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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he's in bad shape at the hospital nonword from the state police yet on what exactly happened. >> how does that happen. >> is this real life. >> how does that happen. >> reporter: as unbelievable as it is it's tragic. the confusion is how a 50 bound dumbbell used for weight training crashed through the windshield of this gmc suv. at 7:30, a 75-year-old man was heading southbound on the turnpike near mile marker six in old man's township. for a reason and known at this point the weight dropped through directly onto the driver. he ran off the right shoulder and suffered serious injuries. you can even see the shape of the hole in the windshield does resemble that of a dumbbell. >> say okay. >> reporter: the good news is police do say the driver who was traveling alone was conscious when he was airlifted to the hospital. but now detectives have to figure out how it what happened. we did see police on one of the nearby overpasses this afternoon investigators are looking into the possibility of someone launching the dumbbell from an overpass into
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the suv. >> if someone threw it off an overpass that's absolutely crazy. you can get somebody killed like that. >> reporter: again, that driver, the victim, 75 years old. he's now fighting for his life at the crozer-chester medical center. reporting live along the turnpike bob brooks channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> yeah, bizarre story. let's hope investigators get some answers. bob, thank you. well, the two main court facilities in trenton respect shut down because of a water main break. the rushing water froze on market street after the 16-inch main broke this morning area. around 2500 state workers were sent home because the hughes justice complex and the mercer county courthouse lost water service hadn't to close for the day. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic will have an update on the repairs tonight at 5:00. >> as that picture proves after a snowy weekend the work week got off to a very frigid start as we get a first check of the accuweather forecast.
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>> let's head outside. meteorologist adam joseph is there this afternoon with the bone chilling numbers. hi, adam. >> with the lack of sunshine today there was a little bit from time to time but it did nothing to warm us up this afternoon. in fact, this morning when we woke up, it was frigid. 12 degrees in philadelphia, wilmington 10, just six in allentown and areas that have the deeper snow pack and with lack of wind this morning, the atlantic city airport was zero for an air temperature, in millville four below zero and if you live in and around millville you'll be happy to note tonight's low will be 18 trees warmer than four below by tomorrow morning. the deep freeze is on. i mean, we dropped below freezing for a high on friday. we have yet to even get near there since saturday when highs dropped into the 20's, just 23 so far today. and we are tracking a warm front. that warm front as you could see on double scan live radar bringing some light snow chicago to cincinnati. this will be lifting in our direction for tuesday, so with that being said, during the day on tuesday, we have winter
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weather advisories that will go into that effect late tomorrow morning into early wednesday morning north of that pennsylvania turnpike especially lehigh valley, up into the poconos where we're looking at the possibility of some light freezing rain. we'll time that for you coming up in the future tracker and also, brian, we'll chat about temperatures hitting 60 before the end of the week. >> all right. sounds good to me and to a lot of people here in the studio. adam thank you. >> all right. >> drivers are banking on that sunshine and the warmer forecast adam just mentioned to melt some of the ice on the roads. >> i just go a little bit slower than usual. getting onto main street i am usually conscious of my space between cars. >> that's was get by living up in roxborough, manayunk they don't do hardly nothing up here on the streets and you have to be very careful. >> hilly side streets in manayunk and roxborough are still covered in packed snow and pretty icy patches. on pens dale street a sign even warns drivers of what's
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ahead. drivers are hoping the city can help them out but if not they're ready to rely on mother nature's changes. as we keep an eye on the frigid temperatures and the the warmer weather coming, rely on for the latest. you'll find constantly updated hourly forecasts and much more there. and stay in touch by connecting with each of our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. >> a sinkhole is continuing to cause big headaches for neighbors in the kensington section of the city. over the weekend the hole swallowed two cars but its impact goes beyond that. "action news"'s sarah bloomquist is live at the scene now where repairs are still under way. sarah. >> reporter: well, sharrie, they're just beginning those repairs at this point. we do have some new information. despite these cold temperatures, pgw does no does e this was weather related. this think was a sewer line causing damage to a gas line.
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12 homes have no water. six of those no heat and pgw telling us this afternoon it's fair to say it could be a week before service is restored. pgw crews were on the scene throughout the day beginning the massive repair job ahead of them. here in the 2300 block of east ballston. they're looking to repair a 6-inch water main break that triggered a sinkhole causing most of the block to collapse. >> it was a frustrating long day 'cause i didn't know what was going to happen next. >> reporter: alyssa banks' brand new car was one of the two vehicles assemblywoman load up by the large hole in the road. she spent last night without water and today trying to get things back in order. >> my insurance company probably won't be able to look at it until wednesday. i think because of -- seems to be a situation where the cure may have been worse than the ailment. like i think a fair amount of the damage came through, it being removed from the hole. >> reporter: pgw was called to boston street before 9:00 a.m. yesterday when one
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resident reported water in the basement. the team had just parked when the ground opened up right before their eyes. the city dropped off water to residents without heat. residents say kensington has seen this happen before that. >> in huntington the entire intersection collapsed last year. yeah association it's not surprising. i mean, the city is built on old canals so it's going to happen. >> reporter: late this afternoon, pgw said it could be quite some time before all service is restored. >> it could be a week but we'll certainly work as fast as we can. physical it can bcan. >> reporter: so, the sewer line gets repaired first, then the water, then the gas. that's going to take days and then a much longer after that it will take for the street to get repaired pgw telling us
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that kind of work typically doesn't even happen this time of year. live in kensington, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." >> a former ivy league professor convicted of killing his wife at their home was released from prison yesterday and today the victim's family is speaking out to advocate for all victims of domestic violence. former university of pennsylvania professor rafael rabb completed his 10 year sentence for voluntary manslaughter. the 66-year-old professor's wife ellen rabb was found beaten to death inside their wayne home back in 2006. a year later, rabb pleaded guilty admitting he killed her during an argument as she wrapped presents days before christmas. today her family spoke out in her memory saying while it's hard to think about what they call this unthinkable horror that occurred there at that house, they want to speak out for other victims who still have a chance to get out of an abusive relationship.
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>> ellen was in many respects the face of domestic violence. she was a loving mother who, , who stayed in a relationship, an abusive relationship because she thought it was best for her daughter and the face of domestic violence is like that everywhere. >> ellen robb's family has launched a foundation to fight against domestic violence in her honor. vernon odom will have more on this story coming up tonight on "action news" at 6:00. sharrie. >> all right alicia. a former chester county school superintendent is finally getting his day in court. jury selection for richard como's trial began this morning. he is facing theft charges from an incident in the coatesville school district that stretches back to september 2013. como allegedly stole school money and sent racist text messages about students and staff. the other official involved in the case former athletic director jim donato pleaded
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guilty to stealing $15,000 from the school district and was sentenced to two months in prison. >> some weekend vandals caused thousands of dollars in damage at a local church. the action cam was at bethesda presbyterian church in bustleton where it appears several cars drove all over the property. you can see the deep ruts they left behind. worshipers at that church discovered the mess when they came to services yesterday morning. >> total disgust that somebody would do this at a church no less to vandalize a property like this is just incredible to me that people do such kind of stuff. >> well, police are investigating and church officials say they do have insurance but aren't yet sure if it would cover the cost to repair damage like this. ly. >> time now for the "action news" traffic report to start the week. >> let's do it. matt pelman standing by on a monday afternoon with the first check. hey, matt. >> have to be a hardy soul to be out and about on a afternoon like this.
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it is chilly out there brian and sharrie. volume maybe not quite as bad as normal but still heavy volume on 95 coming out of the city northbound side starting to stack from this point at the vine up to the work zone at girard avenue. of course we no longer have to worry about the work zone at cottman but the one at girard still gives us delays each morning and afternoon rush hour. on the vine street expressway heading toward 95 it's a slow go across town on the eastbound side off the schuylkill out to 95. westbound there was a crash here a.m. approaching 76 on the shoulder. luckily that is cleared out of the way. on the big picture on the schuylkill itself slow speeds, 13 miles per hour as you head eastbound towards south street. watching a crash in springfield township delco. it's along route one, state road at rolling road there by prince's pet goodies. and we have a crash in skippack township along plank road at 73 skippack pike in caln township yesterday county. one along barley sheaff road along geo carlson boulevard.
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let's do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. hope you enjoyed your weekend. elsewhere in delco coming off 95 on the northbound side of the blue route, just 12 miles per hour. reports of a minor crash not too far away from macdade boulevard. that's a spot in which we normally would be busy in the afternoon. little bit extra busy with that minor accident on the side. we'll check it again brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right matt. still ahead brand new developments about a manhunt under way in florida. the latest on the search for a wanted murderer now accused of killing a police officer. >> plus, a busy day for the president-elect. hear what he has to say ahead of his cabinet's highly anticipated confirmation hearings. >> ♪ sometimes when brushing my gums bleed. no big deal. but my hygienist said, it is a big deal. go pro with crest pro health gum protection.
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shooting and killing a police officer and just this afternoon an orlando law enforcement now upping the reward for $60,000 for his capture. this is the man they're looking for 41-year-old markeith lloyd. he's accused of gunning down master sergeant debra clayton. she's a 17 year veteran and mother of two. it all happened outside a wal-mart store there in orlando. during the search for him another officer assisting in the chase on motorcycle was killed in a traffic accident. during this manhunt at least 14 schools in the area were also on lockdown. the chief of police says they are heartbroken and they are angry at the loss of these officers and describes the good work of master sergeant late on. >> debra clayton is a hero and she gave her life protecting the community that she loves. she will be deeply missed. >> as you can see here a very somber emotional moment. they saluted her casket draped
4:16 pm
in the american flag. now, the deputy who was killed during the chase has not yet been identified. they are trying to get in touch with his family this afternoon. meanwhile, markeith lloyd is no stranger to law enforcement. he was a suspect in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last december. and as the manhunt continues this afternoon officials say that he should be considered armed and dangerous and this afternoon they just said about a half hour ago if we do not have this individual by nightfall we are not going anywhere. sharsharrie. >> thank you. the man charged in the fort lauderdale airport rampage faced a judge today. esteban santiago was shackled as he was taken to a heavily guarded federal courtroom. the 26-year-old told the judge he understands the charges against him which could carry the death penalty. disturbing airport surveillance video obtained by tmz shows santiago firing shots in the baggage came
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area. south jersey native terry andres was among the five people killed. six others were wounded. dill ran roof continue with his plans today in court by offering no reason for the jury to spare his life. he represented himself during his death penalty trial and rested his case without calling any witnesses. prosecutors also wrapped up this morning. the jury is that expected to start deliberating tomorrow. they'll decide if he is sentenced to death or life in prison for killing nine parishioners during the june 2015 charleston church massacre. >> ♪ly. >> president-elect donald trump is getting ready for what will be a very busy week and one that will shape his administration. many of mr. trump's cabinet nominees are said to have confirmation hearings which are expected to be thorough and at times tense. first up tomorrow attorney general nominee jeff sessions and general john kelly for secretary of homeland security. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell visited trump tower to talk to the president-elect about those
4:18 pm
hearings and the agenda for the first 100 days. in brief comments reporters today mr. trump says his nominees are ready. >> they're doing great. confirmation is going great. >> [inaudible] >> i think that was all pass. i think every nomination will be -- they're all at the highest levelly. >> mr. trump also met with the founder of al bee baba about bringing jobs to the u.s. by boosting small businesses. we learned this afternoon that trump's son-in-law jared kushner will be one of his senior advisers and that raises questions about that whether such an appointment runs afoul of antinepotism rules. >> a new law in new jersey that supports adopted children was celebrated today at the statehouse. adoptees in new jersey now have the right to obtain their original birth records and medical history. the law took effect january 1st and will allow adoptees to know more about who they are and who their family is. leaders from the new jersey senate who supported the law were on hand as there were tears and hugs today.
4:19 pm
adoptees say many people take for granted knowing where they come from. many today described this moment as life changing. >> a lot of emotion on display there today. >> yeah, there was. >> let's talk about the accuweather forecast. going from very, very cold to really pretty warm actually. >> let's see. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with a beautiful picture behind you. >> yeah, it is. sunshine breaking out and the temperatures by the end of the week could climb from the low 20's where we were today to near 60 degrees so there could be a 35-degree difference in temperature in a few days for highs but again, that sun trying to breakthroughs some of that thick cloud cover today and we didn't warm all that much. in fact, we only hit 23 for a high so far in philadelphia today. that's where we're sitting right now, the same for wilmington. 22 in millville. low 20's at the shore after about a half a foot of snow fell there on saturday, 24 allentown and low 20's pretty much the same for lancaster as well as berks county. a lot of clouds littered the sky and unfortunately we kind
4:20 pm
of have to get used to the clouds because they're really going to dominate the next week with our forecast and little systems will be passing through. right now a warm front approaching chicago way little bit of snow. that warm front starts to arrive here late during the day tomorrow. for tonight though we're going to go back into the teens so we're not going to see the zeros or below zero lows we saw earlier this morning in southern new jersey. in fact, 21 cape may, 14 millville, 13 in reading but still bitterly cold and thankfully not much in the way of a wind overnight tonight. then as we track the temperatures on tuesday, we're going to go back into the upper 30's. that is still below average but where from where we've been with three days with highs in the 20's this is going to feel pretty good but a lot of clouds come with it as the southerly winds arrival, maybe a few breaks of 71 in spots during the afternoon. winter weather advisories will go into that effect for far northern areas close to the lehigh valley and the poconos. during the day tomorrow but it's fairly dry up through the
4:21 pm
early evening hours. 37 philadelphia 5:00 p.m. and there you can see some of that light either freezing rain or sleet. i mean, even though these temperatures at 9 o'clock tomorrow night say 35 allentown and reading where we have a little bit that of rain and freezing rain the ground surfaces are so cold after the last three days that it's going take time for those pavement surfaces to warm, but they will. by one on wednesday we see rain passing through the delaware valley, lehigh valley with temperatures warming into the 40's and by wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m., temperatures will be above our normal high for this time of year already at 6:00 a.m. with a couple of late scattered showers still lingering. that four day at 4:00 forecast, again kind of a dreary one around here. cloudy, not too cold tomorrow at 38 degrees. watch for some of that freezing rain closer to the lehigh valley late tomorrow, tomorrow night. the rest of us it's just rain passing through tuesday night early wednesday. wednesday morning fog. milder, 50. a january thaw with a scattered shower thursday, a
4:22 pm
lot of clouds, 60. and then temperatures slowly falling but still 50's here on friday, again clouds winning out maybe a shower or so. kind of a dreary stretch ahead. >> yeah, but warm. >> despite that it is going to be warm. >> you got it. >> okay, adam. >> thanks. >> okay. next on "action news" a family who lost their daughter in a hit-and-run crash took a moment to thank the officers who worked around the clock to help find a suspect. >> plus, shattered glass broken windows, vandals target a local synagogue for the second time in just a month. we are live with the details coming up. >> and coming up in what's the deal, we are helping you declutter and maximize the money in your closet. today we're talking furs. that's coming up. >> ♪ by peggy lee playing ]
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[ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it. >> ♪ >> a grieving family is partnering with investigators to bring about justice in man's murder. they're offering a $30,000 reward for information about the death of 28-year-old brandon baylor. he was killed in the middle of the afternoon november 14th in north philadelphia.
4:26 pm
baylor was shot multiple times on north 25th near west berks street. the money will be awarded once a suspect is arrested and convicted. >> a man browsing merchandise at a store on jeweler's row ended up pocketing a diamond ring. this is surveillance video of the person police want to talk to. they say he asked to see a 24 karat white gold diamond ring at max weiner jewelers december 30th. after talking to the work he put his ring in the pock rainy faced to give it back. during a confrontation as he tried to leave he reached inside his coat and threatened to kill that worker. he was able to leave the store and head toward a patco station. >> a philadelphia mother who lost a child a hit-and-run is showing her gratitude to police for catching suspected driver. eight-year-old jayanna powell died when she was hit by a car in november in overbrook. 24-year-old paul woodland was arrested december 1st. well, today jayanna's family
4:27 pm
brought gifts and lugs to the 19th police district. they say the officer and captain worked the cost have opened up their hearts and gone above and beyond the call of duty. >> they been me and my children's side since day one. it was just to show them that we appreciate them and we love them. >> a personal touch here. the officers each received a gift bag with an engraved necklace and a certificate of appreciation. >> and still ahead in our next half hour today, sandals, makes that vandals break windows at a local temple noun the members of the community are pitching in to make the repairs. we are live with the story. >> and before you watch an all new bachelor tonight find out why nick said he decided to come back to find love for a third time. that and much more coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with one dad's unique and sweet idea to keep his young daughter from struggling with hearing loss. plus -- >> it's crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts. >> well, she didn't say his name but meryl streep took direct aim at donald trump at the golden globes last night and yes, the president-elect
4:30 pm
fired back. >> and a massive storm system out west floods roads and forces evacuations. but first at 4:30 a synagogue in the tacony section of philadelphia has been hit by vandals. leaders at the congregation say they had rocks thrown through their stained glass windows not once but twice in two months. >> while a search for the culprits continues but good news this afternoon. a local union is going to do the repairs for free. "action news" reporter john rawlins now live outside the synagogue on tyson avenue and john, you've got the full story here. >> reporter: hi, guys, yes, this house of worship has been a fixture in the 4300 block for 92 years. it's said to be the oldest synagogue in northeast philadelphia but as you said, twice now recently someone has targeted its second floor windows. >> i've been walking down the aisle here to come talk to the cantor and this is when i got
4:31 pm
a little bit where the cameraman is the rock came through the window the size of a baseball. >> reporter: malcolm adler, he's talking about a december 2nd incident of a rock thrown from outside breaking one of the large colorful panes that line the sanctuary. last friday more rocks, more windows broken. >> the light blue, we have one, two, three. >> reporter: a total of five windows the second time. the congregation started near 1925, the larger current building opened in 1951. both rock throwing incidents occurred as friday evening sabbath services were to begi begin. alder views the vandalism as crimes of hate. >> i noticed recently this antisemitism is happening with us. >> reporter: more than a decade ago someone paint add swastika on the building but recently there had been no other threats to go along with the rocks thrown. >> nothing that somebody can look up and say that maybe is related to this.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: in december it cost $350 to replace a single pane of the 16-inch by 4-foot glass. today mark allen dorf was measuring for five more replacement panes. allen dorf lives in the area. >> labor for free. we'll donate the glass. i'll come by with a group of guys and we'll fix it. >> reporter: why is that important. >> it's community based. we're just giving back to the community. >> reporter: the congregation is appreciative of the offer. the hope is to have the glass replaced this week at some point in time. in the meantime there's been social media fundraising for a security camera system. the hope is it will be a deterrent against any future incident here. live in tacony john rawlins channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, john, thank you. we've got some breaking news to get to here now at 4 o'clock and this is coming out of delaware county where police there are investigating a shooting this afternoon. this is actually along the
4:33 pm
1000 block of mcdowell avenue in chester. that's where a person was found with multiple gun shot wounds. as you can see here police are on the scene investigating this as they are looking into what exactly led up to this shooting. at this point no arrests have been made but the 911 calls began coming in around 4 o'clock this afternoon when they were, of course, the sounds of gun shots in the area but again, a person confirmed shot here, the 1000 block of mcdowell avenue in chester. police continue to investigate. we'll update you as we get more information. >> all right now to the forecast and the frigid conditions outside continue at the start of the work and school week. snow piles that were plowed or shoveled off the roads and sidewalks this weekend did not go anywhere today. as people made their way around center city philadelphia, they did so with a few extra layers, some hats, gloves and no doubt some long underwear. [laughter] >> not a lot of smiles, either in this video. >> the just get me where i'm going.
4:34 pm
>> the quick swift walk from point a to point b. thankfully there was less wind today so it didn't feel as harsh despite the temperatures. as we look currently right now at the center city skyline, little bit of break there. you can kind of see the edge of the clouds moving away. 23 the temperature, the dewpoint is super low. bone dry air seven right now is that dewpoint. winds ouster south-southwest at 10 miles per hour. wind chill in the low teens. easton also seeing a little bit of break in that cloud cover there. 24 degrees. dewpoint at five. wind chill right now at 15 degrees and we are tracking a warm front in the midwest right now on storm tracker6 live double scan. a little bit of precipitation in the form of snow near chicago. that front will be sweeping through here later on the day tomorrow, so winter weather advisories will go into that effect during the day tomorrow into early wednesday morning. north that of pennsylvania turnpike near pottstown, quakertown, especially lehigh valley, reading up into the poconos where there could be a brief period of some freezing
4:35 pm
rain but that probably won't occur untilly very late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening into tomorrow night. we'll time that on future tracker for you and talk about a major warmup along january thaw or at least several days of a january thaw coming in here with that seven-day forecast. >> adam thank you. as the frigid temperatures try to hang on for a little bit longer rely on the lates6abc.com6. >> always working. >> a man accused of trying to abduct a university of delaware student has agreed to plead guilty. police say joseph rudge grabbed the woman by her neck and put a chemical soaked rag over her mouth in july. she was moving items from her car to her apartment in the colonial gardens complex in newark at that time. rudge was scared away whe when e
4:36 pm
victim screamed and elbowed him. he'll face 15 years in prison when sentenced in march. >> he broke into a nome rittenhouse square stole several items and was caught on camera doing it. take a look. you can see the moment the suspect climbed through the window here. this was back on december 23rd into the next day on the 2400 block of manning street. now police say the thief took an apple watch, a mac pro tablet and jewelry as well. these um matches of the suspect pretty clear and police want to hear from you if you can help identify this guy. a chester county neighborhood is on edge after three homes were broken into. now police are trying to find those who did it. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the news room this monday afternoon with the details. hey, monica. >> hey, brian, that's right. these incidents happened in and around uwchlan township. one happened as early as last thursday on this cul-de-sac. walter perez spoke with police in the area and he'll have details on that investigation at 5:00 tonight. coming up in health check it's
4:37 pm
no secret a leg injury can be a big physical barrier to overcome but now experts say it could be mentally difficult as well. tonight ali gorman explains new research into the effects that of injury and the recovery on your brain. we'll have those stories and much more coming your way on "action news" tonight at 5:00. we'll see you guys at that time. >> monica see you in a bit. thanks. a group of philadelphia students was treated to a special performance filled with twists and twirls. >> ♪ right. amazing. talented acrobats took to the stage in south philadelphia for a preview from the musica musical. the sneak peek performance was held at the philadelphia high school for the creative and performing arts. this is so cool. it was a reward for students who helped donate the most canned goods to philadbundance. it runs january 13th and 14th at the kimmel center.
4:38 pm
>> that is one brave woman right there. she almost hits her face every time. they are good. all right, up next here at 4 o'clock today meryl streep uses the big stage to share her thoughts on our president-elect and donald trump shares his on her as well. >> plus, at just four years old this little girl needs hearing aids and her dad came up way pretty great idea to help make her comfortable wearing them. >> and meteorologist adam joseph will be back with that that accuweather forecast word on the warmup coming when "action news" at 4:00 comes right back.
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4:40 pm
>> four people were killed 15 others wounded in a truck attack in jerusalem yesterday. israeli police say the attacker targeted a group of soldiers as they got off a bus. now that attacker was shot dead. the incident marks the first israeli casualties in three months following a near three year wave of violence at the hands of palestinians. palestinians say the violence is a result of dwindling hopes
4:41 pm
for an independent state. >> well, hundreds of people are fleeing their homes to escape flooding and mudslides as a massive winter storm hits out west. in reno, nevada, the truckie river peaked more than 4 feet above flood stage. the national guard is deploying high water vehicles to help evacuate residents there. in sacramento california crews rescued a 12-year-old girl from a car that overturned in the storm runoff. her mom was able to get out on her own. and the rushing river in sonoma county is overflowing and schools are canceled because many roads are impassable. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and i'm sure you've been talking about it today, one of the biggest moments from one of hollywood's biggest awards events. meryl streep and president-elect donald trump now exchanging barbs, her moment came on stage. his response came on social media. now during her speech at the golden globes last night,
4:42 pm
streep took direct aim at trump. she never mentioned him by name but she criticized his policies on immigration and faulted him for a speech back in 2015 when he seemingly mocked a disabled reporter from there new york times. >> disrespect invites disrespect. violence increase violence. when the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose. this brings me to the press. >> streep also called for every one to support the press and journalists because she says that's how we safeguard the truth. now, donald trump responded in a series of early morning tweets today. he called her one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood and a hillary flunky who lost big. trump again denied ever mocking that reporter. there's a very passionate conversation going on on my facebook page about this right now. feel free to join in. now to texas where a dad really showed us how far parents will go to make their children feel special. when his four-year-old daughter found out she would have to wear hearing aids, this father got a pair for
4:43 pm
himself. four-year-old julie has hearing loss and while the hearing aids will help her she's still a little bummed to find out she would to wear them. so, dad got a matching pair. a purple pair. joe says he's wearing them to make sure his little girl hears loud and thirty four she's not facing her struggles in life alone. >> sometimes when she doesn't want to wear hers she'll say daddy wear yours and i'll wear mine and so it's been a very effective tool for us. >> love those smiles. what a dad, right. he says it's no different from parents who go to soccer because their kids play or sit along for piano lessons. he says he wants her to have self-esteem and to have as many opportunities as possible and if it all starts with that purple hearing aid that he's wearing right along with his little girl, he's doing it. isn't that a great story. >> that's great. good dads aren't afraid of purple or pink or anything else. alicia, thank you. let's get another check of the roads right now. >> matt pelman is from the "action news" traffic center
4:44 pm
with an update. hi, matt. >> hi, guys. we always want you to have an easy ride home. this evening it could be worse as you try and head home. just some backups. of course there's one on the schuylkill expressway. through piss points at girard, just normal afternoon volume. that 31 minute travel time ideally would be 14 with no delay but what afternoon does that happen on the schuylkill expressway? over on 95 just 16 miles per hour on the northbound side by the ben franklin bridge. earlier in the hour sarah told us about this sinkhole in kensington so boston street all blocked off. york street would be a possible alternate. we're watching a pair of accidents in haverford township. one along west chester pike by glen gary drive. the other where west chester pike and route one come together not too far away from the landmark diner. still have a crash in skippack township on plank road at skippack pike. a construction construction zones. a new one in abington township edge hill road now shut down
4:45 pm
through sometime this coming fall. might want to stick with susquehanna road to the south as a possible alternate or old welsh road would be another option for you and in bucks county each night this week starting at 9 o'clock, route one, the super highway is closing down for repairs at oxford valley road you have to exit and then reenter. i think each night at 9 o'clock i would just use 95 as a better bet. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> sounds. >> very good matt. thank you. adam has got the forecast. a little cold, a little warm, a little sunny, a little cloud deal. all of it. >> awful it. all of it.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
>> it's been awhile since i've been this excited to go on a first date. >> nick's search for love continues tonight on bachelor.
4:48 pm
he takes danielle a nurse to an awaiting yacht off newport beach. they share some time in a hot tub then on to a romantic dinner. nick says he's hoping the third time is a charm. he was twice rejected on the previous seasons much bachelorette. >> also difficult. difficult to want to be able to give as much of yourself to all of the women and get a chance to get to know them and be respectful at the same time kind of selfishly doing what you need to do to try to get to know these women. there's challenges on both sides. >> an all new episode of the bachelor starts at 8:00 right here on 6abc. >> from the helicopter to the yacht, that's everybody's friday night date. >> great first date. >> it is an adventure. speaking of adventures an adventurous forecast coming up here. up and down. >> ups and down but more ups than downs that's a good thing in the temperature department when you're talking about january if you're tired the of the cold. lie olive on sky6 the sun glowig
4:49 pm
along the horizon. a breathtaking view here right before that sun is about to set on sky6 atlantic city. and if you look at the sand you still see some white there, so this time of year our jersey shore you don't have to go to the caribbean you got white sand here so go check it out. just go to jersey this time of year. >> the temperatures. >> oh, the temperatures are a problem. bundle up, you'll be okay. not going freeze. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan -- i was trying to be optimistic here saying we got some pretty nice beaches here locally. as we look at storm tracker6 live, no precipitation a-few breaks in the clouds developing again very late in the day but at least you're getting a a glimmer or two of sun before it heads to bed. 23 right now philadelphia, 22 in trenton, 24 in the lehigh valley, so it is really bitter cold out there. but again, we're finally going to escape out of the 20's and even above freezing as we go
4:50 pm
into the next 24 hours. satellite and radar, the only bad thing about this forecast is we're going to see a lot of clouds through the rest of the week. there's a warm front coming in from chicago. that front doesn't arrive until very late tomorrow, so for tonight partly cloudy, again, pretty frigid, 12 in the suburbs, 18 degrees for center city with a light south-southwesterly wind. future tracker 6:11 o'clock tomorrow morning, the first band of thick clouds passes through with the initial shot of that warm front with temperatures going above freezing for the first time since last thursday. we'll be in the upper 30's, near 40's at the shore tomorrow afternoon. at the same time some light precipitation will arrive, parts of berks county as well as the lehigh valley up into the poconos very late tomorrow during that evening rush hour there could be a little freezing rain at the onset before those temperatures can warm enough to warm those very cold surfaces so at 9 o'clock tomorrow night dealing with icing north of the lehigh tunnel but for the rest of us we're looking at rain passing
4:51 pm
through overnight on tuesday, early wednesday. as you can see temperatures warming into the 40's and staying in the 40's as we get into wednesday morning, a few lingering showers and then we're in the 50's wednesday afternoon. there could be that possible light icing late tomorrow afternoon and evening. again quakertown, pottstown but especially lehigh valley to the north. it's not a lot but if you're traveling in this region tomorrow evening or tomorrow night, just watch for a few slick spots. but then there's a silver lining here. that six to 10 day outlook which basically goes right into the 20th or so of january, the greatest above normal temperatures will be the east coast here, so a long january thaw, normal 40 means it may only stay in the 40's near 50 but still something to look forward to if you don't like the temperatures winter. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 38 tomorrow cloudy not as cold morning fog. milder wednesday 50. thaw continues thursday into friday, 50's to near 60 degrees. a lot of clouds. there could be a shower. only thing we'll have to watch
4:52 pm
on saturday is there could be some wintry mix late in the day as some cold air tries to drain in for a day but then it's raw and damp sunday, 40 still little bit wet here on monday of 46 degrees. so, not the best seven-day forecast to see any sort of sunshine despite ups and downs in those temperatures. >> all right. thank you adam. >> yeah. >> what's the deal is coming up next. >> ♪
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> ♪ >> we've got some breaking news right now out of camden and chopper6 over the scene of an emergency situation here a rescue operation under way just by the delaware river. the person you see being loaded onto that ambulance was just rescued from a barge on the river. apparently this person suffered some kind of medical condition on board the barge. coast guard crews went out and rescued the person. he was then -- he or she was
4:55 pm
then taken onto ground here and will be taken to cooper hospital. no word on what precipitated all of this or the condition of that person but a rescue situation is under way on the delaware river in camden this afternoon. the very latest of course as we get this this afternoon and evening. alicia. >> ♪ >> all right. now to what's the deal this afternoon and this year what's sold new again. we're helping you find new ways to give life to things that are taking up space nurse. today we're talking furs whether you're hanging i don't ton a heirloom piece you have outdated styles or you want to part with your fur because you no longer have plans of wearing it. expert tips to maximize your closet's potential. >> if you have it people want to use it. it's not -- it's not a good investment if you're in the enjoying it. >> jessie says most old furs just need a little reworking to get a lot of wear out of them. >> a lot of coats walk in and they were purchased for a special occasion and they are my age. and they're out of style and
4:56 pm
the good thing with fur is we can change it up. >> they took this 35-year-old coat and gave it a whole new look. >> just not hairing it. >> wearing it. >> they made it reversible. >> people go from wearing things once a year when they go to longwood gardens for christmas to really wearing something constantly. and actually using it. >> with the left overbits and pieces you can make smaller items like pillows, ear muffs or hats. >> everything is getting used. >> everything stretches. >> you can also create a handbag with your extra fur. this one doubles as a muff. >> then you have this very design are looking item that's usable. i mean it's an evening batt bag it's a little hand warmer. >> if you have no plans to ever wear the fur, she can create a blanket. >> you get to use it every day. >> one family was sen was sent t tally attached.
4:57 pm
>> we made 10 teddy bears. >> one for each of her grand kids. >> it's a way to preserve that emotion that we attach to things. >> if you really have no plans of wearing it and really just want to declutter. >> we do buy things a lot and we do trade things in a lot. it's a good way to also move things out of the closet. >> and with the trade in and consignment option there at jacque fd f tempt. >> for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> see you at 10 o'clock. "action news" at 5:00 is next.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> that was the sound heard around the delaware valley this morning as folks cleared off their cars from a wintry weekend and looking live right now we see we still have
5:00 pm
bitter cold hanging on throughout the area live on sky6 for you but get ready to thaw out because a warmup is on the way for center city philadelphia. monday night and the big story on "action news" is another freezing night. >> we have team coverage. nora muchanic is in trenton where a complicated cleanup is under way following a water main break there. but first, meteorologist cecily tynan has more on the cold and when a change is heading our way. cecily. >> hi, rick and monica. and a change will be heading our way tomorrow. temperatures will be increasing but look at the morning lows today. philadelphia down to 12 degrees, wilmington 10, allentown six and notice areas with the higher amounts of snow on saturday with a deeper snow pack, temperatures a lot colder. atlantic city airport zero, millville the air temperature dropping all the way to 4 degrees below zero. and this is the time of the year that we typically get the coldest temperatures. average high for this time of year is 40. we've been well below that since last week.


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