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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 17, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara
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bloomquist is off, in the news a young man dies in a shooting in wilmington just after the city announce aid new plan to fight crime. and two more of president-elect trump's cabinet picks are going before senate panels today. and authorities detonated a suspicious package found on campus this morning and hundreds of students had to be evacuated. walter perez is live on campus with more on what police are saying about the device. >> reporter: hi rick, behind me you see the loading dock where the item was found, it turn out to be a thick canvas belt with wires behind it. you can speculate it's part of some type of project but it turned out to be harmless. >> that is the video shot by the temple university news crew, it was detonated by the philadelphia police bomb squad as a precaution.
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it started after they were removing trash from this loading dock right around 9:00 this morning. it was some sort of military belt with red and orange wire as matched. students were evacuated as investigators worked the scene. the all clear was given after the device was detonated and it was deemed harmless. but the crew did the right thing report what they saw. >> we are fortunate through training and great people that work at the university they know if they see something to give us a call. the whole see something say something. we are fortunate that the two gentlemen that found it, had enough presence of mind to say it doesn't look right lets get help over here. >> investigators are still go tlug the building as a precaution and the all clear was given about an hour ago. reporting live walter perez,
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channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. turning now to accuweather and a soggy tuesday forecast. as we look live from sky 6 hd outside at the cloudy skies we are expecting periods of rain in the afternoon and evening commute. meteorologist, melissa magee, is in for david murphy tracking the latest from stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. >> hi there rick, you need the wet weather gear before you step out we are tracking light on and off rain for the rest of today. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar it's dry it philadelphia and to the north and west just some sprinkles in reading and north of pottsville. right now be find steady precipitation in south jersey and delaware. we go in tighter on storm tracker 6 and light in mays landing and fortescue and into smyrna and middletown at this hour. future tracker 6 showing you as
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we go through the rest of the afternoon the moisture starts to fill in across the region and 3:30 we have the rain from the poconos to allentown approaching philadelphia and back into south jersey and delaware. so as far as the afternoon and evening rush is concerned, use caution this is when we expect the steadiest and heaviest precipitation to move on through and roads are wet and could cause ponding on the roadway as well. we are at 42 if philadelphia and 37 in allentown and 32 in the poconos and 42 in millville and 41 at the coast in cape may. what we can expect today and as we press forward occasional rain on and off and rain developing tonight. we get ready for a january thaw with temperatures going back into the 50s. more reflective of temperatures in march. >> all right thank you. >> from our delaware newsroom now, police are investigating a deadly shooting in wilmington just after the city announced a
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new crime fighting plan. the latest gun fire erupted near the intersection of center and market streets, the man was shot multiple times and died at the hospital. police are still searching for the shooter and a motive. just yesterday police added more foot patrols in high crime neighborhoods. and have seen more shooting victims in the first few weeks of 2017. the manager of a local bar died after an argument. it happened in a back room for employees. a 28-year-old security guard shot the bar manager. and now the man is in custody. katherine scott has more coming up in our next half hour. josh shapiro is being sworn in as attorney general.
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he replaces kathleen kane after being convicted of leaking grand jury information and lying about it. as attorney general, shapiro has vowed to refocus the office of its mission of eliminating public corruption and protecting consumers. delaware's new governor took the oath of office. rain did not stop carnie's swearing in. he is the 71st governor. and bethany hall was also sworn in this morning, after the speech and ceremony they took time to greet voters. two more president-elect trump cabinet picks are going before panels today. betsy devos a billionaire from michigan who advocates school choice is tapped for secretary of education an cording to the polls, trump's popularity is
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taking a hit three days before he is sworn in as the next commander and chief. stephanie ramos has more from washington. >> on friday donald j. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. as d.c. prepares to take in thousands of supporters and protesters, a growing list of democrats have boycotted the event. >> he has attack ed gold star families and now a congressman. >> john lewis a civil rights icon. he said he was an illegitimate president. today trump tweeting, this would not be lewis's first time missing an inauguration, there is plenty of division as we head
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into the inauguration, a poll shows that trump's approval rating is the lowest of the last seven presidents. just 40% of americans say they approve of how they handle the transition. he is shocking and igniting concern in some of the closest allies, trump criticizing nato, encompassing 28 countries. >> i said a long time ago nato had problems. >> during the campaign trump touted polls that showed him in the league, now he is defacing the latest polls saying they are just like the phoney election polls. in washington stephanie ramos, channel 6 "action news." >> with trump's inauguration just days away details on how much the event will cost.
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in years past american taxpayers will foot the bill to the tune of $115 million. this year trump has broken a record for money raised for donors, they used the inauguration to raise 90 to $100 million of private money. be sure to stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of the inauguration. brian taff and sharrie williams will bring you all the happenings in washington, d.c. leading up to friday's main event. back here big changes to beer sales in pennsylvania, are now in effect. you can buy six-packs at more locations across the keystone states, in the past they could sell cases and 12 packs and kegs. and now they can sell at 9:00 a.m. on sundays even if they are not selling food at same time.
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local commuters have an option getting to work. new jersey transit buses are stopping at philadelphia 30th street station. the newly created 555 bus operates between the park and ride at winslow station and 30th street station during peak hours. and coming up the man suspects of killing five people after the ft. lauderdale airport is back in court. and find out how a pendant found in poland may have a connection to ann frank. that and much more when "action news" continues.
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officials in mexico are trying to figure out what led up to yesterday's morning shooting at an electronic musikfesc fest. one who was killed alex dra from colorado. her family was in mourning. >> she would tell me about her
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trip -- everything she did over there. i didn't know that would be last day i would see her -- >> more than a dozen others are injured. it's not considered a terrorist attack but believe it was connected some how to mexico's drug trade. the man suspected of shooting and killing five people at a florida airport was back in federal court this morning. a magistrate ordered that esteban santiago will be held without bond until his trial and that he mentioned after the shooting he was under government mind control and an arrangement is set for the end of the month. he could get the death penalty if convicted. the man that opened fire inside of the pulse nightclub in orlando was arrested -- she was arrested in custody in san francisco where she moved after
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her husband, omar mateen was killed by s.w.a.t. members in florida. mateen killed 49 people inside of the pulse nightclub. and we expect to hear more details on his wife's court appearance later today. police in turkey say that the man suspected of carrying out a new years eve attack is in custody. his fingerprints allegedly match those lifted from the crime scene and authorities believe he is part of a terror cell and 39 people died in the attack including a delaware man, jacob rock was there during the attack but survived. a pendent discovered at a former nazi death camp could belong to ann frank. they believe it belonged to 14-year-old caroline cohen, her
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name and birth date was engraved on the back of it and the other other known belonged to ann frank. her diary from her time in hiding from the nazis was established in 1947 and has been read by more than millions of people. still ahead on "action news" at noon, another local university is cutting the cost of tuition, and also find out how wal-mart is planning to add 40 those new jobs and that story and more when "action news" comes right back. hey, ready for the big meeting?
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the world's biggest retailers going on a hiring spree and wal-mart plans to create 40,000 jobs in the u.s. about 10,000 of those will be in retail and 30,000 construction jobs will be generated by the plans to open new stores and plans to expand locations. the company is also planning to offer online grocery pickup in the near future. general motors is also making a big jobs announcement today. the company is taking steps to add or keep 1,000 positions, part of a $1 billion investment into gm facilities. the company was recently criticized for making cars in mexico and shipping them to the u.s. another local university is looking to make college more
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affordable. immaculate college is looking to lower their tuition from $30,000 to $26,000 for the next academic year but the student out of pocket costs will not change much and scaling back on scholarships and grants, this follows similar plans by rosemont college and la salle university. a health resistance super bug may be spreading faster than ridgely thought. known as cte. the study suggests that is generally spreads patient to patient without symptoms. hand washing and washing equipment can stop it. now news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with a
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preview. >> ikea is famous for selling all kinds of home goods at affordable prices but did you know that they make appliances. coming up today at 4:00, consumer reports puts the appliances to the test to find out who makes them and if they are worth the money. and a robot is ready to meet you at the door at a hotel in japan. details on the new high tech way to offer hospitality. you can take us with you on the go, watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you alicia. coming up next on "action news" at noon, a check of the accuweather forecast for you as we look live outside from wilmington, delaware, cloudy skies all around. meteorologist, melissa magee, has your seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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"habitat for humanity" of bucks county are working on their 130th home. the house is being built for a family of eight including a child in a wheelchair. right now they are cramped into a three bathroom apartment. the first them they have ever owned in july. all right. back now with meteorologist, melissa magee, some areas are seeing a bit of precipitation that the hour. light rain scattered about and a lot of it confined in south jersey and delaware, we'll show you stormtracker 6 live double scan some mist and drizzle in the city and to the north and west we have sprinkles there in lancaster and the same in berks county and approaching reading and a lot of the rain now in south jersey. and moving out of delaware. we'll go in tighter on street level with stormtracker 6 live
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double scan and you see the light rain in oceanville and mays landing, given yourself extra time on the roads. atlantic city to ocean city, sea isle city and stone harbor and even to the west there in fortescue, we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside looking at fairmount park, we have a lot of clouds around. we are dealing with the mist and drizzle overhead turning more steady through the rest of the afternoon into the early evening hours. temperatures now certainly are not too bad. average is 40 and coming in at 42. and chilly in the poconos 32 degrees. the freezing rain advisory we had has expired. same thing for allentown numbers are rising above the freezing mark. 40 in reading and 42 at the coast in cape may and lakehurst 35. and a lot of low level moisture. we are down to 3 miles in
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lancaster and .3 in the poconos and 5 miles in allentown and 3 miles in millville. allow extra time from you out and about on the roads. here is satellite 6 along with action radar there is the warm front lifting on through. and we'll widen out the picture, this is responsible for producing the big ice storm across the plain states we krax the front producing the on and off showers for the day. 3:30 this afternoon make sure you have the umbrellas we'll be in and out of the unsettled weather from the poconos to land cast. on eastward down the i-95 corridor. and interior portions of south jersey. and we are still dealing with scats showers at 5:30. periods of rain owe is on the way as as the warm front lifts on through. 45 degrees today.
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and into wednesday, area of low pressure moves to the east and high pressure wants to return and we are kind of sandwiched in between by wednesday, so mostly cloudy and high to 52 though, northwest winds 12 to 20 miles per hour. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast periods of rain on and off today. and a high temperature of 45. early morning showers on wednesday, and areas of patchy fog and milder by afternoon in at 52. and the nicest day looks to be thursday and high of 52 and friday it's mild with afternoon and evening rain coming in at 51, and saturday clouds and sun at 51 for the high. saturday mostly cloudy and 49 and next sunday a high of 52. make sure you have the wet weather gear we have 50s on the way later this week it looks nice. >> thank you melissa. quick break and we we'll be right back.
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"action news" continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again sara is off. here are the stories we are following for you now at 12:month 30. a man from a local bar is killed and his coworker is in custody. and new jersey's lieutenant
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governor announced she is running to replace chris christie. and now the new state law allows retailers and distributors across the keystone state to sell suds in any quantity including six-packs and stores are prepping for what could be a big demand starting today. john rawlins is live now in havertown. >> reporter: hi rick, well house bill 1196 was signed into law yesterday. beer distributorships say it's long overdue and something that needed to be signed and happy to see it and say it's good for folks buying beer. state white there are pour than 1,000 traditional beer distributors and manoa bev


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