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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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call today. comcast business. built for business. 67:00 a.m., monday, january 16 i'm tamala edwards, with nydia han, matt o'donnell is off this morning. >> thousands of people in philadelphia will spend this martin luther king serving others. we're live with the details. >> war of words with just days left before his inauguration, president-elect donald trump kicked off mlk weekend feuding with a civil rights legend. a dangerous sheet of ice is coating the heartland and leaving deadly results, but
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relief and a warmup are on the way. >> let's talk the relief and warmup, karen rogers is in for david murphy, and matt pellman has the commute. let's take a listen. >> reporter: good morning, we'll start with very cold conditions, we're talking temperatures above average later on. doesn't happen until late this afternoon. let's look at the numbers, 12 degrees in martins creek, 16 in quakertown and pottstown, 19 in coatsville, 22 in saint david. 28 in center city. it feels like the low 20s when you factor in the light wind. 21 in browns mills. bundle up in glassboro, new jersey, barely out of the teens, 20 degrees, 27 in dover, delaware. 21 in hockessin. satellite and radar showing a lot of moisture to the south. that's where we have the clouds and the rain suppressed with a nearly stationary front there. we can see the clouds coming in towards pittsburgh.
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we'll see the clouds increase through the day today. on this martin luther king day of service, you'll expect the sunshine early clouds later on this evening. 9:00 a.m., 32 in philadelphia. below freezing in the lehigh valley. at 1:00 p.m., 42 degrees, feeling better this afternoon with sunshine mixing with clouds. at 5:00 p.m., 41 coming down from a high of 45, so the afternoon will feel better, the morning not so much, don't forget to bundle up as you head out the door, i forgot my gloves matt pellman. >> reporter: are they in here or at home? >> reporter: i don't think so. >> reporter: we'll see rooting through the drawer. we'll start with mlk drive, west river drive in fairmont park. it's light on the drive and the schuylkill expressway, as well. girard avenue, a few headlights coming web toward the boulevard. we're not seeing any delays on
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the air highways be i expect volume to be lighter than normal on this holiday morning. things are good on i-95 and the vine. we have construction in center city blocking a block of chestnut street between 16th and 15th by delfrisco's. we're watching a crash in burlington new jersey, northbound 130 is blocked at high street by the walgreens. sounds like a serious accident. day on broad locally at anyway to 130. njt buses on a saturday schedule. septa buses on a modified weekday schedule on this mlk holiday. >> thank you matt, dr. martin luther king said everyone can be great because anybody can serve. today thousands in the area will show just how great they are as they volunteer. and is live at girard college
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where we'll see the largest king day event in the country. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, philadelphia really represents when it comes to the day of service. in fact this is the largest event in the county. 145 people are expected to volunteer in the philadelphia area. here at girard college they are expecting five thousand volunteers. behind me i want to move out of the way, to show you the book nooks you see over there. that is part of the theme, educational justice, volunteers will be constructing book nook and shelves to create many libraries for local businesses. the tools are set up so people can put them together. 18,000 books will be sorted and packed throughout the city. i will sports the free library and new pre-k program. todd bernstein is the director of the greater philadelphia event and spoke about how the event grows every year. >> we've had over 1.5 million volunteers in the 22 years and
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it has grown into a movement across the nation, but in philadelphia we do have the largest king event. >> reporter: and it doesn't end with making book shelves. this is a huge event at girard college not including the one around the area. 25 employers will be here for a job fair, and kids carnival and expo with many community organizations on hand. counties across new jersey and delaware e pennsylvania and delaware are holding events all day long. i want to give you a look he murals that surround this room at girard college. i'm told by todd bernstein he keeps these in his archives and brings them out every year as we pan down, these murals were created for this event from five area schools they created them keeping the focus on education. it's not too late if you want to
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volunteer, there's a link on the website. hit the major events around the area, maybe not here at girard college, but at the college it begins at 8:00 a.m. it ends at 1:30 p.m. at the chapel with a concert by the philadelphia orchestra. back to you. >> thank you. on this martin luther king holiday, president-elect trump was schedule to do visit the museum african american history of culture in washington. that trip has been called off. civil rights activist and john lewis didn't mince words when questioning the legitimacy of donald trump. trump called him all talk no action. lewis was severely beaten by police while marching for voting rights in 1965. he criticized lewis district as falling a part and crime in fested. >> what donald trump was talking about there was
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literally generations of failed policy coming out of washington, d.c. i was deeply disappointed to see someone of his stature question the legitimacy of donald trump's election as president and saying he is not teangtd -- attending the inauguration. >> lewis is one of two dozen lawmakers who will not attend. trump's people said the cancellation is due to a scheduling conflict. it is now 6:07. new on "action news," gunfire erupted in burlington county late last night leaving one man fighting for his life. the shooting happened after 11:00 on the unit block of pass acid lake in willing -- placid lake in willingboro. investigators say one person was rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds in critical condition. police are still out there working to piece together a motive and a suspect. police are looking for the gunman who shot a cabby in west
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philadelphia. the 56-year-old victim shot 13 times is clinging to life in the hospital. he was found outside his taxi on the 800 block of brooklyn street yesterday morning. the gunfire and his crying stirred neighbors from their sleep. >> holderring and screaming -- holderring and screaming. he feels screaming that he had gotten shot. it was heart wrenching. >> reporter: police say the cabby was involved in an altercation with the person minutes before the shooting. he refused to giving the person a ride. business are closed for martin luther king holiday. state liquor stores will be open on several holidays including today. the state law allows the liquor control board to operate on mlk day, president's day, memorial day and the fourth of july. ice warnings have expired
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in kansas and missouri, but in effect for nebraska ascertain iowa. -- and iowa. the amount of ice people are dealing with fell short of original predictions, but it was to cause hundreds ever accidents with nine people killed. the icy storms left thousands without power. >> it's strange to see a video like that because the story here this week is so different. we're on the mild sector of that storm, as the storm comes across the country, the warm front is let through, that means mild for us. let's get you outside and show you what it looks like. it's not going to stay dry, the next few days anticipating light rain. sky6 live hd looking at the ben franklin bridge of we have clear skies and we'll start you off with lots of sunshine this early
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morning. clouds increase late today and tonight. 28 degrees the current temperature in philadelphia. in the lehigh valley, just in the teens. the dewpoint 19 degrees very dry atmosphere. the pressure is holding stealed. the winds are currently northerly, they will switch to the southwest today. the ocean temperature 40. satellite and radar showing we have clear skies, you can see the clouds and the rain suppressed to the south, that's where a nearly stationary front lies. we can see the clouds filling in towards pittsburgh. let's take a wider look we talked about the ice storm. you can see the ice in omaha and chicago. the area of low pressure right here near little rock, the precipitation spreading ahead of that. this tracks across the country, the area of low pressure will be to the north we'll get a milder trend. today we're dry, that system out to the west, by 9 a.m., 32 degrees on thp day of service -- on this day of
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service. you'll see sunshine and increasing clouds, but it's a cold start to the day. we track an area of low pressure. tomorrow we have a warm front lift through the area. spotty showers temperatures hit 48 degrees with on and off rain. one area of concern we have for tomorrow is the lehigh valley. i want you to look at this with future tracker 6. this model showing 7:30 a.m. this area of blue near allentown and mount pocono. the chance of light freezing rain early in the morning. we watch during the day, it's mild we get on and off rain, in some spots it could be heavier. beyond that on wednesday, the jet stream retreats to the north, we get a milder flow and temperatures into the 50s, you see that right here in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast forecast. starting with sunshine, and then increasing clouds on this martin luther king junior day of service. 45 for your high. temperatures this afternoon are not bad. light rain tomorrow, the chance
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for freezing rain in the far northwest suburbs early on. 48 degrees for your high. wednesday, morning rain, again. mild side, 56. the afternoon looks dry. we start with mild air. thursday, partly sunny, 52. thursday, mostly cloudy, 51. saturday clouds and sun, chance for a shower at night, 50 degrees, even on sunday, looking at the low 50s, partly sunny skies and 52 degrees for the high staying mild, although the one area of concern in the lehigh valley tomorrow morning. >> 6:12 a.m., samsung gets to the source of all the smart phone fires. the company said it knows what to blame for one of the biggest failures in tech industries. millions make their voices heard in response to the repeal of the affordable care act. >> reporter: if you're exiting on to 541 and heading into
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burlington city we have problems to tell you about. we'll do that when "action news" continues on this monday morning.
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>> welcome back on this monday, mlk day, 6:15 right now.
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that says zero degree, i don't think that's right. it's cold out there, it's going into the 50s this week. let's go over to well well, a day like today you would think the roads are easier to navigate. >> reporter: so far they have been easy. we hope that remains true throughout the morning commute. there's a one imlairg -- glare problem so far, the -- glaring problem, 130, a serious accident. stick to broad street and expect congestion as you approach the blockage point. in woodbury, gloucester county they say a construction closure that's starting in 45 minutes,ing today and tomorrow tomorrow -- starting today and
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tomorrow, 7 to 2:00 p.m. camera time east of the oaks interchange we're seeing a few cars coming toward king of prussia. i would expect westbound delays possibly this morning and each morning this week starting at 7:00 a.m., just in about 45 minutes because of construction in the pottstown area. they are blocking one of the two lanes each day this week westbound between sanatoga and 724, again, that starts in under 45 minutes. work scheduled each day in west goshen, chester county along 100, they are installing the new water main. the flaggers out directing traffic. avoid pottstown pike stay on phoenixville pike 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day this week. an investigation is underway after a 20-year-old was stabbed at a party at the home of the chancellor at the university of massachusetts
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boston. police have not said if they have any suspects in connection with the stabbing. the victim was taken to boston medical center with serious injuries, but expected to survive. motley has been a chancellor at u-mass boston since 2007. rallies in support of the aca were held in philadelphia and coast to toast this weekend. respects -- republicans say they have the support to abolish the act, how to pay for the replacement is the issue. democratic leaders and organized labor joined a rally outside of the temple university hospital. >> what have they need doing for search years to find a replacement, the answer is nothing. they don't have a he replacement bill. >> republican house speakerrer paul ryan -- speaker paul ryan said they will see many replacement plans.
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outpouring of support, the father reacts to the heart wrenching revelation that the little girl he raised is not his own. new details in one of the biggest failures in tech history. samsung blames faulty batteries for fires in the galaxy note 7 phones. the called call cost them $19 billion. gamcy s8 launches -- galaxy s8 launches this year. >> reporter: cows cells on wheel will boost the data capacity in washington this weekend. kids network, pbs has old favorites like sesame street in addition to new shows dedicated to the children. lots of curious george for the kids. >> that's a tv show right?
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4:30 a.m., when i said it was an easy ride that's the kiss of death. we have problems now, not right here in bucks county, route 1 the super highway the pennsylvania turnpike, just out of view on the turnpike by bensalem by route 1 we're getting word of a crash and fuel spill. more details coming up. in pottsgrove montgomery county sunny brook road by east high street a crash in burlington. septa buses and trolleys in the city are running on a modified weekday schedule because of the holiday. that's how it was during the christmas and new year holiday. >> reporter: cold out there, if you're waiting tore a bus or train, bundle up. the windchill is 5 in the poconos. allentown, 15. reading, 19. in philadelphia, the windchill
6:23 am
is 22. the temperature is 28. feels like the low 20s in millville, and atlantic city. you need the heavy coat this morning, you'll see beautiful sunshine to start us off. by 7:00 a.m. 27 in the city. it will be colder in the suburbs. by noon, 40 degrees with bright sunshine and by 3:00 p.m. we'll see an increase in cloud cover moving through the area. 45 degrees that's the high. we'll hit it briefly, but much of the day we'll be in the low 40s in the afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., 41. 7:00 p.m., 40 degrees with mostly cloudy skies on this day of service at least we're dry, tam. >> thank you karen. in health check we know spending too much of your day sitting down can make a number of health issues worse. according to a new study, sedentary adults may be as likely to develop dementia as those predisposed to brain disease. the best way to counter this, get up and get moving at least
6:24 am
150 minutes of moderately intense activity each week. >> the improve sixers kick off in milwaukee in an mlk matinee. fires got crush in washington, 5-0. they lost 11 of the last 14 games. the flyers next game is saturday against the be devils.
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we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. backlash for not referring to today as martin luther king junior day. the city of biloxi posted that
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city offices would be closed for great american's day. the city council passed an ordinance back in 1985 for the day to honor others like robert e. lee. the a social media firestorm led council members to schedule a vote for early this morning for changing the name back to martin luther king junior day. an 18-year-old girl who was abducted at big board -- at birth is getting to know her biological family. there's heartache for the man who thought he was her real father. his then girlfriend gloria williams gave birth while he was away. they shared custody. >> i named her, alexis kelly, the love of my life. >> he said he will cherish her,
6:28 am
and he speaks we are as she begins a new life and new name and new identity. >> i'm fascinated by this story, this woman's actions hurt so many people and wishing them the best. if you plan to be outdoors be we have the call from accuweather that's up next. >> a cargo plane crashes and leads to dozens of lives loss -- lost on the ground him dramatic new images coming in from overseas. looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice.
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legacy of dr. martin luther king lives on, we'll show you how philadelphia is giving back on this day of service. a brother's heartbreak, a family speaks out about a 16-year-old gunned down inside his father's store. war of words president-elect donald trump
6:31 am
fires back after criticism from the outgoing director of the cia. good morning, 6:30, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han joins us, let's go over for karen rogers in for david murphy and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we have temperatures on the rise, but it's a cold start in the day. 12 degrees in martins creek, 16 in fleetwood, quakertown pottstown, 19 in coatsville. it's colder when you factor in a light wind. 28 degrees in center city. 22 in chester. 21 in browns mills, 22 in hammonton, new jersey. 28 on the boardwalk in ac. it's 19 degrees that's the number at 630 in glassboro, 27 in dover, delaware, 21 in hockessin. satellite and radar shows we'll start our day with beautiful sunshine. you can see the clouds and showers suppressed to the south. we can start to see the clouds
6:32 am
building in from the west. we'll see increasing clouds later this afternoon and tonight. 7:00 a.m., bright sunshine and 27 degrees. it will be cold. noon, 40 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 45. we'll see the clouds start to mix with the sunshine and increase through the evening. by 5:00 p.m., 41. 7:00 p.m., 40 degrees, a cold start, but a nice finish on this martin luther king day of service. we'll talk about the warmup on the way in the seven day, coming up in just a few minutes. >> so many people off work and school, credit -- yet we're having complications including a pennsylvania crash in bucks county, past the bensalem interchange at route 1. 11 miles per hour. multiple lanes blocked, a fuel spill, as well with the westbound accident on the the turnpike past bensalem. we're starting to stack as the emergency crews respond to the scene. chopper 6 hd responding to the scene, we'll have pictures of the crash before too long.
6:33 am
coming in from bucks county, i-95 southbound it hadn't been too bad so far. sluggish on the southbound side from allegheny to girard. definitely not as heavy as a normal morning with speeds in the 40s, normally they would be in the 20s at that spot at this hour. no delays on the schuylkill expressway. lower pottstown grove we're getting word of a crash sunny brook road and high street. in burlington new jersey, there was a crash along 130 northbound, the northbound lanes are blocked at high street by the walgreens stay on broad to get around that instead of 130. on the mass transit front because of the holiday, abnormalities today, septa city buses and trolleys are running on a modified weekday schedule on this monday. >> thank you, matt. m lmplet -- mlk junior said life is persistent saying what
6:34 am
are you doing for others? today we have a beautiful answering to that question. annie mccormick is live at girard college with more about what's going on. >> reporter: it's starting to get crowded which is a good thing because volunteers are heading to girard college. 145,000 people are expected to take part in the day of service in the greater philadelphia area. at girard college, five thousand volunteers will be here. the theme for this event this year is educational justice. behind me you can see there's a number of tools that are set up to be built for book shearves that's one of the -- shelves, that's one of the major things they will be doing, creating libraries that will be distributed in local businesses, 18,000 books will be sorted and packed throughout the city. this supports the free library and pre-k program. todd bernstein is the founder andy and director of the event.
6:35 am
he spoke to us about how the event is growing and the theme this year. >> the overall theme is educational justice we'll be creating 250 mini libraries for unconventional polices in the city like barber shops, nail salons and laundromats with kids go with their parents. >> reporter: and this is video from past years, 25 employers will be here for a job fair, there's a kids carnival and expo with dozens of community observations on hand. counties across the area in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are holding events you can volunteer at all day long. you can see the beautiful artwork that lines the wall. this is artwork from the past 22 years they have been doing this event, and down there you can see that there's five specific paintings murals that have been created by five area schools all of them with the theme educational justice that they are supporting this year.
6:36 am
it's not too late even if you're not scheduled to come out to girard college. like we said there are so many different events throughout the area. we have a link on the website that you can sign up at if you want to take part in the martin luther king day of service. reporting live from girard college, and channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> a woman in her 60s suffered a minor burn in an apartment fire. the blaze broke out on lindbergh boulevard in southwest philadelphia. the victim is in stable condition. happening today, the public can pay respects to 14-year-old grace packer in montgomery county. she is the girl who was found raped and dismembered. according to charges filed in bucks county. packer's adopted mother sara watched her boyfriend rape the teenager. the couple is accused of sedating her and putting her in the attic when she didn't die, sullivan strangled her.
6:37 am
her life will be handles in a memorial at new life churn in glenside at 1:30 a.m. 15-year-old sean d. jones was shot to death at his father's store on north 52nd street yesterday afternoon. zany and his brother came to america from jamaica in august to join their father. >> i'm asking them to find the killer. to find who did it. >> reporter: the killer and the gun has not been found and the motive is not yet known, either. breaking this morning, gunfire rang out at a nightclub in mexico in an area reportedly packed with american tourists. this is video from early this morning. the club was hosting an electronic dance music or edm festival. local media is saying four people are dead and many injured. officials have confirmed the shooting, but not said how many people were shot.
6:38 am
>> for the first time, donald trump is calling ut-oh a specific member of the intelligence community over an unflattering and unverified report. cia director john brennen said trump's desire to repair relations to russia said he does not understand the threat they pose to the u.s. trump took to twitter asking if the intel chief was the editor of fake news referring to an intel document. >> it's not about him, it's about the united states and national security. he has to make sure now he has the opportunity to do something with national security as opposed to talking and tweeting. >> the trump transition team did not comment on the remark, cia director reaches the end of his term on friday. a lot of democrats are
6:39 am
boycotting donald trump's inauguration. among them, new jersey bonnie watson fullman, be sure to stay with "action news" for live coverage of the inauguration. live coverage begins on wednesday, brian taff and sharrie williams brings you all the happening in washington, d.c. including the big events. >> you ever to head -- you have to bundle up as you head out this morning. >> reporter: yes i can't find my gloves. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry right now. you have to bundle up. it's cold out there under clear skies. it's cold out there, i've been witnessing beautiful shots as i was stepping outside, i'm seeing the skies brighten a little bit. what a beautiful shot that is. crystal clear above the commodore barry bridge. let's check the numbers right now. it's cold in the lehigh valley we're in the teens in
6:40 am
philadelphia, 28. the dewpoint is way down, dry atmosphere, 19 degrees. the pressure is steady. the winds are out of the north for now, they will swipt to the southwest later this afternoon. it will feel better. the ocean temperature, 40 degrees. satellite and radar showing yes we have clouds and rain suppressed down to the south. that's down in maryland and west virginia. for now, right now, in philadelphia we have clear skies. you can start to see the clouds that are filtering in from the west, that will continue to happen later on this afternoon. that's ahead of this big system. we've been talking about ice storm crippling the plains. now the leading edge in chicago and omaha. this system will track through the region and give us the chance for showers, our end of the story will be warmer conditions. today we're dry, it's a cold start, but a decent finish with a high of 45. on this day of service, 9:00 a.m., we'll be lucky to be
6:41 am
sitting at the freezing mark. it will be colder in the lehigh valley. it will take a little bit for the temperature to warm. by 1:00 we're in the low 40s, not bad at all. 5:00 p.m., 41 degrees coming down from a high of 45. we're dry today. it's tomorrow that we're tracking the warm front that's going to spread showers through the region. i specifically want to show you what happens in the lehigh valley with this future tracker 6. early in the morning, about 6:30 a.m., 7:00 a.m., we could see a little bit of icing in the lehigh valley tomorrow morning. now future tracker 6 showing by 8:00 a.m., this is a new model run, we've got showers spread through the region, kind of on and off through the day. at 1:30 p.m. they may be confined to the lehigh valley. on and off through the evening hours. tomorrow the area of concern, the lehigh valley chance of icing. wednesday, the jet stream retreats to the north and we are mild with temperatures shooting into the 50s, here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today sunshine, will fade behind clouds tonight,
6:42 am
450 degrees for the high. tomorrow, light rain at times. the chance for icing, freezing rain in the lehigh valley early tomorrow morning. ink that's the only spot that sees that. temperatures in the 40s, 48 the high. wednesday, chance of morning rain, but temperatures everywhere above freezing it's a mild day, dry in the afternoon, high of 56. thursday, partly sunny skies, 52. friday, mostly cloudy, 51. friday night into saturday we have another shot of rain, the rest of the day on saturday, dry, high of 50. how about the temperatures, on sunday, low 50s, 352 degrees, looking through this late in january an extended period of mild air, except tomorrow morning in the lehigh valley one area of concern. >> thank you, karen, 6:42, we're following breaking news, a plane crashed into a village over seas and the death toll is expected to climb. a homeowner watches a
6:43 am
burglar invade his house, we'll tell you what he did when he was half a world away in the middle east. >> reporter: route 1 in bucks county, a crash on pennsylvania turnpike westbound, we'll get the details on the crash. it sounds like a bad one and i will share that information with you on "action news" this monday morning. all right to check in with
6:44 am
6:45 am
matt pellman we have issues on route 1. >> reporter: yeah, turnpike troubles causing a jam on the southbound side of one leading into the turnpike in bucks county. the crash on the turnpike westbound that's causing the big
6:46 am
delays is a nasty one. it involves a truck. it's dark, i know, there's the tractor-trailer involved. we have a vehicle on the back of a flat bed tow truck. looks like another vehicle over here. you can see traffic is squeezing by at the moment in the right lane. you've got the shoulders blocked, the left lane blocked, as well. there's debris on the roadways. some of the cars that came along after the initial accident hit the debris and became disabled. it's a bunch of issues we're dealing with on the turnpike because of the initial accident involving the tractor-trailer. look at the backlog in the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike. chopper 6 hd these poor people are parked west of delaware valley through this point at bensalem, the interchange for route 1. that's causing delays to spill back on the southbound side of one. the area of red leading to 3 miles per hour westbound
6:47 am
turnpike in bucks county. depending on where you're coming from and where you're going, use i-95 that looks great through bucks county with no problems. it's one and the turnpike where there's issues. out in the western burbs, an crash at sunny brook street. we got back burnt mill road bridge in red clay creek that has been closed they have been working on it for three years. the new bridge is open. live lock at the schuylkill expressway at the conshohocken curve we're seeing westbound volume a little bit of a delay at the curve. overall volume is lighter than normal. sluggish he -- sluggish on i-95 southbound, but not too bad at the moment. >> 30 people are dead after a turkish cargo plane cashed in the asian neighbor of
6:48 am
kyrgyzstan. it set off a fireball and many of the dead live inside the home. it was foggy when the plane went down, but it's too soon to say exactly what caused the crash. the victim of a home invasion was alerted and able to call for help even though he was half a world away. the 0 homeowner got a phone alert and could see the burglar while working in afghanistan. the homeowner called the neighbor for help. you can hear him screaming scaring off the would-be robber. thanks to the neighbor, the burglar ran away empty handed.
6:49 am
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6:51 am
>> time for a preview of good morning. amy robach is joining us now with a look at what's coming up. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, tam and nydia. great to be with you. we're talking about the tension days before the inauguration as trump and john brennen feud over the intelligence community comments. trump is under fire for what he said about civil rights icon john lewis, the president obama care bombshell. the young girl found 18 years
6:52 am
later, finally reunited with her birth parents. the man speaking out about his shock when he learned he was not the father. the parents of one of the girl charged in stabbing a fellow student in what's known as the slender man case is speaking out for the first time on television we'll talk with them live an abc excuse issue. we'll talk to them -- exclusive, we'll talk to them, back to you tam and nydia. >> reporter: let's talk about this crash, westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike past bensalem this is a huge delay it's causing. you're parked south of langhorne down to the turnpike jammed on the westbound turnpike, again. if you can head to i-95 southbound you're better off.
6:53 am
cracker fairmont park lincoln drive at wissahickon. >> reporter: we're starting off cold, i want to show you the windchills, feelings -- feels like five degrees if you're heading to the poconos skiing. 5 degrees. 15 in reading, 22 in philadelphia. 21 in millville. 19 in wilmington, 24 in atlantic city. here's a look at the day ahead. 45 is the high, we're above average we're starting off cold, sunshine at 7:20 when we see the sunrise it will be a beautiful sunrise. sunset at 5:02 p.m. we'll see increased cloud cover by afternoon and evening. as we look at the travel board we'll see delays, the temperatures 32 they were getting light icing in the area. that's one area where we see a 44 minute delay, as we head out of town, be careful. we'll be back with the forecast coming up. when "action news" comes right
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> reporter: big bucks county backup this holiday morning because of this truck accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. the next delay is southbound side of route 1, use i-95 instead. >> reporter: turn on the heaters and bundle up, 28 degrees in philadelphia.
6:57 am
7:00 a.m., 27, noon, 40 we'll see increasing clouds later today and tonight, high of 45. we'll hit that at 3:00 p.m. martin luther king had a dream that involved action for everybody taking part in service projects thank you for volunteering. we'll see you back here in 30 minutes with updates. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's obamacare bombshell. the president-elect now promising insurance for everyone but not revealing specifics as he goes on the attack taking on our european allies and the head of the cia after that nasty fight with civil rights icon congressman john lewis. now, dozens of democrats boycotting the inauguration just four days away. breaking this morning, a 747 crashing right into a neighborhood overseas killing at least 33 people. the incredible images after the plane plummeted just miles outside the airport. the investigation right now. an abc news exclusive kidnapped at birth the man who raised that young girl believing she was his daughter for 18 years now speaking out for the first time. >> the person she called dad for 18 1/2 years is not her dad. >> he says he's


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