow have the he vine to the blue route. we have an accident on 422, a member of our 6abc team telling us about this on the waze app eastbound in upper providence this blocks the left lane, watch for that. it's cold as you head out, watch for slick spots, but no major problems. the suspect in the fort lauderdale airport rampage is due in court. video obtained by tmz shows the gunman identified as esteban santiago pulling the weapon from his waistbands and firing several times. five people were killed on friday, including 62-year-old terry andres a native of millville new jersey, he and his wife were in in particular to leave for a crews to celebrate their birthday. tracy he will i -- he ellih
6:48 am
become the first black woman to win at the golden globes in 23 years. >> this this is for all the women of color and colorful people whose stories and ideas and thoughts are not considered worthy and valid and important, i want you to know i see you, we see you. >> our parent company disney took home a globe for best animated picture. an ardmore native won for the best song for the city of stars in the movie la la lands. we'll be right back.
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>> time for a preview of what's coming up on "good morning america." >> amy robach joins us live from the "g.m.a." studios on this chilly monday morning. >> reporter: it is cold, matt and tam, great to be with you on this monday. we're talking about the deadly weather out west powerful storm stranding residents and mudslides making roads i am -- impassable. we'll have the latest on where it heads next. chilling video obtained by tmz of the airport shooter opening fire. what his brother thinks the fbi should done. breaking this morning, 16 people arrested in paris connected to the kardashian robbery as kim breaks her
6:52 am
silence for the first time months after the incident. what a night in hollywood golden globes, laura is live in los angeles, i fell asleep at 9:30, i hope she can fill me in. >> i'm sure she'll have all the details and all the fashion. see you soon, amy. >> reporter: my friend was texting me about the dresses last night. i can't wait to see it all. >> reporter: and the tuxs. 38 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. no major problems, but a slow go as you head toward center city. doesn't look like we're seeing much ice or snow on the haste for the most part they are in the great shape. we have delays on mass transit norristown and market frankford line. >> reporter: numbers are raw, we're down to 15 degrees in
6:53 am
philadelphia. 12 in allentown. 19 in cape may. that's the milder spot. cold today, not as windy at yesterday, a high of 27. we'll be right back. >> top story 6:55, chopper 6 hd
6:54 am
6:55 am
live over woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia where they are making progress with
6:56 am
the septa bus crash. it's on its wheels. the driver is in stable condition. had to break a window to get out of the bus, karen. >> reporter: matt, it's been closed for more than 3 hours, they have it uprighted and hooked to the tow truck. woodhaven road shut down at knights road. get on knights road and take it to fairdale road to millbrook. it's been a mess this morning. we have a water main break as we move over here, kendall boulevard near washington avenue in okalyn camden county. that's shutting down the okalyn public school. of course, dave where you have water you have ice with temperatures like these. >> reporter: we have sunshine and clouds, hopefully the clouds are thin enough to allow for sunshine a good portion of the day. high of 27, a low tonight of 20 which is better than this morning, we're sitting on 15.
6:57 am
we could see a high of 60 before the end of the week. >> keeping that in mind. we'll be back every 0 minutes to help up get through this -- every 30 minutes to help you get through this icy morning commute. for matt, karen, david, i'm tam.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. winter storm emergency. at least eight people killed in dangerous conditions coast to coast. this freeway shut down by a mudslide. and evacuations in national parks as rivers rise in napa valley. rescuers saving this man sleeping in his car. icy conditions causing hundreds of accidents. now a new major storm set to hit california. chilling new surveillance video of that deadly rampage at a florida airport. the gunman walks calmly through baggage claim before killing five. now the fbi facing questions. could it have done more to prevent the massacre? breaking overnight a major arrest in the kim kardashian robbery case. 16 people taken into custody in paris as the reality star breaks her silence about the terrifying


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