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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 23, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> storm tracker 6 live is tracking a powerful nor'easter that will mean wind and rain across the region and coastal flooding at the shore. developing overnight, a bar fight turns violent and friends don't realize a man was shot until it's too late. the first morning commute since a major bridge connecting pennsylvania and new jersey was abruptly closed for repairs. good morning, everybody, 5:30, january 23, karen rogers is off, we have gina gannon and tamala edwards is off, nydia han is here, good morning.
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>> reporter: we have sprinkles going on, there's more significant rain on the way. 44 degrees in philadelphia. 45 in wilmington, 45 in allentown. keep in mind what you're seeing here is as mild as you will get today. he expect the afternoon to be closer to 40 pretty much all the way troot day in philadelphia. -- through the day in philadelphia. 36-mile an hour windy gust in the city and 38 in atlantic city. as we get later in the morning up until 4:00 p.m., coastal low gets close enough to us, where the winds whipping out of the northeast go as high as 40 in philadelphia and 60 down the shore. for that reason there's a wind advisory up until 4:00 p.m. it's a wind warning in the coastal counties where the wind will be stronger. we have a coastal flood situation over the last 45 minutes or so, the weather service added a warning for the high tide and later this
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evening, until 11:00, be careful of coastal flooding up and down the delaware bay and the delaware and jersey coastline. 41 by noon, the heaviest rain building by afternoon and buildings in the evening hours. i'll show you that on future tracker 6 and let's you know what's going next in the seven day. you have an issue with the delaware river bridge. >> reporter: it's going be to be abdomin issue for the commuters -- going to be an issue for the commuters. the delaware river bridge is closed between new new jersey turnpike and pennsylvania turnpike. i-95 will be the best bet, as well as the tacony-palmyra, burlington bristol bridge, the scutter falls bridge would be a good alternate. it's closed between new jersey turnpike, and pennsylvania
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turnpike the delaware river bridge. if you're heading northbound toward the northeast or southbound toward 76 on i-95 it's a nice ride. if you're traveling on the boulevard, the inner drive northbound we are seeing downed wires between nabisco drive and calmly. the outer drive will get you around that. >> powerful northeaster slammed into the region overnight. the jersey shore is bracing for the biggest impact. let's go live to katherine scott in atlantic city, bracing for potential flooding beach erosion and power outages. pretty windy, katherine. >> reporter: it is very windy. the rain has not been much of an issue. the wind gusts are very strong. right now not as gusty, all of a sudden a gust will come in it feels like you're going to blow over. that's something to watch out
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for as you head out the door. on the atlantic city boardwalk, not too busy given the time of the year and it is 5:30 a.m., you can see a guy on his bike further down the way. we have seen people walking around this morning, you want to use caution as you head out the door. you can see the surface of the boardwalk is wet. the rain is not too intense, what we're feeling is the wind. high wind warning in effect at the jersey shore. electric companies have personnel on stands by balls that -- because of power outages. a coastal flood advisory is in effect for the jersey shore as well as the delaware bay, we could see beach erosion, as well, when you walk out the door, you will see all the winds. inland there's wind.
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along the coast, the gusts get really, really strong. the rain will intensify later on today. live in atlantic city, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> hold on down there, thank you, katherine. the same system spawned tornadoes throughout the southeast leaving 18 people dead in georgia where a tornadoes leveled a mobile home park. the governor declared a state of emergency. in mississippi four deaths were linked to the severe weather, as well. officials say 39 possible strnders -- tornados were reported across the southeast. >> mobile 6 is traveling down south pine heading toward city hall. one major bridge connecting pennsylvania and new jersey is closed for repairs. "action news" reporter, melissae
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mccormick is live in bucks county below the delaware river bridge. it will take two weeks to get fixed, right, annie? >> reporter: this is radcliff road, they are not sugar coating this, they are saying if you need to take the bridge or the roads around it, change your schedule, car pool or take public transit. take a look at the video from a couple of minutes ago, you can see the tractor-trailer they would to call price toll township police for -- bristol township police for help. they were trying to reach a business around the road. an inspector shut down the bridge friday after painting crews found a fracture in the truss on the pennsylvania side. it carries 42,000 vehicles per day eastbound and westbound.
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the bridge is jointly owned and maintained by the new jersey turnpike authority and the pennsylvania turnpike commission. no timetable has been set for the reopening. that's frustrating some commuters. >> i go up to the bridge it's closed. i want to take the burlington bristol bridge, it's backside up to 413. i ended up being 50 minutes late for work. >> reporter: that's one of the bridges that they are directing a lot of motorists to, the burlington bristol bridge. it's smaller and narrower. officials are saying stake the scutter falls bridge on i-95. change your schedule or work from home or car pool with people, again, they don't know how long this will be closed for. reporting live in bristol, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> it's going to be a rough one. developing overnight, a man
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involved in a bar fight in west philadelphia was shot and killed. friends driven the 35-year-old victim to a relative's home in south philadelphia while he was still alive at 2:00 a.m. as they had not realized the man was shot until they tried to get him out of the car. police cannot find the shooting scene but believe it is near the bar at 46th and walnut. they are interviewing witnesses right now. fire forced two people from a row home in the northern liberties section. the action cam was there as philadelphia firefighters did their work along 500 block of fairmont avenue before 11:00 p.m. no injuries were reported. an arrest was made in the friday attack on a transgendered woman near city hall. the attacker swung a bag of groceries and used his fists while shouting slurs. quickly was in town for a
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conference. on the heals of the national conference mayor kenny will release the findings on new report of racism and discrimination in philadelphia. the report was created from testimony during a public hearing in october which was held to discuss the issues facing the city's lgbtq community. >> trees across the region could be losing limbs today. >> reporter: i would be careful of trash cans and other items that are not tied down. we're already seeing some of that. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's a break in the rain. it's drizzly out there, and east of philadelphia, there's sprinkles and showers. as we look outside, the camera will be shaking across the region today. looks like this brand new sky 6 camera which is at a lower elevation is locked down pretty good, but when we go to the tops of buildings, the cameras are bouncing around a bit. overnight showers have made the
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roads on the wet side. temperatures, 44 degrees, winds out of the east, northeast at 20 miles per hour. we have gusts in the mid 30s and stronger along the coast. how about the rain, noon on and off sprinkles and showers, as we get past noon we'll be looking at periods of heavy downpours. this is windswept rain gusting up to 40 miles per hour across the region and 60 down the shore him it will be windy this afternoon, the strongest winds tapering off after 4:00 p.m., by 6:00 p.m., windy and pretty wet, too. notice how it's mixed precipitation in the poconos. 11:00 p.m., most of this is dieing down to sprinkles and showers. still mixed precip in the poconos. i meant to warn you if you're driving in the poconos anytime after 11:00 p.m., look out for snow and freezing rain and sleet that will continue overnight
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into early tomorrow morning. the rest of the of us it's rain. 44 degrees by 8:00. 42:10. 41 by noon, fairly light patchy precipitation, 41 degrees for the rest of the afternoon and evening. maybe sliding to 39. the rain builds in and get heavier in the afternoon and early evening as you just saw. high temperatures all of them in the morning, right around now. 45 in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. subtract four to five degrees from these numbers to get where you will be in the afternoon. tomorrow morning, sprinkles and showers maybe lingering frozen precipitation in the northern areas around mount pocono. generally speaking we're looking at drying in the morning and peek of sunshine later in the afternoon. today's high, 450 around now,
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we'll -- 40 around now, well spend most of the day around 40. rain in the afternoon and early evening. rain ending tomorrow, less wind, 45. wednesday is the day to live for, lots of sunshine, 53. really nice and 52 on thursday, clouds increasing and maybe a sprinkle or shower in the northern and western suburbs later in the day. we talked about this last week. there's a cool shot of air returning to the region. high of 43 on friday, perhaps showers around and saturday and sunday, we're back in the upper 30s and i could see mid 30s for a high on monday. a colder shot is coming in. >> i won't recognize the sun on wednesday. [laughter]. >> 5:42 a.m., a man is killed as he tried to stop an armed robbery in texas, he feels one of the people shot during a holdup. an event in philadelphia this weekend is expected to bring president trump to the city. >> reporter: here's baltimore pike if you're traveling right
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now, it's nice on the blue route no problems northbound or southbound. coming up we'll take a look at what's happening on the delaware memorialaware river bridge.
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>> the flags are flickering in the wind along the benjamin franklin parkway. we're live on the action cam, 5:45 a.m., nor'easter has begun to impact the delaware and lehigh valleys. look for heavy winds and rain today. getting up to 45 degrees. >> gina gannon is here to help us with the delaware river bridge. here's a live look 309 the turnpike, looking good, ambler, perkisie, the roads are clear, we have wet roads, be careful again if you're heading out. here's the issue with the dwirnlg we're seeing the -- delaware river bridge we're seeing the bridge shut down. it will be a mess from bucks to mercer county. route one tacony-palmyra bridge is a good bet.
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burlington bristol, scutter falls bridge, definitely try to work your way around it. car pool or take mass transit. expect the general arteries in the area to be extra crowded, as well. take you over to northeast philadelphia. where we have a downed pole on the boulevard, inner drive northbound between nabisco and calmly. thablgd be -- that is correct be an issue for you. take the outer drive. i-95 naamans road an accident reported with injuries, watch yourself as you travel there. we'll take you live outside to the boulevard, if you're heading up and over the twin bridges not a problem, southbound looking good approaching 76 we're not seeing many issues there. also we have a lot of downed trees out there, one edge hill road at manor house road in the willow grove area. it could be an issue for you. >> two suspects are in custody for a robbery that ended in deadly gunfire at a texas mile.
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as the armed robbers fled a jewelry store a good samaritan tried to stop them, the robber shot and killed the man. a second good samaritan shot that suspect the second suspect getaway. >> president trump is expected to be in philadelphia to attend the gop retreat. british prime minister teresa may will be there to speak to the gathering as they leave the union union. netanyahu will meet with president trump next month. the new administration said it is beginning to discuss moving the u.s. embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. >> residents wake up to find a
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historic building gone. video shows an officer racing to save a woman trapped in a car before it burst into flames. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪ [car horns] [angry shouting]
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take you outside to i-95 could they in an avenue, if you're traveling in and out of the northeast, normal travel times are in place. mass transit, paoli thorndale line is seeing mass delays. >> that's gina by the way, the first time on the show. you've seen her at night. 44 degrees on the bus stop, cloudy and damp, starting to get windy out there, even now, 44 degrees by 8:00 a.m. temperatures will fall a little bit and we'll wind up around 40 for most of the afternoon. the high temperatures are about where you are now. in the mid 40s in allentown and mid 40s in cape may and wilmington and trenton. are 45 by 7:00 a.m. if you're heading to the market, the morning would be the best time to do the errands, the terms will fall later today and the rain is going to start to build in and become more of an issue, plus the wind get stronger later this afternoon. better between 7:00 a.m. and
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noon, even though temperatures fall. 3:00 p.m., 39 staying on or about 40 straight through 7:00 with periods of heavy windswept rain through the afternoon and early evening hours. matt. >> thank you david. residents in new castle, delaware are upset about the unexpected demolition of the historic building. parts of the bank memorial building was buckling. the city engineer decided to tear it down along the waterfront ahead of the rainstorm. neighbors wish they had known about it ahead of time. >> it's a hole in the ground overnight. no warning. >> there's a lot of history here, a lot of older friends set here and look out and enjoy the life. what are he they doing? >> the empty buildings was in limbo for sometime. the city try to unsuccessfully for years to find a new use for it. up next, a chester county native heading to the super bowl. >> taking a look from sky6 live
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hd windy atlantic city new jersey, a nor'easter is climbing up the coastline. we'll have a live report from the jersey shore where flooding is possible at 6:00 a.m.
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>> the new england patriots ad falcons will face off for super
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bowl 51. matt ryan who grew up in chester county will be his first super bowl appearance. all the stars of the team one unsung hero is making news this morning, he played lacrosse at penn state and transferred to monmouth college to play football. the son of coach bill belichick played lacrosse with hogan and made a recommendation. >> i like that story. >> paid off. >> perseverance, disaster for domestic flight. united airline explains the glitch that led to at that nationwide ground stop. the south experienced a deadly tornado outbreak and accuweather is tracking the impact the weather will have here at the jersey shore.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, january 23. tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> here's what's happening. a nor'easter is churning up the coast bringing rain wind and possible flooding. sky6 live hd taking a living look at atlantic city mg we'll have a live report from the jersey shore. the storm coupled with a sudden bridge closure will make for a challenging commute between the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike. federal agents raid a shop on jewlers row the owner accused of selling stolen jewelry from high end homes in the suburbs. >> gina gannon is in for karen rogers, david is outside in


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